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Ancestors of Sally Blanton

Generation No. 6

      32. John William Blanton, born Abt. 1745 in Caroline Co., Va.; died 1831 in Monroe Co., Va.. He was the son of 64. John Blanton and 65. Hannah Anderson. He married 33. Anne Whitlow Bef. 1760.

      33. Anne Whitlow, born Abt. 1747.

Notes for John William Blanton:
      John William was a Revolutionary War soldier. He volunteered out of Caroline County, Virginia. After the war, he and his family moved to Powell's Valley in Lee County, Virginia. Between 1810 and 1820, his family relocated to what is now Harlan County, Kentucky. In the 1820 tax records, his property is valued at $2000.00. In today's currency, that would be a fortune. Between 1820 and 1830, he sold his property in Kentucky and moved one final time to Monroe County, Tennessee.
Children of John Blanton and Anne Whitlow are:
  i.   Son Blanton, born 1766.
  ii.   John Blanton, born 1770.
  iii.   William B. Blanton, born 1774 in Caroline Co. Va.; died Abt. 1854 in Harlan Co., Ky; married (1) Rebecca Hobbs; born 1769 in Maryland; died Abt. 1800 in Knox Co., Ky.; married (2) Christina Guinn; born Abt. 1774 in Virginia; died 1808 in Knox Co., Ky.; married (3) Susannah Brock August 18, 1811 in Knox Co., Ky; born 1786 in Virginia; died June 03, 1861 in Harlan Co., Ky..
  16 iv.   George Washington Blanton, born 1775 in Powell's Valley, Cumberland, Co., Va.; died 1860 in Blanton Branch, Johnson Co., Ky; married Martha Shepherd.
  v.   James D. Blanton, born 1776; died 1842; married (1) Margaret Trimm Carter; born in Greene Co. Tennessee; died Aft. 1830; married (2) Rebecca Saylor May 11, 1832 in Harlan Co., Ky.
  Notes for James D. Blanton:

(from the files of Steve Burkhart, Salem, Ky)

James D. is included as a child of John because of his first appearance on the 1811 Knox Co., Ky Tax list, a birthdat of 1790 and there is a male of this age with John I on the knox Co., Ky tax list in 1808, 1809, and the 1810 Knox Co., Ky census. He goes to Greene Co., Tn. where John (Greene Co., Tn), Abner, Absolom, and Joshua were within a few miles of each other during 1810-30. James then comes to the Clo9ver fork area of Harlan Co., Ky. where John I had lived until 1821. John I of Harlan Co., Ky in 1830 is in the area where James had lived in Monroe co., Tn.

  vi.   David Blanton, born 1780.
  vii.   Isaac J. Blanton, born 1784.
  viii.   Richard Blanton, born 1785.
  ix.   Vincent Blanton, born 1792.
  x.   Daughter Blanton, born Abt. 1794.
  xi.   Abner Blanton, born 1795.
  xii.   Joshua Blanton, born 1801.
  xiii.   Absolom Blanton, born 1802.
  xiv.   Ezekiel Blanton, born 1807.
  xv.   Elijah Blanton, born 1810.

      36. Richard Davis, born January 06, 1773 in VIrginia; died 1808 in Russell Co., Va.. He married 37. Mary (Polly) Fugate.

      37. Mary (Polly) Fugate, born Abt. 1774 in Washington Co., Va.. She was the daughter of 74. Francis Fugate and 75. Agnes (Nancy) Vance.

Notes for Richard Davis:
      According to Kozee, Richard lived to be nearly 100 years old. I cannot find any record of him in Floyd or Johnson Counties. A Dr. Michael Nestor has produced Richard Davis' will in Russell County, Virginia in 1808. David Connelly is the administrator of his estate. David's wife, Polly is said to be Richard's widow. This is further enhanced by C. Mitchell Hall's "Jenny Wiley Country Volume IV" in which he states that Elias Davis had a half brother named David Conley.
Children of Richard Davis and Mary Fugate are:
  i.   Henry Davis, born Abt. 1790; married Polly (Mary) Walters December 16, 1815 in Floyd Co., Ky; born Abt. 1795.
  ii.   James Davis, born February 18, 1793; married Catherine Salyer; born 1794 in Virginia; died December 06, 1852 in Mercer Co., Ky..
  iii.   Rachel Davis, born Abt. 1797.
  iv.   Alfred Davis, born Abt. 1800; died Aft. 1854; married Nancy Cantrell March 05, 1823 in Floyd Co., Ky; born 1804 in North Carolina.
  18 v.   Elias Davis, born August 15, 1804; died July 13, 1893 in Fishtrap, Staffordsville, Ky; married Elizabeth Curtis February 20, 1823.

