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Descendants of Louis Reynaud

22. ZELEY5 RENO (LEWIS4, LEWIS3, LOUIS2 REYNAUD, LOUIS1) was born 03 Apr 1757 in Prince William County, Virginia41, and died 31 Jan 1837 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He married LILA MARY CHINN 03 Aug 1775 in Fauquier County, Virginia42, daughter of CHARLES CHINN and SYNTHIA DAVIS. She was born 1754 in Facquier County, VA, and died 17 May 1839 in Bourbon County, KY43.

Notes for Z
      Zeley Reno served as a sergeant in the Minute Men from Prince William County under LaFayette in the campaign around Williamsburg and Yorktown in the Revolutionary War and received a pension. He also served in the campaign against the Shawnee Indians under Col. Benjamin Logan. During the War of 1812 he served in Capt. Moses Demmitt's Company of the Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia. He made application for the pension on February 13, 1833, in Harrison County, Kentucky. He signed his name Zeley on his will written in 1834, and his Revolutionary War Pension has the spelling as Zely or Zela, although it often appears as Zealey in various documents. His father and Mary Chinn's father both wrote his name as Zeley. The fourth son of Lewis Reno and Elizabeth Whitledge, he inherited 140 acres (a part of the original Reno-Chevalle Grant of 1710) from his father, which he later sold to Simon Luttrell on March 16, 1784. In 1774 he became engaged to Mary Chinn, and the court records of Fauquier County, Virginia, contain notes from each of their parents authorizing the marriage. Charles Chinn wrote "Zeley Reno and my daughter Mary Chinn is engaged. I desire you will grant him licens for them to marrey in so doing you will oblige your humble servent." Lewis Reno (signed his name Reno) wrote "Sir please to grant marrage lizen between Zeley Reno and Moley Chinn and oblige your humble servant. Lewis Reno gargin." On July 26, 1775, Zeley Renoe and his brother Thomas Renoe posted a marriage bond in Fauquier County of 50 pounds for his marriage to Mary Chinn.
      Zeley's Revolution War pension file says that his uniform was a purple hunting shirt marked on the front with larger letters "Liberty or Death", and that he wore a macaroni hat with a bucktail in it. After the war, he lived in Prince William and Loudon counties in Virginia until 1784, when he sold his land and moved to Fayette County, KY (now Bourbon County), possibly with his nephews Lewis Reno, John B. Reno, and Jesse Reno, sons of his brother Lewis. He appears on the 1787 tax list for Bourbon Co. when it was still part of Virginia. On March 20, 1787, Zeley Reno sold land in Bourbon County to Thomas Whitledge (Bourbon County Deed Book A-1, p. 41-43). He was on Bourbon County, Kentucky, tax lists from 1787 through 1799. They lived 8 miles from Paris, Kentucky. He was mustered into Capt. Moses Demitt's Company, Kentucky Mounted Volunteers on August 13, 1813, at Newport. It was commanded by Col. John Page.
      He witnessed the will of John Whitledge on October 5, 1788, in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He witnessed the will of Haden Edwards in August 1803. He was baptized at the Cooper's Run Baptist Church in Bourbon County in 1790, and was granted a letter by the Silas Run Baptist Church in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in 1819 (Kentucky State Historical Society, v. 27, p. 1929). Some of his family admitted to the Silas Run Church are as follows: Mary Reno, admitted by letter from Cooper's Run, Sept. 3, 1802; Charles, baptized August 13, 1811; Lucy, baptized August 18, 1811; Lewis Reno and wife Polly, baptized September 28, 1811; Penelope, admitted by letter from Mill Creek, August 7, 1813; Christopher Reno, baptized July 1818; and Cynthia Reno and margaret Reno.
      The list of names of his children is incomplete, being based entirely on baptismal records between 1811 and 1818 and his will, which does not mention all of his children. Older children, such as sons born before 1810, might have moved away before the family joined these churches, as indicated by the 1810 census record for Benjamin Rennoe next door to Zele Rennoe in Bourbon Co. The 1810 Kentucky census indicates 1 son and 4 daughters.
