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I am looking for connections to the world of Innerarity. There are at least 9 spellings of the name so if it is a close proximity please let me know. They are all over the world!!!! I have one of the largest trees on the net and still adding. Also if you need information on this tree then by all means let me know.

Please look at the report below and see if you are on there. If not, then look for relatives and let me know how you tie in. Send me the information and I will get you connected. Notice the ? as a title? There is a gap between what I have and the Innerquharity link but be assured that we all came from the MIGHTY NAME of INNERQUHARITY. I have James Inverarity and his brothers but not their Father. Anyone know?

Now let me explain the spelling variations: Back in those days there were no birth records, only Baptismal records. The recorder wrote in his ideas as he (women were not allowed to enter. They would have asked.) of the spelling of the names the way it sounded to them.

We are Particularly looking for the Jamaica, Spain, Italy and Cuba connection. We are not sure if it was James or John (Brothers) that was the Father of the clans there, or which of their sons. I have tons of Innerarity's waiting to get on the BIG tree but have to know the connection. If any of you web surfers have any information please let me know so I can check it out. Come back often as I will be adding updates.

Thanks for stopping by
Nedra Innerarity

UPDATE: March 17 2009

We now have the Jamaica, Spain and Cuba Connections!!! Come back often to see them unfold as I add new data.
The Innerarity /Inverarity Tree From Scotland To The World
Updated March 17, 2009

