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Descendants of John A. Watts

Generation No. 2

2. KATHERINE6 WATTS (JOHN A.5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM WATTS3 SR, CAPT. JOHN2 WATTS, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1770 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1835 in Covington Co. Miss. She married MOSES L. HORNSBY Abt. 1792 in Georgia, son of LEONARD HORNSBY and ELIZABETH I.. He was born 9 December 1759 in Jamestown, Virginia, and died 1 June 1837 in Covington Co. Miss,.

Notes for M
Was recorded in Leonard Hornsby's bible records. The records was listed as bing owned by the late Mrs Claude B. Jordan, Bascomville, Chester Co. South Carolina. He is also listed in the 1820 census records of Covington Co.Mississippi.
Married Katherine Watts daughter of John Watts and Judith Rawls.
Moses l. Hornsby served in the Revolution War while living in South Carolina as a member of the militia during the year 1782 under Lt. James Picket.
He received a land grant of 202.5 acres of land in the state of Georgia on 23 July 1806 in the Creek Nation Indian Territory.
Children of K
9. i.   REUBIN7 HORNSBY, b. 7 January 1793, Rome, Floyd Co. Georgia; d. 11 January 1879, Hornsby Bend, Travis Co. Texas.
10. ii.   MARMANDUKE D.. HORNSBY, b. 27 July 1796, Georgia; d. 1843, texas.
11. iii.   JOHN WILKS HORNSBY, b. 1 December 1797, Georgia; d. 16 December 1868, Texas.
  iv.   THOMAS M. HORNSBY, b. Aft. 1798, Georgia; d. 20 April 1862, Austin, Texas.
  v.   FELIX F HORNSBY, b. Abt. 1802, Georgia.
  vi.   MOSES SMITH HORNSBY, b. Abt. 1804, Georgia; d. 1835, Brushy Creek, Texas.
Moses Smith Hornsby was killed while fighting indians when a member of his own party shot him accidently. Source Rex McLaurin .

3. THOMAS6 WATTS (JOHN A.5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM WATTS3 SR, CAPT. JOHN2 WATTS, JOHN1) was born 1771 in South Carolina, and died 29 January 1854 in Smith Co. Texas. He married ELIZABETH LOTT 1798 in Georgia1, daughter of ABSALOM LOTT and MARTHA JANE. She was born 1775 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1830 in Covington co. Miss..

