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View Tree for Levi CrowLevi Crow (b. 1789, d. date unknown)

Levi Crow was born 1789, and died date unknown. He married Sarah Sally Busey, daughter of Benjamin Busey and Lucy Morse.

 Includes NotesNotes for Levi Crow:
Our ancestors emigrated from Ireland to the United States during the middle to late 1700's. It was during this time in Ireland, that the rich English landlords were raising property taxes. Many Irish were unable to pay and were forced to give up their homes. By now many Irish families had moved to America and had written back about cheap land and the abundance of game. This lured many to pack their bags and leave Ireland behind, in search of their own land. When our family moved to America they settled into one of the original thirteen colonies - "South Carolina". During this time, the Colonists were under British Rule. Battles with Spanish, French, Indians, and pirates occupied the settlers prior to the Revolutionary War. A treaty in 1760 ended the Cherokee War and opened up more land for settlement. With the offer of tax-free land for a decade, Irish immigrants and settlers from other colonies swelled into the Carolinas. This paved the way for South Carolina to enter the Union in 1788 as the 8th state. Levi Crow is believed to have been our 1st ancestor arriving in America from Ireland.

Levi Crow was born around 1789 and married Sarah Busey (B.1790- D.1858), granddaughter of Ebenezer Morse and daughter of Benjamin and Lucy Busey.

Levi and Sarah had the following children:
" Garland T. Crow (B. 1808- D. 1880)
" Mary A. Crow
" Benjamin Busey Crow
" Levi Crow Jr.
" Zilphia Crow
" Edward Crow (D. 1848)
" John Crow
" Louisa M. Crow

In 1807 Ebenezer Morse (grandfather of Sarah Busey Crow) migrated from Spartanburg to Livingston, Kentucky, along with most of the Morse family. Around 1809 Levi Crow, along with the Busey and Wofford families, left Spartanburg for Madison County, Alabama. Around 1817 the Busey and Crow families, moved again to join Ebenezer Morse and his family living in Piney Fork a small community in Crittenden County, Kentucky.3 Piney Fork, which is one of the oldest communities in Crittenden County, is located seven miles southeast of Marion, at the crossroads of Flynn's Ferry Road and State Route 502. The earliest records found for landowners at Piney Fork were in 1799. Early Crittenden County tradition indicates, that the Chickasaw tribe from Tennessee was sending hunting parties into the Piney Fork area. Tradition states that in about 1790, the Kaskaskia tribe, that was camped there met in a battle with the Chickasaw at Piney Fork, which left over 200 Indians dead.
One of the first businesses at Piney Fork was a tannery; people from all around brought their hides they had trapped during the winter to be tanned during the summer. A Mr. Wilson would come in the fall and stay with different families and make shoes from the hides. Another business was the gristmill, located three-quarters of a mile west of Piney on State Route 502. The mill ground the flour and corn meal in this area for several years. As did most of the older communities, Piney Fork had a post office, a blacksmith shop and a general store.
Some of Levi and Sarah's descendants are buried outside of Piney Fork in an area known as Mattoon, Kentucky. Mattoon is now an Amish community located six miles west of Marion. You feel like you have stepped back into the 1800's when you visit this area today. Much of the transportation is on foot, horseback or horse drawn buggy. Houses, barns, everything is built without the luxury of electricity and power tools. In the middle of this Amish community is the Mt. Zion Cemetery, where the family of Benjamin Busey Crow (son of Levi Crow) is buried. Most of Benjamin's family is buried here but we have never found a grave marker for Benjamin.

