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Ancestors of Lillian Blanche KAUFMAN

Generation No. 5

      16. Jacob COFFMAN, born Bet. 1760 - 1761 in MD; died 2 June 1840 in (Casey) KY. He married 17. Mary HENDRICKS 1 January 1781 in (Lincoln) KY.

      17. Mary HENDRICKS She was the daughter of 34. Jacob LINEBAUGH.

Notes for Jacob COFFMAN:
Jacob was a Revolutionary War veteran that settled in Casey County Kentucky after the war. They came up the old Indian Trace road from Tennessee into central Kentucky. He is descendant from Swiss Mennonite immigrants that came to America fleeing religious persecution. They originally spelled their name as "Kaufman". The translation means "merchant". Some ancestors and descendants still use the original spelling. Jacob was still living in 1840 and was recognized for his Revolutionary War service to his country. His pension application number is W6943MD. Source Walter Kaeff.

More About Jacob COFFMAN:
Burial: Hardin Coffman Cemetery, Ellisburg (Casey) KY

Notes for Mary HENDRICKS:
Other source gives Catherine/Keturah or Mary LINEBAUGH
Children of Jacob COFFMAN and Mary HENDRICKS are:
  i.   Jacob COFFMAN, born Abt. 1800 in TN; married Katherine LANE 24 June 1822; born Abt. 1800 in VA.
  More About Jacob COFFMAN:
Occupation: Gunsmith

  More About Katherine LANE:
Occupation: Spins

  ii.   Polly COFFMAN, born Abt. 1801; married David YOUNG.
  iii.   David COFFMAN, born Abt. 1803 in TN 1850 Census; died in (Casey) KY; married Patsy (COFFMAN) Bef. 1825; born Abt. 1804 in KY 1850 Census.
  iv.   Elizabeth COFFMAN, married Jordan BOWSEY.
  8 v.   John COFFMAN, born 15 October 1812 in TN; died 15 March 1888 in Junction City (Lincoln) KY; married Nancy Ellen ELLIS 9 October 1835 in (Casey) KY MR Book 1 Pg 58.

      18. Richard ELLIS, born Abt. 1760 in Maybe Norfolk VA per Elmer Coffman. He married 19. Elizabeth/Kitty JOHNS.

      19. Elizabeth/Kitty JOHNS

Notes for Richard ELLIS:
Came to KY from Norfolk VA and founded Ellisburg (Casey) KY 1795 per Elmer Coffman; 1787 per Walter Kaeff There is a rather large genealogy recorded in a Casey Co. history book at the Kenton Co. Public Library of the Ellis family.
Child of Richard ELLIS and Elizabeth/Kitty JOHNS is:
  9 i.   Nancy Ellen ELLIS, born 15 June 1813 in (Casey) KY; died 19 June 1903 in (Lincoln) KY; married John COFFMAN 9 October 1835 in (Casey) KY MR Book 1 Pg 58.

      20. William Killies VAUGHT, born 15 February 1812 in (Pulaski) KY; died 18 March 1890 in (Pulaski) KY. He was the son of 40. Jacob VAUGHT and 41. Mary Magdelena "Molly" CORMANY. He married 21. Nancy "Tubbs" LANGDON 15 May 1834 in (Pulaski) KY.

      21. Nancy "Tubbs" LANGDON, born Abt. 1815 in KY; died 1851 in (Pulaski) KY.

More About William Killies VAUGHT:
Burial: Shadygrove Cemetery (Pulaski) KY
Occupation: Preacher

More About Nancy "Tubbs" LANGDON:
Name 2: Nancy COMPTON
Name 3: Nancy TUBBS
Children of William VAUGHT and Nancy LANGDON are:
  i.   Serretha VAUGHT
  ii.   Loretta VAUGHT, born Abt. 1835 in KY.
  10 iii.   Jacob VAUGHT, born 10 January 1837 in (Pulaski) KY; died 14 May 1913 in (Boyle) KY; married Nancy Jane VAUGHT 31 May 1858 in (Pulaski) KY.
  iv.   Daniel VAUGHT, born Abt. 1839 in KY.
  v.   Martin VAUGHT, born Abt. 1841 in KY.
  vi.   James VAUGHT, born Abt. 1845 in KY.
  vii.   Lydia VAUGHT, born Abt. 1848 in KY.

