by Ray Counts

This story begins with Henchin Kuntze, born about 1500 AD in the Nassau-Siegon region of  Pre Germany Europe, in the township of Niderndorf. This was just eight years after the 1492 discovery of the American Continent by Christopher Columbus.

In the time line of European  history, it was near the end of the "Dark Ages" and beginning of the "Religious Reformation"  leading to the 30 year war in Europe. The Nassau-Siegon region was part of the battle ground of this war. that resulted in the (Treaty of Westphalia) 1648. Although the treaty provided a end to the conflict of outside powers, it did not end local hostilities in this war ravaged land ruled by tribal war lords. The first five Counts Family generations depicted herein seem to have lived in this area throughout the war. These residents were looking for a better place to live. Stories of a better life in the New World "America" were circulating. Explorations into some regions of this new world were being sponsored by various Countries. Emigration  this New Word begin to accelerate by the year 1600

On May 14, 1607, James town was organized under the leadership of John Smith, becoming the first permanent English Colony.
In 1608, France, under the leadership of Samuel de Champlian founded Quebec on the St. Lawrence River.
In 1614, the Dutch established a trading post near Albany. becoming the second permanent settlement.
On December 21, 1620 a ship named Mayflower Compact arrived in Massachusetts from England with more than 100 people on board becoming the third permanent and the second English settlement.
1623, New Hampshire was settled.
1624, The Dutch formed the fourth  colony named New Netherland.
1634, Maryland become the fifth Colony.
1635, Connecticut become the sixth Colony.
1636, Rhode Island was settled.
1638, Delaware was settled.
1653, North Carolina was settled.
1664, New Jersey was settled.
1670, South Carolina was settled.
1681, Pennsylvania was settled by Quakers.
1733, Georgia was settled.

Each of these original 13 colonies functioned under self rule.

In the year 1714, while these settlements were being formed in America. Alexander Spotswood had been commissioned to open the Virginia Territory. In his search for a means to lure people to this new area, he found the presence of Iron Ore and decided to develop it, primarily as a means to populate  the land. He met with one Baron de Graffenreid (who was to soon return to Germany) to persuade him to find some miners from the old country to develop mining operations. Baron de Graffenreid on his return to Europe, found and persuaded 14 individuals with families totalling 42 persons from the town of Sigen in the principality of Nassau-Siegon, to go to America. Thus these First pioneers arrived at Tappahannock, Virginia in the spring of  1714.

Reference Joseph Coons: (shown on the Germanna list of the First Colony) ails (6th Generation Joseph "Jost" Cuntze, (found in the book "Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia" by B. C. Holtzclaw) was a    Third Great Grandson of Henchin Cuntze,  his wife (Anna Getrud Reinschmidt "who apparently died soon after arrival in America"), one son (Johannas born April 16, 1706) and two daughters (Anna Elizabeth and Catherine) were a part of this group. They cleared land and built homes surrounded by a high fence made of logs to protect the colony. It would later be known as Fort Germanna located near Culpepper, Virginia on present day maps. Sometime in early 1719 this 1714 group of colonist (as a group) purchased land in the Northern Neck of Virginia,  and moved. Jost Cuntze then married (2) 1724 Catherine Weaver. They had four children (Henry, Tillman, Mary and Anna Catherine).

Thanks to Mr. B.C. Holtzclaw for documenting many  records of the first eight generations from old church records found in Germany. . Niderndorf was located near Cologne, in the West Central Rhine River Valley of Germany on present day maps.

The year 1689 marks the beginning of a a conflict over fishing rights, fur trade and Indian Alliances between England and France known as the "French Indian War" that escalated into three different wars fought in both Europe and America. Under the influence of the French, some of the American Indian Tribes become hostile toward the settlers over land. Under direction of the Pennsylvania, English, several small forts were constructed to provide a safe haven for settlers. This also served the English as a first line of defence. In 1763 the Treaty of Paris was signed ending the French Indian War. It also ended French power in the New World, making Great Britain the Supreme power thus making English speech and customs the prevailing culture. Counts Family  generations 6,7, 8 and 9 lived through this period.

After the French Indian War, Great Britain began enforcing restrictions on American Trade and Manufacturing. Direct taxes were severed on the colonist causing extreme resentment. The English responded with more restrictions and taxes causing more resentment.