Around 1822 the Busey and Crow families are on the move again and head south to McKenzie, Tennessee in Carroll County. When the Buseys and Crows first set foot on the ground that is now known as McKenzie, they found a virgin land, unspoiled by the Nation of Chickasaw Indians who called this part of Tennessee their home. Trees grew on the banks of the rivers and streams, but a large portion of the land was known as "The Barrens". This land was covered with a barren grass, which grew so high, that riders on horseback could only be seen from the shoulders up. A few roads and traces led through the territory. The trail was just wide enough for men and beast to travel single file and was two feet below the surface of the ground, having followed an old trail that buffaloes once traveled.
In 1825 Benjamin Busey passed away in Carroll County, Tennessee. Lucy died in Weakley County, Tennessee about 1841 leaving no will. The Busey family established their own cemetery on the west side of McKenzie. Several family members are buried there. To reach this burial ground near the elementary school in McKenzie, Tennessee drive to the end of Manley Street; walk directly west under the power-lines, down a hill, across a small drain, up a steep hill, at the top of the hill turn directly north (to the right) and walk about .1 mile into the woods to this cemetery. There are many graves here. Vandalism has ruined the cemetery and some of the tombstones have been removed and most remaining ones are matted in grass, leaves and vines. According to the layout of the Mosher-Adams, Inc. map of Carroll County and McKenzie (1999), the Busey Cemetery is just inside Carroll County, a short distance east of Bells Store Road along the county line in Weakley County.4 We are uncertain where Benjamin and Lucy are buried; it is my guess that they may be buried in this cemetery in unmarked graves. This may have been due to vandalism or the lack of funds at the time to purchase head stones. In 1830 Levi Crow shows to be head of the household on the Weakley County Census. On the 1840 Weakley County Census, Sarah Crow is shown as head of the household. Which leaves little doubt that Levi passed away some time between 1830-1840 in Weakley County. We are not certain at this time where he is buried.
When researching McKenzie, Tennessee, you will find that this city is located in 3 different counties. It is 1/3 in Carroll County, 1/3 in Weakley County and 1/3 in Henry County. This makes it very interesting when trying to look up County Records. Most of my research in McKenzie was done through the Gordon Browning Museum on North Main Street. I was able to team up with Nola Ann Hobbs who is a distant relative on the Busey side of the family and lives in McKenzie. She has written several articles on the Busey family for local history books published in that area and had quite extensive notes showing the Busey family back to Spartanburg, South Carolina.
Around 1850 Sarah Busey Crow moved back to Marion, Kentucky with several of her children. Both Benjamin Busey Crow and Garland Crow show up there on the 1850 Census. Garland stays in Marion for a couple of years then returns to McKenzie, Tennessee. On July 27, 1858 Sarah Busey Crow (wife of Levi Crow) passes away and is buried in the Cemetery of Crooked Creek Baptist Church. Located approximately one mile north of the Crooked Creek cemetery, on Ford's Ferry Road is the old Gilbert Home. It is a log cabin built around 1819 by the Gilbert family; I believe this is the home of Sarah's sister Francis (Fanny) Busey. Francis married Jonathan Moore Gilbert and later moved to McKenzie where she is buried in the Gilbert Cemetery next to her husband.

Sarah was buried in the Cemetery at Crook Creek Baptist Church located 2 miles north of Marion, Kentucky. The original Church was an old log church first organized by the Presbyterians. In 1835 the church was sold to the Baptist. The present church was built in the early 1870's. Sarah's tombstone is broken in half by a limb that fell on it. It can normally be found laying behind the bottom half of the stone.
The old Gilbert Log Cabin was built around 1818. It is located one mile north of the Crooked Creek Church on Fords Ferry Road. It is believed to be the home of Fanny and Jonathan Moore Gilbert. Fanny is the sister of Sarah Busey Crow. It is my guess that Sarah may have lived here or would have at least visited.

A brief history of the Crow DNA Testing Project of 2003 and some of the Crow migrations.

