1860 Census of Moore County, NC
transcribed by Butch Currie

There are 120 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

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Aellion, Issu F.
Aldred, Clark
Aldred, James T.
Aldred, Maomie
Allen , Armeleel
Allen , Charles
Allen , Isabell
Allen , James
Allen, James]
Allen , John
Allen, Jole
Allen, Lewis
Allen, Martha J.
Allen, Nany
Allen, Norm
Allen , Rebecca
Allen , Rosanna
Allen, Sarah F.
Allen , Stphaso N.
Allen , Thomas
Allen, Winsey J.
Alston, Nelly
Alston, Sharper
Andrew, Elias
Arnald, Dr. Wm.
Arnald, Ella J.
Arnald, Mary A.
Auchuan, James L
Bagans, Delill
Bagans, Henry
Bagans, James H.
Bagans, John W.
Baily, Daniel
Baily, Sarah C.
Baker, Barbara M.
Baker, Catharin
Baker, Catharine
Baker, Daniel
Baker, Daniel
Baker, Daniel M.
Baker, David
Baker, Duncan
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Fanny
Baker, Flora
Baker, Flora
Baker, Flora A.
Baker, Henry
Baker, Henry C.
Baker, Isabela
Baker, Isabella
Baker, Isabla
Baker, James D.
Baker, Jane
Baker, Jerry
Baker, Jerry
Baker, John
Baker, John C.
Baker, John D.
Baker, Malcom
Baker, Margaret
Baker, Margaret J.
Baker, Margaret J.
Baker, Martha
Baker, Mary
Baker, Mary
Baker, Mary A.
Baker, Mary E.
Baker, Murphy
Baker, Nancy
Baker, Nancy
Baker, Neill A.
Baker, Peter M.
Baker, Sara M.
Baker, Unnamed
Baker, W.H.
Baker, William J.
Banish, Booker
Banish, David
Banish, Sallia
Banish, Sebou
Banish, Thos.
Bap, Ingram
Bap, Mary A.
Barber, Alvin
Barber, Andrew
Barber, Barbara
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, Graysar
Barber, Hiram
Barber, Isabella
Barber, Lovedy
Barber, Martha
Barber, Mary E.
Barber, Nancy
Barber, Nelly
Barber, Newton
Barber, Sallie
Barber, Saraj
Barber, Thos. F.
Barber, William
Barber, William M.
Barber, Wm.
Barefff, Sandy
Barefff, Susanna
Barrett, Alx
Barrett, Davis S
Barrett, Docke
Barrett, Elizabeth
Barrett, James
Barrett, Jane C.
Barrett, Jauins
Barrett, Mary E.
Barrett, Mary E.
Barrett, S.C.
Barrett, Sandy
Barrett, Wm. R.
Base, Elis
Base, Henry
Base, John
Base, Sallie
Base, Sallie
Base, Thos
Base, William
Bawlin, C.
Bawlin, Elizabeth
Bawlin, Elizabeth
Beal, Archa.
Beal, Atha
Beal, Bengah
Beal, Emely J.
Beal, James
Beal, Jane
Beal, Lucy
Beal, Nancy
Beal, Thos.
Beal, Unnamed
Beal, William
Beale, Susan
Beaty, Rachal
Beaty, Wm. L
Bedsole, Charlotte
Bedsole, Duncan
Bedsole, Duncan
Bedsole, Henry J.
Bedsole, Larken
Bedsole, Margaret
Bedsole, Martha J.
Bedsole, Mary E.
Bedsole, Wm. S.
Benton, Catharine J
Benton, Daniel J.
Benton, Duncan
Benton, Malcom C.
Benton, Thomas H.
Berry, Ed
Bethune, Eliza.
Bethune, Mary A.
Bethune, Wm. D.
Bevrow, Ann
Biedges, Joseph
Bird, Ella
Bird, James
Bird, Sopha A.
Bishop, Archel
Bishop, eliza
Bishop, Henry
Bishop, James H.
Bishop, John
Bishop, Martha E.
Bishop, Mary A.
Bishop, Mary A.
Bishop, Mary C
Bishop, Rebecca J.
Bishop, Sarah M.
Bishop, Will H.
Black, Anghs
Black, Archd.
Black, Catharine
Black, Catharine
Black, Catharine J.
Black, D. B.
Black, Duncan
Black, John W.
Black, Malcom
Black, Malcom
Black, Mary
Black, Mary E
Black, Mary E.
Black, Nancy
Black, Nancy
Black, Sarah A.
Black, Sarah C.
Black, Sarah E
Black, Selva J.
Black, Silva
Black, Wm. J.
Blackman, Benj.
Blackman, Fordham
Blackman, Penelope A.
Blair, Arris
Blair, Cyntha
Blair, McCullough W.
Blake, Calvin
Blake, Martha
Blake, Mary
Blake, William J.
Bland, H. A.
Bland, Hary
Bland, James
Bleeuel, Eliz.
Blute, Mike
Bobbit, Cornelia
Bobbit, Martha A.
Bobbit, R. M.
Boon, James W.
Boon, James W.
Boon, John c.
Boon, Mary A.
Boon, Mary J.
Boon, Nancy E.
Boon, Sarah E.
Boon, Thomas W.
Bowlin, A.
Boyd, Alx
Bradey, Elizabeth
Bradey, Fanney D.
Bradey, S.B.
Brady, Alx. B.
Brady, Ann E.
Brady, Barney
Brady, Brad
Brady, Bradley
Brady, Carral
Brady, Catharin
Brady, Catharine J.
Brady, Charles
Brady, Chusluley
Brady, Daniel
Brady, Dicy
Brady, Eliza
Brady, Elizabeth
Brady, Farncis
Brady, Fayette
Brady, Hannah C.
Brady, Hestor
Brady, Hestor A.
Brady, Isaac
Brady, James E.
Brady, Jane
Brady, Jef. W.
Brady, Jennet
Brady, John
Brady, John A.
Brady, Lanisa
Brady, Lucutia(Lucretias)
Brady, Lusina A.
Brady, Lydia
Brady, Mahala
Brady, Malcom
Brady, Manly
Brady, Martha
Brady, Martha
Brady, Martha J.
Brady, Mudock
Brady, Nancy
Brady, Nancy A.
Brady, Nancy J.
Brady, Nink
Brady, Peter
Brady, Richard
Brady, Soakey
Brady, Susan
Brady, Tempi
Brady, Thos. K.
Brady, Will
Brady, William
Brady, Winney C.
Brady, Wm. W.
Bragg, Mary E.
Bragg, Thos. B.
Brewer, Ann
Brewer, Austin
Brewer, Chuny
Brewer, E. A.
Brewer, Effe J.
Brewer, Eliza
Brewer, Elizabeth
Brewer, John
Brewer, Joseph
Brewer, Julia
Brewer, Levi
Brewer, Linda
Brewer, Malcom
Brewer, Margaret A.
Brewer, Martha
Brewer, Martha
Brewer, Mary
Brewer, Mary A.
Brewer, Nancy
Brewer, Sallie C.
Brewer, Samuel
Brewer, Sarah A.
Brewer, Sarah F.
Brewer, Sis
Brewer, Wiliam
Brewer, Will J.
Brewer, Wm
Bridges, Amelia
Bridges, Cathane
Bridges, Duncan
Bridges, Elizabeth
Bridges, James
Bridges, James S.
Bridges, Jo
Bridges, Martha J.
Bright, Ben
Bright, Ben
Bright, Elizaberth
Bright, Emeline
Bright, Emline
Bright, James
Bright, John M.
Bright, Thomas C.
Bright, Thomas C.
Bright, Thos H.
Brown, Andrew
Brown, Carline
Brown, Caroline
Brown, Deletha
Brown, Elias
Brown, Eliza. A.
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Francis
Brown, Gorge B.
Brown , James
Brown, James
Brown, James A.
Brown, Jennet
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John
Brown, John M.
Brown, Lewis
Brown, Lucinda
Brown, Lydia M.
Brown, Madison W.
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Margaret
Brown, Martha
Brown, Martha
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary J.
Brown, Mesorin E.
Brown, Munroe
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Nathan M.
Brown, Noah
Brown, Precilla
Brown, Rachal
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Sarah A.
Brown, Sarah E.
Brown, Thos.
Brown, unnamed
Brown, unnamed
Brown, W. Baely
Brown, William
Brown, William
Brugan, Pane
Brunson, Alec
Brunson, Martha A.
Brunson, Wattin H.
Bryan, Ann c
Bryan, Daniel O.
Bryan, Elizabeth J.
Bryan, Flora A.
Bryan, Isabella M.
Bryan, J. C.
Bryan, Jesse
Bryan, John W.
Bryan, N.R.
Bryan, Nancy
Bryan, R. N. B.
Bryan, Redien
Bryan, Sallie J.
Bryan, Thos w.
Bryan, Winship
Buchaman, Beany
Buchaman, Cariana
Buchaman, Carneela
Buchaman, Malcom W.
Buchaman, Mary A.
Buchanah, Jane
Buchanah, Joseph
Buchman, Andrew J.
Buchman, Dilila
Buchman, James B.
Buchman, John W.
Buchman, Mary J.
Buchman, Nancy J.
Buchman, Thomas R.
Buchman, Wm. J.
Buck, Giny
Buckaman, Catharine
Buckaman, John
Buckaman, Mary C.
Buckaman, Nancy
Buckaman, Ruffin
Buckham, Benj.
Buckhorn, Daniel B.
Buckhorn, Dicy
Buckhorn, James H.
Buckhorn, Joseph
Buckhorn, Mary J. W.
Buckhorn, Mary T.
Buckhorn, Rilley
Buckhorn, Sian H.
Buckhorn, Will T.
Buekov, Wm.
Buie, Allin
Buie, Ann
Buie, Baley
Buie, Daniel
Buie, Daniel
Buie, David
Buie, Delany
Buie, Delany
Buie, Duncan
Buie, Fanny
Buie, Gilbert L.
Buie, Isabella
Buie, John
Buie, John
Buie, Malcom J.
Buie, Margaret
Buie, Mary
Buie, Sarah
Buie, Sarah
Buie, Sarah L.
Buie, Sumerety
Buie, W.A.
Buie, Wm.
Bunkas, Lim
Burgess, Henretta
Burgess, Martha J.
Burgess, Wilburn
Burke, Pat
Burns, Abbe A.
Burns, Besum
Burns, Clameder
Burns, Daniel
Burns, E. S.
Burns, Elizabeth
Burns, Hester
Burns, James
Burns, Joseph
Burns, Mary A.
Burns, Milton H.
Burns, Monla
Burns, Nathan
Burns, Rebecca
Burton, Christan
Buryman, Alx C.
Buryman, Ann e.
Buryman, Barbara
Buryman, Eliza J.
Buryman, Ephuths
Buryman, John W.
Buryman, Lenisa F.
Buryman, Samatha
Buryman, Sarah M.
Buryman, William R.
Butler, Thos
Caddell, Neil
Cadell, Christian J.
Cadell, Gong B.
Cadell, L. F.
Cafer, Tom
Cagle, Martha
Cagle, Raliegh
Calbrtson, Ann
Calbrtson, Francis
Calbrtson, James M.
Calbrtson, John
Calbrtson, Joseph
Calbrtson, Joseph
Calbrtson, Ruth
Calbrtson, Sallie
Calbrtson, Wesley
Calbrtson, William
Caldren, 19
Cameron, Alx.
Cameron, Barbara C.
Cameron, Catharine
Cameron, Catharine E
Cameron, Christain
Cameron, Daniel
Cameron, Daniel B
Cameron, Dugala
Cameron, Flora
Cameron, Gov. Neill
Cameron, Hamilton
Cameron, Hugh A.
Cameron, John
Cameron, John B.
Cameron, John M.
Cameron, John W.
Cameron, John W.
Cameron, Louis
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Mary
Cameron, Mary E.
Cameron, Neill C.
Cameron, Sallie
Cameron, T.
Cameron, Wm.
Campbell, Abner T.
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Alice
Campbell, Alx.
Campbell, Angus
Campbell, Anne E.
Campbell, Barbara
Campbell, Calvin
Campbell, Catharine J.
Campbell, Charles H.
Campbell, Christian
Campbell, D. C.
Campbell, D. C.
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Daniel
Campbell, Daniel B.
Campbell, Divovinis
Campbell, Eliza C.
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Elizabeth
Campbell, Fanny
Campbell, Findley
Campbell, Flora A.
Campbell, Francis A.
Campbell, Gorg
Campbell, Gorg.
Campbell, Gorge A.
Campbell, Isabella
Campbell, J. M., Dr.
Campbell, J. P.
Campbell, James
Campbell, James
Campbell, James A.
Campbell, James K. P.
Campbell, John
Campbell , John
Campbell, John A.
Campbell, John C.
Campbell, John M
Campbell, Kinneth
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary A.
Campbell , Mary J.
Campbell, Mary M.
Campbell, Mary W.
Campbell, Mathew G.
Campbell, Mathew H.
Campbell, Murdock
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy
Campbell, Nancy G.
Campbell, Nancy R.
Campbell, Peter M
Campbell, Robinia
Campbell, Sarah E.
Campbell, Sarah J.
Campbell, Sion H.
Campbell, Thos.
Campbell, Thos.
Campbell, Thos. N.
Campbell, W. B.
Campbell, W. Sion
Campbell, William
Campbell, William
Campbell, William W.
Campbell, Wm. A.
Campbell (Dalrymple), Nancy
Camran, John C.
Canady, Enoch
Canady, Sarah
Cane, J. B.
Carr, Demis
Casgman, Patrick
Caster, John
Caviness, A. E.
