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Research Update January 6, 2012 -
Volume Two of the "Colliers of Mass." was published Feb. 15, 2009. This covers only American generation six, and is the final volume that I will prepare myself. A cumulative index of descendants and spouses through the 7th generation, and an image of the cover of Vol. 2, will be found elsewhere on this page. Vol. Two is approximately 250 pages in length, including 10 pages of color illustrations. Cost for a soft-cover spiral bound edition is $35, and a CD version is $10. INDEX TO VOLS. ONE AND TWO NOW POSTED IN RELATED FILES.
Recent research finds on the "Collyers" of Warren County, Indiana and South Carolina - Georgia are covered in appendices in Volume Two. I continue to encourage correspondence and contributions from those who recognize that they are members of the family. My research will eventually go to the NEHGS, if not into a "Volume Three" at this time. In the near future, I plan to post a preliminary "Generation 7 - 8" on this website.
Copies of Vol. I of the "Colliers of Massachusetts," published in August 2004, are available from the author. Cost for the print edition (approx. 170 pages, illustrated and indexed) is $30, and the CD version is $10. This first 5 generation genealogy - no bios or notes - can be found in "Related Files."
I have continued my research since publishing Volume Two, and the number of known Colliers of Mass. descendants and spouses is now over 14,300, with approximately 870 individuals of the "Collier" or "Collyer" surname. Various research update letters, indexes, and other preliminary information can be viewed in "Related Files." In "Related Files" you will also find some material on other Collier/Collyer families in early New England and New York.
This page includes information generated by research into the family and descendants of Thomas (1) and Susannah Collier, who came from England and settled in Hingham, Massachusetts in 1635. Later generations include individuals who remained in or near South Shore Mass., and others who moved to Hampshire County, Mass., Maine, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Montana, and California by the mid 19th century. The majority of the descendants are traced from two couples: Lt. Gershom (3)Collier (about 1674 - Feb. 19, 1753) and his wife, Elizabeth Poole, of Hull, Massachusetts; and Jane (4) Baker (about 1686-87 - Dec. 1, 1724) and her first husband, John Loring, Jr., also of Hull. Many of this Loring family moved to Cumberland County, Maine in the mid 18th Century, and have been well recorded. Descendants of Moses (2) Collier are not yet as well traced as the New England families, but some were in South Carolina by about 1770, and in Kentucky, southwestern Ohio and Indiana by the early to mid-1800s.
Children of Thomas and Susannah (UNKNOWN) Collier, who also came to the South Shore of Massachusetts Bay, were Thomas (2) Collier, about 1622-1691 (died Hull, Mass.), Moses Collier (many descendants often spelled "Collyer"), about 1625-1684/85 (lived in Hingham and Boston, and died in Woodbridge, Middlesex County, NJ), daughter Susannah Collier (living in 1647, Hingham, Mass.), and possibly John Collier (had land in Hull, 1642, but nothing further known).
Connections to the families of some early Plymouth Colony settlers are included: William Bassett, Mary Chilton (wife of John Winslow), William Collier and his daughter Elizabeth, Alice Southworth Bradford and her son Constant Southworth. There are several documented connections to early Mass. Bay figures, as well
I owe an enormous debt to all the researchers and authors who have worked in this field before. Space prohibits listing every name on this cover page, but I extend my thanks to all who have helped in this family project.

Wade Collier, 218 Leominster Rd., Lunenburg, Mass. 01462
The Colliers of Massachusetts Family Page
Updated January 6, 2012

Wade Collier

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Family Photos

  • Grave of John (6) & Mary Collier, Northport ME (82 KB)
    Gravestone of John (6) Collier and his wife Mary UNKNOWN in the Collier Burying Ground. John (ca. 1785 - 1787, Mass. - Oct. 6, 1871, Northport) was the 2d son of "Gershom of Northport" and wife Abigail Nash. John, a farmer, came to Northport with his parents, older brother Roland, and sister Mercy between 1797 and 1800. Photo courtesy of George Quintal and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.
  • The Winslow Tomb, King's Chapel, Boston # 3 (89 KB)
    Your 'Umble Correspondent at the Winslow Tomb, King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston, Mass. Photo taken in March 2008 by a young visitor to the cemetery who actually knew who Mary Chilton and John Winslow were, and wanted to know more!
  • The John Winslow - Mary Chilton Tomb # 2 (49 KB)
    The Winslow Family Tomb, with the headstone of John and Mary Chilton Winslow at the left. King's Chapel Burying Ground, Tremont St., Boston, Mass.
  • Elizabeth (Gould) Fillebrown, 6th Gen "Collier" (127 KB)
    Elizabeth (Gould) Fillebrown, 6th Gen. "Collier of Mass.," was born in Hull, MA. in 1755, and m. John Fillebrown of Boston in 1780. They had a large family in Boston, where she probably died in 1835. (See his portrait on these pages. They are among the oldest family portraits posted here. Images are from the “Fillebrown Genealogy” of 1910.)
  • The Lunenburg Homestead in Winter (65 KB)
    The Collier Homestead in Lunenburg, Mass. - circa 1978.
  • John Fillebrown (ca. 1758 - 1840) Boston , Mass. (113 KB)
    John Fillebrown of Boston (ca. 1758 – 1840) was the husband of Elizabeth Gould, a “Collier of Mass.” descendant of the 6th Generation. John was an American Patriot, serving several enlistments during the Revolution. Afterwards, he operated a ship chandlery, or marine supply house, in Boston. (See her portrait on these pages. They are among the oldest family portraits posted here. Images are from the “Fillebrown Genealogy” of 1910.)
  • King's Chapel Burying Ground # 2 (71 KB)
    The entrance to the Burying Ground, one of the stops on Boston's Freedom Trail. Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Cover - Colliers of MA V II (67 KB)
    This is a low resolution scan of the cover of Vol. Two of "The Colliers of Mass." to be published Feb. 15, 2009.
  • Capt. James Collier, "Jr." - Cohasset Mariner (8 KB)
    Captain James Collier, "Jr." (Aug. 6, 1813 - Jan. 14, 1891) was one of the most distinguished of many "Cohasset Deep Sea Captains." Capt. Collier went to sea at about age 9, and was a Captain at age 18. He was an active mariner until the age of 73, sailing clipper ships to most of the major ports of the world. He perhaps commanded more ships and sailed more miles than any other mariner of the period.
  • Joseph Lewis Collyer 1854 - 1917 (140 KB)
    A portrait of Joseph Lewis Collyer (b. Dec. 9, 1854, Carrollton, KY - d. May 16, 1917, Pueblo, Colorado). Joseph was of the New Jersey line of descent, the founder of which was Moses (2) Collier, of Hingham, Mass., who moved to Woodbridge, NJ late in life. Photo courtesy of Dan Collyer, a descendant.
