The following are abstracts of local news related to Ocracoke, Hatteras and Portsmouth Islands published in newspapers in Washington, NC And reprinted from" ABSTRACTS OF MARRIAGES AND DEATHS OF EXTANT WASHINGTON, NC NEWSPAPERS" published by Beaufort County Genealogical Society. Also included are items of other areas that mention names related to Ocracoke.





FRIDAY, DEC. 13, 1816

CABARRUS, AUGUSTUS, JR. of Ocracoke, NC and Miss MARY DESIREE_CHARRIER, eldest daughter of Mr. JOSEPH CHARRIER, were married in Beaufort on Wednesday Dec. 6th, 1816.

FRIDAY, JULY 16, 1819

Died on Friday evening last in the 63rd year of his age at his seat at Pembrook, MR. AUGUSTUS CABARRUS, a native of Bayonne, France, and for upwards of 40 years a resident of this county, his remains were on Saturday enterred with Masonic Honors in the family burying grounds. Editor Gazette.

FRIDAY, APR. 27, 1820

On Sunday last as six of the Ocracoke Pilots were attempting to board a vessel, the boat in which they were, unfortunately upset, and four of the number found a watery grave. The names of the unfortunate men are as follows; CORNELIUS AUSTIN, PHILLENTINE AUSTIN, FRANCIS BURRUS and WILSON NEIL—one of them CORNELIUS AUSTIN has left a wife and several children, who are by this sad stroke, deprived of their best friend.

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1823

We regret to learn that the schooner, "MARY DRUMMOND", of Pittsburgh Main from Turks Island for this port with a full cargo of salt, was entirely lost with her lading, on Ocracoke Bar, on Wednesday the 5th inst., Crew Saved.

FRIDAY, SEPT. 19, 1823

Died on the 7th inst. in Portsmouth, after a lingering illness, Doctor Griffith, a respectable inhabitant of that town, and member of the Ministry of the Methodist Church, formerly a resident of this place. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _




FRIDAY, AUG 17, 1832.

Died at Ocracoke, on the 4th inst. CAPT. WILLIAM AUSTIN, age_41, and for a number of years a citizen of our town, leaves a widow.


TUESDAY, DEC. 17, 1861.

Died at the hospital in this place on Friday night last, ROBERT C. GASKINS, a member of the McMillen Art. Capt. Fripp, age about 21 years.


TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1867

Married in Wilson, NC on the 6th, by Rev. A.A. Benton, W.J. Kincaid, to MISS ADDIE V., daughter of J.V. BLACKWELL, all of Wilson.


WED. JAN. 19, 1842

Married in this County on Thursday 13th inst. ISAIAH JACKSON TO MISS DEBORAH STUBBS. _ _

WED. MAR.9, 1842

Died recently at Leachville in this county, SUSAN, wife of WILLIAM HOWARD, leaving 4 children.

WED. APR. 6, 1842

Died in this town, Monday last, MRS. SABRINA FARROW, in the 42d of her age, wife of CAPT. WILLIAM FARROW.

WED. NOV. 9, 1842

CAPT. JACOB WILLIAMS, of the Schooner STAR, to MISS MARTHA_GAUTIER, Nov. 7, 1842. married in the town of Washington by the Rev. GEORGE N. GREGORY.






WED. FEB. 13, 1850

Married; GASKILL, WILLIAM G. to SOPHIA ANN, daughter of PETER_G. YATES all of this county. Married 10 Feb. 1850 by the Rev. THOS. C. PUCKET.

WED. OCT. 23, 1850

from the , Greensboro, Alavams, Beacon, Died in this County on_1st. inst. of consumption, JOHN HARDY BRAGG, in the 32 year of age Native of Edgecomb County, NC In "35, came with his father to Washington NC and resided there until January of_1848, leaves a wife and 2 small children, was buried in this place.

WED. OCT. 23, 1850

Died at Portsmouth, NC CAPT. SAMUEL WALLACE aged about 38, left this place for a voyage to NY, was taken sick in Portsmouth and died in 8 days, leaves a wife and children. He was a citizen of New Berne, NC

WED. NOV. 12, 1851

Married in this town on last evening, 11th inst. by the Rev Wilson—CAPT. JAMES FARROW and MRS MARTHA WILLIAMS.

WED. APR. 27, 1853

Married on last evening at the residence of Rev. Harmon Eason, by Rev. Mr. Collins, MR. JOSEPH A. FARROW to MISS_LOUISA A. EASON.

WED. JULY 27, 1853

Died in this town on Sunday morning last C. FLYNN FARROW, age 17 years, 6 months, 29 days, son of CAPT. WILLIAM FARROW.


TUE. SEPT. 18, 1858

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, on the 13th_inst. MR. THOMAS JACKSON TO MISS POLLY ANN WALKER, all of Beaufort Co.






