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Ancestors of Jonathan Craig Davis

Generation No. 7

      96. James Sikes, born June 17, 1815 in North Carolina; died May 07, 1879 in Stephenville, Erath, Texas. He was the son of 192. Jonathan Sikes and 193. Mahala. He married 97. Clarissa Clara Clayton.

      97. Clarissa Clara Clayton, born Abt. 1822 in Green, Mississippi. She was the daughter of 194. Unknown Clayton and 195. Unknown.
Children of James Sikes and Clarissa Clayton are:
  48 i.   William L Sikes, born April 10, 1842 in Lauderdale, Mississippi; died February 01, 1884 in Paluxy, Erath, Texas; married (2) Lou Vinia Mitchell September 25, 1879 in Erath, Texas.
  ii.   Mary F Sikes, born Abt. 1844 in Lauderdale, Mississippi.
  iii.   John C Sikes, born Abt. 1846 in Lauderdale, Mississippi; died July 05, 1953 in Stephenville, Erath, Texas.
  iv.   George L Sikes, born Abt. 1851 in Lauderdale, Mississippi; died April 06, 1920 in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas; married Annie E. Wood 1890.
  v.   Robert J Sikes, born July 24, 1854 in Texas; died April 30, 1924 in Erath, Texas; married Mary Fruzanna Birdwell January 10, 1889.
  vi.   C. L. Sikes, born 1862 in Texas.
  vii.   C. C. Sikes, born 1865 in Texas.

      98. Nelson Mitchell, born November 16, 1796 in Granville, North Carolina; died October 01, 1875 in Granbury, Hood, Texas. He was the son of 196. Mitchell. He married 99. Nancy Pond February 06, 1840 in Fayette, Tennessee.

      99. Nancy Pond, born August 24, 1817 in Virginia; died May 25, 1899 in Eastland, Texas. She was the daughter of 198. Pond.
Children of Nelson Mitchell and Nancy Pond are:
  i.   J Elizabeth Mitchell, born Abt. 1840 in Fayette, Tennessee; died July 30, 1868 in Texas.
  ii.   Laura Elizabeth Mitchell, born Abt. 1840 in Fayette, Tennessee; died July 30, 1868 in Texas; married James Carr March 01, 1877 in Erath, Texas.
  iii.   Issabella Mitchell, born Abt. 1842 in Calhoun, Arkansas; married J. T. Pince January 15, 1882 in Erath, Texas.
  iv.   Henrietta Mitchell, born July 22, 1844 in Calhoun, Arkansas; died November 17, 1885 in Hood, Texas; married (1) Thurman; married (2) John Wesley Bull January 20, 1884 in Erath, Texas.
  v.   Georgia Anna Mitchell, born July 04, 1846 in Calhoun, Arkansas; died 1922 in Morgan Mill, Eastland, Texas; married (1) William J Owens July 02, 1860 in Grandbury, Hood, Texas; married (2) J. H. Woodall August 19, 1886 in Erath, Texas.
  vi.   Arminta Mitchell, born October 10, 1848 in Calhoun, Arkansas; died June 16, 1932 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas; married John Hymen Johnson December 19, 1865 in Erath, Texas.
  49 vii.   Lou Vinia Mitchell, born June 04, 1850 in Quacheta, Arkansas; died April 15, 1930 in Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas; married (1) Cicero Newton Marlow in Erath, Texas; married (2) William L Sikes September 25, 1879 in Erath, Texas; married (3) Cecil L Marlow June 01, 1890 in Erath, Texas.
  viii.   William Nelson Mitchell, born April 16, 1852 in Calhoun, Arkansas; died June 26, 1928 in New Mexico; married (1) Mary Jane Beckett April 28, 1884 in SEVEN RIVERS, EDDY, New Mexico; married (2) Mary Jane Beckett Holliday April 28, 1884 in SEVEN RIVERS, Eddie, New Mexico.
  ix.   Thomas Jefferson Mitchell, born Abt. 1856 in Texas; died September 28, 1875 in Granbury, Hood, Texas.
  x.   Daniel Parker Mitchell, born July 11, 1859 in Erath, Texas; died February 14, 1921 in Eastland, Texas; married Nancy Evelyn Baker February 02, 1882 in Erath, Texas.

