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*Hello to all our family and friends.We would love to hear from you! To search our tree click on Steve Davis intern family tree link below. (Remember to use F on your keyboard after it loads and search the alphabetical list) Please see the links below to view some of our family photos & also try to help us identify some mystery photos!
*We are Looking for any Reynolds (&Carrithers) family on Kristie's father's side: Joseph Reynolds Jr b. 1892 Letcher County, Ky; this Joseph is the grandson of Noah Milburn Reynolds of VA b.1808 and Mary Chaney(Stone)b. 1815. Noah's parents we think were from Maryland,a hint from a census. We believe our Reynolds family has roots back to Ireland and the original spelling was Mac-McReynolds. Kristie's grandfather had more than 11 siblings. His name is also JOSEPH Coleman REYNOLDS Sr, b. Nov 1847, VA; d. Nov 1930 in Lewis County, WA & buried in Claquato Cemetery; m. (1st wife) MARY MANERVA (MORGAN) b.1850,m.1868,in Letcher Co, KY; they divorced. "Nerva" died of TB on March 29,1905 in KY. (Grandpa's 2nd wife) HORTENSE Lee (Friley) married Grandpa in Millstone Letcher Co. KY; she was b. May 27,1861 Russell Co,VA, daughter of Rachel Lee & adopted by Isaac Friley of Roanoke, VA; Hortense d.1943 and is buried in Lexington KY Cemetery next to her daugher Marjorie Lee (Reynolds) Rogers. Joseph Reynolds Sr. had at least 10 kids: Albritton (?sp) died as a child, Morgan T. Reynolds m. Elmyra Johnson (a colorful character), Kentucky m. Joel Johnson, Maryland m. Spencer Johnson, Mary married Joel Wright (son of Devil John Wesley Wright and Ellen Sanders), William Cody Reynolds (Billy) of Pound, VA m. Clara Jane Whitaker (dau. of Mac Whitaker and Belle Haddon), Joseph Coleman Jr. b.1892 (Kristie's father) m. Carrithers, Finke, and Barrett, Augie m. Potter (lived in Oak Hill, Ohio), James M. Reynolds was in Detroit, Michigan in 1943, Marjorie Lee m. George Rogers, Amanda Reynolds (aka Manda Triplet, m. James Floyd "Strickland"(lived in WA State in 1943),David C. Reynolds died as a toddler unk.dates.
*We are presently searching for info on the children of grandma Hortense Lee (Friley). She had several children with "Buddy" Baker prior to marrying Joseph Reynolds Sr.: Elijah, Irvin, and Luther Baker are the living children listed in her 1943 obituary. The last 6 Reynolds children belong to Hortense.
*Our family tree also includes Kristie's mother's father's side of Barretts including Jacob Grant Barrett, Sr. and his wife Ann Huffman (aka Barbara Ann Hoffman) and their children Jacob Jr.(d 1911) and his wife Cassie Anne Perlina Ferguson (1870-1912). Looking for more info on these. Gerlings,Huots, are the surnames on my maternal grandmother's family. Gerlings are from Hille Germany near Minden.
*Cartwright, Wildenborg, Peters, Davis, Floyd, Sanford...
Are Surnames from my husband Steve Davis' side of the family. Steve was adopted by the Davis family.
*Looking for all the children of Michael L. Cartwright (Steve's natural father) Michael passed away before they had a chance to ever meet. See Stuart's website link for his ancestors. Steve only knows a few of his 1/2 siblings.
*Rose Marie Wildenborg was Steve's natural mother, who later married Leonard Peters. They gave Steve two great 1/2 sisters: Lanie & Rachel Peters. We miss Rose who died in a car accident in Richland, WA. December 2000 age 52; a wonderful lady.
*Steve legally adopted Kristie's two children but we would like to have the ancestry of the Saunders/Smith family.
*We have not started yet on Hadley & Vergara,names which belong to the family of Kristie's stepdaughters. Their mother is Karen (Hadley) Hall, daughter of Steve and Linda Hadley.
*THANK YOU Missy,Carolyn Bach,Maribell,George Kelly, David& Darlene, Stuart Cartwright, Geri Guzman, Michelle, Brian Caudill, Morris Swadener Jr., Sage, Barbara Burgess, Robin Bills, Janie, Jana, The Powers family, The Stamper family, Sherian, Crystal Collins, John's Realm, Patty&Lin, Ch
Chelan, WA Reynolds-Davis " Branches of our Family Tree"
Updated January 25, 2011

Kristie Lana Davis
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Family Photos

  • Christmas 1970 Kristie, Dad, Sage (Dixie) (41 KB)
    Kristie age 2 1/2 , Dad, Dixie age 5
  • Huckleberry Picking with our Dad & my mother's Dad (51 KB)
    Grandpa Lloyd Barrett, father Joseph Coleman Reynolds, sister Kristie Reynolds and Dixie (Sage)
  • Bob Reynolds teenager b. 1918 Chehalis, Washington (2 KB)
    This is a very tiny photo and only one I have of Bob at this age. I found this in a box of pictures and negatives belonging to Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. his father and my father~Kristie
  • Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. and his boys mid 1920 (52 KB)
    Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr b.1892 is couched behind his two young son's Bob and Jim. Laura Jane Bates is the grandmother to the boys according to Jim the youngest in this photo. He thinks she is the one on the far right.We are not sure who the other's are but I am pretty sure they must be family members.This picture was probably taken in Lewis County, Washington. Can anyone help us identify the others?