Notes for T
Thomas Watts was born 1771 in Fairfield Co. Camden District of South Carolina.
Thomas Watts moved to Montgomery Co. Telfair Co. Ga.Sometime after 1790, along with his father John A. Watts. Thomas Watts then moved to Covington Co. Mississippi around 1815, with his brothers Reubin Watts and John Watts.
He and his family lived in Mississippi until around 1835 when Thomas along with his two youngest sons, Absalom Watts amd Bartlett Watts,and Daughter Elizabeth Watts Lott, made their move to Texas. First to Jasper Co. Texas, (1840) then on to Smith Co. Texss where he died in 1854. Absalom moved on to Burnet Co. and Bartlett to Wood Co. Daughter Elizabeth Watts Lott remained in Smith County, her husband Arthur Lott Jr. died in 1854 and she remarried, a man by the name of Henry Smith in 1855.
Thomas Watts' Will is on file in Smith Co. Texas. Bartlett was the administrator of the Will but Thomas's daughter Elizabeth contested Bartlett as administrator as she felt he was not being fair in his duties.
It is my belief that Thomas Watts was married once before he married Elizabeth Lott. Since Elizabeth was born in Georgia in 1775 this makes sense. In the 1790 census of South Carolina showes Thomas married with no children, and the birthdate of his oldest child is not until nine years later.
In the 1890 Census of South Carolina, Camden District, Fairlield County, Thomas is married, he would be 19 year old,wife and no children. His father is also there with 1 male under 16 and 1 male over 16 also 6 daughters. 1820 census of Covington Co. Mississippi showes Thomas and wife both over 45, 3 males under 10, 1 between 10-16,2 between 16-26, 2 females between 10-16, and 1 female between 16-26. This would be all of his living children, at that time. 1830 census Thomas only has one child at home that would be Bartlett. His wife Elizabeth is still alive at that time. She must have died some time after 1830. 1840 Citizens of Texas Jaspe Co., land Grants showes that Thomas arrived in Texas in April 1839, has 320 acres of land in Jasper Co., (since Thomas was only allotted 320 acres of land would indicate that he was widowd at this time). Absalom in June 1836, with 640 acres in Jasper Co. In 1850 Thomas is widowed, age 79, and living in the house hold of Bartlett his youngest son. Thomas was buried some where in Smith Co. Texas, but I have not been able to find just where.
In the Chronicles of Smith County Texas, Volumes 11-20. It showes that
all of the Watts' family belonged to the Harris Creek Baptist Church, which was organized in 1849 near the present town of Winona. There was also a cemetery next to the church and it is possible that Thomas was burried there..
Thomas Watts signed his Will with an X which would indicate that he could neither read or write, which was not uncommon during that period of our history. From all the information that I have found Thomas Watts must have been a very intelligent man,eventho he could not read or write.
He always had large land holdings and a large number of slaves. The tax records of Covington Co. Mississippi, 1819 thru 1838 , he paid taxes on at least 300 to 400 acres of land and had at least 9 to 10 slaves.
In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Watts of the county of Smith and State of Texas, being weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory. Blesed be God,do make this my last will and Testament. Item #l
I give and bequeath to my beloved son, Bartlett S. Watts my negro man Simon, it is my will and request that the residue of my property be equally divided between my heirs. I nominate and appoint my beloved son Bartlet S. Watts executor to this my last will and testament. In writing whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 29th day of January 1854. Thomas (X) Watts
His mark and Seal
Done in the presence of
S. Lott
J.S. Powell
Jas. Arrington
The heirs of Thomas Watts are; John Watts, Reuben Watts, heirs of William Watts deceased, heirs of George Watts, deceased, heirs of Mary Hornsby, allof Covington Co. Mississippi. Catherine Miller of Hines Co. Mississippi, Mrs Elizabeth Watts Lott,Bartlett S. Watts, of Smith Co. Texas,and Absalom L Watts of Burnett Co. Texas.

10 July 1996
Just returned from a trip to East Texas. The Town of Winona.
While I was in Winona, a few miles north eat of the town of Tyler, I visited the First Baptist Church, (Originally known as Harris Creek Baptist 1849) and found a list of the original members of the church which I obtained a copy of. All the Watts families belong to the church along with some of the negro slaves of Thomas Watts. Two of the negro men are memtioned in Thomas'will.
The original Harris Creek Baptist church was situated near Lotts spring.
this spring is situated about one mile south of the present site in Winona, a little west of the Methodist Church camp ground. The Cemetery is known as Starville Cemetary. I found a red sandstone head marker and the only name legible was Thomas...the rest was deteriorated,..Could be either first or last name.

More About T
Burial: Smith Co. Texas
Occupation: Farmer

Notes for E
Elizabeth Lott , the daughter of Absalom Lott and Martha Jane?.
Born in Georgia 1775, married Thomas Watts about 1798.

A document filed at Tyler, Smith Co. Texas, court house, states that her parents were Arthur Lott, who was 1/2 cherokee indian, and her mother, named Oshultz was full blood cherokee indian. ( I submitted this information) There is no date on the document and no date on the file folder.
I have tried to find out if this is true, but I have had no success. Indian records in Okla. have no such records. The Indian records in Georgia are mainly tribal records and do not have individual names. Other people who are
also researching the Watts and Lott lines say that the above information is untrue. So until I can prove it , I'm sticking with her parents as Absalom Lott and Martha Jane?. (information from Joseph Lott - Arlington Virginia)
Since Thomas and Elizabeth named one of their children Absalom L. would prove this to be true. I have received a copy of a deed of gift from Absalom Lott
to his daughter Elizabeth Watts, for a negro woman named amy. Telfair Co.
Georgia Deed book A page 187.

