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Ancestors of Joseph Davis Cornwell III

      34. William Dawkins Lane, born 1766; died 1815. He was the son of 68. Edward Lane and 69. Mary Ann Dawkins. He married 35. Elizabeth Jane White.

      35. Elizabeth Jane White67, born 1771 in NC68. She was the daughter of 70. Isaac White and 71. Mary.
Children of William Lane and Elizabeth White are:
  i.   Edward W. Lane69.
  More About Edward W. Lane:
Fact 1: Was in AL in 1850, may have gone to TX69

  ii.   Russian Lane69.
  More About Russian Lane:
Fact 1: Was on Putnam Co, GA cemsus69

  iii.   Martha Lane69, born 1793; married Waid Hill.
  More About Waid Hill:
Fact 1: Occupation Baptist preacher69

  iv.   Mary Ellen Lane69, born 1795; died 1860; married Lazarus Atkinson.
  17 v.   Eliza Dawkins Lane, born 12 Jun, 1808 in Jasper Co, GA; died 16 Jun, 1871 in Jasper Co, GA; married George Washington Cornwell.

      36. Jeremiah P. Hardy70,71, born Abt. 1789 in NC; died in GA. He was the son of 72. Joseph Hardy and 73. Nancy Hoggard. He married 37. Susannah Hardy 19 Jun, 1808 in Lincoln Co, GA72.

      37. Susannah Hardy73, born Abt. 1778 in Bertie Co, NC74. She was the daughter of 74. Jesse Hardy and 75. Elizabeth Batchler.

Notes for Jeremiah P. Hardy:
Members of the Hardy family residing in Lamar Co, trace their ancestry to Jeremiah P. Hardy, who migrated from North Carolina to Lincoln Co, GA (date unknown). One of his sons,Benejah, moved to Jasper Co, GA.
(History of Lamar Co)
Child of Jeremiah Hardy and Susannah Hardy is:
  18 i.   Benager Hardy, born 15 Jul, 1811 in Lincoln Co, GA; died 30 Sep, 1877 in Jasper Co, GA; married Amelia Mildred Sutton 24 Dec, 1833 in Jasper Co, GA.

      40. Jarrett Burton Kelly, born 16 Aug, 1806 in Clarke County, GA75; died 22 Nov, 1891 in Jasper Co, GA. He was the son of 80. Allen Kelly and 81. Mary Regan. He married 41. Permelia Scott Banks 22 Dec, 1829 in Jasper Co, GA76,77.

      41. Permelia Scott Banks, born 14 Sep, 181078; died 24 Dec, 1889. She was the daughter of 82. Eaton Banks and 83. Sarah Hodnet.

Notes for Jarrett Burton Kelly:
Jarrett Burton Kelly's will in Jasper Co, GA, "of old age" mentions wife Permelia, house, and 45 acres next to John R. Kelly and Mrs. Emily Kelly's. Also leaves his wife $100 yearly, 2 bedsteads, all of her bed clothing, six of the best chairs and two low chairs, one chest, one trunk, looking stand, kettle, safe, cupboard, etc. and "my family Bible and Hymn book." Eaton H. Kelly and grandsons B. C. Kelly and Thomas S. Malone, Jr., executors. Will dated 7/6/1887, recorded 12/7/1891. The will also has a map with it showing the lands of J. Burton Kelly. In the 1870 Census, Burton J. (sic) Kelly household #1571-1523, in Fishers 291 District Monticello, was age 63, farmer, $3000-$1800, family all born in Georgia. Permelia was age 56, housekeeper. Also mentioned in the household was John C. Kelly, age 26, overseer.

Dorothy MacDowell, The Kellys of Jasper Co, GA
Children of Jarrett Kelly and Permelia Banks are:
  i.   Sarah Ann Kelly, born 4 Apr, 183178; married Tom Malone.
  ii.   Eaton Harris Kelly, born 14 Nov, 1832 in Jasper Co, GA78; died 29 Dec, 1900 in Jasper Co, GA79; married Margaret Jane Greer 13 Jan, 1859 in Jasper Co, GA80.
  More About Eaton Harris Kelly:
Fact 1: Buried B. G. Malone Place, Jasper Co, GA81
Fact 2: Killed by Lee Tuggle81

  20 iii.   Seaborn Clark Kelly, born 10 Dec, 1836 in Jasper County, GA; died 1872; married Emily Digby 15 Jan, 1855.
  iv.   John R. Kelly, born 13 Jun, 184482; married (1) Miss McMichael; married (2) Miss Malone.
  v.   Permelia Indiana Scott Kelly, born 30 Jun, 184782; married Dr. Dozier.

