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The Thomas Daugherty Family of Georgia:
Index of Individuals


?, Carrie
?, Helen
?, Melanie
?, Nancy(b. September 1853, d. date unknown)


Aldridge, Leona(d. date unknown)


Anders, Mr.(d. date unknown)


Anderson, Lizzie J.(d. date unknown)


Andrews, Linda Gail


Ashcraft, Bonnie Jean


Atkinson, Myrtle


Baggett, Mary(d. date unknown)


Bailey, Jessie(d. date unknown)


Baker, John Eliga(d. date unknown)
Baker, Martha Ann(b. February 04, 1870, d. July 15, 1944)


Barrett, John E.(d. date unknown)


Bearclaw, Pearl(d. date unknown)


Beatrice(d. date unknown)


Beavers, Mary Ada


Benbow, Jeff


Benson, John L.(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)


Benton, Mr.


Berryman, Jackie Drew
Berryman, Kevin
Berryman, M.


Binns, Merton


Birchfield, Thomas(d. date unknown)


Blackwelder, Elizabeth(b. 1819, d. January 09, 1897) Includes Notes
Blackwelder, Jacob(d. date unknown)


Blanding, George(d. date unknown)


Blount, Alice Oleta
Blount, Ben Litman
Blount, Della
Blount, Evelyn Alice
Blount, Harry
Blount, Mildred Ann
Blount, Ulatha Pugh
Blount, Walter(d. date unknown)
Blount, Walter Bennie
Blount, Willie Maurice
Blount, Willie Pugh(b. October 07, 1898, d. February 15, 1972)


Bond, Dorothy


Boyd, Lynn(d. date unknown)


Bradley, M.
Bradley, Ollie(d. date unknown)


Brewster, Garvin(d. date unknown)


Britton, Mr.(d. date unknown)


Brock, Elizabeth(b. date unknown, d. October 15, 1855) Includes Notes


Brown, M.
Brown, Martha C.(d. date unknown)
Brown, Melinda(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Bryant, Mattie J.(b. date unknown, d. September 13, 1910) Includes Notes


Bullock, Juanita


Burdine, J. M.(d. date unknown)


Burgess, George Benjamin(b. September 01, 1899, d. September 11, 1975)
Burgess, Living
Burgess, Living
Burgess, Living
Burgess, Living
Burgess, Living


Burke, M.


Burns, M.


Burson, Alvada(d. date unknown)


Burt, Charlie Merelene (Mr.)(b. January 19, 1864, d. July 30, 1950) Includes Notes


Butler, Ginney(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Butler, Henry Obrie(b. date unknown, d. August 15, 1889)


Byrd, Peggy Ann


Caperton, Clyde(d. 1997)
Caperton, Mary Lynn


Carmichael, Rose(d. date unknown)


Carroll, Earl(d. date unknown)
Carroll, Edith(d. date unknown)


Casteel, Audrey Dean
Casteel, James Riley(d. date unknown)


Chapman, A. Houston(b. August 10, 1904, d. January 26, 1983) Includes Notes
Chapman, Charles Raymond
Chapman, Garvin
Chapman, Joe Roger
Chapman, Kenneth Deverne
Chapman, Lavoy(b. August 29, 1928, d. June 22, 1991)


Chesser, Bruce
Chesser, Griel
Chesser, Kathy
Chesser, Toni


Chouch, Mallie Fern(b. December 29, 1904, d. date unknown)


Clampit, Sally(b. Abt. 1871, d. date unknown)


Clark, George Barnes II


Clayton, Cash Berry Coleman(d. date unknown)


Cloud, David Wayne
Cloud, David Wayne II
Cloud, Dena Lynn(b. July 13, 1966, d. July 14, 1966)
Cloud, Lisa Daune
Cloud, Walter Harvey


Cloyd, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Cloyd, Thomas Taylor(b. February 02, 1857, d. September 22, 1858)


Cole, Ellen J(b. October 1851, d. November 1926)
Cole, Sarah Jane(b. July 28, 1849, d. May 20, 1893)


Colvin, Florence(d. date unknown)
Colvin, Ovie


Cook, Eddie(d. date unknown)


Courtney, Millie(b. 1873, d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Cox, Eleanor Hilma


Crick, Ona(b. October 30, 1907, d. May 17, 1982)
Crick, Ruth(b. March 09, 1910, d. October 24, 1995)
Crick, Walter(d. date unknown)


Cundieff, Jim(d. date unknown)


Curry, Emily(d. date unknown)
Curry, Huldie Elizabeth(b. 1875, d. 1943)
Curry, John(d. date unknown)
Curry, Jomar(d. date unknown)
Curry, Mary(d. date unknown)
Curry, Mary Emily(b. June 07, 1877, d. November 05, 1932) Includes Notes
Curry, Minnie(d. date unknown)


Curtis, Minnie(d. date unknown)


Daddyo, Josephs(d. date unknown)


