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Updated November 6, 2010

I am trying to gather a record of all the relatives in my Dalrymple Family. So that all the people behind me can look up at a glance to see there Family roots, I would appericiate all the help that you can give me in my searching of The Dalrymple Family. My wife Bernadette teles me that I do not have a tree but a forest.
If I make a make a mistake or if I have left some one out than please let me know so that I can correct it ok. I have to
Well it looks like Ancestry.Com has fix this uploader. In this program I am only alowed to upload 2000 people. I have left out almost 1000, most of these people I have very little information on. If I have left someone out, please let me know and I will corect it ok. Please feel free to give your thoughts on this family tree. The scrapbooks and notes do have more info. Still no fix 31 Oct., 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawrence Alfred Dalrymple
17 Queen St Box 101
Sutton, Ontario l0e 1r0
Fax: 905-722-5594

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My Family History


Family Photos

  • The Fishing Schooner Mable D Hines (41 KB)
    This is one of the Fishing Schooners owned by Lovitt Wilson Hines b: 27 Sep. 1857; d: 06 Mar, 1939; He was also the master of These Fishing Schooners.
  • Capt Lovitt Wilson Hines (86 KB)
    Capt. Lovitt W. Hines owned these Fishing Schooners; Ethel; Mabel D. Hines; Edgar S. Foster; Margaret; Hazel R. Hines; James R. Clark; Laverna; Morning Star in long fishing career.
  • Capt. Calap Hines (13 KB)
    Capt. Calap Hines was born 1842 and died on 08 Feb. 1842 when he was washed over board from the fishing schooner Reuben L. Richardson.
  • My Great Grammother Annie L. [Williams] Mcintosh (120 KB)
    My great Grandmother Annie L. McIntosh in her kitchen in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia. She sure knew how to bake pies on her old wood stove.
  • Aunt Dot and Uncle Buss (89 KB)
    Dorthy Lilian [Dot] Dalrymple [Dalrymple] Bell and Charles Walter [Buss] Bell. I think this picture was taken in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia, as Buss is still in his Air Force Uniform.
  • Little Bro Richard Bruce Dalrymple (77 KB)
    Here we have Rickey at the Run for Bob July 2009, we all gave hin the nick name Willie Nelson.
  • Lynda Azarkiewicz and Donnie Dalrymple (95 KB)
    Lynda Marie Azarkiewicz and Donald Blanchard [Donnie] Dalrymple were married in Bedford and live in Kinsack, Nova Scotia
  • A Visit from Lowell and his wife Peggy (91 KB)
    Lowell Francis [Frank] Dalrymple and his wife Treva Peggy [Millar] Dalrymple visit with my Grandmother Laura May Dalrymple and Mother Blanche Rosalyn [Hines] Dalrymple
  • Julie Lynn Fazio and her Bro. Victor Shawn Fazio (59 KB)
    Julie and Victor are out side to take in some sun shine.
  • Ken ; Vickey; Hope [Dalrymple] Medland (195 KB)
    Ken John; Vickey Nicole; hope Jenny [Dalrymple] Medland going to Vickeys Graduation in Keswick, Ont. in June, 2008
  • Dennis Francis Dalrymple and Lawrence A. Dalrymple (75 KB)
    I am giving Dennis a Guitar Lesson's !!! But it looks like we are both having fun.
  • My Grandfather Chesly Byron Hines (81 KB)
    Chesley Byron Hines with his Grand Daughter Debby in Saugas, Mass., at the home of Willetta R. Porter
  • George Alfred and Baby Lawrene A. Dalrymple (67 KB)
    This is the first little house that dad built in Windsor Junction, I got that info from Uncle Harry Dalrymple. Both Aunt Rite and Uncle Harry say that the baby hast to be me; I can not remenber!!!, Sure would like to have that old car today.
  • Ann and Keath Weir at the Hockey Hall of Fame (81 KB)
    Ann Louise [Dalrymple] Weir and Keith Allan Weir are in Toronto, Ontario. Ann won tickets to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Aunt Marg and Uncle Kay and there Children (96 KB)
    Clarence William [Kay] Dalrymple and his wife Margart Mariom [McDonald] Dalrymple and ther 12 children, a house full.