      His will dated June 10, 1834 (Harrison County Will Book D, p. 16) reads "In the name of God Amen, knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die and I being now frail in body but of perfect mind and memory I do hereby constitute this to be my last will and testament. In the first place it is my will and desire that all my just and lawful debts be paid out of my estate. Item I thus will and bequeath to my son Christopher Reno four hundred dollars which I have here tofore lent him for his own proper use. Item I will and bequeath all the balance of my estate to my beloved wife Mary Reno her life time and at her death all the balance of my estate to be equally divided amongst all my children towit Charles Reno, Lewis Reno, Sytha Jones, Polly Jones, Pernelepy Calbert, Margaret Lewis, Terissa Reno my granddaughter. Christopher having got his part is to get none of the last divide. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and my seal in the presence of these witnesses on the 10th day of June 1834." Zeley Reno. His will was witnessed by Benjamin Bradon and William Simpson, and was probated February 17, 1837.
      William L. Reno, Jr. (1975, "The Reno Family," addendum 2) argues based on pre-1850 census records, the ages of individuals involved, and geographical opportunity that Zeley Reno probably had two or three additional sons born between 1775 and 1790: James, John, and Benjamin, who apear later in records of Kentucky and Indiana. In the 1810 census, he is listed as Zele Rennoe of Bourbon County (p. 105: ages 01001-02201-00; 1 boy 10-15 (probably Christopher); 1 man 45 and up; 2 girls 10-15; 2 girls 16-25; 1 woman 45 and up). A Benjamin Rennoe is also listed in Bourbon County in 1810 on the same page, with 1001-00100-00; one boy under 10, 1 man 26-44, and one woman 16-25, and his son Charles has a listing as Charles Runnoe. There is no listing for Zeley in 1820, but in the 1830 census Zele Reno of Bourbon County has 1 male 30-39, 1 male 70-79, 2 girls uner 5, and 1 woman 20-29 (probably one of his daughters and her husband and two girls; his wife is not listed yet she didn't die until 1839).
      Here are portions of Zeley Reno's pension file W8545 from the National Archives: Harrison Co., KY: "On this 13th day of February 1833 before me Joel Frazer a justice of the peace and member of Harrison County Court, Kentucky, which is a court of record, appeared Zela Reno a resident of Harrison County Kentucky age nearly seventy six years, having been born in Prince William County Virginia on the 3rd day of April 1757. Who being first duly sworn according to law doth, on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the law of Congress passed June 7th 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served hereinafter stated. That in March of 1775 as well as he recollects he entered the said service as Sargeant in the Minute Service and Marched from home in Prince William County, Virginia, to Williamsburg to counteract Governor Dunmore who had taken the Magazines runaway negroes. That declarants uniform was a purple hunting shirt marked in the breast with large letters with the words "Liberty or Death" with a Macarone hat and bucktail. That his captain's name was Cuthbert Harrison, George Madden was Lieutenant and Lewis Reno Ensign in Col. Jesse Ewell and Major James Ewells regiment. That as near as he recalleth after services rendered by him during the Revolution were as follows vis: He marched from home in the above specified town in Prince William County to Fredericksburg, thense to Williamsburg. And Dunsmore having escaped on board a vessel, he returned home having been absent in service two months. And again during the same year, in the fall, he marched from home in said service and under the same officers, except Capt. Harrison, who had died, and Henry Hoe, or Haugh, acting as Capt. to Newgate in Fairfax County, Virginia, where he was stationed three months - thense to Dumfries where he was stationed three months - thense to Little York where he was stationed three months - thense to Williamsburg where he was stationed four months. From this place the British drove the Americans - who retreated to Richmond and where this declarent staid three weeks, thense home where he spent the balance of this year 1776 and is going thru little tours of three weeks each to guard the country on the Potomac at Tripletts Landing and near Dumfries. That in the spring of 1781 he marched under Capt. Simon Hancock from home to Williamsburg where he was stationed two months. Thense to Little York and here he staid two months. Thense to Richmond wher he staid two months - thense home on patrol a short time - thense to Little York to the siege and capture of Cornwallis under Capt. Simon Hancock who had been his Captain in all said tours for three years preceeding at various places... He assisted in guarding British prisoners at Fredericksburg and served nine months. That he has no record of his age. He was christianed in the Church of England in Prince William County Virginia as he has been informed, and he has been informed verbally of his age by his parents, and believes what he has stated about is true. That he lived after the Revolution in Prince William and Loudon counties Virginia until the year 1784, when he moved to Fayette County KY where he resided some years and has resided in Bourbon and Harrison counties ever since and now resides in Harrison County Kentucky. That there is no person by whom he can prove his service that he knows of. He hereby relinquishes every claim that everts to a pension or a warranty except of the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state or territory." Signed the 13th day of February 1833 by Joel Frazier.
      Also in his pension file is a document dated August 8, 1839, Book A, Vol. 2, p. 179, saying, "Mary Reno, widow of Zela Reno due a pension act 7 June 1832 who died on the 30 January 1837 of Bourbon Co. in the State of Kentucky ... who was in the company commanded by Captain Hough of the regiment commanded by Col. Ewell in the Virginia Militia. Inscribed on this roll of Kentucky at the rate of 83 dollars and 33 cents per annum to commence on 30th day of January 1837."
      In his wife's application for his pension after his death, she says that they lived in Prince William County and that "shortly after their marriage he entered the service as a soldier in the company of Captain Burr Harrison ...". Also in Zela Reno's file is a document dated December 11, 1840 stating that Mary Reno died on 17 May 1839 and that Zela Reno's pension was thereafter unclaimed and paid to the treasury of the United States.
      He is on the 1787 Bourbon County, Kentucky, census listing he had no males between the ages of 16 and 21, had 1 horse, mares, colts, and mules; and 1 cattle.
      He is also listed in the 1799 tax lists for Bourbon County, Kentucky.
      The 1810 Bourbon County, Kentucky, census lists Zele Rennoe, 1 male 10 to 16, 1 male over 45, 2 females 10 to 16, 2 females 16 to 26, and 1 female over 45.
      The 1830 Bourbon County, Kentucky, census lists Zello Renno, 1 male 30 to 40, 1 male 70 to 80, 2 females under 5, 1 female 20 to 30, 1 female 70 to 80, and 2 slaves.
Children of Z
60. i.   BENJAMIN6 RENO, b. Abt. 1784, Probably Prince William County, VA; d. Bef. 1834, Probably in Kentucky.
61. ii.   JAMES RENO, b. Bet. 1776 - 1785, Probably Facquier County, VA; d. Aft. Sep 1843, Jackson County, IN.
62. iii.   CHARLES CHINN RENO, b. 07 Feb 1781, Fanquier County, Virginia; d. 19 Sep 1857, Trimble County, KY, of dropsey.
63. iv.   MARY "POLLY" RENO, b. 1785, Kentucky; d. Bet. 1860 - 1870, Bourbon County, KY.
64. v.   LEWIS W. RENO, b. 1789, Fayette or Bourbon County, KY; d. Abt. 1875, Fannin County, TX.
65. vi.   PENELOPE RENO, b. 19 Mar 1795, Bourbon County, KY; d. 08 Mar 1886, McFall, Harrison County, MO.
  vii.   LUCY RENO, b. Bef. 1800.
  Notes for LUCY RENO:
She was admitted to the Silas Run Baptist Church in Bourbon County, Kentucky, by baptism on August 18, 1811.