  • Capt. Solomon (6) Loring, Maine Mariner (33 KB)
    Capt. Solomon Loring (1792 - 1832) was one of several master mariners of the "North Yarmouth, Maine Lorings." Sailed to Atlantic ports in the Americas, West Indies, and Europe.
  • Mrs. Sally Foster Otis, Boston, 1809 (18 KB)
    Sally Foster Otis (1770-1838), wife of Harrison Gray Otis, Congressman, U. S. Senator, and 3d Mayor of Boston. Sally Foster was a great-granddaughter of Joseph Spear and Mary Collier of Hull.
  • Emma (7) Loring Conant, Dau. Capt Solomon Loring (52 KB)
    Emma (7)Loring (1829 - 1904), daughter of Capt. Solomon Loring, was born at Pownal, ME. She was better educated than many women of the period, and taught school for a time. A son by her 2d marriage, Frederick Odell Conant (1857 - aft. 1917) was president of the Maine Genealogical Society, and contributed to the Loring Genealogy of 1917.
  • "North America" - Capt. James Collier (Jr.) (44 KB)
    A portrait of the ship "North America," which in the period 1857 - 1865 sailed under the command of Captain James Collier (Jr.)(1813 - 1891), one of many distinguished "Deep Sea Captains" of the Colliers of Cohasset, Mass. line.
  • Reid, Arvid and Elva Collier, ca. 1915 (82 KB)
    Three young Colliers of the Chesterfield/Ohio line. From left: my father, Reid, his brother Arvid, and sister Elva Collier, all of Southington, Ohio. Taken about 1915-1916.
  • "Bill" Nye - Thomas Collier Descendant (46 KB)
    Edgar Wilson "Bill" Nye (1850 - 1896), born in Shirley, ME, of the "Lorings of North Yarmouth, ME" line, was briefly a lawyer in Wisconsin, later Wyoming. He is remembered as one of the most popular humorists of the 19th Century, sometimes called the Will Rogers of his day.
  • Boston Harbor from Hull (171 KB)
    A view of Boston Harbor and the Boston skyline, taken from Nantasket Avenue in Hull Village. Thomas (2) Collier lived on Duck Lane, a few blocks from where this photo was taken.
  • Anna Collier King (ca. 1773 - 1847), LaFayette, NY (35 KB)
    The gravestone of Anna (Collier) King, one of two daughters of Ephraim Bosworth Collier who moved to Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Mass. after the death of the parents in Boston. Anna married Orange King in 1793 and they later removed to LaFayette, Onondaga County, New York with others of the King family. She is buried in LaFayette Cemetery, off U. S. 11, south of the village. Orange King, who died sometime between 1850 and 1860, probably in Onondaga County, MAY be buried next to Anna, but his stone is so eroded as to be unreadable.
  • Elisha Hayden Collier's 1820 Flintlock Revolver (53 KB)
    Elisha Hayden Collier, (July 8, 1788, Scituate MA - Jan. 23, 1856, Boston) was one of the co-inventors of this patented flintlock revolver. He lived in London, England for a period after 1820-21, where a large number of the guns were purchased by the British government for use in India. The invention of the percussion cap, and improvements by Samuel Colt, soon made the flintlock revolver obsolete. Image courtesy of the artist, Robert Williams.
  • Silver Cups, gifts to the Hull Church 1720 - 1724 (23 KB)
    Two silver cups, each ca. 4 inches high and 3 1/4 inches in diameter, donated to the "Church of Hull" by Collier family members. The left cup (by George Hanners) is engraved "The gift of Thomas Colyer to the Chorch of hool 1720." The right (by "I. P.") is marked "The gift of Matthew Loring to the Church of Hull / 1724." Matthew Loring's bequest of 30 Pounds provided this and a similar cup. From the Yale University collection, where the donors are slightly misidentified. Images courtesy of William Voss.
  • Admiral William Veazie Pratt, Collier Descendant (59 KB)
    Admiral William Veazie Pratt, USN (1869 - 1957). Graduate U. S. Naval Academy, 1889, and the 5th Chief of Naval Operations (17 September 1930 - 30 June 1933). Admiral Pratt was born in Belfast, Maine, the great-great-grandson of Bridget Collier (1740 - 1795) and Aaron Pratt (1734 - 1811), of Cohasset, Mass. He was of the 9th generation of American Colliers, and of the 8th generation of Pratts. The immigrant Pratt was Phineas, who came to New England on the "Sparrow" in 1622.
  • Hull Village, Plymouth County, Mass. (57 KB)
    An aerial view of Hull Village -- Boston Harbor and some of the Harbor Islands in the background. The buildings of downtown Boston can be seen about 9 air-miles across the harbor. Circa 1657, Thomas (2) Collier had property off Duck Lane (right edge of image) extending towards the tower on Telegraph Hill, as well as lots on some of the harbor islands. His house was on the hillside facing south to Hingham Harbor, at the lower right of the photo.
  • North Scituate, Massachusetts (21 KB)
    An aerial view of North Scituate, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. The white rectangle indicates the approximate former location of the Briggs-Collier House, occupied by members of the William Collier - Judith Briggs family for about 200 years following the marriage of that couple in 1749. Other Collier families also lived in Scituate, starting not later than 1736.
  • Captain Samuel P. Bates, Collier Descendant (62 KB)
    Captain Samuel Pomeroy Bates (1836 - 1908), of the 8th generation of the Colliers of Massachusetts. Captain Bates was a great-great-grandson of William and Judith Briggs Collier of Scituate, founders of the "Colliers of Cohasset" line. He was the last of Cohasset's Deep Sea Captains living in the town at his death in 1908.
  • Mary Samson Collier (1804 - 1850) (26 KB)
    The grave of Mary Samson, my g-g-grandmother, wife of John Collier (1802 - 1882), in the Pioneer Cemetery, Mantua Center, Portage County, Ohio. Mary was born in Norwich (now Huntington), Hampshire County, Massachusetts, the daughter of Sylvanus Samson (Sr.) and Mehitabel Curtis. The Samsons were "probably" from Duxbury, Plymouth County, and descendants of John and Priscilla Alden and Myles Standish. John Collier was born in Boston, moving with his parents to Chesterfield, Hampshire County, about 1805. After their marriage in 1822, John and Mary lived in Vermont and New York state for a time before removing to northeastern Ohio.
