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Andrew * Graham (son of David * Graham and Janet *) was born Abt. 1753 in probably County Antrim, Ireland294, and died 1821 in Todd Co., KY (betw 11 Mar and May) 295. He married (1) Margaret * Coulter on Abt. 1774 in Chester Co., SC295, daughter of Robert * Coulter and Mary * Stuart. He married (2) Mary Chestnut on 1780. He married (3) Margaret Phillips on Abt. 1800 in Probably in Chester Co., SC296.

 Includes NotesNotes for Andrew * Graham:
Andrew Graham was in the Revolutionary War; was taken prisoner and condemned to death, but the battle of Yorktown and the close of the war saved his life.

Margaret Coalton Graham's deeds of patriotism, bravery, and self denial were household words in South Carolina.
From Sam Sloan's web site: Andrew Graham
Fought in the American Revolutionary War in Capt. Alexander Turner's Company in the Upper Battalion of Samuel Richardson's Regiment under the command of Major Joseph Brown. See militia's roster as of 21 December 1778 in the Andrew Richardson papers in the library of the University of South Carolina. He is listed as Andrew Grimbs.
From David Graham of Chester County, South Carolina and His Descendants 1772 - 1989 by Katharine Tolle Kell and Philip James Graham; Birmingham, MI 1990, p 65

"Andrew, listed in the South Carolina Council Journal as Andrew 'Grumbs', came to America with his parents and siblings on the ship Pennsylvania Farmer, which left Belfast on 16 October 1772 and arrived at Charleston, South Carolina, on 19 December 1772. He was part of the Rev. William Martin's grou of five shiploads of settlers. On 6 January 1773 he went with the others before the South Carolina General Assembly to request land and on 17 March 1775, as Andrew 'Grimbs', received the single-person's grant of 100 acres. The land was in Craven (laterChester) County on Rocky Creek and was bounded by the lands of James Knox, Francis Henderson, Benjamin Mitchell, and Laird Burns (Royal Grant, Vol. 35, p. 307; and Collonial Plats, Vol. 16, P. 243."
From Philip Graham:

"It is now known that Andrew and his family moved from South Carolina to Kentucky in 1805-1806, because 1806 was the earliest year in which his name appeared on the Kentucky Tax Rolls. He was listed in 1806 Logan County Tax Rolls with an estate of 200 acres of "second rate land" on the Elk Fork, and owned one slave and three horses or mules. Matthew Graham, Andrew's son, and Adam Mills, Andrew's son-in-law (husband of Jennet Graham) also first appeared on the Logan-Christian County Tax rolls in 1806. Another whose name first appeared on the Christian County Tax Rolls in 1806 was John McKee, probably the father of Martha B. McKee who later married Andrew's son Robert C. Graham. Probably serveral families, including the Grahams, Mills, Wilsons, and McKees, migrated as a group from South Carolina to Kentucky in the winter of 1805-6.

"Andrew continued to be listed in Logan County Tax Rolls until 1817. In the 1807 Tax Rolls, Andrew's property was described as 238 acres of "third rate land", one slave and two horses or mules. In 1810 he owned 238 acres of "third rate land" a slave and five horses. In 1815 he paid taxes on 109 acres patented to B. Allen plus 138 acres of "third rate land", a slave and four horses. In 1815 his land was valued at $5 an acre, and the total value of his property including his slave and his horses was $1,740. .... In 1817 he owned 238 acres of land plus one slave and five horses or jacks, with a total value of $1897.

"No tax list is extant for Logan County in 1818. In 1819 Andrew was listed in Christian County (then next to Logan County)> He owned 240 acres of "second rate" land, one slave, five horses,etc. totalling $2,955. Later in 1819, the area in Christian County where Andrew and his family lived became part of the newly established Todd County. The 1820 tax record for Todd County was the last Kentucky listing for Andrew Graham; he still owned 240 acres of "second rate" land, one slave, five horses, etc. totaling $2,825.

