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Dear Family,
As we have got a lot of historical family pictures this site was created only in addition to Gustl Beck’s Glaser-Levitiss Family Tree at
It will be used to make available old family pictures and may be later on also details from the family- history. For details and updates of the Interne Family Tree please keep going go to Gustl’s website.
Ruth Contreras
Pitten, December 3rd 2002

Glaser - Family History
Updated March 21, 2014


Ruth Contreras
Obere Feldstrasse 76
Pitten, Lower Austria A - 2823
43 0 26 27 838 28
Fax: 43 0 26 27 838 28

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Family Photos

  • Birth house of Rudolf Heller (145 KB)
    in Eichgraben
  • Postcard to Rudolf Heller (275 KB)
    see photo of the birth-house with note that the birthhouse was owned later bz Olga Heller's daughter Helene Knotek
  • Rosa Weiss (Glaser) (31 KB)
    Rosa Weiss with Hansi Friedmann in Pitten
  • Herbert Heller at school in Vienna (124 KB)
    Herbert Heller, first row, fifth from left
  • Herbert, Isabel, Geri and Rudy Heller (106 KB)
    Foto by Hermi Friedmann
  • Robert Friedmann (35 KB)
    Robert Friedmann (Ida's son, father of Pedro and Tony Friedmann)
  • Willy Heller (97 KB)
    Willy Heller at the age of 9 months, father of Roby, Peter and Paul Heller
  • The Glaser- family (24 KB)
    sitting from left to right: Helene Glaser, Kurt and Elfi Weiss, Hermi Friedmann, Otto Friedmann with Robert (?). "nd row, standing: Julie and Albert Glaser, Ida. 3rd row (left to right): Fritz and Rosa Weiss, Paula, Anton, Poldi, ?, Adolf? Irma
  • Willy Heller (80 KB)
    May 1913
  • Oskar Beck (378 KB)
    Gustls father, born September 16, 1891 (Vienna, died January 19, 1964 in New York
  • Friedmann- Glaser - Weiss (approx. 1920) (25 KB)
    First row - from left to right: Rosa (Glaser) Weiss,Kurt, Elfi Weiss, Albert Glaser, Hermi, Dutzi, Peter (son of Kurt Friedmann), Hansi and Robert, 2nd row: Luise Morawetz, Regine Lutzker (aunt of Otto), Ida, Otto,Maltschi, Adolf, Fritz Weiss
  • Rudolf Heller (206 KB)
    husband of Paula Glaser, father of Willy and Herbert
  • Arthur and Antje Pop (6 KB)
    Bela Pop's parents: Arthur Pop born Juli 23, 1886 in Wisch (The NEtherlands, was murdered Juli 16, 1943 in Sobibor. Antje De Vries vorn November 17, 1891 died in Auschwitz Mai 22, 1944
  • Susi Ornsteim (20 KB)
    Susanne Ornstein, sister of Julie Glaser
  • Parents of Rudolf Heller (149 KB)
    Josef Heller and Betty (maiden name Brakel)
  • Ernst and Georgette Beck (50 KB)
    Picture taken 1952 in Londonderry, Ireland
  • Glaser and Ornstein- Family (24 KB)
    From left to right 1st row: Helene and Paula Glaser; 2nd row: Mrs and Mr. Reifstätter, Fritzi Rosé (Ornstein), Rosa Glaser, Rosa Ornstein. Fritzi Ornstein and her husband Salomon Rosé perished 1944 in Theresienstadt (Holocaust victims). Last row: Ida and Elsa Glaser
  • Paula and Rudolf Heller (153 KB)
  • Ernst Beck (29 KB)
    Born October 22, 1899 in Vienna, brother of Oskar Beck, died in Ireland
  • Willy Heller and family (27 KB)
    From left to right: Bela Heller with Paul, Robi and Peter Heller, Paula Heller -Glaser, Willy Heller
  • Paula Heller with her grandchildren (24 KB)
    Rudy, Geri and Roby
  • Ernst Beck (104 KB)
    Photo on an old Viennese tramway - ticket
  • Herbert Heller and Family (24 KB)
    Form left to right: Geri, Herbert, Isabel, and Rudi Heller
  • Rudolf and Louise Beck (29 KB)
    Rudolf Beck born May 16, 1899 in Vienna, died 1952 in Vienna; Louise Beck 1892 - 1952 (Vienna, Austria)
  • Rubin Friedmann (10 KB)
    Rubin Friedmann, born 1778 in Althart (Moravia, CS)died August 31, 1862 in Baden/Wien.