Written By: Phillip Crow
In September of 2002 in Ventura, CA the Brigham Young University of Ogden, Utah conducted the seminar, "Molecular Genealogy-A DNA Approach". After attending, I decided that there must be a way to use this DNA tool, to find and connect our Crow ancestors. I started looking for a company in the United States that could do this for our Crow DNA Study Project. I soon learned of one such company. It is Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), out of Houston, Texas a forerunner in this field of Genealogy DNA testing. I contacted them, and after learning how easy it was to test and that they would manage our data for us, I decided that, indeed, this was what I wanted to do. I knew we would need to have a base with which to compare our DNA. FTDNA recommended starting with six, or more, male Crows that carried the unbroken chain of the male Crow Y - Chromosome. I stepped out on faith hoping to get at least the required six to test, and to create the data base, only to find FTDNA had already tested one Crow, who promptly joined our group, which as of this writing is 38 Crows. Soon after January 2003, three distinct groups of Crows were identified and color-coded, Green, Aqua, and the Yellow Group, the latter being my group as well as the descendants of James Levi Crow. We have had several Crows that have tested with us, but have not matched anyone in these 3 color groups. As the Study Project grows, I anticipate that this will change, with some of these unmatched Crows matching later on, creating additional color groups.
The Green Group of Crow's reported oldest documented ancestor was Walter Crow (1717-1789) who died in Danville, Mercer County, Kentucky, and was represented by two Green kits, 6090 & 7198.
The Aqua Group's oldest reported, and documented, ancestor was Stephen Crow, represented by Aqua kit 7973, and was reportedly born in North Carolina in 1749/1750, died in 1830 in Georgia. How he is related to these others in the Aqua Crow Group is still a question to be answered by the Aqua Group and certainly provides direction for the Aqua Crow researcher.

Our Gold DNA family group of Crows, in oldest, to the youngest, order.
All are related, as proven by DNA testing.
Updated Wednesday, May 04, 2005.

William Crow Sr., DNA Kits 30689 and 30858. William Crow Sr. became our oldest DNA Gold Crow on 24 Feb. 2005, matching 24 Gold Crows, and was represented by DNA Kit 30689, and DNA Kit 30858, representing his son, Wm. Crow Jr., that married Mary Lamb & Frances, maiden name unknown, in 1827 in Caldwell Co., KY. Wm. Crow Sr., was reportedly born in year 1731, as to where, there are several theories, and he died in Spartanburg SC, sometime in 1813, the year of his estate sale, and also the year of a beating on the court house steps in Spartanburg SC by, Frances, Polly and Nancy Busey, spinsters, on 20 Jan. 1813. Wm. Crow Sr. was reportedly married to, Mary, maiden name unknown, and second, to a Lucretia, maiden name, also unknown. Some of Wm. and Lucretia Crow's children moved to Caldwell Co. KY, and beyond. A family site:

James Crow Sr., DNA Kits; 18348 & 18815, is our next oldest Gold DNA Crow, born 14 April 1740, unknown where, died 19 December 1833, probably in North GA.
Spouse: unknown. James Crow Sr.'s son, Levi Crow, was born 25 March 1782 SC, died 26 October 1850 GA. This Levi Crow lived in SC, Hall Co. GA, & likely died in Union Co. GA, not Whitfield Co. GA, as many have reported, on 26 October 1850. Source for Levi Crow's information, and his father, James Crow Sr., came from Levi Crow's family bible.
Undocumented, and reported information, on Levi Crow's siblings (undocumented that I know of anyway) were: Sion Crow, James Crow Jr., John Crow, Jacob Crow Sr., and Martha Patsy Crow Strickland. Would like to see the documentation for these, and any other siblings. Jacob Crow Sr.'s, reported orphaned sons, James, Lewis, and Jacob Crow Jr., were living in Jackson/Hall Cos. GA when it was still part of the Cherokee Nation, re: Hugh Montgomery, Indian Agent to the Governor of GA, papers. Brothers, James, Lewis, and Jacob Crow Jr., later moved to AL & MS. We need a DNA tester from Jacob Crow Sr.'s family to prove this relationship, to James Crow Sr. (1740-1833).