  • Death Record of Grandma Hortense Lee (Friley) Reyn (83 KB)
    Hortense is the daughter of Rachel Lee and Isaac Friley...she had children with "Buddy" Baker and my grandfather Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. She is buried in Lexington Cemetery and the informant on this death record is her daughter Margie (Reynolds) Rogers
  • American Airways Plane with J.C. Reynolds Jr. (26 KB)
    This photo was with other Alaska photos. Joe was a mining engineer and worked for the U.S. Smelting Refining and Mining Company Exploration Department near Fairbanks, Alaska in the late 1930's early 1940s. He is standing in front of the doorway of the plane.
  • Obituary of Hortense Lee (Friley) Reynolds (80 KB)
    This obituary was sent to me by the Lexington Kentucky Library. The father of the Baker children is known as "Buddy" Baker. would love more info on these Baker Children. Also looking for "Audrey" and James' children as well as Amandas.
  • Bob and Jim Reynolds eating watermelon on a wagon (36 KB)
    negative picture of sons ...we have another picture of one of the boys with their mother in this same yard
  • Photo of Hortense Lee (Friley) Reynolds (38 KB)
    This photo of Hortense was sent to me by her great grand daughter Missy who is the granddaughter of Marjorie Lee (Reynolds) Rogers. I am so grateful to find Missy this Thanksgiving season 2002 and hear the stories & the answers to many questions!
  • Coleman's second wife photo taken in Garden Isle (13 KB)
    Joseph Coleman Reynolds and Loyis E. Finke Reynolds daughter of Frederich Fink and Elizabeth (Russel) Finke. I am not sure where Garden Isle is...but this is what is labled on the back of this photo. The amount of snow and the clothing ....could be an Alaskan photo
  • Amanda and Margie Reynolds... Sisters (22 KB)
    Photo came from Missy who's grandmother is Margie Lee (Reynolds) on the left. Margie was born August 26, 1899 in Millstone Letcher County Kentucky to Joseph & Hortense. She married George Rogers KY. Amanda was born shortly after 1900 went to WA.
  • Miners in front of a bus with Joe C. Reynolds Jr (35 KB)
    Dad standing with other guys in front of a bus...maybe in Alaska...some of these men are shown working with him in other pictures mining for gold in Alaska, drege and strip mining
  • Millstone Kentucky Reynolds Girls (16 KB)
    Written on the back in Amanda's handwriting "at our farm on Millstone from Right Mira Reynolds, Mandy, Maryland, Margie and Martha Reynolds"
  • AT&SF train ? bet. 1944-1948 Joe Reynolds Jr. (36 KB)
    Joseph Coleman Reynolds b. 1892 worked for the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company between these dates... Joe Jr. standing by train. Woman is inside train in another picture I think is 2nd wife Loyis E. (Finke) Reynolds (daughter of Finke and Russell.)
  • June 21, 1928 Frederick Wilhelm Gerling my great g (49 KB)
    He was born in Prussia in what is now called Hille, Germany. He came to America at the age of 15, married in Manitowoc County Wisconsin and came to Oregon/Washington working on the sternwheelers which travelled up the Columbia River. One boat:the Okanogan
  • Grandpa Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. b 1847 d. 1930 (5 KB)
    this photo came from his great grandchild Missy Rogers (KY) I'm so excited to find her this holiday season...the best gift ever is family. Joseph is the s/o Noah Milburn & M Chaney (Stone) Reynolds
  • Early 1900 photo of children of Joe and Hortense (43 KB)
    5 Reynolds siblings to include baby Amanda, Margie, Aggie, James and Coleman (b.1892). I found this photo in Coleman's box of photos. In Fall 2002 we found Margie's family with the same photo. These children were living with Hortence Lee (Friley)and Joseph C. Reynolds Sr. in the 1900 Letcher County Ky Census...all but the baby Amanda was not born by 1900. Joe and Hortense married in KY 1901 after most of the children were born. Margie told the story about this photo. The boy James M. Reynolds had new shoes that didn't fit and is standing on a paper to keep them clean so they can be returned. They were in such a hurry for the photo that Margie put her shoes on backwards.
  • edwin zimmerman (30 KB)
  • Death Record for Margie Lee (Reynolds) Rogers (79 KB)
    Marjorie Lee (Reynolds) Rogers is the grand daughter of Noah Milburn Reynolds and Mary Chaney Stone and Rachel Lee and Isaac Friley. She is buried with her mother Hortense in Lexington Kentucky Cemetery.