      100. Joel Johnson Meador, born November 26, 1821 in Anson County, North Carolina; died January 09, 1906. He was the son of 200. Obadiah Meador and 201. Alley Ann Johnson. He married 101. Sarah P. Melton 1846 in Mississippi.

      101. Sarah P. Melton, born 1829 in Alabama; died Abt. 1855.
Children of Joel Meador and Sarah Melton are:
  i.   William Pierce Meador, born May 22, 1848 in Pontotoc, Mississippi; married Mary T. Bush April 06, 1873 in Navarro, Texas.
  50 ii.   John Shelton Meador, born June 04, 1850 in Pontotoc, Mississippi; died April 23, 1931 in Erath, Texas; married (1) Mary E Metzgar October 09, 1873 in Navarro, Texas; married (2) Ina Adaline Lavina Metzgar April 29, 1875 in Navarro, Texas.
Children of Joel Meador and Susan Metsgar are:
  i.   Jacob Meador, born 1871 in Navarro, Texas.
  ii.   Thomas Meridith Meador, born July 11, 1873 in Navarro Co. Texas.
  iii.   Elizabeth Jane Meador, born September 07, 1875 in Navarro, Texas.
  iv.   L Meador, born 1877.
  v.   Esau Meador, born January 1880.

      102. John C. Metsgar, born 1815 in Virginia or Pennsylvania; died 1862 in Corsiana, Navarro County, Texas. He was the son of 204. Metzger. He married 103. N. Lavina Walters.

      103. N. Lavina Walters, born June 17, 1819 in Pennsylvania; died November 21, 1898 in Johnson County, Texas. She was the daughter of 206. George Walters and 207. Susannah Taylor.
Children of John Metsgar and N. Walters are:
  i.   Abraham Metsgar, born March 16, 1842 in Pennsylvania; died June 12, 1934 in Huckaby, Bosque, Texas; married Leona Frederick September 19, 1872 in Navarro, Texas.
  ii.   Susan N. Metsgar, born December 20, 1848 in Pennsylvania; died December 11, 1926 in Iredell, Texas; married (1) Joel Johnson Meador January 10, 1869 in Navarro, Texas; married (2) N. H. Allen May 31, 1889 in Iredell, Texas.
  iii.   Elizabeth J. Metsgar, born December 20, 1848 in Tennessee; died July 03, 1918 in Cleburne, Texas; married (1) John e. Odom; married (2) John L. Lott February 24, 1870 in Navarro County, Texas.
  iv.   Hannah J. Metsgar, born 1849 in Pennsylvania; married J. K. Ferguson April 04, 1872 in Navarro County, Texas.
  v.   Mary E Metzgar, born 1852 in Alabama; died 1874 in Navarro County, Texas; married John Shelton Meador October 09, 1873 in Navarro, Texas.
  51 vi.   Ina Adaline Lavina Metzgar, born August 29, 1856 in Alabama; died April 14, 1924 in Huckaby County, Texas; married John Shelton Meador April 29, 1875 in Navarro, Texas.
  vii.   Nancy Bell Metsgar, born 1857 in Alabama; married William J. Frederick October 21, 1875 in Navarro, Texas.
  viii.   William Henry Metsgar, born 1858 in Texas; died 1858 in Navarro, Texas.
  ix.   Sarah Catherine Metsgar, born June 1860 in Navarro, Texas; married Robert C. Wylie January 10, 1878 in Erath, Texas.

      104. Pendelton Porter, born 1818 in Indiana; died 1880 in Cooke, Texas. He was the son of 208. Guin Porter and 209. Rachel Daughterty. He married 105. Lidia Wade 1837 in Arkansas.

