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Ancestors of Thomas Wilson Martin

      3396. John Blakeman, born Abt. 1624 in Stafford, England; died April 1662 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut. He was the son of 6792. Rev. Adam Blakeman and 6793. Jane Wheeler. He married 3397. Dorothy Smith 1653 in Connecticut.

      3397. Dorothy Smith, born Abt. 1636 in Norwayh,Norfolk,England; died April 17, 1706 in Farmington,Hartford Co,Connecticut. She was the daughter of 6794. Deacon Henry Smith and 6795. Dorothy Cotton.

Notes for John Blakeman:
Mr. John Blakeman left a well which is dated Jan 19, 1662, in which he say, "Son Joseph, if he conducts himself dutifully towards his mother, he shall have 10 pounds more than the rest."

Child of John Blakeman and Dorothy Smith is:
  1698 i.   Ebenezer Blakeman, born Abt. 1661 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died 1715 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut; married Patience Wilcoxson October 04, 1681 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      3398. John Wilcoxson, born Abt. 1634 in Ilkeston, Bashford, Derbyshire, England; died November 19, 1690 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT.. He was the son of 6796. William Wilcoxson and 6797. Margaret Birdseye. He married 3399. Elizabeth Bourne March 19, 1661/62 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      3399. Elizabeth Bourne, born Abt. 1635 in St Mary's White Chapel Parish, London, England; died October 08, 1668 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., CT.. She was the daughter of 6798. Elisha Bourne and 6799. Elizabeth Collyer.

Notes for John Wilcoxson:
Oldest son of William Wilcoxson. Came with parents to America in 1635 and to Stratford, CT. in 1639. Married second, "The widow Elizabeth Wells", widow of John Wells, who was the son of Governor Thomas Wells. Her maiden name is given by one source as Elizabeth Deming, and by another as Elizabeth Bourne. She died 10/8/1668. He remained in Stratford with his brother Timothy, after the balance of the family moved away. He was a Deacon of the Stratford church. A nuncupative will expressed to Samuel Sherman and John Birdseye; to Barnabas Beers half an acre of his home lot in Stratford; To his son John his dwelling house and rest of his home lot. Confirmed to other children, land previously given them. Inventory 11/17/1690.

Child of John Wilcoxson and Elizabeth Bourne is:
  1699 i.   Patience Wilcoxson, born February 01, 1663/64 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died October 29, 1690 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut; married Ebenezer Blakeman October 04, 1681 in Stratford,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      3400. Capt. Nathaniel Seeley, born September 16, 1627 in St Stephens Parish,London,England; died December 19, 1675 in Naragansett,Newport County,Connecticut. He was the son of 6800. Robert Seeley and 6801. Mary Heath Mason. He married 3401. Mary Turney October 06, 1649 in New Haven,New Haven County,Connecticut.

      3401. Mary Turney, born September 18, 1631 in Soulbury,Bucks,England; died Bef. 1674 in Fairfield County,Connecticut. She was the daughter of 6802. Capt. Benjamin Turney and 6803. Mary Odell.

Notes for Capt. Nathaniel Seeley:
In New Haven Town Meeting Records, June 7, 1650, Nathaniel's wife testified that she had been married 8 months. Her father, Benjamin Turney, had died in 1648. Nathaniel, as husband of Mary, Benjamin's daughter, received "one parcel of meadow over creeks, being about 1 1/2 acres" from Benjamin Turney estate. Nathaniel also acknowledged receipt of his wife's share of Benjamin Turney estate, being 10 pounds and her share of land. In 1651, Nathaniel was in Fairfield, CT. as early as 1657, when he became a freeman and where he was an extensive land holder. When the residents between Fairfield and Stratford asked for a new parish, the distance being to great, it was granted and called Stratfield, Ave, Bridgeport, CT. was the old division road between the two towns.

Nathaniel's property lay along the north side of the creek in Fairfield to the creek which is now along North Ave., Bridgeport; it ran 10 miles into Stratford.

In 1659, as his father was in England, Nathaniel sold some of Robert's property.

In 1673, he received a grant of land from Fairfield of 8 acres, and, by part purchase, land adjoining his home lot, called Seeley's Neck. He also bought a sedge marsh of 15 acres.

In 1674 he was appointed by the General Court of Ct. to lay out the boundaries between Fairfield and Norwich. He was called Sergeant in May 1674. In nov. 1675, he was commissioned as Lt., and was second in command of the Army of Fairfield Co. in Kink Philip's War. He served as Captain in Fairfied Co. Dragoons Nov. 1675.

Nathaniel was killed in The Great Swamp Fight at Naragansett. Inventory of his estate was taken Mar. 16, 1676, in which his widow, Elizabeth, mentioned her former husband, Obadiah Gilbert, and their daughter, Sarah. Also mentioned were Nathaniel's children by his first wife; Nathaniel, Robert, Benjamin, Joseph, John,Mary, Sarah, Phebe and Rebecca. Mar 15, 1675/6, Elizabeth made a mutual agreement with Nathaniel and Robert Seeley on behalf of Capt. Nathaniel Seelye's children.