  • Mary Carrithers and her brother 1901 Chehalis, WA (50 KB)
    children of Laura (Bates) and John Allen Carrithers Sr. Mary told Nancy Reynolds (her granddaughter) that he had his foot up because his new shoes hurt him. Mary married Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. in 1916 and had two boys (Bob b. 1918 and Jim b.1920)
  • Edwin Arthur Zimmerman b. 1933 d. 2003 (27 KB)
  • Mary Manerva Morgan's headstone (66 KB)
    Letcher Co, KY (photographed by Carolyn Reynolds webeenfishin@aolcom) Manerva is the first wife of Joseph Coleman Reynolds (1848-1930) You can find them as neighbors on the 1900 Letcher County KY Census. Children of Joseph and Nerva are: Morgan T., Maryland, Kentucky, Mary, and William Cody Reynolds. Manerva is my grandfather's first wife.
  • Sgt Edwin Arthur Zimmerman b. 1933 (38 KB)
  • military photo from Zimmerman Collection (21 KB)
  • Military photo of Edwin Arthur Zimmerman b. 1933 (26 KB)
    great grandfather of Mason James Zimmerman, grandfather of Patrick Edwin Zimmerman
  • Jim Lugenbuhle and Bill Gerling (William Walter) (38 KB)
    This picture was copied for me by Helen (Barrett) Nichols 2003 from the album in the possession of the Ulrich Family Via Gladys Powell. Jim Lugenbuhle ? and William Walter Gerling
  • 4 men,Fred Gerling and Mary (Mohle) Gerlings sons (38 KB)
  • Family of 1/2 sister Maryland Reynolds and Spencer (41 KB)
    Photo from cousin Jane Brookman. Thank you! I assume the boys are Cody, Edward, &William Jennings Johnson, daughers names were Pina Mae and Verna Lee Johnson. This baby must be Pina sitting on Maryland's lap.
  • 1910 Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma Census (93 KB)
    Joseph C Reynolds b. 1847 (son of Noah Milburn Reynolds and Mary Chaney Stone) Left Letcher County, KY sometime after 1903. He was Babtized in Crowder, Pittsburg Co, Oklahoma in 1909 and here he is found with his second wife Hortense and their Children.
  • Portrait of Mary Manerva (Morgan) Reynolds (11 KB)
    (thanks again to Carolyn Reynolds) This portrait made shortly before she died. We have a colorful story about Joe Reynolds Sr.'s 1st wife Manerva, & the 2nd wife, my grandmother (Hortense) brawled at the corn bin.
  • 1909 Baptism of Joseph Reynolds in Crowder Oklahom (51 KB)
    This photo came from Joseph's great grand daughter who lives in Kentucky. Grand daughter of Margie and George Rogers. Her photo is much clearer than what is posted here. Joseph Lost his farm in OK, moved to WA State then back to Letcher County,KY by 1920.We found them on the Canadian, Pittsburg Co, Oklahoma 1910 Census
  • Morgan and daughter Alka he married Myra Johnson (29 KB)
    This picture owned by Christine Reynolds They say Morgan is the eldest son of my grandfather,Joseph C. Reynolds Sr., Morgan is a colorful fellow as well and is mentioned in the Reynolds/Wright feud by grandpa's nephew Noah M. Reynolds. See the link to this tall tale.
  • Headstone of Morgan and Myra (Johnson) Reynolds (62 KB)
    Photo came from Carolyn (Rogers) Reynolds who is from the line of William Cody Reynolds (Morgan's youngest brother, Billy). Morgan is the son of Manerva (Morgan) and Joseph Coleman Reynolds. Myra is the daughter of B.F. Johnson and Elizabeth Wright. I also have the photo graphs of these folks. ~Kristie Lana (Reynolds) Davis
  • William Cody Reynolds is my father's 1/2 brother (1 KB)
    Billy married Clara Jane Whitaker and I found photo's of Clara Feeding her chickens as well as two of their boys in my father's box of photos. I am so grateful to have these photo's identified and to meet his descendants. Thank you Margo and Caroline!
  • old homestead as seen in 2002 (33 KB)
    This is the home of Morgan T Reynolds and Elmyra Johnson Reynolds. Photographed by Carolyn Letcher Co Kentucky. The grand daughter in law married to Morgan Reynolds Jr. still resides here.
  • Headstone of my father's brother Billy Reynolds (78 KB)
    photographed by Caroline Reynolds ( William Cody Reynolds was buried behind the house in Millstone, Letcher County, Kentucky He was the son of Mary Manerva (Morgan) and Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr.
  • Joe Coleman Reynolds b. 1892 & Sam Berger (35 KB)
    Don't know anything about this Sam. On the back of this photo says "A large trout caught by Coleman and Coleman's friend Sam. The Hankerchiefs under the hats keep the mosquitoes from biting." (this might be in Alaska)
  • Clara feeding her chickens (Billy Reynolds' wife) (13 KB)
    This photo was found in a box of pictures belonging to Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. It is how we have originally identified Clara and Billy's family to ours! See children:Edwin and Bernard photo. Billy lived next door to my dad with Manerva Reynolds in 1900.