  • Rudolf Beck (26 KB)
    brother of Oskar Beck
  • Rudolf Beck (25 KB)
    Rudolf Beck 1899 -1952
  • Louise Beck (20 KB)
    Rudolf Beck's wife, born 1892 in Vienna, died 1958 in Vienna
  • Herbert and Isabel Heller (88 KB)
    parents of Geri and Rudy
  • Paula and Willy Heller (43 KB)
    in Colombia
  • Willy Heller (13 KB)
    in Amsterdam
  • Herbert Heller (39 KB)
    as actor (first from left) "Die Fledermaus" Performance organized by the "Austriacos Libres" in Bogota
  • Juda Kohnberger (17 KB)
    Father of Sophie Kohnberger
  • Rudolf Heller and Otto Friedmann (17 KB)
    in Colombia
  • Sophie Kohnberger (28 KB)
    born July 01, 1823 in Trebitsch, married October 19, 1844 to Wilhelm Friedmann, mother of Friedrich Friedmann, died November 07, 1876 in Vienna, buríed at the Jewish Cemetery in Währing
  • Tony and Pedro Friedmann (15 KB)
    sons of Robert and Nelly Friedmann
  • Wilhelm Friedmann (13 KB)
    born 1809, married Sophie Kohnberger, died July 05, 1852 in Vienna, buried at the old Jewish Cemetery in Vienna (Währing).
  • Leni and Ernstl Neufeld (65 KB)
    Children of Olga Neufeld
  • Helene Beck (maiden name Glaser) (9 KB)
    August 30, 1893 - Februar 09, 1984
  • Salomon and Therese Glaser (43 KB)
    sitting from right to left: Salomon Glaser - called Uncle Sami and Teres Glaser - called Aunt Resi - siblings of "Mothers (Ida's) father - this means that Albert Glaser had at least a brother and a sister: Salomon and Teres. It says further: Children Aunt Resi with family Alfred and Friedl Heller with grandchildren. Who can help with the identification of the persons? May be Gus, Lore or Hansi remember somebody on this foto?
  • Familie Josef Heller (203 KB)
    Josef and Betty Heller with their children: Fritzi, Olga, Julie and Rudolf
  • Julia Glaser - Ornstein (76 KB)
    November 27, 1851 - März 01, 1915
  • Mrs. Kohnberger (97 KB)
    Mrs. Kohnberger, wife of Juda Kohnberger, mother of Sophie Kohnberger
  • Josef Heller with children and grandchildren (80 KB)
    from left to right: Leni and Olga Neufeld, the boys Franzl and Hanni, Julie Neufeld with Annerl who died at the age of 9 months
  • Hermine Friedmann (35 KB)
    Daughter of Ida Friedmann-Glaser and Otto Friedmann Oktober 10, 1905 - September 10, 1989
  • Family Reunion at Lore's and Dutzi's Finca (65 KB)
    First row left to right: Rita and Gustl Beck, Hermi Friedmann. 2nd row left to right: Herbert and Willy Heller, Robert and Dutzi Friedmann, Kurt Weiss In the 1970s Gus and Rita visited Colomnbia. At that time, among others there was a family reunion at Robert and Nelly's farm. (Foto provided by Tommy Friedmann)
  • Frizi Heller - Koblitz with family (70 KB)
    Friedrich, Fritzi, Otto and Hedy Koblitz Fritzi is a sister of Rudolf Heller
  • Ida and Otto Friedmann (55 KB)
    Marriage Date Dezember 25, 1904
  • Rita and Gustl Beck in Colombia (55 KB)
    Foto by Hermi Friedmann
  • Adolf and Maltschi Glaser (349 KB)
    in Java
  • Oskar Beck (8 KB)
    Foto by Hermi Friedmann
  • Ida Friedmann-Glaser (9 KB)
  • Ida and Dutzi Friedmann (19 KB)
    Dutzi (Fritz Friedmann): March 20, 1908 - October 26 1988
  • Anton and Elka Glaser (32 KB)
    Anton Glaser and Elka Glaser - Weinwurm parents of Albert Glaser both born in Moravski Jan (Slowakia)
  • Paula Heller and Isabel Heller (32 KB)
    in Bogotá
  • The Glaser- family in Boeheimkirchen (11 KB)
    From left to right: first row: Julie, Albert, Helene, Poldi. second row: Adolf, Ida, Anton, Paula, Adele, Rosa and her husband Fritz Weiss; last row: Irma and Elsa