  • David Stoddard Greenough III (27 KB)
    David S. Greenough III, Jamaica Plain (Boston), Mass. - (1814-1877). Mr. Greenough resided in the Loring-Greenough House, 12 South Street, Jamaica Plain, now a museum and civic center. He was of the 7th Generation of Massachusetts Colliers.
  • Sgt. Christopher Columbus Collier, Co A, 11th Mich (26 KB)
    The Collier graves in the Fowlers Mill Cemetery, Munson Township, Geauga County, Ohio. The low marker on the left is that of Hamilton S. Collier (1839 - 1922), the center Christopher Columbus Collier (1840 - 1923), my great-grandfather, and the large stone on the right is the marker for Christopher and his wife, Sarah Stephenson Collier (1842 - 1883). Sarah is believed buried with her parents, William and Jane Woodward Stephenson, whose tomb is several yards to the north.
  • John Collier Grave, 1882, Gratiot Cty, MI (70 KB)
    A view of the grave of John Collier (1802-1882)in the Collier Cemetery, Ranger Road, Washington Twp, Gratiot County, MI. John was my g-g-grandfather, born in Boston and moving successively to Western Mass., VT, New York, Ohio and Michigan. The three low stones to the right are markers for the family of Charles Collier, grandson of John, who for some period lived on a farm adjacent to the cemetery. The small stream in the background is called Collier Creek. Photo by Jeff Leydorf.
  • In the Hills of New Hampshire (31 KB)
    This is NOT the South Shore !! From left, your 'umble correspondent, my son Michael, and his friend, Mark Goodrich. Taken on the Wapack Trail, in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, late Sept., 2000.
  • Lyman Collier Grave, 1908, Gratiot Cty (39 KB)
    The Grave of Lyman Collier (1823/24-1908), Collier Cemetery, Washington Twp, Gratiot County, MI. Lyman was the oldest child of John Collier and Mary Samson, m. Chesterfield, Mass. in 1822. Lyman was born in Vermont, was a Civil War veteran, and for the last part of his life was a farmer in Gratiot County. Two sons - Charles and John J. - lived in Washington Twp. and are also buried in Collier Cemetery. Photo by Jeff Leydorf.
  • Cohasset Harbor, Mass. (16 KB)
    A view of Cohasset Harbor, August, 2000. The black stone monument at the right commemorates the death of two light keepers at the collapse of the first Minot Ledge Lighthouse, April 17, 1851. The scene of many early shipwrecks, Minot Ledge is located off the shores of Cohasset and Scituate. Colliers were among the many Cohasset ship owners and captains, and participated in the building of the 2d Minot Ledge light.
  • My Grandparents - Randolph and Beryl Collier, Ohio (45 KB)
    My Paternal Grandparents - Norman Randolph Collier (1872 - 1945) and Beryl Harwood (1876 - 1935), of Southington, Trumbull County, Ohio. This photo probably dates from about the time of their marriage in 1904. "Randolph" was a 9th Generation descendant of Thomas and Susannah Collier of Hingham, Mass. Andrew Harwood came to Boston about 1640, and later lived in Gloucester, Mass.
  • Collier Avenue, North Scituate, Mass. (18 KB)
    Collier Avenue intersects Glades Road in the "Minot" section of North Scituate. The Briggs-Collier House (ca. 1651 - burned late 20th Century) probably stood near the seaward end of Collier Avenue. That home was owned by Colliers of the "Cohasset" line (descendants of William Collier and Judith Briggs) from about 1750 until sometime in the early-to-mid 20th Century. Note that there is also a Collier Road in the southern part of Scituate, near the North River.
  • My Grandparents - Clarence and Mary Viets, Ohio (28 KB)
    My Maternal Grandparents - Clarence Russell Viets (1876 - 1973) and Mary Harshman (1877 - 1945), Southington, Ohio. "Dr." John Viets, of Holland or Germany, arrived in New York City before 1700. Within a few years he and his family removed to north-central Connecticut. Luke (4) Viets in 1805 was one of the first settlers of Southington, in the Connecticut Western Reserve of north-eastern Ohio. Andrew Harshman, from Baden-Baden, Germany, arrived in Philadelphia, October, 1751, was soon in central Maryland, and later lived in south-central Pennsylvania.
  • "Collier" sites in Boston, Mass. Rev. 2-16-2003 (141 KB)
    Some of the many sites conncted to Colliers of the South Shore (and related families)are shown on this section of an 1814 map of Boston. See "Colliers in Boston" in Related Files.
  • Collyer House, Basking Ridge, NJ (ca. 1740) (30 KB)
    This stone 1740-era home - rare construction for Bernards Township, New Jersey - dates from the period when John Collyer, "Sr.." moved to Basking Ridge from coastal Middlesex County. This land and much more was owned by the family of Lord Stirling, an American Revolutionary General under Washington, so the date of occupancy by the Collyer family cannot be easily established. In 1873 the home was owned by the "J. Collyer Est.," probably the heirs of Jacob Collyer (1790-1868). The house is now threatened by developers. Photo by Ann Parsekian.
  • Prof. Samuel Eliot Morison - Collier Descendant (55 KB)
    Samuel Eliot Morison (1887 - 1976) A. B., Harvard (1908), Ph. D., Harvard, (1912). Taught at University of California, Berkeley and Oxford for brief periods, but was at Harvard for most of a 40 year career, retiring in 1955 as Jonathan Trumbull Professor of American History. Author of over 40 books, and 100 articles, Prof. Morison was commissioned by President Roosevelt to write the official history of the U. S. Navy in WW II, and he retired from the Navy in 1951 with the rank of Rear Admiral. Admiral Morison was a descendant of Mary Collier/Joseph Spear, of Hull, and U. S. Senator Harrison Gray Otis, of Boston.
  • 3 Generations Southington Ohio Colliers (34 KB)
    This is a photo of my Grandfather, Randolph Collier, his daughters Elva (on left) and Avis (on right) and myself, about 1943.
  • Norman Randolph Collier, Farmer, about 1930 (69 KB)
    This is my Grandfather, Randolph Collier, on the right, with an unusual piece of farm equipment, probably about 1930.
  • King's Chapel & Burial Ground, Tremont St., Boston (40 KB)
    This, the oldest cemetery in Boston (1630), holds the graves of John and Mary Chilton Winslow, ancestors of Bridget Southworth Collier, and other early notables. Burial Ground at left.
  • The Towns of Plymouth Colony (283 KB)
    The early Thomas Collier family lived in Hingham, Hull, Scituate, Cohasset, and Weymouth, as well as Boston. Related families lived in Plymouth, Kingston, Duxbury, Bridgewater, among other locations.
