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Descendants of Joseph Bemis

      2014. Franklin7 Bemis (David Adams6, John5, Abijah4, John3, John2, Joseph1)9771 was born 02 Apr 1838 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9772, and died 1918 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9773. He married (1) Julia Etta Crossman9774 1861 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9774. She was born 18419775, and died 07 Sep 1873 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9775. He married (2) Ann Rycroft9776 18 Jan 1877 in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9776. She was born 1841 in England9777, and died Dec 1909 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9777.

More About Franklin Bemis and Julia Crossman:
Marriage: 1861, Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9778

More About Franklin Bemis and Ann Rycroft:
Marriage: 18 Jan 1877, Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9778
Children of Franklin Bemis and Julia Crossman are:
  3622 i.   Franklin Adelbert8 Bemis9778, born 20 Sep 1862 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9778. He married Mary McGourty9778 27 Dec 18919778.
  More About Franklin Bemis and Mary McGourty:
Marriage: 27 Dec 18919778

+ 3623 ii.   Cora Emma Bemis, born 04 Apr 1865 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Children of Franklin Bemis and Ann Rycroft are:
  3624 i.   Chester Adams8 Bemis9778, born 21 Feb 1878 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9778.
  3625 ii.   Susie M Bemis9779, born 1879 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9779; died 1879 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9779.
  3626 iii.   Herbert Winfield Bemis9780, born 04 Nov 1880 in Warren, Worcester, Massachusetts9780,9781.
+ 3627 iv.   Eugene Augustine Bemis, born 07 Feb 1885 in Palmer, Massachusetts; died 13 Nov 1954 in Edgewood, Rhode Island.

      2021. Frank Arnold7 Bemis (Waldo6, John5, Abijah4, John3, John2, Joseph1)9782 was born 31 May 1853 in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9782, and died 07 May 1892 in Foxborough, Massachusetts9782. He married Mary Tuck9783 01 Jan 1874 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts9783.

More About Frank Bemis and Mary Tuck:
Marriage: 01 Jan 1874, Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts9783
Children of Frank Bemis and Mary Tuck are:
  3628 i.   Charles Waldo8 Bemis9783, born 29 Oct 1874 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts9783.
  3629 ii.   Gertrude Miriam Bemis9783, born 08 Jan 1876 in San Francisco, California9783.
  3630 iii.   Adaline Augusta Bemis9783, born 03 Oct 1880 in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9783.

      2024. Dr. Merrick7 Bemis (Samuel Flagg6, John5, Abijah4, John3, John2, Joseph1)9784,9785 was born 06 May 1820 in Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts9786, and died 03 Oct 19049787,9788. He married Caroline A. Gilmore9789 01 Jan 18569789.

Notes for Dr. Merrick Bemis:
[1870 Census - Worcester Ward 3, Worcester County, Massachusetts - July 22, 1870 - page 124 - image 124]
Merrick Bemis, 48, physician, personal property of $8000, born in Massachusetts;
Caroline A. Bemis, 36, housekeeper, born in Massachusetts;
John M. Bemis, 10, at school, born in Massachusetts;
Caroline R. Gilmore, 56, housekeeper, born in Massachusetts;
Anna Sargent, 20, no occupation, born in Massachusetts;
Joseph Draper, 37, physician, born in Massachusetts;
Mary Draper, 35, housekeeper, born in Massachusetts;
Jennie Wright, 29, clerk, born in Massachusetts;
Mary Stampson?, 50, physician, born in Pennsylvania;
Dan'l W. Bemis, 35, Steward and Treas., real estate of $6500, born in Massachusetts;
Maria T. Bemis, 36, housekeeper, born in Massachusetts;
Agnes T. Bemis, 5, at home, born in Massachusetts;
Lizzie ? Bemis, 1, at home, born in Massachusetts...
Crane, Ellery Bicknell. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County vol.1. The Lewis Publishing Company. New York. 1907]

(VII) Dr. Merrick Bemis, son of Samuel Flagg Bemis (6), born at Sturbridge, Massachusetts, May 4, 1820; died October 3, 1904. He was one of the most eminent physicians that ever resided in Worcester. He practiced his profession for fifty-six years. Almost to the day of his death he retained his faculties and health. It was often said of him during the last score of years that he practiced, that he was one of the most active aged men of Worcester, carrying on a business that would tax the energies of a man of fifty. Through his entire period of practice Dr. Bemis confined his study and attention to his specialty, nervous and mental diseases, and he was for many years recognized as one of the leading alienists of the country . The wide range of knowledge and experience in cases of insanity, coming under his observation and care during his long connection with large institutions for the insane, gave him an advantage over most of the specialists in this line of study. He was called often as an expert in consultation, and by the courts. His record of twenty-five years of continuous service in the State Insane Asylum, at Worcester, was in itself a remarkable record, and evidence of his ability and powers of endurance.