  • Bob and Cindy and Andy (47 KB)
    Robert Bruce Vauggan Vaughan; and Cindy Rose [Vaughan] Finder; And Andy Scott Vaughan at The Run for Bob - July 2007
  • June Anita [Dalrymple] Feswick and George Feswick (62 KB)
    June and George Feswick all dresed up at April's Wedding; 2006
  • Blanche and George A. Dalrymple (138 KB)
    Blanchie Rosalyn [Hines] Dalrymple and George Alfred Dalrymple in front of there Home in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia
  • Anne and Mother and Marion in the Kitchen (97 KB)
    Anne Louise [Dalrymple] Weir and Blanchi Rosalyn [Hines] Dalrymple and Marian Betrice [Dalrymple] Fazio are in Mothers Kitchen at her home in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia
  • John Arthur Dalrymple & Margaret Woodworth (412 KB)
    My Great Grand Parents John Arthur Dalrymple and his wife Margaret [Woodworth] Dalrymple, They lived at Milford Station, Hants Co., Mova Scotia
  • The Dalrymlle Coat of Arms (96 KB)
    Our Family Dalrymple Crest or our Coat of Arms.
  • The Dalrymple Tartan (12 KB)
    This is supose to be the Oficial Dalrymple Tartan, If I had a choice I would not have picked this one.
  • My Great Grandfather Angus M.Hines (73 KB)
    Mu cousin Bob Porterin Cape Cod, Mass. sent me this picture , on the bottem in very faint pencil is the name Angus Hines
  • Allan Scott Weir and Family (65 KB)
    Hear we have Allen Scott Weir and his Wife Sara Louise [Davidson] Weir with there two children Hunter Scott and Madison Louise Weir
  • Capt. Byron Hines (776 KB)
    Here is my Great Grear Grandfather Byron Hines from East Pubnico, Nova Scotia. Ida Elain [Fox] Larkins from East Pubnico, Nova Scotia Recognized him from this picture that my cousin Bob Porter of Cape Cod, Mass. sent to me.
  • Francis and Frances Lind with Grem Mother Laura (90 KB)
    Uncle Francis Joseph Lind with his wife Aunt Frances Ann [Dalrymple] Lind and Gram Mother Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple. This picture was taken in Grand Mother's Laura Dalrymple's home in Windsor Junction. The young boy is Richard Welner around 12 or 13 years old.Cousen Pauline son.
  • Fall Camping on Lake Minjin., L.S.P.P. (130 KB)
    Bernadette and I on a cold day , warm up by the camp fire. Note the ghost of a Dog in the Camp Fire Smoke.
  • Dennis and Laurie at the Old Cabin (83 KB)
    Son Dennis and Laurie Dalrymple have a Tost to The Camp and enjoy a fire in the fire place at the Old Cabin on Old Woman Lake in Lake Superior Park in Northern Ontario.
  • East Pubnico, Nova Scotia Memorial of Drownings (90 KB)
    This monument can be found in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia next to The Old Stone Bridge in a park.
  • The Old Cabin on Old Woman Lake, L.S.P.P. (91 KB)
    A view of the old cabin on Old Woman Lake, In Lake Superior Park.Bernadette and I and our family have visited this cabin for over fourty years, it's like an old frend.
  • Jessica Lyn Dalrymple is 20 Years Old (114 KB)
    Bernadette and I took Jessica Lyn Dalrymple to The South Shore Resturant to celebrate her big day
  • A typical Sun Set we enjoy in Northern, Ontario (58 KB)
    When we get a sun set like this it almost the end of another fantistic day Camping in Northern, Ontario.
  • Dennis Frances Dalrymple at The Old Cabin on O.W.L (110 KB)
    Dennis at the Old Cabin on old Woman Lake in Lake Superior Park, Is starting dinner in the Great Outdoor's on out Fall Camping trip of 13 days to the park.