  • Collier-Lincoln Reunion, Hingham, Aug. 2000 (34 KB)
    A group photo at the Abraham Lincoln Statue, Hingham, August 19, 2000. The Collier and Lincoln families were among the first settlers of Hingham, 1635. The ancestors of the 16th president moved west within a few generations, but other members of both families have remained in the area until the present day. Photo by Thomas Paine.
  • Bisbee Mill, Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Mass. (11 KB)
    This is the current Bisbee Mill Museum, in Chesterfield. Gershom Collier came from Boston and operated an earlier mill at this location, circa 1805 - 1819.
  • Old Ship Church, Hingham (28 KB)
    The scene of a remembrance service during the Collier - Lincoln Reunion, Aug 18-20, 2000. The name of the church derives from the fact that the roof structure resembles an overturned ship's framework. Photo by Thomas Paine.
  • Boston Light and Boston Harbor, from Hull, Mass. (91 KB)
    This is a view of Boston Harbor, with Boston Light in the foreground, on Little Brewster Island, off Hull. Thomas Collier (2), of Hull, owned lots on Greater Brewster, and other islands, in the 17th Century.
  • Governor Edward Winslow, 1651 (37 KB)
    This is the only known painting from life of a Mayflower passenger, now in Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth. Edward Winslow was the third Governor of the colony, one of its chief citizens until his return to England about 1646, and brother of John Winslow.
  • Briggs-Collier House, early 20th Century (13 KB)
    A view of the Briggs-Collier House, North Scituate, Plymouth County, Mass., sometime before 1921. The first white settler of the area, Timothy Hatherly, was in Scituate in 1632, and in this area of North Scituate by 1637. Walter Briggs purchased land from Hatherly and built the original house at this site about 1651. William Collier (1721 --- 1794), born in Hull, but then of Boston, married Judith Briggs in 1749, and the property remained in the family for nearly 200 years thereafter.
  • Map of a portion of Chesterfield, Mass., 1895 (142 KB)
    A map of the villages of the Town of Chesterfield, in 1895. Gershom Collier, of Boston, operated an earlier mill at "Bisbee Mill", circa 1805 - 1819.
  • Briggs-Collier House site, early 21st Century (8 KB)
    A current view of the general location of the Briggs-Collier House, North Scituate, Mass. This photo was taken from the intersection of Glades Rd. and Baileys Causeway, and looks south toward the intersection of Collier Ave, near the American flag at the left background. The old house was sold out of the family sometime after 1921, and was accidentally burned down after 1949. (I would welcome firm dates on these events!)
  • Chloe Adella Collier 1856 - 1932 (163 KB)
    "Adella" Collier, 9th generation. Only daughter of Lyman (8) and Julia Melinda (Giles) Collier. The family moved from north-eastern Ohio to Gratiot County, Michigan about 1868-70. Adella and her husband, William Moon, are buried with other members of the family in the Collier Cemetery, Washington Township, Gratiot County. Photo courtesy of Ron Adams.
  • Boston Light, Hull, and South Shore (33 KB)
    Boston Light from Greater Brewster Island. Point Allerton, Hull in middle distance (right), and the shoreline of Cohasset and Scituate in the distance.
  • Randolph Collier, Ohio Farmer (16 KB)
    A picture of my Grandfather, Randolph Collier, at work with a team of horses on our family farm in Southington, Ohio. The year is unknown - perhaps 1920 - 1930. Horses were used until the 1940s -- I can remember them!
  • Basking Ridge Presb. Chrch. - Old Church Yard (24 KB)
    This is the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, established in the 18th century. It commands the center of the town. Many Collyers and their relatives have been members. To the right is the ancient oak tree which towers over the "Old Church Yard." The original church building was of logs - the present structure dates from the 19th century.
  • Ann Doane Greenough (1744 - ? 1802) (37 KB)
    Ann Doane was the daughter of Jane Collier, of Hull, and her 2d husband, John Doane, Esq. Ann married (1) Col. Elisha Doane (a cousin) and (2) David Stoddard Greenough, of Boston, her attorney. While she was the Widow Doane, Ann purchased the home now known as the Loring-Greenough House, in Jamaica Plain. The last David S. Greenough died about 1924, and the house is now a museum.
  • Loring-Greenough House, Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA (20 KB)
    Built in 1760 by Commodore Joshua Loring. Loring was a Loyalist, and the house was confiscated during the Revolution. Later, the house was purchased by widow Ann Doane, daughter of Jane Collier of Hull. She and her 2d husband, David S. Greenough, lived here, and the home remained in the Greenough family until about 1924.
  • Hingham Harbor, Massachusetts (21 KB)
    This is a view of Hingham Harbor, with the end of the Hull peninsula in the distance. Hull Village, where Thomas (2) Collier and most of the third generation lived, is spread over the low hill, and the southern entrance to Boston Harbor is beyond that.
  • Th. Collier - James Fam. Graves - Chesterfield MA (142 KB)
    An overall view of the grave of Thomas Collier (1706 - 1784 -- left foreground) and the family stone of Susannah (Collier) James (1758 - 1820 -- right foreground ), in the Center Cemetery, Chesterfield, Mass. The marker for Thomas is badly eroded. Susannah Collier was probably the daughter of Moses Collier (1729 - 1761) and Susannah Foster, of Hull and Boston. Susannah was a neice of Thomas. A detailed image of the Thomas Collier stone is also posted here.
  • My Family, circa 1991 (29 KB)
    My family, about 1991. Michael, Wade, Marcella and Edward Collier, of Lunenburg, Massachusetts.
  • Th. (4) Collier Tombstone, Chesterfield, Mass. (28 KB)
    A closeup of Thomas (4) Collier's marker in the Center Cemetery, Chesterfield, Mass. Badly eroded, but a transcription from many years ago in the Corbin Collection (NEHGS CD, vol. 1) reads "In memory of Mr. Thomas Collier Who died Mar. 5 AD 1783 in ye 76 year of his age who was a loving Husband and a loving Father." Photo courtesy of Dave Torrey.
  • My Parents - Reid and Sylvia Collier (20 KB)
    My parents - Reid and Sylvia Viets Collier. Taken in the 1970s.
  • Bates & "King" Monuments, Sinclairville, NY (28 KB)
    A poor image from the Evergreen Cemetery, Sinclairville, Chautauqua County, New York. Some of the descendants of Rebecca (6)(Collier) Bates and Anna (6) (Collier) King, daughters of "Bosworth" (5) Collier of Scituate, Hull and Boston, are buried here.
