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Ancestors of Brandon Oliver Clevenger

      86. Massey Clymer467, born May 14, 1795 in Allegany, Md467; died Unknown. He was the son of 172. Charles Fountain Clymer and 173. Nancy Needles. He married 87. Elizith Gunder July 25, 1816 in Fairfield County, Ohio467.

      87. Elizith Gunder468,469, born in Scotland469; died Unknown.

  Notes for Elizith Gunder:
A note on the Smothers Family Tree from Mary Smothers Wills indicates she died at age 112. She is identified as Elizith Clymer, Great Grandmother of Almon H. Knesel.

On that same document there is a note in a different color ink which says that Elizith married George Clymer "signer of decoration of indefendince 27 signer."

There was, in fact, a George Clymer who signed the Declaration of Independence. He was married to Elizabeth Meredith and they had nine children, including one named Elizabeth. Unfortunately, that Elizabeth Clymer died young leaving no issue. George Clymer, The Signer, died on January 23, 1813, which means that he could not have been the father of Elizith Clymer, Almon' Grandmother, as she was born much later, May 8, 1837. George Clymer, The Signer, did have two sons, one of whom was named George Clymer as well. That second George Clymer married Mary Gratiot O'Brien, and there is no indication that he ever married anyone named Elizith or Elizabeth.

In the published genealogy of George Clymer, The Signer, there does not seem to be any correspondence with the Smothers Family Tree, as described by Mary Smothers Wills. Unfortunately, one must conclude that there is not a direct lineal relationship in our family with George Clymer, The Signer. There may be an indirect relationship, but even that has not become clear. Genealogy of George Clymer, The Signer, is well detailed in the book; "Samuel Carpenter and His Descendants." It is available electronically at Copies of the relevant pages are available in Larry Clevenger's files.

However, there is a World Family Tree available on the internet which indicates that Elizabeth Clymer married William Smothers. in that tree, her mother was Elizabeth Gunder, married to Massey Clymer. Elizabeth and Massey had several children, in addition to Elizabeth. One of those was named Charles and would have been an older brother of Elizabeth, just as identified by Mary Smothers Wills. In addition, one of their sons, Peter Clymer, married, as his second wife, his cousin Sarah Clymer. That would have made Sarah a sister-in-law of Elizabeth. Mary Smothers Wills had identified her as a sister. Overall, the correspondence seems fairly good and this World Family Tree 171001 has been used to define the family relationships prior to Almon's Grandmother Elizith Clymer.

More About Massey Clymer and Elizith Gunder:
Marriage: July 25, 1816, Fairfield County, Ohio469
Children of Massey Clymer and Elizith Gunder are:
  43 i.   Elizith Clymer, born May 08, 1837 in Ohio; died May 27, 1903; married William Jackson Smothers June 08, 1853.
  ii.   Charles W. Clymer470,471, born April 1835 in Hancock County, Ohio471; died December 03, 1902 in Decatur, Ohio471
  More About Charles W. Clymer:
Burial: Unknown, Decatur, Ohio471

  iii.   Mary Clymer471, born October 01, 1817 in Fairfield County, Ohio471; died Unknown; married Daniel Smothers; died Unknown.
  iv.   Nancy Clymer471, born September 07, 1818471; died March 27, 1898471; married Phillip Boulinbough; died Unknown.
  v.   Daniel Clymer471, born September 1821 in Fairfield County, Ohio471; died Unknown.
  vi.   Henry Clymer471, born 1826471; died Unknown.
  vii.   Hannah Clymer471, died Unknown.
  viii.   Thomas Clymer471, born 1828471; died Unknown.
  ix.   John B. Clymer471, born December 07, 1831 in Fairfield County, Ohio471; died April 13, 1863 in Cairo, Illinois471
  Notes for John B. Clymer:
Twin Brother of George Clymer.

  x.   George Clymer471, born December 07, 1831 in Fairfield County, Ohio471; died December 18, 1871471; married Elizabeth Myers; died Unknown.
  Notes for George Clymer:
Twin brother of John B. Clymer.

  xi.   Peter Clymer471, born August 27, 1824 in Fairfield County, Ohio471; died Unknown; married (1) Nancy Melissa Canada; died Unknown; married (2) Sarah Clymer; born November 28, 1841 in Hancock County, Ohio471; died April 09, 1929 in Benton County, Iowa471.

      114. William R. Ruston472, born Abt. 1819 in Georgia472; died Unknown. He was the son of 228. ? Ruston and 229. ??. He married 115. ???.

      115. ???, born in Georgia472; died Bef. 1880472.

More About William R. Ruston:
Occupation: 1880, Bee Hunter472
Children of William Ruston and ??? are:
  57 i.   Mary Ann Ruston, born August 24, 1843 in Alabama; died December 28, 1908 in Castor, Lousiana; married John Henry Person, Sr..
  ii.   Caroline Delaney Ruston473, born January 1854 in Mississippi473; died April 24, 1923 in Castor, Bienville, Louisiana473; married Caleb M Rowell July 17, 1870 in Sparta, Bienville, Louisiana473; born September 29, 1833 in Darlington District, SC473; died March 23, 1914 in Sparta, Bienville, Louisiana473.
  More About Caleb Rowell and Caroline Ruston:
Marriage: July 17, 1870, Sparta, Bienville, Louisiana473

      118. Green Hillier Huckabay474, born December 23, 1818 in Georgia474; died September 20, 1902474. He was the son of 236. John Huckaby and 237. Elizabeth Marie Moore. He married 119. Delilah Ann Denson 1837 in Georgia474.

      119. Delilah Ann Denson474, born May 20, 1820 in Georgia474; died May 1904474.

More About Green Huckabay and Delilah Denson:
Marriage: 1837, Georgia474
Children of Green Huckabay and Delilah Denson are:
  59 i.   Martha Huckabay, born September 23, 1848 in Georgia; died 1939 in Old Sparta Arcida; married (1) Joe Le Point; married (2) Bill Gorham Unknown.
  ii.   Mary Elizabeth Huckabay474474, died Unknown.
  iii.   Caroline Carlye Huckabay474, born July 01, 1850474; died Unknown.
  iv.   Fannie Huckabay474, died Unknown.
  v.   Millie Huckabay474, born May 04, 1865474; died September 25, 1933474
  vi.   Sarah Jane G. Huckabay474, born 1852474; died Unknown.
  Notes for Sarah Jane G. Huckabay:
Sallie was a twin.

  vii.   Greene Hillier P. Huckabay474, born 1852474; died Unknown.
  Notes for Greene Hillier P. Huckabay:
Greene was a twin.

  viii.   Bryant Huckabay474, born 1838474; died Unknown.
  ix.   John Huckabay474, born 1841474; died Unknown.
  x.   Jimmy Huckabay474, born 1842474; died Unknown.
  xi.   ? Huckabay474, born 1844474; died Unknown.
  xii.   Pinkie Monroe Huckabay474, born 1864474; died Unknown.

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