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Ancestors of Maybelle Irene Gower

Generation No. 6

      32. Elijah Gower, born Abt. 1774; died Bef. 1795 in Tennessee. He was the son of 64. Able Gower, Jr. and 65. Obedience Blakely. He married 33. Prudence Coon December 20, 1790 in Davidson County, Tennessee.

      33. Prudence Coon
Children of Elijah Gower and Prudence Coon are:
  16 i.   Elisha Gower, born 1791; married (1) Sally Fowler; married (2) Jemima Patterson
  ii.   William Gower, born Abt. 1794; married Mary Crutchfield March 30, 1814.

      40. James Thetford He was the son of 80. Isiah Thetford.

Notes for James Thetford:
This James Thetford first shows up on the 1790 census report of North Carolin. The next mention of him was in a record or Trigg County, Ky., dated 1798, which states, "an old man (no first name given) Thetford and his brother James Thetford who was living nearby, were the first settlers in Trigg Co., KY in 1798. It is the opinion of researchers that James Thetford was the father of the following men; John. R Thetford, Wm. Billy Thetford Sampson Thetford, Knott Thetford, and James Thetford. Sampson moved to Ill with our Wm. Billy Thetford about 1836. Knott Thetford was killed in War of 1812, while serving with Wm. Billy in Battle of New Orleans, under General Andy Jackson. James does not appear on any records in KY , after 1798. It is felt that he moved with his family to Dickson county, Tn, shortly after 1798, which explains why Thetford's show up in that county at that time.

Children of James Thetford are:
  20 i.   William Billy Thetford, born 1793 in South Carolina; died October 1885 in Jaskson County, Illinois; married Lucretia Gately May 1820 in Madison County Tennessee.
  ii.   John R. Thetford, born 1791 in South Carolina.
  More About John R. Thetford:
Burial: Gibson County, Tennessee

  iii.   Sampson Thetford, born 1780 in South Carolina.
  iv.   Knott Thetford, born in South Carolina.
  More About Knott Thetford:
Military service: Killed at Battle of New Orleans durng the War of 1812

  v.   James Thetford, born 1794 in South Carolina.
  Notes for James Thetford:
Lived in Trig County Kentucky before 1798 and moved to Dickerson County Tennessee after 1798

  More About James Thetford:
Burial: Dickerson County, Tennessee.

      42. John Gately
Child of John Gately is:
  21 i.   Lucretia Gately, born 1803 in North Carolina; died 1888 in Jackson County, Illinois; married William Billy Thetford May 1820 in Madison County Tennessee.

      48. Alexander Braden1, died Bet. 1833 - 1834 in Madison County Tennessee1. He was the son of 96. Eric Von Braden. He married 49. Alice Ward.

      49. Alice Ward

More About Alexander Braden:
Emigration: From Wales in Great Britain to Virgina
Military service: British Army
Occupation: Farmer
Children of Alexander Braden and Alice Ward are:
  26 i.   James Braden, born November 29, 1796 in Virgina; died August 12, 1878 in N. Saline County, Ill; married Unicy Smith January 14, 1823 in Hamilton County, Ill.
  24 ii.   John Roy Braden, Sr., married Cathrine Usery
  iii.   Hannah Braden1, married (1) Issac Johnson; married (2) Isaac Johnson November 24, 1812 in Christian County, Kentucky1
  iv.   Jacob Braden2,3, born June 13, 1798 in Virginia4,5; died December 16, 1875 in Posey County, Indiana5; married Nancy Johnson March 1820 in White County,ILL5; born 1801 in Christina County, Kentucky5; died December 03, 1854 in Hamilton County, Ill5.
  More About Jacob Braden:
Burial: Little Springs Cmetery, Hamilton County, ILL5.

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