John Crow Sr., DNA Kits 9130 & 12590, born in the late 1750's or early 1860's, in SC.
Spouse: Elizabeth Clark.
This John Crow Sr. was never married to a Ruth Holland, re: The flawed DAR record, National Number 88252, of a cousin, Amana Kirby Street, dated 1910/1911, and, Howard Crosby Smiley's work, that was likely based on the flawed DAR record, re: "Some of the descendents of Revolutionary Veteran John Crow: 1740-1830 (Ruth Holland: Elizabeth Clark 1752 - 1820" on page 7).
It is believed that John Crow Sr. & Elizabeth Clark Crow died in Union Co. GA, between 1840 & 1850, not SC, as many have reported over the years. Their sons, Thomas and James Crow, settled "Crow Valley", just north of Dalton, Whitfield Co. GA, and just southeast Chattanooga TN. Another son, John Crow, Jr., family settled in, and around, Mentone, DeKalb Co., AL, just southwest of Chattanooga TN. John Crow Jr.' family populated this area of North AL, and points beyond.

Jonathan Crow, DNA Kit 18614, 19228 & 27231, born about 1758 in SC, died SC.
Spouse: Jenny Jane Casey
(Some report this Jonathan Crow was the brother of Wm. Crow Jr., DNA Kit 30858. No documentation, that I know of, to support these claims of the two being brothers, but they are indeed related.

Thomas Crow Sr., DNA Kit 18633 & 31009, born about 1760 in SC, died 1826 in AL.
Reported spouse: Elizabeth Harkins. Migrated from SC and to Morgan Co., AL, and died there. A family page link:

Levi S. Crow Sr., DNA Kits 7078 & 8700, born in the 1770's, in Ireland? or SC?
Reported spouse: Sarah "Sally" Busey. Reportedly, migrated from SC to Madison Co., AL in 1809 (then the territory of AL), and on to KY>TN, where he died in the 1840's. This is the line of Charles Augustus Crow Sr. (1873-1938), US Congressman from MO, 1909, and great grandfather of Sheryl Crow, a modern day singer, and songwriter. A family page link;

Randolph C. (Casey?) Crow Sr., DNA Kit 10749 born in the 1770's SC, died 1849 GA.
Reported spouse: Barbara L. Stone. Settled in Franklin Co. GA in 1826, where they both died, he in 1949, she in 1857. They are buried at Crow -Phillips Cemetery-Hwy 145 turn right on Atkinson Bridge Rd. Franklin County History Book, pg. 564. Some have reported that Randolph and my GGG Samuel Crow, below, were brothers, but no one has produced any documentation proving it, to date. They were indeed, either, cousins, or brothers.

Samuel Crow, DNA Kits 6946, 6971, 7551, 7235 & 32869, born in the 1770's, probably in SC.
Spouse: Susannah (Williamson?). Susannah may not have been the only spouse of Samuel Crow, but was married to Samuel Crow during the time the youngest child, my GG, Johnathan Wilson Crow, was born in Franklin Co., GA between 1815 & 1817. Some of Samuel Crow's older children, before 1803, were born in SC. Samuel Crow migrated from SC, about 1803 (although, he likely was back in SC at times during his early life), to Elbert, Franklin, and then about 1827 to lower Hall Co. GA, where he and Susannah, likely died in the 1840's. Some have reported that Randolph C. (Casey?) Crow Sr., above, and my GGG Samuel Crow were brothers, but no one has produced any documentation proving it, to date, nor have I found any way to document it. They were indeed, either, cousins, or brothers.

William Crow Jr., DNA Kit 30858, born 1775-1780, in the area of Spartanburg SC, died 23 Dec. 1847 in Caldwell Co., KY. Wm. was the son of Wm. Crow Sr., that was represented buy DNA Kit 30689.
Spouse 1. Mary Lamb, born c1780 Spartanburg SC area, died around 1825/26 in Caldwell Co., KY, married Wm. between about 1797/1800 in SC.
Spouse 2. Frances, maiden name unknown, was born c1798, died after 1850, probably in Caldwell Co., KY. Married Wm. Crow Jr. on 22 Oct. 1827, in Caldwell Co., KY.