Daugherty, Abbie Victoria(b. August 19, 1899, d. May 25, 1948)
Daugherty, Adel(b. September 09, 1905, d. Abt. 1908)
Daugherty, Albert W.(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Allen(b. 1823, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Alvin Lee
Daugherty, Anderson(b. June 12, 1821, d. January 09, 1897) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Andrew Jackson(b. November 28, 1848, d. August 22, 1920)
Daugherty, Armon Amanda A.(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Benjamin H.(b. July 17, 1840, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Bertha(b. May 24, 1894, d. October 25, 1966)
Daugherty, Bessie Ruth(b. August 12, 1924, d. February 24, 1972) Includes Notes
Daugherty, C. H. Jacob(b. May 02, 1819, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Charles Earl
Daugherty, Charles Glen
Daugherty, Charles Todd
Daugherty, Charlie Lee(d. Bet. 1942 - 1943)
Daugherty, Clyde Lee(b. August 24, 1904, d. March 19, 1980)
Daugherty, Dallas(b. July 14, 1926, d. December 16, 1930)
Daugherty, Darren
Daugherty, David Deloney(b. April 23, 1883, d. October 08, 1927)
Daugherty, David J.(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, David Marion(b. April 1855, d. February 27, 1918)
Daugherty, David Neal
Daugherty, Della(b. July 10, 1869, d. June 29, 1957)
Daugherty, Dennis(b. April 11, 1814, d. Bet. 1870 - 1880) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Diann
Daugherty, Dorothy Merle
Daugherty, Edgar A.(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Edmond(b. 1797, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Edwin Blair
Daugherty, Effie Jemima(b. October 10, 1895, d. September 06, 1931)
Daugherty, Eleniah M.(b. Abt. 1859, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Elias
Daugherty, Elizabeth Amanda(b. February 25, 1824, d. August 21, 1898)
Daugherty, Elizabeth Ann
Daugherty, Emily Sue
Daugherty, Emina Elizabeth(b. October 04, 1868, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Emma(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Emma Dora(b. May 09, 1873, d. September 07, 1922)
Daugherty, Emma Ophelia(b. December 18, 1890, d. February 10, 1969)
Daugherty, Emmett(b. May 22, 1892, d. August 06, 1933)
Daugherty, Eulis Robert(d. 1935)
Daugherty, Evelyn Joyce
Daugherty, Floy Catherine
Daugherty, Frances(b. Abt. 1860, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Franklin(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Freddie E.(b. February 15, 1904, d. June 10, 1905)
Daugherty, Freeman(b. January 03, 1898, d. June 21, 1899)
Daugherty, Geneva Elizabeth(b. May 19, 1909, d. November 05, 1988)
Daugherty, George Allen(b. December 20, 1931, d. March 26, 1969)
Daugherty, George Edgar(b. September 15, 1877, d. 1940) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Guy Emmitt(b. June 16, 1902, d. February 14, 1960)
Daugherty, H. B.
Daugherty, Harvey Henry(b. December 18, 1890, d. September 07, 1969)
Daugherty, Hazel Lula(b. October 20, 1905, d. October 06, 1997)
Daugherty, Henry(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Henry Houston(b. January 23, 1902, d. December 20, 1957)
Daugherty, Herman Lee(b. November 29, 1961, d. February 01, 1962)
Daugherty, Hubert(b. 1903, d. 1903)
Daugherty, Ida Belle(b. September 26, 1897, d. August 02, 1940) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Infant Son(b. August 17, 1905, d. August 17, 1905)
Daugherty, Infant Son(b. August 20, 1906, d. August 20, 1906)
Daugherty, Infant Son(b. September 17, 1907, d. September 17, 1907)
Daugherty, Infant Son(b. March 04, 1922, d. March 04, 1922)
Daugherty, Irving Walter(b. October 26, 1886, d. July 27, 1967)
Daugherty, Jacob Franklin(b. September 21, 1852, d. January 12, 1917)
Daugherty, Jacob O.(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, James(b. 1843, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, James Aaron
Daugherty, James Anderson(b. October 02, 1876, d. September 26, 1938)
Daugherty, James D.(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, James M.(b. Abt. 1856, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, James Martin(b. July 10, 1874, d. 1920) Includes Notes
Daugherty, James Olen(b. June 1898, d. December 06, 1946)
Daugherty, James Oscar(d. 1939)
Daugherty, James Walter(b. June 26, 1918, d. August 08, 1985)
Daugherty, Jennie
Daugherty, Jerry Ronald
Daugherty, Jim Dale(b. June 21, 1937, d. May 14, 1968)
Daugherty, Joe Abraham(b. February 14, 1878, d. February 07, 1961)
Daugherty, Joel Adam(b. Abt. 1855, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Joel Scott(b. March 16, 1828, d. May 13, 1894) Includes Notes