Nedra Ann Creamer-Innerarity
P O Box 626
Huntington, TX 75949
United States

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Family Photos

  • John Inverarity (66 KB)
    Born 10 Jun 1843 Brechin, Scotland Died 12 May 1917 Australia Married Susannah Cook (1851-1924) 01 May 1874
  • Innerarity Crest (231 KB)
    From Clan Documentation (will add later)
  • John & Susannah Inverarity (28 KB)
    See Roger Inverarity Tree for details.
  • David Inverarity (78 KB)
    David Inverarity (Photo taken 1865 b: Mar. 21,1816 Brechin d: Sept. 9,1888 Melbourne Australia M: July 16, 1841 Jean Paulin b: Jan. 17,1822 Aberdeen d: June 6,1907 Melbourne, Both migrated to Australia with some of their children on the "Great Britain" 1871 David and Jean Paulin had 10 children David was the son of John Inverarity b: Dec. 12, 1765 and Ann Lindsay
  • Inverarity Crest Framed (66 KB)
    This crest was hanging on my mother's wall at her house. Anne Brooks
  • Susannah Inverarity (94 KB)
    This is the back cover of the book featuring Family Business History in Australia.
  • Paul P Innerarity Corporal, WWll (45 KB)
    Paul Porter Innerarity 1903-1969 is the father of Mary Frances Innerarity Hogan. He married Jane Elizabeth Nichols 01 Jun 1933 We think at Ft. Worth, TX. You can see more detail o Mary Hogan's Tree.
  • Lawrence Inverarity 1911-1989 (76 KB)
    Son of William Cook Inverarity, Grandson of John & Susannah Inverarity and Father of Roger Inverarity. (see Roger's Tree above)
  • James (Jacques) (Santiago) Innerarity (114 KB)
    (The original of this picture was an Ambrotype, in the possession of James' daughter, Heloise Innerarity Minor and was shared by Lloyd Smith.) b: Aug 18, 1777 Brechin, Forfarshire, Scotland d: Oct 3, 1847 Mobil, Al. m: Aug. 06, 1808 Mobil, Al. Heloise (Eloise Isabel) Isabelle Trouillet b: Nov. 09, 1791 Mobile, AL. d: 1820 Havanna, Cuba. James and Heloise had 6 children James is the son of: John Innerarity b: Aug. 07, 1749 d: 1805 & Henrietta Harriet Panton b: 1761 d: 1815
  • Dr. John Forbes Innerarity tintype Photo 1838 (93 KB)
    This is a copy of the original taken in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was sent to me from Sheryl Smith. The front and back are together here with John's actual signature and date on the back. I had to enhance to view the signature as the original is quite faded. This date is within one year of his marriage to Frances and the same year his first child was born. John was attending School where he graduated with the highest honor, first from Cambridge, secondly in the University of Edinburgh and lastly in the Royal College of Surgeons, London. He came home well equipped mentally for practice in his profession.
  • Ronald Inverarity 1917-1996 (62 KB)
    Son of William Cook Inverarity, Grandson of John & Susannah Inverarity (See Roger Inverarity Tree above)
  • John Innerarity Jr (1 KB)
    John Innerarity Jr (Brother of James) b: Nov 11, 1783 Aberdeen, Scotland d: July 28, 1854 Pensacola, Escambia, Fl. m: Dona Marie Victoria DeVilliers (m date unknown) b: Abt. 1781 d: 1862 John and Dona Marie Victoria had 6 children Parents same as James above.
  • Isabelle (Belle) Porter Innerarity 1903-1969 (41 KB)
    Mary Hogan's Grandmother. Isabelle is the daughter of George Porter and Martha Bryan. She was born 26 Aug 1877 in Raleigh NC and died 19 Nov 1907, place unknown. She was married to John Bartels Innerarity, Date unknown. The only child recorded is Paul Porter Innerarity, born 10 Apr 1903 in New York, NY and died 10 Jul 1969 in Dallas, TX Inscription on back of photo was written by Belle's sister: "Paul, this is a perfect likeness of your Mother about the time she married Dec. 19, 1897. Light hair and very blue eyes." Mary Innerarity Hogan - Texas - Jun 1, 2005 Paul had an older brother, James Johnston Innerarity, II. He was called Jimmy or Jimmie. Belle died in Raleigh, NC. She had cancer and went back home to die. They were living in Dallas at that time. Nedra's note: I do not have Belle's sister listed on the Tree so if anyone knows please contact me. Photo submited by Mary Hogan.
  • John Inverarity - Current Company Director (67 KB)
    Son of Ronald Inverarity, Grandson of William Cook Inverarity and Great Grandson of John & Susannah Inverarity (see Roger Inverarity Tree above)
  • Teresa Robina Innerarity (3 KB)
    Teresa Robina Innerarity b: About 1801 daughter of Maria Pyburn and James (Jacques) (Santiago) Innerarity. James also had children with Laura Manuella Centeno b: 1810 in Cuba d: Nov. 1, 1845 in Mobil, AL 6 children were born to James and Laura. All total James had 13 children but only claimed the six he had with Heloise as being legal. But we all know they are FAMILY.
  • Kathleen Ritter Bartels (174 KB)
    This is the Mother in law to James Johnston Innerarity who is the son of Dr. John Forbes Innerarity. Her daughter is Alice Bartels, born Jan 16, 1849 in Lousiana. The Big Tree shows that Kathleen was married to John Murphy. No info on him. There is no birth date for Kathleen but she was born in Alsace Lorraine (France?) and died in New Orleans, LA Nedra's note: If anyone has dates please let me know. Photo submited by Mary Hogan.
  • Roger Inverarity- Current Company Director (59 KB)
    Thanks to Roger, we have a great family history. Roger is the son of Lawrence Inverarity, Grandson of William Cook Inverarity and Great Grandson of John & Susannah Inverarity (see Roger's Tree above)
