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Ancestors of Joseph Davis Cornwell III

      184. John David Greer283,284,285,286, born 19 Dec, 1760 in Troup Co, GA; died 2 Feb, 1843 in Troup Co, GA. He was the son of 368. Thomas Greer and 369. Jane Dunlap. He married 185. Sara Hunt 1783.

      185. Sara Hunt287,288, born 26 Feb, 1763; died 8 Aug, 1835. She was the daughter of 370. Nathaniel Hunt and 371. Nancy Reddick.
Children of John Greer and Sara Hunt are:
  i.   Reddick Greer289, born 11 Dec, 1782 in Hancock Co, GA290; died 20 Oct, 1802290; married Katherine Woods.
  92 ii.   Thomas Greer, born 30 Dec, 1784 in Washington Co, GA; died 17 Aug, 1850 in Jasper Co, GA; married Amy Foreman 6 Jun, 1811 in Jasper Co, GA.
  iii.   Jane Greer291, born 13 Mar, 1787 in Hancock Co, GA292.
  iv.   James Alexander Greer293,294, born 1 Oct, 1789 in Hancock Co, GA295; died 11 Oct, 1840 in Montgomery Co, TX295; married Sarah P. Terry 20 Aug, 1815.
  v.   Gilbert Dunlap Greer296,297,297, born 29 Oct, 1792 in Hancock Co, GA; died 23 Mar, 1852 in Cowetta Co, GA; married (1) Sarah Ann Lewis; married (2) Martha Moore 23 Oct, 1814.
  More About Gilbert Dunlap Greer:
Fact 1: 1814, Served as Captain of Militia in Jasper Co, GA298
Fact 2: 1836, Served as Captain of Cavalry in Coweta Co, GA298

  vi.   Sara Hunt Greer299,300, born 10 Jan, 1794 in Hancock Co, GA; died 4 Aug, 1825301.
  vii.   John Cox Greer302, born 4 Oct, 1796 in Hancock Co, GA303; died 8 Mar, 1804.
  viii.   Hannah Greer304, born 13 May, 1798 in Hancock Co, GA; died 1814; married Thomas Nolan.
  ix.   William David Greer305, born 18 Jun, 1800 in Warren Co, GA306; died 22 Dec, 1852; married Harriet Fowler 30 Dec, 1845 in Henry Co, TN.
  x.   Nathaniel Hunt Greer307, born 26 Oct, 1802 in Jasper Co, GA308; died 25 Jun, 1855 in Little Nemehaw, Nebraska Terr.; married Nancy Ann Terry Roberts 1821 in GA.
  More About Nathaniel Hunt Greer:
Fact 1: Buried on plains near Atchison, Atchison Co, KS309

  xi.   Nancy Reddick Greer310, born 9 Aug, 1805 in Hillsboro, Jasper Co, GA; died Oct 1878 in Nuggat, Lincoln Co, WY; married (1) Willis Snellon Johnson 1824 in Hillsboro, Jasper Co, GA; married (2) John Sprouse Mar 1857.
  Notes for Nancy Reddick Greer:
NancyGreer died on a pioneer trail near Nuggat, Lincoln Co, WY. She was buried in Johnson's Point, rich Co, UT. Nancy and at least one of her husbands lived in Idaho. She was buried on the roadside near where she died. Her body was later moved to Rich, UT.

      186. Isaac Foreman311, born Bet. 1750 - 1754. He was the son of 372. George Foreman and 373. Charity. He married 187. Sarah.

      187. Sarah312, born Bet. 1760 - 1770; died Aft. 1840.

Notes for Isaac Foreman:
Isaac Foreman and Sarah lived in Edgefield Co, SC, Jasper Co, GA, and Autauga Co, AL (Ann Sherman)

More About Isaac Foreman:
Fact 1: Occupation Farmer312
Children of Isaac Foreman and Sarah are:
  i.   Edmund Foreman312, died Aft. 7 Feb, 1833312.
  ii.   Jacob Foreman312.
  iii.   Mary Foreman312, died Aft. 7 Feb, 1833312; married Johnson.
  iv.   Elizabeth Foreman312, died 1863 in Benton Co, AL313; married (1) Silas Pace , Jr Bef. 1805 in Edgefield Co, SC; married (2) Whitman Hill 8 Dec, 1812 in Jasper Co, GA314.
  v.   Sarah Foreman315, died Aft. 7 Feb, 1833315; married William Burton 21 Jan, 1816 in Jasper Co, GA316.
  vi.   Miranda Foreman317, died Aft. 7 Feb, 1833317; married Baker.
  vii.   Nancy Foreman, married Moore.
  viii.   Marina Foreman, died Bef. 7 Feb, 1833317; married Hagler.
  More About Marina Foreman:
Fact 1: Marina had 3 children317

  ix.   George Foreman318, born Bet. 1780 - 1790319; married Margaret H. Burton.
  x.   Anna Foreman320, born Abt. 1788.
  93 xi.   Amy Foreman, born Abt. 1793 in Edgefield Co, SC; died 1875 in Jasper Co, GA; married Thomas Greer 6 Jun, 1811 in Jasper Co, GA.

