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Ancestors of David Randall Curnutt

      672. James F. Atchley, born 1695 in England; died Unknown. He married 673. Ruth Maples Unknown.

      673. Ruth Maples, born Unknown. She was the daughter of 1346. Benjamin Maples and 1347. Elizabeth.

Notes for James F. Atchley:
The patriarch of them all, James Atchley came to America from England, sometime before 1720.
Moud Horn's Atchley Family Book reproduces an "Atchley" coat of arms in a color plate, although to whom the arms were awarded is not mentioned. [The arms: Gules, on a fess, engrailed, argent, between three griffins' heads, erased, or (but the heads are shown argent), as many crosses pate fitchee sable. The crest: a demi-bustard, couped, gules, wiges elevated, or; in the beak a lily argent, slipped, vert. Motto: spe posteri temporis ( hope of times to come).]

More About James Atchley and Ruth Maples:
Marriage: Unknown
Children of James Atchley and Ruth Maples are:
  336 i.   Joshua Atchley, born January 10, 1713/14 in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey; died October 1767 in Loudoun County, Virginia; married Mary Martino 1745 in Middlesex, New Jersey.
  ii.   Nathaniel Atchley, born 1721 in New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died Unknown; married Keziah Hull July 02, 1764 in Middlesex Co., New Jersey; born Unknown; died Unknown.
  More About Nathaniel Atchley and Keziah Hull:
Marriage: July 02, 1764, Middlesex Co., New Jersey

  iii.   Thomas Atchley, born 1710 in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey; died Bet. 1710 - 1830.
  iv.   Abraham Atchley, born Unknown in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey; died Bet. 1742 - 1849.
  v.   Rebecca Atchley, born 1716 in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey; died Unknown.
  vi.   Katherine Atchley, born 1718 in New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey; died Unknown.

      674. Frank Martino, born Unknown; died Unknown.
Children of Frank Martino are:
  337 i.   Mary Martino, born 1725 in Middlesex County, New Jersey; died Unknown; married Joshua Atchley 1745 in Middlesex, New Jersey.
  ii.   William Martino, born Unknown; married ?.

      678. Abraham Lay, born April 27, 1701 in Wovenhoe Parish, Essex, England; died April 12, 1785 in Loudon Co., Virginia. He was the son of 1356. John Lay. He married 679. Sarah Grimes 1734 in Fairfax, Virginia.

      679. Sarah Grimes, born 1714 in Fairfax, Loudon Co., Virginia; died 1799 in Fairfax, Loudon Co., Virginia. She was the daughter of 1358. Nicholas Grimes and 1359. Sarah Donaldson.

More About Abraham Lay and Sarah Grimes:
Marriage: 1734, Fairfax, Virginia
Children of Abraham Lay and Sarah Grimes are:
  339 i.   Lydia Lay, born 1750 in Fairfax, Loudon Co., Virginia; died Unknown; married William Richards 1770 in Virginia.
  ii.   Abraham Lay, born Unknown; married Elizabeth.
  iii.   Joseph Lay, born Unknown; married Margaret Coleman.
  iv.   Stephen Lay, born Unknown.
  v.   Helena Lay, born Unknown; married William Horseman.
  vi.   Abigail Lay, born Unknown; married William Richards; born 1746 in Virginia; died Unknown.
  vii.   Leannah Lay, born Unknown; married John Jenkins.
  viii.   Prudence Lay, born Unknown; married John Ellsey.
  ix.   Sylvanius Lay, born Unknown; married Jemima Cockrill.
  x.   Emmanuel Lay, born 1744 in Virginia; died February 24, 1802 in Lincoln Co., Georgia; married Sara Shofield.
  xi.   Athesias Lay, born Unknown; married (1) Amos Jenkins; born Unknown; married (2) Presley Self.

      768. Alexander A. Mathes, born Bef. 1708 in Antrim, Northern Ireland; died Bef. October 30, 1788 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia. He was the son of 1536. Alexander (Mathews) Mathes and 1537. Catherine ?. He married 769. Grizzel "Grace" ? Bef. 1737 in Augusta Co., Virginia.

      769. Grizzel "Grace" ?, born Abt. 1720 in Ireland; died Bef. November 26, 1783 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia.