      105. Lidia Wade, born 1820 in Alabama; died 1880 in Cooke, Texas.
Children of Pendelton Porter and Lidia Wade are:
  i.   George G. Porter, born 1837 in Arkansas.
  52 ii.   Richard Carrol Porter, born January 30, 1839 in Arkansas; died September 03, 1900 in Cayaga, Anderson, Texas; married Martha Elizabeth Logston 1866.
  iii.   Caborn M. Porter, born 1840 in Arkansas.
  iv.   Missouri J. Porter, born 1844 in Arkansas.
  v.   William Pendelton Porter, born 1846 in Arkansas.
  vi.   Isaac A. Porter, born 1849 in Arkansas.

      106. Logston. He married 107. Mary A Berry Abt. 1844.

      107. Mary A Berry, born 1826 in Missouri. She was the daughter of 214. Milton Berry and 215. Martha.
Children of Logston and Mary Berry are:
  53 i.   Martha Elizabeth Logston, born July 09, 1840 in Missouri; died July 29, 1934 in Italy, Ellis, Texas; married Richard Carrol Porter 1866.
  ii.   Milton L Logston, born 1845 in Missouri.

      108. Samuel Robinson Milburn, born 1827 in Tennessee; died 1895 in Mountain Home, Baxter county, Arkansas. He was the son of 216. John Perlim Milburn and 217. Margaret (Peggy) Robinson. He married 109. Jane Elizabeth Buck August 12, 1847 in Greene County, Tennessee.

      109. Jane Elizabeth Buck, born August 27, 1830 in Monroe County, Tennessee; died Aft. 1880 in Ark/Tex. She was the daughter of 218. Jacob Buck and 219. Mary Moore McCray.
Children of Samuel Milburn and Jane Buck are:
  i.   Joseph G Milburn, born 1842 in Missouri; married Sarah A..
  ii.   John Wesley Milburn, born December 10, 1849 in Lawrence County, Missouri; died November 19, 1928 in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma; married Missouri Ann Hudgins November 07, 1872 in Tarrant County, Texas.
  iii.   Jefferson Milburn, born 1853 in Missouri; married Arispa.
  54 iv.   Jacob Samuel Milburn, born January 15, 1855 in Missouri; died September 02, 1894 in Wilson, Carter, Oklahoma; married Eliza A Williams 1879 in Cooke, Texas.
  v.   Rachel Milburn, born 1858 in Missouri.
  vi.   William Henry Milburn, born 1858 in Missouri; married Ella Williams.
  vii.   Mary Milburn, born 1863 in Texas.
  viii.   Joe Milburn, born 1870 in Texas.

      110. William M. Williams, born 1829 in Mississippi. He married 111. Cemtine Daniels July 17, 1859 in Mississippi.

      111. Cemtine Daniels, born in Mississippi.
Children of William Williams and Cemtine Daniels are:
  i.   Wesley T Williams.
  ii.   Walter T Williams.
  iii.   Wiley Williams.
  55 iv.   Eliza A Williams, born July 1856 in Alabama; died March 1915 in Sentinel, Washita, Oklahoma; married Jacob Samuel Milburn 1879 in Cooke, Texas.

      112. William Gentry, born 1797 in Rockingham County, North Carolina; died in Tennessee. He was the son of 224. Watson Gentry and 225. Theodosia Poindexter. He married 113. Virginia B Campbell.

      113. Virginia B Campbell, born 1805 in Virginia.
Children of William Gentry and Virginia Campbell are:
  i.   Susan Gentry, born 1829 in Tennessee.
  56 ii.   Samuel William Gentry, born Abt. 1830 in Tennessee; died in Fayettville, Benton, Arkansas; married Mary Martha O'Taylor Abt. 1866.
  iii.   Mary Gentry, born 1831 in Tennessee.
  iv.   Camilla Gentry, born 1833 in Tennessee.
  v.   Jemima Grinna Gentry, born 1835 in Tennessee.
  vi.   James Gentry, born 1837 in Tennessee.
  vii.   Watson Gentry.

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