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Ancestors of André Hunter Courville

      1590. François Boudrot He was the son of 3180. Michel Boudrot and 3181. Micheline Aucoin. He married 1591. Marie Madeleine Beliveau.

      1591. Marie Madeleine Beliveau She was the daughter of 3182. Jean Antoine Beliveau and 3183. Marie Jeanne Bourg.
Child of François Boudrot and Marie Beliveau is:
  795 i.   Madeleine Boudrot, married Claude André LeBlanc.

      1592. Martin Richard He was the son of 3184. Michel Richard and 3185. Magdeleine Blanchard. He married 1593. Marguerite Bourg.

      1593. Marguerite Bourg
Child of Martin Richard and Marguerite Bourg is:
  796 i.   Martin Richard, married Marie Cormier.

      1594. François Cormier He was the son of 3188. Thomas Cormier and 3189. Madeleine Giroir. He married 1595. Marguerite LeBlanc.

      1595. Marguerite LeBlanc She was the daughter of 3190. André LeBlanc and 3191. Marie Jeanne Dugas.
Child of François Cormier and Marguerite LeBlanc is:
  797 i.   Marie Cormier, married Martin Richard.

      1848. Paul Savoie, born 1696 in Port Royal, Acadia. He was the son of 3696. Germain Savoie and 3697. Marie Breaux. He married 1849. Judith Michel November 23, 1722 in Port Royal, Acadia.

      1849. Judith Michel, born 1699 in Chipoudie, Acadia. She was the daughter of 3698. Jacques Michel and 3699. Catherine Comeau.

More About Paul Savoie and Judith Michel:
Marriage: November 23, 1722, Port Royal, Acadia
Child of Paul Savoie and Judith Michel is:
  924 i.   Jean Savoie, dit Valois, born Abt. 1752 in Chipoudie, Acadia; died October 13, 1803 in Opelousas, Louisiana; married Marguerite Boutin November 03, 1773 in Chipoudy, Acadia.

      1850. Paul Boutin, born 1727; died February 25, 1801 in Opelousas, Louisiana. He was the son of 3700. Jean Joseph Boutin and 3701. Marie Marguerite Lejeune, dit Briard. He married 1851. Ursule Guidry November 09, 1750 in Louisbourg.

      1851. Ursule Guidry, born 1731 in Cobequid, Acadia; died August 20, 1788 in Opelousas, Louisiana. She was the daughter of 280. Augustin Guidry and 281. Jeanne Hebert.

More About Paul Boutin and Ursule Guidry:
Marriage: November 09, 1750, Louisbourg
Child of Paul Boutin and Ursule Guidry is:
  925 i.   Marguerite Boutin, born 1754 in Acadia; died WFT Est. 1794-1834; married Jean Savoie, dit Valois November 03, 1773 in Chipoudy, Acadia.

      1856. Martin Marx, born WFT Est. 1646-1675 in Germany; died WFT Est. 1700-1760.
Child of Martin Marx is:
  928 i.   Balthasar Marx, born Abt. 1697 in Wullwenburg, Palalinate, Germany; died WFT Est. 1761-1791 in St. John the Baptist, Louisiana; married Marie Anne Heckel.

      1858. Gaspard Heckel, born WFT Est. 1656-1703; died November 19, 1750 in St. Charles Borromeo, St. John, Louisiana. He married 1859. Agatha Sontinne WFT Est. 1682-1735.

      1859. Agatha Sontinne, born WFT Est. 1662-1706; died WFT Est. 1698-1789.

More About Gaspard Heckel and Agatha Sontinne:
Marriage: WFT Est. 1682-1735
Child of Gaspard Heckel and Agatha Sontinne is:
  929 i.   Marie Anne Heckel, born WFT Est. 1698-1729 in Germany; died WFT Est. 1763-1817; married Balthasar Marx.

      1880. Jacques Barré He was the son of 3760. Jean Barré and 3761. Isabella Morin. He married 1881. Marie Louise Jetté October 15, 1688 in Montreal, Canada.

      1881. Marie Louise Jetté, born Abt. 1662. She was the daughter of 3762. Urbain Jetté and 3763. Catherine Charles.

More About Jacques Barré and Marie Jetté:
Marriage: October 15, 1688, Montreal, Canada
Child of Jacques Barré and Marie Jetté is:
  940 i.   Paul Barré, born April 04, 1698 in Montreal, Canada; died 1761; married Marie Jeanne Girardy.

      1882. Joseph Girardy He married 1883. Marie Jeanne Henry.

      1883. Marie Jeanne Henry, died December 08, 1770. She was the daughter of 3766. Nicolas Henry I and 3767. Elizabeth Thomas.
Child of Joseph Girardy and Marie Henry is:
  941 i.   Marie Jeanne Girardy, married Paul Barré.

      1884. Albert Decuire, born Abt. February 1672/73 in Macon, Hainaut; died October 12, 1750 in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana. He was the son of 3768. Simon Decuire and 3769. Marguerite Dehon. He married 1885. Catherine Dumaire November 27, 1695 in Salles, Hainaut.

      1885. Catherine Dumaire, born Abt. 1674 in Salles, Hainaut; died 1735 in Louisiana. She was the daughter of 3770. Jean Domer and 3771. Marie Mossut.

More About Albert Decuire and Catherine Dumaire:
Marriage: November 27, 1695, Salles, Hainaut
Child of Albert Decuire and Catherine Dumaire is:
  942 i.   Jean Francois Decuir, born Abt. 1704 in Merge, Trever, France; died January 09, 1771 in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana; married Genevieve Mayeux November 05, 1743.

      1886. Pierre Francois Mayeux, born Abt. 1699 in Maintenay, Picardy, France; died December 16, 1747 in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana. He was the son of 3772. Pierre Mayeux, dit Hasards. He married 1887. Marie Francoise Cellier 1720.

      1887. Marie Francoise Cellier, died January 27, 1738/39 in Point Coupee Parish, Louisiana. She was the daughter of 3774. Jean Seller and 3775. Anne Cadet.

More About Pierre Mayeux and Marie Cellier:
Marriage: 1720
Child of Pierre Mayeux and Marie Cellier is:
  943 i.   Genevieve Mayeux, born 1727 in New Orleans, Louisiana; died 1779 in Louisiana; married Jean Francois Decuir November 05, 1743.

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