  • Death Cirtificate for Joe Coleman Reynolds Jr. (67 KB)
    this cirtificate says his mother's first name was Hortense, His sisters' death records say their mother is Hortense Friley.
  • Clara and Billy's boys Edwin & Bernard Reynolds (30 KB)
    Found in my box of photos this is Joseph Edwin Reynolds and Bernard T. Reynolds son's William Cody Reynolds and Clara (Whitaker). My father's nephews and my cousins!
  • Leota of Olympia (35 KB)
    Looking for information to Date this photograph and maybe learn the history of this riverboat.
  • unknown Reynolds family gathering ( early 1920s) (11 KB)
    This photo was taken in the 1920s. I don't know who this fellow is but he looks a little like my Dad's 1/2 sister Mary's husband Joel Wright.
  • Unknown "Crewman's Child" (41 KB)
    Her father was probably a miner. Again these photos were taken in the late 1930s early 1940s probably near Fairbanks Alaska. No name for this sweetie.
  • Sanders, Reynolds, Wright (42 KB)
    Ellen Sanders ,Mary (Reynolds) Wright and Joel Wright is far right. This photo came from Tim Robinson but we don't know how to thank the owner. Mary is my father's older 1/2 sister daughter of Mary Manerva Morgan and Joseph Coleman Reynolds SR.
  • Faith Creek , Alaska Jack's Drop Inn (32 KB)
    Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. (b.1892) I did find that there is a Faith Creek near Fairbanks Alaska. Joe was a mining engineer in AK but here he is on a road trip it seems. According to his mother's orbit he resided in AK in 1943.
  • headstone photo of Mary (Reynolds)and Joel Wright (11 KB)
    Mary is the daughter of my grandfather Joseph C Reynolds and his first wife Mary Manerva Morgan. Joel is the son of Ellen Sanders and Devil John Wesley Wright.Bolling Cemetery Pound, Virginia. Mary is my father's 1/2 sister~Kristie
  • Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. 1927 he died 1930 WA (36 KB)
    Picture of Joseph C. Reynolds Sr. of Virginia and KY. He had at least 10 children to include my Dad, Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr who was b. 1892 d.1978 They lived mostly in Letcher KY but also moved to Oklahoma around the 1910s. Grandpa was only in Washington a short time when he died. His wife died in Kentucky 13 years later.
  • Class of school children Chehalis, WA mid to late (33 KB)
    Jim Reynolds has his head tipped. He is sitting 3rd from the left, second row up from the bottom row. School Children in Lewis County, Washington.
  • Is this Jim second from the left? (38 KB)
    Four young kids laying on the beach...If this is Jim second from the left then probably is a Washington or Oregon Beach...Jim grew up in Chehalis, Washington
  • Uncle James about age 45 with nephew Jim b. 1920 (32 KB)
    Jim Reynolds b. 1920 identified this photo as himself and his Uncle James M. Reynolds b. 1895. This uncle is the brother or 1/2 brother of Coleman son of Joseph Sr. and Hortense Reynolds. These fellows would also be: my uncle and my hansome 1/2 brother. James lived in Detroit Michigan in 1943. I would love to find his family!
  • Bob and Jim Reynolds Eating Watermelon (29 KB)
    Sons of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. Bob was born in 1918 and Jim in 1920 Chehalis, Lewis County Washington. Their mother is Mary Elizabeth Carrithers.
  • Anyone recognize this sleeping beauty (28 KB)
    He looks a little like my 1/2 brother Jim Reynolds who was born 1920 but I just can't be sure. The photo seems older than the others is why I question this one.
  • Bob and Jim Reynolds about 1923 (36 KB)
    Robert Arthur Reynolds on Left was born in 1918 and his brother James Warren Reynolds was born in 1920. This picture was probably taken in Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington
  • "Caroline,Margie,Kathrine" Rogers Family (33 KB)
    Margie married George Rogers and lived in Lexington KY. I found her daughter and grand daughter fall 2002!This was a negative only for this one but "Caroline" and "Kathrine" were written on other photos of these same girls. Thank you cousins for helping me find my family!
  • Hortense &Joseph ReynoldsMarriage Cert1901 (33 KB)
    my sister Sage mailed this to me. Note that it was signed by KF Johnson in the home of B.F. Holbrook in the presence of Sol Hall and Reuben Potter.
  • My dad is on the left but don't know children (36 KB)
    This photo was probably taken on the Washington Beach. Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. is far left but I don't know who the children are.
  • Mary Hilda (Huot) Barrett holding baby ( her oldes (23 KB)
    Mary Hilda (Huot) Barrett daughter of Lincoln and Oma (Gerling) Huot is probably holding her eldest son & if so this picture is dated around 1934; probably in Blaine, Whatcom County, Washington.