  • Julie Heller (78 KB)
    Heller Julie born 23.10.1878 deported to Litzmannstadt died 28.10.1941 Holocaust victim
  • The grave of Albert and Julie Glaser (25 KB)
    1. Tor (Old Jewish Cememtery)Gruppe 49A Reihe18 #12A
  • Helene Neufeld (62 KB)
    daughter of Olga Neufeld, married to Knotek
  • Poldi Glaser (8 KB)
    Poldi Glaser, daughter of Albert and Julie was born November 09, 1887 in Boeheimkirchen. She died November 30, 1918 in Vienna and is buried in Vienna (Zentralfriedhof 1. Tor Gruppe 19 Reihe 33 Nr. 71A) together with her sister Adele
  • Gustav Beck (57 KB)
    Gustav Beck
  • Maltschi Glaser (55 KB)
    Wife of Adolf Glaser
  • Irma Glaser (39 KB)
    born March 24, 1886 in Boeheimkirchen, died 1930 in München (suicide). She lived there since 1917 with the writer Fritz Reck-Malleczewen (author of "Tagebuch eines Verzweifelten" - Diary of a Man in Despair")More information (in German)Aus: Friedrich Reck-Malleczewen: Tagebuch eines Verzweifelten. (3. Auflage 1994, Frankfurt/ Main Eichborn Verlag, die andere Bibliothek) mit einem biographischen Essay von Christine Zeile
  • Helene Beck (52 KB)
    Gustls mother Helene (Foto by Hermi Friedmann)
  • Herbert Heller (21 KB)
    with Fanny
  • Julie Glaser (15 KB)
    Julie Glaser was born November 27, 1851 in Rekawinkel near Vienna. Her parents were Johanna Heller and Jakob Ornstein. Julie married Albert Glaser. She died March 01, 1915 in Vienna and is buried together with Albert at the Zentralfriedhof,Wien 1. Tor, Austria,Gruppe 49A Reihe18 #12A
  • Helene Beck in Colombia (66 KB)
    Foto by Hermi Friedmann
  • Nelly and Robert Friedmann (86 KB)
    parents of Pedro and Tony
  • Albert Glaser (14 KB)
    Albert Glaser was born March 07, 1850 in Moravska Jan (Hungary - today Slowakia). The family moved probably first to Vienna and later to Lower Austria (Boeheimkirchen). Albert and Julie had 10 children. Albert died July 18, 1920 in Vienna.
  • another picture of Helene in Colombia (109 KB)
    by Hermi Friedmann
  • Dottie Altmann (21 KB)
    Daughter of Lore Friedmann"s brother Felix Altmann and Irmgard
  • Paula Heller and Helene Beck (60 KB)
    in Bogotá
  • Adolf and Maltschi Glaser (39 KB)
    Adolf was born April 02, 1884 in Boeheimkirchen. He tried to escape the Nazis and fled to the Netherlands where he was deported to Westerbork in 1942. He died September 30, 1943 in Auschwitz. His wife Maltschi Glaser died 1931 in Vienna
  • Elfi and Franz Lichtenberg (143 KB)
    Elfi was a daughter of Rosa Weiss - Glaser. My parents emigrated 1938 to Colombia and returned 1948 to Austria.
  • Otto Friedmann (16 KB)
    Son of Lore and Otto Friedmann
  • Paula Heller and Ida Friedmann (64 KB)
    in Bogotá
  • Anton and Emma Glaser (maiden name Rezek) (24 KB)
    Anton Glaser was born March 20,1878 in Boeheimkrichen and died 1932. He was Director or owner of a metal factory in Heidenreichstein (Lower Austria). His wife, Emma Rezek was born May 02, 1881 in Prukowitz/Prag (CSR)and died August 21, 1942 in Maly/Trostinec (Holocaust Victim)
  • Fritz Nadas (31 KB)
    Fritz Nadas was the son of Bertalan Nadas and Flora Friedmann. He is a Holocaust victim. He died died on Typhoid in a work camp near Sopron (Hungary)in 1944.
  • Bela Heller (130 KB)
    as actress (in Colombia)
  • Paula Heller in Bogotá (75 KB)
    Born June 26, 1889 in Böheimkirchen, Austria died 1965 in Bogotá
  • Bertalan Nadas (18 KB)
    Flora Friedmann's husband Bertalan Nadas was a lawyer. Bertalan Nadas and Flora lived in Budapest.