"Andrew died between March and May of 1821, but not until 1824 when his estate was settled did his widow, Margaret, appear on the Todd County tax rolls. At that time no land was listed in her name, but she did own one slave, one horse, etc., at a total value of $775.

"William McKee, brother-in-law of Robert C. Graham, appeared as executor to the estate of Andrew Graham in the Todd County Tax Rolls between 1821-23. In 1821 Andrew Graham's estate consisted of 346 acres, one slave, four horses, etc.; and in 1822 the estate consisted of the same amount of land plus three horses, etc., but no slaves. By 1823 the estate amounted to 220 acres on Rain Lick Creek, no slave, one horse, etc. totaling $1,360. In 1824 William was no longer listed as Andrew's executor, presumably because the esate had been settled.

"It is interesting that William did ot list Andrew's slave, Sandy, in 1822 and 1823. Andrew bequeathed Sandy to his widow and daughters, but they did not emancipate Sandy until 1829. In the 1837 and 1838 Todd County Tax rolls, Sandy Graham was listed as a free black.

"... accounts... from the probate records of the estate of Andrew Graham (Todd County Court House Will Book A p. 169-175). Andrew Graham apparently continued to work in the blacksmith trade up until his latter years as two of theses accounts were due the estate for blacksmith work.

"March 1822, Robert E Acock received $10 from Robert C. Graham, administrator of the estate of Andrew Graham, for the schooling of Thomas Graham, Son of Andrew Graham decd." ............

In the appraisal bill of the estate of Andrew Graham dated 23 May 1821 and presented to the June Term 1821 Todd County Court (Todd County Will Book A P. 23-24):
(summarized and excerpted here)
7 cows, 6 calves, 3 heifers, 16 head of hogs, 2 sows,and 10 pigs totaling $126.50.
3 horses totaling $225. Waggon gear $130.
1 black man Sandy valued at $700.
Several plows, hoes, axes, bridles, saddle, saddle bag, side saddle, branding iron, etc.
2 flat irons, grind stone, sickle, coffee mill, churn and basket, milk crocks, water pails.
Furniture: 2 chests, 4 beds: 1 bedstead, 2 bed do & do, 1 bed do.
Kitchen: press, kettle and pot hooks, tea kettle, small pot and skillet, 2 ovens and lids, hand irons.
Cupboard furniture: Dining table and linnen, bureau, brass candlestick, small trunk, looking glass, cotton wheel, 5 chairs.
Total value of itemized list: $1574.
J. Brown, J.D Goren?, John McKee appraisers and Wm. McKee, Matthew Grahm, Robert C. Graham, executors.

Children of Andrew Graham:

From: "Philip Graham"
To: "Millie Clarke"
Subject: Graham-Mills genealogy
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 10:55:17 -0500


Happy New Year to you also! On the children of Andrew Graham - here is a listing of the children & sources for their dates. The primary source is the will of Andrew Graham (dated 11 March 1821, probated May Court 1821) - all listed below are mentioned in Andrew's will. The estimates on the birth dates are from census records - which can be unreliable.

1. Elizabeth Graham (married John Gleghorn), born about 1775-7. She is listed in the will as "Elizabeth Graham", although she had been married to John Gleghorn as early as 1794 in Chester County SC. The will of Mary Graham (sister of Andrew), proved 7 October 1822, Bk G page 421, Chester County SC - Mary Graham mentions "my niece Elizabeth Gleghorn". The Gleghorns had moved to Lincoln County TN. The birth date for Elizabeth Graham Gleghorn is based on the census data. Linda Surratt White is researching this line. Her webpage is at: www.familytreemaker.com/users/w/h/i/Linda-Surratt-White/index.html

2. Jennet Graham (married Adam Mills). Dates for Jennet Graham Mills is from your data & the census records.

3. Matthew Graham (married Jennet Wilson), born 17 Jan 1780, died 8 May 1854. Dates for Matthew Graham is from his tombstone at the South Henerson Cemetery, Henderson County IL. Source: "Henderson County, Illinois, Cemeteries", 2 vols, by Virginia Ross & Jane Evans, Volume I, page 54.

