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Ancestors of Joseph Davis Cornwell III

      84. John Digby199, died 1818. He married 85. Belinda Slade.

      85. Belinda Slade199, born 1790 in Wilkes Co, GA; died Aft. 1850 in Jasper Co, GA. She was the daughter of 170. Nicholas Slade and 171. Martha Amos?.
Children of John Digby and Belinda Slade are:
  i.   Lucinda Digby.
  ii.   Eliza Digby199, married Mathall.
  42 iii.   Berry Tolbert Digby, born 1809; died 1871; married Janice Hutchinson.
  iv.   John B. Digby199, born 1815; died 1882; married Unity Lawrence.

      86. Thomas Hutcherson200.
Child of Thomas Hutcherson is:
  43 i.   Janice Hutchinson, born 1812; died 1869; married Berry Tolbert Digby.

      88. Nathaniel Fish201, born 3 Oct, 1779 in NC; died 14 Oct, 1840 in Jasper Co, GA. He married 89. Naomi Phillips 20 Mar, 1802.

      89. Naomi Phillips202,203, born 14 Jul, 1784; died 8 Apr, 1846. She was the daughter of 178. James Phillips and 179. Margaret Sullivant.
Children of Nathaniel Fish and Naomi Phillips are:
  i.   Clarissa Fish203, born 29 Nov, 1803.
  ii.   Polly Fish203, born 20 Aug, 1805.
  44 iii.   Calvin Fish, born 22 Dec, 1807 in Jasper Co, GA; died 1 Aug, 1861 in Jasper Co, GA; married Sarena Kelly 4 Feb, 1830 in Jasper Co, GA.
  iv.   Susannah Fish203, born 6 Apr, 1810; married William McCallay.
  v.   W. T. Fish203, born 15 Nov, 1811.
  vi.   Keren Happuch Fish203, born 1 Jun, 1812.
  vii.   Russell Fish203, born 16 Sep, 1814 in Jasper Co, GA; died Jan 1865 in Indian Territory; married Margaret Elizabeth Curry 10 Oct, 1833.
  viii.   Thomas Gastin Fish203, born 28 Jan, 1817.
  ix.   Lenora Fish203, born 6 Apr, 1819.
  x.   Vines Fish203, born 9 Dec, 1821.

      92. Thomas Greer204,205, born 30 Dec, 1784 in Washington Co, GA206; died 17 Aug, 1850 in Jasper Co, GA206. He was the son of 184. John David Greer and 185. Sara Hunt. He married 93. Amy Foreman 6 Jun, 1811 in Jasper Co, GA207.

      93. Amy Foreman208, born Abt. 1793 in Edgefield Co, SC208; died 1875 in Jasper Co, GA208. She was the daughter of 186. Isaac Foreman and 187. Sarah.

More About Thomas Greer:
Fact 1: Occupation: Farmer
Fact 2: Veteran of the War of 1812
Fact 3: Buried Greer Cemetery, Jasper Co GA

  Notes for Amy Foreman:
Although Amy's grave is not marked, it is probable that she is buried with Thomas. Ann L. Sherman

Thomas Greer's wife has been incorrrectly identified as Amy Johnson by several researchers. Ann Sherman has provided definitive proof that Thomas Greer's wife was actually Amy Foreman.
Children of Thomas Greer and Amy Foreman are:
  46 i.   Crawford Harrison Greer, born 24 Oct, 1812 in Jasper Co, GA; died 12 Sep, 1892 in Jasper Co, GA; married Margaret W. Lawrence 13 Feb, 1833 in Jasper Co, GA.
  ii.   John R. Greer209, born 14 Jul, 1814 in Jasper Co, GA; died 23 Apr, 1898 in Jasper Co, GA; married Mary Ann McMichael 20 Jan, 1841210.
  iii.   Leroy F. Greer211, born Abt. 1816.
  Notes for Leroy F. Greer:
Leroy left Jasper Co in the 1940s. He was alive in Dec 1849 witha son, Thomas J. C. Greer, when Thomas wrote his will.

Ann L. Sherman research material

      94. William Lawrence212. He married 95. Peavy.

      95. Peavy213. She was the daughter of 190. John Peavy and 191. Unity White.
Child of William Lawrence and Peavy is:
  47 i.   Margaret W. Lawrence, born 27 Feb, 1815 in Jasper Co, GA; died 4 Jun, 1861 in Jasper Co, GA; married Crawford Harrison Greer 13 Feb, 1833 in Jasper Co, GA.

