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Ancestors of Alfred Lester Gunter

      44. Joseph Allison, born 08 January 1753 in South Carolina; died 27 May 1828 in Smith Co., Tennessee. He was the son of 88. Robert Allison and 89. Elizabeth Scott. He married 45. Elizabeth 19 August 1809 in Orange, North Carolina.

      45. Elizabeth25, born 1753; died 27 May 1827 in Smith Co., Tennessee25.

Notes for Joseph Allison:
Joseph moved to Smith Co., TN, sometime before 1809.

His "Plantation," as it was referred to in his will, was located on the Elk Fork of Mulherin Creek near New Middleton, Tennessee.

As he had fourteen children with birth dates ranging from 1779 to 1820, it is most certain that Elizabeth was his second wife. His first wife is Unknown.

He married twice-The Honorable Samuel Allison was child of 2nd Wife. Joseph and family were members of the Garrison Fork Baptist Church in Bedford Co., TN.

Joseph Allison's will was found by Ora Allison. It was this document that provided the name of his wife and the names of his children.

Will: May 27, 1827, recorded 14 July 1828 in Smith County, TN., in Will Book 3, pages 9 & 10, in Carthage, TN.

Last Will and Testament of Joseph Allison:

In the name of God, Amen, I, Joseph Allison, being weak in body but of perfect mind and memory, but knowing the immortality of man that we are born to die, I first recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it and also recommend my body to be buried in a christianlike manner at the direction of my after named executor: Item the first, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elizabeth Allison, the plantation whereon I now live to have it during her widowhood, and also all my household and kitchen furniture of any description, also all my farming utentils sufficient to carry on the farm, also my negro woman named Fan and my negro boy Anderson, also my negro child Nancy, and at the death of my wife, Elizabeth,
I give the last named negro child Nancy to my youngest daughter Rebecca Allison. I also give my wife Elizabeth my stock of cattle, horses and hogs and sheep for her use and also toward raising her children and schooling them. I wish my executors to understand that my wife Elizabeth is to have all the before mentioned property while she remains my widow and inter marry I wish my executor to take all the property given by me to my wife Elizabeth and sell it at a reasonable audit and give my wife Elizabeth one third part of the proceeds and the balance to be equally divided between my children herenamed Lewis Allison, Little Berry Allison, Moses Allison, Samuel Allison. I also wish my executors to sell my negro boy Bill and equally divide the proceeds between my sons, William Allison, James Allison, Joseph Allison. I also wish my executors to settestll my negro boy Evans and divide the proceeds equally as follows: Thomas Allison, Franky Ashly, Patsy Stone, Jane Stringer, Betsy Brown, and Amy Hersil all equal. I also give my still and tubs and everything belonging to it to my wife Elizabeth and at her death or inter marry to be disposed of as the other property which I have given her and the procds divided in the same way and last of all I constitute and nominate and appoint my trusty friend, William Moores, my sole executor of this my last will and testament disannualing all former wills, legacies, bequeaths and executors by me made satisfying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament, in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and affixed my seal this 27th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty seven.

Signed and sealed and delivered his
in the presence of us Joseph X Allison
William B. Moores Mark
John H. Paschal

State of Tennessee - Smith County - Court of pleas and quarter sessions, May term 1828. Then the last will and testament of Joseph Allison dec'd was provided and ably proven in open court by the oaths of Wm. B. Moores and John H. Paschal witness thereto and on motion ordered to be recorded.

Jonathan Pickett, Clerk
of Smith County Court
Recorded 14 July 1828

The Goodspeed Histories of Madison County, TN. Originally publish 1887, reprinted from Goodspeed's History of Tennessee, 1972, proving South Carolina as place of birth.