  • My father and Mammoth Tusk while Mining in Alaska (24 KB)
    While working for the Unites States Smelting Refining and mining Comany Exploration Dept. out of Fairbanks Alaska using water cannons to remove soild uncovered many fossils and bones
  • Fred W. A. and Ella Gerling (39 KB)
    This picture was taken in Silver City, Idaho and was copied for me by my Aunt Helen (Barrett) Nichols. My maternal grandmother 's sister's family has the originals. Fred born 1873 Celilo Oregon.
  • Kristie on Kino with her father Joseph Reynolds (25 KB)
    Photo taken in Montana. This is me and my Dad. Yes he was an older fellow (Dad b. 1892 & I was born 1968) but always active and gave us a great time. He loved to camp, hunt, garden, ride and breed horses and more. A great guy, I sure miss him.
  • Oldest son of Fred andElla Gerling (41 KB)
    This picture was copied for me by Helen Nichols August 2003 from the photo collectiion of my grandmother's sister's family. The ink on the identification of this photo is red in color and is much newer than pic. Fritz had a sister Margerite.
  • James Floyd Strickand in Randle, WA with my father (43 KB)
    Joseph C Reynolds Jr.'s sister Amanda married James Floyd Strickland. I sure would like to find this family or hope they find us soon!
  • "Fred W. A. Gerling" Owyhee County Idaho (36 KB)
    This is the oldest son of Fred and Mary (Mohle) Gerling. My family thought that this was a "dress-up" photo and not a military uniform. But I did find a"Fred August Gerling" listed on World War 1 Owyhee County, Idaho Civilian Draft also b. 13 July 1873
  • My Dad Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. b. 1892 d. 1978 (53 KB)
    This fellow is from Kentucky, my dad, He told me all kinds of stories. Including a song called "the preacher and the bear"which was also sung by a fellow by the name of Johnny Yonts with his "Tater Toe"....had a toe the size of a potatoe. A Letcher County Kentucky Fellow...I think I found Johnny's family too!
  • Goldendale WA Cemetery Oma (Gerling) & Lincoln Huo (55 KB)
    Headstone Photographed by Kristie Davis' kids in August 2003. Oma is the daughter of Frederick and Mary (Mohle) Gerling. Lincoln is the son of Kate and Joseph Huot.
  • Hair on his head is a joke, Dad was a lot of fun. (52 KB)
    Photo taken in Calway Ca . He shaved the hair from his chest and put it on top of his head for this picture! Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. b. 1892 work for the railroad at this time. He balded early and always made a joke of it.
  • Claire, Jim, Joseph C. Reynolds Jr, & little Craig (36 KB)
    this picture was taken in Lewis County, Washington...near Chehalis or Randle. Craig, the little boy in the photo, grew up and married Donnelle (Byam) and had two great boys Michael and Craig Jr.
  • Manson High School Fall of 1930 Lake Chelan, WA (24 KB)
    Archie Davis son of Minnie Pearl (Frantz) and Lucion Earl Davis is to the left of the boy looking sideways in the back of the group...he is in 8th grade...would like to identify the other Children. Manson, WA is located on Lake Chelan.
  • Boyd School Class spring of 1930 Lake Chelan, WA (32 KB)
    Mrs. Scott was the teacher of this one room school in Manson, WA. Archie Davis is left below the window... in 7th grade. His sister Hazel in the front row with black socks and high schoes...1st grade. Would like to identify the other children.
  • My Dad loved horses, Joe Coleman Reynolds Jr (38 KB)
    My father raised and bred horses in his latter years. We had 13 horses when we moved from Montana to Wenatchee, WA in 1972.
  • cemetery stone for Grandpa Joseph Coleman Reynolds (45 KB)
    Claquato Cemtery is located near Chehalis WA. Go west on Highway 6. It is just off the highway. Joseph Coleman Reynolds b. 1847 was the son of Noah Milburn Reynolds b. 1808 and Mary Chaney Stone b. about 1815. He had several older and younger siblings.
  • Amanda and her husband Floyd Strickland and family (35 KB)
    This photo is difficult to see but hoping Amanda (Reynolds) Strickland's family will be able to help me identify them and tell me all about them. This family lived in Randle WA and Chehalis. (Lewis, County)
  • tree for my Grandfather's nephews via Sara pt 2 (34 KB)
    This is from the family line of Joseph's sister, Sarah Ann Reynolds. Joseph Draper Reynolds is a very grand nephew to my grandfather. I am looking for input on what I have here. print it out (this is only 1/2 of it) and paste the two together. both 1/2s are on the homepage.
  • Bible from Amanda Reynolds to her brother (64 KB)
    This was scanned from a page in the Bible it says "From his sister Amanda" Sister or 1/2 sister we are not sure. This is Manda who married James Floyd Strickland aka Manda Triplett as noted in their 1/2 sister Mary (Reynolds) Wright's obituary and Mrs. Amanda Triplett was the informant on her father's 1930 Death Record. She was listed as living in Chehalis, WA in 1930. I din't know Amanda. Her name in this bible was my first clue and then we went from there. Still have not found her children or grandchildren by Jan 2003.