4. Mary Graham (married Andrew Maben). Birth date (ca 1784) from census date & also listed in Andrew's will as "my widowed daughter". Andrew Maben's father was John Maben/Mayben who died in Chester County SC 15 January 1819, 94 yrs, buried Hopewell ARP Cemetery. There was a suit instituted on 15 April 1830 in the Chester County SC Court of Equity by the husbands of Andrew & Mary (Graham) Maben's daughters (all of Todd County KY) concerning the estate of John Mayben (d. 1819). The information in the suit cited Andrew Maben's death in KY in 1810 & the birth dates of the three daughters: Sarah, b. 9 July 1804 (married John Chesnut, son of Alexander Chesnut), Margaret, b. 26 Oct 1806 (married James Turner Vance Thompson), and Jane/Janet, b. 7 Dec 1808 (married Andrew Kincaid Gartin).

5. David Graham, born ca 1787. Listed in Andrew's will. This David is a bit of a mystery. Andrew Graham & most of his family moved to the area of what is now Todd County KY about 1805. There is no record of a David Graham in the Todd County KY area between 1805 thru the 1830s, so it was assumed that David remained in SC. James Graham (brother of Andrew Graham) also had a son named David Graham. There is the task of differenciating between the two Davids in the Chester County SC records. When Andrew Graham sold his land in Chester County SC (deed Bk L, page 249, dated 24 October 1805), a David Graham was a witness. A David & Eleanor Graham sold land in Chester County SC on 6 January 1813 (Bk Q, pag 92) to Samuel Ferguson. In York County SC, the will of Robert McCreight, dated 5 August 1828, proved 27 July 1829, names his eldest daughter "Eleanor McCreight alias Graham". Also on the list of claims against the estate of Robert McCreight, dated 23 July 1832, is David Graham. David Graham is listed in the 1830 census of York County SC - source of birth date - but not 1840 census. The will of Mary Graham (sister of Andrew Graham, died 1821) mentions "my nephew David Graham Blacksmith", money to buy religious books for his family, and $10 to Jane Graham daughter of said David Graham.

6. Robert C. Graham (married Martha McKee), born 11 July 1792, died 25 May 1863. The dates for Robert are from his tombstone in Spring Grove Cemetery, Spring Grove Township, Warren County IL. The cemetery is located just north of Monmouth IL. Source: "Tombstone Insciptions -- Spring Grove Township, Warren County, Illinois", cemetery committee of the Warren County IL Genealogical Society, "Spring Grove Cemetery", page 2.

7. Martha Graham (married William Shanklin), born 23 August 1798, died 26 August 1887. The dates for Martha are from her tombstone in Second Creek Cemetery, Platte County, MO. Source: "Cemetery Records of Platte County Missouri", 2 vols, compiled by Platte County Historical Society 1945-60, volume 2, page 199.

8. Margaret Graham, born ca 1799/1800. Listed in Andrew's will. The Todd County Court Order Books record entries on the guardianships for William, Thomas, Nancy & Andrew Graham. The guardian for Nancy & Thomas was John McKee; the guardian for William & Andrew was Hugh Brown. Since there was no guardian for Margaret, then it's assumed she was of legal age. Her birth may have been around 1799/1800. Note - this is in the supplement & differs from the printed genealogy book. The last firm date for Margaret is a deed in Todd County dated 9 February 1829 (Bk E, page 445) by which Margaret, Martha, Margaret jr & Nancy Graham emancipated the slave, Sandy.

9. William Mills Graham, born 26 September 1801, died 28 January 1882. The dates for William Mills is Mary Louise Bruington's DAR application, #432472, 10 December 1954.