A grant of 200 acres of land was made by Colonial Govt. to Nathaniel's widow, Elizabeth, 1676, in recognition of his service in the war. She deeded land to her son Obadiah Seeley-probably Obadiah Gilbert, son of her former husband. Distribution of estate was made Mar. 3, 1704.

Child of Capt. Seeley and Mary Turney is:
  1700 i.   Robert Seeley, born 1653 in Fairfield,Fairfield County,Connecticut; died June 30, 1690 in Fairfield,Fairfield County,Connecticut; married Sarah Olmstead March 16, 1674/75 in Fairfield,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      3402. Nehemiah Olmstead, born November 10, 1618 in Fairsted, Essex, England; died October 02, 1657 in Fairfield, Connecticut Colony. He was the son of 6804. James Olmstead and 6805. Joyce Cornish. He married 3403. Elizabeth Burr 1642 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT.

      3403. Elizabeth Burr, born May 17, 1632 in Fairfield, Fairfield, CT. She was the daughter of 6806. Jehu Burr and 6807. Elizabeth Cable.

Notes for Nehemiah Olmstead:
Came to New England on the ship "Lyon" in 1632. He settled in Fairfield, CT in 1649. He was a sergeant in 1657.

Child of Nehemiah Olmstead and Elizabeth Burr is:
  1701 i.   Sarah Olmstead, born 1656 in New Haven County,Connecticut; died October 28, 1694; married Robert Seeley March 16, 1674/75 in Fairfield,Fairfield County,Connecticut.

      3408. Robert Peck, born 1579 in Beccles, Suffolk, England; died August 30, 1648 in Hingham, Norfolk, England. He was the son of 6816. Robert Peck Jr and 6817. Ellen (Helen) Babbs. He married 3409. Anne Lawrence May 21, 1603 in Hingham, Norfolk, England.

      3409. Anne Lawrence, born 1580 in Higham, Norfolk, England; died August 30, 1648 in Hingham, Norfolk, England.

Notes for Robert Peck:
Graduated Magdalen College, Cambridge, 1599. He was a rector at St. Andrews Parish,Hingham, England. He came to New England in 1636 and was Teacher of the church at Hingham MA. He returned to England with his wife and son Joseph in October, 1641. Again rector at Hingham, England, he died there and was buried under the door of his church.

Child of Robert Peck and Anne Lawrence is:
  1704 i.   Joseph Peck, born April 22, 1610 in Hingham, Norfolk, England, England; died February 26, 1700/01 in Milford, New Haven Co, CT; married Alice Heath September 12, 1650 in New Haven, New Haven Co, CT.

      3412. Nicholas Camp, born January 10, 1605/06 in Nazeing,Essex,England; died Bef. February 1655/56 in Milford, New Haven Co, CT. He was the son of 6824. John Camp and 6825. Mary Goore. He married 3413. Sarah Elliott 1621 in Nazeing,Essex,England.

      3413. Sarah Elliott, born January 13, 1598/99 in Nazeing,Essex,England; died September 06, 1645 in Milford,New Haven,CT. She was the daughter of 6826. Bennett Elliot and 6827. Lettese Aggar.

Notes for Nicholas Camp:
Nicholas Camp, Sr., was a man of wealth and distinction in the Connectcut colony. He came to America in 1629, along with John Camp, Sr.; Nicholas Camp, Jr.; Edward Camp; Samuel Camp; and Richard and William Camp, all coming with Sir Richard Salstonstall's party. He settled first at Watertown, Massachusetts, but later removed to New Milford, Connecticut, of which town he was one of the founders. His son Nicholas was one of the searchers commissioned in 1661 to seek the regicides, Whalley and Goff. The English home of Nicholas, Sr., was in the same parish of Nazing, or Nasing, in Essex, whence came the missionary, Elior. The Nazing records show that the Camp or Campe family was not only a large but an influential one, of the sturdy yeomanry of Essex, and large landowners. The name of Kempe or Campe is derived from a Saxon or British word used to denote a combatant champion or man-at-arms, and is still retained in the Norfolk dialect, in which a football match is known as "camping" or "kemping." One authority holds that the name was originally given to an individual or family living near the Roman Camp. Nasang or Nazing was one of the estates, embracing an area of four square miles, granted by Harold to his college of Waltham. The arms of this family, which appear on an Essex tomb, are described as "Argent, a chevron engrailed, gules, between three stars azure." The tomb, which has recently been restored, represents the recumbent forms of Judge Kempe, who died in 1609, and his wife, Eleanor, surrounded by the kneeling figures of fourteen children.

