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Descendants of Henry Moulder

Generation No. 1

1. HENRY1 MOULDER was born Abt. 1683 in Hamburg, Germany, and died Abt. 1764 in prob Pennsylvania.

George B. Moulder was a descendant of John and Susa Swingle Moulder , Valentine (Felta) Moulder of 1776, Jacob of 1806 and his spouse Sarah Evans, and their son Jacob Moulder Jr of 1838, who was the father of George B Moulder.
note: for clarity- there are two Jacob Moulders of 1806-the second is the son of Henry Moulder Sr of 1768. This Jacob married Susanna Copley. Henry Moulder Sr was a brother of Valentine Moulder of 1776.

George B. Moulder was considered to be the authority on the Moulder family of America. His record, beginning with Henry of 1695 has been proven to be close to accurate, however his claim of Robert Moulder being the earliest known ancestor of this family has caused some doubt. Therefore, the record of Robert as a part of this family record was not included. Unless proven to be accurate, the following record, down to Henry of 1695, is for reference only.

                     THE MOULDER FAMILY HISTORY
                     ROBERT MOULDER
                     by George B Moulder
                     --assisted by--

Jacob my father, Victor Moulder, Smith's Grove KY; George C Moulder, Lebanon, MO; J McLean Moulder, Kokomo, IN; Julia Moulder Butcher, Knoxville, TN; W.S. Moulder, Philadelphia, PA
              --and many others---

compiled in 1933.
The first known person bearing the name MOULDER, we have been able to find in early American Records, is that of Robert MOULDER, of Marcus Hook, PA and to him all branches of the family in the U.S., with whom we have had contact, may trace their origin. Our knowledge of this man is mostly traditional, being handed down from Father to Son- He was thought to have been born about 1650. Of German or Tutonic origin. Spoke the German language freely but spoke English with difficulty. Worked as a sailmaker- Had three children as follows:

(1) Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Moulder, married Thomas Podrick, 20 Dec 1704, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester, PA. No other record.

(2) Benjamin, son of Robert Moulder, Marcus Hook, PA. Born 6 May 1688. Married Prudencia, daughter of Henry Reynilds, 1712. To them was born 4 sons:
       1. Joseph, "Sail Maker" born 4 Oct 1714, died 1779. Married Sarah Carlisle, who died 1791, age 75 years. Will recorded in book W. 175- Joseph was a delegate to Provincial Convention, 17 July 1774. Capt. Artillery, 3rd Battalion, Philadelphia 1775. Had 2 children: Mary- married Gerard Vogles 1783; Elizabeth married George Bright 1774.
       2. Benjamin Jr (1718). Had 1 son, John, who was commissioned to Armed Boat Hancock 22 Sept 1775. Resigned 10 Oct 1775. Held for treason 1776.
       3. Robert, married Mary Grubbs 16 Nov 1737.
       4 William, son of Benjamin Moulder born 1720, died 1798. Buried at Pennypack Baptist Church, PA. Will book 4 Page 31 conveys property to children. William was Delegate to Provincial Convention 15 July 1774. Commissioned 1st Lieut 15 Mar 1776 with Wayne at Ticondaroga. Married Hannah Smallwoods 3 Aug 1745. They had one daughter, Elizabeth, no record. William married 2nd wife, Mary Miller 16 Aug 1769 at the Baptist church, Philadelphia, PA. They had four children:
              1. Mary, married Brig Gen William Duncan 31 Oct 1792.
              2. Joseph, no record
              3 William Jr, married Martha Duncan, sister of Gen Wm Duncan, on 23 June 1791. Died 1835- Will book 11-523. They had one sone:
                     1. William Nicholson Moulder, born 8 May 1792. Died 7 Jan 1839, Washington. Ten children:
                            1 Eliza, born 1810
                            2 Martha, born 1812
                            3 Mary, born 1813
                            4 William, born 1814, Washington
                            5 John Uhler, born 1818, Washington
                            6 Catherine, born 1820
                            7 George U, born 1821
                            8 Joseph J, born 1823, Washington
                            9 Charles Souder Moulder, born 1827. One son- James Bryant, who had one son: Benjamin, born 6 Sept 1886, Glendale, CA. His two children: John & Paul.
                            10. Andrew Jackson Moulder, born 27 Mar 1825. Died 14 Oct 1895. Superintendant of Public Instruction, State of California, 1856. One of the founders of First Regent University of California 1868. Five children:
                            1. Augustus, born 1869, San Francisco
                            2. Hamilton L, born 1876
                            3. Andrew, born 1881, CA
                            4. Charlotte Nichols, born CA
                            5. Louise, born CA

(3) Henry, son of Robert Moulder, was born about 1695. He migrated from Germany to America with his family consisting of at least three young sons: Lewis, John, and Valentine. Settled on a farm "near Philadelphia" in the same neighborhood with his father. Here his three sons grew to manhood, married and moved away.