Caviness, alfred
Caviness, Alx
Caviness, Ann
Caviness, Bng
Caviness, Chrisley
Caviness, Dolly
Caviness, Dr/ Mewbu
Caviness, Dumis
Caviness, E;oza/
Caviness, Elizabeth C.
Caviness, Frnacis
Caviness, Hannah
Caviness, Iesah E.
Caviness, Isac W.
Caviness, Isaiah
Caviness, James D.
Caviness, John
Caviness, John A.
Caviness, Julia A.
Caviness, Margret
Caviness, Maria
Caviness, Marley
Caviness, Martha
Caviness, Mary E.
Caviness, Sarah
Caviness, Silaria
Caviness, Sophrah
Caviness, Thos. H.
Caviness, William
Caviness, William J.
Caviness, William W.
Caviness, Winsey A.
Chaffin, James M. C.
Chaffin, Martha E.
Chaffin, Robert
Chaffin, Sarah A.
Chaffin, Washington
Chavis, Duncan
Cheek, Agnis
Cheek, Alfd.
Cheek, Calvin
Cheek, Elizabeth
Cheek, Honathan J.
Cheek, James
Cheek, Joab
Cheek, John
Cheek, John
Cheek, Lewis
Cheek, Lydia
Cheek, Mary
Cheek, Nancy
Cheek, Richard C.
Cheek, Ruhany
Cheek, Sarah E.
Cheek, Will D.
Cheek, Willis
Chesley, Wiley
Chisholm, Alx.
Chisholm, Archald A.
Chisholm, Jane C.
Chisholm, Mary
Clagg, Elizabeth
Clagg, Thos. J.
Clagg, W. B.
Coan, David A.
Coan, Eliza A.
Coan, Evander G.
Coan, John A.
Coan, Land C.
Coan, Samanth Y.
Coan, Sarah A.M.
Coan, Sopheah
Coan, Wesley T.
Coan, Wm. M.
Cofer, Elizabeth
Cofer, Flora
Cofer, Henry A.
Cofer, Kenneth M.
Cofer, Margaret
Cofer, Mary
Coffit, Adam
Coffit, Julia A.
Coffit, Ruth
Coffit, Stphen
Coffit, Stphen
Coffit, Wm. M.
Cole, Alpha A.
Cole, Alx.
Cole, Amanda
Cole , Amelia
Cole, Andrew
Cole , Andrew
Cole, Andrew
Cole, Anney E.
Cole, Atta
Cole, Benj. H.
Cole, Bng. G.
Cole, Brid
Cole, Catharine
Cole, Catherine
Cole, Christoph
Cole, Daniel
Cole, Dicy
Cole, Dugald
Cole, Duncan
Cole, Eliza
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Elizabeth
Cole, Enoch
Cole, Fanney
Cole, Florah
Cole, Francis
Cole, G.S.
Cole , George
Cole, George
Cole, Gorg C.
Cole , Isabella
Cole, Jack A.
Cole, James
Cole, James
Cole, James A.
Cole, James L.
Cole, James M.
Cole, James M.
Cole, Jane A.
Cole, Jennet
Cole, John
Cole, John
Cole , John
Cole, John b.
Cole, John B.
Cole, John J.
Cole, John S.
Cole, Joseph J.
Cole, Kenneth
Cole, Margaret
Cole , Margaret
Cole, Margaret
Cole, Margaret A.
Cole, Martha
Cole, Martha
Cole, Martha A.
Cole, Martha E.
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary
Cole, Mary J.
Cole, Mary J.
Cole, Matilda
Cole, Nancy
Cole , Nancy
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Nancy
Cole, Neill McL.
Cole, Rebecca
Cole, Richard
Cole, Richard G.
Cole, Rill
Cole, Sarah C.
Cole, Sarah F.
Cole, Silva
Cole, Silva R.
Cole, Stephen
Cole, Thomas
Cole, Thomas
Cole, Thos. C.
Cole, Unnamed
Cole, Will W. G.
Cole, William
Cole, Zlphia
Cole poet, Thos.
Colter, R.C.
Connell, John
Cook, Jo H.
Copeland, William A.
Coper, John M
Coper, Mary
Copes, Bryen
Core, Elizabeth
Core, Henry D.
Core, Sarah A.E.
Core, William H.
Councilman, Elizabeth (Allen)
Councilman, Ellen
Councilman, George C.
Councilman, Milo
Councilman, Peter
Cox, A. L
Cox, Alx.
Cox, Andrew
Cox, Ann E.
Cox, Binton P.
Cox, Catharine
Cox, Celia C.
Cox, Charles
Cox, Demanis
Cox, Dilla
Cox, Dr. John W.
Cox, Dr. Thos
Cox, Elis
Cox, Elis
Cox, Eliz. C.
Cox, Fanna H.
Cox, Francis J.
Cox, Gorg.
Cox, H.B.
Cox, Hellard S.
Cox, Henry
Cox, Holcom
Cox, Holcom R.
Cox, Isabela
Cox, Jane
Cox, John L.
Cox, John M.
Cox, John W.
Cox, Joseph
Cox, Martha
Cox, Mary A. C.
Cox, Mary A. E.
Cox, Mary E.
Cox, Mrtisha A.
Cox, Nancy
Cox, Nancy E
Cox, Nancy J.
Cox, Rebecca
Cox, Rufus
Cox, Sarah
Cox, Thomas
Cox, Thomas A.
Cox, Thos
Cox, Tuck
Cox, W. J.
Cox, Willes J.
Cox, William
Crabtree, Calvin
Crabtree, Emly
Crabtree, Francis
Crabtree, Jackson
Crabtree, John
Craver, J. D.
Craver, John A.
Craver, Louisa J.
Craver, Nancy
Craver, Sarah J
Cravin, Curniles A.
Cravin, Elisa A.
Cravin, Margaret A.
Cravin, Mary A.
Cravin, Miley
Cresoo, Dolly
Cresoo, Ellender
Cresoo, Lydia
Cresoo, William
Crisco, Daniel
Crisco, Eliza
Crisco, Eliza
Crisco, Jane
Crisco, John
Crisco, Mary
Crisco, Mila
Crisco, Sarah
Crisco, Sivila
Crisco, Wm.
Cruchfield, Candis
Culhpfus, W.
Cumsion, Dugald
Cumsion, Dugald
Cumsion, Jennet Mary
Cumsion, John O.
Cunningham, Daniel
Currie, Alex
Currie, Angus
Currie, Angus
Currie, Angus
Currie, Angush M.
Currie, Catharine
Currie, Christain
Currie, Christaine
Currie, Daniel M.
Currie, Flora J.
Currie, Hugh
Currie, James
Currie, Jennet
Currie, John
Currie, Malcom
Currie, Malcom B.
Currie, Margaret
Currie, Margaret J. ("Maggie")
Currie, Mary
Currie, Mary
Currie, Murdoch
Currie, Neill A.
Currie, Neill R.
Currie, Sarah
Currie, Sarah A.
Currie, Unnamed (Lydia M.)
Currie, Wm. A.
Dalbury, Linda
Dalrzaple, Ester E.
Dalrzaple, Henry L
Dalrzaple, Wm. M.
Dalzample, Archd.
Dalzample, Archie
Dalzample, David E.
Dalzample, Elizabeth
Dalzample, Elizabeth
Dalzample, Jennet
Dalzample, Jennet
Dalzample, John
Dalzample, John H.
Dalzample, Joseph C.
Dalzample, Lydia F.
Dalzample, Margaret
Dalzample, Margaret
Daniel, Joseph
Davidson, Joseph A.
Davidson, Nancy
Davies, Thomas
Davis, Devotion
Davis, Eliza
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Frank
Davis, J.C.
Davis, James C. Jr.
Davis, Jesse
Davis, Malcom
Davis, Mary J.
Davis, Raliegh
Davis, Sarah A.
Davis, Stephen
Davis, W. H.
Dawson, 25
Dawson, Wm.
Deaton, Bebarah
Deaton, Calvin A.
Deaton, Chatarine
Deaton, Chrastaine E.
Deaton, Elizabeth
Deaton, Elizabeth
Deaton, Francis
Deaton, Isabella
Deaton, J. B. G.
Deaton, Jennet
Deaton, John R.
Deaton, Joseph
Deaton, Lydia A.
Deaton, Margaret
Deaton, Martha
Deaton, Mary A.
Deaton, Murna J.
Deaton, Wm M.
Delany, Frances A.
Delany, John
Delany, William
Delezamph, Archie
Delezamph, Sarah N.
Dennis, Allarele
Dennis, Ann C.
Dennis, Elizabeth
Dennis, H. C.
Dennis, H. J.
Dennis, Issabella
Dennis, Margaret
Dickens, Anderson
Dickens, Flora A.
Dickens, John W.
Dodson, John
Douglas, Daniel
Douglas, James
Douglas, Levy
Douglas, Lusinda
Douglas, Martha
Douglas, Mary D.
Douglas, Nancy E.
Dowd, Clemmet
Dowd, Ella
Dowd, Lydia J.
Dowd, Martha A.
Dowd, Mary
Dowd, Nancy
Dowd, Richard
Dowdy, Cathran
Dowdy, Dekire
Dowdy, John
Dowdy, John W.
Dowdy, Joseph
Dowdy, Lewis H.
Dowdy, Margaret A.
Dowdy, Thos.
Dowdy, Wm.
Dugal, Barry
Duglas, John
Duncan, Ann
Duncan, William N.
Dunlap, B. G.
Dunn, Elizabeth H.
Dunn, Jamson
Dunn, Mary
Dunn, Nancy J.
Duon, Adline
Duon, Gar. W.
Duyber, Mike
Dye, Arch W.
Dye, Barbara
Dye, David T.
Dye, Eliza J.
Dye, Evander J.
Dye, Fetica A. S.
Dye, John M.
Dye, Martin
Dye, Rachal J.
Dye, Sarah J.
Dye, W. W.
Dye, William W.
Edwards, Anne E.
Edwards, Benjmin
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, Francis W.
Edwards, Go. W.
Edwards, Gorge
Edwards, James
Edwards, Jane
Edwards, Jennet
Edwards, John
Edwards, John
Edwards, Lila
Edwards, Martha
Edwards, Nancy
Edwards, Nathan
Edwards, Spencer W.
Edwards, William Mary
Edwards, Willington
Edwards, Wm
Eliza, Lydia
Elkins, Betsy
Elkins, Betsy
Elkins, Eliza J.
Elkins, Hiram
Elkins, John W.
Elkins, Mary
Elkins, Noah
Elkins, Rebecca
Elkins, Sally A.
Elkins, Sinda R.
Elkins, Wado
Ellington, John
Ellington, Mary
Ellington, Sallie
Ellington, Sallie J.
Ellis, Allen
Ellis, Allen
Ellis, Winif
empty, empth
empty, empty
empty, empty
empty, empty
Empty, Empty
empty, empty
empty, empty
empty, empty
Estes, Candis
Estes, Elizabeth
Estes, Julia E.
Estes, Sarah E.
Estes, Wiley R.
Evans, Ann S.
Evans, Creasy
Evans, Creasy
Evans, Henry
Evans, Hinton
Evans, John
Everett, Arron
Everett, Darina
Everett, Dolly
Everett, Ellen
Everett, Harriet
Everett, Kelly
Everett, Lucy A.
Everett, Maranda
Everett, Tray
Farshee, Giles
Fatter, Alx.
Fatter, Dartha
Fatter, James H.
Fatter, Ouslan
Faucett, Charlath
Faucett, Elmore
Faucett, Elmore
Faucett, John A.
Faucett, Mary A.
Ferguson, Amma K/
Ferguson, Angush N.
Ferguson, Ann
Ferguson, Catharine
Ferguson, Catharine
Ferguson, Dniel
Ferguson, Elizabeth J.
Ferguson, Jennet
Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Kinneth
Ferguson, Mary E.
Ferguson, Murdock
Ferguson, Neill
Ferguson, Norman
Ferguson, Normund
Ferguson, William A.
Fershee, Gils
Fershee, Gorge W.
Fershee, Susan
Fields, Amy
Fields, Ann
Fields, Ann
Fields, Ann E.
Fields, Arnold
Fields, Benj. L.
Fields, Catharine
Fields, Charles
Fields, Ed
Fields, Eliza J.
Fields, Henry
Fields, Henry K.
Fields, Henry S.
Fields, Isaac
Fields, Isaac
Fields, James
Fields, James
Fields, Jane
Fields, Jesphin
Fields, John
Fields, John
Fields, Judah A.
Fields, Kearney
Fields, Kearney C.
Fields, Kinchin
Fields, Lilia A.
Fields, Lilitha
Fields, Lilitha
Fields, Louisa B.
Fields, Lydia M.
Fields, Maranda
Fields, Martha
Fields, Martha H.
Fields, Mary
Fields, Mary A.C.
Fields, Mary B.
Fields, Mary J.
Fields, Mary J.
Fields, Nancy
Fields, Richard
Fields, Sarah
Fields, Silvia J.
Fields, Stephen A.
Fields, Thos.
Fields, Wm J.
Fields, Wm. H.
Fimieso, Chirity
Fimieso, Gorge L.
Fimieso, John S.
Fimieso, Jumeo
Fimieso, Margaret A.
Fimieso, Merel H.
Fimieso, Rebecca
Fimuson, Ed
Fimuson, Gorge W.
Fimuson, Hugh
Fimuson, James
Fimuson, Mary
Fimuson, Robert
Finand, Lucy
Finand, William
Folly, Dan
Fore, Anna J.
Fore, Elizabeth
Fore, Hardy
Fore, Henry
Fore, Joel
Fore, Laotte
Fore, Nancy
Fore, Sarah
Fore, Susa
Foshee, Anna J.
Foshee, H. G.
Foshee, Mary A.
Foushee, Margaret
Franklin, Emly
Fry, Neil A.