      38. James Curtis, born Abt. 1780. He married 39. Sarah Fairchild 1802.

      39. Sarah Fairchild, born January 06, 1784 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of 78. Abiud J. Fairchild and 79. Rebeccah Jackson.

  Notes for Sarah Fairchild:
The story of James Curtis and Sarah Fairchild is a curious one. As legend tells one day James went out to pick corn. When he came back twenty years had passed. In the mean time, Sarah assuming the worst had gotten past her grief and remarried John Colvin. James Curtis wooed Sarah mightily but she was unmoved and spent the remainder of her life as Mrs. John Colvin.

Children of James Curtis and Sarah Fairchild are:
  19 i.   Elizabeth Curtis, born October 30, 1803; died March 22, 1887 in Fishtrap, Staffordsville, Ky; married Elias Davis February 20, 1823.
  ii.   Anna Curtis, born 1805 in North Carolina; died 1878 in Johnson Co., Ky; married John Scott Hannah November 28, 1821 in Floyd Co., Ky; born 1799; died 1886 in Johnson Co., Ky..

      40. John McKenzie, born Abt. 1775 in Dundee, Scotland; died in Scott Co., Va.. He was the son of 80. Hugo McKenzie and 81. Bridgett Unknown. He married 41. Martha Cox Abt. 1800 in Virginia.

      41. Martha Cox, born Abt. 1775; died in Scott Co., Va.. She was the daughter of 82. David Clinton Cox and 83. Jemima Leach.
Children of John McKenzie and Martha Cox are:
  i.   James Henry McKenzie, born 1802 in Virginia; married Frances Estep; born 1806.
  ii.   William McKenzie, born 1805 in Scott Co., Va; married Barbara Estep; born Abt. 1808 in North Carolina.
  20 iii.   David Jesse McKenzie, born Abt. 1807 in Scott Co., Va.; died Bef. 1880 in Johnson Co., Ky; married (1) Anna Saunders Abt. 1836 in Scott Co., Va.; married (2) Cynthia Estep.
  iv.   Hugh McKenzie, born 1818 in Scott Co., Va; married Martha Webb; born 1825.
  v.   John McKenzie II, born 1819 in Scott Co., Va; married Nancy Wilhite; born 1825 in Scott Co., Va..

      44. Thomas Sparks, born Abt. 1766 in Rowan Co., N.C.; died 1837 in Lawrence Co., Ky.. He was the son of 88. William Sparks and 89. Ann Unknown. He married 45. Dianah Wilcox Abt. 1800 in North Carolina.

      45. Dianah Wilcox, born Abt. 1770 in Rowan Co., N.C..
Children of Thomas Sparks and Dianah Wilcox are:
  i.   Nicholas Sparks, born 1802 in North Carolina; married Darcus Ross; born 1817 in Scott Co., Va..
  ii.   Sarah Sparks, born July 04, 1803 in Wilkes Co, N.C.; died October 14, 1893 in Johnson Co. Ky; married (1) Henry Jayne; married (2) Henry Jayne December 13, 1824 in Lawrence Co., Ky; born October 05, 1803 in Washington Co., Va.; died May 18, 1870 in Johnson Co. Ky..
  iii.   Matthew Sparks, born Abt. 1805; married Alsy Osburn.
  iv.   Thomas Sparks II, born Abt. 1805; died February 08, 1876 in Boyd Co., Ky; married Catherine Jayne December 24, 1823 in Lawrence Co., Ky; born January 15, 1807; died May 06, 1883 in Lewis Co., Ky..
  v.   Daniel Wilcox Sparks, born October 27, 1806 in Surrey Co., N.C.; died October 1900 in Hoods Creek, Ky.; Stepchild; married (1) Sarah Jayne July 31, 1834 in Lawrence Co., Ky; born 1813 in Scott Co., Va.; died June 27, 1854 in Johnson Co. Ky.; married (2) Eleanor Cordial 1859 in Lawrence Co., Ky.
  vi.   Lucy Frances Sparks, born Abt. 1807.
  vii.   Elisha Sparks, born Abt. 1809; married Susannah Pridemore; born Abt. 1810.
  22 viii.   Elijah Sparks, born 1811 in North Carolina; died Bet. 1870 - 1880 in Johnson Co. Ky; married Sarah Evans October 19, 1832 in Lawrence Co., Ky..
  ix.   Dianah Sparks, born Abt. 1813; married (1) Pardon Morris Abt. 1832 in Lawrence Co., Ky; born Abt. 1811; married (2) Wiley Craft December 24, 1945 in Johnson Co., Ky; born Abt. 1810.

      56. Elijah Cantrell, born Abt. 1770 in North Carolina; died Abt. 1855 in Morgan Co., Ky.. He was the son of 112. Isaac Cantrell and 113. Talitha Cloud. He married 57. Peggy Connelly Abt. 1795 in North Carolina.