This account of Henry and the relationship between him and Robert is closely interlocked with family tradition and is accepted by the writers of this history as probably the most authentic story of our early ancestors we will ever have. (We know the children, but not the parents). To Henry was born three sons, Lewis, John, and Valentine.
       1. Lewis, son of Henry Moulder, born in Germany, 1730. Migrated to America "when a child" with his father and two brothers, probably others, settled on a farm "near Philadelphia" with his father's family and grew to manhood there. Married Miss Swingle (sister of his brother John's wife) who was purchased when a child "for her passage" by Lewis from the masters of an incoming ship on the docks of Philadelphia and properly reared on Henry's farm. The family of Lewis settled near Lancaster, County, PA and was finally separated from other members of his family. The US Census of 1790 enumerates in Lancaster County PA the following, said to be sons of Lewis Moulder (Moler): 1-John Moler, 6 sons; 2-Jacob Moler, 3 sons; 3-Peter Moler, York, PA, 1 son; 4- Benjamin Moler, 3 sons; 5-Casper Moler, Bedford, PA, 1 son; 6- Henry Molder, no issue.

       3. Valentine, son of Henry Moulder, was born about 1735 in Germany. Migrated to America "when a child" with his father and two brothers, Lewis and John, and probably others. Settled on a farm with his family "near Philadelphia" , grew and married there. "Before the Revolution" (about 1770) Valentine and John, with their families migrated to North Carolina. leaving their brother Lewis in PA. Henry, their father, is not mentioned and was probably dead. Court records show in Rowan County, NC in 1778 that Valentine Moler purchased a tract of land in 1778 and that Valentine Moulder deeded the same tract to Eron Ellis in 1787. He then moved to Surry County, NC, about 60 miles away from John. The US census of 1790 enumerated in Surry County, NC Valentine Moler- 3sons under 16; 3 daughters. According to his brother John, Valentine was killed while riding in a horse race near Salisbury, NC in 1793. The families lost communications with each other in 1795 when John moved to TN.

       3. John, son of Henry Moulder, was born in Germany 27 May 1733. Migrated to America "when a child" Married Susannah Swingle who, with her sister when children "in the Old Country" were decoyed into a ship, locked up, brought to Philadelphia and sold "for their passage" to Lewis and John Moulder who later legally married them. "Before the Revolution", about 1770, John and Valentine, with their families (leaving Lewis in PA) migrated to NC. John settled on the Yadkin River, near Salem, now Winston-Salem, Rowan, or Orange County, where he remained about 25 years and reared his family of eight children. In 1795 he sold his farm in NC and moved with his youngest son, Valentine, across the mountains to TN. Settled in Powell's Valley, Grainger, now Union County, TN, where he and "Susa" lived alone in a cabin on the same farm with Valentine, but not in the same house and followed his trade as "cobbler and saddler" until he died in 1810. Susa died in 1833. Children of John Moulder all were reared in NC.
       1- Catherine, married Richard Penn- to Benford Co, TN
       2- Mary (Phillips)- VA
       3- Susa (Hendricks) -NOTE: George B erred- should be Susannah married Adam Sheek and they lived in Davie County, NC
       4- Elizabeth (Sheek) IN- NOTE- George B erred- Elizabeth married Isaac Hendrix and they lived in Scott County, IN
       5- John 1773 Jefferson Co, TN- no record
       6- Henry, b 1768 in PA died White Co, TN. Children all migrated to Georgia, Mississippi, and westward, except:
              1. Jacob, b in NC 21 Jan 1806, who settled in Bedford Co, TN.
                     1. Martha
                     2. William P- to Arkansas
                     3. Jasper, 1832- TN
                     4. Sara (Williams)
                     5. Mary 1840
                     6. Samuel K 1845, TN
                     7. Catherine
       7- Jacob, b 1775, NC. Orange Co in 1816- 10 children:
                     1. John 1805
                     2. Alexander 1808
                     3. William B 1813
                     4. Lewis 1817
                     5. Arch 1821
                     6. O.C. 1823
NOTE: Some dates differ from record by George C. Moulder. There were 11 children, five daughters not listed here.
       8- Valentine, son of John, b NC 25 Oct 1776. Moved to Grainger Co, TN 1795. Married Lavina Robertson 1798. Baptist Minister. Drowned in the Clinch River in 1833, 12 children:
                     1. Selina b 14 June 1799
                     2. George W b 5 Mar 1801
                     3. Susan b 7 Nov 1802
                     4. John b 19 Oct 1804
                     5. Jacob b 19 Dec 1806 (twin)
                     6. Rebecca b 19 Dec 1806 (twin)
                     7. Rebecca b 5 Mar 1809
                     8. Bettie b 19 Dec 1810
                     9. Vina b 7 Feb 1813
                     10. Felta b 308 Mar 1815\\
                     11. Rufus b 26 Nov 1816
                     12. Silas b 18 Jan 1819