  • Farwell Monument, Poultney, Vermont (207 KB)
    A view of the imposing Farwell Monument, in St. Raphael Cemetery, Poultney, VT. Among those honored on this early 20th century marker are Benjamin Farwell (1756 - 1823) and his wife Lucy (5) (Collier) (1748 - 1826) Farwell, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Collier of Hull, Scituate, Weymouth and Groton, Massachusetts.
  • Boston and South Shore, Mass. - Today (47 KB)
    This is a modern map which gives the locations of most of the town centers in which early Colliers of South Shore Massachusetts lived. Town boundaries - townships in most other states - are not shown here.The yellow dotted line running from NE to SW (with some alterations over the centuries) was the "Old Colony" line, dividing Plymouth from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The towns and counties have been realigned several times over the centuries. On the modern map of Massachusetts, Hull and Hingham, although north of the Old Colony line, are in Plymouth County, while Cohasset (originally within the boundaries of Hingham) is part of Norfolk County. Over the centuries Collier and related families have lived in most of the towns shown here.
  • "Collier" Locations in Early Maine (43 KB)
    The "Collier" related sites in Maine, ca. 1736-1830. 1) Rev. Nicholas Loring led a group of family members to North Yarmouth and vicinity about 1736. 2) Gershom Collier "of Farmington and Avon" settled in Farmington about 1787, later moving up the Sandy River to Avon. 3) Gershom Collier "of Northport" came from Scituate, Mass. or Boston to Isleboro, in Penobscot Bay, by 1799, and in 1800 was in Northport, on the mainland.
  • COLLYER - Early New Jersey locations (46 KB)
    This outline map of northern New Jersey townships gives the date of incorporation, not date of settlement. 1) Moses (2) Collier and his family (later generations spelled "Collyer") came from Massachusetts to Woodbridge, Middlesex County, about 1683. 2) By perhaps 1745-1750 John Collyer, Sr., grandson of Moses, moved to Bernards Township, Somerset County, probably the village of Basking Ridge. 3) Many of John's descendants lived in Basking Ridge, Morris Township, and other neighboring townships down to the early 20th century. 4) Lt. Thomas Collyer and Jonathan and Rachel (Collyer) Sutton moved north to Hardyston, Sussex County between 1787- 1793.
  • John Avery and Olive Harwood Family, about 1880 (54 KB)
    My G - Grandfather and G - Grandmother Harwood, and their children, Guy and Beryl Harwood (my grandmother). Taken sometime around 1880.
  • James M. Harwood, 1814 - 1900 (38 KB)
    My G-G-Grandfather, James Harwood, of another early Massachusetts family. Born in Ware, Hampshire County, Mass., 1814, moved to Greene Township, Trumbull County, Ohio about 1838. Died in Southington, Trumbull County in 1900.
  • Downtown Chesterfield, Mass., October, 1998 (58 KB)
    The "Old" Town Hall and the Post Office (on right), Chesterfield, Massachusetts, 1998.
  • Congregational Church, Chesterfield, Massachusetts (42 KB)
    The Congregational Church was established in 1764, at another location in the town. The present building, in the center, dates from 1835, and is the second at this location.
  • In the "Hill Towns," Hampshire County, Mass. (53 KB)
    Typical late fall scenery in the "Hill Towns" of western Massachusetts. Photo was taken from Worthington, looking east towards West Chesterfield.
  • Mary Chilton Plaque, Spring Lane, Boston, Mass. (79 KB)
    A plaque erected by the Mass. Society of Mayflower Descendants in 1920. Mary Chilton came on the Mayflower, aged about 14, and was soon orphaned in Plymouth. Her future husband, John Winslow, may have been a passenger on the Speedwell, the sister ship which had to turn back to England in 1620. He arrived on the Fortune, in 1621, and he and Mary were married in Plymouth between 1624 and 1627. John and Mary were g-g-grandparents of Bridget Southworth (1714-1798), who married Thomas (4) Collier (1706-1784), of Hull, Mass.
  • Mount Cemetery, West Chesterfield, Mass. (63 KB)
    A view of the Mount Cemetery, in West Chesterfield, one of nine medium- to small-sized cemeteries in the Town of Chesterfield.
  • Collier Family Sites, Chesterfield, MA 1887 - 1895 (475 KB)
    This is my earlier 1895 map of portions of Chesterfield and West Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Mass. with "Collier" locations marked. Please also see Related File, "Chesterfield, Mass. 1887-1895 Map."
  • Cover Page - Colliers of Masachusetts vol. I (66 KB)
    This will be the cover of the Colliers of Massachusetts genealogy, vol. I. The map is a section of Willem Blaeu's 1635 map "NOVA BELGICA ET ANGLIA NOVA." The Atlantic coast from Cape Cod to "New France" runs along the bottom of the map.
  • John Winslow - Mary Chilton Tomb # 1 (214 KB)
    The grave of the Pilgrims John Winslow and wife Mary Chilton, King's Chapel Burying Ground, Boston, Mass.
  • Birdseye View Boston Harbor-Cape Cod Bay 1912 (29 KB)
    This wonderful 1912 "birdseye view" looks from above Boston southeast over Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. In the upper left quarter of the image you’ll see the Hull Peninsula jutting out right to left from the mainland of Hingham and Cohasset. At the right upper edge you will see Plymouth Harbor, then the sweep of Cape Cod coming around to its end at Provincetown. The actual distance from Boston to Hull is 9-10 miles; Boston to Plymouth is 35; and from Boston to Provincetown by water is about 50 miles (120 miles by road). This was the homeland of our ancestors.
  • Aerial view of Hull and Hingham, Mass. (41 KB)
    Center, L to R - Nantasket Beach, Point Allerton, Hull Village and Pemberton Point. Top L, World's End and Hingham Bay. Bot. R, Boston Light.
  • "Collyer" Tomb, Haydenville, Mass. (60 KB)
    The Gershom (8) Collier family tombstone in the High Street Cemetery, Haydenville, Mass. Note that the spelling on the stone is "Collyer," unusual for the Mass. branches of the family. Gershom died in 1871, and his widow, Sarah (Cowing), had married (2) Livingston S. Bartlett before May 16, 1874. On that date Sarah and daughter Viola Belle Collier were the first 2 of 139 people drowned in the Mill River Flood, caused by the collapse of a dam above the village of Williamsburg. Livingston Bartlett survived and lived until after 1920. Photo by Eric Weber.
  • Aerial view Hull to Boston (61 KB)
    Aerial view Hull to Boston, looking NNW. Some of the Harbor Islands are in the foreground of this view from above Hull , Mass. 10 miles distant, downtown Boston is at center background, Logan Airport to the R. Mt. Wachusett, 50 miles away in Worcester County, can be seen on the horizon.