  • My Two Grand Mothers at Windsor Junction (39 KB)
    Gaand Mother Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple standing behind her Mother Great Grand Mother Annie L. [Williams] McIntosh. I think this another birthday pardy for Great Grand Mother Annie McIntosh; Held in Windsor Junction.
  • A Toast To The Great Outdoors (89 KB)
    Dennis and I enjoying a sit around our camp fire on Lake Minjin., in Lake Superor Provincial Park, in Sept., 2009
  • The Dalrymple Family Girls (92 KB)
    Back L to R- Elizabeth May [Betty Dalrymple] Vaughan; Jean Louise [Dalrymple]Osmond; Frances Ann [Dalrymple] Lind; Great Grand Mother Laura L. [Williams] Mcintosh; Great Grand Mother Margard [Woodworth] Dalrymple; Grand Mother Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple; Second row- Nancy Ireine [Dalrymple] McLeod; Anne Louise [Dalrymple] Weir; Margaret Ann [Lind] Youden; Karen Marie [Lind] Carter; Donna Louise [Osmond] Babcock And Wanda May [Vaughan] Farrell; I need help with the outher four little ones in the front
  • Michael & Joan and Family with Sister June (89 KB)
    Joan Marie [Benere] Dalrymple; Michael Arnold Dalrymple; June Anita [Dalrymple] Feswick; Michelle Marie [Dalrymple] Pears; Hailey Laura Marie Pearce; and with Sydnee Makenna Rose Pearce at the Dalrymple Family Reunion in Windsor Junction July, 2005
  • Amanda and Tony Fazio Marriage (39 KB)
    Amanda Marie [Moxson] Fazio and Tony Michael Fazio on there wedding day 04 Oct., 2004
  • Belinda and Barry Marriot and Family (102 KB)
    Jonathan Albert Mytes Marriot; Barry Albert Marriot; Belinda Hazel [Dalrymple] Marriot; Timothy David Marriot at there Home on St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia.
  • George and Annie Mcintosh (105 KB)
    I think this is my Great Grand Parents Annie and George and Annie McIntosh by the side of the United Church in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia
  • Chesley Byron Hines and Aunt Willetta Porter (66 KB)
    My Grand Father Chesley Byron Hines and my Aunt Willetta [Hines] Porter
  • Blanche Rosalyn [Hines] Dalrymple (133 KB)
    A picture of mother around the time of her marrage 1939, in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia
  • Grandfather Elmer Staurt Dalrymple Doing The Jig (124 KB)
    Hear we have Dad George Alfred Dalrymple watching his Dad Elmer do a Jig along with Pauline Dalrymple Kay's daughter.
  • Happy Days in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia (135 KB)
    The happy gang at our parents home in Admiral Rock; Mother, Dad, Linda, Hope and Bernadette
  • Jessica Lyn Dalrymple is 20 Years Old (60 KB)
    Jessica daughter of our son Dennis paid us a nice visit, so we could help her enjoy her 20th birthday
  • Rite and Harry Dalrymple (127 KB)
    Aunt Rite and Uncle Harry Dalrymple at there home in Corunna, Ontario, in Oct., 2008
  • Our Dog Harvey Came Back to see Us (80 KB)
    Bernadette took this picture of our camp fire when I was off to gather more wood.I think that this is our Old Dog Harvey in the camp fire smoke.
  • Dennis Francis Dalrymple (146 KB)
    Our son Dennis with his new motor bike.
  • Marian Fazio and Family (59 KB)
    Mabel Catherine Irving; Ray Victor Fazio; Marian Betrice [Dalrymple] Fazio; And Jessica Lyn Fazio
  • Ken John Medland and His Son Andrew (91 KB)
    Ken John Medland and His Son Andrew Connor Medland are at out Home in Sutton, Ontarie to Celibrate our's Son Dennis Francis Dalrymple Birthday.