Children of T
12. i.   JOHN7 WATTS, b. 1799, Tatnall Co. Georgia; d. Aft. 1860, Covington Co. Mississippi.
13. ii.   REUBIN WATTS, b. 1808, Georgia; d. Aft. 1854, Covington co. Miss.
14. iii.   ELIZABETH WATTS, b. 1808, Georgia.
15. iv.   MARY WATTS, b. Abt. 1810, Georgia; d. Abt. 1841, Covington Co. Mississippi.
16. v.   WILLIAM WATTS, b. 1810, Georgia; d. 1846, Covington Co. Mississippi.
17. vi.   ABSALUM L. WATTS, b. 1811, Georgia; d. 1889, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
18. vii.   GEORGE WATTS, b. 1813, Covington Co. Mississippi; d. 1840, Covington Co. Mississippi.
19. viii.   BARTLET S . WATTS, b. 1817, Covington Co. Misissippi.
  ix.   CATHERINE WATTS, b. Unknown; m. MILLER.
I Can find nothing on Catherine Watts. In the will of her father Thomas Watts it states that she married aMiller and lived in Hines Co. Mississippi, in 1854., and was still alive in 1855.

4. BARBARA6 WATTS (JOHN A.5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM WATTS3 SR, CAPT. JOHN2 WATTS, JOHN1) was born 1775 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1840 in Covington co. Miss. She married JESSIE WIGGINS in Georgia. He was born March 1770 in North Carolina, and died Abt. 1829 in Covington co. Miss.
Child of B
20. i.   DICEY7 WIGGINS, b. 1807, Georgia.

5. REUBEN6 WATTS (JOHN A.5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM WATTS3 SR, CAPT. JOHN2 WATTS, JOHN1) was born 24 November 1787 in South carolina, and died 28 July 1870 in Covington co. Miss. He married KATHERINE EASTERLING 27 November 1805 in Georgia. She was born 15 February 1785 in Georgia, and died 6 May 1829 in Covington co. Miss.
Children of R
21. i.   SARAH7 WATTS, b. 16 August 1806, Georgia.
  ii.   JUDITH WATTS, b. 12 May 1808.
22. iii.   JOHN WATTS, b. 15 November 1810, Georgia; d. 26 September 1849, Covington co. Miss.
23. iv.   THOMAS H. WATTS, b. 19 October 1812, Georgia; d. 23 May 1868, Covington Co. Miss.
24. v.   LEWIS HATTEN WATTS, b. 19 October 1815, Covington Co. Miss; d. 27 February 1864, Perry co. Miss.
25. vi.   MARY L. MOLLIE WATTS, b. 19 March 1818, Covington co. Miss; d. Aft. 1852, Covington Co. Miss.
  vii.   KESIAH WILLIAM A. WATTS, b. 24 September 1821.
26. viii.   ELIZABETH WATTS, b. 1 December 1824.

6. AMY (AMELIA)6 WATTS (JOHN A.5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM WATTS3 SR, CAPT. JOHN2 WATTS, JOHN1) was born 1790 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1862 in Covington Co. Miss. She married THOMAS AULTMAN 11 August 1810 in Telfair Co. Georgia. He was born 1790 in South Carolina, and died 14 January 1862 in Covington Co. Miss.

Notes for T
All the information I have on the Aultmans came from the McCain Library in Miss. and was compiled by the Aultman's and Pickerings. I have not researched this branch of the family.

This is taken from a letter written by Bruce Aultman, (also from the McCain Library) .

Thomas Aultman, the father of Cullen Aultman came to the Mississippi Territory as a young single man. The exact date ia not known, but it would have been between 1810 and 1816.

When Thomas Aultman arrived in the Territory, he sought and obtained employment with John Watts, whose wife wan named Judith, but whose maiden name is to me unknown. After working with John Watts for some time, Thomas Aultman married the daughter of John And Judith Watts, and Amy Watts Aultman was the mother of Cullem Aultman. Thomas and Amy Watts Aultman were the parents of three sons, James Aultman, Cullen Aultman, and Thomas Aultman Jr.
They also had three daughters, Celia, Sarah, and Catherine.