10. Thomas P. Graham, born 18 October 1803, died 21 May 1889. The dates for Thomas are from his tombstone in Duerson Cemetery, Todd County KY (near the Todd/Christian county border). Source: "Cemetery Records of Southern Portion of Christian County KY", 1980, Anna Hunsaker Meador & Timothy Reeves Meador sr, p. 282

11. Nancy C. Graham, born 1807 but changing it to 1805. Listed in Andrew's will. Birth date based on census records - listed in 1850 Oregon census - Nancy, age 42, born SC. Source: "Linn County Oregon Early 1850 Records", Lois M. Boyce, page 7. I notice now that your Graham-Mills text has Nancy born in 1805 - which is a possibility. In the supplement I had changed her birth date from 1807 to 1808 since her brother, Andrew W. Graham, was probably born in 1807. I think I will change it to 1805. Your Graham-Mills text has birth dates for Thomas P. Graham & Andrew W. Graham close to what I found in the records - so probably the 1805 date for Nancy may more accurate.

12. Andrew W. Graham, born 1807. Listed in Andrew's will. Andrew was probably born in 1807 since on 8 September 1828 Andrew's acting guardian, Hugh Brown, was released from his guardianship duties, Andrew "having arrived to the age of 21 yrs" (Todd County KY Court Order Bk D, p. 35).


Andrew Graham's will:
David Graham of Chester County, South Carolina and His Descendants 1772-1989
By Katharine Tolle Kell and Philip James Graham, Birmingham, Michigan 1990, page 71-72.

The exact date of Andrew's death cannot be determined. The only facts known are that he wrote or dictated his will on 11 March 1821 and that it was proved during the May court session of 1821. Probably, he died not long after his will was written. The following is a verbatim transcription of the will:

In the name of God Amen March the 11th Eighteen hundred
& twenty one. I Andrew Graham of Todd county & State of
Kentucky being very Sick & weak of body but of perfect
mind & memory Thanks be to god. Therefore Calling to
mind the mortality of my Body & knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to die do make & constitute
this to be my last Will & Testament that is to Say
principally & first of all I give & recommend my Soul
unto god who gave it & my body I Recommend to the Earth
to be buried in a decent & Christian manner at the
Discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the
general Resurection I shall receive the same again by
the mighty power of God touching Such worldly estate
whereof it has pleased god to bless me in this life I
Give devise & dispose in the following manner Viz, I
will & bequeath my plantation containing near five
hundred acres to my three Sons William M. Graham Thomas
Graham & Andrew to be equally divided between them
according to the valueation my Sone Andrew is to have
his part laid off in the middle lot so as to include all
my improvements also the Timber part of my land I wish
in the Division to be equally divided between my three
sons if any of them should die in their non age the
land to be divided between the surviving heirs my son
William is to have the mare which he calls his & is to
pay thirty dollars to to [sic] my wife and Daughter[s]
at the expiration of two years from this date which
money is to be equally divided between my wife & three
daughters my wife Margret is to have a decent support
off my fare after paying my Just Debts all the balance
of my property is to be equally divided between my wife
& three daughters (to wit) my wife Margret & Martha
Margaret & Nancy my 3 daughters my wifes part at her
death is to be equally divided between my three daugh
ters above mentioned my widowed daughter Mary Maben is
not to be disturbed in her possesion which she may
choose to keep them or untill the land is sold my
.book[s] to be equally divided to all the above mentioned
except my son Andrew is to have my large bible for his
share of Books. I will & bequeath to Elizabeth Graham
one Dollar also to the heirs of Jennet Mills deseased
one dollar also to Mathew Graham one dollar also to Mary
Maben one dollar also to David Graham one dollar also to
Robt. C. Graham one dollar with respect to my negro man
Sandy my will is that my Executors should have the power
of choosing his master[?] if he must be hired out with
I wish to be awarded if possible all the profits arrising
from sd negro is to be divided equally divided [sic]
between my wife & three daughters above mentioned
(to wit) Martha Margret & Nancy I likewise make &
ordain my two sons Mathew Graham & Robt C Graham and
William McKee the sole executors of this my last will &
Testament & I hereby __ & _ all former wills & Testaments
in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand &
seal this 11th day of march 1821

Andrew Graham (seal)

Signed sealed in presence of
Joseph C. Framer
Hugh Brown
[Will Book A, p. 15.]