  • G. S. Tower - Cohasset Historian (32 KB)
    Gilbert S. Tower (1885 -1984), of Cohasset, Mass, holding a carved eagle used in a 1962 Forbes Magazine cover. Mr. Tower was a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, class of 1905, and trained as a naval architect. He wrote extensively on genealogy, and is the author of many maps still used today by the Town of Cohasset for historical purposes. Mr. Tower's wife was Elizabeth Osgood Collier (1888 - 1985). Photo courtesy of the Tower family.
  • Boston Harbor from Telegraph Hill, Hull (17 KB)
    "Telegraph Hill" is a view from the ruins of Fort Independence/Fort Revere, Telegraph Hill, Hull Village. Boston Light is near the center of the picture, Graves Light and the North Shore in the background. I took this picture on August 30, 2000, and was standing on or near land that had been owned by Thomas (2) in 1657. He, John Loring and Nicholas Baker had three adjoining lots there in that period. Hull Village Cemetery occupies much of the eastern slope of the hill. Thomas's home was probably located on another lot, on the southern edge of the hill, off what is now Spring Road, facing Hingham Bay.
  • James Lincoln Collier, Author (9 KB)
    James Lincoln Collier, born 1928, New York City. Mr. Collier is of the “Cohasset, Mass.” line of the family, the 10th generation. Many of this family have achieved wide recognition as artists or writers. A graduate of Hamilton College, James Collier is the author of more than 50 books and numerous magazine articles, covering a wide range of topics. He is also a jazz musician. With his brother Christopher, he authored a well known series of historical novels for young adults, “My Brother Sam Is Dead” being the best known.
  • Jane Collier Damon's Grave, Chesterfield, Mass. (24 KB)
    I was able to spend a few hours in Chesterfield recently, visiting the site of Gershom Collier's mill and the Bofat Cemetery (named from nearby Bofat Hill), which is also on East Street, perhaps 1/2 mile to the east of the mill site. There are several members of the Collier family buried here. In the center of the photo is the grave of Jane (Collier) Damon, daughter of Gershom and Mary Kittle, and the sister of, among others, "my" ancestor John Collier who moved to Vermont, then Geauga County, Ohio. Jane was born in Boston about 1799, and died August 18, 1847, in Chesterfield, where the family had moved about 1805. She was the first wife of Jason Damon, whose stone is at the left. Jason's second wife, Ruth (Damon) rests beneath the right-hand stone. In the same row of stones are the markers for Ann/Anna Pelton, daughter of Catherine (Collier) Pelton, Jane's sister, and "Gerschom" Damon - so chiseled in stone - Jason and Jane's son.
  • Christopher Collier, Author and Historian (4 KB)
    Christopher Collier, born 1930, New York City. Professor Collier holds degrees from Clark University and Columbia, and, among other professional positions, taught at Columbia Teachers College, the University of Bridgeport, and the University of Connecticut, from which he recently retired. He also held the position of Connecticut State Historian. He has written scholarly histories, and collaborated with his brother James on a series of historical novels for young adults, “My Brother Sam Is Dead” being the best known. Edmund (9) Collier (1899 – 1990), father of James and Christopher, was an editor and author, as well. Several of the “Cohasset” Colliers have been respected artists or writers.
  • Jacob and Phoebe Ann Collyer, NJ > CA (28 KB)
    Jacob Collyer (7) (Nov. 1, 1824 - Dec. 4, 1910), a descendant of Moses (2) Collier, was born in Somerset County, NJ. He married Phoebe Babbitt (Mar. 1, 1825 - Jan. 5, 1904) in Mendham, Morris County, NJ on Sept. 5, 1847. They had six children, probably all born in Mendham, before moving to the area of San Francisco, California between 1861 and 1870. Photo provided by Tim Kelley.
  • Jane Woodward Stephenson, my g-g-grandmother (61 KB)
    This is a photo of my g-g-grandmother Jane Ann (Woodward) Stephenson, born Nov. 29, 1823 in Sandgate, Bennington County, Vermont, which is sort of "up the valley" west and north of Arlington, Vermont. She spent most of her life in Geauga County, married William Stephenson there in 1840, and had several children, including my great-grandmother Sarah O. Stephenson, whose portrait is posted elsewhere on this page. Jane died in Munson Twp., Geauga County, Ohio May 7, 1899. (The surname Woodward is sometimes rendered "Woodard.")
  • My "Collier" g-grandparents, Geauga County, Ohio (61 KB)
    Christopher Columbus Collier was born in Mantua, Ohio November 21, 1840. This is just south of the Geauga County line. After serving enlistments during the Civil War in both the 138th Indiana Inf. and the 11th Michigan Inf. Regiments he spent the rest of his life in or near Munson Twp., Geauga County. He worked as a carpenter most of his years. He outlived wife Sarah by nearly 40 years, dying at the home of a daughter in Chardon, Ohio on February 25, 1923. Sarah O. (Stephenson) Collier was b. in Geauga County - probably Munson Township - October 25, 1842. She married Christopher Collier August 20, 1865, again probably in Munson. They had 5 children, the second being my grandfather “Randolph,” who was born October 29, 1872. Sarah died March 6, 1883. aged 40 + according to the date of birth I have. (Her tombstone in Munson states age 43, however.) Sarah’s mother Jane Woodward Stephenson is pictured elsewhere on this page.
  • Collier Cemetery, Northport, Waldo County, Maine (70 KB)
    A general view of the Collier Cem. (Collier Burying Ground) in Northport, ME. It is located off Beech Hill Road in the western part of the town, probably on land that was the Gershom Collier farm at least by 1800. See photos of individual stones of Gershom Collier and his son John Collier. Photo courtesy of George Quintal and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.
  • Gershom Collier of Northport ME gravestone (83 KB)
    Gravestone of Gershom (5) Collier ("Gershom of Northport, ME") in the Collier Burying Ground. This Gershom Collier, one of several in the family, was b. Apr. 30, 1738 in Scituate, MA and is probably the individual who participated in the Boston Tea Party in Dec. 1773, in company with his cousin and fellow Collier descendant Matthew Loring. Gershom's early years have been difficult to reconstruct: he may have used the first name "Southworth" at times, lived in Hull, Scituate and probably Boston. He may have been married at least once prior to marrying Abigail Nash in Scituate in 1783, at the age of 45. By 1800, perhaps a few years earlier, the family was in Northport, ME. Photo courtesy of George Quintal and the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum.

Related Files

  • Collier-Variants in 1790 Census -- NEng, NJ , Ny (8 KB)
    A listing, with my comments and notes, of Collier, Coller and other variant names, in the 1790 initial Federal Census. Also, see the posting of corrections, Feb 8, 2000.
