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Ancestors of Thomas Wilson Martin

      378. Christian Eaker, born February 14, 1723/24 in Alsace France; died June 25, 1776 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. He was the son of 756. Hans Peter Egger and 757. Verena Veronica Gillman. He married 379. Eve Whisenhunt Abt. 1760 in Lincoln, North Carolina.

      379. Eve Whisenhunt, born October 30, 1746 in Muddy Creek, Lancaster, Pa; died March 1818 in Lincoln County North Carolinaa. She was the daughter of 758. Johan Adam Whisenhunt and 759. Anna Barbara.

Notes for Christian Eaker:
His land grants in Lincoln County were all located on the branches of Beaver Dam Creek.
Child of Christian Eaker and Eve Whisenhunt is:
  189 i.   Barbra Eaker, born January 29, 1764 in Lincoln, North Carolina; died November 02, 1839 in Roane, Tn; married Cornelius Acord January 29, 1784 in Lincoln County, North Carolina.

      380. James Stewart, born December 24, 1723 in Ulster, Ireland; died February 17, 1817 in Jackson, Georgia. He married 381. Mary Mcewen Abt. 1756 in Pennsylvania.

      381. Mary Mcewen, born September 28, 1736 in Lancaster Co, PA; died November 1794 in Iredell, North Carolina.

Notes for James Stewart:
The Stewart family traditions were written down about 1904 by James Elmer Stewart, who got "the leading facts" of his sketch from Lewis B. Stewart, born 1819, son of David Stewart: " There were three brothers, James, William, and John Stewart, emigrated to America sometime in the early part of 1700.
James Stewart settled ln Iredell County, North Carolina, William Stewart settled in Virginia, and John Stewart settled in Pennsylvania. They emigrated from Ireland and were descendants of the crown heads of Scotland and England. "James Stewart had a son James who was seven years of age when his father landed in America. When he grew up to manhood he married a Miss Mary Stewart and to them were born seven sons four daughters, as follows: William, Lazarus, James, John, George, David, Samuel, Margery, Margaret, Mary, and Martha. "James, the father of this large family, raised all to manhood and womanhood except Martha, the youngest, who died when quite young. "James Stewart lent his aid toward getting the Independence of the United States. In one battle of the Revolutionary War, he was
slightly wounded. This was a battle between the Whigs and Tories, 500 Whigs and 1400 Tories. The Whigs were successful and took more prisoners than the Whigs had rank and file. "At the close of the
Revolutionary War, Mary Stewart, his wife, died and about the year 1800, James Stewart died in Georgia at the home of his son David, at the age of 96 years. He died while sitting in a chair." As The
Stewart Clan Magazine pointed out in the April 1962 issue, p.219: "There is a palpable telescoping of generations in the preceding account unless Sunny Jim, coming from Ireland in knee-pants in 1712,
did his skirmishing with the Tories when he was in his 70's." A Bible record, of unknown authenticity, has James born in 1723 and dying in 1817. James or his wife were probably connected to the family of
Lazarus Stewart of Paxtang, PA, who acquired a tract of land there in 1729. Several of the sons of Lazarus settled in Rowan County, NC, in the 1750's.

Child of James Stewart and Mary Mcewen is:
  190 i.   George Stewart, born February 22, 1773 in Rowan Co., NC; died January 27, 1863 in Kingston, Roane Co., TN; married Jane Boyd February 11, 1796 in Iredell Co., NC.

      382. Hugh Boyd, born September 1754 in Antrim, Ireland; died March 03, 1799 in Gilders Creek, Newberry, South Carolina. He was the son of 764. John Boyd and 765. Mary Fenn. He married 383. Jeanett Maffett 1768 in Newberry, South Carolina.

      383. Jeanett Maffett, born Abt. 1754 in Newberry, South Carolina; died in Newberry, South Carolina.

Notes for Hugh Boyd:
From Pioneer Settlers of Sumter Co. Jenkins.

HUGH BOYD Revolutionary patriot and soldier. Was a wagonmaker as mentioned in both deed an revolutionary service records. He was born in Ireland and came to the American Colonies with his father, John Boyd Sr. prior to the revolution. His will is recorded in Book B Page 311 Newberry Co. SC. He mentions his sons, Matthew, John, Hugh, and Robert and daughters Jane, Rosannah and a brother John Boyd. Signed 3 Oct, 1798. Proved 5 Mar 1799.

Proof of relationship may be found in Matthew Boyds will proved 26 Nov 1835, Box 73, Pkg. 35, #831, Newberry Co. SC.

Deed Book A Page 199, 30 Dec 1785, Hugh Boyd bought 100 acres of land on branchof Indian Creek and Broad River.

Deed Book A Page 156, 7 & 8 June 1786, Hugh Boyd bought 150 acres of land between Broad and Saludy River called Gilders Creek.

Deed Book A Page 195, 19 Nov 1785, Hugh Boyd, Wagoner, bought 144 acres on branch of Indian Creek, waters of Enoree River.

Service Record-668 wagon hire 1780 to 1782, 52-5-8 1/2, 10 Oct 1783. Rec. Accts AA668 Act 1703. (x) Hugh Boyd.

More About Hugh Boyd:
Burial: March 05, 1799, Head Springs Farm Cem, Newberry, South Carolina
Child of Hugh Boyd and Jeanett Maffett is:
  191 i.   Jane Boyd, born Abt. 1776 in Newberry, South Carolina; died November 07, 1872 in Kingston, Roane Co., TN; married George Stewart February 11, 1796 in Iredell Co., NC.

      424. John Foote, born July 20, 1711 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died December 1762 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut. He was the son of 848. Daniel Foote and 849. Dorothy Blakeman. He married 425. Amy Seeley 1731 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      425. Amy Seeley, born Abt. 1713 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died Aft. 1740 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut. She was the daughter of 850. Robert Seeley and 851. Ann.