Daugherty, John(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Daugherty, John(b. June 06, 1817, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, John J.(b. Abt. 1839, d. Bet. 1861 - 1865)
Daugherty, John Jack(b. 1847, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, John Phillip(b. April 05, 1914, d. August 18, 1988)
Daugherty, John T.(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Joseph Almus(b. April 06, 1903, d. September 09, 1975)
Daugherty, Julia Catherine(b. Abt. 1858, d. Abt. 1928)
Daugherty, Karen Royce(b. July 25, 1952, d. July 25, 1952)
Daugherty, Laura(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Lela(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Liviton(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Locial Alene
Daugherty, Lonnie Jack(b. September 22, 1902, d. July 31, 1954)
Daugherty, Louise
Daugherty, Lumus Lander
Daugherty, Luther Joe(b. December 16, 1933, d. December 29, 1934)
Daugherty, Luther Lumpkin(b. March 19, 1907, d. September 22, 1966) Includes Notes
Daugherty, M. E.(b. June 07, 1877, d. November 05, 1932)
Daugherty, Malinda(b. Abt. 1825, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Marc Glen
Daugherty, Mariah Jane(b. July 07, 1847, d. April 16, 1916)
Daugherty, Martha Ann(b. Abt. 1841, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Mary(b. 1838, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Mary Alice
Daugherty, Mary E.(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Mary Grace(b. 1943, d. 1948) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Mary Jane(b. November 02, 1842, d. July 09, 1926)
Daugherty, Mary Jane(b. March 27, 1880, d. Abt. 1910)
Daugherty, Mary Linda
Daugherty, Mary Louella(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Melissa Jane
Daugherty, Merle(b. October 22, 1922, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Minnie Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Odie Marilla(b. April 03, 1908, d. December 10, 1995)
Daugherty, Olen Idell(b. January 08, 1920, d. January 12, 1979)
Daugherty, Phillip Thomas(b. August 18, 1870, d. December 23, 1924) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Ralph H.(b. December 13, 1933, d. July 19, 1986)
Daugherty, Raymond
Daugherty, Robert Leon(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Roberta Isilla(b. October 29, 1879, d. May 13, 1953)
Daugherty, Rocksey Ann T.(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Ronald Idell
Daugherty, Rose
Daugherty, Ruby Merle(b. April 09, 1948, d. October 14, 1989)
Daugherty, Rufus Marion(b. March 22, 1901, d. May 18, 1990)
Daugherty, Ruth E.(b. July 12, 1900, d. October 24, 1905)
Daugherty, Ryan
Daugherty, Sallie(b. May 18, 1903, d. June 07, 1904)
Daugherty, Samuel Roy(b. March 10, 1926, d. June 14, 1976)
Daugherty, Sarah(b. 1848, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Sarah Elizabeth(b. April 07, 1853, d. August 14, 1915)
Daugherty, Sarah Emily(b. April 15, 1830, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Sarah Jane(b. September 03, 1869, d. September 22, 1965) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Sean Michael
Daugherty, Susan C.(b. Abt. 1845, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Thomas(b. October 21, 1779, d. October 19, 1834) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Thomas(b. March 22, 1826, d. August 22, 1903) Includes Notes
Daugherty, Thomas J.(b. February 10, 1850, d. November 03, 1901)
Daugherty, Timothy Elnathan
Daugherty, Tom(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Troy Lavelle
Daugherty, Troy Lavelle
Daugherty, Troy Wardell(b. October 07, 1919, d. May 07, 1962)
Daugherty, Tubman(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Velma(b. March 05, 1912, d. April 03, 1984)
Daugherty, Vertis
Daugherty, Walter Eugene
Daugherty, William(b. 1836, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, William(b. Abt. 1845, d. Bet. 1861 - 1865)
Daugherty, William(b. Abt. 1871, d. 1905)
Daugherty, William A.(b. February 13, 1852, d. February 15, 1948) Includes Notes
Daugherty, William B.(b. April 1850, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, William David
Daugherty, William Edmond(b. October 15, 1832, d. date unknown)
Daugherty, William Herman(b. April 05, 1908, d. September 22, 1949) Includes Notes
Daugherty, William Houston
Daugherty, Willie(d. date unknown)
Daugherty, Willie Alvin(b. April 07, 1897, d. July 09, 1980)
Daugherty, Zachariah(b. January 1850, d. date unknown)


