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Descendants of William Lewis

Generation No. 4

4. THOMAS4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1) was born Apr 27, 1718 in Donegal CO., Ireland, and died Jan 31, 1790 in Rockingham, Co., VA. He married JANE STROTHER. She was born 1732 in Stafford Co., VA, and died Sep 19, 1820 in Lynnwood, VA.

Notes for T
Thomas surveyed the Fairfax line which forms the boundry of Rockingham Co. and part of the Virginia boundary with West Virginia. His journal has been termed a minor classic of America exploration. He was also a member of the Virginia Convention which ratified the Constitution in 1788.
Children of T
  i.   JOHN5 LEWIS, b. Nov 01, 1749.
  ii.   MARGARET ANN LEWIS, b. Jul 05, 1751.
  iii.   AGATHA (AGNAS) LEWIS, b. May 18, 1753.
  iv.   JEAN (JANE) LEWIS, b. Aug 08, 1755.
  v.   ANDREW LEWIS, b. Oct 16, 1757.
  vi.   THOMAS LEWIS, JR., b. Jan 26, 1760.
  vii.   MARY LEWIS, b. Aug 05, 1762.
  viii.   ELIZABETH LEWIS, b. Jan 26, 1765.
  ix.   ANNE LEWIS, b. Oct 07, 1767.
  x.   FRANCES LYNN LEWIS, b. May 17, 1771.
  xi.   CHARLES LEWIS, b. Nov 08, 1772.
  xii.   SOPHIA LEWIS, b. Oct 18, 1775.
  xiii.   WILLIAM BENJAMIN LEWIS, b. Aug 08, 1778.

5. ANDREW4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1) was born Oct 09, 1720 in Donegal Co., Ireland, and died Sep 26, 1781 in Bedford Co., VA. He married SARAH CATHEY GIVENS.

Notes for A
Andrew became the regions most prominent military leader, becoming a general in the Continental Army and charged with the defense of Willamsburg
Children of A
  i.   JOHN5 LEWIS, b. Sep 14, 1746.
  ii.   SAMUEL LEWIS, b. Sep 04, 1748.
  iii.   THOMAS LEWIS, b. 1759.
  iv.   ANDREW LEWIS, JR., b. 1759.
  v.   ANN LEWIS, b. 1760.
  vi.   WILLIAM LEWIS, b. 1764.
  vii.   CHARLES LEWIS, b. Unknown.

6. WILLIAM4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1) was born Nov 17, 1724 in Donegal Co., Irland, and died Nov 1811 in Sweet Springs, WV. He married ANNE LEWIS Apr 08, 1754. She was born Sep 01, 1737, and died Jul 1808 in Sweet Springs, WV.

Notes for W
William served in the Continental Army.
Children of W
  i.   MARGARET LYNN5 LEWIS, b. Oct 14, 1755.
  ii.   JOHN LEWIS, b. Aug 24, 1758.
  iii.   THOMAS LEWIS, b. 1761.
  iv.   ALEXANDER LEWIS, b. Oct 1763.
  v.   WILLIAM J LEWIS, b. Jul 04, 1766.
  vi.   AGATHA LEWIS, b. 1774.
  vii.   ELIZABETH LEWIS, b. 1777.
  viii.   CHARLES W. LEWIS, b. 1780.

7. MARGARET LYNN4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1) was born 1726 in Donegal, Ireland, and died Bet. 1797 - 1800 in KY. She married (1) WILLIAM LONG Bef. Mar 07, 1758. He was born Unknown, and died May 05, 1760. She married (2) WILLIAM CROW Bef. Feb 28, 1761. He was born 1726 in Scotland.
Child of M
  i.   WILLIAM5 LONG, JR, b. Oct 1755.
  ii.   THOMAS5 CROW, JR, b. Feb 20, 1762.
  iii.   ANDREW LEWIS, b. 1768.
  iv.   JOHN CROW.
  v.   MARGARET (PEGGY) CROW, b. 1770.
  vi.   NANCY (MARY CROW, b. 1774.

8. ANNE4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1) was born 1728 in Donegal Co., Ireland, and died Unknown in York Co.,(now Adams Co.) PA. She married MICHAEL FINLEY, JR. 1752. He was born Feb 03, 1717/18 in Armagh Co., Ireland, and died Jun 19, 1785 in Hamilton Bann Township, PA.
Children of A
  i.   JOSEPH LEWIS5 FINLEY, b. Feb 20, 1753.
  ii.   EBENEZER FINLEY, b. Jan 14, 1763.

9. CHARLES4 LEWIS (JOHN3, ANDREW2, WILLIAM1)1 was born Mar 11, 1735/36 in Augusta Co., VA, and died Oct 10, 1774 in Point Pleasant, WV. He married SARAH MURRAY Jun 1762 in Augusta Co., VA, daughter of MURRAY and MARGARET MCBARRON. She was born Unknown, and died Bet. 1782 - 1790 in Bath County, Virginia.

Notes for C

Charles was born on March 11, 1736 in Augusta Co., VA. Nothing is known about his
childhood or education. His name first appears in the records in 1745, as a member of the
Greenbrier Valley Land Co. along with his father and brother, William. There is no record
of when his military career started. Some sources say that he went along on the Sandy
Creek expedition that was led by his brother, Captain Andrew Lewis in 1755. He was
named a lieutenant in Captain William Preston's Company of rangers on November 23,
1756, and from then on his life consisted largely of frontier duty.