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 3, Summer, 1980
Laurens County Estate Book A-1 (Continued from Vol. VIII, p.49)

SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Summer 1980, No. 3, p.145
Page 147: Abstracts of Legal demands against the estate of David McCulloch decd. Notes of hand on Daniel Wright, Jacob Penington, Dennis Lindsey, Pepoon & Otis, Thomas HOlder, Saml Thompson; proven accts. John F. Kern, William Roundtree, George Welch, John Wallace, Moses Halcomb, William Bowen, John McDowel, John Brockman, Daniel Wright, James McDavid, Joseph Allison, Hudson Berry, Rolley Bowens, James Higgins, Elisha Halcomb, William Hallums, Salley Stone, Robert Hannah, John Wallace, Lewis Duvall, John Dukes, John Wallace, Thomas Holden, Benjn. Wafford, Joseph Lyons, Patsey Wafford, Josiah Shuroon, Asa Wright, Holloway Power, Samuel Thompson, Burrel Thompson, William Rodgers, Frank Teff, James Allison, John Young, Robert Hand, Lewis Allison, William Mitchuson, David Ross, Edward Hooker. Daniel Wright, admr. Want of Assets £ 37 1

The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research
Number 1, Winter, 1980
Laurens County Estate Book A-1 (Continued from Vol. 7, p.225)

SCMAR, Vol. VIII, Winter 1980, No. 1, p.49
Pp. 96-97: An account of the Sale of the estate of David McCullock decd., sold 10 March 1791. Purchasers James Saxon, Daniel Wright, John Russel, Benjamin Warford, John Brockman, William Warford, James Allison, Joseph Lyons, Joel Liege, Joseph Lyon, George Spillers, William Parker, William Arnold, James Saxon, Benjamin Waford, James Saxon, William Warford, James Saxon, John Brockman, Daniel Wright, John Bowins, Bealy Lynsey, Daniel Wright, John Wright, Saml Thompson, James Saxon, Zadock Floyd, Robert Hand, Joseph Allison, John Creasy, Denis Linsey, Rolley Bowans, John Coker, Edward Pugh, Asa Wright, John Bowin, Joel Harvey, Jacob Pennington, Isaac Morgin, Fredrick Harman, Daniel Wright, Holleway Power, Wm Crow, Joseph Ellison, Joseph Howel. Total £ 105 4. 9.

Joseph Allison
State: SC Year: 1790
County: Laurens Image: 0262
Township: Unknown Township Roll: M637_11

ALLISON, Joseph Fam prop Gordansville, Smith Co TN 78 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.1, p. —Serial: ; Volume:

More About Joseph Allison:
Ancestral File Number: D04W-FR26

More About Elizabeth:
Ancestral File Number: D04W-GX26
Children of Joseph Allison and Elizabeth are:
  22 i.   William Allison, born 04 December 1798 in Laurens Co., SC; died 21 December 1876 in Jackson, Madison Co., Tennessee; married Mary Ellison 08 January 1818 in Middleton, Tennessee.
  ii.   Amy Allison, married (?) Harrell.
  iii.   Frances Allison, married Thomas Ashley.
  iv.   Patsy Allison, married James Stone.
  v.   Thomas Allison, born Abt. 1779 in Laurens Co., South Carolina; died Abt. 1837 in Lowndes, Mississippi; married (1) Elizabeth; died 1837 in Lowndes Co., SC; married (2) Lucy Ann Brown WFT Est. 1796-1825.
  vi.   Joseph Allison, born Abt. 1788; married Mary Lawrence Gehon, Mrs..
  vii.   Elizabeth Allison, born 14 April 1790 in Laurens Co. S. C.; died 26 March 1850 in Richmond, Ray Co., MO; married Thomas Brokenberry Brown 12 May 1805 in Rutherford, TN26; born 14 February 1787 in Culpeper Co., VA26; died 14 August 1872 in Richmond, Ray Co., MO26.
  More About Elizabeth Allison:
Ancestral File Number: 54KN-L226
Burial: New Hope Cemetery, Richmond, Ray Co., MO26