  • Bernadette, Dennis and Cathy West (86 KB)
    Bernadette and Dennis with Cathy West in front of there tent that was caled the Ramada Inn
  • Laurie; George; June; and Bernadette (94 KB)
    Lawrence Alfred [Laurie] Dalrymple; George Bernard Feswick; June Aneta [Dalrymple] Fesweck; and Bernadette Ann [LeRue] Dalrymple; This picture was taken on our fall trip around the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, in Oct., 2007. We also visited Bernadettes home town of L'Ardoise and many other places, The fall collours were just fantastic.
  • Aunt Frances Lind (156 KB)
    Aunt Frances Lind enjoying a great day of sun shine.
  • Christa; Anne; Allan; Keith Weir (100 KB)
    Christa Dawn Weir; Anne Louise [Dalrymple] Weir, Allan Scott Weir; and Keith Allen Weir, at Allan and Sara Louise Davidson wedding in Truro Nova Scotia
  • George , Melita and Bernadette in Sutton, Ontario (64 KB)
    George Francis LeRue; Agnes Melita [Sampson] LeRue; and Bernadette Ann [LeRue] Dalrymple at our home in Sutton, Ontario. picture taken around 1981.
  • Sara and Allan's Wedding (51 KB)
    Allan Scott Weir and Sara Louise Davidson are Married in Truro, Nova Scotia
  • Angela & Craigs Wedding 01 July, 2006 (115 KB)
    From the left - Aaron, Amy and Luke Campbell; Barb and Ken and Rite [Nannie] Dalrymple; Ian, Jennifer and Clair Tramble; off to the side Bruice, Pam, Natham, John and joshua Langville; with the Bride and Groom Angela and Craig Whynot
  • Ralph Arthur [Mike] and George Alfred Dalrymple (93 KB)
    Mike and Dad are at Donnie's and Lynda's weddind in Bedford, Nova Scotia
  • The Dalrymple Family Reunion, (98 KB)
    Donald Blanchard [Donnie] Dalrymple; Marion Beatrice [Dalrymple] Fazio; Linda Joice [Dalrymple] Vaughan; Lawrence Alfred [Laurie] Dalrymple; Bernadette Ann [LeRue] Dalrymple with Richard Bruce [Rickey] Dalrymple; with Anne Louise [Dalrymple] Weir setting on Keith Allen Weir's Knee.
  • Frank Grant Vaughanwith his Grand Children (92 KB)
    Frank Grant Vaughan; Chantal_Christy and Thomas Fiander; Mathew and Adam Vaughan; _ Tim Vaughan- 2006
  • Grand Mother Laura Dalrymple with New Grand Child (95 KB)
    Grand Mother Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple very happely looks over her latest Grand Child Laura Frances Joan Carter, born 19 Nov., 1992
  • Blanche _ Michael _ Grammother Laura Dalrymple (95 KB)
    Blanche R.[Hines] Dalrymple; Michael Arnold Dalrymple; _ Grand Mother Laura May [ McIntosh] Dalrymple at a birthday pardy for Great Grand Mother Annie L. [Williams] McIntosh. I think this would be around 1952.
  • Bernadette and Lawrence Dalrymple (73 KB)
    Bernadette Ann [LeRue] Dalrymple and Lawrence Alfred [Laurie] Dalrymple at a Christmas Pardy at the Briars Golf and Country Club
  • Sun Rise on Lake Minjin, in L.S.P.P. (56 KB)
    This is one of the many sun rises we enjoyed last Sept., 2009 on Lake Minjin. in Lake Supeor Provincat Park.
