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Couches of Greene Co., TN, then Missouri, then WA & OR

Updated August 17, 2002

Robert (Bob) L. Couch
Portland, OR 97229
A-United States

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I have a fairly large collection of "antique" photos and documents for the LARNER/ASBURY/WRIGHT/GRANGER portion of my family tree (my mother's ancestry), and have traced their roots back many generations, especially with the help of the "Granger Book", a genealogical history published in 1893 of the Granger family descended from Launcelot Granger, who came to the U.S. from England in the mid-1600's.

My father's family (COUCH, STORMS, PATTERSON, MALOTT, MUNKIRS/MUNKRES) come largely from Clay Co., Jackson Co. (Kansas City), and Livingston Co. (Chillicothe) Missouri and have been quite challenging to trace. However, I am quite certain that my COUCH line traces back to Jacob Couch, who went to Tennessee, sometime before he died there in 1797, and may have come there from South Carolina. I have now also connected my STORMS ancestry to Coonrod (Conrad) Storms of Jessamine Co., KY. There are a couple of prevailing theories regarding his ancestry. I tend to favor one which traces back to the immigrant ancestor, Johann Jacob Sturm, who came from Schifferstadt in Bavaria in 1728. I have fairly detailed information on the Malott/Malotte and Munkres/Munkirs families (my father's maternal grandmother was a Malott and her mother was a Munkirs, both of which are surnames that have changed over time and distance to many forms). If you find any connections, please feel free to email me by clicking on the link at the top of this page...