1775, the first battle of the American Revolution took place when the English destroyed supplies at Concord.. This  was the night of the now famous ride of Paul Revere. On May 10, 1775, the second Continental Congress met at Philadelphia bringing all of the colonies together for the first time to take charge of the war. This congress appointed George Washington commander in chief of the Continental forces. After almost six years of suffering extreme hardships, in 1781, a army of combined forces of the Americans and the French under the command of Lord Cornwallis defeated the English army. In 1783, the Treaty of Paris was accepted by both the American and English and a new nation was established. It's boundaries were defined as Canada on the North. The Mississippi River on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East.  Florida and all lands West of the Mississippi belonged to Spain. Counts Family generations 8 and 9 lived through this period.

1785 (Gen. 8 & 9  The Continental Congress passed the Ordnance of 1785 where in claims of the Western Lands were seceded back to the new government, in return the land was divided into townships of six square miles. Each township was then subdivided into 36 numbered sections (640 acres). The lands were then sold at auction for a minimum of one dollar per acre. This event started a Westward migration of the population into the new wild frontiers. The English part of the population were prone to stay in the settled areas while the  Irish, Scottish and German parts were prone to move to the new unsettled Western frontiers.

1787 (Gen 8 & 9) The Continental Congress passed the Ordnance of 1787 called Northwest Territories providing rules for the creation of new states.

1787 (Gen 8 & 9)  The Constitution of the United States was drafted and ratified making it the official Constitution of the United States still in effect today. This action replaced the Continental Congress with the first true national government organized under the Articles of Confederation and ratified by all 13 colonies replacing the Continental Congress with the a new national government under the Articles of Confederation. Without a central authority, this new government was only a league of loosely held states that were virtually independent nations consisting of sparsely spaced settlements between the Appalacation Mountains on the West and the Atlantic Ocean on the East and the  newly acquired, government owned, unsettled land area between the Appalacation Mountains and the Mississippi River. The country fell into a business depression. Farm products fell 20 percent.

1791 (Gen 9 & 10)  Washington D. C. was selected to be the capital of the new republic.
           Vermont becomes the first new state added to the original 13.

1792 (Gen 9 & 10)  Kentucky became the first Western state. (West of the Appalaciation Mountains)
          Tennessee was admitted to the Union.

1803 (Gen 10 & 11)  Thomas Jefferson carried through with the Louisiana Purchase
          Five new states are admitted to the Union.

1812 (Gen 10 & 11)  Great Britain and France were a war again. The British did not want the United States to trade with France. They pirated United States ships taking sailors from them and they armed Indians in the West to fight against American Settlers. In effort to defend itself as a nation, the United States declared war on Great Britain. This war of 1812 was unpopular to citizens of both Nations.

Louisiana is admitted to the Union.

1821 (Gen 10 & 11)  Mexico won it's independence from Spain. Texas became a Mexican State. Settlers from the United States were welcomed leading to disagreements and skirmishes with Mexican Troops.

1836 (Gen 11 & 12)  Texas won it's independence from Mexico and becomes a free nation opening a new frontier for the Westward migration.

1845 (Gen 11 & 12)  Texas accepts annexation by the United States becoming the 28 state. Under terms of this annexation, Texas is granted he option to cede from the United States.

This same year, the Potato Famine of Europe was killing thousands of people. This increased the migration from European Countries. Ellis Island become the primary port of entry to America.

 The United States and Mexico disagreed on the new boundary separating the two nations created when the United States Annexed Texas. The Mexican American War was declared on May 13, 1846 in the following 18 months American forces conquered California, New Mexico and Northern Mexico to near Mexico City.

1848 (Gen 11 & 12)  The United States and Mexico sign the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo February 2, 1848  establishing the Rio Grande River as the boundary between them. This gave the United States the territory including Northern California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Arizona Colorado and Wyoming. In return Mexico received 15 million dollars and was relieved of all claims of citizens of the United States against it.

1861 (Gen 11 & 12) The American Civil War begins with Confederate artillery opening fire on Fort Sumter. in Charleston South Carolina.

1865 (Gen 11, 12 & 13).   This four year war between two geographic sections of the United States ended with the surrender of Confederate forces. It left thousands of homeless indigents and orphan children. The Confederacy left with no funds to help these indigents, appropriated 16, 000 acres of land in Texas to be available to former soldiers or their surviving families. This along with the return to normal of travel that had been slowed during the four year war, triggered a massive migration of indigents to Texas.


The following story is presented as a brief outline of  the emigration trails of our pioneer ancestors as they moved across the United States with the opening of each new frontier. Information known not to be  documented will be marked with *.

                                        Emigration Trail of our Counts Families.