Davis, Leroy Green(d. date unknown)
Davis, Lynn Ann
Davis, Robert Coltart II

Dela Davis

Dela Davis, Cora(b. July 25, 1916, d. June 13, 1979)


Dewberry, Louise


Dewrell, Debra
Dewrell, Mr.


Dilburn, Mary Agnes


Doss, Elvin Payton
Doss, Mary


Durisck, Pearl


Elizabeth(b. 1820, d. date unknown)


Ellington, Zemly(d. date unknown)


Ellis, Arabella(d. date unknown)
Ellis, Maltonia(d. date unknown)
Ellis, William(d. date unknown)


Evans, Living


Fairchild, Leola L.


Fiandt, Emilie Kirsten
Fiandt, Evan Dallas
Fiandt, Jeffery(d. August 26, 1996)


Fogg, Martha(d. date unknown)
Fogg, Melaney(b. February 28, 1821, d. Aft. 1923)


Ford, Emma(d. date unknown)


Forrest, Hattie(d. date unknown)


Fortner, Loverne(b. November 01, 1905, d. December 31, 1983)
Fortner, W. Bennie(b. Abt. 1882, d. date unknown)


Foster, Cordelia(b. 1873, d. date unknown)


Foxworth, LaRay, Jr.


Frances(d. date unknown)


Fredrick, Jess Walter
Fredrick, Walter


Fulford, M. J.(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)


Gaddy, Lucy Frances


Gardner, Liddy(d. date unknown)


Gibson, Fletcher(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Jeremiah(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Maachal(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Gibson, Maachal(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Martha(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Ralph(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Susanah(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Thomas(d. date unknown)
Gibson, William Cafers(d. date unknown)
Gibson, Zachariah(d. date unknown)


Giles, W. H.(b. Abt. 1845, d. date unknown)


Glossup, Bamma(b. June 1880, d. date unknown)
Glossup, Jesse A.(b. October 01, 1870, d. October 08, 1871)
Glossup, John(b. January 1843, d. December 10, 1917)
Glossup, Joseph L.(b. March 25, 1874, d. June 30, 1874)
Glossup, Peachie Elizabeth(b. 1872, d. July 07, 1931) Includes Notes
Glossup, Robert E. L.(b. January 03, 1876, d. November 12, 1888)
Glossup, Sally(b. February 10, 1848, d. September 20, 1902)


Gordon, Elec(d. date unknown)


Grafton, Glenda Nell
Grafton, Jimmy
Grafton, Patty Sue


Griffin, Catherine Marnell


Grubbs, Annabel Lee
Grubbs, Hazel Virginia
Grubbs, Milton Elliott(d. date unknown)
Grubbs, Mister(d. date unknown)
Grubbs, Olive Lenell


Gurik, Husband(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Gurik, Martha A.(b. 1843, d. date unknown)


Guthrie, Jennifer Diane


Hagar, Agiah(d. date unknown)


Hagler, Adam(b. 1839, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Betsy A.(b. 1845, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Caroline(b. 1850, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Doncy(b. 1856, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Eddy R.(b. 1857, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Ellen M.(b. 1859, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Garrison(b. 1835, d. date unknown)
Hagler, George W.(b. 1844, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Jackson(b. 1840, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Martha E.(b. 1851, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Mary Jane(b. Abt. 1836, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Phillip(b. 1813, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Priscilla R.(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
Hagler, Sarah Katherine(b. October 01, 1847, d. February 02, 1916)


Hahn, Emily E.(b. 1838, d. date unknown)


Haley, Clara(d. date unknown)
Haley, Doris(d. date unknown)
Haley, Dorothy(d. date unknown)
Haley, Faye(d. date unknown)
Haley, Jeuveda(d. date unknown)
Haley, Joy(d. date unknown)
Haley, Maxine(d. date unknown)
Haley, Olivia(d. date unknown)
Haley, Warren(d. Aft. 1968)
Haley, Wilma(d. date unknown)
Haley, Winnie Hahn(b. 1908, d. 1968)


Hampton, Jessie(d. date unknown)


Handley, Calvin(d. date unknown)
Handley, Dewitt(d. date unknown)
Handley, Dodd(d. date unknown)
Handley, Don Melvin
Handley, John(d. date unknown)
Handley, Lee(d. September 15, 1979)
Handley, Lucas(d. date unknown)
Handley, Matt(d. date unknown)
Handley, Melvin Eulas(b. January 27, 1860, d. date unknown)
Handley, William(d. date unknown)


Hardage, Adam(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hardage, Annie Eliza(b. September 15, 1866, d. Aft. 1955)
Hardage, Charles Robert(b. August 16, 1861, d. September 21, 1921)
Hardage, David Jackson(b. March 14, 1821, d. January 01, 1901)
Hardage, Emma(b. March 14, 1821, d. January 01, 1901) Includes Notes
Hardage, Emma Antoinette(b. July 03, 1864, d. August 22, 1919)
Hardage, Frances Elmira(b. February 21, 1858, d. Bef. 1870)
Hardage, James Azariah(b. June 12, 1851, d. June 20, 1931)
Hardage, Joel Adam(b. January 07, 1850, d. November 21, 1917)
Hardage, John David(b. April 12, 1848, d. May 1878)
Hardage, Mariah(d. date unknown)
Hardage, Martin Ross(b. September 09, 1854, d. date unknown)
Hardage, Nanna Boyt(b. January 17, 1874, d. August 03, 1934) Includes Notes
Hardage, Sarah Ann(b. May 15, 1826, d. January 09, 1913)
Hardage, William Cleveland(b. June 27, 1823, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Hardage, William Thomas(b. September 27, 1846, d. July 1859)


Harley, Mamie(d. date unknown)


Harris, Daphney Overton(d. date unknown)


Hartley, Arlie Walter


Hathaway, Cy(d. date unknown)


Hawthorne, Daisy Julia(d. date unknown)


Heath, W. J.(d. date unknown)


Henderson, Dather(b. Abt. 1885, d. date unknown)


Hendrick, Henry J.(b. 1853, d. date unknown)
Hendrick, John B.(b. Abt. 1826, d. date unknown)
Hendrick, Mary E.(b. Abt. February 1860, d. date unknown)
Hendrick, Mathew(b. 1855, d. date unknown)
Hendrick, Sarah M.(b. 1854, d. date unknown)


Holland, James Pinkney(b. April 15, 1850, d. August 31, 1937)
Holland, Living
Holland, Living
Holland, Living
Holland, Living
Holland, Living
Holland, Living
Holland, Richard(d. date unknown)


Hollinger, Mattie(b. March 28, 1871, d. November 21, 1944)


Hoover, Pauline


Horn, Margie
Horn, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Hudgeons, Ellender P.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Hudson, Mr.