NOTE- until the preceeding family record, but to Henry of 1695 is proven correct, it is recorded here for reference only. George B said that Robert Moulder was born about 1650 and that Henry migrated to America about 1740 and settled on a farm near his father. This would indicate that Robert was about 90 years old when he came to America. Possible, but does not seem likely. Also, take note how the given names are passed down, yet no one named their children Robert or Benjamin, which would indicate that Henry was not of the same line as Robert, perhaps the same tree, different branch. To further substantiate that Henry of 1695 was not the son of Robert, is the following letter and information from a family record from John F. Cope, 480 Rainer Dr, Philadelphia, PA 15239, written to Mrs Billie (Martha) Miller, copy sent to Marie Taylor:

24 Jan 1986
"there are a number of discrepancies, especially concerning the birthdates that lead me to believe the author of that MOULDER data sheet may have mixed more than one family together. I am enclosing copies of the original Moulder data I received from my grandfather's cousin several years ago. This information was compiled in 1966. Note that a transcript of the Moulder family Bible is included. A photostatic copy of the Bible record is in the Historical Society of PA Library in Philadelphia. In 1982 I had the opportunity to visit the library and inspect the Moulder Bible records (call No Gen/Ro II) pp 111-119. I can affirm that the typed transcript I am sending you is a correct transcription from the original, written by Robert Moulder, son of Benjamin. Because these names and dates were from Robert himself, I am inclined to accept them as probably correct. You may wish to send a copy of the transcript to the author of the data sheet you sent me. Mr. Cope's verision of the record of Robert Moulder:
Prudence Reynolds m Benjamin Moulder. Benjamin was the son of Jane & Robert Moulder, Quakers from England. Although there may well have been more children, only two have been documented from Jane and Robert.
1- Benjamin b 1 May 1688,
2- Thomas
Thomas Moulder had 3 children- Peter, Elizabeth and Deborah. It is not known when Jane or Robert died.

Benjamin and Prudence had five children:
1- Robert Moulder, b 1 Dec 1710
2- Mary Moulder b 13 Aug 1712
3- Benjamin Moulder b 4 Oct 1720
4- William Moulder b 30 Dec 1724
5- Joseph Moulder b 31 Jan 1729

Both William and Joseph served in the Rev War. Benjamin and Prudence made their home in Claymont, Delaware. Their son, Robert married first to Sarah Hewes, daughter of Wm. & Mary Hewes, Quakers who lived in Chichester, PA. Robert and Sarah had a daughter, Sarah who married Capt Nathaniel Falconer 7 May 1754. Their daughter, Prudence Falconer was born 27 Sept 1755. Robert married second, Mary Grubb, at Christ Church in Philadelphia. Mary was a six generation descendant of Henry Grubb, of Wiltshire Co, England.

John Grubb Jr m Rachel Buckley about 1708 and resided at Brandywine Hundred in New Castle Co, DE. Rachel is believed to be the daughter of a John Buckley who resided in adjoining Chester Co, from 1684 to at least 1697. They had eight children:
1 William Grubb m Lydia Hewes
2 John Grubb
3 Richard Grubb m Mary ?
4 Rachel Grubb m John Perkins
5 Hannah Grubb m 1st Richard Flowers, 2nd- John Wall
6 Mary Grubb 16 Feb 1715
7 Samuel Grubb m 1st Rebecca Hewes, 2nd, Lydia Baker
8 Adam Grubb m Mary Russell

