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Cromwell, Madden, Bland, Hicks, Pratt, Phillips & McMichael

Updated December 29, 2004

Anderson, Beauchamp, Bland, Campbell, Childress, Combs, Cromwell, Dabney, Driggers, Ducourt, Ford, Hendry, Henegan, Hicks, Madden, McCullough, McMichael, Pratt and Phillips

Debbie Cromwell
Waco, TX A-United States

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Family Photos

  • Debbie, Gail & Kathy (41 KB)
    The three muskateers!
  • The ANDERSON Cousins (176 KB)
    Back Row: Rhett Cromwell, Alyson Henegan, Leighton Cromwell, Kelly Rodgers & Adrian Anzaldua. Front Row: ?(family friend), Frank Holub, Christina Franke, Katie Buchanan, Jennifer Franke, & Sarah Holub. Picture was taken the summer of 1999 in front of Bland and Jennifer Cromwell's new home.
  • Matt PHILLIPS (113 KB)
    My nephew on his motorcycle. This is his passion.
  • Helen, George & Jessie Bell (42 KB)
    Helen CAMPBELL, George PHILLIPS & Jessie Bell CAMPBELL - George was their step-brother. Looks like a movie set.
  • Fords & Guinns (157 KB)
    Seated: Dave GuINN, Charlie & Kim GUINN FORD, Mrs. Dave (Elen) GUINN Standing: Fate & Gano FORD, Dock GUINN, Tom & Boss FORD.
  • Hicks headstone (44 KB)
    Henry Robins Hicks headstone (1903-1977) at Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
  • House on Barksdale (66 KB)
    House at 4216 Barksdale, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Texas. My parents lived here when I was born.
  • Campbell Girls & Jerry (198 KB)
    Back Row: Loree, Florence, Jessie Bell, Betty & Helen Front Row: Judy, Jerry & JoAnn
  • James Marion Pratt Family (178 KB)
    Pratt Family of Milam County, Texas. James was born in Giles County, Tennessee on April 14, 1857. In 1869, at the age of twelve, James and his family moved to Milam County, Texas where he spent the remainder of his life. He was a farmer and an ordained Cumberland Presbyterian minister. Back row: Bessie (1889-?) & Charles Franklin (1890-1958) Middle row (seated): Betty Mae (1892-1983), James Marion (1857-1948), Lottie Jane (FORD)(1870-1941) & Raymond Aubrey (1895-1965) Front row: Jesse David (1898-194?) & Blanche Marie (1901-1947)
  • Campbell & Phillips Cousins (42 KB)
    Left to right: Jerry Campbell, Charlotte Phillips, Mike Phillips, Sherwin Phillips, Cathy Phillips & JoAnn Campbell
  • Betty Pratt Phillips (7 KB)
    Betty 1892-1983. Betty Pratt married a man with the last name of Campbell. After he passed away, she married Albert A. Phillips, Sr. They lived in Burleson, Texas. She is buried in the Rendon Cemetery, Rendon, Tarrant County, Texas and he is buried in the Nancy Smith Cemetery, Glen Rose, Texas.
  • Campbell & Phillips Women & Children (136 KB)
    Back Row: Betty Phillips, holding Cathy Phillips, Barbara Phillips, Loree & JoAnn Campbell, Patsy Phillips holding Mike Phillips & Florence Campbell Front Row: Charlotte & Sherwin Phillips, Judy, Jerry & Betty Campbell
  • Combs Brothers (114 KB)
    William (Will) & his younger brother Charles (Charley) Combs
  • Cynthia Madden (217 KB)
    Cynthia - 1943
  • Rhett & Frank (163 KB)
    Rhett & his "Ole Frank" (uncle)
  • Pratt, George & Buster Phillips (135 KB)
    Brothers, Pratt & Buster as children. Their much older half brother is holding Pratt.
  • Trey Phillips (345 KB)
    Trey, age 8, loves racing like his oldest brother, Matt.
  • The Fords (77 KB)
    Charles (Charlie) Franklin and Americus Clementine Guinn Ford. They are the parents of Lottie Jane Ford who married James Pratt. They came to Milam County, Texas from Tennessee.