Fry, Thos. F.
Fry, William Tunis
Furgeson, Christain
Furgeson, John
Gallahan, Neil
Gardner, Amelia
Gardner, Ann
Gardner, Anna
Gardner, Carnet F.
Gardner, Elizabeth
Gardner, Elizabeth A.
Gardner, Ellin
Gardner, Keley D.
Gardner, Lauisa
Gardner, Lucy
Gardner, Lydia
Gardner, Margaret
Gardner, Melinda
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, Sarah F.
Gardner, Thos.
Gardner, W. C.
Gardner, Winsey
Garner, Abel
Garner, Adam
Garner, Bradly
Garner, Catharine
Garner, Edward
Garner, Eli
Garner, Elis
Garner, Eliza A.
Garner, Elizabeth
Garner, Elizabeth
Garner, Fannie M.
Garner, James
Garner, James M.
Garner, James P.
Garner, John
Garner, John
Garner, John
Garner, John F.
Garner, John W.
Garner, Juda
Garner, Kinnith
Garner, Lewis
Garner, Lewis
Garner, Lydia
Garner, Margaret
Garner, Martha
Garner, Mary
Garner, Mary A.
Garner, Mary A.
Garner, Mary J.
Garner, Molsy
Garner, Thos.
Garner, Wm.
Gaster, Andrew J.
Gaster, Cerrerelad
Gaster, Christian C.
Gaster, David
Gaster, Delila J.
Gaster, Eliza
Gaster, Emeline
Gaster, Evander
Gaster, Flora C.
Gaster, Flora J.
Gaster, Florah
Gaster, Henry
Gaster, Jacob
Gaster, Jane
Gaster, Jinemia
Gaster, Jinemia J.
Gaster, John
Gaster, John
Gaster, John C.
Gaster, John C.
Gaster, John F.
Gaster, Joseph
Gaster, Margaret
Gaster, Margaret
Gaster, Mary A.
Gaster, Mary D
Gaster, Mary J.
Gaster, Nancy
Gaster, Nancy
Gaster, Nancy
Gaster, Nancy J.
Gaster, William
Gaster, William D.
Gaster, Wm. A.
Gilbert, Emlew
Gilchrist, Catharin
Gilchrist, Elizageth
Gilchrist, Gorg.
Gillham, James D.
Gillham, Wm H.
Gilliam, Christain
Gilliam, Howell
Gillis, Christian
Gillis, Cyntha
Gillis, David
Gillis, Margaret
Gillis, Martha
Gillis, Mary
Gillium, Ellen
Gillium, John W.
Gillium, Mary
Gillium, Mellissa
Gillman, Catharin
Gillmore, Ann
Gillmore, Doctor M.
Gillmore, Eli S.
Gillmore, James
Gillmore, John
Gillmore, Malcom
Gillmore, Thos.
Gillmore, Wm.
Gilman, David
Gilman, Jackson
Gilman, Jackson
Gilman, Phoebe
Gilmore, Margaret
Gilmore, Samuel
Godfery, Alex
Godfery, Andrew
Godfery, Andrew
Godfery, Henry
Godfery, Herey
Godfery, Jane
Godfery, Jesse
Godfery, Marchel
Godfery, Mary
Godfery, Mary
Godfery, Nelley
Godfery, Robert R.
Godfery, Salley
Godfery, Sarah
Godfrey, Alx.
Godfrey, David
Godfrey, Henry
Godfrey, John
Godfrey, John
Godfrey, Lony E.
Godfrey, Lydia
Godfrey, Malcom A.
Godfrey, Martha
Godfrey, Mary
Godfrey, Mary A. E.
Godfrey, Mary J.
Godfrey, Mary J.
Godfrey, Mathew H.
Godfrey, Nancy
Godfrey, Nancy
Godfrey, Rachal
Godfrey, Rebecca
Godfrey, Sarah A.
Godfrey, Sila J.
Godfrey, Will A.
Godfrey, William
Goins, Alx.
Goins, Amy
Goins, Andrew
Goins, Angush M.
Goins, Ann
Goins, Archd.
Goins, Barbara
Goins, Catharine
Goins, Celia A.
Goins, Daniel
Goins, Daniel
Goins, David
Goins, Delila
Goins, Delitha
Goins, Duncan
Goins, Dunen
Goins, Edward
Goins, Eliza J.
Goins, Elizabeth
Goins, Gorg C.
Goins, Gren Berry
Goins, Henry
Goins, Henry
Goins, Isablla
Goins, James
Goins, James
Goins, James
Goins, James W.
Goins, Jennet
Goins, John
Goins, John
Goins, John D.
Goins, Joseph
Goins, Josh W.
Goins, King Duada
Goins, Leggie
Goins, Lesh
Goins, Linda
Goins, Lucenda A.
Goins, Lucian
Goins, Lucy
Goins, Lydia
Goins, Malinda
Goins, Margaret
Goins, Margaret
Goins, Martha
Goins, Martin
Goins, Mary
Goins, Mary E.
Goins, Mesouri A.
Goins, Milissa J.
Goins, Nissey
Goins, Rebecca
Goins, Richal
Goins, Sabitha
Goins, Sarah J.
Goins, Sidney
Goins, Silus
Goins, Thos.
Goins, Unnamed
Goins, unnamed
Goins, Vestel
Goins, Willington B.
Gordon, Adlaide
Gordon, Celia
Gordon, Ferrel
Gordon, Maria
Graham, Anthony
Graham, Archd.
Graham, Benj.
Graham, Daniel
Graham, David A.
Graham, Effie F.
Graham, Elizabeth J.
Graham, Heley
Graham, James
Graham, Martha A.
Graham, Mary A.
Graham, Nathan
Grahan, Daniel
Grahan, Nancy
Graves, Dr. Jesse D.
Graves, Gorge H
Graves, John C.
Graves, Mary E.
Greasey, John
Green, Archa
Green, Eliza
Green, Ellen F.
Green, G. W.
Green, Henry
Green, Isaac
Green, John F.
Green, Margaret A.
Green, Martha J.
Green, Prescilla A.
Green, Rosa J.
Green, Wallson
Green, Willis J.
Gregrery, Joseph
Gribble, James
Grible, Gorg
Griffin, Allen W.
Griffin, Daniel
Griffin, Edwoard
Griffin, Gilford
Griffin, Haywood
Griffin, James
Griffin, Jesse
Griffin, John
Griffin, Margaret
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Martha J.
Griffin, Mary A.
Griffin, Moses
Griffin, Nancy
Griffin, Narcises
Griffin, Rebecca
Griffin, Thomas
Gunter, Badacko
Gunter, Elizabeth
Gunter, Elizabeth
Gunter, J. M.
Gunter, John A.
Gunter, John D.
Gunter, July E.
Gunter, Levi
Gunter, Mary
Gunter, Mary F.
Gunter, Mary T.
Gunter, Matilda
Gwynn , Flora
Hales, Abaline
Hales, Amochestis
Hales, Binjon
Hales, David
Hales, Emla
Hales, Giles
Hales, Jefferson
Hales, Mary J
Hales, Nancy A.
Hales, Sarah
Hales, William
Hales, William
Hammgton, Wm.
Hannah, Ann L.
Hannah, Clara S.P.
Hannah, John J.
Hannah, Margartet
Hannah, O.P.
Hardin, Hugh C.
Hardin, Joab C.
Hardin, Lewis
Hardin, Martha A. E.
Hardin, Mary C.
Hardin, Rebecca
Hardin, Sarah
Hardin, Winston
Harrington, A. A.
Harrington, Abner
Harrington, Abner
Harrington, Alx.
Harrington, Anna
Harrington, Charles P.
Harrington, Christian
Harrington, Daniel
Harrington, Delila
Harrington, E. B.
Harrington, E. J.
Harrington, Elen S.
Harrington, Elisha
Harrington, Eujnna
Harrington, Fanny W.
Harrington, Flinn
Harrington, Flora A.
Harrington, Francis
Harrington, Henry
Harrington, Hester A.
Harrington, J. H.
Harrington, James
Harrington, John
Harrington, John
Harrington, Josiah
Harrington, Lydia
Harrington, M. F.
Harrington, Margaret
Harrington, Margaret J.
Harrington, Mary
Harrington, Mary
Harrington, Mary
Harrington, Mary A.
Harrington, Mary A. E.
Harrington, Mary E.
Harrington, Nancy E.
Harrington, Nancy J.
Harrington, Rebecca A.
Harrington, Sarah A.
Harrington, Sarah N.
Harrington, Thomas
Harrington, Thos.
Harrington, W. D.
Harrington, William W.
Harris, Calvin
Harris, Hardy
Harris, Margaret
Hart, Elizabeth
Hart, Rebeca
Hawley, Isabel C.
Hawley, John
Hawley, Lucinda M.
Hawley, Marshal H.
Hawley, Mary A.
Haynett, Thos
Hedgpath, Bethana
Hedgpath, Jasih
Hedgpath, Jesse
Henley, Ell S.
Henley, Hellen
Henley, Stephen
Henley, Willie A.
Henly, Henry
Henly, Nonnie
Henrey, Lewis
Hickes, Ellas
Hight, Elizabeth
Hight, Fanney
Hight, Henry
Hight, James
Hight, Joseph
Hight, Lydia
Hight, Sillpha
Hillard, Mahala
Hodges, Anas E.
Hodges, Eliza J.
Hodges, John
Hodges, Lewis J.
Hodges, Marshal G.
Hodges, Martha G.
Holt, C. M.
Homas, Eliza
Homas, Harmon
Homas, John M.
Homas, Mary J.
Homas, Moses H.
Homas, Nancy E.
Homus , James A.
Homus , John B.
Homus , Masklen
Homus , Sarah M.
Homus , Sophia A.
Hooker, Benj
Hooker, John
Howard, Adlaid
Howard, Alford
Howard, Allen
Howard, Benj.
Howard, C. S.
Howard, Eli
Howard, Gorge
Howard, James
Howard, Joel B.
Howard, John
Howard, Julia
Howard, Margaret
Howard, Margaret
Howard, Mary A.
Howard, William
Huckaba, Catharine
Huckaba, Isable
Huckaba, Lewsa
Huckaba, Nancy E.
Huckaba, Rebecca J.
Huckaba, Wm. H.J.B.
Huealey, David M.
Huealey, Elizabeth
Huealey, John A.
Huealey, Margaret
Huges, Fanny
Huges, Will
Hughes, J.M
Hughis, Christian
Hughis, John
Hughis, Malcom
Hughis, Mary
Hughis, Sarah J.
Hunscuker, Livia
Hunsucker, John W.
Hunsucker, Mary Jane
Hunsucker, W.W.
Hunt, Alx.
Hunt, Charity
Hunt, Dempsy
Hunt, Denj.
Hunt, Domaris
Hunt, Ed
Hunt, Elizabeth D.
Hunt, Fanny
Hunt, Gorg.
Hunt, Henry
Hunt, Joanna
Hunt, Joham
Hunt, John
Hunt, John
Hunt, Margaret J.
Hunt, Mary A.
Hunt, Mary A.
Hunt, Mary C.
Hunt, Reany
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Sarah A. E.
Hunt, Susanna
Hunt, Wm. H.
Hunter, B. M.
Hunter, Elizabeth A.
Hunter, Elizabeth J.
Hunter, Thomas D.
Hunter, Thomas M.
Hurley, Charles
Hurley, Elias
Hurley, Joseph
Hurley, Marian
Hurley, Mary
Hurley, Nancy
Hurley, Penelope
Hurley, Sallie
Hurley, William
Hurley, Winship
Hurley, Wm.
Huyza, Alford
Huyza, Alfred
Huyza, Andrew
Huyza, Bartus
Huyza, Caroline
Huyza, Caroline
Huyza, Eli
Huyza, Goodn
Huyza, Jerdon
Huyza, John
Huyza, Kindred
Huyza, Lucy A.
Huyza, Lydia
Huyza, Mary
Huyza, Mary
Huyza, Mary E.
Huyza, Sarah
Huyza, Thos.
Huyza, Wm.
Jackson, A. A.
Jackson, Anna J.
Jackson, B. C.
Jackson, Benj.
Jackson, Brid (Burgess)
Jackson, Catharin
Jackson, Catharine
Jackson, Catharine
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, David
Jackson, David B.
Jackson, Dicy (Cole)
Jackson, Dicy A.
Jackson, Dicy J
Jackson, Dicy J.
Jackson, Effie
Jackson, Eliza
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, Elizath
Jackson, Ellender
Jackson, Flara A.
Jackson, Flora A.
Jackson, Gorrel
Jackson, Herbert
Jackson, Hugh
Jackson, Isabella
Jackson, Isablla
Jackson, Ispha
Jackson, James
Jackson, Jennet
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, John G.
Jackson, Julia
Jackson, Margaret
Jackson, Martha
Jackson, Mary
Jackson, Mary A.
Jackson, Mary C.
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Mary J.
Jackson, Mary J.
Jackson, Mary J.
Jackson, Nancy
Jackson, Richard
Jackson, Same E.
Jackson, Samuel
Jackson, Sarah C.
Jackson, Sarah J.
Jackson, Turner T.
Jackson, Wesley
Jackson, William
James, Charles E.
James, Elizabeth
James, L. G.
James, Sophia J.
James, W. T.
Jarman, Dan A.
Jarman, Dicy
Jarman, Effee J.
Jarman, Elizabety34
Jarman, Florah A
Jarman, Mary W.
Jenmo, Effen
Jennet, E. T.
Jennet, Salley
Jinkens, Charles P.
Jinkens, Emlet
Jinkens, John Rl
Jinkens, Mary
Jinkens, Milvery
Jinkens, Murdock B.
Jinkens, Sarah J.
