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Ancestors of Christopher Glen Colson

      416. Capt. Charles Ellis, born 1719 in Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico Co., VA842; died 04 May 1759 in "Red Hill Farm" at Pedlar Mills, Amherst Co., VA842. He was the son of 832. John Ellis and 833. Susannah. He married 417. Susannah Harding 1739842.

      417. Susannah Harding, born Abt. 1720842; died March 1817 in "Red Hill Farm" at Pedlar Mills, Amherst Co., VA842. She was the daughter of 834. Thomas Harding and 835. Mary Giles.

Notes for Capt. Charles Ellis:
FROM: Amherst County Virginia Historical Society


Red Hill Farm at Pedlar Mills, Amherst County, Virginia, is one of central Virginia's oldest upland plantations that still retains its historical identity and still is operated as a farm. It was settled by Capt. Charles Ellis in 1754 (sometimes given as 1752 or 1753) on a thousand acre land grant from King George II of England.

Charles Ellis, active in the French and Indian Wars, he was a Capt. of the Albemarle Millitia under Colonel Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson. It is difficult to find much information about the personal life of Capt. Ellis, altho his forebears are documented as having come to Jamestown in the "first or second draft" from England, and were early land owners in eastern Virginia. Charles Ellis himself was the youngest son of John Ellis, of Peter's Creek, a branch of Tuckahoe, near Richmond. The father and family were substantial landowners but Charles was the youngest of seven sons, and it is doubtful if the family estates were large enough for the support of so many sons.

The military life probably offered Charles both adventure and opportunity needed by a younger son in Colonial Virginia.

In the "hard winter" of 1739-40, at the age of 20, Charles Ellis was married by Reverend John Smith to Susanna Harding of Henrico, and she proved a strong and remarkable woman who bore him two sons and eight daughters and established a family line that has continued its vitality and identity to the present.

In 1755, the year after settling at "Red Hill", Susanna bore the last of Ellis' children, Rosanna, when Charles was 35 and Susanna about a year younger. From 1755 until about 1760 we have little information as to Ellis' activities, aside from a few historical references to incidents in his military career. But by 1760 he had established his working plantation and presumably enjoyed his dual role as soldier and planter.

In (1760), however at the age of 40, the Captain fell ill and (on the 5th day of June) sent for his neighbors, Issac Wright, Robert Cammell, and Roland R. Atkins to witness my last will and testament and on the 14th day of August 1760, the will was "Proved" at the Albemerle Court, and executors appointed.

Captain Charles Ellis left "Red Hill" to his oldest son, Josiah. He then provided generously for his younger son Charles and then for his wife and the daughters of the family.

Both of Charles Ellis' sons, Josiah and Charles, served in the American Revolution against the English King who their father served. After the was, son Charles Ellis emigrated to Georga, then to Kentucky, and finally died, a very old man, at his son's residence in Missouri, in 1828. [Lou Hudson Pellican]

The dates in brackets or from the original document, these dates are probably in error, as other sources give the death date of Charles Ellis as May 4, 1759.

The date of death of Charles Ellis comes from the memorial marker at "Red Hill" that gives the date as May 1759. Additionally, in a letter dated November 8, 1978 from the Albemarle County Historical Society to Vaneal Ellis Burgess ref.s "From the DESCENDANTS OF CAPT. THOMAS CARTER 1652-1912, p. 229 Charles Ellis, died May 4, 1759.

More About Capt. Charles Ellis:
Burial: Family burying-ground, "Red Hill" Amherst Co., VA842
Military service: Officer, British Colonial Militia

  Notes for Susannah Harding:
After the death of Capt. Charles Ellis, Susanna married John Bickley. Despite her age, (apparently 48 or more), this remarkable woman bore another daughter, Mildred, who died in infancy, then she herself outlived Bickley (he died in 1792), outlivedson Josiah (died in 1810), outlived most of her other children and survived to the age of 97. It haad been her hard fate to live 57 years past the death of Charles Ellis, but she did see the wilderness frontier transformed into a culture of church, schools, wealth and planter aristocracy. [Lou Hudson Pellican, from: Amherst Co., VA Hist. Soc.]