 1   Henchin ..Cuntze b: Abt. 1500 in Niederndorf Germany d: 1570 in Most likely in Niderndorf  Age at death: 70 est.
 2   Arnold Cuntze b: Bet. 1525 - 1535 in Niederndorf Germany d: 1590  Age at death: 65 est.
... 3   Bastigen Cuntze b: Bet. 1555 - 1560 in Niederndorf Germany
... 3   Johannes Cuntze b: Bet. 1570 - 1575 in Niederndorf Germany d: Bet. 1637 - 1641 in Oberfischbach, Germany  Age
        at death: 67 est.
.......  +Anna ?
...... 4   Gotthard "Godert" Cuntze b: 1610 in Oberfischbach Germany d: May 04, 1675 in Oberfischbach Germany  Age at
           death: 65 est.
..........  +Anna b: 1632 d: August 17, 1712 in Oberfischbach, Germany  Age at death: 80 est.
......... 5   Johannes Cuntze b: Bet. 1640 - 1645 in Niederndorf Germany d: May 1675 in Niederndorf, Germany  Age at death:
               35 est.
.............  +Elizabeth Schuster b: Abt. 1643
............ 6   Tillman Cuntze b: Abt. 1668
................  +Anna Margerthe Gundermann   m in Oberfischbach, Germany
............ 6   Christian Cuntze b: Abt. 1670 d: February 25, 1732/33 in Niederndodrf, Germany  Age at death: 63 est.
................  +Elizabeth Filtzer b: in Oberfischbach Germany d: February 18, 1732/33 in Oberfischbach, Germany m in
                   Oberfischbach, Germany Age at death: ?
............ 6   .Johannes Cuntze b: 1671
................  +Catherine Daub
............... 7   Johann Jacob Kuntze b: June 13, 1697 in Niderndorf, Germany
.................. 8  *Johann Georg Kuntze: Immigrated to Pennsylvania, Probably 1737. Moved to South Carolina prior to
                        1749. He is the pioneer of the Counts Family of South Carolina. We have no proof of his origin.
......................  +?
    ..........*2nd Wife of .Johannes Cuntze:
................  +Anna Getrud Steiger   m in Niedrendorf Germany
............... 7   Christian Kuntze  d: July 18, 1731  Age at death: ?
...................  +Anna Maria Ludwig   m in Oberfischbach, Germany
............... 7   Anna Margaret Kuntze
...................  +Tillman Weissgerber b: in Niederndodrf, Germany  m in Oberfischbach, Germany
............... 7   Anna Maria Kuntze
...................  +Tillman Weissgerber
............... 7   Johann "Jost" Cuntze:  ails (Joseph .Coons) b: 1712 in Niderndorf Germany d: 1794 in Culpepper Co,
                     Virginia  Age at death: 82 est. Immigrated to Culpepper County, Virginia 1737. He is the pioneer of the Coons
            Family of Culpepper County, Virginia..
...................  +Elizabeth  d: in Culpepper Co, Virginia
             .. 7   Catherine Kuntze b: 1713 d: 1715  Age at death: 2 est.
............ 6   Joseph "Jost" Cuntze: b: March 22, 1673-1674 in Niderndorf, Germany d: 1731 in Stafford Co. Virginia  Age
                     at death: 57 est. Immigrated to Germanna, Spotswood County, Virginia. The area is known as Culpepper
                    County, Virginia today. He is the first known member of this Counts Family to arrive in America. He moved in
                    early 1791 to Stafford County, Virginia where he lived until his death.
                     + Anna Getrud Reinschmidt b Abt 1685 in Germany d Abt 1715-1717 in Spotswood County, Virginia
............... 7   *Johannas Cuntze: ails Johannas .Cuntz b: April 16, 1706 in Niederndorf Germany d: 1777 in Augusta
                      County, Virginia  Age at death: 71 est. Immigrated with his family to Germanna Colony, Spotswood County,
                      Virginia at  the age of eight years of age. Believed to have returned to Germany about 1723-1724, Married (1)
...................   + ? Beddinger and had two children before returning  to America in 1730. He was the pioneer of the Frederick
                      County, Virginia Counts Family.
.................. 8 *Nicoles Kunce: ails Nicholas Counts; b: Abt. 1725 in Germany d: September 1797 in Grainger County,
                        Tennessee.  Age at death 72 est. Immigrated from Germany 1737-1740. Known to have settled first in
                        Frederick County, Virginia. Believed to be the son of Johannas and ? Beddinger. Moved  1755-1763 to
                   Rowan County, North Carolina;
......................  +Elizabeth ? b: Abt. 1726
.................... 9   Nicholas Counts: ails Nichloas II Counts b: January 12, 1752 in Frederick County, Virginia d: August
                         1838  in Jefferson County,  Tennessee.  Age at death: 86 est. Moved at a young age with his family to Rowan
                         County, North Carolina near Durham. Moved 1788 to Hawkins County (later Grainger County) Tennessee.
                         He was the pioneer of the Grainger County, Tennessee  Counts Family.
........................  +Eve Sharp b: 1755 in North Carolina d: Aft. 1840 in Grainger Co. Tennessee m in NC Age at death: 85 est.
                       10  John Counts b 1774 in Orange County, North Carolina  d Abt 1838 probably in Arkansas or Missouri.