Jennings, Claude


Joiner, Caroline(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Cathy Dianne
Joiner, Charles(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Charles Jefferson(b. Abt. 1858, d. date unknown)
Joiner, Daniel Marlon
Joiner, David(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Edgar(b. October 27, 1895, d. December 18, 1982)
Joiner, Edgar Lamar
Joiner, Eleanor(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Emma(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Emma E.(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Ivey(d. date unknown)
Joiner, J. W.(d. date unknown)
Joiner, James A.(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Jane N.(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Joseph(d. Abt. 1833)
Joiner, Lillian J.(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Lou Ellen(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Louise
Joiner, Martha Loraine
Joiner, Nell(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Sally(d. date unknown)
Joiner, Sue
Joiner, Terry Alan
Joiner, William Keith
Joiner, William M.(b. June 14, 1823, d. Abt. 1900)
Joiner, William Ray


Jolley, Henry


Jones, Earl(b. November 30, 1903, d. August 31, 1979) Includes Notes
Jones, Ercel(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Jones, Frances A.(b. August 1855, d. 1922)
Jones, Hurley
Jones, Irving Alexander(d. date unknown)
Jones, Isaiah(b. April 10, 1884, d. date unknown)
Jones, Izella(b. April 10, 1884, d. date unknown)
Jones, James McKay(d. date unknown)
Jones, Martha(d. date unknown)
Jones, Mr.(d. date unknown)
Jones, Willie Joe


Jordan, Bertha(d. date unknown)


Kendrick, Willie(d. date unknown)


Kerbow, John B.(d. date unknown)
Kerbow, Nancy Emma(b. 1854, d. date unknown)


King(d. date unknown)


Kjierulff, Anton Peter


Knowles, Dell(d. date unknown)


LaGrone, Ollie(b. 1899, d. date unknown)


Lakin, Joann
Lakin, Leann
Lakin, Rickie


Lancaster, Sarah(b. Abt. 1844, d. date unknown)


Landry, Adam Matthew
Landry, Brad Gregory
Landry, Gregory
Landry, Jennifer Lyn
Landry, Lindsay Elizabeth
Landry, Quinn Patrick


Lansdale, ?


Lasiter, A.C.
Lasiter, Billy Wayne(b. March 30, 1945, d. January 17, 1979)
Lasiter, Bobbie Ruth
Lasiter, Brown
Lasiter, Carl
Lasiter, Cleveland
Lasiter, Elisabeth
Lasiter, Eva
Lasiter, Floy
Lasiter, Howard
Lasiter, Irma Jean
Lasiter, James Benjamin(b. May 06, 1900, d. March 13, 1971)
Lasiter, James Benny, Jr.
Lasiter, James Benny, Sr.
Lasiter, Jess(d. date unknown)
Lasiter, Jim(d. date unknown)
Lasiter, Joe(b. August 09, 1896, d. February 20, 1966)
Lasiter, Joe Lee
Lasiter, Laura Ann
Lasiter, Lea
Lasiter, Linard(b. August 08, 1909, d. May 10, 1910)
Lasiter, Marcelle
Lasiter, Marion(b. October 1866, d. date unknown)
Lasiter, Marion
Lasiter, Mary Louise
Lasiter, Melvin
Lasiter, Nancy Carole
Lasiter, Obedith(d. date unknown)
Lasiter, Opal May(b. October 04, 1907, d. September 21, 1908)
Lasiter, Reba
Lasiter, Susan Frances(b. January 17, 1964, d. March 29, 1977)
Lasiter, Travis
Lasiter, Vera L.(b. November 05, 1903, d. October 15, 1904)
Lasiter, Voy Malcom(b. August 18, 1905, d. October 15, 1990)
Lasiter, William P.(b. January 06, 1898, d. March 01, 1902)


Lassiter, Carl
Lassiter, Elias(d. date unknown)
Lassiter, Frank
Lassiter, Marion(d. date unknown)
Lassiter, Payton(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Laster, Earnest B.
Laster, Grady Dale
Laster, Mildred
Laster, Willie Frank


Lauhon, Beda Bob
Lauhon, Belle J.(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Clarence(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Earl(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Edward Dale
Lauhon, Elizabeth
Lauhon, Estelle
Lauhon, Gerald
Lauhon, Grace
Lauhon, Harry Lee
Lauhon, Herbert
Lauhon, Joel Olen Emery(b. July 03, 1856, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lauhon, John M. F.(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Lola
Lauhon, Nancy M.(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lauhon, Olin(b. Bef. 1893, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lauhon, Philip Don
Lauhon, Roger(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Silas Eddie(b. Abt. 1880, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Lauhon, Silas Ruben (Dr.)(b. March 28, 1826, d. September 08, 1904) Includes Notes
Lauhon, William H.(d. date unknown)
Lauhon, Windell(d. date unknown)


Leggett, Byron


Lewis, J. C.