  • April 1999 Collier Research Notes (30 KB)
    A text version of my April, 1999 progress report on Thomas Collier research.
  • Published American Collier/variant Genealogies (2 KB)
    This is a listing of published large scale genealogies of American Collier, and variant spelling, families, as listed in the Library of Congress indexes. A few additions and comments by yours truly are included.
  • January 1999 Collier Genealogy Notes (8 KB)
    This is a text version of my January, 1999 progress notes on Thomas Collier research.
  • Colliers So Shore > Chesterfield, MA Update (13 KB)
    This is an overview of various "Colliers of Masachusetts" lines who moved from the South Shore or Boston to Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Mass. circa 1782 - 1805, with comments on some descendants, particularly those who stayed in Chesterfield through the 19th Century.
  • Thomas Collier Family Bibliography (10 KB)
    This is a text version of a bibliography of books and articles used in my family research.
  • Desc. Moses Collier thru 8 Gens.-Preliminary (9 KB)
    This is a very tentative view of the Moses Collier/Collyer branch. Early records are from MA sources, then Internet sources were used for the NJ and CA info. Through April 2008 I have corresponded with about 6 "New Jersey" descendants. Gaps remain.
  • December 1999 Collier Genealogy notes. (19 KB)
    This is a text version of my December, 1999 progress notes on my Thomas Collier family research.
  • Corrections to the 1790 Census NEng, NJ, and NY (16 KB)
    Some corrections and additions to the report of Colliers/variaants in the 1790 Federal Census of New England, NJ, and NY. Please see that file in this group.
  • June 1999 Collier Genealogy Notes (7 KB)
    This is a text version of my June, 1999 progress report on my Thomas Collier family research.
  • Colliers of Mass Research Update -- Oct. 2005 (4 KB)
    This is a text version of my research notes for Oct. 1, 2005. This information is posted on the various "Collier" Internet forums, and is sent directly to fellow researchers and family members.
  • G. S. Tower's "Gen. of Colliers of Cohasset," 1949 (82 KB)
    Mr. Tower's family has allowed me to present a transcription of his 1949 "Genealogy of the Collier Family of Cohasset, Mass." This gives considerable material on the first 3 or 4 generations of the South Shore Mass. Colliers, and special emphasis on later generations of Cohasset. I suggest also using my "Notes..." of February 4, 2001, which has a number of additions and corrections to Mr. Tower's work.
  • February 2000 Research Notes (9 KB)
    This is a text version of my February, 2000 research notes on the Thomas Collier families.
  • September 1999 Collier Genealogy Notes (34 KB)
    This is a text version of my September, 1999 progress notes on my Thomas Collier research, including evidence for the connection between the South Shore and Chesterfield families.
  • DRAFT Index Colliers of MA - 9 Gens A-C 3-19-06 (88 KB)
    This is the first installment of a revised index to descendants and spouses of Thomas and Susannah Collier, who came to Hingham, Mass. in 1635. This first section covers UNKNOWN surnames and surnames beginning "A" through "C." This draft data is revised through March 19, 2006. Other sections will follow in the near future.
  • Oct 2001 Colliers of MA Research Update (7 KB)
    This is a brief report on recent research on the Colliers of South Shore Mass., and related lines.
  • DRAFT Index Colliers of MA - 9 Gens D-K 3-19-06 (71 KB)
    This is the second installment of a revised index to descendants and spouses of Thomas and Susannah Collier, who came to Hingham, Mass. in 1635. This section covers surnames beginning "D" through "K." This draft data is revised through March 19, 2006. Other sections will follow in the near future.
  • Notes on Thomas (1) NEHGS Gr. Migrations Article (5 KB)
    My comments and notes on the article on Thomas (1) which appears in The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, vol. II, C-F, authors Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn, Jr., Melinde Lutz Sanborn, Great Migration Study Project, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2001, pages 162-164.
  • October 1999 Collier Genealogy Notes (13 KB)
    This is a text version of my October, 1999 progress notes on my Thomas Collier family reserch.
  • Mayflower Descendancy of Hingham Mass Colliers (3 KB)
    This file gives confirmations in publications of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants of the connections from James and Mary Chilton of the Mayflower to Bridget Southworth, who married Thomas Collier (born 1706, Hull, Mass.) of the Hingham line of Colliers.
  • DRAFT Index Colliers of MA - 9 Gens L-Q 3-19-06 (93 KB)
    This is the third installment of a revised index to descendants and spouses of Thomas and Susannah Collier, who came to Hingham, Mass. in 1635. This section covers surnames beginning "L" through "Q." This draft data is revised through March 19, 2006. Other sections will follow in the near future.
  • March 2000 Collier Family Research Notes (9 KB)
    This is a text version of my March, 2000 Research Notes on the Thomas Collier family, and related lines.
  • DRAFT Index Colliers of MA - 9 Gens R-Z 3-19-06 (67 KB)
    This is the fourth and last installment of a revised index to descendants and spouses of Thomas and Susannah Collier, who came to Hingham, Mass. in 1635. This section covers surnames beginning "R" through "Z." This draft data is revised through March 19, 2006. These index sections supersede previous efforts, which will be deleted.
  • Colliers of MA Vol II - update 9-19-06 (5 KB)
    A progress report on Volume Two of "The Colliers of Masschusetts." I hope to publish this by the end of 2008.
  • Feb 2002 Colliers of Mass Research Update (12 KB)
    This file contains notes on developments in research into the descendants of Thomas and Susannah (---) Collier, of 1635 Hingham, Mass, between Oct. 2001 and Feb. 2002.
  • Collier Research Update 12-31-07 (9 KB)
    Progress report on Vol. II of "The Colliers of Massachusetts." The Collier section of the recent book "Early Families of Hull, Massachusetts" is critiqued.
  • April 2002 Colliers of Mass Research Update (12 KB)
    This file contains notes on developments in research into the descendants of Thomas and Susannah (---) Collier, of 1635 Hingham, Mass, between Feb. and April, 2002.
  • DRAFT Colliers of Mass, Vol. Two 4-3-08 (307 KB)
    This is the draft of Vol. Two of "the Colliers of Massachusetts," which covers the 6th American Generation. Brief biographical notes are included for the Gen. 6 individuals or spouses, but references are not incorporated at this stage.
  • Index Colliers of Mass 7 gens (46 KB)
    This is a text version of the cumulative index of spouses and Collier/Collyer descendants, as it appears in Vol. Two. Gens. 1 through 7 are included here.