Dates of birth of children is just speculation based on the date of marriage and date of birth of last child listed as 1755. The order of birth comes from Thomas Ellis, April 2, 1857. [Lou Hudson Pellican data]

More About Susannah Harding:
Burial: Family burying-ground, "Red Hill" Amherst Co., VA842
Children of Charles Ellis and Susannah Harding are:
  i.   Hannah Ellis, born Abt. 1740.
  ii.   Edith Ellis, born Abt. 1742.
  iii.   Susanna Ellis, born Abt. 1743.
  iv.   Josiah Ellis, born Abt. 1745.
  v.   Mary Ann Ellis, born Abt. 1746.
  208 vi.   Charles Ellis, born Abt. 1748 in Amherst Co., VA; died Bef. 05 August 1828 in Perry Co., MO; married (1) Elizabeth Waters; married (2) Sarah Tucker.
  vii.   Sarah Ellis, born Abt. 1750.
  viii.   Bethena Ellis, born Abt. 1752.
  ix.   Elizabeth Ellis, born Abt. 1753.
  x.   Rosanna Ellis, born Abt. 1755.

      418. Matthew Tucker842. He married 419. Lucretia Lunsford.

      419. Lucretia Lunsford842.
Child of Matthew Tucker and Lucretia Lunsford is:
  209 i.   Sarah Tucker, married Charles Ellis.

      440. Edward Erwin, born Abt. 1728 in PA842; died Aft. March 1796 in Hawkins Co., TN842. He was the son of 880. Edward Erwin and 881. Frances Francis. He married 441. Mary Curry Bef. 1750842.

      441. Mary Curry842.

Notes for Edward Erwin:
Edward Erwin, of Hawkins County, Territory South of the River Ohio.


Abstracted from "papers" by Prentice Price, Rogersville TN, March 1963

Edward Erwin described himself as a very old man in March 1796. He was first married, before 1750, and had eleven children (one son was dead when he made his will). He then married Mary Fowler some time after October 1772 and had two daughters. Sarah, the eldest of these, was born 18 Sept 1775; your Margaret was born about 1779 in Augusta Co., VA. (this from a letter of Mr. F. B. Surguine,Jr, in Orlando, FL.)

Edward Erwin, Sr. supplied supplies for the Revolutionary Army in Virginia and papers proving this are extant in the mass of Phipps and Erwin papers owned by a descendant in Austin, Texas. I have a photostat of one such paper and this has been accepted as making his descendants eligible for D.A.R.

From the Last Will and Testamont of Edwrd Erwin of Hawkins County, Territory South of the River Ohio, dated 31 Jan 1794, proved August Term 1798 by Joseph McMinn before Justices James Berry, David Larkins, Thos. Berry and Nathaniel Henderson.

Wife to have plantation for life. To son John $1., to daughter Frances Erwin $1., to son William Erwin $1., to son Edward Erwin $1., to son Andrew Erwin $1., to daughter Elizabeth Erwin $1., to son Robert Erwin $1., to son Samuel Erwin $1., to daughter Mary Erwin $1., to son Benjamin Erwin $1.
To daughter Sarah half the moveable estate after my wife’s death.
To daughter Margaret the plantation on which I now life after my wife’s death, a negro man and the other half of the moveable property.

Samuel McPheeters and Joseph McMinn, executors.
Joshua Phipps, A. G. McCra and Joseph McMinn, witnesses.

Copy dated 22 August 1820


Children of Edward Erwin and Mary Curry are:
  i.   John Erwin, born Abt. 1750842; died Bet. 1805 - 1814842; married Mary.
  Notes for John Erwin:
John Erwin died either in 1805 or 1814. [LHP]

  ii.   Frances Erwin, born Abt. 1750842
  iii.   William Erwin843
  iv.   Edward Erwin844
  Notes for Edward Erwin:
(received 200 acres of land from his father in 1783, where?) [LHP]

Not named by Margaret Logan Morris [LHP]

  v.   Andrew Erwin844
  Notes for Andrew Erwin:
Not named by Margaret Logan Morris [LHP]

  vi.   Elizabeth Erwin844
  Notes for Elizabeth Erwin:
Not named by Margaret Logan Morris, she named two sons not mentioned in Edward’s Will, being James & David. [LHP]

  vii.   Robert Erwin844
  viii.   Samuel Erwin, born February 1760845; died 23 August 1832 in Indiana845; married Jane Brewster Abt. 12 September 1788845.
  Notes for Samuel Erwin:
Margaret Logan Morris "says" Rev. Benjamin Erwin (m. Sarah Brewster) is his brother. [LHP]

Samuel is buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Corydon, IN – I have photos of his grave. [LHP]

  More About Samuel Erwin:
Burial: Cedar Hill Cemetery, Corydon, IN845

  ix.   Mary Erwin, born 1767845; died 15 August 1802845; married John Guye November 1785845.
  Notes for Mary Erwin:
Age wise she seems to fit here, but her marriage records says "dau of Edward, dec’d." [LHP]

  220 x.   Benjamin Erwin, born Abt. 1770; married Jane Hagood in TN.
  xi.   Erwin846, died Bef. 31 January 1794847

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