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Descendants of Sir Robert Collier

Generation No. 9

10. JOHN9 COLYER, JR. (WILLIAM8 COLLIER, JOHN7, CHARLES6, WILLIAM5, CHARLES4, ROBERT3, THURSTON2, SIR ROBERT1) was born 1744 in Bellehaven, Virginia, and died March 31, 1836 in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. He married (1) A TAYLOR. He married (2) GRIZELDA TAYLOR 1772.

Notes for J

This may be the John Collyer that is found in White's Abstracts of Rev. War Pension files vol I as follows: "Collyer, John or John Colyer, S16728, NC & VA Line, appl 11 Nov 1833 Franklin Cty IN aged 76, sol enl in Pittsylvania Cty VA & later moved to Wilkes Cty NC & also enl there & after the war sol moved to Pendleton Cty SC for 4 yrs then moved back to Wilkes Cty NC for 2 yrs then moved to the Holston in Washington Cty TN for 2 yrs then moved to the Clinch River in Russel Cty VA for 13 yrs then moved to Floyd Cty KY for 4 yrs then moved back to Russel Cty VA for 3 yrs the moved back to Morgan Cty KY for 8 yrs then moved to Franklin Cty IN, sol was b 1757 in Cumberland Cty VA, on 26 Jun 1845 sol was a res of Mercer Cty MO to be near his children who had 'generally moved there' "

Alternatively could be one in White's as: "John, Grizzy, W8624, VA Line & also srv in the Northwest Indian War of 1790 to 1795 & his pension was based on the latter srv, sol apply 4 Sep 1791 because of disability incurred in srv, in 1821 sol was a res of Lincoln Cty KY, sol d 31 March 1826 in Rockcastle Cty KY, sol and wid had m in 1772 or 1773, wid appl 4 Nov 1843 Rockcastle Cty KY based on sol's Rev War srv & she was aged 90, sol & wife raised a large family of children but only William who was the oldest was named & at the time wid made her appl she referred to a widowed daughter (not named), the following were mentioned but no relationship to sol's family was stated, towit; in 1843 Richard Colyer a minister mad aff'dt in Rockcaslte Cty KY aged over 64, in 1843 one Stephen M. Collyer a res of Rockcastle Cty KY stated that he had moved from VA at the same time as sol & his wife, said Stephen M. was b 10 Apr 1775 & was also a minister".

More About J
Fact 2: Revolutionary War, private under John Murray, Va. colonial militia
Fact 4: McCleary Cemetery, near Mt. Vernon

More About G
Fact 4: Renfro Burying Grounds (McCleary Cemetery), near Mt. Vernon
Children of J
  i.   WILLIAM10 COLYER, b. 1774, Fauquier Co., Virginia; d. 1843, Harrison Co., Kentucky; m. MARTHA ADAMS, October 27, 1807, Lincoln Co., Kentucky.
Fact 2: War of 1812

13. ii.   NANCY COLYER, b. 1778; d. February 23, 1863.
14. iii.   JOHN III COLYER, b. July 04, 1782, Virginia; d. July 06, 1833, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky.
  iv.   ELIJAH COLYER, b. 1784, Virginia; d. Indiana; m. (1) MISS HOWE; m. (2) LUCY GRAVES, April 01, 1809, Lincoln Co., Kentucky.
15. v.   CHARLES EVE COLYER, b. January 03, 1786, Scott Co., Virginia; d. August 13, 1876, Rockcastle Co., Virginia.
  vi.   TWIN COLYER, b. 1795; d. birth.
  vii.   DORCUS COLYER, b. 1795, Virginia; d. Kentucky; m. JAMES RENFRO.
16. viii.   SUSAN COLLIER, b. 1804; d. Abt. 1881, Rockcastle Co., Kentucky.
  ix.   BABY COLLIER, b. 1776; d. 1777.
  x.   ELIZABETH COLYER, b. 1776, Virginia; d. Indiana.
17. xi.   JAMES COLYER, b. 1780, Virginia; d. 1820, Frankfort, Kentucky.