      22. Henry VAUGHT, born 24 April 1794 in (Wythe) VA; died Bef. 1840 in (Pulaski) KY. He was the son of 44. Henry VAUGHT and 45. Catharina "Dottering" DUTTON. He married 23. Nancy HAIL 22 August 1814 in (Pulaski) KY.

      23. Nancy HAIL She was the daughter of 46. William HAIL.
Child of Henry VAUGHT and Nancy HAIL is:
  11 i.   Nancy Jane VAUGHT, born 20 April 1835 in (Pulaski) KY; died 12 March 1917 in (Boyle) KY; married Jacob VAUGHT 31 May 1858 in (Pulaski) KY.

      24. John FERGUSON, born in IN per 1900 Census for John Andrew IRELAND. He married 25. Sophia MAXWELL.

      25. Sophia MAXWELL, born in IN.
Children of John FERGUSON and Sophia MAXWELL are:
  12 i.   John Andrew FERGUSON, born April 1844 in IN 1900 Census; died 23 March 1912 in Ohio Falls (Clark) IN (DR) Book H, 19, 85 Per Edith D. 1930; married Mary J RIGHTHOUSE.
  ii.   Maggie FERGUSON
  iii.   Addine FERGUSON

      28. Andrew Jacob STONER, born in NC per 1900 Census for John. He married 29. Polly (STONER).

      29. Polly (STONER), born in IN per 1900 Census for John.

More About Andrew Jacob STONER:
Burial: Check "Split Stump Cemetery", Marysville

More About Polly (STONER):
Ethnicity/Relig.: Pyoto Indian
Children of Andrew STONER and Polly (STONER) are:
  i.   Sam STONER
  ii.   Barney STONER
  14 iii.   John STONER, born 29 October 1831 in (Clark) IN Per Edith D. 1828 Oct 1831 per 1900 Census; died 12 November 1911 in Marysville (Clark) IN (DR) Book H, 31, 40); married (Samantha) Leah McINTYRE 17 March 1852 in (Clark) or (Orange) IN.

      30. William Jr. (MCINTIRE) McINTYRE, born 2 May 1802 in FTM Pedigree 3562 Disk 1 IN per 1900 Census for Leah; died Bef. 1850 in Not in 1850 Census. He was the son of 60. William (McINTIRE) McINTYRE and 61. Charity ALLARD. He married 31. Emily JONES 1821.

      31. Emily JONES, born Abt. 1795 in PA IN per 1900 Census for Leah.
Children of William McINTYRE and Emily JONES are:
  i.   Almarin (Martha) McINTYRE, born 7 November 1823; married John CUNNINGHAM 1 September 1842 in (Clark) IN.
  ii.   Nancy McINTYRE, born 7 March 1825; married Joseph BRONNER 6 April 1843 in (Clark) IN.
  iii.   Miriam McINTYRE, born 12 April 1827; married John OGLE.
  iv.   Daniel (David) McINTYRE, born 7 January 1829; married Rebecca LOUDEN.
  v.   Shedrack McINTYRE, born 17 April 1830; married Nancy BRINTON.
  15 vi.   (Samantha) Leah McINTYRE, born 18 April 1834 in 1832 FTM Pedigree 3562 Disk 1 Apr 1834 per 1900 Census; died 19 July 1907 in Marysville (Clark) IN (DR) Book H, 30, 27); married John STONER 17 March 1852 in (Clark) or (Orange) IN.
  vii.   William McINTYRE, born 3 August 1835.
  viii.   Hanna McINTYRE, born Bet. 1835 - 7 November 1837 in IN; married John FERGUSON.

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