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Ancestors of William Robert Crabtree

Generation No. 8

      176. Israel Damon, born 1746 in Scituate, MA.; died Abt. 1790 in Sheepscott River, Wiscasset, ME.. He was the son of 352. Israel Damon and 353. Sara Merritt. He married 177. Surviah Wottles 07/Jan/1769 in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

      177. Surviah Wottles, born 14/Jan/1754 in Lebanon, CT.; died WFT Est. 1794-1849. She was the daughter of 354. Mason Wottles and 355. Irena Chandler.
Children of Israel Damon and Surviah Wottles are:
  i.   Irana Dammon, born 29/Apr/1770 in Duxbury, Mass; died WFT Est. 1784-1864; married Samuel Lang WFT Est. 1784-1817; born WFT Est. 1753-1773; died WFT Est. 1787-1859.
  ii.   Mason Dammon, born 28/Jun/1772; died WFT Est. 1789-1862; married Dolly Ellingwood WFT Est. 1789-1822; born WFT Est. 1768-1788; died WFT Est. 1789-1872.
  iii.   Seth Dammon, born 1775; died WFT Est. 1792-1865; married Margaret Douglas WFT Est. 1792-1825; born WFT Est. 1771-1791; died WFT Est. 1792-1875.
  iv.   Isreal Dammon, born 1776; died WFT Est. 1793-1866; married Abigaile Allbee WFT Est. 1793-1826; born WFT Est. 1772-1792; died WFT Est. 1793-1876.
  v.   Zuriah Dammon, born 1778; died WFT Est. 1795-1868; married Cole WFT Est. 1795-1828; born WFT Est. 1774-1794 in Bittleford, Maryland; died WFT Est. 1795-1878.
  vi.   Rebecca Dammon, born 1779; died WFT Est. 1793-1873; married James Webber WFT Est. 1793-1826; born WFT Est. 1762-1782; died WFT Est. 1796-1868.
  88 vii.   Chandler Dammon, born 16/Oct/1780 in Wiscasset, Lincoln Co., ME; died 23/Aug/1857 in Wiscasset, Lincoln Co., ME; married Betsy Jackson 20/Sep/1802 in Wiscasset, Maine.
  viii.   Joshua Dammon, born 1786; died WFT Est. 1787-1876.
  ix.   Merritt Dammon, born 1788 in Wiscassett, LINCOLN, Maine; died 30/Nov/1853 in Wiscassett, Maine; married Hannah Creasey WFT Est. 1812-1839; born 1800 in Maine; died 11/Mar/1868 in Wiscassett, Maine.
  x.   John Dammon, born 1791; died WFT Est. 1810-1882; married Jane Douglas 14/Jun/1801; born WFT Est. 1764-1790 in Pittson, Maine; died WFT Est. 1807-1882.
  xi.   Issac Dammon, born 1792; died WFT Est. 1793-1882.

      178. Benjamin JACKSON, born WFT Est. 1726-1756. He married 179. Molly WALKER.

      179. Molly WALKER, born WFT Est. 1734-1759.
Child of Benjamin JACKSON and Molly WALKER is:
  89 i.   Betsy Jackson, born 27/Apr/1779 in Wiscasset, Lincoln Co., ME; died 26/Mar/1858 in Wiscasset, Lincoln Co., ME; married Chandler Dammon 20/Sep/1802 in Wiscasset, Maine.

      180. Pardon Snell He was the son of 360. Samuel Snell. He married 181. Alice Grinnell.

      181. Alice Grinnell She was the daughter of 362. Daniel Grinnell.
Child of Pardon Snell and Alice Grinnell is:
  90 i.   Crawford Snell, born 30/Mar/1782 in Tiverton, R.I.; died 07/Apr/1871 in Tiverton, R.I; married Sarah Angels.

      184. Ezekiel Luce, born 05/Feb/1749-50 in Tisbury, Ma.; died 11/Jun/1817 in Tisbury, Ma.. He was the son of 368. Stephen Luce and 369. Content Presbury. He married 185. Hannah Manter 15/Dec/1768 in Tisbury, Ma..

      185. Hannah Manter, born 27/Jul/1750 in Tisbury, Ma.; died 17/Mar/1832 in Tisbury, Ma..
Children of Ezekiel Luce and Hannah Manter are:
  i.   Samuel Luce, born 29/Dec/1769 in Tisbury, Ma.
  ii.   Elijah Luce, born 14/Apr/1772 in Tisbury, Ma; married (1) Lovey Cleveland 19/Dec/1799; married (2) Salome Luce 02/Sep/1815 in Tisbury, Ma.
  92 iii.   Eddy Manter Luce, born 23/Feb/1775 in Tisbury, Ma.; died 27/Jun/1860 in New Bedford, Ma; married Thankfull Reynolds in Tisbury, Ma..
  iv.   Jabez Luce, born 29/Oct/1778 in Tisbury, Ma; married Reliance Nichols 25/Nov/1802.
  v.   Willard Luce, born 06/Jul/1782 in Tisbury, Ma; married (1) Love Lewis 04/Dec/1804; married (2) Mary (Athearn) Look, Wife 2 10/Jan/1819 in Tisbury, Ma. (?); born Unknown; died Unknown.
  vi.   Hannah Luce, born 27/Apr/1788; died 10/Apr/1867 in W. Tisbury, Ma.
  vii.   Rebecca Luce, born 27/Apr/1788.

      188. Godfrey (David) King, born 09/Feb/1749-50 in Tiverton, RI; died 1834. He was the son of 376. Benjamin King and 377. Mary Russell. He married 189. Abigail Manchester 09/Mar/1768 in Tiverton, RI.

      189. Abigail Manchester, born 04/Mar/1750-51; died WFT Est. 1798-1848. She was the daughter of 378. Benjamin Manchester and 379. Mary Wfe Of Benjamin Manchester.
Children of Godfrey King and Abigail Manchester are:
  i.   Benjamin King, born 13/Oct/1769 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1770-1859.
  ii.   Isaac King, born 19/Nov/1771 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1772-1861.
  iii.   Sarah King, born 11/Sep/1773 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1774-1867.
  iv.   Mary King, born 17/Sep/1775 in Tiverton, RI; died 08/Jan/1858.
  v.   Stephen King, born 23/Aug/1777 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1778-1867.
  vi.   Ebenezer King, born 13/Oct/1779 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1780-1869.
  vii.   Godfrey King, born 10/Aug/1781 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1782-1871.
  viii.   Cornelius King, born 09/May/1784 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1785-1874.
  ix.   Philip King, born 03/Jul/1786 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1787-1876.
  x.   Abigail King, born 14/Aug/1788 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1789-1882.
  xi.   Joseph King, born 30/Sep/1790; died 28/Jul/1863 in Tiverton, Newport Co., RI; married Anna (Annie) Simmons Bef. 1816; born 22/Apr/1796; died 03/May/1885 in Tiverton, Newport Co., RI.
  xii.   Alfred King, born 13/Oct/1793 in Tiverton, RI; died 03/Aug/1859 in New Bedford, MA.
  94 xiii.   David King, born 02/Apr/1795 in Tiverton, RI; died WFT Est. 1797-1886; married Bridget Taber.

      190. Noel Taber, born 1749 in Little Compton, RI. He was the son of 380. John Taber and 381. Abigail Lake. He married 191. Mary.

      191. Mary
Children of Noel Taber and Mary are:
  i.   Noel Taber, born 1787; died 10/May/1839 in New Bedford, MA; married Mary Gifford.
  95 ii.   Bridget Taber, born Abt. 1795; died 24/Mar/1878 in New Bedford, MA; married David King.

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