Notes for Alexander A. Mathes:
The following will supplement material presented in the genealogy entitled
"The Mathews (Mathes) Family in America" by I.C. Van Deventer -- Alexander
Printing Co., 1925. Further research has disclosed important early records.
Alexander Mathews came with the Doak family in the Scotch-Irish imigration
from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania, later following John lewis and Ephraim McDowell into Augusta Co., Virginia. In an unpublished manuscript, "Finley -
Shields" by Major Albert Finley France, of Annapolis, MD., he says that James Doak, his wife Elizibeth, and five children, Samual, David, John, Robert and Thankful emigrated from North of Ireland to America, landing in Newcastle, Delaware in 1708 and settled in Chester Co., PA.
An error inthe data handed down in the family has the immigrant ancestor written as "George", this is not correct, subsequint research shows that his name was Alexander Mathews. This family dropped the "W" from the name and has been since been spelled "Mathes". Alexander is said to have went from Pennsylvania to Augusta Co., VA in 1737, mentioned in "Abstracts of Augusta,Co., by Chalkley" in 1746, (Vol. I, p. 25). His first Land Grant was from The Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax, baron of Cameron in that part of Great Britain called Scotland, Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia for 400 acres on September 14, 1749, and went on record in the Northern Neck Book "G" at page 321.
Another grant of land for 265 acres on Aug. 6, 1750, is recorded in Northern Neck Book "G" pg 405. These tracts of land in Augusta Co., by the division of Counties, were successively in Frederick Co., Shenandoah, Co., and Warren Co. He later sold 265 acres to James McNeill in Frederick Co., Deed Book 3, pg 392 on Feb. 4, 1755. A deed dated Nov. 26, 1783, from Alexander Mathews, Sr., to his son James, conveys a certain part of a tract of land near Flint Run surveyed by George Hume, bearing date Aug. 6, 1750, containing 132 acres.
In 1757 when George Washington was a candidate for the House fo Bugesses, the name Alexander Mathews appears on a list of persons who voted for him.
(Story of Winchester in VA., by Morton, 1925 - pg 78).
Dec. 28, 1780, Alexander Mathews took the oath of Magistrate and took his seal accordingly. (Minute Book, 1774-81 pg 176, Shenandoah,Co. VA records.)
The will of Alexander Mathews dated Sep. 5, 1783 is recorded in Will Book "B", pg 499, Shenandoah, Co.,VA., witnessed by Abraham Keller, James Hutchison and John Netherton, (we believe that this is Sarah Netherton's relative).
Another book that talks about Alexander is: "Prominent Tennesseeans" by William Speer, 1888, pg. 184.

  Notes for Grizzel "Grace" ?:
Everton Record show Grizzie 1720 from Ireland 1740 census in Augusta, Virginia.
Mathews is married name, maiden name not known. Proper spelling of given
name varies (Grizzie, Grezze). Listed as Grizzel in deeds of 1755 and 1783, including will of her husband in 1788. Listed as Grizelle in DAR Patriot Index-
Centennial Edition Part 2, p 1920.

More About Alexander Mathes and Grizzel ?:
Marriage: Bef. 1737, Augusta Co., Virginia
Children of Alexander Mathes and Grizzel ? are:
  384 i.   Alexander Mathes, Jr., born March 12, 1739/40 in Augusta Co., Virginia; died July 1806 in Washington Co., Tennessee; married Ann Leith March 21, 1769 in Virginia.
  ii.   James Mathews, born September 20, 1737; died Bef. June 27, 1812; married Sarah Netherton; born April 25, 1738; died Aft. June 27, 1812.
  Notes for James Mathews:
Revolutionary War service of James Mathews, Sr.: he served as 1st lieutenant of Continental Troops, member of General Sullivan's Brigade, he lived in Shenandoah County, Virginia, during the American Revolution.
He was listed in 1810 Census, Jefferson County, KY, page 1035.

  Notes for Sarah Netherton:
Netherton traces back to the Mayflower. Had family of seven

  iii.   John Mathes, born November 1738.
  iv.   George Mathews, born 1741; married Nancy Elizabeth Wood Abt. 1785.
  Notes for George Mathews:
George Mathes -- From Lost State of Franklin, by Samuel Cole Williams:
"Occurrences on the Border -- 1788. On Friday Aug. 8, a party of 31 under Captain Fain, a part of the guard of Houston Station, joined a party of settlers, crossed the Little Tennessee at a point about nine miles distant. . . . The Indians surrounded them, drove them into the river, killed 16 and wounded 4. The Indians had taken possession of the ford, and as whites endeavored to swim across the stream many were slaughtered in the water." George Mathes was one of the 16 killed.
With his brothers, Alexander Jr., Allen and Jeremiah, he emigrated to upper East TN about 1780, where he married and lived a short time in the neighborhood of Leesburg. Later going to Blount Co., he was one of the pioneers.
Another story from the book "Life As It Is": During a raid of the indians the settlers ran into a blockhouse some miles below Maryville. After a siege of some days the Indians withdrew, and George Mathes and his brother-in-law Anderson volunteered to go and look for food. The Indians suprised them and they were overtaken and tomahawked to death by John Watts, a half-breed chief, notorious for his bloodthirsty deeds and character.