Logan, Irma(b. 1896, d. 1949)


Long, Father S.(d. date unknown)
Long, John Edward(d. date unknown)
Long, Mother S.(d. date unknown)
Long, William Jackson(d. date unknown)


Loveless, Benjamin Authur
Loveless, Robert Houston(b. Abt. 1897, d. date unknown)


Lovett, Ossie(b. 1879, d. 1947)

Mac Kelly

Mac Kelly


Maddox, John Claude(d. date unknown)
Maddox, Mr.(d. date unknown)


Married, Not(d. date unknown)


Marshall, E. R.(d. date unknown)


Martin, Alice
Martin, Elvie
Martin, G. B.(d. date unknown)
Martin, George(d. date unknown)
Martin, Guice(d. date unknown)
Martin, Hardy(d. date unknown)
Martin, Harmon(d. date unknown)
Martin, Harvey(d. date unknown)
Martin, Jeanette
Martin, Jesse Doyle
Martin, John(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Martin, Johnny M.(b. September 07, 1910, d. October 21, 1979)
Martin, Lois(d. date unknown)
Martin, Mittie Lee(d. date unknown)
Martin, Noel(b. August 26, 1905, d. June 04, 1981) Includes Notes
Martin, Oliver III(d. date unknown)
Martin, Oliver, Jr.(d. date unknown)


Mary Harriet(d. date unknown) Includes Notes


Mason, Emma(b. 1897, d. date unknown)


Mathis, Emily(d. date unknown)


Matthews, Andrew A.(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Cora(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Erma(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Jeannie(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Ruff(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Samuel(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Vietta Ann(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Willard(d. date unknown)
Matthews, Willie(d. date unknown)


McCauley, Nedra


McDaniel, Alvin(d. date unknown)
McDaniel, Elizabeth(b. 1811, d. date unknown)
McDaniel, Man
McDaniel, S. A.(b. February 14, 1890, d. July 26, 1981) Includes Notes
McDaniel, Sanford Ashford(d. date unknown)
McDaniel, Treavor


McDowell, Ellen(d. Abt. 1849)


McKinney, Alice(d. date unknown)


McVay, Edna(b. Abt. 1840, d. date unknown)
McVay, Henry(d. date unknown)


Messick, Harriet(d. date unknown)


Metcalf, Angela Carol
Metcalf, Thomas Blount
Metcalf, Tim


Mhoon, Margie(d. date unknown)


Miller, John Henry(b. Abt. 1868, d. date unknown)
Miller, John Henry
Miller, Lillie(b. 1897, d. date unknown)
Miller, Pearl(b. 1894, d. date unknown)
Miller, Vance B.(b. 1900, d. date unknown)


Mills, Etta


Montgomery, Ritchie(d. Bef. 1982)


Mooney, Nola E.


Murray, Eliza Ann(b. November 27, 1814, d. May 21, 1875) Includes Notes
Murray, James Bingham(b. April 21, 1805, d. October 05, 1847) Includes Notes
Murray, Mary(b. August 08, 1821, d. July 25, 1841) Includes Notes


Nabors, James L.(d. date unknown)


Neill, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Nelson, Carl(d. date unknown)
Nelson, Carl Raymond
Nelson, Helen Rose
Nelson, Jewell Ella
Nelson, Rena Mae


Notphelps, Nancy(b. 1854, d. date unknown)


Notsanderlin, Claudia M.(b. 1866, d. date unknown)


Owens, James Washington


Page, Arthur Lenon
Page, Vicey


Parks(d. date unknown)
Parks, P. G.(d. date unknown)


Parsons, ?(d. date unknown)
Parsons, Barbara D.
Parsons, Mosell


Peeples, Carl(d. date unknown)


Perry, Jane
Perry, Jesse


Peters, Jimmy Earl


Phelps, Ella(b. March 1890, d. date unknown)
Phelps, Elwood R.(b. 1884, d. date unknown)
Phelps, Everett R.(b. December 19, 1885, d. August 09, 1951)
Phelps, Gary
Phelps, Hazel Bell(b. August 09, 1911, d. June 02, 1987) Includes Notes
Phelps, Ida Mae
Phelps, J Alonza(b. February 05, 1857, d. December 04, 1924)
Phelps, James Ashton(b. March 22, 1917, d. April 21, 1961)
Phelps, Jimmy Elizabeth(b. November 1879, d. 1958) Includes Notes
Phelps, Joseph A.(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Phelps, Lamar
Phelps, Lonnie Vernon
Phelps, Rebecca(b. September 1883, d. date unknown)
Phelps, Roger
Phelps, Sherrill
Phelps, Vernon(b. August 20, 1886, d. December 09, 1934) Includes Notes


Piper, Maxine


Place, Earl Judson


PLasiter, Wife1(d. date unknown)


Poulson (Mister)(d. date unknown)


Poulson-Strong, Nancy(d. date unknown)


Powell, M.