  • Jessicas and Dennis at Jessicas Graduation (66 KB)
    Jessica Lyn Dalrymple Graduation in Keswick on the 23 of June., 2003 with her dad Dennis Francis Dalrymple
  • All Togeather at Admiral Rock, Hants Co., N.S. (90 KB)
    Marion Beatrice [Dalrymple] Fazio; Donald Blanchard Dalrymple; Anne Louise [Dalrymple] Weir; Lawrence Alfred [Laurie] Dalrymple; Linda Joice [Dalrymple] Vaughan; Richard Bruce [Rickey] Dalrymple. We are all togeather again at Dads Funeral in Admiral Rock on 27 July, 1993
  • The Old Stone Bridge in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia (171 KB)
    This is Bernadette on the Old Stone Bridge in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia
  • William G. W.L. Porter and Willetta Ruth H. Hines (134 KB)
    Uncle William Gullaume Wilfred Lester Porter and Aunt Willetta Ruth Hanna [Hines] Porter
  • Elmer Staurt Dalrymple And Laura May McIntosh (122 KB)
    My Grand Parents Elmer Stuurt Dalrymple and Laura May [McIntosh]Dalrymple cut there 50th Anivesary cake
  • My Dalrymple Family all Together (142 KB)
    My family together after Mothers Funeral Service at the United Church in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia
  • My Parents a Long Time Ago (123 KB)
    George Alfred Dalrymple and Blanche Rosalyn [Hines] Dalrymple, they look like newely weds
  • Ricky ,Anne, Blanche R. [Hines] Dalrymple (84 KB)
    Richard Bruce Dalrymple; Anne Louise [Weir] Dalrymple; with Blanchie Rosalyn {Hines] Dalrymple at my Grand Parents Laura and Elmer Dalrymple home in Windsor Junction. I think this picture was taken around 1964.
  • The Fiander Family (118 KB)
    Joseph Arthur Fianders and Cindy Rose [Vaughan] Fianders with there children Chantan; Christy; Thomas at the reception after Mothers Funeral at Admiral Rock, United Church, Nova Scotia
  • Henry Williams and Bill With Henery's Old Car (105 KB)
    Henry Williams standing by the car with William Henry [Billy] McIntosh at the starting crank. This picture was taken in front of Henry Williams home in Admiral Rock, Nova Scotia
  • A Visit To Uncle Francis and Aunt Frances Lind (120 KB)
    Uncle Francis Lind; Mother; Bernadette; Hope [Dalrymple] Midland; Aunt Frances; Dad at the Lind's Cottage
  • William Henry [Billy] McIntosh (30 KB)
    Billy is at his sister's Laura L.[McIntosh] Dalrymple in Windsor Junction. Probably for a Birthday Pardy for his Mother Annie L. [Williams] McIntosh
  • The Old Baptis Church in East Pubnico, Nova Scotia (137 KB)
    As far as I know this is the Baptis Church in East Pubnico where my parents were married on the 23 Oct. 1939
  • Five Generations of Dalrymples (106 KB)
    Robert James Vaughan; Robert Bruce Vaughan; Linda Joice [Dalrymple] Vaughan; George Alfred Dalrymple; Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple
  • Grave Marker Stone (47 KB)
    Annie Laura McIntosh Mill Road Cemetery,Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.
  • The House Where Mother Grew Up In (116 KB)
    This Mothers Home that she Grew Up in at East Pubnico, Nova Scotia
  • Robert Vincent Porter and Janet Elizabeth MacKay (91 KB)
    Bob Vincent Porter and his wife Janet Elizabeth [MacKay] Porter.
  • The Fishing Schooner Annie M. Parker (97 KB)
    This is the Fishing Schooner that my Great Grandfathet Angus M. Hines was the Master on for a number of years around 1900; It is also the Fishing Schooner that my Great Uncle Captain Vincent Nelson lost his life on when try to abandon ship in a storm on 01 Nov, 1913
  • Rickey Dalrymple and Family (94 KB)
    Sara Lee Ann; Melissa Star; Richard Bruce [Rickey]; Richard Byron; and Mike Isace Dalrymple at the Run for Bob july 2009
  • Hope and Grand Mother Laura and Bernadette (88 KB)
    Hope Jenny [Midland] Dalrymple and Grand Mother Laura May [McIntosh] Dalrymple with Bernadette Ann [LeRue] Dalrymple. We visited with Grand Mother Laura Dalrymple on our trip from Sutton, Ont.
  • Dennis Francis Dalrymple and Cathy West (87 KB)
    Cathy and Dennis have set up house keeping in Mount Albert, Ontario
  • Linda Dalrymple and Frank Vaughan Marriage (66 KB)
    Linda Joice Dalrymple Married Frank Grant Vaughan on 19 May, 1962, in Windsor Junction, Halifax Co., Nova Scotia

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