  More About George Mathews and Nancy Wood:
Marriage: Abt. 1785

  v.   Jeremiah Mathes, born 1748 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia; died in Jefferson Co., Tennessee; married Elizabeth Leith October 09, 1788 in Greene Co., Tennessee.
  Notes for Jeremiah Mathes:
Jeremiah Mathes, Minute Book 1, Jefferson Co., TN, refers to the first legislative act passed in what is now the State of Tennessee.
"BE IT REMEMBERED That in pursuance of an Ordinance of Excellency William Blount, Governor of the Territory of the United States South of the River Ohio circumscribing the counties of Greene and Hawkins and laying off two new counties, to-wit, the counties of Jefferson and Knox, a court was opened and held in and for said County of Jefferson at the house of Jeremiah Mathews, on Monday the 23rd day of July, 1792 when the following Justices of the Peace, having been commissioned and qualified on the 11th day of June preceding, appeared and took their oaths, to-wit, Alexander Outlaw, George Doherty, James Roddye, John Blackburn, James Lea, Joseph Wilson, Josiah Jackson, Andrew Henderson, Amos Balch and Wm. Cox, Esquires."
Jeremiah Mathes m. Oct. 9, 1788, Elizabeth Leith, bond signed by Alexander Mathews and A. M. Yancey -- (Jefferson Co., TN Marriage Bond Book 1792 - 1840 No. 673) The home of Jeremiah Mathes was about 4 1/2 miles West of Dandridge.

  Marriage Notes for Jeremiah Mathes and Elizabeth Leith:
Jeremiah was appointed guardian of of his wifes son Josiah Leath, Jr.

  More About Jeremiah Mathes and Elizabeth Leith:
Marriage: October 09, 1788, Greene Co., Tennessee

  vi.   Janet O'Neal Mathews, born July 20, 1747 in Frederick Co., Virginia; died April 23, 1818 in Dandridge, Jefferson Co., Tennessee; married John Blackburn April 02, 1765 in Frederick Co., Virginia.
  Notes for Janet O'Neal Mathews:
adopted child. Janet (Jane) O'Neal was bound to Alexander Mathews on August 28, 1750, during a court held in Shenandoah County.

  Notes for John Blackburn:
Buried Old Cemetary, Dandridge, TN, was a Farmer, Reverend, Justice of the Peace, in 1773 lived on Beaver Creek, Abingdon, VA, he was involved in politics and the Presbyterian Church, he was in the Revolutionary War and is named on a monument in Dandridge, TN

  More About John Blackburn and Janet Mathews:
Marriage: April 02, 1765, Frederick Co., Virginia

  vii.   Nancy Mathews, born 1750; married John Nelson.
  Notes for Nancy Mathews:
Lived in Washington Co., TN. Thought to have had 8 sons, names not known, and at least 1 daughter, Nancy Ann Nelson, who married Ebenezer Leith Mathes, her cousin. No known children from this marriage.
Nancy is listed by some as a ward of Alexander Sr. and Grizzel.

  viii.   Benjamin A. Mathews, born 1763 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia; died April 15, 1797 in Warren Co., Virginia; married Rachel Keller.
  Notes for Benjamin A. Mathews:
From Order Book 2-B, pg. 21, Shenandoah Co., Records: "Benjamin Mathews sworn Lieutenant of 2nd Regt. Feb. 22, 1787." He remained in VA. His will mentions his wife and 6 children, Will Book "E" pg.81, Shenandoah Co., VA Records.

  Notes for Rachel Keller:
Daughter of Abraham Keller, Elizabeth is Step-mother.

  Marriage Notes for Benjamin Mathews and Rachel Keller:
Found on FTM Marriage CD # 229. At marriage he was 20 years of age, the marriage bond was issued Aug. 6, 1783 in Shenandoah County, VA, Shenandoah County Corthouse, Woodstock, VA, Marriages 1772 - 1853, pg. 6.

  ix.   Allen Mathes, born 1755.

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