  More About Thomas Brokenberry Brown:
Ancestral File Number: 54KN-KV26
Burial: August 1872, New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery, Richmond, Ray Co., MO26

  viii.   Jane P. Allison, born Abt. 1794; married Elijah Stringer.
  ix.   James F. Allison, born 18 October 1794 in Laurens Co., S C; died 29 October 1877 in Dade Co., MO; married (1) Sarah Lee; born 1795 in Kentucky; died 1850 in Greenfield, Dade Co., MO; married (2) Jane Zumwalt Bryant.
  Notes for James F. Allison:
James "fought in the War of 1812 with Andrew Jackson and in the Black Hawk War." (See "History of Smith County" at p. 339)

  x.   Lewis E. Allison, born Abt. 1810; died Abt. 1885 in New Middleton, TN; married Martha J. Ballenger.
  Notes for Lewis E. Allison:
3 Dec 1870
Martha J. ALLISON \
vs. Divorce
Martha J. ALLISON filed for divorce and it was ordered by the court
that the defendant, Lewis ALLISON, be given until the first Monday in
March 1871 to file an answer. It was further ordered by the court that
defendant be enjoined from collecting, or dispersing, of any notes or
claims due for rents of the lands for the year of 1871, and that he also
be enjoined from going upon, to, or near, the house of Harris B.
BALLENGER where the complainant now resides, or, in any manner
whatsoever, of interfering with the complainant there or elsewhere.
Complainant shall execute an Injunction Bond in the sum of five hundred
dollars conditioned as the law directs. It is further ordered and
decreed by the Court that the Sheriff of Smith County take from the
possession of the defendant and deliver the same into the possession of
the claimant, namely: one bureau, one chest, one spinning wheel, one
bed, bedstead and clothing, three sleighs, and four chairs which
complainant owned before her intermarriage with defendant.. The bed,
bedstead and clothing have in part been made up since said
intermarriage. Complainant shall execute a bond with good security in
the sum of two hundred dollars to have said property forthcoming to
abide the final decree in this cause. It is further ordered by the
Court that the Sheriff shall deliver to the complainant two hundred and
fifty pounds of pork to be furnished him by the defendant within one
month of this date, or in lieu thereof, pay to the clerk of this court
twenty five dollars within said time. Defendant shall further pay to
the clerk of this court within said period of one month the sum of fifty
dollars as temporary alimony to aid complainant in her support, and also
the additional sum of fifty dollars in (illegible) of W. W. WARD, Esq.,
solicitor of complainant in the prosecution of this suit.

  xi.   Moses Allison, born Abt. 1816 in Laurens Co., South Carolina; died Abt. 1871 in Criddenden Co., KY; married Elizabeth (Betsy) Hughes; died Abt. 1868 in Crittenton Co., KY.
  Notes for Moses Allison:
Simeon, Samuel & Sallie McCoy died in childhood.

  Notes for Elizabeth (Betsy) Hughes:
"Elizabeth Hughes married Moses Allison, a farmer, carpenter and cabinet maker, in Smith Co., Tenn. They moved to Crittenden Co., Ky., soon after marriage. They moved back to Smith Co., Tenn., in 1852 or '53. In 1867 they again movede to Crittenden Co., Ky., where they resided the remainder of their lives. Elizabeth died in 1868, and Moses in 1871 or '72."

Source: Hughes Family and Connections

  xii.   Little Berry Allison, born 30 April 1817; died 08 August 1867 in Crittenden Co. Ky.
  More About Little Berry Allison:
Burial: August 1867, Union Cemetery, Crittenden Co., Ky.

  xiii.   Samuel Allison, born 30 June 1818 in Smith Co., Tennessee; died 01 June 1884 in New Middleton, Smith, TN; married Sara Angeline Washburn 01 January 1846; born 02 February 1828 in Near Brush Creek, Smith Co., TN; died 06 July 1871 in Smith Co., TN.
  More About Samuel Allison:
Burial: Macedonia Cemetery

  xiv.   Rebekah Allison, born 23 September 1820; died 01 March 1907 in Criddenden Co., KY; married Stephen A Farmer 03 January 1839 in New Middleton, TN; died 09 June 1877 in Criddenden Co., KY.
  Notes for Rebekah Allison:
Notes: Youngest child

  More About Rebekah Allison:
Burial: Farmers Cemetery

  More About Stephen A Farmer:
Burial: Farmers Cemetery

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