Quick, Eddy(b. 1817, d. date unknown)


Rancier, Lilah Jean


Reed, Eunice


Reep, Bobby


Reid, William H. C.(d. date unknown)


Rice, Sally(d. date unknown)


Richards, David
Richards, Holly Nicole
Richards, Kari Lynn
Richards, Kathy Marie


Roberts, Alice Caldonia(d. date unknown)


Rogers, Janiece
Rogers, Stella(d. date unknown)


Ross, Carroll
Ross, Jesse(b. June 11, 1766, d. February 09, 1852) Includes Notes
Ross, Jesse Branham(b. August 23, 1814, d. date unknown)
Ross, Mary Jane(d. date unknown)
Ross, Nancy C.(b. April 03, 1835, d. date unknown)
Ross, Reuben N(d. date unknown)
Ross, Rickie Lynn
Ross, Robert Laron
Ross, Robert Leon
Ross, Sarah Ann(d. date unknown)
Ross, Skyler
Ross, William Memory(b. October 09, 1810, d. April 06, 1859)


Rotten, Sally(d. date unknown)


Rowe, Donna


Saffold, Hardy(d. date unknown)
Saffold, Henry(d. date unknown)


Sanderlin, Dudley Claude(b. November 17, 1903, d. date unknown)
Sanderlin, Ollie B.(b. 1859, d. date unknown)


Shaddix, Anderson
Shaddix, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Shaddix, James Lander(d. date unknown)
Shaddix, Lavon
Shaddix, Linnie M.(d. date unknown)
Shaddix, Mildred
Shaddix, Zeb D.


Sharp, ?(d. date unknown)


Shelley, Jim(d. date unknown)


Simmons, India
Simmons, J. P.


Sister, Nancys(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Slaughter, Charlie(d. date unknown)
Slaughter, Georgia Ann(d. date unknown)
Slaughter, Gladis
Slaughter, Nettie(d. date unknown)
Slaughter, Sarah(d. date unknown)
Slaughter, William(d. date unknown)


Slocum, Bonnie


Smith, Joseph E.(d. date unknown)
Smith, M.
Smith, M.


Spivey, Mr.


Stell, Dorothy (Lady)


Stone(d. date unknown)


Strader, Mary(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)


Suitor, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)


Sullivan, Natalie Michelle


Summerlin, Frances Addie(d. date unknown)


Swift, Gladys


Tanner, Sarah(d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Tanner, Sarah Ann(d. date unknown)


Tastet, Brooks Michael
Tastet, Grechen Michelle
Tastet, Shelly


Taylor, Margie(d. July 01, 1973)


Thomaston, Bertie Mae
Thomaston, John Thomas(d. date unknown)


Thurman, Cecil Allen
Thurman, Charlie Monroe(d. date unknown)
Thurman, Dolly(d. date unknown)
Thurman, Emma Dee(d. date unknown)
Thurman, Gracie(d. date unknown)
Thurman, Jim(b. August 05, 1904, d. November 09, 1966)
Thurman, Perkin(d. date unknown)
Thurman, Richard Perkin(b. October 18, 1847, d. June 01, 1886)


Tidd, Sarah Catherine(b. 1835, d. date unknown)


Tom, Martha Louise(b. June 1839, d. February 19, 1891)


Tomlin, Azariah(b. August 17, 1810, d. June 17, 1890)
Tomlin, Mr.(d. date unknown)
Tomlin, Sarah(b. February 10, 1792, d. 1880) Includes Notes
Tomlin, W. L.(d. date unknown)


Trantham, ?(d. date unknown)
Trantham, Charles Kermeth(b. April 24, 1934, d. November 04, 1981)
Trantham, Elizabeth Marcelle
Trantham, H. M.(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Trantham, Louise California(b. September 19, 1874, d. June 02, 1953)
Trantham, Manna(b. November 23, 1862, d. August 26, 1945) Includes Notes
Trantham, Mary Chrystene(b. December 25, 1929, d. March 27, 1995)
Trantham, Zachariah(b. August 22, 1872, d. August 27, 1935)


Tulley, James J.(d. October 07, 1983)
Tulley, Julia Marie
Tulley, Mary Lovern
Tulley, Melissa Ann


Twitty, Harold(d. date unknown)


Unknown, Nancy A. V.(d. date unknown)