11. JAMES9 COLYER (WILLIAM8 COLLIER, JOHN7, CHARLES6, WILLIAM5, CHARLES4, ROBERT3, THURSTON2, SIR ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1750 in Virginia, and died 1805 in Madison Co., Kentucky.
Children of J
End of COLLIER-D Digest V98 Issue #8

CNIDR Isearch-cgi 1.20.06 (File: 8)

Please post the following message.

Seeking information on origins and life of Stephen Collier born 1775,
probably in VA., lived about 30 years in TN.. Before 1810 moved to KY where
he died in Rockcastle Co. in 1844. He was an Elder in his church and had at
least 7 children.

End of COLLIER-D Digest V98 Issue #8


12. WILLIAM9 COLYAR (WILLIAM8 COLLIER, JOHN7, CHARLES6, WILLIAM5, CHARLES4, ROBERT3, THURSTON2, SIR ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1750 in Greenbriar Co., Virginia, and died 1819 in Washington county , TN. He married AGNUS "NANCY" ANN ST. CLAIR August 30, 1777 in Henry Co., Virginia.

Notes for W

WILLIAM COLYER from Dean Hunter Lexington Ky gedcom:

WILLIAM COLYER of Greenbriar County, Virginia was living
in Montgomery County, Virginia in the neighborhood of Roanoke,
married a woman named St.Clair and had several sons, among
them JOHN COLYER. Some of these sons of William Colyer were
killed by Indians on the frontier of Virginia and in Kentucky. From a letter from Dr. Welby Colyer (a son of St.Clair Colyer) of Garrett, Ill., 1937, who died in 1940; Delia Colyer Powers, his sister, said that Dr. Welby Colyer had two daughters. A letter from Dr. Dr. Welby Colyer was found in a library in Salisbury, N. C. said that a Mrs. Bales in Pennington Gap, Virginia, said that William Colyer married a St.Clair woman and said that it was on file in Abbington. . . Stella Colyer said that she checked and was told that the records don't go back that far. Mrs. Bales said that when CHARLES COLYER died, that a Mrs. William Colyer was one heir. She also said that St. Clair lived in St.Clair's Bottoms, near Powell Valley, Virginia. WILLIAM COLYER owned land in Washington County, Tennessee. (Washington County, Tenn., Deeds, Vol. 17, pg. 210, Oct. 18, 1821) JOHN COLYER of Pulaski County, Kentucky to Alexander Colyer of Washington County, Tenn., . ..a11 of my share in the estate of WILLIAM COLYER, deed., my father, to the three tracts of land in Washington County, Tennessee,on the south side of the Nolachucky River. -- This must have been JOHN'S brother, who stayed in Tennessee. Vol. 19, pg. 38, Washington Co., Deeds, April 9, 1827, . ..John Calvert and his wife Dorcas, (formerly Dorcas Colyer of Copper County, Missouri, convey land from the estate of her father WILLIAM COLYER, Sr. . I late of Washington
County, Tenn. JOHN, Alexander, William and Dorcas are children of William Colyer. Stella Colyer

Early tax records show a WILLIAM COLYER was living on the
Nolachucky River in 1790, owned land and was paying a pole. so
he was under 50. All free white men at that time between 21
and 50 had to pay a white poll." ____-________---__-__
List of taxables for years 1791, 1792, 1793, 1794, 1797, 1798, 1799, and 1801 list WILLIAM COLYER, on the Nolachucky
River, in Washington County, Tennessee.3 _____-_________-____--
WILLIAM COLYER was a Justice of the Peace in Washington
County, Tenn. in 1821.
. Letter from Stella Colyer to Gail Myers, April 23, 1973.
From Mrs. Wallace Tilden, Johnson City, Tenn. 3 . Mary H. McCowen, WASHINGTON CO. TENN. RECORDS, vol. 1, 1964


email from Clark Sinclair at University of Texas at Austin dated 7/22/1998 refers to a deed book 2 page 506 entry wherein Agnes St. Clair sells her inherited share of St. Clair Bottom. This may be Washington Co. TN or Augusta Co. VA deed book

Re: Military record: Ms. Janis Ragar indicated that she had info that William was a private in the 6th Virginia Regiment under Capt. Samuel Hopkins. Per Richard Curtis search of 6th Virginia Regiment microfilm service records from National Archives copy in TN state library and archives, no William Collier/Colyer/Colyar appears 8/15/98.