  • Part 1 of the family via Sarah Ann Reynolds Powers (35 KB)
    This is the other 1/2 of the Ancestor tree of Grandfather's very grand nephew Joseph Draper Reynolds leading up to his sister Sarah ann Reynolds. the photo is my grandfather.
  • Mary Jane and Robert Reynolds 1940s (32 KB)
    this is my 1/2 brother and his first wife Mary Jane (Coulson)I love this photo. They are in front of Mary's uncle's home.(?M.A. Kern)
  • May A. Courtway and two Huot children (22 KB)
    From Rick Powell : "May A. Courtway (Leon's Wife) with Gaylord Melvin Huot and ___Huot. Rick doesn'know who Gaylord Melvin Huot is." (I really think this picture is both of Amelia May' Huot's children. I found her buried in the Wenatchee Cemetery, WA
  • My elder 1/2 Brothers Bob and Jim Reynolds (30 KB)
    My hansome 1/2 brothers. Wish I had the chance to meed Bob.... but Jim and I met up in Sept of 2001. Jim was a fighter pilot in WW2, nice guy, and has a great sense of humor.
  • Leon Albert Huot and Amelia May (Courtway) (20 KB)
    Picture from a family book in the possession of my cousin Rick Powell. This is Amelia May Courtway and Leon Albert Huot. Albert is the brother of our Great Grandfather Lincoln Huot. Amelia's family is buried in Chelan Co, WA. Found burial Wenatchee City
  • Kristie's mother in 1963 (20 KB)
    Photo taken in Manson, Washington.
  • Klickitat County WA students w/Oma Gerling1900ish (40 KB)
    Cora Beeks,Mable Whitney, Sam Shell,Luella Beeks, Dora Beeks, front left Oma Gerling, Stella Whitney, Iona Richmond, Nels Beeks. It is possible that this is Sand Spring school district #24, Goodnoe Hills school, or school in Goldendale, WA. Original photograph in the custody of my grandmother's sister's family. This copy thanks to my Aunt Helen(Barrett) Nichols
  • 1966 My sister Sage aka Dixie Nona (Reynolds) (28 KB)
    I had to put this one up she is just so cute. She is the daughter of Joseph Reynolds Jr.
  • Ed Gerling School Ball team Klickitat County WA (50 KB)
    Ed could not speak nor hear. This photo was copied for me by my Aunt Helen Nichols and the original photograph was left with Gladys (Huot) Powell under care of the Ulrich family. We don't know who the other boys are. this is probably in Goldendale, WA 1890
  • 1 week old my little sister Ruthie Ione (Reynolds) (23 KB)
    Well my little sister is not so little anymore. She is married to a great guy. She is not a genealogy buff like me and my sister Sage are. But here she is the little darling.She was born in 1972 a premie and is our family miracle.
  • 1909 Baptism of Joseph Reynolds in Crowder Oklahom (51 KB)
    This photo came from Joseph's great grand daughter (of Margie Reynolds and George Rogers. Joseph Reynolds family was only in Oklahoma for a few years. This family might have a connection with James M. Bates who was a city Marshall in Crowder Oklahoma.
  • Mary Jane (Coulson) Reynolds 1943 Bob's bride (55 KB)
    This is the bride of my 1/2 brother Robert Reynolds. They had several children who I am told they may reside in Texas. I would love for them to find me! Thanks Elizabeth for emailing this to me. I love this photo.
  • 1900 Letcher County KY Census (1 page of Reynolds) (105 KB)
    Joseph Reynolds (My grandfather~ Kristie) is living with Hortense and children Coleman (my father), Aggie, James, Margie. Next door to his ex wife Manerva (with kids Mary and Billy) and also lives next to his eldest son Morgan T. Reynolds (and Myra (Johnson) and kids. I don't know why "Hotense" Lee is listed as a servant when she was the mother of the children. There has been some question to if she is Coleman's natural mother or the stepmother who raised him. Hortense didn't marry Joseph until 1901 long after many of the kids were born. Note that Hortense lived as a servant in 1880 with Henry and Rachel (Lee) Bates right next door to the same Joseph C.Reynolds when he was still married to Manerva (Morgan). Manerva's last son William Cody Reynolds was born in 1890 and Coleman born in 1892. So I assume Manerva and Joseph divorced between those dates.
  • Francis Matilda (Baker) Reynolds Headstone in Seco (45 KB)
    Picture sent to us by Tom Blevins from Letcher Co KY in Jan 2004. Thank you! This is whom I believe is the burial site forFrancis Matilda Baker who married William Henry Reynolds.