      96. Joshua Caswell , Sr, born 22 Mar, 1749 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co, MA214; died 3 Mar, 1832 in Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY. He was the son of 192. Jotham Caswell and 193. Mary Reynolds. He married 97. Alice Reynolds 10 Nov, 1775.

      97. Alice Reynolds. She was the daughter of 194. Electious Reynolds , Jr and 195. Charity Caswell.

Notes for Joshua Caswell , Sr:
Joshua Caswell served in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted Nov 1775 at Prospect Hill near Cambridge, MA and served in Capt. Draper and Col. Bond's Regt. until 1776. He was discharged in 1780. Pension #S 44228, DAR # 468082. "400 Years of Caswell," Phyllis Jamison
Children of Joshua Caswell and Alice Reynolds are:
  i.   Jothan Caswell, married Mary Reynolds.
  ii.   Martha Caswell.
  48 iii.   Joshua Caswell , Jr, born 30 Dec, 1783 in Alleghany Co, NY; died 25 Jun, 1856 in Warrick Co, IN; married Jane Taylor.

      98. Medad Taylor215, born 1758216; died 8 Sep, 1819 in NY216. He married 99. Sarah Wanser.

      99. Sarah Wanser217.

More About Medad Taylor:
Fact 1: Revolutionary War Soldier from NH217
Child of Medad Taylor and Sarah Wanser is:
  49 i.   Jane Taylor, born 17 Nov, 1792 in NY; died 8 Feb, 1871 in Warrick Co, IN; married Joshua Caswell , Jr.

      100. Daniel Hudson218, born Abt. 1763 in Kent Co, DE. He was the son of 200. Absolom Hudson.
Child of Daniel Hudson is:
  50 i.   Arnold Hudson, born Abt. 1791 in NC; died Aft. 1860 in TX; married Nancy Roby 20 Jan, 1813 in Clark Co, IN.

      102. Leonard Robey , Jr.219, born 1762 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD. He was the son of 204. Leonard Robey , Sr. and 205. Emma Wedding. He married 103. Lena Tucker Abt. 1779.

      103. Lena Tucker219, born Abt. 1762.

Notes for Leonard Robey , Jr.:
Leonard moved his family from MD to NC, and then to KY, and then to Clark Co, IN. Leonard and his son Louis are buried in the Prather Cemetery in Clark Co, IN.

Leonard served as a private in Captain John Hanson's Militia in the Revolution. (Muster Roll of the Militia, page 3, MD Historical Society, Baltimore, MD). Townley and brothers Henry and Absalom served in the War of 1812.

Henry had 13 children, Absalom had two daughters, Townley had three sons, Patsy had eight children, Betsy had one son, Nancy Robey had 8 children, Sallie had nine children.

After the death of Leonard, the family scattered: Henry, Absalom, Arnold Hudson, William green, William Ellis, William Smith, and Rebecca Ellis Roby went into Meade Co, KY. Lena, widow of Leonard Roby, also went into Meade Co, KY. There she and Patsy Green are buried. William Ellis and family went on into New Albany, IN where he passed away, and the widow and children went on into Spencer Co, IN, where all of them are buried.

William Grafton Robey, Jr.
Children of Leonard Robey and Lena Tucker are:
  i.   Patsy Roby219, died in Meade Co, KY219; married William Green.
  More About Patsy Roby:
Fact 1: Buried Meade Co, KY219

  More About William Green:
Fact 1: Buried Washington Co, IN219

  ii.   Sallie Roby219, married William Ellis.
  More About Sallie Roby:
Fact 1: Buried Spencer Co, IN219

  More About William Ellis:
Fact 1: Buried New Albany, IN219

  iii.   Betsy Roby219, married William Smith.
  iv.   Louie Roby219, died in Clarke Co, IN219.
  More About Louie Roby:
Fact 1: Buried Prather Cemetery, Clarke Co, IN219

  v.   Townley Roby219, born 1780.
  vi.   Henry Roby220, born 1790; died in Washington Co, IN; married Lozenberry.
  vii.   Absalom Roby220, born 1791; died in Spencer Co, IN; married Polly Carpenter.
  51 viii.   Nancy Roby, born 27 Feb, 1791 in NC; died 29 Nov, 1844 in Warrick Co, IN; married Arnold Hudson 20 Jan, 1813 in Clark Co, IN.

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