Jinkens, W. L.
Jinkens, W. T.
Jinkens, Winney
Johnsom, Alex.
Johnsom, Ann R.
Johnsom, Archd.
Johnsom, Eliza J.
Johnsom, Fanney
Johnsom, James S.
Johnsom, Lovedy
Johnsom, Margaret
Johnsom, Martha A.
Johnsom, Mary E.
Johnsom, Sophi
Johnsom, Wm. S.
Johnson, Allen
Johnson, Alx.
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Andrew
Johnson, Ann
Johnson, Ann M.
Johnson, Archd.
Johnson, Benj. B.
Johnson, Betsy
Johnson, Catharine
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Daniel C.
Johnson, Daniel J.
Johnson, David
Johnson, Dr. Daniel
Johnson, Dugal J.
Johnson, Duncan
Johnson, Duncan
Johnson, Duncan
Johnson, Duncan B.
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Eliza
Johnson, Eliza A.
Johnson, Emeline
Johnson, Fanni
Johnson, Florha
Johnson, Frances J.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Hiram
Johnson, Hiram D.
Johnson, Isbella
Johnson, James J.
Johnson, Jane
Johnson, Jes
Johnson, Jes
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John C.
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Lovedy
Johnson, Luresse
Johnson, Lydia
Johnson, Lydia A.
Johnson, Malcom
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Margaret A.
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha J.
Johnson, Martha J.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Mary A.
Johnson, Mary I.
Johnson, Mary J
Johnson, Mary Jane
Johnson, Mary L.
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Neill
Johnson, Niell
Johnson, Phoebe J.
Johnson, Sallie O.
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, Same E.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah J.
Johnson, Sind B.
Johnson, Thhos. P. D.
Johnson, Thos. J.
Johnson, Thos. R.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William B.
Johnson, William C.
Johnson, William J.
Johnson, Wm.
Johnson, Wm.
Johnson, Wm. J.8/12
Johnson, Wm. t.
Jones, A. W.
Jones, Alx
Jones, Anderson
Jones, Annell
Jones, Arfuj E.
Jones, Atline
Jones, E. A.
Jones, Emma J.
Jones, H. M.
Jones, Henry
Jones, Isabella
Jones, James A.
Jones, John R.
Jones, Leanna
Jones, Lucy A.
Jones, Martin
Jones, Mary A.
Jones, Mary B.
Jones, Milissa F.
Jones, Velana
Jones, Winey
Jones, Wm
Jordan, Deitha J.
Jordan, J.B.
Jordan, Joseph M.
Jordan, Meda A.
Jordon, Darcas M.
Jordon , Enoch
Jordon, Frony
Jordon, John P.
Jordon, Martha J.
Jordon, Mary E.
Jordon, Miles
Jordon, Peter
Jordon, Rebecca F.
Jordon, Sarah A.
Jordon, Tilla L.
Jordon, William
Judd, Henderson
Keid, Atha Ann
Keid, Henry
Keith, Hugh B.
Keith, James
Keith, Margaret G.
Keith, Mary J.
Kelly, A. B.
Kelly, A. F.
Kelly, Abel
Kelly, Abel A.
Kelly, Absolum
Kelly, Albert E.
Kelly, Alx. C.
Kelly, Alx. D.
Kelly, Anson
Kelly, Archibald
Kelly, Catharine
Kelly, Catharine
Kelly, Catharine
Kelly, Chiston
Kelly, Daniel D.
Kelly, Daniel M.
Kelly, Delila
Kelly, Delitha
Kelly, Deluna
Kelly, E. J. L
Kelly, Elies
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Elizabeth
Kelly, Ellin
Kelly, Ester W.
Kelly, Evander
Kelly, Fanny
Kelly, Franklin
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, Hugh
Kelly, Hugh
Kelly, Hugh A.
Kelly, James
Kelly, James H.
Kelly, Jas
Kelly, Jean F.
Kelly, John
Kelly, John E.
Kelly, John F.
Kelly, John J.
Kelly, John J.
Kelly, John M.
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Lauchlin
Kelly, M. F.
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Margaret B.
Kelly, Marhc
Kelly, Mark
Kelly, Martha
Kelly, Martha
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary A.
Kelly, Mary A.
Kelly, Mary B.
Kelly, Minnoa
Kelly, Myraver
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Nancy A.
Kelly, Neil
Kelly, Nely
Kelly, Olean E.
Kelly, Penelope
Kelly, Prisa
Kelly, Rebecca J.
Kelly, Rodrick
Kelly, Salley
Kelly, Sarah
Kelly, Spenere (Spencer)
Kelly, Spenser
Kelly, Sylapha
Kelly, Thos.
Kelly, William A.
Kelly, Wm. J.
Kennedy, Almarinda
Kennedy, Anabeth
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, Duncan
Kennedy, Elias
Kennedy, Eliza.
Kennedy, Enoch S.
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Loretha
Kennedy, Lydia
Kennedy, Mary A.
Kennedy, Spinkis
Kennedy, William
Kevett, Abe
Kevett, S. J.
Kick, Wm.
Kid, Edward
Kidd, Caron
Kidd, Edward
Kidd, Isaac
Kidd, John H.
Kidd, Martha
Kidd, Robert
Kidd, Tunel
Kidd, Winney
Kiel , Anne E.
Kiel , Nancy
Kiel , Sara
Kiel , William
Kieth, Catharin
Kieth, Duncan
Kieth, Elizabeth A.
Kieth, Hugh
Kieth, Hugh D. McS.
Kieth, John
Kieth, Margaret
Kieth, Margaret
Kieth, Mary
Kieth, Mary E.
Kieth, Sarah C.
Kimbrel, Ann F.
Kimbrel, Barbara J.
Kimbrel, Charels B.
Kimbrel, Emaline
Kimbrel, Flora E.
Kimbrel, Hannah M.
Kimbrel, Harbert
Kimbrel, Henry M. D.
Kimbrel, John S.
Kimbrel, Mary E.
Kimbrel, Nancy
Kimbrel, Samel P.
Kimbrel, Viney
Kimbrel, Wm. B.
Kimbrel, Wm. H.
King, David
Kiveth, Elizabeth
Kiveth, Wistlir
Klaus, Maranda
Klaus, Richard
Klaus, Wm.
Knight, John
Knight, John M.
Knight, Lovedy
Knight, Lusinda
Knight, Martha A.
Knight, Nancy C.
Knight, Rebeca C.
Knight, Salley
Knight, Thomas H.
Knight, Tunfrane
Lam, Margaret
Lam, W. A.
Lamb, Mike
Lane, Gorg.
Lanrigan, Wm
Lashorn, Anderson
Lashorn, Hiek H
Lashorn, Lewis
Lashorn, Martha
Lashorn, Patric
Lashorn, Samuel
Lashorn, Sarah
Lashorn, William J.
Laslie, Archd.
Laslie, John
Laslie, Martha
Laslie, Mary
Latham, Crissey
Latham, Doll
Latham, James
Latham, John
Latham, John
Latham, Mary
Latham, Sarah L.
Lawber, John
Lawens, Angline
Lawens, Bennet
Lawens, Elizabeth
Lawens, Jane E.
Lawens, John W.
Lawens, Neill
Lawens, Raney
Lawens, Sion H.
Lawens, Thompens
Lawrence, Isabella
Leach, Eliza
Leach, Gorge
Leach, Hugh
Leach, John J. A.
Leach, John M.
Leach, Martin
Leach, Mary A.
Ledbetter, P.
Lemmons, Alx.
Lemmons, Bebrehel A.
Lemmons, Catherrin
Lemmons, Daniel
Lemmons, Duncan M.
Lemmons, Gect B.
Lemmons, John
Lemmons, Malcom
Lemmons, Sarah J.
Lemmons, Saray
Lemmons, Wm.
Lemons, Alx.
Lemons, Ann E.
Lemons, Benjmen J.
Lemons, Daniel A.
Lemons, Deborah
Lemons, Jane
Lemons, John W.
Lemons, Martha P.
Lemons, Mary
Lemons, N.T
Lemons, Nance E.
Letson, Elija
Lett, G. H.
Lett, James
Lett, Lubina
Lett, Mary
Lett, Nancy
Lett, Nancy
Lett, Thos.
Lett, Wm.
Lewis, Chalott A.
Lewis, Dr. Thos. H.
Lewis, Elva
Lewis, Gorge
Lewis, James H.
Lights, Mehels
Long, Henry
Love, Alx.
Love, Candis
Love, Ed
Love, Elizabeth
Love, Jesse
Love, Jesse
Love, John W.
Love, Margaret
Love, Mary
Lucas, John
Luck, Bing.
Luck, Nelly
Lucy, Frances
Lucy, John A.
Luess, John
Lumis, Albert
Luther, Eliza
Luther, Eveleney
Luther, George W.
Luther, Gorg
Luther, Luginea A.
Luther, Martha
Luther, Mary
Luther, Milinda
Luther, Rarshlo
Maby, Soseph
Mackle, Andrew
Mackle, Bny
Mackle, Isaac
Mackle, James
Madden, Henry
Makley, Dumas
Mallton, DAniel T.
Mallton, Francis
Mallton, Margaret
Malone, Ann E.
Malone, Aron
Malone, Ben
Malone, Chollin
Malone, Dake
Malone, Daniel
Malone, Elizabeth
Malone, James
Malone, John
Malone, John A.
Malone, Margaret
Malone, Mary
Malone, Mary A.
Malone, Telha
Manan, James
Maner, Alfred
Maner, Almandor H.
Maner, Amanda
Maner, Annlid
Maner, Binj. P.
Maner, Bortus
Maner, Carney
Maner, Catharine
Maner, Charels
Maner, Charles H.
Maner, Clarky
Maner, Dicy
Maner, Dumas
Maner, Eli
Maner, Elias
Maner, Eliza F.
Maner, Elizabeth
Maner, Elizabeth
Maner, ELizath
Maner, Emer J.
Maner, Emiline
Maner, Enoch
Maner, Enoch
Maner, Enoch S.
Maner, Henry
Maner, John
Maner, John
Maner, John
Maner, John C.
Maner, John W.
Maner, John W.
Maner, Jsse H.
Maner, Julia A.
Maner, Julia A.
Maner, Julia F.
Maner, Lewis
Maner, Lewis
Maner, Lewis
Maner, Lotta
Maner, Lyelia
Maner, Margaret
Maner, Margaret
Maner, Margaret E.
Maner, Maria
Maner, Mary
Maner, Mary E.
Maner, Mary J.
Maner, Mary J.
Maner, Melly A.
Maner, Nancy L.
Maner, Polley
Maner, R. Bartus
Maner, Rebecca
Maner, Sarah
Maner, Sarah
Maner, Sarah
Maner, Sarah E.
Maner, Sarah H.
Maner, Sarah N.
Maner, Silludack S.
Maner, Thos
Maner, unnamed
Maner, unnamed
Maner, William
Maner, William S.
Maness, Alford
Maness, Elizabeth
Maness, Elizabeth
Maness, Encoh E.
Maness, John
Maness, Mary
Maness, William D.
Manfield, Ann
Manfield, Jeffree
Manfield, Thos.
Maniss, Anney L.
Maniss, John T.
Maniss, Juda
Maniss, Martha
Maniss, Martha
Maniss, William
Manus, Ann J.
Manus, Barba C.
Manus, Candis
Manus, Catherine
Manus, Dan A.
Manus, David P.
Manus, Delabind
Manus, Ed W.
Manus, Fanney E.
Manus, John
Manus, Margaret
Manus, Mary J.
Manus, Nancy
Manus, Nancy E.
Manus, Peter
Manus, Sarah
Manus, Sarah
Manus, Sarah A.
Manus, Thos
Manus, W. G.
Manus, Wm. D.
Maples, Dugald
Maples, Duncan T.
Maples, James
Maples, James P.
Maples, John M.
Maples, Lovedy J.
Maples, Mary
Maples, Mary C.
Maples, Wesley W.
Maples, Wm. H.
Mares, James
Mares, Sarah E.
Marley, Catharine
Marley, Cornella C.
Marley, James K.
Marley, Noh
Marrie, Thos.
Martin, Anna
Martin, Flora J.
Martin, James A.
Martin, John M.
Martin, Murphy W.
Martin, Nicholas
Martin, W.F.
Martin, William
Martindale, Agnis
Martindale, Azel
Martindale, J.J.
Martindale, James
Martindale, John
Martindale, Juda
Martindale, Lydia
Martindale, Mary 21
Martindale, Mary E.
Martindale, Nancy
Martindale, Nancy
Martindale, William
Martindale, Wm. J.
Mashburn, Brio
Mashburn, J. S.
Mashburn, James
Mashburn, James D.
Mashburn, John
Mashburn, Lydia J.
Mashburn, Nancy
Mashburn, Thos.
Mathews, Absolum
Mathews, Arnald
Mathews, Augustine
Mathews, bryant
Mathews, Dan W.
Mathews, Daniel
Mathews, Drusilla
Mathews, Duncan D.
Mathews, Elizabeth J.
Mathews, Haseltine
Mathews, Isabella
Mathews, James
Mathews, James
Mathews, James C.
Mathews, John
Mathews, John T
Mathews, Josiah
Mathews, Louisa F.
Mathews, Lydia
Mathews, Malfas
Mathews, Margaret
Mathews, Margaret A.
Mathews, Martha
Mathews, Martha
Mathews, Mary
Mathews, Mary
Mathews, Mary J.
Mathews, Mary W.
Mathews, Nancy
Mathews, Wm.
Mathews, Wm.
Mathews, Wm.
Matthews , Eda A.
Matthews , Elija
Matthews , Ermey
Matthews , Francis A.