  • Da Boys (215 KB)
    Frank & Bland
  • Campbell Brothers (191 KB)
    Brothers Howard (1912-1986), Clifford (1920-1985) & Carl (1923-1996) Campbell
  • Leah's Home (133 KB)
    Leah Bland Zizinia Callahan's home in Taylor, Texas. She lived next door to her sister, Zella Bland Jones.
  • Charlie F. & Cora Pratt (87 KB)
    Charles F. Pratt (1890-1958)and his wife Cora Smith (1894-1984)of Milano, Texas.
  • Zella's Home (127 KB)
    Zella Bland Jones' home in Taylor, Texas. She lived next door to her sister Leah Bland Zizinia Callahan.
  • Cora Ann Halford Headstone (105 KB)
    Cora Ann Combs Ducourt Halford (1882-1951). Cora is buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, TX.
  • Willard Campbell Family (102 KB)
    In back: Willard, Betty Mae PRATT, Carl Edds & Helen CAMPBELL In front: Howard, Jessie Bell & James Clifford CAMPBELL
  • Robert Emil Ducourt headstone (108 KB)
    Robert (Bill) Emil Ducourt 1905-1969 - buried at Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, TX.
  • Charles Franklin & America Clementine FORD (144 KB)
    This is the headstone for Charlies Franklin FORD (1849-1910) and his wife America Clementine QUINN FORD (1852-1937) in Oaklawn Cemetery, Milam Co., Texas.
  • Ducourts, Halfords & Hicks (64 KB)
    This picture is of Cora Ann COMBS DUCOURT HALFORD with her children, (oldest-youngest), Robert(Bill) Emil DUCOURT, Mary Elizabeth DUCOURT HICKS, Jack Stanton DUCOURT, Louise HALFORD ALBERTSON, Josephine Orleans HALFORD CHILDRESS LESTER and some of their spouses. Standing: Josephine, Cora, Henry Robins HICKS (Mary's husband), Pat (Jack's wife) & Bill Kneeling: Mary, Jack & Louise
  • 3 Unknown Ladies (231 KB)
    The back of this picture appears to have the names Kitty, Blanch & Alice. Anyone know who they are?
  • B. George MAXWELL (504 KB)
    This picture, taken in 1915, is of George MAXWELL (Uncle Big as he was known by) who was the husband of Laura Bell COMBS. Laura Bell (Aunt Dutch as she was known by) was the sister of my great grandmother.
  • Marvin Emil COMBS & Forest Tyrone ALBERTSON (572 KB)
    This picture is of my great grandmother's, Cora Ann COMBS, brother, Marvin Emil with his grand nephew Forest Tyrone ALBERTSON, the son of his niece, Louise HALFORD ALBERTSON.
  • Earnest & Earl MADDEN (72 KB)
    Earnest & Earl are twins - they were born Dubach, Louisiana to William Richard Madden and Lizzy Britt Madden.
  • Bettie PHILLIPS' headstone (79 KB)
    Bettie Mae PRATT CAMPBELL PHILLIPS' headstone (1892-1983) in Rendon Cemetery, Rendon, Tarrant, Texas.
  • The Carl Henning ANDERSON family of Taylor, Texas (62 KB)
    Carl Henning ANDERSON with his wife Wilhemina (Minnie) EKEDAHL ANDERSON and children Myrtle, Reuben, Lillian, Violet & Hortense. Carl was born in Krokek Parish, Sweden on May 22, 1873 and Minnie was from Decker, Texas. They lived and raised their family in Taylor, Texas.
  • Zella BLAND JONES 1888-1967 (128 KB)
    Zella Agnes BLAND was born in and lived her life in Taylor, Texas. Her father, Howard BLAND, was one of the founders of Zella, Texas (named for her), which was a rural community and land development project in LaSalle & McMullen counties in south Texas.