During the next years, Charles was Preston's right-hand man. They apparently
were good friends and spent much time together, not just in military service, but at other
times also. Their names appear together on various legal documents in the county records
as bondsman, witnesses to wills and the like.

In June 1762, Charles married Sarah Murray. Shortly after their marriage they
took up residence in their home on the Cowpasture River in what is now Bath Co. VA.

In the summer of 1763, Pontiac's War broke out and life on the frontier was worse than
ever. Shawnee raiding parties hit the Greenbrier and Jackson's River settlements, killing
many settlers and taking many more captives. Charles and Sarah's home became a fort to
many settlers in the area.

In the summer of 1763, Col. Henry Bouquet with a body of Pennsylvania militia marched
to the forks of the Ohio River to relieve Fort Pitt which was under siege by the Indians. In
the summer of 1764, he was ready to mount a large expedition to invade the Ohio country
to conquer or to make peace with the Indians, and to recover the many captives that they
had taken from the frontier settlements. To accomplish this he requested reinforcements
from Col. Andrew Lewis. Two Companies of Augusta riflemen consisting of one hundred
men each were sent to join Bouquet at Fort Pitt. One company was commanded by
Captain Charles Lewis.

The Virginia companies, veteran hunters and Indian fighters, were used far out
front and on both flanks of the main party to scout for Indian signs and prevent ambush.
The force impressed the Indians enough so that they were eager to make peace. Two
hundred six prisoners were freed. Among the freed there were 32 men and 58 women and
children from Virginia.

Charles participation in the expedition was a milestone in his career, bringing him
to the attention of the governor and the military, and giving him maximum exposure to
hundreds of back country folks who saw him as their champion and deliverer.

The years' 1764-1774 were relatively peaceful. Charles and Sarah prospered on their
Cowpasture River home and raised their six children; the seventh, named Charles was not
born until after his father had gone off to war for the last time.

Charles and Sarah had seven children, three daughters and four sons:
(1) Elizabeth, born October 7, 1762, unmarried
(2) Margaret, born March 29, 1765, married Major Pryor
(3) Capt. John Lewis, born November 4, 1766, married Rachel Miller
(4) Mary, born November 10, 1768, unmarried
(5) Thomas, Lewis born February 25, 1771, unmarried
(6) Col. Andrew Lewis, born September 27, 1772, married Margaret Lynn Stuart
(7) Lt. CHARLES LEWIS, born September 11, 1774, married Jane Dickinson.

In 1774, Col. Charles Lewis was instructed by Governor Dunmore to raise a regiment of
militia for a campaign against the Shawnees and other Ohio Indians. This he did and, after
executing his last will and testament on the 10th of August he left for Camp Union on the
Greenbrier to report for duty under his brother Col. Andrew Lewis. The expedition left
Camp Union on the 6th of September and proceeded to Point Pleasant, a geographical
location where the Kanawha River flows into the Ohio.

On the morning of October 10, 1774, the expedition and the Indians clashed at Point Pleasant.
Two columns of 150 men each were ordered to march out against the enemy. The right
column was led by Col. Charles Lewis, the left column commanded by Col. Fleming. The
two columns proceeded up river about 200 yards apart. About half a mile from the camp,
the Indians hiding behind bushes and trees gave the Augusta line a heavy fire which was
briskly followed by a second and third and returned by our men with much bravery and
courage. The attack was attended with the death of our bravest officers and men. The
shock of this initial onslaught heightened by the loss of both regimental commanders;
Charles Lewis was mortally wounded in the first few minutes and William Fleming was
shot twice in the arm and once in the chest.

Charles Lewis was deeply mourned by many people but specially by his widow, Sarah.
Her brother Captain John Murray and her half-brother George Cameron were also killed
in the battle at the Point.

His will, dated two months before his death was provided by John Dickinson and Charles

More About C
Cause of Death: KIlled at Point Pleasant, WV by Indians

Notes for S
Sarah Murray was the daughter of Margaret Murray, a native of Ireland of Scottish
decent. Sarah's mother's maiden name and her father's given name are unknown to me.
Sarah had a sister, Mary Murray and a brother, John Murray. I believe the Murrays were
living in New York when Margaret's husband died, leaving a widow and three children.

About 1750, Sarah's mother met Dr. John Cameron in New York and they were married.
Dr. John Cameron is said to have been a nephew of the Cameron of Lochiel, chief of the

About 1759, the Cameron's moved to Staution, VA.. It was here that Sarah
Murray met Charles Lewis and they were married in June 1762. Sarah and Charles took
up residence on the Cowpasture River in present Bath Co..

The last record I have of Sarah is in 1782, at which time it is reported that she was living above common conveniences.
Children of C
  i.   ELIZABETH5 LEWIS, b. Oct 07, 1762.
  ii.   MARGARET LEWIS, b. Mar 29, 1765.
  iii.   JOHN LEWIS, b. Nov 04, 1766.
  iv.   MARY LEWIS, b. Nov 10, 1768.
  v.   THOMAS LEWIS, b. Feb 25, 1771.
  vi.   ANDREW LEWIS, b. Sep 27, 1772.
10. vii.   CHARLES LEWIS, b. Sep 11, 1774, Bath Co. VA; d. Sep 1803, Point Pleasant, VA.

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