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Creel/Creal/Pendarvis Family: sibling & children

Updated July 12, 2007

Surname List:

Allen, Andrus, Anna, Armstrong, Austin, Babb, Balshin, Belecha, Bellesteros, Benedict, Black, Blackman, Blanton, Blecha, Bonin, Bova, Bozeman, Bradley, Brantley, Broadus, Brodus, Brohn, Brown, Brownlow, Button, Carter, Carton, Casey, Castle, Christopher, Clayton, Cochran, Coleman, Collins, Conway, Cooper, Crawford, Creal, Creel, Crenshaw, Cumbest, Cunningham, Dale, Davis, Dearman, Delaw, Downey, Ely, Exley, Fabel, Fellows, Felps, Ferrel, Ferrell, Ferrill, Field, Fillingham, Fisher, Foster, Fotos, Frier, Garland, Gilchrist, Goff, Graham, Grills, Hagyard, Haley, Hamilton, Harvey, Hay, Helm, Hess, Hill, Howard, Howell, Hudson, Huggins, Ikerd, Irvin, Jacobs, Jeffords, Jones, Kaler, Kappel, Keathley, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kissel, Knippers, Kumpakiske, Kumpakiske/Kumpakskze, la Rocha, Ladnier, LaFontaine, Landry, Langley, Lawlis, Lawson, Lenkoski, Lennep, Lester, Living, Lopez, m, MacIntosh, MaHafty, Main, Martin, Mason, Mayo, McCollough, McDaniel, McDaniels, McHafty, McMillen, McMullin, Mehler, Meja, Melton, Middleton, Mie, Mie/Meja, Mooney, Morrison, Mott, Murry, Nelson, Nicholas, Nowak, Ola, Owens, Parker, Parks, Pendarvis, Phelps, Pickett, Poole, Porter, Privitt, Raulorson, Reeves, Revelle, Ritspatrick, Robinson, Rotondo, Sanders, Santos, Scala, Schultz, Scott, Searcy, Shafer, Shepherd, Sherrell, Silas, Smith, Solomon, Sparks, Sr, Sr., Stapleton, Strickland, Stroble, Stroder, Sumerall, Sutton, Thigpen, Todd, Tompkis, Tourville, Trehern, Turner, Unknown, unknown, Unknown, unknown, Unknown, Van Roberts, Varnon, Walker, Wallace, Walpole, Walsh, Waltman, Warden, Watson, Wells, Wheatley, Wheeler, White, Wiggins, Wilkinson, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wolf, Wood, Yatronnsis, Zeigler, Zuremik

Please use the information on my family as a GUIDE only, always under contruction and open to corrections & additions.
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My information on the Creel/Creal family is from living children and grandchildren of Hardy Creal/Creel & Della M. Wiggins, my personal records, Mobile County Court House Records, AL Death Records, Lauderdale County MS Courthouse, Choctaw County AL Marriage Records Book, US Census, Cementry Records, Darla [Spooner] Arnold, David Sprinkle, Paul Stapleton, and Kathy (Dearman), Brenda [Waltman] Knippers, the daughter of Walter Wiggins and all the wonderful Creel/Creal, Wiggins and Dearman genealogist.

I am researching Elijah Creel, born abt 1845 MS, and his wife, Leviney "Vina/Viney/Devina" Dearman of Lauderdale County, MS; daughter of Jonathan Dearman & Julia McMillen. Elijah is not on the 1900 census Mobile County, AL with his family. Vina died August 11, 1929. Elijah & Vina's children: Julia, Leona, Hiram, Brown, John and Hardy. Vina (Dearman) Creel/Creal remarried Joe Stapleton [b. N.Y] and they had two children: Frank & Joseph.

I am also researching: James Pendarvis [SC] & Nancy Williams (father: Lewellen Williams b. VA d. 1836 FL War) all last from Alachua County, FL. Help from the Alachua County Clerk Court House, Randy Floyd, Anna (Pendarvis) Hudson, Molly (Clayton) Revelle [I started with info from Molly], daughter of Minnie (Richard Clayton) Pendarvis, Clair (Shafer) Main [daughter of Connie Pendarvis Shafer], Rudy Thigpen [son of Clarisa Pendarvis Thigpen], Jerry Pendarvis [great-grandson of George L. Pendarvis & grandson of Roy Pendarvis] and researcher Betty Rogers with the Jackson County Archives Dept., Pascagoula, MS.

Christopher Columbus Wiggins & Martha Owen(s) of Choctaw County, AL. With the help of Cynthia Patterson, Hardy Creel, Jr, Maxine Wiggins, Helen Wiggins, living grandchildren and other Wiggins/Creel researchers.