  • My GGgrandfather Frederick Wilhelm Gerling & Frank (22 KB)
    My mother's family: This baby is my Uncle Frank, the son of Lloyd Limuel Barrett and Mary Hilda Huot, my grandma Mary is the daughter of Lincoln Huot and Oma Gerling. My ggranny Oma is the daughter of this Fred W. Gerling b.6/21/1884 Germany d. 9/9/1935 Oregon m. Mary Mohle
  • Noah M. Reynolds 1808-1884 headstone Seco, KY (45 KB)
    Thanks to all, especially to Tom Blevins who photographed this headstone for us. This is the final resting place for Noah Milburn Reynolds husband of Mary Chaney Stone. He is our great grandfather.
  • 9/4/1904 Oma Gerling b.1885 m Lincoln Huot b.1877 (28 KB)
    Oma Carie Evalina Gerling was born in Goodnoe Hills, WA to (Germany) Fred Gerling and Mary (Mohle) Lincoln was born in Californina son of French Joe Huot and___________
  • Seco Cemtery Stephen N. Reynolds (47 KB)
    Photograph from Tom Blevins in Jan 2004 taken in Seco Cemetery Letcher Co KY. I believe this also is the son of Noah M. and Mary Chaney Reynolds. He would be my grandfather's brother.
  • Headstone of my mother's mother Goldendale, WA (21 KB)
    I took this picture when visiting the townsites during a Barrett/Huot family reunion in 1991 near Goldendale, WA. I just found out that Grandpa is not buried here with my Grandma Mary Hilda (Huot) Barrett.
  • SECO, Letcher Co KY cemetery Francis Matilda Baker (45 KB)
    Picture sent to us by Tom Blevins in Seco Letcher Co KY in Jan 2004. Thank you! she is the wife of William Henry Reynolds &daugher-inlaw of Noah Milburn Reynolds & Mary C. (Ston
  • Mary Hilda (Huot) m Lloyd Limuel Barrett May 1920s (31 KB)
    (Kristie's mother's parents) My Grandfather Lloyd Barrett was born in Roosevelt, WA and is buried in Aberdeen..was a schoolteacher. My Grandmother Mary Barrett is the daughter of Lincoln Huot and Oma (Gerling).
  • Seco Letcher Co KY Cemtery Martha Jane Reynolds Wr (57 KB)
    photograph from Tom Blevins. Hint for this burial sited posted on Letcher Co KY Website hosted by Brian Caudill. She is buried in same cemetery as her Parents She is wife of Sam Wright daughter of William Henry Reynods and Francis Matilda (Baker).
  • Mary (Huot) Barrett and my Uncle Frank (41 KB)
    My mother's brother, Uncle Charles Frank Barrett grew up and married my aunt Pat and they gave me 5 cousins. Here is little Frank standing at his mother's skirt in 1935.
  • Wilhelmenia Mohle b. 1827 Germany d. 1902 Oregon (32 KB)
    This picture was copied for me by my Aunt Helen (Barrett) Nichols August 2003 & was in thepossession of the Ulrich family/ Gladys Powell. Wihlelmina Mohle is mother of Mary (Mohle) Gerling this family is located 1870 CENSUS OF MANITOWOC COUNTY CENTERVILLE TOWNSHIP. She died in Portland Oregon
  • My mother's father and her sister Donna (Barrett) (8 KB)
    I bet they are camping near the Washington Beach ....clamming. Grandpa loved to take us to the beach.
  • Unknown Clyde and Dianne (38 KB)
    This picture was found in my father's box of photos. I am wondering if friends or family? Please help to identify.
  • My mother's sisteAunt Helen (Barrett) in the 1970s (19 KB)
    Aunt Helen, my girls just love your hairdo! My beautiful Aunt is a wonderful story teller...not only can she tell funny stories but she and her husband have encouraged me in my life journey.
  • Haynie schoolchildren about 1935 Washington State (38 KB)
    This is Haynie School. My grandfather Lloyd Barrett was school teacher. See him in the back. My uncle Frank is one of the babies in front. Looks like maybe an Easter egg hunt day?
  • My fathter's headstone Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. (35 KB)
    My father is buried at Purdy & Walters Floral Hills Cemetery; Snohomish County, near Lynwood, WA 98036 (lot s10 space 5 Azalea Garden) His headstone is located near a fountain.
  • Unknown Fellow holding baby Frank Barrett 1935 (35 KB)
    This picture was taken about 1935 I assume inside the Haynie School. It was with the same roll of pictures. My family doesn't know who this young man is but the baby is my uncle Frank.
  • My sister & me Horseback hiking in Montana w Dad (40 KB)
    Dixie, Kristie, and their father Joseph Coleman Reynolds (1970s)
  • Haynie School 1930s (30 KB)
    Edna Huot is Grandma Mary (Huot) Barrett's sister. She is Holding her nephew (Mary's first child ) Charles Frank Barrett in front of the school
  • Rose (Wildenborg)..... Steve Davis' natural mother (2 KB)
    This lovely lady adopted her son to Hazel and Ed Davis. She was reunited with her little boy when he wasn't so little anymore. But then her life was cut short in a tragic car accident in 2000. We miss her.