  viii.   MARGARET RENO, b. Abt. 1800; m. ? LEWIS44.
66. ix.   CHRISTOPHER RENO, b. 17 Jul 1800, Hardin Co., KY; d. 28 Nov 1851, Hardin County, KY.
67. x.   CYNTHIA "SYTHA" RENO, b. 1805, Virginia; d. 30 Jul 1865, Bracken Co., KY.

23. ELEENDER "ELI"5 RENO (LEWIS4, LEWIS3, LOUIS2 REYNAUD, LOUIS1) was born Bet. 1771 - 1780 in Prince William County, VA, and died Aft. 1840 in Prince William County, VA. He married MARY FRANCES MADDEN45, daughter of SCARLET MADDEN and MARGARET OREAR. She was born 1763 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1850 in Prince William County, VA.

Notes for E
      On March 10, 1768, Eli Reno and his father Lewis Reno appeared as executors of his brother John's estate (Pr. Wm. Co. bond book, 1753-1786, p. 77). He was listed as a taxpayer in Pr. Wm. Co. in 1783, and in 1787 he was taxed for 1 slave, 2 horses, and 2 cows. He also appears on the 1782 and 1783 tax lists. (Steven Fancy research)
      In Prince William County Deed Book U, p. 433-435, October 8, 1783, is the following: "This indenture made the (in Lease Eight)(in Release Ninth) day of October in year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Eighty three Between Eli Reno and Frances Reno his Wife of Parish of Dettingen and County of Prince William of one part and Robert Luttrell of said Parish and County of other part Witnesseth that for sum of Forty pounds current money of Virginia said Eli Reno hath sold unto Robert Luttrell (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a sale for one year and by force of the Statute for transferring uses into possession) and his heirs all that parcel of land adjoining the said Robert Luttrell beginning at a small red Oak on a branch side, extending thence down the branch with the several meanders thereof So. Wt. to a white Oak on the West side of Cabbin Branch, thence No. Wt. to a Spanish Oak on the bank of the branch, thence S. Wt. to two small Maples standing on the branch, then leaving the branch, thence No. Wt. to a box and red Oak on a hill side, thence No. Et. to a Hicory, corner to Luttrell & Thornton, thence So. Et. to the beginning containing Fifty one and three quarters acres and all houses orchards to said premises belong and also all the right of them the said Eli Reno and Frances his Wife To have and to hold unto said Robert Luttrell his heirs and assigns forever In Witness whereof Eli Reno and Frances his Wife have set their hands and seals in presence of Edward Lee, Will Carr, Simon Luttrell. Signed Eli Reno Frances Reno.
      "At a Court held for Prince William County the 9th day of October 1783. This Release with receipt indorsed from Eli Reno and Ux to Robert Luttrell the same being privily examined and consenting thereto was acknowledged by the said Reno and admitted to record."
      The 1810 census for Prince William County has Eli and his wife 26-45, and one boy and one girl under 10.
      In 1820 Prince William County his household has 1 male 26-44, a female 10-15, and a woman over 45.
      In 1830 Prince William County, there is 1 male 50-59, 1 woman 20-29, and 1 woman 50-59.
      The 1840 Prince William County, Virginia, census lists Eli Renoe, 1 male 50 to 60, 1 female 30 to 40, and 1 female 60 to 70.
      The 1850 Prince William County, Virginia, census lists Mary Rennoe (wife of Eli) 87 b. VA; Elizabeth, 35 b. VA; John L., 9 b. VA; Virginia, 6 b. VA; and Georgia, 4 b. VA.
      The 1860 Prince William County, Virginia, lists Elizabeth Renoe, 62 b. VA; John, 19 b. VA; Caroline, 17 b. VA; and George, 13 b. VA.
      The 1870 Prince William County, Virginia, lists Elizabeth Renoe, 65 b. VA; Caroline V., 23 b. VA; and George A., 21 b. VA.
      In an indenture dated October 9, 1783, they were "of Parish of Dettingen" and was for 513/4 acres sold to Robert Russell. He and his wife Frances conveyed land to Enoch Reno in 1788 which has been patented by his father, Lewis Reno, in 1742.
Children of E
  i.   GEORGE6 RENO.
68. ii.   ELIZABETH RENO, b. 1810, Virginia; d. 20 Jul 1884, Prince William County, VA.