      57. Peggy Connelly, born August 08, 1779 in Guilford County, North Carolina; died Bef. 1839 in Floyd Co., Ky.. She was the daughter of 114. Captain Henry Connelly and 115. Ann MacGregor.
Children of Elijah Cantrell and Peggy Connelly are:
  i.   John Cantrell, born 1798 in North Carolina; died Bet. 1852 - 1860 in Paint Creek, Morgan Co., Ky; married Margaret (Peggy) Smith February 25, 1820 in Floyd Co., Ky; born 1801 in Tennessee; died Aft. 1880 in Morgan Co., Ky..
  Notes for John Cantrell:

      This is the record of a deed for fifty acres of land between Francis Dyer and John Cantrell and his father in law, Elijah Smith on Big Paint in Morgan County, Kentucky.

      (Taken from the Floyd County, Kentucky book of deeds, Book B, Page 365)

      THIS INDENTURE, made and entered into this 10th day of April, 1823, between Francis Dyer, of the one part, and John Cantrill, and Elijah Smith, of the other part.

      WITNESS, that this said Dyer, for and in consideration of the sume of Twenty-five dollars to him paid the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted, bargained, and sold and dothe by these presents, grant, bargain, sell alien and convey unto the aforesaid John Cantrill, and Elija Smith, a certain tract or parcel of land, lying in the county of Floyd and on the waters of the open fork of Paint Creek, containing fifty acres be the same more or less, reference being had to the patent granted the aforesaid Francis Dyer, by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, will show the beginning corner courses and distances hereby inteded to be conveyed, with its appertinances to have and to hold unto the said John Cantrill, and Eliza Smith, their heirs and assigns forever free from the claims of him, said Francis Dyer, and heirs and all claiming by, through, or under him in any way whatever.

      IN WITNESS WHEREOF the aforesaid Francis Dyer, have hereunto set my hand and seal to date above.
                                                his            (SEAL)
                                          Francis x Dyer


      I, James G. Hazelrigg, clerk of the court of the county aforesaid, do hereby certify that this deed of convayance from Francis Dyer, to John Cantrill and Elija Smith, was this day produced to and acknowledged by said Dyer to be his act and deed, hand and seal, which is ordered to be certified to the clerk of the Floyd County court, thereto be recovered where the land lies.
      Given under my hand this 10th day of April, 1823.

                                          J.G. Hazelrigg, Clk. M. C. C.

      FLOYD COUNTY COURT CLERKS OFFICE, 29 day of July, 1823

      I, Jacob Mayo, deputy clerk, for William James Mayo, clerk of the court for the county aforesaid, do hereby certify that the within deed was this day produced to me, in my office and is together with the certificate thereto affixed, duly recorded on my office according to law.

  ii.   Nancy Cantrell, born 1804 in North Carolina; married Alfred Davis March 05, 1823 in Floyd Co., Ky; born Abt. 1800; died Aft. 1854.
  28 iii.   Henry Cantrell, born 1806 in North Carolina; died Aft. 1880 in Johnson Co. Ky; married Rachel Blanton September 29, 1825 in Floyd Co., Ky.
  iv.   Frances Cantrell, born Abt. 1807 in North Carolina; died Bef. 1870 in Rule Branch, Johnson Co., Ky; married Enoch Fairchild August 16, 1824 in Floyd Co., Ky; born 1805 in Wilkes Co., N.C.; died Aft. 1880 in Rule Branch, Johnson Co., Ky..
  Notes for Enoch Fairchild:
      Enoch was a blacksmith by trade and a fiddler at heart. Enoch ran a blacksmith shop at the southwestern end of Paintsville, Ky., near the original location of Cousin Clyde's old grocery store. Later he had his shop near the mouth of Rule Branch on the bank of Paint Creek. He is described by William Elsey Connelley as a fine mechanic. His true love, however, was the manufacture and playing of fiddles. He passed this love down through his grandson, Levi who was one of the most accomplished fiddlers in this country.

  v.   Betsy Cantrell, born Abt. 1808 in North Carolina; married James Fleetwood May 18, 1822 in Floyd Co., Ky; born Abt. 1805.
  vi.   Rachel Cantrell, born Abt. 1815 in North Carolina; married Levi Blair June 04, 1831 in Floyd Co., Ky; born Abt. 1813 in Floyd Co., Ky..
  vii.   Ester (Alsey) Cantrell, born 1815; died Bef. 1859 in Johnson Co. Ky; married William Blanton January 07, 1831 in Floyd County, Kentucky; born 1800 in Powell's Valley, Lee Co., Va.; died in Magoffin Co., Ky..

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