Matthews , Hardey
Matthews , Hugh
Matthews , Nancy
Matthews , Nathan
Matthews , Rebecca
Maulker, J.F.
McAlreay, Pat
McAulay, Elizabeth J.
McAulay, Martha
McAulay, S. C.
McAuley, Nancy
McAuly, Barbara
McAuly, Catherine
McAuly, Frances E.
McAuly, James B.
McAuly, Nancy J.
McAuly, Sion
McAuly, Wm.
Mcautery, Ann E.
Mcautery, James D.
Mcautery, Nancy
Mcautery, Sallie
Mcautery, William
McBrady, Mary
McBryde, Alex. G
McBryde, Casborow
McBryde, Catharine
McBryde, Catharine J.
McBryde, Christain
McBryde, Christan
McBryde, Christian
McBryde, James
McBryde, James
McBryde, John
McBryde, Margaret
McBryde, Margaret
McBryde, Margaret J.
McBryde, Mary
McBryde, Novws
McBryde, Rachal
McBryde, Sarah
McBryde, Thos.
McBryde, Wm. H.
McBynum, John T.
McBynum, Joseph
McBynum, Mary A.
McBynum, Mary A. J.
McBynum, Rebecca J.
McBynum, Sarah E.
McCallum, Mary
McClien, Mike
McCorsel, O.
McDohnald, J. W. r.
McDohnald, James A.
McDohnald, Mamcu
McDohnald, Neil
McDonald, A.B.
McDonald, Adam
McDonald, Alx.
McDonald, Alx.
McDonald, Alx.
McDonald, Alx.
McDonald, Alx. C.
McDonald, Anabella
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Angus J.
McDonald, Ann M.
McDonald, Anna J.
McDonald, Catharin
McDonald, Catharin A.
McDonald, Catharine
McDonald, Cathrine
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Charlotte
McDonald, Christain
McDonald, Christaine
McDonald, Christian
McDonald, Daniel
McDonald, Daniel B.
McDonald, Daniel P.
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, Flora
McDonald, Flora A.
McDonald, Flora E.
McDonald, Florah
McDonald, Florah A.
McDonald, Hiram D.
McDonald, Hugh
McDonald, J. M.
McDonald, J. W.
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, James A.
McDonald, Joab
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John A.
McDonald, John A.
McDonald, John f.
McDonald, John Kirk
McDonald, John M.
McDonald, Larence C.
McDonald, Lydia J.
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Margaret
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary
McDonald, Mary 45
McDonald, Mary J.
McDonald, Mary J.
McDonald, Matilda
McDonald, Miller
McDonald, Mrytle
McDonald, Murdock
McDonald, Nancy W.
McDonald, Neil
McDonald, Neill
McDonald, Neill
McDonald, Randal
McDonald, Rebecca
McDonald, Sallie A.
McDonald, Samuel
McDonald, Sarah
McDonald, Sarah
McDonald, Sarah
McDonald, Sarah C.
McDonald, W. H. H.
McDonald, William A.
McDonald, William W.
McDuffie, Allen R.
McDuffie, Angus
McDuffie, Catharine
McDuffie, Daniel
McDuffie, David
McDuffie, Dicy A.
McDuffie, Elizabeth
McDuffie, Fargubarn
McDuffie, Flora
McDuffie, Jane B.
McDuffie, Jennet
McDuffie, John
McDuffie, John
McDuffie, John W.
McDuffie, Margaret
McDuffie, Margaret
McDuffie, Mary
McDuffie, Nancy
McDuffie, Neil
McDuffie, Neill
McDuffie, Sarah
McDuffie, Wm.
McDugald, Catharine
McDugald, Catharine
McDugald, Daniel
McDugald, Duncan
McDugald, John
McDugald, Margaret
McDugald, William
McFadgen, Archd.
McFadgen, Effie
McFadgen, Findley
McFadgen, Flora F.
McFadgen, Lydia J.
McFadgen, Marths E.
McFadgen, Sarah C
McFadgon, Andrew J.
McFadgon, Annabella
McFadgon, Florah J
McFadgon, Gedion
McFadgon, Margaret E.
McFadgon, Mary J.
McFadgon, Neil
McFadgon, Sarah
McFadgon, Sarah
McFadzon, Mary
McFarland, Alx
McFarland, Alx.
McFarland, Andrew
McFarland, Ann
McFarland, Arrett
McFarland, Carolina
McFarland, Carolina
McFarland, Daniel
McFarland, Delila J.
McFarland, Eliza
McFarland, Eliza.
McFarland, Flora J.
McFarland, James A.
McFarland, John A.
McFarland, John B.
McFarland, Malcom
McFarland, Malcom
McFarland, Margaret
McFarland, Mary
McFarland, Mary A.
McFarland, Nancy
McFarland, Sallie A.
McFarland, Will
McFarland, Will M.
McFarland, Wm. B. J.
McFarland, Wm. B.J.
McFudgon, Colin
McGilvan, John H.
McGilvary, Alx
McGilvary, Archd.
McGilvary, Daniel
McGilvary, Duncan
McGilvary, Duncan A.
McGilvary, Evander
McGilvary, Florah A.
McGilvary, John A.
McGilvary, Nancy
McGilvary, Sarah
McGilvary, Sarah A.
McGilvay, Evander
McGilvay, Mary A.
McGilvay, William M.
McHether, Mary
McIever, Angus
McIever, Jane
McIever, John D.
McIever, John F.
McIever, John L.
McIever, L. G.
McIever, Margaret A.
McIever, Mary
McIever, Mary
McIever, Mary
McIever, Neill
McIever, R. a.
McIever, Sarah J.
McIever, W. H.
McIever, Wm.
McIntosh, Angush R.
McIntosh, Catharine J
McIntosh, Cathrine
McIntosh, Christain
McIntosh, Dab R.
McIntosh, Dan D.
McIntosh, Daniel J.
McIntosh, Daniel M
McIntosh, Duncan
McIntosh, Elizabeth
McIntosh, Finifnas
McIntosh, Gorg A.
McIntosh, James L.
McIntosh, Jennet
McIntosh, John
McIntosh, John E.
McIntosh, John R.
McIntosh, John W., Dr.
McIntosh, Kinneth
McIntosh, Kinneth
McIntosh, Margaret
McIntosh, Margaret
McIntosh, Phoebe
McIntosh, Sarah J.
McIntosh, Wm Miles
McIntyer, Anna J.
McIntyer, Daniel
McIntyer, Florah M.
McIntyre, Isabella
McIntyre, Kinneth
McIntyre, Peter
McIvenlap, James D.
McIvenlap, John
McIvenlap, Margaret
McIver, Alauga
McIver, Alice C.
McIver, Alx.
McIver, Alx. M.
McIver, Ann E.
McIver, Ann M.
McIver, Arch. D.
McIver, Benj. J.
McIver, Candis
McIver, Catharine
McIver, Catharine
McIver, Christian J.
McIver, Cornelius
McIver, D. B.
McIver, D. N.
McIver, Daniel
McIver, Daniel
McIver, Daniel B.
McIver, Daniel E.
McIver, Delany
McIver, Delila A.
McIver, Duncan A.
McIver, Duncan D.
McIver, Duncan M.
McIver, Edward
McIver, Effie
McIver, Effie
McIver, Elizabeth
McIver, Elizabeth
McIver, Ella
McIver, Evander W.
McIver, Flora
McIver, Flora A.
McIver, Flora A.
McIver, Flora A.
McIver, Isabella
McIver, James A.
McIver, Jane C.
McIver, Jennett
McIver, John
McIver, John
McIver, John A.
McIver, John B.
McIver, John D.
McIver, John D.
McIver, John D.
McIver, John H.
McIver, John, Dr.
McIver, Kinneth
McIver, Kinnith H.
McIver, L. R.
McIver, Lydia
McIver, Madock A.
McIver, Maggie
McIver, Margaret
McIver, Margaret C.
McIver, Margaret E.
McIver, Mary
McIver, Mary
McIver, Mary A
McIver, Mary A.
McIver, Mary A.
McIver, Mary A.
McIver, Mary J.
McIver, Nancy
McIver, Nancy E.
McIver, Wesley
McIver, Wm
McJlwinin, Ann M.
McJlwinin, Cllanda
McJlwinin, Eliza.
McJlwinin, James
McJlwinin, John
McJlwinin, Mary E
McJlwinin, Sophia
McKeathan, Duncan J.
McKenish, Hector
McKennis, John
McKennis, John A.
McKennis, Nancy
McKiethan, Christaine
McKiethan, Daniel
McKiethan, Duncan
McKiethan, Fanny
McKiethan, Leisha A.
McKiethan, Lydia
McKiethan, Martha J
McKiethan, Mary C.
McKiethan, Neill
McKiethan, Niell
McKiethan, Sarah M.
McKiethan, Wm J.
McKinin, Sam
McKining, Hugh
McLauchlin, Dugal
McLauchlin, Mary
McLauchlin, Sarah C.
McLean, Archd.
McLean, Caroline
McLean, Catharine
McLean, Charles
McLean, Charles H.
McLean, Daniel
McLean, Flora
McLean, Frances C.
McLean, H.C. Mgr.
McLean, Hugh
McLean, Isabells
McLean, Jennet
McLean, John
McLean, John
McLean, Martha A.
McLean, Mary
McLean, Mary
McLean, Mary
McLean, Neill
McLean, Pinelope
McLeaod, Elizabeth
McLeaod, Martha A.
McLeaod, Mary J.
McLeaod, Niell
McLemore, Calvin
McLemore, J. R.
McLemore, Margaret
McLemore, Matilda
McLeod, A. H.
McLeod, Angus
McLeod, Anjlett
McLeod, Ann E.
McLeod, Anna
McLeod, Barbars
McLeod, Catharin
McLeod, Catharine
McLeod, Catharine
McLeod, Cathrian
McLeod, Celia
McLeod, Delila
McLeod, Duncan
McLeod, Duncan
McLeod, Elizabeth
McLeod, Elizabeth
McLeod, Emley
McLeod, Fanney
McLeod, Florah
McLeod, Franis H.
McLeod, Gilbert
McLeod, Harreet
McLeod, Isabells
McLeod, John
McLeod, John A.
McLeod, John B.
McLeod, John L.
McLeod, Lewis
McLeod, Lydia
McLeod, Malcom
McLeod, Nancy
McLeod, Neill
McLeod, Peter
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Thos B.
McLeod, William
McLinnon, Allen
McLinnon, Eliz
McLinnon, Jane
McLochlin, Jane
McLochlin, Neill
Mclwinin, Carline
McMahan, John
McMillan, K. N.
McMillan, Margaret
McNeil, Archd
McNeil, Debba
McNeil, Flora
McNeil, M.D.
McNeil, Nancy
McNeil, Neill H.
McNeill, A.H.
McNeill, Alice
McNeill, Alx
McNeill, Andrew
McNeill, Angus
McNeill, Ann E.
McNeill, Archd
McNeill, Daniel
McNeill, Daniel II
McNeill, Darcas
McNeill, Dellia A.
McNeill, Dunczn A.
McNeill, Eliz. A.
McNeill, Eliza
McNeill, Elizabeth
McNeill, Flimn D.
McNeill, Forguil
McNeill, Hector
McNeill, Isabella C.
McNeill, James L.
McNeill, Jennet
McNeill, John
McNeill, John
McNeill, John
McNeill, John J.
McNeill, Joseph
McNeill, L.
McNeill, Larzuel
McNeill, Lovedy
McNeill, Mahala K.
McNeill, Margaret
McNeill, Margaret
McNeill, Margaret H.
McNeill, Margaret J.
McNeill, Martha A.
McNeill, Mary A.
McNeill, Mary A.
McNeill, Mary A.
McNeill, Mary E.
McNeill, Mary E.
McNeill, Mary M.
McNeill, Mary M.
McNeill, Nancy
McNeill, Nancy A.
McNeill, Neill
McNeill, Neill
McNeill, Neill B.
McNeill, Rosanna
McNeill, Salley
McNeill, Sarah A.
McNeill, Sarah C.
McNeill, Sarah C.
McNeill, Sophia
McNeill, Sophiah
McNeill, William J.
McNeill, Wm.
McNeill, Wm. A.
McNiell, Archable
McNiell, John
McNiell, Launey
McNiell, Lewis B.
McNiell, Martha A.
McNiell, Sallie
McNiell, Wm. J.
McOvore, Kinneth
McPhail, A. A.
McPhail, John
McPhail, Sarah J.
McPherson, A. D.
McPherson, Catharine
McPherson, Doreas
McPherson, Duncan
McPherson, Duncan K.
McPherson, Emley J.
McPherson, Evander
McPherson, Hugh
McPherson, John
McPherson, John
McPherson, Joseph
McPherson, Mary
McPherson, Mary
McPherson, Mary A.
McPherson, Mary C.
McPherson, Mary C.
McPherson, Murd. A.
McPherson, Nancy
McPherson, Neill
McPherson, Sarah
McPhurson, Catharine
McPhurson, Flora
McPhurson, Josep
McQueen, Elizabeth
McQueen, John
McQueen, Mary
McQueen, Wm.
McRae, A. B.
McRae, DAniel
McRae, George A.
McRae, Gilbert
McRae, Gorge
McRae, Jennet
McRae, Jennet C.
McRae, Margaret
McRae, Margaret
McRae, Nancy
McRae, Rodrick
McRae, W. W.
McRae, Wm. A.
Medlin, Anna C.
Medlin, Archd.
Medlin, James A.
Medlin, Kinneth R.
Medlin, Mary A.
Medlin, Melinda
Medlin, Rebecca R
Medlin, Sarah M.
Medlin, Wiley M.
Melton, Eliza. C.
Melton, John C.
Melton, Lovely J.
Melton, Margaret A.
Melton, Martha
Melton, Martha J.