  • Descendants of Mary Chilton through 9 Generations (42 KB)
    This is a text version of the outline descendant chart of Mary Chilton and John Winslow, of Plymouth Colony and Boston, particularly as connected to the Thomas Collier line. 9 generations are shown at this time.
  • Descendants of William Collier thru 10 Generations (46 KB)
    This is a text version of the outline descendant chart of William Collier, of London and Duxbury, Mass., particularly as connected to the Thomas Collier family. 10 generations are shown at this time.
  • Descendants of Edward Winslow thru 10 Generations (47 KB)
    This is a text version of the outline descendant chart of Edward Winslow, father of Edward and John Winslow, and other siblings of Plymouth Colony, particularly as connected to the family of Thomas Collier. 10 generations are shown at this time.
  • Desc Thomas Collier 9 Gens Rev 4-2000 (140 KB)
    This is a text version of the Outline Descendant Tree of Thomas and Susannah ___ Collier, who came to Hingham, Massachusetts in 1635. Only 9 generations are shown in this file, although we have traced as many as 13. Revised April 20, 2000. (This information has been greatly expanded through April 2008.)
  • Desc. of Edward Southworth through 9 Gens (64 KB)
    This is a text version of the outline descendant chart of Edward, Alice, and Constant Southworth, of Plymouth Colony, particularly as connected to the Thomas Collier line. 9 generations are shown at this time.
  • Descendants of William Bassett thru 10 Generations (17 KB)
    This is a text version of the outline descendant chart of William Bassett, who came on the Fortune with John Winslow in 1621. He lived in various towns in Plymouth Colony, and is one of the ancestors of my Ohio Collier line. 10 generations are shown at this time.
  • Sept 2000 Colliers of Massachusetts Update (29 KB)
    This is my September research update, focused largely on the Colliers of Cohasset work by Gilbert S. Tower, 1949, other Mass. research on the 18th and 19th Centuries, and the John Collier line in Ohio, Iowa, and Michigan after ca 1830.
  • Biographies and Notes - Preliminary (1 KB)
    I am starting to prepare a series of biographies, sketches and notes on the individuals in the Collier and related families. In the meantime, I will be happy to provide raw material and references to interested researchers.
  • Nov 2000 Colliers of Mass. Letter (14 KB)
    This is a text version of my November, 2000 Colliers of Massachusetts research update. Now nearly 3,800 descendants traced, with about 390 of the Collier/Collyer name.
  • Oct 2002 Colliers of Mass Research Update (13 KB)
    This is the text version of the Oct., 2002 report on recent developments in the research on the "Colliers of Massachusetts," descended from Thomas and Susannah Collier, who arrived in Hingham, Mass., 1635.
  • Colliers of Mass - Gens. 1 to 6 - INDEX (134 KB)
    This is a text version of the cumulative index to Vols. One and Two of "The Colliers of Massachusetts," as published on pages 355-374 of Vol. Two. The list includes 7 generations of descendants of Thomas and Susannah Collier, who arrived in Hingham, Mass. in 1635, their spouses, and a small number of other names discussed in Appendices and Addenda to the genealogy.
  • Updates Jan 9 - 15, 2000 (6 KB)
    This is a list of new information, etc. posted during the week of Jan 9 -15, 2000.
  • Overview - Colliers of Massachusetts Genealogy (20 KB)
    This is a revised version of an overview of the "Colliers of Massachusetts" genealogy -- sort of a prospectus for the project. The document gives general dispersion patterns in the early generations, some sources, and approximate numbers of individuals traced in the various branches of the family.
  • Colliers of Mass - OH, MI and IA Lines (32 KB)
    This is a January, 2003 update on research into "my" line of the Collier family. John Collier and Mary Samson married in Chesterfield, Hampshire County, Mass. in 1822, and moved to Ohio by way of Vermont and New York. John eventually moved to Michigan - as did other members of the family - and died there in 1882. I am seeking other descendants of John and Mary.
  • February 2001 Colliers of Mass. Research Letter (17 KB)
    This is a text version of my most recent (Feb., 2001) research newsletter. Starting with this edition, an index will be included. I will be posting an index to previous newsletters soon.
  • Updates January 16 - 22, 2000 (10 KB)
    This update consists of minor new information about some individuals in early Maine, largely from Census data. I also offer an overview of Collier Families in Early New England, largely for new researchers.
  • Colliers in Boston (6 KB)
    Notes to accompany the annotated 1814 map of Boston posted in "Family Photos." The two items describe several Boston locations identified with "Colliers" of the South Shore, and related families.
  • Notes to Colliers of Cohasset, G. S. Tower, 1949 (24 KB)
    These are notes and comments to accompany "Genealogy of the Collier Family of Cohasset, Mass.," compiled by Gilbert S. Tower, July 1949. This, as far as I can determine, is the only previous work on the "Colliers of Massachusets" as a whole, rather than individuals or single families. My copy came to me courtesy of Alice Williams and Frances Tower Maroni, Mr. Tower's daughter. I hope to present the work itself in the near future.
  • Colliers and Variant names in Mass. Local Hist. (1 KB)
    An overview of Collier, Coller, etc. families as mentioned in local and Town Histories of Massachusetts.
  • Gershom Collier (1713-ca. 1749) Harvard 1734 - NOT (3 KB)
    An interesting detail about the college career of one of our distant cousins. He did NOT graduate !!
  • Index COLLIER-COLLYER ONLY Rev. 2-17-03 (19 KB)
    This is the current list of "Collier" or "Collyer" surnames in the Colliers of Massachusetts database. Except for variant spellings, the "Collyer" surname is found only in the New Jersey lines. I show no relationships or locations at this time -- contact me for that information. The list has 450 names at present. Rev. Feb. 17, 2003.
  • The "Gershoms" of the Colliers of MA Family (8 KB)
    This is an overview of the members of the Colliers of Massachusetts family with the Christian name "Gershom" -- 16 individuals in all. The uniqueness of the name has been invaluable in my research !
  • July 2003 Colliers of Mass Research Update (6 KB)
    Latest progress report on research and preparation of the "Colliers of Massachusetts" genealogy.
  • Colliers of Mass. - Gens. 1-5 - Basic Genealogy (135 KB)
    This is a TEXT extract of the basic genealogy of the Colliers of Massachusetts through the first five American generations. Biographical notes and references are minimal in this version. Updated through Jan. 30, 2004. A draft index is included, although referenced pages are incorrect in this version.
  • Index to vol I Colliers of Mass. (32 KB)
    This is the index of descendants, spouses and children of the Colliers of Massachusetts (to include children in the 6th generation) as listed in the final version of volume one of the genealogy, published Aug. 14, 2004.

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