His parents moved from Sturbridge to Charlton when he was quite young. He was brought up on a farm, getting what educational advantages the district schools of his day afforded. He sought a higher education and worked his way through Dudley Academy. He walked each way every week from his home to the academy, a distance of twelve miles. He taught school in winter to pay his way in the academy. He went to Amherst Academy for two years with the expectation of going to Amherst College. A long and severe illness caused him to abandon his plans for a college education, and for several years he taught school in Brookfield, Massachusetts.

He began to study medicine when he was twenty-two years old, and entered the office of Dr. Winslow Lewis as a student, but continued to pay his way by teaching school in the winters. He attended medical lectures at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Medical College, where he received the first half of his medical education. He then changed to Castleton Medical College, of Vermont, where, in 1848, he received his degree of M. D. He came to Worcester November 14, 1848, to take the place, temporarily, of one of the physicians in the lunatic asylum, and soon afterward received an appointment as assistant physician to Dr. George Chandler , the superintendent. When, eight years later, in 1855, Superintendent Chandler resigned, the attention of the trustees was at once turned to Dr. Bemis as the most capable man for the position, and he was elected to the office. Being given a leave of absence for the purpose of travel and study in Europe, he made an extended tour, lasting eight months. He returned to Worcester in the summer of 1857, and took charge. He began immediately to put into operation the reforms and new methods he had learned. For seventeen years he filled the position of superintendent to the satisfaction of the state authorities, and developed the institution until it stood among the foremost American hospitals for the insane. Radical changes in the methods of treating insanity were made during his administration. One of the innovations due to Dr. Bemis was the employment of competent female physicians in lunatic asylums. It is difficult to understand now how these institutions got along without women physicians. The custom has now become general. One of his last and most important duties in the state institution was the establishment of the hospital at Bloomingdale, the land for which was bought during the last years of his superintendency of the Summer street institution. He submitted plans for the buildings and again visited Europe in 1868, to inspect hospitals for the insane and study the treatment of lunatics. The Massachusetts institution was kept in the front rank of progress. The example set by this Commonwealth has been exceedingly useful and beneficent, because it has been followed in other states, and by private institutions generally in this country.

Dr. Bemis resigned his position in 1872 to establish a private hospital for the care and treatment of patients afflicted with the various forms of mental and nervous diseases. He located the hospital on Salisbury Street, Worcester. The main building is the mansion built in 1857, by Rev. Nathaniel Bent, for a young ladies seminary. This property, which includes ten acres of land, is very favorably located for its purpose. The hospital is known as Herbert Hall. The large, handsome mansion is cheerful, airy and well furnished. There are spacious verandas surrounding the buildings. The view from the hall is one of the most picturesque in a country abounding in fine scenery. There are attractive walks under the stately old shade trees in the spacious grounds, and altogether it is an ideal place for an invalid and convalescent. It has been successfully conducted ever since its foundation, first by Dr. Merrick Bemis, then by him and his son Dr. John M. Bemis, and since the founder's death by his son alone. No mention of Dr. Bemis's professional career would be complete without referring to his prominence as a specialist in psychiatry. He was frequently consulted both by medical brethren and by the courts in difficult cases of insanity or alleged insanity. He wrote many monographs upon hospital work among the insane and on the general subject of insanity. He was a man of large heart and generous impulses. He gave freely to charities. Few have equalled him in proportion to his means in the number of gifts judiciously distributed among a variety of worthy objects. His patriotic service during the civil war deserves special mention. When in 1861 the president's proclamation, calling for a force of 75,000 men to take the field immediately, was made Dr. Bemis earnestly desired to enter the service. He was unable to pass the physical examination, however, but he gave freely of his means to support the Union cause. He organized and equipped a company and sent it to the front. He took an active interest in their welfare while they were in the field, and contributed freely to the support of the families of the boys in that company while the war continued. It was due largely to his efforts that the public subscription to purchase the organ for Mechanics' Hall was successful. In 1864 the organ, which cost $9,000, was dedicated, and it has proved to be one of the finest instruments of its kind. It has been one of the factors in making the Musical Festivals there so successful, from a musical point of view.