24. JOHN5 HALLEY (JUDITH4 RENO, LEWIS3, LOUIS2 REYNAUD, LOUIS1) was born in Prince William County, VA, and died Bef. 27 Dec 1802 in Bedford County, VA. He married JUDITH GOAD Bef. 1765 in Virginia. She died Jan 1826 in Montgomery County, KY.
Children of J
69. i.   ANN6 HALLEY, b. Bedford County, VA; d. Aft. 1832, Montgomery County, KY.
70. ii.   BENJAMIN HALLEY, b. Abt. 1767, Bedford County, VA; d. Bef. Oct 1834, Montgomery County, KY.
  iii.   MARY HALLEY, b. Abt. 1768, Bedford County, VA; m. REASON WILLIAMS, 20 Jan 1795, Bedford County, VA.
71. iv.   FANNIE HALLEY, b. Abt. 1770, Bedford County, VA; d. Montgomery County, KY.
72. v.   JOSHUA HALLEY, b. Abt. 1773, Bedford County, VA.
73. vi.   SARAH HALLEY, b. Aft. 1773, Bedford County, VA; d. Bef. 1835, Bedford County, VA.
74. vii.   JOHN HALLEY, b. Abt. 1775, Bedford County, VA; d. Aug 1845, Montgomery County, KY.
  viii.   SUSANNA HALLEY, b. Abt. 1777, Bedford County, VA.
  ix.   JACOB HALLEY, b. Abt. 1785.

25. HENRY5 HALLEY IV (JUDITH4 RENO, LEWIS3, LOUIS2 REYNAUD, LOUIS1) was born Abt. 1735 in Prince William County, VA, and died 28 Nov 1799 in Bedford, VA. He married ELIZABETH ?.

Notes for H
He is mentioned in a land dispute in 1761 and is called the eldest son of Henry Halley deceased.
Children of H
  i.   JOHN6 HALLEY, b. Abt. 1760.
  ii.   GILES HALLEY, b. Abt. 1763.
  iii.   HENRY HALLEY V, b. Abt. 1766.
  iv.   BAILEY HALLEY, b. Abt. 1768.
  v.   SAMUEL HALLEY, b. Abt. 1770.
  vi.   CHARLES HALLEY, b. Abt. 1772.
  vii.   JUDITH HALLEY, b. Bet. 1773 - 1776.
  viii.   AUGUSTUS HALLEY, b. Abt. 1776.
  ix.   TIMOTHY HALLEY, b. Abt. 1778.
  x.   BETSY HALLEY, b. 1781.

26. FRANCIS5 HALLEY (JUDITH4 RENO, LEWIS3, LOUIS2 REYNAUD, LOUIS1) was born Abt. 1740 in Prince William County, VA46, and died Bef. 23 Aug 1813 in Bedford County, VA. He married ANN ?.

Notes for F
      Janice McAlpine wrote the following on Genforum: "The only caveat I have (Steve Fancy's book) is that the site has the wrong brith year for Francis Halley, the son of Judith Reno and Henry Halley. The site says that their son "Francis Halley, [was] b. Abt. 1745, Prince William Co., VA." Actually Francis Halley was at least 21 in 1755 when he was appointed as guardian for his younger siblings Thomas, Margaret, Mary and Sarah, after his father's death (see, Prince William Co. Order Book 1755-57, p. 133). So Francis was born by 1734, if not earlier."
      Leigh Wimberly responded to Sue Damewood with the following: "The 1761 lawsuit over land bequeathed to Francis, Mary and Sibyl, would have probably been entered earlier had Francis been of age. Mary and Sybil were both married, so their husbands could make decisions for them. Using the book dates, Francis would have been 21, at the latest, making him born in 1740 - six years different from the data quoted in genforum. I think they are probably right. Judith was nineteen when she married (book dates). Taking her years of early child rearing by two years per child, Francis would have been born about 1740. Even moving her marriage date ahead would not make up the added six years, I wonder if whoever was reading that was aware of the complicated land deal involving Francis Halley from the previous generation? Judith's son Francis was not old enough to enter a lawsuit by himself when he sued (et al) his mother and Thomas Reno. So, I estimate him to be about five years younger than the book shows, born about 1740 - but not 1734."
      In Prince William County, VA, Order Book 1755-1757 dated May 27, 1757, page 310, is "Francis Halley, Thomas Halley, Mary Halley & Sarah Halley Plaintiffs Thomas Reno and Judith Halley Admrs. of Henry Halley Deced Defendants in Chancery. The said Defendants being called and failing to appear as alias summons is ordered to issue against returnable to the next Court."
      He is mentioned in Court Order Book on October 5, 1761.
      His will is dated June 28, 1808, and proved August 23, 1813, in Bedford County, Virginia. He names 14 children in this will
Children of F
75. i.   CHLOE6 HALLEY, b. Bet. 1758 - 1761.
  ii.   JOSHUA HALLEY47, b. 15 Mar 175947; m. ELIZABETH DOUGLASS47, 13 Mar 1792, Bedford County, VA47.
  Notes for JOSHUA HALLEY:
      In his father's will dated June 28, 1808, "I give to son Joshua Halley one dollar, having already made him deed for two Hundred acres of land."