  • Zella Hotel in Zella, McMullen County, Texas (1 KB)
    The Zella Hotel located in Zella, McMullen Co., Texas. Zella was a rural community and land development project six miles north of Fowlerton on State Highway 97 in northwestern McMullen County. It was named for Zella BLAND, the daughter of Howard BLAND, one of the town's developers. The Zella Townsite Company developed the site on the San Antonio, Uvalde and Gulf Railroad, known as The "Sausage Line" in 1913. The company drilled an artesian well and built a number of buildings, including a railroad depot, a two-room schoolhouse, one residence and the store-post office and the Zella Hotel. The hotel was built by R. L. Coyle under contract for $4,500.00. This large 2-story frame building was located in the middle of the townsite, a short distnace west of the railroad. It boasted a large lobby, expansive dining room, kitchen and pantry, 2 bedrooms, hall & one bath downstairs and 8 bedrooms, 1 bath and long hallway upstairs. A big gallery stretched across the east and south side downstairs with an open deck over it upstairs. Zella was granted a post office in 1914, and a few town lots and some of the surrounding farmland were sold. Mr. E. C. Williams built a store-post office in late 1914. He was the first and only Postmaster for a short period until about 1916 when the Zella Post Office was officially closed. The school closed soon after it opened. About 150 yards directly in front of and east of the Zella Hotel, the railroad built its depot, which was in operation for many years before it was torn down about 1945. However, the stock shipping pens and weighing scales remain today about 300 yards northeast of the Hotel. Up until about the time that The "Sausage Line" was taken up in 1969, Zella enjoyed the distinction of being the only railroad shipping point in McMullen County. Until 1940, when roads were improved, great numbers of cattle were shipped out to markets by rail. Cattle ranches as far away as 30 miles to th
  • Historical Marker (53 KB)
    Historical Marker in front of the Zella Hotel, in Zella, McMullen County, Texas. It is named for Zella Agnes Bland Jones of Taylor, Texas.
  • 3 Unknown Ladies (169 KB)
    The back of this picture says Lue, Ellen & Pearl. Can anyone identify these 3 ladies?
  • Howard Bland Sr. 1848-1933 (111 KB)
    Howard BLAND Sr. - also known as The Colonel. He was born in Zanesville, Ohio. He and his wife, L. Augusta Schultz (Gussie) moved to Taylor, Texas where they started and raised their family.
  • Unknown 3 on Porch (288 KB)
    Need help on these 3. Anyone?
  • Howard BLAND Jr. 1892-1952 (50 KB)
    Howard BLAND Jr. - aka "Son"
  • Campbells, Phillips & Pratts (272 KB)
    Back row: ? m Helen Campbell ? - baby in Helen's arms Bobbie Jean Pratt Betty Mae (Pratt) Campbell Phillips Middle Row: ? m Raymond Aubrey Pratt, Jr. Viola (Yeargain) Pratt Raymond Aubrey Pratt Sr. Front row: ? Albert Asa Phillips (Buster) Pratt Phillips Ruby Ellen Pratt Need help with the ones I don't know!
  • Henry Robbins HICKS 1903-1977 (30 KB)
    One of the sweetest men to ever live! He was born in Garland, Texas. He lived in Dallas and Fort Worth during his lifetime and was a resident of Fort Worth when he passed away.
  • Ione Dabney HICKS' headstone - 1879-1935 (82 KB)
    Ione Dabney Hicks was born in Lynnville, Tennessee and later moved to Texas with her family. She married Hugh Bascom Hicks who had 3 little girls with his late wife, Edna Moore Hicks. Ione & Hugh had 7 children together. They lived in Garland, Texas. She was killed walking home from the Trinity Heights Church of Christ revival meeting as she walked along the right-of-way of the Trinity Heights street car tracks. She is buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery in Dallas Co., Texas.
  • Ernest Wayne Phillips' headstone - Feb.7 -8, 1958 (175 KB)
    Ernest Wayne Phillips' headstone - Laurel Land Cemetery, Fort Worth, Texas. He was the son of Reuben Pratt Phillips and brother of Sherwin Pratt Phillips.
  • Jim & Virginia ROBBINS (143 KB)
    This is my great grandmother, Ione DABNEY HICKS' Aunt Virginia (Puss) & Uncle Jim ROBBINS. When Ione was 9 years old her father passed away and she, her mother and her siblings went to live them in Tennessee.
  • Cora Ann Combs Ducourt 1882-1951 (45 KB)
    My great grandmother. Cora was born in Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas and she lived her entire life in Dallas County. I didn't know her but my grandmother said she had the most wonderful eyes.