      190. John Peavy321, born 1766 in GA. He married 191. Unity White.

      191. Unity White321,322, born 1770. She was the daughter of 382. David White and 383. Sarah Williams.
Child of John Peavy and Unity White is:
  95 i.   Peavy, married William Lawrence.

      192. Jotham Caswell323,324, born in Taunton, MA. He was the son of 384. William Caswell and 385. Mercy Lincoln. He married 193. Mary Reynolds 11 Jan, 1732 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co, MA.

      193. Mary Reynolds325,326, born 1 Jul, 1713 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA; died Bef. 8 Apr, 1774 in Plymouth Co, MA. She was the daughter of 386. Isaac Reynolds and 387. Dorothy Seekens.

More About Jotham Caswell:
Fact 1: Occupation house carpenter327
Children of Jotham Caswell and Mary Reynolds are:
  i.   Sara Caswell328.
  ii.   Prudence Caswell, born 4 Jan, 1733328; married George Douglas 3 Jan, 1760328.
  iii.   Mary Caswell, born 3 Mar, 1735 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co, MA328; married Abraham Niles.
  iv.   Jotham Caswell, born 6 Jun, 1738 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co, MA328.
  v.   Dorothy Caswell, born 20 Oct, 1740328.
  vi.   Miriam Caswell, born 4 May, 1743328; married John Hoskins 3 Apr, 1760328.
  96 vii.   Joshua Caswell , Sr, born 22 Mar, 1749 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co, MA; died 3 Mar, 1832 in Centerville, Alleghany Co, NY; married Alice Reynolds 10 Nov, 1775.

      194. Electious Reynolds , Jr329, born 21 Feb, 1706; died 1786 in Rochester, Plymouth Co, MA. He was the son of 388. Electious Reynolds , Sr and 389. Mary Pease. He married 195. Charity Caswell 1 Apr, 1731.

      195. Charity Caswell329. She was the daughter of 390. William Caswell and 391. Mercy Lincoln.

More About Electious Reynolds , Jr:
Fact 1: Bef. Sep 1786, Died intestate329

More About Catherine Carlisle:
Fact 1: Catherine was the widow of John Evans329
Child of Electious Reynolds and Charity Caswell is:
  97 i.   Alice Reynolds, married Joshua Caswell , Sr 10 Nov, 1775.
Children of Electious Reynolds and Catherine Carlisle are:
  i.   John Reynolds329, married Phebe Reynolds 10 Apr, 1773 in Taunton, MA.
  ii.   Catherine Reynolds329, born 10 Jun, 1779; married Zebedee Booth 7 Oct, 1779.

      200. Absolom Hudson330, born Abt. 1742. He was the son of 400. Arnold Hudson and 401. Elizabeth.
Children of Absolom Hudson are:
  i.   Isaac Hudson, born in Kent Co, DE.
  More About Isaac Hudson:
Fact 1: Revolutionary War Soldier330

  100 ii.   Daniel Hudson, born Abt. 1763 in Kent Co, DE.

      204. Leonard Robey , Sr.331, born 1735 in Charles Co, MD; died Mar 1804 in Charles Co, MD. He was the son of 408. Thomas Robey and 409. Sarah Elizabeth Nalley. He married 205. Emma Wedding.

      205. Emma Wedding331. She was the daughter of 410. John Wedding and 411. Elizabeth.

Notes for Leonard Robey , Sr.:
Leonard's two sons Samuel and Benjaminmay have married two Carrington sisters and moved to TX.
Children of Leonard Robey and Emma Wedding are:
  i.   Benjamin Robey331.
  ii.   Diedamia Robey331.
  iii.   Samuel Robey331.
  102 iv.   Leonard Robey , Jr., born 1762 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD; married Lena Tucker Abt. 1779.

      208. Alexander Caldwell332, born 1723 in Northern Ireland333. He married 209. Mary Colwell in Wales.

      209. Mary Colwell334, born in Wales.

Notes for Alexander Caldwell:
Alexander Caldwell came to America in 1745, landing in Philadelphia. Two of his brothers, David and Oliver Caldwell, came with him to America. On his way to America, Alexander went from Ireland to Wales. While visiting his relatives, he married his cousin, Mary Colwell. Mary's two brothers, John and Andrew, came with them to America. Alexander Caldwell bought land six miles north of Philadelphia from William Penn. (Phyllis Jamison)
Children of Alexander Caldwell and Mary Colwell are:
  104 i.   William Caldwell, married Mary McClelland in PA.
  ii.   John Caldwell334.
  iii.   Robert Caldwell334,335, born 1 Aug, 1747.
  iv.   Alexander Caldwell336,337, born 22 Jun, 1752 in Westmoreland Co, PA; died 31 May, 1821 in Kentucky; married Elizabeth Stephenson 1774.
  Notes for Alexander Caldwell:
Alexander Caldwell was of Nicholas Co, KY, and was a Private from PA in the Revolutionary War.

The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol IV, Fredrick A. Virkus

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