76. iii.   WILLIAM HALLEY, b. Abt. 1760; d. Bef. 1808, Bedford County, VA.
77. iv.   JAMES H. HALLEY, b. Abt. 1765.
  v.   FANNY HALLEY47, b. Bet. 1766 - 177047; m. ? WINFREE47.
  Notes for FANNY HALLEY:
      In her father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my daughter Fanny Winfree one Negroe Girl named Rachel."

  vi.   PRUDENCE HALLEY47, b. Bet. 1767 - 177147; d. Bef. 180847; m. WILLIAM FERRELL47.
      In her father's will dated June 28, 1808, "I give to my sone in Law William Farrel, one dollar he having already receiv'd what I thought proper to give to my daughter Prudence."

  vii.   NANCY HALLEY47, b. Abt. 177847; m. ROBERT WARMACK47, 15 Jun 1799, Bedford County, VA47.
  Notes for NANCY HALLEY:
      In her father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my daughter Nancy Warmack one Negroe girl named Nina and the land lying on the North Line of the roaring branch."

  viii.   SANFORD HALLEY47, b. 177147.
      In his father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my son Sanford Halley one dollar having already made him a deed to a tract of land adjoinin David North."

  ix.   FRANKEY HALLEY47, b. Bet. 1778 - 178447; m. L. LEFTWICH.
      In her father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my daughter Frankey halley one Negroe girl named Celia, and one Negroe Boy named Bousir, also the half of the land whereon I now live including the House and orchard, the land she is to hold during her natural life and after her death, I give the moiely left to her to my son Francis Halley or his heirs forever."

  x.   THOMAS HALLEY47, b. Abt. 178047.
  Notes for THOMAS HALLEY:
      In his father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to Thomas Halley, one Negroe fellow named Ned, having already made deed for two Hundred acres of land adjoining to my son Joshua."

  xi.   SUSANNA "SULKY" HALLEY47, b. Bet. 1780 - 178547; m. ? MCGLASSON47.
      In her father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my daughter Suky Mcglasson one Negroe girl named Jinee."

  xii.   EUGENIA DOSHIA HALLEY47, b. Abt. 178247; m. JOEL MCGLASSON47.
      In her father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my daughter Eugenia Mcglasson one negroe girl named Doris."

  xiii.   FRANCIS HALLEY, JR.47, b. Abt. 177547; m. ELIZABETH DOUGLASS47, 20 Nov 180347.
  Notes for FRANCIS HALLEY, JR.:
      In his father's will of June 28, 1808, "I give to my son Francis Halley one Negroe fellow named Ben, and the one half of the land whereon I now live." Also states "I give to my daughter Frankey Halley one Negroe girl named Celia, and one Negroe Boy named Bousir, also the half of the land whereon I now live Including the house and orchard, the land she is to hold during her natural life and after her death, I give the moiely left to her to my son Francis Halley or his heirs forever."


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