  • Unknown Group (178 KB)
    Front Row: Walter PENNY (in the middle) Back Row: Bessie PRATT PENNY (2nd from right) Rest of group unknown.
  • Odis Hicks ROARK's Headstone (96 KB)
    Odis Hicks ROARK (Feb. 4-9, 1939) was the infant son of Virginia Ruth HICKS and Odis R. ROARK. He is buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.
  • Ruth J. DABNEY's headstone (1840-1927) (71 KB)
    This is the headstone in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dallas, Texas for my gg grandmother, Ruth J. ROBBINS DABNEY. She was born in Tennessee to Ruth HOLMES (1804-?)of Virginia and James ROBBINS (1793-?)of North Carolina. Ruth married John H. DABNEY(1840-1888) of Giles Co., Tennessee.
  • Raymond Aubrey Pratt & more unknown family members (100 KB)
    Seated in chair: Raymond Aubrey PRATT Sr. seated in chair surrounded by family members. Standing - 1st row on left (L-R): Bonnie WOODS & Charles Eugene MOBLEY. Standing - 1st row on right (L-R): Unknowns at this time. Standing - back row (L-R): Linda WOODS, Violet ?, Edwin (Ab) WOODS, Catherine PRATT WOODS, Mozelle PRATT MOBLEY, Monard (Monk) MOBLEY, & ? Need help filling in the missing names!
  • Virginia & Odis ROARK headstone (85 KB)
    This is the headstone in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Dallas, Texas for my grandaunt, Virgina Ruth HICKS (1905-1988) and her husband, Odis R. ROARK 1903-1961).
  • Charlie, Jim Woodson & Cora (SMITH) PRATT (46 KB)
    This picture is of Charlie and his wife Cora & their son, Jim Woodson PRATT.
  • Sisters, Ada Louise, Mary Edna & Alma HICKS (47 KB)
    Ada (1898-1987), Mary (1894-1979) & Alma (1896-1996) are daughters of Hugh Bascom & Edna S. MOORE HICKS. They are half sisters to my grandfather, Henry Robins HICKS.
  • Phillips & Fords (80 KB)
    Right to left: Pratt Phillips (son of Betty & Arthur PHILLIPS), Betty Mae (PRATT) PHILLIPS, Betty's parents, Lottie Jane (FORD) & James Marion PRATT & Betty's husband, Arthur Adam PHILLIPS.
  • Hugh Bascom HICKS headstone (87 KB)
    This is the headstone in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Dallas, Texas for my great grandfather, Hugh Bascom HICKS. He was born June 26, 1870 in San Antonio, Texas and he passed away January 7, 1948 in Dallas, Texas at the home of his son Henry Robins HICKS, my grandfather.
  • Nannie Ruth & J.M. DABNEY headstone (64 KB)
    This is the headstone at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Dallas, Texas for Nannie Ruth (JAMES) DABNEY & John Marshall DABNEY,was born in Giles County, Tennessee January 5, 1875.
  • Joe Hugh & Daisy Mae HICKS headstone (76 KB)
    This is the headstone in Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Dallas, Texas for my great granduncle, Joe Hugh HICKS and his wife Daisy Mae MOORE HICKS. My grandfather, Henry Robins HICKS and Joe are brothers.
  • Mount Calvary Cemetery, Dallas, Texas (59 KB)
    This is the entrance to Mount Calvary Cemetery. Several of my relatives are buried here. There is a historical marker that reads: Mount Calvary Cemetery Pioneer settlers used this site for burials as early as the 1840s. The oldest known grave is that of Amanda L. Houx (1829 - 1847). In 1868 William Huffhines donated a two-acre tract, which included the early graves, to Mount Calvary Baptist Church. A frame church building stood here until 1885, when the congregation moved to Richardson and later became the First Baptist Church. More land was added to the burial ground by C. C. Huffhines in 1896 and C. B. Chick in 1925 and 1935. A cemetery association, formed in 1924, cares for the almost 800 graves here.
  • Mary Elizabeth Ducourt (87 KB)
    Mary was from Ireland and she met her husband, Emil Ducourt, on the ship immigrating to the United States. Emil was from Paris, France.
