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Ancestors of Walter Fred Cox

Generation No. 10

       720. Rainey, born 1680 in Northumberland or Prince Anne Co., Va..

       Children of Rainey are:

  360 i.   John Rainey, born Abt. 1710 in Northumberland or Prince Anne Co., Va.; died January 26, 1782 in Caswell Co., N.C.; married Elizabeth.

  ii.   George Rainey, born Abt. 1712.
       728. Nathaniel Malone, born Abt. 1675; died Abt. March 21, 1732/33 in Southwark Par., Surry Co., Va.. He was the son of 1456. Daniel Malone and 1457. Drury?. He married 729. Mary Wynne.
       729. Mary Wynne, born Abt. 1677 in Chas. City Co., Va.; died Abt. 1731 in Surry Co., Va.. She was the daughter of 1458. Thomas Wynne and 1459. Agnes Stith.

       Child of Nathaniel Malone and Mary Wynne is:

  364 i.   Drury Malone, born Abt. 1698; died 1747 in Probably, Brunswick Co., Va.; married Isham?.
       736. Thomas Bostick, born Bef. 1642 in Great Britain; died 1688 in Cecil Co., Md.. He was the son of 1472. Samuel Bostick. He married 737. Jane 1663-1664.
       737. Jane, born Abt. 1642.

       Children of Thomas Bostick and Jane are:

  i.   Samuel Bostick, born 1663 in Cecil Co., Md.; died Aft. 1709; married Jane King.

  368 ii.   Thomas Bostick, born Abt. 1665 in Cecil Co., Md.; died June 05, 1732 in Queen Anne's Co., Md.; married Mary.

  iii.   Mary Bostick, born Abt. 1667 in Cecil Co., Md.; died Bef. 1699; married John Salter.

  iv.   Elisa Bostick, married Robinson.
       760. Charles Jennings, born in England; died 1705 in Elizabeth City, Va.. He was the son of 1520. Humphreys Jennings and 1521. Mary Milward. He married 761. Mary Abt. 1680 in Elizabeth City, Va..
       761. Mary, born 1651; died 1710 in Elizabeth City, Va..

       Children of Charles Jennings and Mary are:

  i.   Elizabeth Jennings.

  380 ii.   Charles Jennings, born 1680; died 1747; married (1) Jane Latimer; married (2) Elizabeth Taylor-Westwood July 20, 1702 in Elizabeth City, Va.; married (3) Hannah Chandler 1736 in Va..
       762. Edward Latimer.

       Child of Edward Latimer is:

  381 i.   Jane Latimer, married Charles Jennings.
       764. Thomas Batts, born in Va.. He was the son of 1528. Capt. John Batts and 1529. Martha Mallory. He married 765. <Unnamed>.
       765. <Unnamed>.

       Child of Thomas Batts and is:

  382 i.   Thomas Batts, born in of Elizabeth, City Co., Va..
       800. John Person, born Abt. 1660 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; died 1738 in Surry Co., Va.. He was the son of 1600. John Person and 1601. Frances Cook. He married 801. Mary Partridge January 10, 1691/92 in Chuckatuck, Nansemond Co., Va..
       801. Mary Partridge, born Abt. 1670; died 1721. She was the daughter of 1602. Thomas Partridge.

       Children of John Person and Mary Partridge are:

  i.   Joseph Person.

  ii.   Benjamin Person.

  iii.   Mary Person, married John Glover.

  iv.   Elizabeth Person.

  v.   Jacob Person.

  vi.   John Person, born 1693; died 1752 in Southampton, Va.?.

  vii.   Thomas Person, born 1695 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; died 1770 in Brunswick Co., N.C; married Mary.

  400 viii.   Frances Person, born 1697 in Isle of Wight Co, Va.; died 1758 in Surry Co., Va.; married Mary Turner 1720.

  ix.   William Person, born 1700; died 1770; married Ann.

  x.   Samuel Person, born 1704; died 1754.
       802. Simeon Turner, died 1762 in Southampton Co., Va..

       Child of Simeon Turner is:

  401 i.   Mary Turner, born 1703; died 1761 in Granville Co., N.C.; married Frances Person 1720.
       804. Richard Jones, born 1666; died 1721. He married 805. Elizabeth.
       805. Elizabeth, died 1749.

       Children of Richard Jones and Elizabeth are:

  i.   Ann Jones, married William Bell.

  ii.   Richard Jones.

  iii.   Elizabeth Jones.

  iv.   Christian Jones.

  v.   Sarah Jones.

  vi.   Mary Jones.

  vii.   Martha Jones, married Davis.

  viii.   Joseph Jones.

  ix.   Benjamin Jones.

  402 x.   Samuel Jones, born 1705; died 1771; married Sarah Shaw?.
       806. Mathew Shaw. He was the son of 1612. Mathew Shaw. He married 807. Elizabeth Pitt?.
       807. Elizabeth Pitt?, died 1753.

       Child of Mathew Shaw and Elizabeth Pitt? is:

  403 i.   Sarah Shaw?, married Samuel Jones.
       808. John Powell, born Abt. 1650 in Va. or Europe.

       Child of John Powell is:

  404 i.   William Powell, born Abt. 1675 in Va. or NC; died Abt. 1750 in Granville Co., NC.

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