  • Heller/Ornstein/family (45 KB)
    Willy Heller, Aunt Susi Stern - Ornstein and uncle Robert Stern(?) and family
  • Paula and Helene (58 KB)
    in Bogotá
  • Flora Nadas- Friedmann (37 KB)
    Flora was born June 20, 1868 in Vienna, Austria and died after 1970 in Budapest. She was the mother of Lotte and Fritz Nadas.
  • Eichgraben (53 KB)
    The Heller-family in Eichgraben
  • Family Reunion in Colombia (73 KB)
    From left to right: Herbert and Isabel Heller, Nelly Friedmann, Rita and Gustl Beck, Robert Friedmann
  • Max Fried and his granddaughter Madeleine Fried (28 KB)
    Max Fried (May 05, 1867 - 1944) was the husband of Franzi Friedmann. He and his granddaughter Madeleine (born February 28, 1933) perished in Auschwitz.
  • Lotti and Fritz Nadas (36 KB)
    Budapest, Photo submitted by Gustl Beck
  • The Fried- Family (44 KB)
    1 Anni Fried, 2 Mimi, 3 Fritz, 4 Rolf, 5 Kalman, 6 Nurit, 7 Ilana Fried, 8 Ilonka, 9, 10, 11 children of Kalman, 12 child of Nurit
  • Hans and Irma Frost (40 KB)
    Hans Frost, born October 13, 1909, died in Brazil. The parents of Hans were Lola Frost (maiden-name Beck) and Chajem Isak Frost
  • Gustl Beck and Eddy (161 KB)
  • Miriam Fried (6 KB)
    To see her story go to "related files at the end of this page and click on "Miriam Fried"
  • The Glaser - house in Böheimkirchen (66 KB)
    Probably Christl Friedmann with Ida Friedmann
  • Rosa Glaser (13 KB)
    Rosa was born May 28, 1880 in Boeheimkirchen. She married Fritz Weiss (1872-1937). She emigrated March 20, 1939 to Colombia (South America) where she died 1941 (suicide)
  • Paula Heller (Glaser) with her eldest son Willy (130 KB)
    Paula was born June 26, 1889 in Boeheimkirchen. She could emigrate with her husband, Rudolf Heller, to Colombia where she died 1965.
  • Ida and Otto Friedmann (31 KB)
    Ida Glaser was born October 18, 1881 in Boeheimkirchen. She married Dezember 25, 1904 Otto Friedmann in the Synagogue Vienna, 9th district, Müllnergasse. Ida and Otto emigrated to Bogotá, Colombia. They are the parents of Dutzi, Hermi, Robert and Hans Friedmann. Both died in Bogotá and are buried in the Old Jewish Cemetery in Bogotá.
  • Wilhelm Friedmann's children (279 KB)
    From left to right: Josefine, Sidonie, Kamilla, Isidor and Friedrich
  • Ida Friedmann (21 KB)
    This photo probably has been taken by Hermi Friedmann.
  • Wilhelm Friedmann's children (279 KB)
    From left to right: Josefine, Sidonie, Kamilla, Isidor and Friedrich
  • Helene (8 KB)
    Helene was the youngest of the Glaser- siblings. She was born August 30, 1893 in Boeheimkirchen and married April 15, 1917 Oskar Beck at the Garnison Synagogue (Rossauer Kaserne) in Vienna. Helene and Oskar emigrated to the USA. Helene and Oskar are the parents of Gustl Beck. Helene died February 09, 1984. She is buried in Clifton, NJ.
  • handwritten letter by Mimi Buck (177 KB)
    courtesy of Pete Gomory, scanned by Toni Friedmann
  • Elsa Glaser (2 KB)
    Elsa was born November 01, 1882 in Boeheimkirchen. She was deported October 23, 1941 to Litzmannstadt (Lodz): Kelmstrasse 57/1 and was murdered in 1942.
  • Samu Fried (22 KB)
    Samu Fried, the brother of Max Fried, was born March 12, 1871 in Komorn, Hungary. He married Sofie Friedmann. Samu Fried died before or at the beginning of WW II in Budapest.