Notes for John Foote:
John Foote was the second of 12 children of Daniel and Abigail Foote.

It is not known just what year the Foote family moved to Virginia. The records of Ohio County (now W. VA) show that John Foote purchased 69 acres from the estate of Moses Linn et al, 1795, and 1808, 64 acres, Long Run, from Jonathan Rowland et al. It would therefore see that he moved from Connecticut to Virginia before his father Elija Foote did. At least he purchased land 5 years earlier than did his father.

About the year 1818 or 1819 he removed to Warren County, Ohio and lived first at Zoar, near the Little Miami River between what was called the "20 mile stand" and Foster's Crossing. After a few years he moved to a farm near West Woodville where he spent the remainder ofhis life. He is buried in the graveyard near West Woodville, and his second wife, Mrs. Mary Taylor, lies by his side. It seems likely that Mary Grigson Foote, his first wife and the mother of all his children, died in Virginia before the family moved to Ohio.

Tradition says that John Foote made shoes in his spare time for the soldiers during the Revolutionary War, which was customary for the men and boys who could not go to the war. In later years, he became a real manufacturer of shoes, in which business he was very successful.

Child of John Foote and Amy Seeley is:
  212 i.   Elijah Foote, born 1740 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died October 15, 1813 in West Liberty, OH, VA; married Eunice Peck March 23, 1761 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      426. Nathaniel Peck, born January 07, 1697/98 in Milford, CT; died Abt. July 1776 in Newtown, Fairfield, CT. He was the son of 852. Joseph Peck and 853. Mary Camp. He married 427. Phebe 1730 in Milford, New Haven, Conn.

      427. Phebe, born Abt. 1703 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut.
Child of Nathaniel Peck and Phebe is:
  213 i.   Eunice Peck, born 1739 in Milford, New Haven, CT; died Bef. March 1776 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut; married Elijah Foote March 23, 1761 in Newtown,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      432. Thomas Henry "Henry" Farnsworth, born 1691 in Chesterfield Township; Burlington County, New Jersey; died October 09, 1758 in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon, New Jersey. He was the son of 864. Thomas Farnsworth and 865. Susannah Smith. He married 433. Mary Brinson Bef. 1715 in New Jersey.

      433. Mary Brinson, born 1692 in Membury, Devon, England; died Bet. August 09, 1750 - 1759 in New Jersey. She was the daughter of 866. Daniel Brinson and 867. Frances Greenland.

Notes for Thomas Henry "Henry" Farnsworth:
We are assuming this son was named 'Thomas Henry.' 'Henry' was mentioned in his mother's will. Perhaps he used his middle name to distinguish himself from his father.

He was witness to his brother Samuel's wedding in 1709 and had to have been over 21 at that time, i.e . before 1688.

A Thomas Farnsworth in Burl. Co. census 1708.

He bought property with a mortgage in Amwell, Hunterdon co. in 1712.

After his father's death, the estate was divided int o 6 parts, one for each of the 5 sons and one for the widow.

In Hunterdon County: Henry Farnsworth of Amwell took out an indenture April 25, 1737 for land bordering Leonard Thomas and Thomas White.

Signed as witness for indenture for Andrew Morgan April 6, 1733.

Jacob Doughty's indenture of 1718 says the land in Amwell was bounded by Henry Farnsworth.

In 1749 Margaret Stevenson conveyed to Henry Farnsworth of Kingwood a plantation in Quakertown.

He died 1758 and this plantation was divided between Daniel and Thomas. Daniel of Alexandria sold his part in 1767 to John Mulliner who sold to Isaac Horner. [WFT - Vol 8]

Child of Thomas Farnsworth and Mary Brinson is:
  216 i.   Thomas Farnsworth, born April 01, 1731 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, New Jersey; died November 21, 1820 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, New Jersey; married Elizabeth Bray 1746 in New Jersey.

      434. John Bray, born August 20, 1694 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., Nj; died February 05, 1765 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He was the son of 868. John Bray and 869. Susanna. He married 435. Elizabeth Bowne 1719 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., Nj.

      435. Elizabeth Bowne, born Bef. 1701 in Monmouth, New Jersey; died February 07, 1769 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. She was the daughter of 870. John Bowne and 871. Elizabeth Grover.

Notes for John Bray:
In 1713, he had five hundred acres in the new Indian purchase above the falls of the Deleware.
1720, May 11. He recorded his father's cattle mark.

In Jonathan Holmes' Diary we find "22nd April 1737, I was at home it being reyney weather towards evening I went to Jn Brays James Bray with me to se cocks fight. I lost a penny it being as Large a wager as any then Layed and came home by James and had another battle which was smarter than the other."

In 1761, his lands were assessed in Middletown.

John Bray was a member of the Middletown Baptist Church and a man of considerable property. He lived on part of the tract of land purchased by his father, and bought ten hundred and thirty acres of land in Kingwood, Hunterdon Co., NJ. where some of his family settled.

1764, Jan. 7. Will of John Bray, proved July 2, 1765, states he was of Middletown, and mentions:
Wife Elizabeth.
Oldest Son John, a plantation in West Jersey.
Son James, a plantation in West Jersey.
Daughter Elizabeth Laquear.
Daughter Susannah Smalley.
Grandson John Smalley.
Brother James Bray.
Executors, his sons John and Samuel Bray.
Witnesses, Thomas Lloyd, Isaac Van Dorn, Benjamin Thorp, William Lawrence and Samuel Holmes.

Child of John Bray and Elizabeth Bowne is:
  217 i.   Elizabeth Bray, born Abt. 1730 in Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey; died 1776 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, New Jersey; married Thomas Farnsworth 1746 in New Jersey.

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