Melton, Robert
Melton, Wm.
Miller , Elizabeth
Miller , Jackson
Miller , James
Miller , John
Miller , Mary A.
Miller , Nancy
Miller , Sallie
Miller , Sarah
Miller , Susan
Minter, Martha
Minter, Thomas J.
Minter, Thos. J.
Moffitt, Caroline M.
Moffitt, Eli N.
Monger, Jane
Monger, John
Monger, Joseph
Monger, Joseph J.
Monger, Margaret B.
Monger, Mary
Monger, Nancy
Monroe, James
Moodey, Eliza
Moodey, Francis
Moodey, Jo
Moodey, John
Moodey, Late
Moodey, Lawrence
Moodey, Logan
Moodey, Machuck
Moodey, Mat
Moody, Alx.
Moody, Franklen
Moody, James D.
Moody, Mary
Moody, Mary E.
Moody, Peter
Moody, Sarah
Moore, Adlie
Moore, Alx.
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Bryanh
Moore, Bryant
Moore, Doras
Moore, Elias
Moore, Eliza
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Enoch
Moore, Francis
Moore, Gorge
Moore, Gorge
Moore, Hugh
Moore, Isabel A.M.K.
Moore, James J.
Moore, James T.
Moore , James W.
Moore, Jennet
Moore, John
Moore, John
Moore, Joseph
Moore, L. B.
Moore, Lydia J.
Moore, Lyia F.
Moore, Malcom
Moore, Margaret A.
Moore, Martha
Moore, Martha E.
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary
Moore, Mary A.
Moore, Mary J.
Moore, Mary J.
Moore, Nancy
Moore, Rebecca
Moore, Riley
Moore , Rosanna
Moore, Ruth A.
Moore , Sallie
Moore, Sarah
Moore, Tiscon
Moore, Weslay
Moore, Wm.
Mooris, Nancy
Morgan, Levi
Morris, Angus
Morris, Benj.
Morris, Bnj.
Morris, Catharine
Morris, Daniel
Morris, Daniel
Morris, David
Morris, Elish
Morris, Eliza
Morris, Flora A.
Morris, Francis A.
Morris, Frank
Morris, Gorge W.
Morris, Henry
Morris, Isabella
Morris, Jack
Morris, James
Morris, Jane
Morris, Jennet
Morris, Jerminia
Morris, John
Morris, John A.
Morris, John H.
Morris, John H.
Morris, John W.
Morris, Joseph
Morris, Joseph
Morris, Lucy
Morris, Lumpe
Morris, Margaret
Morris, Margaret
Morris, Margaret
Morris, Margaret
Morris, Margaret J
Morris, Martha
Morris, Martha A.
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary C.
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Peter
Morris, Rebecca
Morris, Stphen
Morrison, A. B.
Morrison, Allen A.
Morrison, Christain
Morrison, Daniel A.
Morrison, Eliza F.
Morrison, Elizabeth J
Morrison, Florah
Morrison, Hanas
Morrison, John A.
Morrison, John W.
Morrison, Margaret
Morrison, Margaret
Morrison, Margaret C.
Morrison, Mary
Morrison, Mary A.
Morrison, Mary E.
Morrison, Nancy
Morrison, Sarah C.
Morrison, Sarah E.
Morrison, Sarah J
Morrison, Wm. J
Moss, T. W.
Mulin, Adam
Mulin, Ann M.
Mulin, James
Munn, Cabrun
Munroe, Albert
Munroe, Anna J
Munroe, Catharine
Munroe, Colin
Munroe, Hector
Munroe, James A.
Munroe, John
Munroe, John P.
Munroe, Margaret
Munroe, Mary
Munroe, Mary C.
Munroe, Mary J.
Munroe, Patric
Munroe, Peter
Munroe, Sarah A.
Munroe, Wm. F.
Murchison, Anabella
Murchison, Augusta
Murchison, Catharine
Murchison, John
Murchison, Kinneth
Murchison, Lydia
Murchison, Margaret
Murchison, Oscar B.
Murchison, Rebecca
Murchison, Rich C.
Muse, Arch. B.
Muse, Elia
Muse, Eliz. E.
Muse, Elnley A.
Muse, Fanney
Muse, Flora
Muse, H.L.
Muse, Henderson
Muse, Julia A.
Muse, Malcom
Muse, Martha A.
Muse, Martha P.
Muse, Mary E.
Muse, Naoh f.
Muse, Thos A
Muse, W. R.
Muse, William A.
Myrick, Alice
Myrick, Ann E.
Myrick, Benj. M.
Myrick, Columbus W.
Myrick, Diney A.
Myrick, Hulda
Myrick, Hulda A.
Myrick, John
Myrick, John
Myrick, John S.
Myrick, Josephine
Myrick, Kirk
Myrick, Lewis
Myrick, Manda
Myrick, Margaret
Myrick, Margaret
Myrick, Margaret
Myrick, Margaret
Myrick, Margaret E.
Myrick, Margaret K.
Myrick, Martha J.
Myrick, Mary
Myrick, Mathew
Myrick, Milly A.
Myrick, Montgomery
Myrick, Moses E.
Myrick, Nancy
Myrick, Nancy L.
Myrick, Rebecca
Myrick, Susan
Myrick, Wanda
Myrick, Wm. K.
Nason, Albert
Nason, Elizabeth
Nason, Francis
Nason, Gorge
Nason, Mandeda
Nelson, Alx.
Nelson, Ashle
Nelson, Catharine
Nelson, Catharine E.
Nelson, James P.
Nelson, John
Nelson, Martha
Nelson, Martha E.
Nelson, Mary J
Nelson, Sarah F.
Nelson, Siby
Nelson, William B.
Nichison, Margaret
Nicholson, Archd. B.
Nicholson, Duncan
Nicholson, Flora C.
Nicholson, John L
Nicholson, Malcom
Nicholson, Malcom
Nicholson, Margaret
Nicholson, Martha
Nicholson, Mary B.
Nicholson, Nancy
Nickolson, Ann C.
Nickolson, Christion
Nickolson, Christion
Nickolson, John
Night, Cheeke
Night, Delitha
Night, Florah
Night, Ginney
Night, Hardy
Night, Henry
Night, Margaret J.
Night, Mary
Night, Mary A.
Night, Milissa A.
Night, Nancy
Night, Wm. B.
none, Ruffin
Northcup, Berry
Nunnery, Harret
Nunnery, Mary A.
Nunnery, W. K.
Oldham, Eliz. J
Oldham, Henry
Oldham, James W.
Oldham, Jane
Oldham, John A.
Oldham, Lydia
Oldham, Margaret
Oldham, Orin
Oldham, Phillip
Oldham, Sarah
Oliver, Alford
Oliver, Alfred
Oliver, Ann
Oliver, Cathran
Oliver, Cyntha
Oliver, David
Oliver, Dicy
Oliver, Dillia
Oliver, Elender
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, Elizabeth
Oliver, John
Oliver, M. T.
Oliver, Mary
Oliver, Mary M.
Oliver, Moses
Oliver, Murina
Oliver, Nancy
Oliver, Nancy
Oliver, Nancy
Oliver, Nancy A.
Oliver, Rembon
Oliver, Sala
Oliver, Sallie
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, William
Oliver, Willis
Oliver, Winney
Olsey, Frank
Overby, Namie
Owen, John
Pac, Jackson
Pagensterker, Jannet L.
Pagensterker, Julius
Pagensterker, Margaret
Pagensterker, Mary E.
Pagensterker, Wm. M.
Parish, Allen
Parish, Ann E.
Parish, Anna
Parish, Blakely
Parish, Catharine
Parish, Crisa A.
Parish, David
Parish, Elizabeth
Parish, Evander
Parish, Francis
Parish, John
Parish, Joseph B.
Parish, Margaret
Parish, Margaret
Parish, Martha
Parish, Nancy A.E.
Parish, Ramson
Parish, Tempe
Parish, Thos
Parish, Urish R.
Parson, Fanney
Pashal, James
Pashal, Martha
Paskill, Nathan
Patridge, Cornelea A.
Patridge, Elbert
Patridge, Isablele
Patridge, John A.
Patridge, Luch J.
Patridge, Martha H.
Patterson, Alx
Patterson, Baxter
Patterson, Davis
Patterson, Hesper
Patterson, Jane
Patterson, Malcom
Patterson, Martha
Patterson, Mary
Patterson, Orin A.
Patterson, Rebecca
Patterson, Thomas J.
Patterson, William
Paush, Jordon
Paylor, Charles
Paylor, Flora
Paylor, John W.
Paylor, Lucindia A.
Paylor, Mary
Perish, Andrew
Perish, Delany
Perish, John W.
Perish, Mary a.
Perry, Binj.
Perry, Jane
Person, Ellender
Person, Samuel J.
Petty, Eugenia A.
Petty, George
Petty, Henry
Petty, James
Petty, James H.
Petty, Malina
Petty, Mary
Petty, Mary
Petty, Paudora
Petty, W. C.
Petty, W.B.
Philips, Allen
Philips, Duncan
Philips, Flora
Philips, Iley
Philips, Isabella
Philips, John
Philips, William
Phillips, Albert
Phillips, Albert
Phillips, Allen
Phillips, Angush L.
Phillips, Ann E.
Phillips, Anney
Phillips, B. C.
Phillips, Binj.
Phillips, Brinkley
Phillips, Catharin J.
Phillips, Chalmers, Dr.
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Charles H.
Phillips, Charles W.
Phillips, Chlar J.
Phillips, Dabney M.
Phillips, Dabney M.
Phillips, Eli
Phillips, Elis
Phillips, Eliza A.
Phillips, Eliza.
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Elizabeth A.
Phillips, Emeline
Phillips, Emily
Phillips, Emyra
Phillips, Isabel
Phillips, J.M. Juleet
Phillips, James A.
Phillips, Jermi
Phillips, Jerry
Phillips, Jerry P.
Phillips, Joab J.
Phillips, John
Phillips, John A.
Phillips, John H.
Phillips, Joserah
Phillips, Josh
Phillips, Julia F.
Phillips, Levina
Phillips, Lewis
Phillips, Lewis S.
Phillips, Lydia
Phillips, Lydia F.
Phillips, M. C.
Phillips, Malpan S.
Phillips, Martha
Phillips, Martha
Phillips, Martha A.
Phillips, Martha J.
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary A.
Phillips, Mary A.
Phillips, Mary S.
Phillips, Mebery
Phillips, Nancy
Phillips, Nancy
Phillips, Nancy
Phillips, Nancy C.
Phillips, Rebecca A.E.
Phillips, Robert
Phillips, Robert S.
Phillips, Sarah
Phillips, Thos.
Phillips, Thos.
Phillips, Winsey A.
Phillips, Wm.
Phillips, Wm.
Phillips, Wm. B.
Phillips, Wm. D.
Phillips, Wm. H.
Phillips, Wm. L.
Pierce, Cornelia
Pierce, Eliza C.
Pierce, Franklin
Pierce, James
Pierce, Jane
Pierce, William
Piner, James
Pirece, Archd.
Pirece, Catharine
Pirece, David
Pirece, Elizabeth
Pirece, Handy
Pirece, Jennet
Pirece, John
Pirece, Margaret J
Pirece, Sarah
Pish, Liney
Pool, Elizabeth
Pool, James R.
Pool, John C.
Pool, Martha
Pool, Nancy J.
Pool, Ribaca
Pool, William
Pool, Wm. A.
Pope, Catharine
Pope, Unnamed
Pope, Wm. H.
Powell, Pat
Prescott, Angnet
Prescott, James
Prescott, John A.
Prescott, Mary aj.
Prescott, Sarah C.
Prestnall, Randal
Prestnall, Susanna
Price, Mary Jane
Pruchal, Elizabeth
Pruchal, Robert
Pruchal, William E.
Purbis, Elizabeth
Purbis, Rob.
Purvis, Agnis
Purvis, Enoch
Purvis, Frank H.
Purvis, Gorge
Purvis, James W.
Purvis, James W.
Purvis, Jennet
Purvis, John H.
Purvis, John M
Purvis, Joseph
Purvis, Lydia J.
Purvis, Mary E.
Purvis, Neill
Purvis, Robert
Purvis, Sarah
Rains, Elizabeth
Rains, Francis
Rains, Gaston
Rains, Hauston
Rains, Rawkins
Ranton, Walter
Ray, Neill M.
Reeder, Ferrebi (Fereby Latham)
Reeder, Gorg. W.
Reeder, John M.
Reeder, Peter T. (Thomas)
Reeder, Pheebi E.
Reeder, Sarah E.
Reeder, Susanna
Reeder, Wm. ("Bird")
Rhodes, David
Rhodes, Elizabeth
Rhodes, Luantid
Rhodes, Mary A.
Rhodes, Thomas
Richardson, Angie
Richardson, Catahrine
Richardson, Eliza
Richardson, John
Richardson, Nancy
Riddle, Abel
Riddle, Alx.
Riddle, Anne E.
Riddle, Archd.
Riddle, Arthur
Riddle, Cato
Riddle, Clinton
Riddle, Daniel
Riddle, Duncan J.
Riddle, Elbin
Riddle, Elizabeth
Riddle, Ellender
Riddle, Florah
Riddle, Georg W.
Riddle, George
Riddle, Glenn
Riddle, Gorg. W.
Riddle, Hamtlon
Riddle, James
Riddle, James
Riddle, Jane
Riddle, John A.
Riddle, Lucy C.
Riddle, Minn
Riddle, Nancy
Riddle, Patience J.
Riddle, Rebecca
Riddle, Rusel
Riddle, Sarah
Riddle, Sarah
Riddle, Silas
Riddle, Wiley
Riddler, Kinneth
Riddler, Mary
Riddler, Rich E.