                             + Rachel Amanda  Criner b 1836.
                            11  Jesse Thomas Counts:  b: July 22, 1798 in Grainger County, Tennessee  d February 5, 1878 in
                                 Tharp Springs, Franklin County, Alabama. He was one of the pioneers of the Franklin County,
                                Alabama Counts Family.
                                 + Esther G. Campbell b March 1802 in Grainger County, Tennessee  d; September 06, 1842 in
                                    Franklin County, Alabama.
                                2nd Wife of Jesse Thomas Counts;
                                 + Elizabeth Jane Kirkland  b; 1828
                                12  William Cambel Counts; b August 30, 1835 in Franklin County, Alabama.  d: February 12,
                                      1925 in Wise County, Texas
                                       + Sarah Jane Horton
                                    13  James Madison Counts: b November 13, 1867 in Colbert County, Alabama  d: December
                                          26, 1912 in Chico, Wise County, Texas. Age at death : 45. He was a pioneer of the Wise County,
                                          Texas Counts Family.
                                          + Ida Ozella Balch  b: September 16, 1871 in Lawrence County, Alabama.  d: August 16, 1899 in
                                            Chico, Wise County, Texas
                                        2nd Wife of James Madison Counts:
                                           + Lieu Etta Nesmith  b: October 11, 1881 in Lawrence County, Alabama.  d: June 13, 1968 in
                                            Midland, Texas.
                                      13  Jesse Thomas Counts:  b: December 26, 1873 Colbert County, Alabama  d: November 26,
                                            1960.  He was a pioneer of the Wise County, Texas Counts Family.
                                            + Miranda Gargis
                        10 William Counts: ails William Counce:  b: 1775 in Orange County, North Carolina  d: 1840 in Madison
                               County Arkansas. Age at death: 65 est. Moved 1788 with his family to Grainger County, Tennessee.
                               Moved about 1805 with brothers John and George to Lawrence County, Tennessee. Moved about 1831
                               to Madison County, Arkansas. He is one of the pioneers of the Counts Family of Arkansas.
                            + Anney Bean.
                             11  William Jr. Counce: b:: 1799 Grainger County, Tennessee. d: 1864 in Carbondale, Illinois. Moved
                                  1805 with his family to Lawrence County, Tennessee. Moved 1864 in Carbondale, Illinois. Age at
                                  death 65 est. He was the pioneer of the Lawrence County, Hardin County and Counce,
                           Tennessee. Counts Families.
                                  +Mary Reynolds b: 1805 in Lawrence County, Tennessee.
                    10 George Counts: b: 1776 in Orange County, North Carolina. Moved 1788 with his family to Grainger
                              County, Tennessee. Moved to Lincon County, Tennessee. He was the pioneer of the Counts Family of
                               Lincon County, Tennessee.
                            + Sarah "Sallie Rich  b: October 10, 1784 in Orange County, North Carolina.
                         10 Mary Counts b: 1778 in Orange County, North Carolina. Moved 1788 with her family to Grainger
                              County, Tennessee. She married Henry Bowen  and they moved  about 1834 to Madison County,
                          10. Isaac Counts:  b: 1780 in Orange County, North Carolina. d: Abt 1842 in Madison County,
                                Arkansas. Moved 1788 with his family to Grainger County, Tennessee. Moved about 1831 to
                                Madison County, Arkansas. He was one of the pioneers of the Counts Family of Arkansas.
                                + Martha patsy McElhaney,
                           10 David Counts:  b: 1786 in Orange County, North Carolina d: 1861 in Trigg County, Kentucky
                                Moved 1788 with his family to Grainger County, Tennessee. Moved Abt. 1851 to Trigg County,
                                Kentucky. He was the pioneer of the Counts Family of Trigg County, Kentcky.
                                +Elizabeth Howell.
                                2nd Wife of David Counts
                                +Sarah "Kidwell" Spoon.
                                11 David Jr. Counts:  b: 1831 in Grainger County, Tennessee, the son of David Counts and Sarah
                                    Spoon. d: September 03, 1897 in Hill County, Texas. He moved Abt 1851 with his family to Trigg