It is not known when John or Rachel Buckley Grubb died. Of their children, only Mary's marriage to Robert Moulder on 16 Nov 1737 has been documented further. Mary was Robert's second wife and born him ten children:
1 Sarah Moulder b 5 Apr 1737
2 Rachell Moulder b 20 Aug 1738, m Charles Lawrence 23 Oct 1770 at Christ Church in Phil and had three children, Sarah, William & Charles
3 Prudence Moulder, b 6 Sept 1741 m Thomas Flower at Old Swedes in Jan 1758.
4 Hannah Moulder, b 21 Aug 1743 m 10 Dec 1759 to Thomas Moore
5 Mary Moulder b 23 Dec 1745 m Nehemiah Maull 19 Mar 1763
6 Lidia Moulder b 27 Jan 1747/48 m Richard Stead
7 Jane Moulder b 21 Apr 1750 d 31 Jan 1752
8 Jane Moulder b 8 July 1753 m 1st James Maull 16 Oct 1766, m 2nd Jacob Ford 6 Mar 1784 at Old Swedes in Wilmington, DE
9 Elizabeth Moulder b 23 Feb 1754/55 m John Taylor 8 Feb 1772
10 Robert Moulder b 24 Feb 1760

US GENWEB online records:
Quaker Naturalization records, 1761, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania- included on the list were:
Mohler, Henry              Lanc Co       1761
Mohler, Jacob              Lanc Co 1761
Mohler, Ludwick              Lanc Co 1761

George W. Moulder futher quotes Jacob, father of George B Moulder, from a letter that Jacob wrote dated 7 May 1897:

"The Moulders are of Teutonic descent, the ancient orthography being Muller, Mohlar, Molder and then Moulder. John Moulder and his wife Susa crossed the ocean about 1760. He leaving behind his sister Meta whose romantic adventures with the great musician Grofstock has found a place in history. One of the brothers, Otford Muller, who was a great musician, remained in Germany. As already stated, John and Susan crossed the water, settled first in North Carolina and finally in Tennessee, twenty four miles north of Knoxville and died there. His widow Susan survived him many years and my uncle David Evans remembers her very distinctly. They are now sleeping side by side at the old family burying place at the farm now owned by Nelson Yeadon near Traswell, Tennessee. They had sons Jacob, Felta or Valentine, and Henry. The family of Jacob migrated northward through Ohio and Indiana. I have never seen any of his descendants. The people of Henry crossed the Mississippi at or near Memphis and peopled Arkansas. I have seen three distinct branches of his family. Samuel, having settled near Carthage, Tennessee. They are just like the Moulders in features and faculty. Felta, or Valentine, remained near the old homestead, was a Justice of the Peace for 40 years and a very popular Baptist preacher. See his name in Benedict's History of the Baptists 1848. He was drowned in the Clinch River, Tennessee in 1826. He was in the water lodged upon a grape-vine still alive for twelve days before the body was found, and was buried at the high water mark in obedience to the then Eistenge law.

In 1878 I made a pilgramage to fatherland and saw the graves of John and his wife Susan also that of my Grandfather Felta at Sharp's Chapel, Tennessee. Grandfather Felta's wife Levina was a Penn. She survived her husband twenty seven years but her agony of suspense over the loss of her husband demented her mind and she remained partially though harmlessly deranged until her death. She was not buried beside her husband, but at the cemetery, now a very large one, at the old homestead of Valentine Moulder, three miles north of Maynardville, Tennessee. A State road runs over my grandfather's grave. Mrs. Sharp who knew the location came very near failing to find it. I found both grave stones, that of the foot being six inched below the surface while the head stone was visible. I did not replace but I set a stone four feet high at the head with his name roughly carved on it. Grandfather Felta's wife Levina was a direct descendant of William Penn.

They left twelve children, six girls, Selina, Polly, Susan, Vina, Bettie, and Rebecca, six boys, George W, Felta, John, Rufus, my father Jacob and Silas. The first second, fourth and sixth migrated to Camden County, Missouri in an early day where they propagated a numerous progeny, many of which being of wealth and influence. All the girls married in Tennessee. We have a swarm of relatives there who are able and are willing to entertain relation and who are proud of their noble ancestry."

       Children of HENRY MOULDER are:

  i.   LEWIS2 MOULDER, b. 1730, Hamburg, Germany; d. Unknown, unk; m. ? SWINGLE, Unknown, unk.

2. ii.   JOHN MOULDER, b. May 27, 1733, Hamburg, Germany; d. May 27, 1810, Grainger, now Union County, Tennessee.

3. iii.   VALENTINE MOULDER, b. 1735, unk; d. 1793, near Salisbury, North Carolina.

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