WED. DEC. 13, 1882

Died; since our last issue, the bodies of CAPT. W.A. THOMPSON AND MR. W.E. HANCOCK, who were drowned have been recovered. The cargo of the , "ENTERPRISE" IT SEEMS, WAS A TOTAL LOSS.


TUE. JAN. 18, 1876

Married at the bride’s residence, "THE CAPE" Dare County NC Jan. 2, 1876 by the Rev. Dammon G. Meekins of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, COL ALPHEUS W. SIMPSON, JR. of Dare County and MRS. PERLIA F. JENNETTE, formerly of Elizabeth City, NC.





Bath, on May 1st PATTIE E. BRAGG of this place married REV._N.E. PRICE. They will make their home in Yatesville

JULY 18, 1890_ _G.W. HOWARD & MARY A. ULRICH married at New Berne.

JULY 3, 1890_ _OCRACOKE, JUNE 25th, MR. H.L. GIBBS, a talented young lawyer of New Bern was married to MISS OLIER FARROW, one of the most charming daughters of the lovely Sea-Girt Isle.

SEPT. 4, 1890

Married at Ocracoke, on 26 of Aug. by Rev. L.O. Wyche, MR._W.J.T. KELLY, Of Baltimore, was married to MISS NEVA M. HOWARD.

JULY 9, 1891


JAN. 28, 1892_ _GEORGE N.?or W. JACKSON to MISS LIZZIE E. WATERS in Long Acre Township on the 8th

J.J. O’NEAL of Yatesville to MISS MARY RUSS at the residence of the bride’s father near Pantego. (no date)

FEB. 24, 1892


Married at the residence of N.F. FARROW in Middleton, Hyde co. on Wed. the 17th inst.MR. W. H. JONES of this city to MISS ELLEN FARROW.

OCT. 3, 1889

Died, MR. JOHN McWILLIAMS OF OCRACOKE (no date given)_ JULY 3, 1890 _Died, MARY MARTIN BROWN, infant dau of MR. & MRS. C.M. BROWN died at Ocracoke on Monday night inst. the remains were brought to Washington & interred in the cemetery on wed.

JULY 3, 1890

Died JOHNNIE GASKILL, 3 year old son of MR. & MRS. J.M. GASKILL, ON WED. JAN. 25TH.

JUNE 18, 1891 (Thursday)

Died CAPT. SIMON O’NEAL died suddenly on Sunday afternoon, his remains were brought to this place and buried.

SEPT. 3, 1891

Died; MR B.T. MOSS on Friday 15th Aug. was knocked overboard and drowned while sailing for Ocracoke, remains were interred in Oakdale Sun. leaves a wife and 7 children.

JAN, 7, 1892

Died MR. TILLMAN O’NEAL, of OCRACOKE, age 86 years died at the residence of CAPT. HORATIO WILLIAMS, his son-in-law, Dec.21st.

THURSDAY, NOV. 18, 1892

CAPT. SAM BRAGG and brother, MOLTBY, left Swan Quarter in a boat on Thur. night at 10 O: clock and had not been heard from since. The weather was bad and they are probably drowned.

JULY 27, 1893

Married; MISS MOLLIE TOLER, of OCRACOKE to MR. SEYMOUR MILLER of Hatteras, at Ocracoke on the 12th inst. in the M.E. Church South by Mr. Watson.


OCT. 12, 1893_ _Married; at the Church of Christ last evening, MR. W.E._WOOLARD to MISS JANIE GARRISH, by Rev. D.W. Davis, both are residents of this town.

JUNE 7, 1894

Married; Mr. Augustus Ayers was married last evening to Miss Ella Sharp, at the residence of CAPT. DAVID GASKILL, by Rev. D.W. Davis.

AUG 2, 1894 (THURSDAY)_

Married; MR. GEORGE KEECH and MISS NANCY JACKSON, last Wed. near Pine Town.


FEB. 7, 1895

Married; Hyde Co. MR. TAYLOR of Scranton and MISS BETTIE WAHAB, of Germanton were married the 29th by Rev. Mr. Watkins.

JUNE 20, 1895 (Thursday)

Married; MR. ED SPENCER & MISS SARAH JANE GASKINS at Ocracoke last Friday by Rev. Colman Howard.

AUG. 1, 1895

Married; L.A. JACKSON was married to MISS WINNIE JACKSON, yesterday, near Old Ford Church, by the Editor of the Watch Tower.

NOV. 28, 1895

MR. J.S. CAMPBELL & MISS ANNIE GARRISH were married last evening at the residence of _______________.

LPH SCARBOROUGH and MISS_ALITHIA MIDGETT were married by Prof. J.C. Crisp, of the "DIAMOND SHOALS" ACADEMY AT AVON last week.


DEC. 17, 1898

Married; MR. D.H. FLEMMING, of this city to MISS ELEANOR HOWARD, formerly of Ocracoke, near Greenville in Pitt County, on Wed. M.E. Church.