                                    County, Kentucky. He moved 1854 to Hill County, Texas.  He was the pioneer of the Hill County,
                                    Texas Counts Family.
                                    +Frankie Arhart b: April 14, 1839 in Virginia. d: February 10, 1912 in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas.
                            10  Nicholas Counts:  ails Nicholas III Counts: b October 1790 in Grainger County, Tennessee  d:
                                    August 15, 1841 in Randolph County, Illinois. Age at death 50 est. Moved Abt. 1837 to Ste Genvieve
                                    County,  Missouri with brother Aaron. He was one of the pioneers of the Missouri Counts Family.
                                   +Martha (Patsy) Hammars  b: October 17, 1795 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  d: After 1860 in
                                  Ste Genevieve, Missouri.
                             10  Aaron Counts: b: May 03, 1792 in Grainger County, Tennessee  d: November 30, 1878 in Avon,
                                   Ste Genevieve County, Missouri. Age at death 86. Moved Abt. 1837 to Ste. Genevieve County,
                                   Missouri with brother Nicholas. He was a pioneer of the Missouri Counts Family.
                                   + Rutha Hammer  b: January 01, 1793 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  d: July 17, 1897 in Avon, Ste.
                                    Genevieve County, Missouri.
                                   11  Joel Leyde Counts:  b: December 14, 1821 in Grainger County, Tennessee.  d: May 09, 1894
                                        in Wise County, Texas. Age at death 72. Moved Abt 1837 with his family to Ste. Genevieve
                                        County, Missouri. Moved about 1852 to Morgan Mill, Erath County, Texas with his twin  brother
                                        Henry Leyde Counts and younger brother William Benjamin Counts. Moved Abt 1862 to Brown
                                        County, Texas He was the pioneer of the Brown County, Texas Counts Family.
                                        + Mary L. Thomas b: February 26, 1829 in Missouri. d: May 11, 1863 in Brown County, Texas.
                                        2nd wife of Joel Leyde Counts
                                        +Martha Emily Rogers Leeth.  b: 1830  d: 1890 in Wise County, Texas.
                                         3rd wife of Joel Leyde Counts
                                         +Frances Petet.
                                  11  Henry Leyde Counts: b: December 14, 1821 in Grainger County, Tennessee. d: August 30,
                                        1905 Erath County, Texas At the age of 83. He move about 1837 with his family to Ste. Genevieve
                                        County,  Missouri. Moved about 1852 to Morgan Mill, Erath County, Texas. He was a respected
                                        early pioneer of Erath and Hood Counties of Texas.
                                        +Lydia Ellender Young  b: March 10, 1828 in Wayne County, Kentucky  d: May 17, 1909 in
                                        Hart, Texas. Age at death 81.
                                        12  Joel Harvey Counts:  b: February 23, 1845 in Farming ton, Missouri. d: August 31, 1915
                                                  in Roscoe, Texas. Age at death 70. He moved Abt 1852 with his family to Morgan Mill,
                                                  Erath County, Texas. He married  August 18, 1870.
                                                  +Amanda Caraway  b: January 11, 1853 in Erath County, Texas  d: March 26, 1879 in
                                                  Morgan Mill, Erath County, Texas. Amanda was the daughter of  Jesse Caraway; another
                                                  pioneer of the area and founder of the Rock Church Community located in SW Hood
                                                 County. One of her brothers was Lewis Jasper Caraway, a well known attorney who
                                                 married Catharine A Thorp, the daughter of Plesant Thorp, founder of Thorp Springs, Texas.
                                           2nd wife of Joel Harvey Counts
                                                 +Millicent Frances Holt  b: May 1845 in South Carolina  d: 1917 in Merkel, Taylor County,
                                                  Texas. They moved about 1890 to Merkel, Taylor County, Texas. Joel Harvey was a
                                                  Rancher and pioneer of  the Taylor County, Texas Counts Family.  Some of the children of
                                                 Joel Harvey Counts moved West to California.