  • Innerarity Island (25 KB)
    Aireal View At Pensacola FL.
  • John Bartels Innerarity 1870-1918 (59 KB)
    Son of James Johnston Innerarity & Alice Bartels. Grandfather of Mary Hogan (who submitted photo) "My grandfather died in 1918 after gall bladder surgery. He and his second wife, Maude Edna Crandall, didn't have any children" Place Taken: Virginia Military Institute
  • Stephen Inverarity - Current Company Director (89 KB)
    Stephen is the son of Ronald Inverarity, Grandson of William Cook Inverarity and the Great Grandson of John & Susannah Inverarity (see Roger Inverarity's Tree above)
  • Innerarity Island 2 (37 KB)
  • Scarf Belonging to Frances Innerarity 1816-1880 (48 KB)
    This is without a doubt a Family Treasure. Photo submited by Sheryl Smith.
  • Old Postcard from Brechin, Scotland (80 KB)
    Brechin from the bridge. Brechin is the Hoe of most of our Innerarity/Inverarity Ancestry. (this is not a family item, came from the net so has a copywrite)
  • Matthew Waddle Inverarity 1888-1966 & Matthew Inve (34 KB)
    Matthew Inverarity (Left), Father of Matthew Waddle Inverarity (Right). Father and Great Grandfather of Ernest Inverarity Check William Mark Inveraritys tree who submited this photo.
  • Sketching (46 KB)
  • Panton Crest (76 KB)
    This is a picture of the Panton crest that was framed at my mother's house. By Anne Brooks who Submited this photo.
  • Audley d'Armas Ducros 1887-1972 & Children (22 KB)
    Anne Brook's Comment: Joseph Alfred Blythe, Jr., Audley d'Armas Ducros Blythe, Audley Ducros Blythe This is my grandmother with 2 of her 4 children. My dad and his brother, Donald were not born yet. These were my uncle Joe and his little sister with my grandmother. Precious little Audley died of appendicitis at the young age of about 8. These were my dad's siblings. Her eyes were exactly like my dad's, John Innerarity Blythe. All direct descendents of Dr. John Forbes Innerarity. (see Anne Brooks tree).
  • Ancestry Line (61 KB)
    My Ancestry Page
  • Helena Victoria Innerarity 1854-1933 (67 KB)
    MARCEL DUCROS and HELENE INNERARITY: Marriage: October 21, 1875, New Orleans, LA
  • James Innerarity & Mary Louise Bouling (109 KB)
    James Innerarity 1860-1930 Mary Louise Bouling 1863-1911 Marriage: 29 Jun 1889 Slidell, LA Photo submited by James Alonzo Innerarity (grandson)
  • Newspaper clip of Innerarity Twins Reunited (345 KB)
    After 45 years of being separated, Albert Hamilton Wemyss Innerarity Jr. Hosted the reunion of his brother & sister at his home. Edward Herndon Innerarity and Louisa Ethel Innerarity Reunited in Phoenix, Arizona for thier 70th Birthday.
  • Robert Boggs and Eliza Jane Innerarity (30 KB)
    ROBERT BOGGS and ELIZA INNERARITY: Marriage: December 12, 1860, Mobile, AL
  • Sketch of Brechin, Scotland (59 KB)
    Has copywrite
  • Marcel T Ducros 1878-1961 age 5 (5 KB)
    Married Helene Victoria Innerarity (1854-1933)21 Oct 1875 in New Orleans, LA. Original photo submitted by Sheryl Smith. You can find family information on Anne Brooks tree.
  • Louis Minor Innerarity (99 KB)
    LEWIS INNERARITY and EMILY TOMS: Marriage: June 18, 1881
  • Sketch of High Street in Brechin, Scotland (79 KB)
    Has copywrite
  • Berievement Card for Annie Shanks Inverarity (46 KB)
    Berievement Card from 1914 from the Funeral of Annie Shanks Inverarity Submitted by: Mark Inverarity - Scotland
  • Joseph Andrew Innerarity 1903-1972 (32 KB)
    JOSEPH INNERARITY and MARY BADON: Marriage: October 28, 1925, Slidell, LA Photo submitted by James Alonzo Innerarity
  • Inverarity Mystery Photo (7 KB)
    This was found on the internet and labeled Elizabeth Martyn (nee Inverarity). Can anyone identify her?
  • Alexander Innerarity and Mary Marks (Marques) (41 KB)
    St. Anns Jamaica
  • 18th Century Handmade Scarfs from Scotland (564 KB)
    These scarf belonged to Frances(Fanny)Hamilton Wemyss Scarboroug Johnson Innerarity, (1816-1880)Wife of Dr. John (Juan) Forbes Innerarity (1813-1868)The note is discribing the pink scarf. The 4 white ones are hand tatted Scottish lace which we are sure Frances Brought with her to Mobil from Scotland on one of her returning trips or she made them herself. If anyone knows for sure please let us know.
  • In True Scottish Style (3 KB)
    Mark Inverarity Place Taken: Glen Rothes, Scotland Pic of me at my cousins wedding in scottish wear
  • Dr. & Mrs. John Forbes Innerarity (20 KB)
    John & Frances were Married in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland 25 Sep 1837. John was born in Mobil, Alabama and was sent back to Scotland for his education where he met again and married Frances. No doubt both their parents were very well aquaited through the trade business which they were all involved in.
  • Inverarity Crest Documentation (53 KB)
    From Library resources
  • Frances Wemyss Scarbough Johnston (44 KB)
    Wife of Dr. John Forbes Innerarity
  • John & Frances Innerarity Oil Paintings (30 KB)
    This is a joining of 2 paintings. The one of John was submited by Anne Brooks and the one of Frances was submited by Sheryl Smith. Thank You both very much for these treasures.
  • Children of Dr. John Forbes and Frances Innerarity (849 KB)
    This is the genealogy page for the family. If you have any information to add please let me know.
  • David Inverarity Family (97 KB)

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