Page 71 - Vol. 3. - Probate Court Records - Covington Co. Miss.

State of Mississippi
Covington County
Be it remembered that I Thomas Altman Sr. of the county and state aforesaid being of sound and disposing mind do make and publish this my last will and testament. It is my wish that my wife Amy Altman shall have during her lifetine the property hereafter described to wit: A certain negro slave, Stepney and his wife Celia and their child Susan, all slaves for life. Three head of horses, ten cows and calves and all the land and plantation tools, oxen and wagon and all other farming utencils and all the hogs.

The above named negro boy, Stepney, at the death of my wife Amy, shall go to my son Thomas Altman, Jr. and the above named negro Slaves Celia and Susan shall go to my daughter Elizabeth Pace at the death of my wife Amy. The property set apart for my wife Amy except the above named slaves must be sold and equally divided among my children at the death of my wife Amy. It is my wish that my daughter Judith shall have a certain male colt now one year old. It is my wish that my wife Amy and my daughter Judith shall each have at my death $100.00 in money. It is my will that my daughter Judith shall have seven cows and calves. It is my will that the remainder of my cattle at my death shall be equally divided amongst all my children without selling if convenient. It is my will that my son Thomas Altman Jr. shall have the following described land to wit: the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of section No. 18 in Township No. 6 north of range No. 15 wesr. It is also my wish that my son Thomas Altman Jr. shall have my blacksmith tools at my death. I give and devise to my wife Amy for and during her natural life my home plantation in said Covington County containing 272 acres. And I give and devise to my daughter Judith after the death of my wife Amy the following land northeast quarter of the section No. 13 in Township No. 6 north of range No. 16 west. And all that part of the west half of southeast fourth section 12 Township 6, north, range 16 west and all that part of the west half of southwest 4th section No. 7, Township No. 6 north of range No. 15 west. And also all that part of the east half of the southeast quarter of section 12 in Township 6 north of range 16 west lying south of (Bony) Creek 80 acres more or less. And it is my wish that after the death of my wife Amy that all that part of the above described land lying north of the said Boney Creek shall br sold and the proceeds of said sale be divided among my children. And I give and devise to my daughter Kathering Pickering Two Hundred dollars at my death and I give and devise to my wife Amy all the household and the kitchen furniture during her natural life and then said effects to be sold.

And I appoint my son James Altman executor of this my last will of him I require no security.

And it is my wish that my funeral expenses shall be paid by my executor out of my effects together with all my just debts. In witness thereof I set my name and seal this 11th day of December 1861.
Thomas Altman (seal)

Signed, sealed and published by the testator as and for his last will and testament in our presence at his request and in the presence of each other and do by us witness on the day of the date thereof.
Thomas H. Watts
John Graham
John Hatten

Children of A
27. i.   CELIA7 AULTMAN, b. 16 July 1811, Georgia; d. 28 July 1886, Mason Co. Texas.
28. ii.   SARAH AULTMAN, b. 25 December 1813, Georgia; d. 27 December 1877, Covington Co. Miss.
29. iii.   KATHERINE AULTMAN, b. 25 December 1813, Georgia; d. 11 September 1884, Covington co. Miss.
30. iv.   JAMES AULTMAN, b. 25 January 1818, Covington co. Miss; d. 15 May 1893, Covington co. Miss.
31. v.   CULLEN AULTMAN, b. 1 January 1820, Covington co. Miss; d. 28 February 1894, Covington co. Miss.
  vi.   JUDITH AULTMAN, b. 22 March 1824, Covington co. Miss; d. 30 March 1900, Covington co. Miss.
32. vii.   THOMAS AULTMAN JR., b. 11 November 1825, Covington co. Miss; d. 12 January 1908, Covington co. Miss.
33. viii.   ELIZABETH AULTMAN, b. 1834, Covington co. Miss.

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