John Crow Sr., DNA Kit 11150, born in the 1790's in Spartanburg Co. SC, died 1870's GA.
Reported spouse: Mary "Polly" maiden name unknown. Migrated to Forsyth Co., GA and died there. A family page link:
James Ellis Crow Sr., DNA Kit 8685, born 1790 in SC, died 1869, Forsyth Co., GA.
Spouse: Temperance Templeton (1790-1860). Their son, Austin Shadrack Crow, wife, Elviney "Edna" Casey, and their family, migrated from GA, to KY, after the Civil War. Austin and Edna Casey Crow are both reportedly buried at Panther Creek Cemetery, Whitesville, Daviess Co., KY. A message link:

James Crow, DNA Kit 19296, born 1800-1810 in TN.
Reported spouse: Rosanna Chaney, who were married on 20 April 1826, in Jefferson Co., TN. One of their sons, Andrew Jackson Crow, married, Mary Ann Robinson, in Moniteau Co., MO, on 27 August 1859. James is believed to be a brother of William Crow, born 12 Apr. 1819 in TN.

Jonathan Crow, DNA Kit 10230, born in 1806 Spartanburg Co., SC.
Reported spouses: Susannah Crow and Nancy Gites Foster. Migrated from SC to GA, married Susannah Crow in Hall Co., GA in 1824, then settled in and around Mentone, DeKalb Co. AL, where he is buried at Bankhead Cemetery, Mentone, AL, with both wives. How he was related to Susannah Crow is unknown, but she was likely a cousin, and perhaps one of the 3 unidentified daughters of Samuel and Susannah (Williamson?) Crow above.

John William Crow, DNA Kit 14616, was born 1810-1813 Spartanburg Co., SC.
Reported spouses: Avis Porter, Louisa A., or Le Haseltine, Unknown, and Sarah Ann Looney. Migrated to Gwinnett Co., GA. Married Avis Porter in Franklin Co., GA in 1831.

Abraham Crow, DNA Kit 21378, born 11 September 1811 in NC. DNA Kit 21378
Reported spouse: Phoebe Townsend. Migrated to Tate, Pickens Co., GA where they both reportedly died and are buried at the Refuge Cemetery, in Tate. Abraham Crow, born 1811, is not related to, Abraham Crow Sr., of NC, SC, and Campbell Co., GA, as proven by DNA testing. A family site:

James Crow, DNA Kit 16132, born about 1812 SC.
Spouse: Hester Ramsey. One son was John T. Crow, and his son was, John Huston Crow, born 1865 in TN, died about 1912, Greenway, Clay Co., AR. A family page:

Joseph H. Crow, DNA Kit 27731, born about June 1815 in SC.
Spouse: Catherine Redmon about 1834. Joseph H. Crow was the son of Jonathan and Jenny Jane Casey Crow, re: DNA Kits 18614 and 19228

William Crow, DNA Kit 27889, born 12 Apr 1819, Jefferson Co., TN.
Reported spouse: Malinda Riggs, married William Crow on 24 April 1839 in Grainger Co., TN. Malinda Riggs Crow was born in 1822 in Grainger Co., TN, and died 15 Jan. 1903. William Crow died in Appanoose Co., IA. It is believed that William Crow was the brother of James Crow, born 1800-1810 in TN, DNA Kit 19296. Here is a website for William Crow's family;

William Clark Crow Jr., DNA Kit 24758, born about 1820 in SC, died 1875, Forsyth Co., GA
Spouse: Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Stovall 1822-1908, married Wm. Crow 26 January 1847, Pleasant Grove, Forsyth Co. GA. Family site:

Jonathan E. Crow, DNA Kit 25396, born about 1823 in LA.
Reported spouses: Charlotte Gaines.
From the DNA tester, Migrated: Unknown, married Charlotte Gaines, then settled in and around Livingston Parish, LA, then St. Tammany Parish, LA, and it is unknown where he and Charlotte Gaines are buried. Three out of four of his sons; Levi Washington Crow, John Y. Crow and William Crow were known to be among those who fought for the cause of Independence for the Southern States that joined the C.S.A., battled in Louisiana and Mississippi, for what people today are taught as being called the "Civil War". Other than DNA, no records have been found that would suggest Jonathan E. Crow as having a common ancestor to any of those currently listed in the Gold group results chart. Who he was, where he was born and migrated from had been unknown until Census records revealed some of this information in addition that indicate Jonathan E. Crow's parents were both born in S.C., that he was born in about 1823, that he could not read/write and that he was born in LA. (From Aaron Crowe of MS)

John Clark Crow, DNA Kit 19322, born about 1828 GA. (father may have been Laxton?)
Spouse: Laura "Lavenia" Harbin. This John Clark Crow died in 1863 in the Civil War at Vicksburg MS. They lived in Gwinnett Co., GA in 1860.

Isaac Crow, DNA Kit 7030, born Jan. 1826 in SC, died 1 Nov 1893, SC.
Spouse: Elizabeth A. Unknown (1826-1912). Both are buried at Oconee Co., SC, Mount Carmel Independent Baptist #2 C119, SW of Salem, Oconee Co., SC. An older link

William M. Crow, DNA Kit 27085, born 25 December 1833 in TN, died 1904 TX.
Spouse: Martha Macon, born 09 May 1844 in Henderson Co., TN, died 06 January 1927, Memphis, Hall Co., TX, buried at Old Fairview Cemetery in Memphis, Hall Co., TX

Marshall Sidney Crow, DNA Kit 26381, born about May 1836 in North GA, died after 1910.
Spouse: America Adeline Hester, born about Feb. 1850 in GA.
Marshall Crow is believed to be the son of James M. Crow and Oney Willis who married on 18 August 1836 in Habersham Co., GA.

Adrian Judson Crow, DNA Kit 28977, born 7 Feb 1857, in Claiborne Co., MS, died in TX.
Spouse: Annie Craven, born 15 Sep 1861 in Papalote, Bee Co., TX, died 1905 in TX. New information, from Richard Crowe, seem to have found A. J. Crow's parents, probably M. John Crow who married Parmelia Irby, on 1 Dec 1827, in Jefferson Co., MS. Possible father may have been a James Crow and family found on the 1820 census in Jefferson Co., MS, born before 1775, unknown where at this time.
It seems to me that this James Crow born before 1775 may have been the progenitor of several Levi Crows, and a younger James Crow (born 1770-1780) and other Crows there.
Jefferson "Jeff" Crow, DNA Kit 25887, born about February 1862 in GA or AL,
Name may have been, William Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Crow.
Spouses: Lucy C. Childress, born about 1872, in GA.
Laura Hill, born about November 1869 in AL, married Jeff Crow on 19 December 1886, Dade Co., GA, Book B, pg. 528

Visit the Crow(e) DNA pages;

Phillip Crow, a Gold DNA Crow, and the Crow(e) DNA Group Study Administrator/bus driver.
310 Villanova Ave
Ventura CA 93003-2145 or

Children of Levi Crow and Sarah Sally Busey are:
  1. +Edward "Ned" Crow, d. 1848.
  2. Mary A. Crow, d. date unknown.
  3. +Benjamin Busey Crow, b. 1804, Spartanburg, South Carolina, d. date unknown.
  4. Levi Crow, b. December 10, 1827, d. September 11, 1856, Marion, Kentucky.
  5. Zilphia Crow, d. date unknown.
  6. John Crow, d. date unknown.
  7. Louisa M. Crow, d. date unknown.
  8. +Garland T. Crow, b. 1808, d. 1880, McKenzie, Tennessee.
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