                               11  William Benjamin Counts: b: June 10, 1832 in Grainger County, Tennessee. d: January 20,
                                    1901 in Erath County, Texas. He was one of the pioneers of Erath County, Texas.
                                    +Lousia Jane Bess: b: December 05, 1838 in Missouri. d: October 18, 1873 in Denton County,
                                    Texas. Most of his children settled in West Texas.
                                    12  Isaac Nicholas Counts: b: October 21, 1864 in Missouri. d: May 26, 1957 San Angelo,
                                         Tom Green County, Texas. Moved with his family to Morgan Mill, Erath County, Texas. Moved
                                         between 1900 and 1908 to Tom Green County, Texas..
                                        13  Alvin Nicholas Counts: b: July 28,1886 in Erath County, Texas  d: April 1983 in Coke
                                             County. He was the pioneer of the Counts Family that lived on the Divide in Coke County,
                                       +Annie Lenora McCabe: b:  October 6, 1886 in Coke County, Texas. d: February 22, 1962 in
                                            Tom Green County, Texas.
..............         9   William Counts b: 1775 in Orange County, North Carolina d: Bet. 1806 - 1846  Age at death: 31 est.
........................  +Sarah Freeman b: Bet. 1763 - 1786 d: Bet. 1807 - 1858  Age at death: 44 est.
                           Some of the children of this family moved West to California.
..................  *2nd Wife of Nicoles .Kunce:
......................  +Mary b: Bet. 1720 - 1730 in Germany d: Abt. 1830 in Grainger Co. Tenn  Age at death: 110 est.
...................   9   Adam Counts:  ails John Adam Counts:  b: 1778 in North Carolina d: 1821 in Franklin County,
                             Tennessee. Age at death: 43 est. He was a pioneer of Franklin County, Tennessee and Missouri.
........................      +? ?
....................  *2nd Wife of Adam Counts:
........................  +Nancy Carroll ?  d: 1852  Age at death: ?
..................  *3rd Wife of Nicoles .Kunce:
......................  +Susanna ?
.........             10  Peter Counts: b: 1812 in Overton County, Tennessee
                            + Mary Estys.
                            11. Richard Franklin Counts: b: April 13, 1838 in Woodville, Alabama.  d: March 28, 1912 in
                                 Runnels County, Texas. Age at death 73. He was the pioneer of the Runnels County, Texas Counts
                                 Family. Children of this family settled in several locations in West Texas.
                                 +Sarah Gould  b: 1842 in South Carolina  d: February 12, 1887 in Runnels County, Texas.
             *2nd Wife of Johannas Cuntz.
                   +(2) Anna Elizabetha Catherine Stover  b: Bet 1706 in Germany.
                8 *John Cuntz: ails Elder John Koontz: b: March 26, 1739 in Opequon, Frederick Co., VA d: April 25,
                        1832 in Alma Page Co. VA.  Age at death: 93. He was one of the pioneers of Alma Page County, located in
                        the Shendoah Valley of Virginia.
......................  +Elizabeth Baker  d: 1827 in Alma Page Co. VA.  Age at death: ?
................8  *George Koontz:  b: Abt. 1740. He was one of the pioneers of Alma Page County, located in the Shendoah
                      Valley of Virginia.
           *3rd Wife  of  Johannas Cuntz.
...........      +(3) Elizabeth "Hetrick" Amentrout  b: in Augusta County, Virginia
            7  Anna Elizabeth .Cuntze b: December 23, 1708
.................. + Tillman Weaver  d: Bef. 1762  Age at death: ?
.......... 7   Catherine .Cuntze b: Bet. 1713 - 1714
............... +Harman Kemper
...........7   Henry Cuntze: : b: Abt. 1724  Stafford County, Virginia  d: 1798 in Washington County, Virginia,  Lived in
                 *Frederick County, before 1755 Virginia Age at death: 73 est.
...............+Dorthy ?
.................. 8   *John Cuntze ails John Counts of Glade Hollow:  b: Abt. 1745. He was the pioneer of Russell
                        County,  Virginia. and surrounding Counties.  Some of the descendants of this family moved to West Virginia,
                        Kentucky, Montana and California.
......................  +Mary Magdlaine Summers b: Abt. 1746
.................... 9   John Counts ails John Counts of Cleveland:  b: Abt. 1765 in Shenandoah, County, Virginia d:
                          October 01, 1843 in Cleveland, Virginia  Age at death: 78 est.
........................  +Margaret "Peggy" Kelley b: 1769 d: June 06, 1835 in Cleveland, Virginia  Age at death: 66 est.
.................... 9   Philip Counts b: Abt. 1766 d: in Shenandoah, County, Virginia
........................  +Ann Kiser   m in Shenandoah County, Virginia