  • handwritten letter by Mimi Buck page 1 (138 KB)
    Courtesy Pete Gomory, scanned by Toni Friedmann
  • A picture of the Glaser Family (38 KB)
    Last Row from left to right: Fritz Weiss, Adolf Glaser, Oskar Beck, Rudolf Heller, Paula. Second row - from left to right: Standing: Otto Friedmann, Rosa, Toni Glaser. Sitting: Elsa, Helene, Ida. First row (sitting) from left to right: Viktor Glaser (Son of Anton), Polly (the second wife of Adolf Glaser), Elfi Glaser (daughter of Anton) and Irma Glaser. Nelly Friedmann (Robert Friedmann's wife) has kept a series of wonderful family pictures. This is one of them. The identification of the persons of this picture was made by Nelly Friedmann.
  • Ilonka Fried (4 KB)
    born 1901 in Budapest,daughter of Sofie Friedmann and Samu Fried, married to Laszlo Willmann, died in Israel,
  • Aunt Flora's Seder Evening 1 (371 KB)
    Courtesy Pete Gomory, scanned by Toni Friedmann
  • Hansi Friedmann and Herbert Heller (295 KB)
    October 1938 in Bogotá, Carrera 7a
  • Aunt Flora's Seder Evening 2 (172 KB)
    Courtesy Pete Gomory, scanned by Toni Friedmann
  • Felix Beck (525 KB)
    first husband of Hilda Beck
  • Glaser- Friedmann- Heller (29 KB)
    This Foto was sent some months ago to the family. Due to Lore, Gustl, Hansi we know who is on the picture: Glaser-Friedmann-Heller Picture taken probably 1923 in Bad Aussee (Maltschi Glaser's Villa Praunfalk)From left to right: 1st row:?,Maltschi Glaser, Irma, Paula, Helene,Ida, Otto.-2nd row: Dutzi, Hermi, Gustl, Robert, Hansi, Herbert, Willy; 3rd row: Rudolf, Elsa
  • Anton and Emma Glaser (3 KB)
    Anton Glaser born March 20, 1878 in Böheimkirchen, son of Albert and Julie Glaser. He died 1932 He was married to Emma Rezek (born May 02, 1881)in Prukowitz near Prag and died August 21, 1942 in Maly Trostinetz (Holocaust victim)
  • Aunt Flora's Seder Evening 3 (139 KB)
    Courtesy Pete Gomory, Scanned by Toni Friedmann
  • Jussi Gang (38 KB)
    Son of Hilda Beck and Leopold (Lippi) Gang
  • Julie Glaser (18 KB)
    Great- grandmother Julie Glaser
  • Julius Beck, grandfather of Gustl Beck (150 KB)
    born January 21, 1856 in Sobotist (Slowakia, formerly Hungary). died June 28, 1917 in Vienna
  • Irma Glaser in Berchtesgaden (263 KB)
    Irma Glaser in Berchtesgaden
  • Hermann Glaser (91 KB)
    Hermann Glaser with wife Theres and son Egon in Neubruck. Brother of Albert Glaser
  • Beck Family Gathering (1679 KB)
    Julius and Katharina Beck (grandparents of Gustl) with their children
  • Neufeld family (88 KB)
    with Olga and Julie Heller
  • Grete Beck and Sigmund Brainin (357 KB)
    Grete Beck was Born 1894 and was married to Sigmund Brainin (1886- 1963)
  • Viktor, Irene and Elfi Glaser (84 KB)
    children of Anton and Emma Glaser. Anton emigrated to Australia, Emma is a Holocaust victim
  • Irene Beck, aunt of Gustl Beck (855 KB)
    Irene married Solomon Brainin (born 1880 in Russia, died 1971 in New York)
  • Leni Neufeld (40 KB)
    Helene Neufeld (married name Knotek) is daughter of Olga Neufeld-Heller (sister of Rudolf Heller)
  • Glaser family (157 KB)
    Rosa, Ida, Elsa, Adolf, Anton, Paula, Helene
  • Rudolf Heller (244 KB)
    father of Willy and Herbert Heller
  • Rudolf Heller in World War 1 (130 KB)
    second from left
  • Adolf Glaser (537 KB)
    in Java

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  • Miriam FRIED (2 KB)
    Otto Friedmann’s translation, May 5, 2003, of Miriam Fried’s Web Page at the IDF’s site “Yzkor” dedicated to the memory of Those who Fell in Battle
  • Tante Paula (16 KB)
    written by Elfi Lichtenberg to bear in remembrance Paula Heller

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