      42. Berry Tolbert Digby83, born 1809; died 1871. He was the son of 84. John Digby and 85. Belinda Slade. He married 43. Janice Hutchinson.

      43. Janice Hutchinson84,85, born 1812; died 1869. She was the daughter of 86. Thomas Hutcherson.
Children of Berry Digby and Janice Hutchinson are:
  i.   John Whitfield Digby85, born 1833.
  21 ii.   Emily Digby, born 1835; died 1925; married Seaborn Clark Kelly 15 Jan, 1855.
  iii.   Belinda Digby85, born 1837; married (1) William S. Beckwith; married (2) Milton Harris.
  iv.   Thomas Lee Digby85, born 1839.
  v.   Martha Digby85, born 1841.
  vi.   Lucinda Digby85, born 1843; died 1930; married Duke Remulus Hodge.
  vii.   James Milton Digby85, born 1846; died 1928; married (1) Martha Tyson; married (2) Emma Meadows.
  viii.   Mary Ceriacy Digby85, born 1848.
  ix.   Berry Mac Digby85, born 1850; died 1919; married Georgia A. Womack.

      44. Calvin Fish86, born 22 Dec, 1807 in Jasper Co, GA; died 1 Aug, 1861 in Jasper Co, GA. He was the son of 88. Nathaniel Fish and 89. Naomi Phillips. He married 45. Sarena Kelly 4 Feb, 1830 in Jasper Co, GA87.

      45. Sarena Kelly, born 5 Jan, 1814 in Jasper Co, GA; died 2 Jan, 1873 in Jasper Co, GA.
Children of Calvin Fish and Sarena Kelly are:
  i.   Nathan Fish.
  22 ii.   William Thomas Fish, born 1833 in Jasper Co, GA; died 7 May, 1926; married Wilmoth Greer 12 Feb, 1857 in Jasper Co, GA.
  iii.   Salina Fish, born 9 Dec, 1843 in Jasper Co, GA; married Henry Bonner Jordan.

      46. Crawford Harrison Greer88,89, born 24 Oct, 1812 in Jasper Co, GA90; died 12 Sep, 1892 in Jasper Co, GA91. He was the son of 92. Thomas Greer and 93. Amy Foreman. He married 47. Margaret W. Lawrence 13 Feb, 1833 in Jasper Co, GA92.

      47. Margaret W. Lawrence93, born 27 Feb, 1815 in Jasper Co, GA94; died 4 Jun, 1861 in Jasper Co, GA94. She was the daughter of 94. William Lawrence and 95. Peavy.

More About Crawford Harrison Greer:
Fact 1: Burial: Greer Cemetery, Jasper Co, GA
Fact 2: Occupation: Farmer
Children of Crawford Greer and Margaret Lawrence are:
  i.   Thomas F. Greer, born Abt. 1835 in Jasper Co, GA95; died Aft. 185096.
  23 ii.   Wilmoth Greer, born Abt. 1839 in Jasper Co, GA; died Bet. 1877 - 1880 in Jasper Co, GA; married William Thomas Fish 12 Feb, 1857 in Jasper Co, GA.
  iii.   Margaret Jane Greer, born 20 Aug, 1840 in Jasper Co, GA97; died 13 Sep, 1883 in Jasper Co, GA97; married Eaton Harris Kelly 13 Jan, 1859 in Jasper Co, GA98.
  More About Eaton Harris Kelly:
Fact 1: Buried B. G. Malone Place, Jasper Co, GA99
Fact 2: Killed by Lee Tuggle99

  iv.   John Lee Greer, born Abt. 1844100.
  v.   Amy Ann Greer, born 26 Aug, 1845100.
  vi.   Nathaniel H. Greer, born Abt. 1848100.
  vii.   Crawford Harrison Greer , Jr, born 18 Sep, 1850100.
  viii.   William Gibson Greer, born 27 Jan, 1853101.
  ix.   Emily Greer, born 19 Nov, 1854102.