Riddler, Susan
Riddler, Thos
Riddler, Will H.
Riggins, Charles
Riggins, Charles
Ritter, Cyntha
Ritter, Elis
Ritter, Elizabeth
Ritter, Francis A.
Ritter, James
Ritter, Jane
Ritter, John
Ritter, John S.
Ritter, Joseph
Ritter, Judda )Judy)
Ritter, Julia A.
Ritter, Lydia
Ritter, Martha
Ritter, Mary
Ritter, Mary
Ritter, Sarah A.
Ritter, Taylor
Ritter, Thos.
Ritter, unnamed
Ritter, unnamed
Roberts, Bright
Roberts, Charity
Roberts, Isaac
Roberts, John
Roberts, John
Roberts, John W.
Roberts, William
Rogers, Adline
Rogers, Christoper
Rogers, Daniel W.
Rogers, Eli
Rogers, Eliza. J.
Rogers, John W.
Rogers, Josiah A.
Rogers, Mary C.E.
Rollins, Bicilia
Rollins, Elizabeth
Rollins, Mary
Rollins, Thomas
Rollins, Wm.
Rose, Catharine
Rose, Henry
Rose, Lauchlin K.
Rose, Martha J.
Rowe, A.M.C.
Rowe, Martha A.
Rulin, Bennet
Rulin, Elizabeth
Rulin, Mary A.
Rulin, Nicy
Rulin, Ortter L.
Rulin, Sarah
Rumbley, Eliza
Rumbley, John
Rumbley, Joseph
Rumbley, Martin
Rumbley, Mary A.
Runcom, Charles N.
Runcom, Lydia
Russell, G. A.
Salegmple, Elizabeth
Salegmple, John
Salegmple, John Q.
Salegmple, Macon
Salegmple, Neill A.
Salegmple, Rob W.
Salegmple, Rosanne
Salegmple, William
Salmon, Bedford
Salmon, Benlin
Salmon, E. A.
Sanders, James
Sanders, John
Sanders, John D.
Sanders, Martha
Sanders, Mary
Sanders, Nicey
Sanders, Wm. D.
Sandres, Chriatain
Sauls, Fray
Saunders, Hardy
Saunders, John
Saunders, Lydia
Saunders, Mary
Saunders, Sarah
Savage, Ann A.
Savage, Bethann
Savage, Mary
Savage, Muran
Scarborro, James
Scarborro, John
Scarborro, Sallie A.
Schumaker, Mary
Schumaker, Sarah M.
Schumaker, Urich
Scoggins, Ann E.
Scoggins, Elizabeth
Scoggins, James
Scoggins, John
Scoggins, July J.
Scoggins, Lucy
Scoggins, Mary
Scoggins, Sarah
Scott, Brantly
Scott, Elizabeth A.
Scott, Rebecca E.
Scott, Sarah F.
Scotte, John
Seawell, A. A. F.
Seawell, Arch. D.
Seawell, Catharin
Seawell, Jennet A.
Seawell, Malcom B.
Seawell, Sarah J.
Selvy, Patsy
Seveprsn, Mrjrs
Sewell, Ann E.
Sewell, Ashley
Sewell, Catharine B.
Sewell, Henreetta
Sewell, Isaac M.
Sewell, J. L
Sewell, Jesse
Sewell, Luuisa
Sewell, Mary J.
Sewell, Nancy
Sewell, Wm. H.
Shaw, Barbara
Shaw, Catharine
Shaw, Christin
Shaw, Flora A.
Shaw, John A.
Shaw, Margaret
Shaw, Mary
Shaw, Nancy Jane
Shaw, Sarah
Shaw, Thomas
Sheppard, Abner
Sheppard, Alther
Sheppard, Elizabeth
Sheppard, James L.
Sheppard, John
Sheppard, Mary D.
Sheppard, Mary J.
Sheppard, Nancy A.
Sherden, Benj
Shields, Adlaide
Shields, Archd.
Shields, Austin
Shields, Benjl J.
Shields, Bryant W.
Shields, Caroline
Shields, Catharin
Shields, Catharine
Shields, Charles
Shields, Daniel
Shields, Duncan R.
Shields, Elisha Rose
Shields, Emiline
Shields, Frony A.
Shields, Hanna
Shields, Jessa
Shields, John
Shields, John W.
Shields, John W.
Shields, Joseph J.
Shields, Julius A.
Shields, Louisa A.
Shields, Luary L.
Shields, Lucy
Shields, Luvina
Shields, Lydia
Shields, Mahala
Shields, Malcom D.
Shields, Marcus A.
Shields, Margaret
Shields, Margaret
Shields, Marih
Shields, Martha
Shields, Martha A.
Shields, Martha J.
Shields, Mary
Shields, Mary
Shields, Mary 28
Shields, Mary E.
Shields, Mirran
Shields, Nancy
Shields, Nancy
Shields, Nancy C.
Shields, Nancy V.
Shields, Neill
Shields, Niell
Shields, Orin A.
Shields, Patric
Shields, Patrick
Shields, Robert J.
Shields, Rosanna D.
Shields, Sarah A.
Shields, Slvis
Shields, Sopha J.
Shields, Thos.
Shields, W.J.
Shields, Wesley
Shields, Wm.
Shipperd, Nancy
Short, B. H.
Short, Bartlett
Short, Brenky
Short, Caroline
Short, Catharine
Short, Daniel
Short, Daniel
Short, Daniel
Short, Devotion
Short, Eliza
Short, Elizabeth
Short, Ellen
Short, James B.
Short, John
Short, John
Short, John A.
Short, Keil
Short, Margaret
Short, Martha
Short, Martha J.
Short, Mary
Short, Plesant W.
Short, Sam
Short, Sarah
Short, Unnamed
Shumerhorn, Ire
Shuur, Mary
Silex, Elisha
Silex, Eliza
Silex, Luther
Silex, Mary
Silex, Sarah
Silex, Thompson
Silex, Weiman
Silk, John
Simpson, Hureby
Sinclair, Catharine E.
Sinclair, D. M.
Sinclair, Daniel M.
Sinclair, Duncan
Sinclair, Elizabeth
Sinclair, James A.
Sinclair, Jennet
Sinclair, Jennet
Sinclair, Jennet J
Sinclair, John D.
Sinclair, Margaret
Sinclair, Margaret A.
Sinclair, Martha
Sinclair, Mary
Sinclair, Mary A.
Sinclair, Mary J.
Sinclair, Nancy
Sinclair, Nancy
Sinclair, Peter
Sinclair, Sarah A.
Sinclair, Silve T.
Sinclair, Thos.
Slaner, James
Slephis, Wesley
Sloan, Alvis
Sloan, Ann
Sloan, David
Sloan, David M.
Sloan, Elizabeth A.
Sloan, Fanny E.
Sloan, gaston
Sloan, George W.
Sloan, Isabella C.
Sloan, J. M.
Sloan, J. R.
Sloan, John A.
Sloan, John A.
Sloan, John R.
Sloan, Jordon
Sloan, Joseph M.
Sloan, Louisa A.
Sloan, Mary M.
Sloan, Nancy
Sloan, Sallie
Sloan, Sarah
Sloan, Sopheah
Sloan, W. T.
Sloan, William A.
Sloan, William G.
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Alx.
Smith, Catharine
Smith, Daniel
Smith , Emeline
Smith, Gorge
Smith , James
Smith, James
Smith, John
Smith , John
Smith, Lim
Smith, Margaret A.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Nancy A
Smith, Richal
Smith, Rowan
Smith, Ruffis
Smith, Thos H.
Smith , Thos.
Smith, Wm.
Solwous, A.J.
Sowvel, Jesse
Sowvel, Mary
Spiner, Clark
Spiner, Elizabeth
Spiner, Emley
Spiner, Lucinda
Spiner, Martha
Spiner, Martha A.
Spivey, Benj
Spivey, Breoyes J.
Spivey, Catherine
Spivey, Dicy J
Spivey, Effey
Spivey, Flora
Spivey, George W.
Spivey, James A.
Spivey, James M.
Spivey, Jesse
Spivey, Jesse B.
Spivey, Jesse D
Spivey, John J.
Spivey, Juley
Spivey, Levina
Spivey, Margaret A.
Spivey, Mark
Spivey, Martha
Spivey, Martha J.
Spivey, Mary A.
Spivey, Mary A.
Spivey, Mary J.
Spivey, Murdock
Spivey, Rodrick M.
Spivey, Sarah
Spivey, Unnamed
Spivey, W. R.
Spring, Lovedy
Stanford, John
Starling, Allen
Starling, Elizabeth
Starting , John
Stedman, Ann
Stedman, Anna
Stedman, Happy
Stedman, Henry
Stedman, John
Stedman, John J.
Stedman, Mary A.
Stedman, William
Steward, Albert D.
Steward, Catharine
Steward, Clarissa
Steward, Dicy
Steward, Elizabeth
Steward, Ellen
Steward, Gorge
Steward, John
Steward, Lawrence
Steward, Margaret
Steward, Martha
Steward, Mary E.
Steward, Sophia
Stewart, Carmilla
Stewart, Charles F.
Stewart, Edward J.
Stewart, Francis
Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Joseph A.
Stewart, Litilia
Stewart, Martha
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Mary
Stewart, Murdock
Stewart, Peter
Stewart, Rebecca
Stewart, Regina
Stewart, Sarah J.
Stewart, Wm J.
Stokes, Angus M. D.
Stokes, David R.
Stokes, Finnly
Stokes, John W.
Stokes, Lovedy M.
Stokes, Nancy
Stokes, Nancy F.
Stone, Archy
Stone, David
Stone, Fanney
Stone, James D.
Stone, James M.
Stone, James R.
Stone, Jane
Stone, Jane
Stone, John D.
Stone, Major Samuel
Stone, Martha
Stone, Mary A.
Stone, Mary M.
Stone, Sallie
Stone, Sarah
Stone, Wesley
Stone, Wm. A.
Street, Arch.
Street, Isabella C.
Strider, James
Stutts, Alfard R.
Stutts, Andrew
Stutts, Daniel
Stutts, Elizabeth
Stutts, Hannah
Stutts, Henry
Stutts, Jacob
Stutts, John
Stutts, John C.
Stutts, Margaret
Stutts, Margaret J.
Stutts, Mary A.
Stutts, Mary A.
Stutts, Mary E.
Stutts, Wesley
Stutts, Wm. T.
Susco, Lucas
Swan, Fred W.
Swan, Rebecca M.
Swan, William M
Swaner, Anna J.
Swaner, F.J
Swaner, Francis M.
Swaner, Francis M.
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Andrew
Taylor, Charlott
Taylor, J. T.
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Martha
Taylor, Mary A.
Taylor, N.B.
Taylor, Nancy A.
Taylor, William
Teague, Alkins
Teague, Hiram A.
Teague, Isaac
Teague, Mary
Templer, Allen
Thigpen, Alx.
Thigpen, Elizabeth
Thigpen, Harret
Thigpen, Mary
Thigpen, Rpbert
Thigpen, Wm.
Thomas, L. Dl
Thomas, Allen
Thomas, Alx
Thomas, Alx.
Thomas, Andurson
Thomas, Ann C.
Thomas, Ann F.
Thomas, Annamed
Thomas, Arnette
Thomas, B. W.
Thomas, barbara
Thomas, Carbone F.
Thomas, Carmila C.
Thomas, Casse
Thomas, Catharan
Thomas, Catharine
Thomas, Charles C.
Thomas, Charles R.
Thomas, Clenthy
Thomas, Daniel
Thomas, David
Thomas, David A.
Thomas, Delia
Thomas, Delitha
Thomas, Dorah
Thomas, Eliza A.
Thomas, Eliza J.
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Emeline
Thomas, Emma D.
Thomas, Escilla
Thomas, Evander
Thomas, Green
Thomas, H. B.
Thomas, Harret W.
Thomas, Henderson
Thomas, Henry A.
Thomas, Herret
Thomas, Hisper
Thomas, Isa G.
Thomas, Isabella C.
Thomas, Isabella F.
Thomas, Isable C.
Thomas, James R.
Thomas, James R.P.
Thomas, Jefferson
Thomas, Jennet
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John
Thomas, John W. J.
Thomas, John A. W.
Thomas, John G.
Thomas, John J.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, John W.
Thomas, Jomes
Thomas, Jonathan P.
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Joseph B. W.
Thomas, Josien
Thomas, Kisiah
Thomas, Louisa H.
Thomas, Luther
Thomas, Mahala
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Martha A.
Thomas, Martha A.
Thomas, Martha C.
Thomas, Martha E.
Thomas, Martha T.
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Mary A.
Thomas, Mary C.
Thomas, Mary J.
Thomas, Mary J.
Thomas, Mary N.
Thomas, Melinda P.
Thomas, Mililda
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Nancy
Thomas, Nancy J.
Thomas, Napolian
Thomas, Orin W.
Thomas, Patton
Thomas, Penney
Thomas, Puscom
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Ruth E.
Thomas, Sack
Thomas, Sallie
Thomas, Sally
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Sarah C.
Thomas, Silph H.
Thomas, Sophah C.
Thomas, Susan
Thomas, Tempea
Thomas, tillman
Thomas, Tillman
Thomas, Verginia
Thomas, W. B.
Thomas, William
Thomas, William A.
Thomas, William C.
Thomas, William D.
Thomas, Wm. M.
Thompson, Elizabeth A.
Thompson, Garret
Thompson, Jane
Thompson, Margaret A.
Thrower, Ira C.
Thrower, Nancy
Thrower, Virginia
Thrower, Wm. N.
Thrower, Zelpha E.
Thuadgell, L. D.
Thuadgell, Mary
Thuadgell, Neill
Thuadgell, Richal
Tolley, Mary A.