Henry Schultz & Marie/Mary Mie/Meja/Meji from: Russia, Latvia, Germany and Lithuaian, Poland; Pittsburg, Pa; Chicago, Cook County, IL; Mobile County, AL & Jackson County, MS.

Patricia Creel

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Family Photos

  • Hardy H. (Creal) Creel Sr (141 KB)
    Hardy after a fishing trip with his sons in 1965. He is one of the sons of Elijah Creel & Leviney "Vina" Dearman.
  • Death notice of George L. Pendarvis: (576 KB)
    [Sources:]Jerry Pendarvis & Molly [Clayton] Revelle
  • Headstone of: (139 KB)
    Hardy Houston Creal/Creel & Della Mae (Wiggins) Creel. They used Creal & Creel in all legal and family records.
  • Mrs. George L. Pendarvis (342 KB)
    [Source:] Jerry Pendarvis & Molly [Clayton]Revelle This is a newspaper clipping about Mrs. Pendarvis. I do not know the name of the newspaper or the date. I made the image this size so it could be readable.
  • Headstone of: (48 KB)
    Cynthia Kay Knippers, buried Union Cementry, Moss Point, Jackson County, MS. Cindy is granddaughter of C.D. & Ellie Knippers and C. & Gloria Creel; Great-granddaughter of Hardy & Della (Wiggins), daughter of Pat Creel & C. W. Knippers.
  • Florida Land Grant: April 1, 1859 #3974 (49 KB)
    Lewelling Williams, brother of Nancy Williams - Pendarvis, Alachua County, FL
  • Wedding Picture: (192 KB)
    Hardy Creel's son Curtis, married to Gloria Pendarvis - 1950
  • Headstone of: (52 KB)
    Gloria (Pendarvis) Creel... daughter-in-law of Hardy & Della, buried Union Cementry, Moss Point, Jackson County, MS. Daughter of Guy George Pendarvis [OR] & Anna Mae (Schultz)Pendarvis [MS].
  • Marion Francis Mooney & wife Rena Wilson: (30 KB)
    from Covington County, MS
  • Headstone of: (12 KB)
    Marie (Mie) Schultz, Union Cementry, Moss Point, MS
  • Florida Land Grant: Feb 19, 1857 # 3868 (51 KB)
    E. Pendarvis, Alachua County, FL
  • Headstone at Grand Bay Cementry, Mobile County, AL (73 KB)
    Esther Creel Felps & her husband Ernest Felps of Grand Bay, AL. Picture taker by Jabe Fincher.
  • Headstone of: (9 KB)
    Henry Schultz, Union Cementry, Moss Point, MS
  • 1. Chicago Maps (1532 KB)
    Chicago Map 1898
  • Headstone pictuce at Grand Bay Cementry: (364 KB)
    of Ellie Crenshaw & wife Minnie Crenshaw. Picture taker by Jabe Fincher.
  • Headstone of: (6 KB)
    George L. Pendarvis & wife
  • 2. Latvia gif (58 KB)
    Map of the country: LATVIA
  • Headstone picture at Grand Bay Cementry: (99 KB)
    Mary Trehern , daughter of Vester Trehern & Leander (Crenshaw) Trehern, all of Pascagoula MS. Picture taker by Jabe Fincher.
  • Picture of: (18 KB)
    Joseph James Pendarvis & Mary 'Molly' (Jones) Pendarvis
  • 3. map of LITHuiana\mqmapgendLITHAINA.JPG (186 KB)
    Map of LITHUIANA
  • Sign for: (116 KB)
    Grand Bay Cementry. Picture taker by Jabe Fincher. Aug 29, 2004
  • Headstone of: (15 KB)
    Roy Pendarvis & Evelyn H. Pendarvis
  • NEW - Protestant Osphan Asyhum Home Minutes Book: (62 KB)
    Julia Creel was given to Mrs. Walpole. page 102, November 3, 1903 {Doument Source: Oakleigh Historial Complex, Mobile, AL}
  • Old Schultz Home #1: (104 KB)
    taken from area of Frank Griffin Rd. & Brickyard Bayou Rd., Escatawpa, Jackson County, MS. This picture is from the new updated home and land for Sept 2004. I do not have apicture for 1950.
  • Old Schultz home # 2: (116 KB)
    Another picture of the home of Henry Schultz, )and 80 acres) paid for in 1920 by his son, Walter Schultz. There are 3 pictures of the property as of Sept 2004.
  • NEW - Protestant Osphan Asyhum Home Minutes Book: (62 KB)
    [page 167, Dec 5, 1898] states that two children had been received Julia Ann Creel, age 12, & John Wesley Creel, age 2. There were already five members of this family in this home.{Document Sourse: Oakleigh Historial Complex, Mobile, AL}
  • NEW - Protestant Osphan Asyhum Home Minutes Book: (1278 KB)