      48. Joshua Caswell , Jr, born 30 Dec, 1783 in Alleghany Co, NY; died 25 Jun, 1856 in Warrick Co, IN. He was the son of 96. Joshua Caswell , Sr and 97. Alice Reynolds. He married 49. Jane Taylor.

      49. Jane Taylor, born 17 Nov, 1792 in NY; died 8 Feb, 1871 in Warrick Co, IN. She was the daughter of 98. Medad Taylor and 99. Sarah Wanser.

Notes for Joshua Caswell , Jr:
Joshua Caswell, Jr and Jane Taylor lived in NY state and Ashtabula, OH before coming to Warrick Co, IN, shortly before 1830. It is said that floated down the canals in OH by flat boat until they reached the Ohio River, which brought them to Southern IN. Lumber from said boat was nailed into the top of the barn built on their farm in Hart Township. Phyllis Jamison
Children of Joshua Caswell and Jane Taylor are:
  i.   Loren Caswell103.
  More About Loren Caswell:
Fact 1: Died young104

  ii.   Lucinda Caswell105, born in NY; married Woodruff.
  More About Lucinda Caswell:
Fact 1: Home was in Michigan106

  iii.   Norman Caswell107, married Emma Gilbert in OH.
  Notes for Norman Caswell:
Norman Caswell was very prosperous. His portrait and his estate are pictured in the "History of Ashtabula, Ohio." He did not move to IN and was the father of three sons. Phyllis Jamison

  iv.   Lydia Caswell108, born Abt. 1810 in NY109,110; married Elijah King.
  More About Lydia Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery111

  24 v.   Ira Caswell, born 27 Apr, 1814 in Near Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY; died 6 Oct, 1878 in Warrick Co, IN; married Ellen Malinda Hudson 9 Mar, 1843 in Warrick Co, IN.
  vi.   Orrin P. Caswell112, born 5 May, 1819 in NY113,114; died 25 Aug, 1899; married Martha Jane Hartley 31 May, 1846 in Warrick Co, IN.
  More About Orrin P. Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Bates Hill Cemetery115

  More About Martha Jane Hartley:
Fact 1: Buried Bates Hill Cemetery, Warrick, IN

  vii.   Amanda Caswell116, born Abt. 1822 in NY; married (1) Charles Stroud; married (2) Arnold.
  Notes for Amanda Caswell:
In 1850, Amanda and Charles were living next door to her parents in Hart Township. They were not in Warrick Co in 1860. In 1870, Amanda Arnold, age 47, was in the household of her brother Henry Caswell in Boon Twp. Their mother, Jane Caswell, age 78, was also in the home. Amanda was sometimes listed as "Miranda." In 1880, she was in Hart Twp with her daughter and family. Phyllis Jamison "400 Years of Caswell" page 5

  viii.   Lucinda Caswell117, born Abt. 1823 in NY; died 23 Dec, 1872 in IN; married Solomon Day.
  More About Lucinda Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Davis Cemetery, Anderson Twp, IN118

  More About Solomon Day:
Fact 1: Buried Davis Cemetery, Anderson Twp, IN118

  ix.   Jane Caswell119, born 1826 in NY; died 1882 in IN; married Francis P. Shrode 23 Mar, 1845.
  More About Jane Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery120

  More About Francis P. Shrode:
Fact 1: Probably buried at Mt Zion Cemetery (no marker)120

  x.   Melissa Caswell121, born 10 Jul, 1831 in NY; died 1899 in IN.
  Notes for Melissa Caswell:
Melissa Caswell became blind as a child, possibly from measles. She never married. Phyllis Jamison

  More About Melissa Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery122

  xi.   Henry Caswell123, born 21 Apr, 1834 in OH; died 27 Feb, 1878 in IN; married Nancy Matthews.
  More About Henry Caswell:
Fact 1: Buried Mt. Zion Cemetery124

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