Family Photos

  • G.W. Larner in Portland City Directories, 1903-06 (239 KB)
    Based on my research, I had assumed George W. Larner had only spent enough time in Oregon to get married and then come back again for the birth of his son John (his birthplace is Portland). But this page from the 1903 Portland City Directory (and 1904 and 1906) shows him residing at 1087 Vaughn and working for US Customs in Portland. It would appear that Walter Scott Larner's birth in Marcus, WA is more of a "detour" than John's birth in Portland. George and Amelia probably lived in Portland from at least 1902 (possibly earlier - they were married here in 1896, but Walter was born in Marcus in 1899) through about 1907, when they moved to Seattle for four years and then on to the Wenatchee area, where George died in 1928.
  • Lyman Granger Wright (33 KB)
    This picture was taken in Waterville, WA, suspect about 1902 and I initially believed that it was a photo of Lyman Granger Wright, b. abt. 1844. I later had this confirmed by his only surviving granddaughter, my great-aunt Marian (Asbury) Felice.
  • Annie Hutcheon Honeyman Obit - Ore. Journal, 1966 (121 KB)
    Obituary from the Oregon Journal, Portland, Oregon, July 1, 1966. Annie was my great-grandmother Amelia Hutcheon Larner's sister, and helped pay my mother's way through college. Highlights show 1.) Annie was born in Eau Claire, WI - I had previously known my great-grandmother was born in WI, and now know she was also born in Eau Claire; 2.) Annie had a daughter, from a marriage prior to her marriage to Thomas Honeyman, who married an O.S. Kempton of Portland. Interestingly, Thomas Honeyman's funeral in 1944 was conducted by Rev. Lansing E. Kempton. This highlight also shows she is buried in Riverview Cemetery, here in Portland - I have visited her gravesite, as well as those of several members of the greater Honeyman family...
  • Painting of Lyman Granger Wright (1844-1925) (48 KB)
    This is a painting probably done from a photo. There is a matching painting (see below).
  • My Aunt Lois and her Chillicothe, MO Couch cousin (99 KB)
    My Aunt Lois and her cousin, Mary Gertude Couch taken when my grandparents and their kids visited family in and around Chillicothe, Missouri in about 1932. I recently re-connected with Mary (our families have not kept in touch since sometime in the 1940's) and found that both her and Lois remember the same thing about this photo (and not much else!) - their dresses - they're the same dress pattern, which each of their mothers made for them totally unaware that the other was doing the same! Lois and Mary were so thrilled about this that they virtually lived in these dresses during the visit...
  • Painting of Ella Q. Wright (47 KB)
    This painting, done from a photo (see below) was labeled by my mother as "Anna Eliza Wright, Faye's Grandmother", but that can't be right. It's either Faye Asbury's GRANDMOTHER, Ella Quimby Wright (Lyman's wife), OR it's Anna E. Wright, their daughter (Faye's MOTHER)...(?) I'm now nearly certain this IS Ella Quimby Wright, Lyman Granger Wright's wife for two reasons: 1.) the back of one of the photos says it's taken in Waukon, IA - Anna E. Wright grew up in Dixon Co., NE, NOT in Iowa, and; 2.) My great-aunt Marian (now 85) seemed fairly certain it was Ella Q. Wright.
  • My Aunt Lois and three Chillicothe, MO cousins (77 KB)
    Taken in Chillicothe, Missouri in about 1932. Couch cousins from left to right: Mary, Maynard, Magille (all of Utica, Missouri - near Chillicothe), and Lois (visiting from Starbuck, Washington)...
  • George W. Larner and others - New Whatcom, Wash. (64 KB)
    Pictured left to right front row: Jimmy Meikle & Ed Brieg; Back row, right to left: H. Woodin, F. Woodin, George Washington Larner (upper left). George (1863-1928) was my great-grandfather and served in customs and immigration in Marcus, WA (c. 1899), Portland, OR (c. 1902-1906), and Seattle, WA (c. 1907-1911), then settled in Wenatchee, WA where he had an apple orchard. I believe "New Whatcom" was an earlier name for Bellingham, WA and I suspect this group of men were involved in customs and immigration at the Blaine, WA US/Canada border crossing. I can only guess that the date of this photo falls somewhere between about 1890 and 1896. Photographer appears to be E.A. Hegg.
  • Photo for Painting Above (Ella Q. Wright) (25 KB)
    Photo for painting (above) - taken in Waukon, IA, probably shortly after Ella & Lyman were married (1874). I have a second copy of this photo, with handwritten on back "Carrie's" (which is probably referring to Carrie (Wright) Rawlings, one of Lyman G. Wright's sisters and therefor Ella's sister-in-law).
  • George Washington Larner and others (61 KB)
    From another photo of a similar (later?) time, I can identify five men in this photo - 3rd from left: Jimmy Meikle; 7th from left: my great-grandfather George Washington Larner; 8th, 9th, 10th from left, next to George are: F. Woodin, Ed Brieg, and H. Woodin (furthest right). I believe this photo was taken in "New Whatcom", Washington, which I believe was part of what is now Bellingham, WA.
  • Mystery Family Photo (Lyman and his sisters?) (29 KB)
    With the help of my brother Dave, I think I've developed a plausible theory about this portrait. I believe it is (clockwise from lower left): Carrie Wright (b. 1856), Fannie Eliza Wright (1854-1870), Nettie Wright (b. 1858), and Lyman Granger Wright (1844-1925). If this is right, this would place this picture about 1866-1870, since all other siblings would be married or deceased by 1865 and Fannie died Dec. 29, 1870, just 3 weeks after their 2nd oldest sister, Achsah (Wright ) Maltbie died. This makes their ages at the time of the photo: Carrie=10-14; Fannie=12-16; Nettie=8-12; Lyman=22-26. Based on these ages, I favor a date closer to 1870.
  • Couches - Chillicothe, Livingston, MO 1870 Census (321 KB)