Veasey, Artie Mae(b. July 10, 1894, d. March 24, 1934)
Veasey, Conrad(b. May 20, 1910, d. October 29, 1973)
Veasey, Fannie Ann(b. January 14, 1857, d. August 21, 1925)
Veasey, Francis F. G.(b. Abt. 1855, d. Bef. 1923)
Veasey, Henry(b. 1903, d. Aft. 1920)
Veasey, James A. M.(b. Abt. 1823, d. date unknown)
Veasey, James Abner, Jr.(b. January 12, 1861, d. 1946)
Veasey, Jim Knox(b. October 17, 1896, d. October 06, 1964)
Veasey, Leonidas(b. Abt. 1867, d. Bef. 1923)
Veasey, Mattie Martha(b. February 22, 1854, d. October 08, 1941)
Veasey, Nollie Hazel(b. March 21, 1904, d. date unknown)
Veasey, Pearl Eugene


Venie, E.(b. March 20, 1888, d. date unknown)


Wade, Jennifer


Wallace (Mr.)(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Ann(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Brunice(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Caldonia(b. August 12, 1886, d. May 21, 1943) Includes Notes
Wallace, Guy(b. November 15, 1896, d. August 1973)
Wallace, Haywood Samuel(b. September 15, 1911, d. July 1985)
Wallace, Ida(b. February 09, 1909, d. January 1982)
Wallace, Janie(b. January 19, 1912, d. October 1973)
Wallace, John(d. date unknown)
Wallace, John David(d. date unknown)
Wallace, John Ruben(b. February 01, 1855, d. October 19, 1933)
Wallace, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Joseph(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Josiah(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Lavelle(b. February 21, 1920, d. June 21, 1989)
Wallace, Lavenia(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Living
Wallace, Living
Wallace, Living
Wallace, Living
Wallace, Martha(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Mary Alice(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Mary Alice
Wallace, Nancy Ellen(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Robert Louis(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Robert Preston (Jr)(d. date unknown)
Wallace, Robert Preston(b. October 08, 1828, d. February 13, 1861) Includes Notes
Wallace, Rueben(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Wallace, Ruth(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Wallace, Samuel(d. Bef. 1847)
Wallace, Sidney Emmitt(b. August 18, 1878, d. October 1915) Includes Notes
Wallace, Thomas(d. Bef. 1847)
Wallace, Thomas Preston(b. 1904, d. Abt. 1990)
Wallace, Venna Mae(b. Abt. 1908, d. 1955)
Wallace, Vera Ellen(b. Abt. 1914, d. Abt. 1996)
Wallace, Ware(d. date unknown)
Wallace, William(d. date unknown)
Wallace, William Preston(b. 1874, d. 1946)
Wallace, William Samuel(b. February 1853, d. January 1914)


Ward, Viola


Watwood, Carrie(d. date unknown)


Webre, Theodore H.


Wells, M.


White, Grover(d. date unknown)
White, Maggie(b. March 15, 1902, d. July 25, 1989)


Whitman, Rutha M. C.(b. 1832, d. date unknown)


Wicker, Lester


Wife, Second Jcurry(d. date unknown)
Wife, Unknown(d. date unknown)


Wiggans, Dicy(d. date unknown)


Wilson, Ava Cora(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Barbara
Wilson, Burt(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Claudie
Wilson, Gertrude
Wilson, Helen Marie(b. 1924, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Wilson, Larken(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Lud(b. 1858, d. date unknown)
Wilson, Lunie
Wilson, Macon(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Martha Loraine(b. November 23, 1900, d. August 1935)
Wilson, Shannon(d. date unknown)
Wilson, Talmadge(d. date unknown)


Wright, Dorae(d. date unknown)
Wright, Edna(b. February 16, 1907, d. July 31, 1992)
Wright, Edward David Taylor(b. March 16, 1879, d. 1955)
Wright, Eliza Ann(b. date unknown, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Wright, Elizabeth(d. date unknown)
Wright, Elizabeth(b. April 02, 1831, d. April 14, 1837)
Wright, Emma(b. October 30, 1859, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Wright, Florence(d. date unknown)
Wright, Florence(d. date unknown)
Wright, George T.(b. date unknown, d. April 04, 1842) Includes Notes
Wright, Jim Tom(b. November 01, 1901, d. December 24, 1981) Includes Notes
Wright, John Greenville(b. March 15, 1833, d. date unknown) Includes Notes
Wright, Mattie Lou(b. September 17, 1903, d. June 09, 1984) Includes Notes
Wright, Sally(b. Abt. 1860, d. date unknown)
Wright, Tillie
Wright, Unknown(d. date unknown)
Wright, Willia G(d. October 19, 1893)
Wright, William(b. date unknown, d. date unknown)
Wright, William Brock (Captain)(b. July 04, 1838, d. April 01, 1910) Includes Notes
Wright, William George(b. February 01, 1874, d. October 19, 1893)
Wright, Willie Mae(b. July 12, 1882, d. date unknown)


Yelvington, Clarence G.(b. March 06, 1896, d. April 17, 1964)
Yelvington, Glen Allen(b. February 19, 1932, d. September 03, 1934)
Yelvington, Kennie Ray(b. February 07, 1928, d. March 19, 1985)


Young, Bertie Lee(b. August 17, 1897, d. January 12, 1982) Includes Notes
Young, William Simpson(b. 1867, d. date unknown)
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