Dr. Bemis collected one of the most valuable and interesting private libraries in the state. Much of the library is, of course, devoted to medical works, and some of the volumes are very old and rare. He found some time to devote to public affairs and was a member of the Worcester board of aldermen in 1861-62-63,, serving at the same time on the school board. This was a particularly important period during the early and darker years of the civil war. He was a director of the Mechanics' National Bank; a member of the Worcester Horticultural Society, the Worcester Society of Antiquity, the Natural History Society, of which he was president till his death, the Massachusetts and Worcester District Medical Societies, the American Medical Association, the New England Psychological Society and the American Medicopsychological Association. He was connected with various Masonic bodies. He was a member of the Church of the Unity, and a life member of the American Unitarian Association. He was for about fifteen years one of the state trustees of the Baldwinville Hosptal Cottages for Children , in the management and development of which he had taken a leading part, and was president of the corporation at the time of his death. He was the first American physician to take a stand for the division of hospital buildings for the insane into separate cottages or pavilions. He married January 1, 1856. Caroline A. Gilmore, whose father was for thirty years a successful practitioner at Brookfield, Massachusetts. In his office, in fact, Dr. Bemis received his first lessons in medicine, and was started on his professional career while a school teacher at Brookfield. They had one child: John Merrick.
BEMIS, Merrick Sex: M
Birth Date:
Birth Place: Sturbridge
Father's Name: Samuel F.
Mother's Name: Betsey
Source: Vital Records of Sturbridge
Merrick, s. Samuel F. and Betsey, May 4,__

More About Dr. Merrick Bemis:
Date born 2: 04 May 1820, Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts9789

More About Merrick Bemis and Caroline Gilmore:
Marriage 1: 01 Jan 18569789
Marriage 2: Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9790
Child of Merrick Bemis and Caroline Gilmore is:
+ 3631 i.   John Merrick8 Bemis, born 14 Feb 1860 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

      2025. Freeland7 Bemis (Samuel Flagg6, John5, Abijah4, John3, John2, Joseph1)9790,9791 was born 09 Dec 1821 in Charlton, Worcester, Massachusetts9792,9793,9794, and died Jan 18809795,9796. He married Mary A. Underwood9797,9798 in Enfield, Mass.9799,9800.

More About Freeland Bemis and Mary Underwood:
Intention filed: 02 Dec 1843, Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9801
Marriage: Enfield, Mass.9802,9803
Child of Freeland Bemis and Mary Underwood is:
  3632 i.   Seraph L.8 Bemis9804, born 12 Jul 1847 in Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts9805.

      2026. Fitz Henry7 Bemis (Samuel Flagg6, John5, Abijah4, John3, John2, Joseph1)9806 was born 09 Nov 1823 in Sturbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts9807,9808. He married Sarah E. Clark9809 26 Nov 1850 in Meadville, Pennsylvania9809, daughter of Maj. John Clark.

Notes for Fitz Henry Bemis:
[History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania, 713]
[webpage read 7/28/2005:]

F. H. BEMIS, insurance agent, Meadville, was born in Sturbridge, Worcester Co., Mass., November 29, 1823, son of Samuel and Betsy (Bigelow) Bemis, of English descent, former a farmer by occupation. Our subject was raised on the farm, received a common school education and when he reached his majority entered the Quaboag Seminary in Warren, Mass., where he remained, teaching school at intervals till 1847, in which year he came to Meadville and attended the theological school for three years. After this Mr. Bemis taught school at intervals till 1860, when he left for Massachusetts, remained in that State till 1866, then returning to Meadville entered the insurance business, which he is at present engaged in. Our subject was married in 1851 to Sarah E., daughter of Maj. John Clark, of Mead Township, and to this union have been born eight children, five of whom are now living, viz.: John C., Frank L., Ella S., Herman H. and George Herbert.

More About Fitz Henry Bemis:
Name 2: Fitz-Henry Bemis9810
Date born 2: 09 Nov 18239810
Date born 3: 29 Nov 1823, Sturbridge, Worcester, Massashusetts9811

More About Fitz Bemis and Sarah Clark:
Marriage 1: 26 Nov 1850, Meadville, Pennsylvania9812
Marriage 2: 18519813
Children of Fitz Bemis and Sarah Clark are:
+ 3633 i.   John C.8 Bemis, born 19 Jun 1852.
+ 3634 ii.   Frank Leroy Bemis, born 26 Jan 1855.
  3635 iii.   Harry C. Bemis9814, born 25 Apr 18579814; died 24 Feb 18669814.
+ 3636 iv.   Ella Sophia Bemis, born 24 Jul 1859; died 09 Nov 1892.
+ 3637 v.   Herman H. Bemis, born 20 Sep 1862.
  3638 vi.   Cora Bemis9814, born 08 Apr 18659814; died 25 Jan 18669814.
  3639 vii.   Annie Bemis9814, born 20 Nov 1867 in Meadville, Pennsylvania9814; died 25 May 18689814.
  3640 viii.   George Herbert Bemis9814, born 13 Aug 18699814.

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