On 9 February 1829 Margaret, Martha, Margaret Jr., and Nancy emancipated the slave, Sandy (Deed Book E, p. 445). On this latter document all the women signed their names except Margaret Senior who signed with an X. In the 1850 census of Todd County, Sandy (born Kentucky, c. 1805) was listed in the household of Thomas Bradshaw (born Virginia, c. 1799) and his wife, Sarah (born Virginia, c. 1802), both white. Also in the household was Isaac Chesnut (black; born South Carolina, c. 1818).

More About Andrew * Graham:
Date born 2: 1720, Scotland.297
Comment 1: Taken prisoner and condemned to death..
Comment 2: Saved by Battle of Yorktown and end of war.
Died 2: 1818
Emigration: 16 Oct 1772, Left Belfast with his parents and siblings, with Rev. William Martin's group of settlers.298, 299
Immigration: 19 Dec 1772, Arrived Charleston, SC from Belfast on the ship Pennsylvania Farmer.300, 301
Military service 1: Abt. 1776, Served in Revolutionary War in militia.
Military service 2: 21 Dec 1778, Fought in the Amer. Revolutionary War in Capt. Alexander Turner's Company in the Upper Battalion of Samuel Richarson's Regiment under the command of Maj. Joseph Brown.302
Occupation: Militiaman, blacksmith, farmer, provided beef for militia.
Property: 17 Mar 1775, As Andrew Grimbs, received the single-person's grant of 100 acres from the Soulth Carolina General Assemby.303, 304
Will: 11 Mar 1821, Todd Co., KY (proved during May 1821 court session).305

More About Andrew * Graham and Margaret * Coulter:
Marriage 1: Abt. 1774, Chester Co., SC.306
Marriage 2: 1750, lived in County Antrim, No. Ireland.307

More About Andrew * Graham and Mary Chestnut:
Marriage: 1780

More About Andrew * Graham and Margaret Phillips:
Marriage: Abt. 1800, Probably in Chester Co., SC.308

Children of Andrew * Graham and Margaret * Coulter are:
  1. Margaret Graham, b. 1760, Ireland, d. date unknown.
  2. Nancy Graham, b. 1768, So. Carolina, d. Abt. 1830.
  3. Elizabeth Graham, b. Bet. 1775 - 1777, d. date unknown.
  4. +Jennet * Graham, b. Abt. 1778, Chester Co. South Carolina309, d. 1817, Christian Co., Kentucky310.
  5. Mathew Graham, b. 17 Jan 1780, probably Ireland311, d. 08 May 1854, Henderson Co, IL312.
  6. +Mary Graham, b. Abt. 1784, d. date unknown.
  7. Robert C. Graham, b. 11 Jul 1792, probably Ireland313, d. 25 May 1863, Illinois314.

Children of Andrew * Graham and Mary Chestnut are:
  1. Mattie Graham, b. 1785, d. Abt. 1850.
  2. Margaret Graham, b. 1788, d. Abt. 1850.
  3. William Mills Graham, b. 26 Sep 1801315, d. 28 Jan 1882.

Children of Andrew * Graham and Margaret Phillips are:
  1. Thomas Phillips Graham, b. 18 Oct 1803, d. 21 May 1889, Kentucky316.
  2. Nancy C. Graham, b. Abt. 1805, South Carolina, d. date unknown.
  3. Andrew W. Graham, b. 1807317, d. date unknown.
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