  • Henry & Virginia Hicks (34 KB)
    Henry(1903-1977)& Virginia (1905-1988) Brother & Sister. They both were Garland, Texas. Virginia lived in Dallas and is buried in Mount Calvary, Cemetery, Dallas or Richardson,Texas. Henry lived in Fort Worth, Texas and is buried in Laurel Land Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.
  • Mary Elizabeth Ducourt Hicks (74 KB)
    My Grandmother.
  • Ione Dabney Hicks 1879-1935 (68 KB)
    My great grandmother. She was the mother of my grandfather, Henry Hicks. He was her first born. She was born in Lynnville, Tennessee. Her father's name was John H. Dabney and her mother was Ruth Robbins Dabney, both of Tennessee. She is buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery, Dallas, Texas. She was killed while walking home from Church. She was standing next to the railway track, waiting for the train to pass when something sticking out from the side of the train hit her in the head.
  • Old House (187 KB)
    My great grandmother, Cora Ann Combs old house in Dallas, Texas.
  • Pvt. Albert E. Lumpkins Jr. (371 KB)
    Albert fought in WWII and he is the son of Blanche Marie (PRATT) & Albert E. LUMPKINS Sr.
  • Donald Aubrey Madden's headstone (103 KB)
    Don Madden (1933-1975)- my father. He was born and lived his entire life in Dallas, Texas.
  • Albert E. Lumpkins Jr. killed in WWII (532 KB)
    This is a newspaper article about Albert's death during WWII.
  • Mae Bell Britt Madden 1889-1975 (9 KB)
    My great grandmother. Mae was from and lived in Louisiana. I didn't get to know her very well, but the times we visited relatives in Louisiana, I always enjoyed being with her. She had the neatest stories.
  • Unknown Sailors (721 KB)
    See anyone you know?
  • Aubrey Henry Madden 1910-1994 (144 KB)
    My grandfather. He was born in Dubach, Louisiana and lived in Dallas, Texas with his wife and raised his 2 children there. When his first wife passed away, he married a lovely lady, Mozelle.
  • Unknowns & Lottie Jane FORD PRATT (617 KB)
    Standing: Lottie Jane FORD PRATT Don't know who the other two are.
  • Rhea & Frank Cromwell (181 KB)
    My husband and father in law.
  • Jim & Irene PRATT (23 KB)
    James Greer PRATT Sr. (Jim - also known as "Uncle Duck") and wife Ethel Irene (MILLER) PRATT ("Aunt Rene"). They lived in Chilton, Texas.
  • MADDEN Headstone (96 KB)
    Aubrey & Renne MADDEN. Aubrey was born in Dubach, Louisiana and married his wife, Lois Irene SMITH (Renne)in Union County, Arkansas. They moved to Dallas, Texas where they raised their family. They are both buried at Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.
  • Arthur Hugh & Lottie Irene (PRATT) TYLER (31 KB)
    Arthur Hugh & Lottie Irene (PRATT) TYLER. Arthur - b. April 07, 1903; d. December 20, 1970 in Moulton, Lavaca, Texas. Irene - b. March 05, 1903; d. October 01, 1978 in Moulton, Lavaca, Texas. They were married on September 08, 1923 in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.
  • Raymond Aubrey Pratt, Sr. (46 KB)
    This is a picture of Raymond Aubrey Pratt, Sr. b. October 06, 1895 in Milam Co., Texas d. September 29, 1965 in Milam Co., Texas He is the son of James Marion & Lottie Jane (FORD) Pratt of Milam County, Texas.
  • Raymond Aubrey PRATT Sr. & family (129 KB)
    Seated (L-R): Betty Mae (PRATT) PHILLIPS, Raymond Aubrey PRATT Sr. & Viola (YEARGAN) PRATT. Standing (L-R): Cora (SMITH) PRATT, ? , Lottie Irene (PRATT) TYLER, James Greer PRATT Sr. & Ethel Irene (MILLER) PRATT.
  • Lottie & James PRATT (95 KB)
    Husband & wife - Lottie Jane FORD PRATT & James Marion PRATT
  • John Wesley Pratt family (98 KB)
    Picture taken in 1897 Back row (l-r):John Richard, Pairlee & William Middle row: Ola, John Wesley & Althreia (Moore) Front row: Mittie & Martha

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