Tracy, Edward
Tracy, Kity
Tracy, Mary
Tracy, Mary
Tracy, Patrick
Turner, Hector
Tyson, Alx.
Tyson, Bartlett
Tyson, Ben
Tyson, Charles J.
Tyson, Duncan F.
Tyson, Elizabeth
Tyson, Elizabeth
Tyson, Elizabeth S.
Tyson, Gorge D.
Tyson, Harris
Tyson, Hester A.
Tyson, John D.
Tyson, John W.
Tyson, Josch
Tyson, Joseph J.
Tyson, Lewis
Tyson, Louisa
Tyson, Lucion P.
Tyson, Lydia
Tyson, Mahala
Tyson, Margaret
Tyson, Margaret
Tyson, Margaret
Tyson, Margaret C.
Tyson, Mary
Tyson, Mary E.
Tyson, Mary E.
Tyson, Mary J.
Tyson, Mary J.
Tyson, Mary J.
Tyson, Nafoban B.
Tyson, Neil
Tyson, Rebecca
Tyson, Sally
Tyson, Sarah A.
Tyson, Sarah E.
Tyson, T. B.
Tyson, Uriab D.
Tyson, William
Tyson, William
Tyson, Wm. H. H.
Tyson, Wm. J
Underwood, Abel
Underwood, Archabel
Underwood, Charles C.
Underwood, Daniel L.
Underwood, Eliza
Underwood, Elizabeth
Underwood, Flora A.
Underwood, Francis
Underwood, George
Underwood, Isabla
Underwood, James
Underwood, James A.
Underwood, James A.
Underwood, Jane 30
Underwood, John
Underwood, John A.
Underwood, Margaret
Underwood, Martha E.
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Mary
Underwood, Mary J.
Underwood, Murhy
Underwood, Nancy
Underwood, Nancy
Underwood, Nathan
Underwood, Neill A.
Underwood, No Name Written
Underwood, Rebecca
Underwood, Sarah
Underwood, William
Underwood, William
Underwood, William
Uninhabited, Blank
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
Unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
Unoccupied, Unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unoccupied
unoccupied, unocupied
Upchurch, Wm.
Upton, Catharine
Upton, Joseph
Upton, Thos. W.
Urley, Jarvis
Vann, Elizabeth
Vann, Jane
Vann, Mary
Vann, Thos. W.
Vann, Wm.
Vick, Absulom
Vick, Cornelia
Vick, Francis
Vick, John
Wadell, Robert
Wadesworth, A. B.
Wadesworth, Catharine
Wadesworth, Catharine
Wadesworth, Catharine J
Wadesworth, Charles G.
Wadesworth, Eli
Wadesworth, Elizabeth
Wadesworth, Flora A.
Wadesworth, Florah
Wadesworth, Gorge A.
Wadesworth, Hirum
Wadesworth, Isabella
Wadesworth, James D.
Wadesworth, Jane
Wadesworth, John M.
Wadesworth, Margaret
Wadesworth, Margaret
Wadesworth, Margaret J.
Wadesworth, Martha N.
Wadesworth, Mary
Wadesworth, Mary T.
Wadesworth, Nancy
Wadesworth, Sarah J
Wadesworth, Sarah N. E.
Wadesworth, William
Wadesworth, Wm.
Wadesworth, Wm. A
Wadesworth, Wm. J.
Waldan, Mary
Walden, Billy
Walden, Hays
Walden, Henry
Walden, John
Walden, Margaret
Waldin, Alice A.
Waldin, Catharin A.
Waldin, Emlet
Waldin, Henry
Waldin, Louisa
Waldin, Margaret
Waldin, Marianna
Waldin, Martin F.
Waldin, Patsy
Waldin, Rebecca
Waldin, Valina
Waldin, William
Walker, John A.
Walker, Joseph
Walker, Mary A. J.
Walker, Robert T.
Walker, Sallie G.
Walker, Sandy
Wallace, Albert
Wallace, Celia
Wallace, Devotion D.
Wallace, Isam (Isham)
Wallace, John M.
Wallace, Lovedy J. (Jane)
Wallace, Nancy (N.Urinda Furr)
Wallace, Sampson D. (Delany)
Wallace, Samuel B. (Bascom)
Wallace, Virgil A. S. (A. Stewart "Byrd")
Walson, Ann E.
Walson, Martha
Walson, Mary A.
Walson, Sarah
Walson, Sibba A.
Walson, Teal Aj.
Walson, William
Wathers, John
Watson, Alx
Watson, Andrew
Watson, Ann
Watson, Ann E.
Watson, Arabed
Watson, Barbara
Watson, Berrel F.
Watson, Catharine
Watson, David
Watson, Elisha
Watson, Eliz.
Watson, Eliz.
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, Elizabeth
Watson, Ema S.
Watson, Flora
Watson, Henry
Watson, Jack T.
Watson, Jane
Watson, Jane
Watson, Jane
Watson, Jennet
Watson, John
Watson, John
Watson, Julia F.
Watson, Kirk
Watson, Malcom
Watson, Malcom
Watson, Malcom
Watson, Margaret
Watson, Margaret
Watson, Martha
Watson, Mary
Watson, Mary C.
Watson, Mary J.
Watson, Mathew
Watson, Mathew
Watson, Neill
Watson, Neill W.
Watson, Olivia F.
Watson, Parner
Watson, Robert
Watson, Robert
Watson, Sarah
Watson, Sylva
Watson, William R.
Weatherspoon, Francis
Weatherspoon, James R.
Weatherspoon, Sid
Webster, Alx.
Webster, Isabella
Webster, W. J.
Weker, James
Welden, Linda A.
Welden, William
Weldon, Carolina f.
Weldon, Daniel
Weldon, John J.
Weldon, Sarah
Westernhunt, Dave K.
Westernhunt, Ellen E.
Westernhunt, Jacob
Westernhunt, Mary E.
White, John
Wicker, Alvis
Wicker, Alx.
Wicker, Alx. M.
Wicker, Anderson
Wicker, Andrew
Wicker, Angus
Wicker, Ann
Wicker, Ann E.
Wicker, Antamite
Wicker, Archie
Wicker, Autome M.
Wicker, B. F.
Wicker, B. w.
Wicker, Benj.
Wicker, Benj. P.
Wicker, Caroline
Wicker, Caswell D.
Wicker, Catharin
Wicker, Charles A.
Wicker, Charles C.
Wicker, Charlie
Wicker, Chritian
Wicker, Cortis
Wicker, Daniel
Wicker, Daniel W.
Wicker, Danniel
Wicker, David
Wicker, David
Wicker, David A.
Wicker, David W.
Wicker, Dr. Ben R.
Wicker, Edward
Wicker, Elbert F.
Wicker, Eli J.
Wicker, Elish
Wicker, Eliza A.
Wicker, Eliza M.
Wicker, Elizabeth
Wicker, Elizabeth
Wicker, Elizabeth
Wicker, Elizabeth
Wicker, Elizabeth
Wicker, Elizabeth A.
Wicker, Emline
Wicker, Evander
Wicker, Evander
Wicker, Fannie C.
Wicker, Fanny C.
Wicker, Flora
Wicker, Flora A.
Wicker, Francis A.
Wicker, Greenby
Wicker, Isabla(Isabella Currie)
Wicker, J. A.
Wicker, Jacob
Wicker, James
Wicker, James A.
Wicker, James B.
Wicker, James M.
Wicker, Jane
Wicker, Jane
Wicker, Jane
Wicker, Jane
Wicker, Jane C.
Wicker, Jesse
Wicker, Jesse C.
Wicker, Jesse J.
Wicker, John
Wicker, John A.
Wicker, John A.
Wicker, John A.
Wicker, John A.
Wicker, John A.
Wicker, John G.
Wicker, John M.
Wicker, John T.
Wicker, John W.
Wicker, Jonathan
Wicker, Jonathan
Wicker, Jordan
Wicker, Kenneth
Wicker, Kinneth
Wicker, Lewis
Wicker, Lewis
Wicker, Lewis A.
Wicker, Lewis J.
Wicker, Lieta
Wicker, Malcom D.
Wicker, Manda
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret
Wicker, Margaret A.
Wicker, Margaret A.
Wicker, Margaret M.
Wicker, Martha
Wicker, Martha A.
Wicker, Martha A.
Wicker, Martha C.
Wicker, Martha F.
Wicker, Mary
Wicker, Mary
Wicker, Mary
Wicker, Mary
Wicker, Mary A.
Wicker, Mathew
Wicker, Mathew C.
Wicker, Mima
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy
Wicker, Nancy J.
Wicker, Nipsey
Wicker, Penelope
Wicker, Peter J.
Wicker, Rebecca
Wicker, Reius A.
Wicker, Robert
Wicker, Robert
Wicker, Rosanna
Wicker, Sallie
Wicker, Sallie J.
Wicker, Sallie N.
Wicker, Sarah
Wicker, Sarah
Wicker, Sarah
Wicker, Sarah A.
Wicker, Sarah E.
Wicker, Sarah J.
Wicker, Stephen
Wicker, Stephen
Wicker, Susan
Wicker, Susan C.
Wicker, Susana
Wicker, Susanna
Wicker, Thomas
Wicker, Thos.
Wicker, Warren
Wicker, Wesley
Wicker, Will W.
Wicker, William
Wicker, William
Wicker, William
Wilcox, George
Wilcox, Harman
Wilcox, Robert
Wilkin, Benj. F.
Williams, Alan M.
Williams, Alx. M.
Williams, Ann E.
Williams, Asa
Williams, Bailey
Williams, Binrep
Williams, Cornelus D.
Williams, Elias T.
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Isaac
Williams, James
Williams, James H.
Williams, James W.
Williams, Jerry
Williams, Kelly
Williams, Marshel
Williams, Martha
Williams, Martha H.
Williams, Mary E.
Williams, Mary P.
Williams, Nancy
Williams, Rachal
Williams, Riony C.
Williams, Rueben
Williams, Samul
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Sarah L
Williams, Susanna
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Thos. D.
Williams, Will
Williams, William
Williamson, Alfred
Williamson, Anderson
Williamson, Benj.
Williamson, Bradly
Williamson, Caroline
Williamson, David
Williamson, Dermedo
Williamson, Eli
Williamson, Elizabeth
Williamson, Emline
Williamson, Henrey
Williamson, Henry C.
Williamson, James
Williamson, James
Williamson, Jane
Williamson, Jenna
Williamson, John C.
Williamson, John F.
Williamson, John W.
Williamson, John]30
Williamson, Jora,
Williamson, Julia A.
Williamson, Lewis
Williamson, Lewis
Williamson, Luthy
Williamson, Lydia
Williamson, Margaret
Williamson, Mart
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, Martha
Williamson, Martha J.
Williamson, Mary
Williamson, Mary A.
Williamson, Nancy
Williamson, Nancy
Williamson, Nancy
Williamson, Rebecca
Williamson, Sallie
Williamson, Sarah E.
Williamson, Sunither J.
Williamson, William
Williamson, Wm.
Williamson, Wyat
Willson, Daniel
Willson, Emly
Willson, Frnacis
Willson, Lydia
Willson, Nancy
Willson, Philip
Willson, Robert
Willson, Sandy
Willson, Saraj
Wilson, Rubin
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, unnamed
Wilson, Yolama
Wizarboro, J.
Wodesworth, Alamenta
Wodesworth, Alx.
Wodesworth, Ann
Wodesworth, Barbara
Wodesworth, Martgaret
Womack, Angus
Womack, Barbara J.
Womack, Catharine
Womack, Dugall W.
Womack, Edmund
Womack, Elizabeth
Womack, Emiline
Womack, Green
Womack, Hugh G.
Womack, Issac
Womack, James
Womack, John B.
Womack, Lovedy
Womack, Mary A.
Womack, Nancy A.
Womack, Rosan
Womack, Sarah
Womack, Sarah
Womack, Wesley
Womack, Wesley
Womack, William
Womble, Cornelius J.
Womble, Elizabeth
Wood, Catharin
Wood, Catharine
Wood, Elizabeth
Wood, James
Wood, Jesse
Wood, Kendell
Wood, Mary A.
Wood, Sarah
Wood, Susana
Wood, Winny
Worth, Adison
Worthy, Kath C.
Worthy, Kinneth
Yarborough, Abner C.
Yarborough, Andrew N.
Yarborough, Charles A.
Yarborough, Eli
Yarborough, Isabella
Yarborough, Jane P.
Yarborough, Joseph R.
Yarborough, Mary C.
Yarborough, Penelope A.R.
Yarborro, Ann E.
Yarborro, Barbara A.
Yarborro, Dillie G.
Yarborro, Elendor S.
Yarborro, Elizabeth
Yarborro, Elizabeth J.
Yarborro, Mary
Yarborro, Mary J.
Yarborro, Nancy C.
Yarborro, Niell A.
Yarborro, Saff H.
Yarborro, Thomas
Yow, Alx.
Yow, Andrew
Yow, Archd.
Yow, David
Yow, Eli
Yow, Eli
Yow, Elizabeth
Yow, Elizabeth 28
Yow, Enoch C.
Yow, Gorge H.
Yow, Henrey
Yow, Isaac C.
Yow, John
Yow, Lucy
Yow, Lydia
Yow, Malinda
Yow, Margaret
Yow, Martha F.
Yow, Mary A.
Yow, Mary E.
Yow, Mary E.
Yow, Mary J.
Yow, Mathew
Yow, Nancy
Yow, Nancy C.
Yow, Nancy E.
Yow, Rebecca
Yow, Rebecca
Yow, Sarah
Yow, Sarha
Yow, Sidney G.
Yow, Simian J.
Yow, Wm. A.
Yow, Wm. H.
Yow, Wm. J.