In Revolutionary War Records of Mecklenburg County Virginia by Katherine B. Elliott published by Southern Historical Press, Inc., page 43 refers to a William Collier b 1753 Enlisted in Meck. Co. for 2 years under Capt. Samuel Hopkins. Re-inlisted for three years in Company of Horse under Col. Thomas Bland. Pen. S-39334.
White's Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files Vol I page 713 shows a William Collier, S39334, VA Line, appl 20 Jul 1818 Mecklenburg Cty VA aged 58 & had lived there at enl.
I looked at copy of this pension extract in TN state library and archives 8/15/98 and noted that his man was crippled from war and had no family. Says he testified he was 61 6/19/1820 and after serving with Hopkins re-enlisted with company of horse in regiment of Col. Thomas Bland for 3 years. Says he is rough carpenter, without family and incapable of supporting himself from age and effects of wound received through his knee during war. Was placed on pension roll 7/20/1818 Cert # 12731 was issued 7/22/1819.

Property: Per Dessie Simmons Johnson city TN from book North Carolina land grants in TN 1778-1791 by Goldien Burgner pub. Southern Historical:
      page 78 : 1788 grant of 130 acres North side of Nolichucky River Washington co. TN

      page 33 grant # 882: 1789 200 acres on Bumpus creek on southside of Nolichucky. 200 acres both sides of Nolichucky river

      page 34: 1790 150 acres in Bumpus cove/creek.

      page 137 grant 462 to a William Collier in 1782 640 acres on south side of Red River in what is now Davidson County TN?? this one not verified as connected to William Colyer of Washington Co. TN

Per Dessie Simmons 8/8/98; many people who got these grants served in the Revolution but none of the North Carolina grants were for war service as in other states. She said that North Carolina grants were all paid for at the rate of about 50 schillinngs per 100 acres. She said that even John Sevier had to pay for his land. This is confirmed by deeds I have copies of supporting the land grants above that show that William Colyar paid for the land in these grants.

More About W
Fact 2: Revolutionary War, private in the 6th VA regiment under Capt. Samuel Hopkins
Military: August 30, 1777, per Janis Ragar joined Henry County Militia in Virginia. Per Tennessean newspaper article on Williams son Arthur St. Clair, 12/13/1907, says that William fought in battle of King's Mountain.
Property: 1790, owned lead mines Bumpas Cove on Nolichucky. Said to have provided lead for bullets in rev. war battle king's mountain

Notes for A

Sister of Arthur St. Clair - General & Governor of the Northwest Territory

Children of W
18. i.   JOHN10 COLYER, b. August 20, 1781, Washington county , TN; d. August 18, 1851, Ruth, Ky.
  ii.   ARTHUR ST.CLAIR COLYER, b. 1789.
  iii.   NANCY COLYER, b. 1782; m. JOE WILLIAMS.
  Notes for NANCY COLYER:

See estate settlement of William Colyar where Nancy is mentioned as inheriting several items from estate in about 1820.

  More About NANCY COLYER:
Church: July 29, 1998, Janis Ragar said that somehow she had word from Nancy Colyer that they attended Cherokee Baptist church
Nancy: 1782, per Janis Ragar

19. iv.   DORCAS COLYER, b. March 20, 1785, Washington Co., Tennessee; d. June 01, 1843, Cooper Co., Missouri.
20. v.   ALEXANDER COLYAR, b. Abt. 1790, Tennessee; d. 1856, Franklin Co., Tennessee.
21. vi.   URSULA COLYER, b. Abt. 1785; d. 1843.
22. vii.   WILLIAM COLYAR, b. February 24, 1780, per Janis Ragar of Sedalia MO 7/29/1998; d. April 17, 1850.
  viii.   ARTHUR ST. CLAIR COLYER, b. 1789.
23. ix.   ALEXANDER COLYAR, b. Abt. 1790, Tennessee; d. 1856.

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