Thus the family of Camp is distinguished, according to the symbolism of the ancient science of heraldry, for their courage and strength and for the signal success achieved in all important undertakings.

In the Puritan era the names of William Edward and Nicholas Camp appear as tenants of the manor at Nasing. Edward was supposedly the only son of William.

Edward and Mary Camp had the following issue: Edward, born July 8, 1650; Mary, born April 21, 1652; Sarah, born November 25, 1655. Edward, Jr., married Mehitable Smith on January 15, 1673; their children were: John, born February 13, 1686; Samuel and Sarah.

John, Sr., Nicholas, and his son, Nicholas, were born in England, the latter two years before sailing. William, Edward, Samuel and Richard appear at about the same period with Nicholas in the Connecticut Colony. Edward is found in New Haven and Milford records of 1634.

Nicholas Camp, immigrant ancestor, was born in England and came from Nazeing, county Essex to this country in 1631. He was at Watertown, Massachusetts for a time, then at Wethersfield, Connecticut, and in 1639 appears at Guilford, Connecticut. As early as 1646 he had a house, lot of 6 acres, one right and two parcels, in Milford, Connecticut. His name is on the list of free planters of Milford dated November 20, 1639. He joined the Milford Church November 2, 1643. He was taxed on one hundred and ninety-nine pounds of property at Milford in 1686. He died there in 1706." Quoted from "Genealogy and Family History of the State of Connecticut" Volume I, Page 816.
Nicholas arrived in 1631 with wife Sarah (Eliot) Camp and John Eliot at New Haven aboard the ship Lyon. DAR Magazine, Vol XLVI, 1915, pg.343.

Child of Nicholas Camp and Sarah Elliott is:
  1706 i.   Nicholas Camp, born April 07, 1627 in Nazeing, Essex, England; died June 10, 1706 in Milford, New Haven Co, CT; married Sarah Beard Abt. 1651 in Milford, New Haven, CT.

      3414. James Beard, born 1602 in Bedfordshire. England; died 1639 in At Sea on the way to America. He married 3415. Martha Wood 1623 in Eppiry, Essex, England.

      3415. Martha Wood, born 1603 in Bedfordshire. England; died June 11, 1649 in Milford, New Haven Co, CT..

Notes for James Beard:
Died en route to America (possibly on the ship "Martin")

Child of James Beard and Martha Wood is:
  1707 i.   Sarah Beard, born 1631 in Essex, England; died August 1689 in Milford, New Haven Co, CT; married Nicholas Camp Abt. 1651 in Milford, New Haven, CT.

      3470. Walter Barefoote, born in England; died October 03, 1688 in New Hampshire.

Notes for Walter Barefoote:
Barefoote Family--A disguised surname from Barford... This blood was carried into New Jersey from New Hampshire, as there are slight evidences of the surname in the former Colony, tho'the name is preserved in New Jersey in the family of Barefoote Brynson(or Brinson...) whose grand-mother, seemingly, the first wife of Dr. Henry Greenland, was Mary Barefoote, or else, close association perpetuated the name, without kinship. She then, was a daughter of Captain Walter Barefoote of N.H."

Mr. Streeter goes onto describe him as follows:
"Dr. Walter Barefoot (or Barford, as the name is given in England) who came to Kittery, Maine, in 1656 or 1657, and for thirty years until his death, 1688, was said to be the most litigating and scandal-raising personage connected with the Piscataqua region, whether as doctor, captain, prisoner, prison-keeper, Deputy Governor, land speculator or Chief Justice. He was well-educated and wrote a good hand. He was a chirchman, but a sturdy and quarrelsome supporter of the Stuart policy, while most of his neighbors were Puritans, so that the hard things...said of both Barefoote and Greenland need to be wieghed in the light of these facts. (See "N.E. Gen. Register," Vol.26, for will of Walter Barefoote, by which he leaves 1,000 acres in Maine to Dr. H. Greenland). (William H. Benedict, "The Brunson (Brynson--Brinson) Family," Somerset County Historical quarterly, [Vol. III] [1914])." "

Walter Barefoote turns up again in March 1665 at Dover, Massachusetts (now New Hampshire), giving a letter of attorney to his loving friend Henry Greenland" to collect a payment of a debt "in boots and shoes."

Perry cites another source, (Pioneers, N.H., p13):
"Barefoote, Walter, Captain, gent. Kittery, bought land and house of Capt. Champernowne, 1658; later home, Newcastle. A partisan of Charles II and of the Masons; and official in the Provincial govt., involved in many conflict, 1679-1688. Will, 3Oct prob. 8 Oct 1688; sister Sarah, wife of Thomas Wiggin, Jr.; Cousin, John Lee and others."

Child of Walter Barefoote is:
  1735 i.   Mary Barefoote, born Abt. 1631 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England; died Abt. 1694 in Piscataway, New Jersey; married Dr. Henry Greenland Bef. 1653 in England.

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