    This census record seems to dispute previous death dates on Elizabeth (Smith) Couch - the 55-year-old Elizabeth in this census record. Previous dates were 22 APR 1862 and 22 APR 1870, but here she is (or it appears to be her) on June 17, 1870. I welcome any input...
  • Front & Back of George Asbury Photo (46 KB)
    This photo is labeled on the back "Brother George Asbury" and is apparently from Madison, Wisconsin. My maternal great-grandfather, Gilbert Sylvester Asbury was born in Viroqua, WI in 1867. I believe this must be his uncle. Any Civil-War era buffs know if this is uniform of Civil War - in my research, I've definitely found similar coats, pants and boots in Civil War photos, but never a hat like that (I wonder if it's the hat of a musician, e.g., "fife and drum" , etc.)... UPDATE: Please goto my website: for a new theory on this photo...
  • Geo. and Amelia Larner in St. Mark's Marriage Book (201 KB)
    I got this copy from the Parish of St. Mark's Anglican Church in the U.S. This was known as St. Mark's Episcopal Church is 1896 when George Washington Larner and Amelia Ada Hutcheon were married there on Feb. 1, 1896. St. Mark's was first located at 10th and Quimby in 1874, later moved to 19th and Quimby and the wooden structure that was built at 19th and Quimby was moved to the current location (21st and Lovejoy). Then in 1927 the current brick structure was built at this location. The pastor performing the ceremony was W.R. Powell and the witnesses were J.W. Hill and M. McKim. This image is actually pieced together from two copies and four separate scans because of it's original size (11" X 14").
  • 1870 IA Census Record for Pierce Granger Wrights (1013 KB)
    1870 Census for Ludlow Twsp., Allamakee Co., IA includes on lines 36-40: P.G. Wright, 53, Farmer; Prudence, 54, "Keeping House"; Eliza (Fannie Eliza), 16; Carrie, 14; Nettie, 11. Fannie (Eliza) died 6 mos. later in December, 1870 as did her older sister Achsah (Wright) Maltbie - I suspect a flu, or other serious disease of that era swept through the area...
  • George Larner Obit in Oregon Journal (343 KB)
    I found this article when looking through the Oregonian and Oregon Journal Indexes. There was nothing really new or surprising in the article, but it shed a little more light on George's life and does mention that he actually retired from immigration and customs before moving to Seattle, and I think it's curious that they refer to his apple orchard in Sunnyslope (near Wenatchee) as a "ranch"... I added the highlighting and enlarged the article so it would be easy to find onscreen. Note the cost of long distance telephone calls from Portland to London ($19/minute) in 1928. This would translate to a one-hour call costing about as a much a new car!
  • 1870 IA Census, P.G. Wright household (cont'd) (914 KB)
    This is a continuation of the other P.G. Wright household census image. This page lists Lyman Granger Wright (on the first line) and then Julius Granger, age 12. Julius N. Granger is Prudence Wilder (Granger) Wright's nephew, son of her brother Julius Granger. I suspect the younger Julius was living in the P.G. Wright household, because his mother had died in Aug. 1868. He may have gone back home to his dad's after Julius (Sr.) remarried in October of 1870. Also listed on the third thru seventh lines are the household of James Maltbie (Maltby on the census) and Acsah (Wright) Maltbie and their three sons. She is Lyman's sister and she died in Dec., 1870...
  • Lyman G. Wright, Postmaster of Justice, Nebraska (237 KB)
    This certificate is dated May 9, 1876 and names Lyman G.(Granger) Wright, son of Pierce Granger Wright, as postmaster of Justice, Nebraska. This town was later (1881-?) renamed to Martinsburg (sometimes spelled Martinsburgh) in Dixon Co., Nebraska. I had to piece two scans together, since this document is exactly twice as large (14" X 22") as my scanner. This certificate is among the many photographs and documents that have passed down through my family, most recently to my mother, who collected them from among my grandmother's things when she died. My grandmother, Ella Faye (Asbury) Larner, was Lyman's granddaughter and grew up in Brewster, Washington, where Lyman lived for many years and died in 1925. He is buried in Brewster at the Locust Grove Cemetery.
  • 1870 Wash., DC Cens.- Andrew Jackson Larner house (735 KB)
    1870 Federal Census record for Wash., D.C., 2nd Ward, pg. 220. Line 35-40 - Andrew J. Larner, 43, "Keeps House" (?); Mary L., 41, Teacher; Winfield S., 18, Clerk in Bookstore; Frank, 15, Page at Capitol; Robert 13, in school; and Mary, 11, in school. But no George W. (Walter's dad)! The household continues on the next census page, but only lists a "house servant," Ellen Okie, age 22, Female Mulatto. Since George W. was born in 1863 he should have been listed here at age 6 or 7, and possibly one or two other siblings. Ahh, genealogy - for every new answer, there's at least 2 new questions!... Oh yeah, this record lists Andrew's birth state as DC, not MD, as George had indicated on the 1920 Wenatchee, WA census...
  • Couches in Fallon, Nevada about 1927 or 1928... (126 KB)
    Taken in Fallon, NV in about 1927 or 1928. The man near the center with a checkered tie holding the little girl is my grandfather, Albert P. Couch; the little girl is my Aunt Lois, the boy to the right of them with the glasses is my uncle Albert, Jr.; the woman behind Albert, Jr. is my grandmother, Elizabeth (Storms) Couch; the tall, white-haired gentleman to the right of her is probably Joseph E. Couch, my grandfather's older brother, as my aunt recalls. We don't know any other names, but the other white-haired gentleman to the left with a mustache is probably one of my grandfather's brothers, also (poss. John, James, Parker, or William Couch). I suspect the tall younger man behind Joseph may be Floyd Raymond "Ray" Couch...

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