    {Document Source: Oakleigh Historical Complex, Mobile AL}page 194 Aug 5, 1907; It was moved & carried that the Creel children be allowed to leave the asylum to live with their mother as she disired to take them.
  • Headstone of: (177 KB)
    Joseph James Pendarvis & Mary 'Molly' (Jones) Pendarvis Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS
  • Sign for: (327 KB)
    Union Cementry, Moss Point, MS
  • Home of: (11 KB)
    Henry Schultz and family, Moss Point, MS
  • Old Schultz Home #3: (115 KB)
    Last picture I took [Sept 2004] or the home of Henry Schultz and family taken from area of Frank Grifffin Rd. & Brickyard Bayou Rd., Escatawpa, MS.
  • Headstone of: (26 KB)
    Houston "Pete" Hudson, Union Cementry
  • Headstone of: (87 KB)
    Jenny Jones-Lopez-Smith, daughter of John W. Jones & Ann Kennedy, Jackson County, MS. Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS
  • 1929 Pascagoula-Moss Point $20.00 bill (32 KB)
    Found on Ebay
  • Picture of Mary "Molly" Jones Pendarvis (99 KB)
    from her home in 1925, Frank Griffin Rd., Escatawpa, Jackson County, MS
  • Headstone of: (89 KB)
    Emma "Sister" Lopez, wife of Anjel Lopez, son of Jennie Jones-Lopez. Buried at Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS.
  • Henry Schultz (77 KB)
    Sea Card
  • Headstone of: (85 KB)
    Anjel Winston Lopez, son of Anjel & Emma Lopez, grandson of Anjel Lopez & Jenny Jones-Lopez. Buried Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS.
  • Henry Schultz (87 KB)
    CARD # 23 ALIEN SEAMAN'S IDENTIFICATION, June 1919 FOR: Henry Schultz Nationality: Russian Place of birth: Russia Place of father's birth: Russia Place of mother's birth: Russia If naturalized abroad, where and when? 1st Int. Mobile, Alabama May 4, 1918 Vessel: Mojave Flag: American Age: 47 as of: 27, Nov, 1918 Height: 6' Description= complexion: ruddy Hair: dark Eyes: Blue Physical marks or peculiarities: none Issued under rule 10 of the Immigration Rules and the regulations prescribed by the President in pursuance of the Act of May 22, 1918. (with thumb print and picture of Henry Schultz). This card will be issued in the first instance to incoming seaman by an immigration official. It will then be completed by a customs official or an immigration official, as the nature of the case requires, and thereafter will be visaed by an immigration official or a customs official upon each arrival and departure of the holder, this card is only valid for use in American ports.
  • Headstone of: (102 KB)
    Agnes Emma Shafer 1891-1990, Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS
  • A copy of IL birth record request for Anna Schultz (244 KB)
    Please zoom in (or out) for a better look at this paper.
  • Headstone of: (101 KB)
    Charles Shafer, Robinson Cementry, Escatawpa, MS
  • MS Land Grant: Homestead Cert.#14347 July 15, 1899 (67 KB)
    John W. Jones, Jackson County, MS, App # 25248, 156 acres, area of Frank Griffin Rd., Escatawpa, MS
  • Florida Land Grant: May 1, 1855 # 2203 (57 KB)
    James Pendarvis, Newmansville, Alachua County, FL
  • Florida Land Grand: Feb 19, 1857 #3484 (53 KB)
    James Pindarvis (Pendarvis), Alachua County, FL
  • Florida Land Grant: May 1, 1857 # 2415 (61 KB)
    James Pendarvis, Alachua County, FL

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  • Family Line of: (17 KB)
    G(J)eruahu Nicholas family (by Ron Head), wife of Wesley Creel, father to Elijah Creel, grandfather to Hardy Creel of Grand Bay, Mobile County, AL
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    John Pittman Wiggins & Isabell Sparks by Cindy Patterson
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    Lewellen (Lew) Williams, father of Nancy Williams Pendarvis
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    William Allen Pendarvis
  • Family Line of: (9 KB)
    Joseph James Pendarvis & Mary E. "Molly" Jones of Jackson County, MS
  • Family Line of: (5 KB)
    Pellie Pendarvis & W. W. Button

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