  • Headstone for Carl Detlev Suksdorf, Etta Huot's hu (69 KB)
    This stone is Located in the Goldendale Cemetery, Klickitat Co, WA. Carl Detlev Suksdorf married my grandmother's sister Etta Mae Huot.
  • Obituary for Rose (Wildenborg) Peters (29 KB)
    She died in Richland, WA when a necomer to the area was taking his son to a school sporting event and didn't see the stop sign. It was a tragic car accident. This was Steve Davis' natural mother.
  • Rob? Beeks, Ernest and Edward Gerling Goldendale (34 KB)
    The Gerling Boys are children of Fred and Mary (Mohle) Gerling photographed in Goldendale Klickitat Co WA early 1900
  • Steve's adopted mother Hazel Pearl Davis in 1924 (28 KB)
    This cutie is Steve's adopted mother Hazel as a little one.... she plays in here backyard in Plain, WA. This family later moved to Lake Chelan area where they remained.
  • Dora Beeks &Clara Mobley with my GGma Oma Gerling (44 KB)
    Dora Beeks and Cora Mobley with my great grandmother Oma;photographed in Goldendale, Klickitat County, WA around 1900. Original photograph in the hands of my grandmother's sister's family. This copy thanks to my Aunt Helen Nichols
  • Holding his daughter Hazel is Lucion Earl Davis (8 KB)
    This photo was taken in Gordon, Nebraska of my husbands' adopted mother Hazel Pearl Davis with her father Earl Davis. He married Minnie Pearl (Frantz) and they had 10 children
  • Headstone for Garritt Visser b. November 12, 1895 (40 KB)
    Tonasket Cemetery Transcribed by Maggie Rail, [] Thank You for the photo Maggie ! He was born in Heerenveen, Holland and died in Okanogan County, Washington U.S.A.
  • Death Cert. of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. b. 1847 (86 KB)
    Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. was born in Virginia and died in Lewis County, Washington s/o Noah Reynolds & Chaney Stone. Wife: Hortense. Informant: Mrs. Amanda Triplett. His residence listed 1 year and two months. He died at age 82 years 11 months
  • Martha Emma (Duchow) Visser 1900-1974 headstone (35 KB)
    Tonasket Cemetery Transcribed by Maggie Rail, Thank You! Martha was born Nov. 6, 1900 in Mt. Angel, Oregon and died in Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA. is buried with her husb. in Tonasket, Okanogan Co, WA & is the daughter of Julius &Bertha (Kohlermann) Duchow
  • Margie , Carolyn, & Virginia Catherine Rogers (29 KB)
    the Rogers family. Wife and children of George Owen Rogers the founder of the "oldest running restaurant" in Lexington, KY Margie is the daughter of Hortense and Joseph Coleman Reynolds. She is my father's sister.
  • Headstone of Mr. Anne Harman Visser & wife Louisa (50 KB)
    Immuel Lutheran Cemetery Transcribed by Maggie Rail, is located in Havillah, Okanogan Co., WA, wife's birthname is Lolkja Jempa. This family is from Holland/Netherlands.
  • Death certificate of Aggie (Reynolds) Potter (67 KB)
    She is the daughter of Hortense (Friley) and Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. Was born in Milstone, KY and is buried in Oak Hill C.M. Cemetery in Jackson, County Ohio. She was our Aunt. Grand daughter of Noah Milburn Reynolds and Mary Chaney Stone of VA. She is my father's sister.
  • Klickitat County WA Students about 1898 (51 KB)
    Luella Beeks, Oma Gerling, Glara Mobley, Dora Beeks, May Goss, front Nels Beeks, Ethel Goss (teacher in 1898) Edward Gerling, Cora Beeks, Leslie Long. Photo taken in Goldendale, WA. I believe this is Sand Springs School Dist #24, might be Goodnoe Hills.
  • ?Marjorie Lee (Reynolds) Rogers b. August 25, 1899 (26 KB)
    I have the negative of this one and is only a guess that it is my father's 1/2 sister I still have to confirm this one with her daughter.
  • Fred Gerling Babtism Certificate b.1840 OldGermany (47 KB)
    attempt to translate: Frederick Wilhelm Gerling son of Karl Frederick August Gerling & Louise Maria something Trentelmann born in/family of Hille #68 on the 21st of June 1840, recorded June 28, 1840 copy signed and certified by Pastor Schmidt in 1934
  • My father and Maybe his sister Margie (24 KB)
    I just am not sure but I do know the picture was taken in Kentucky. I need to confirm that this is Margie (Reynolds) Rogers with my father.
  • Davenport Iowa girl child Suksdorf Huot Gerling??m (13 KB)
    This photo sent to us by Rachel (Visser) Lotts a mystery to her immediated family... given to her mother by her Huot Suksdorf Grandmother. email other photos taken same local.
  • Caroline, Margie (Reynolds), Virginia K Rogers (33 KB)
    Nov. 2002 message from this family...yipee.."The picture you sent is of my mother, Carolyn Rogers Bach, my grandmother, Margie Rogers, and my aunt, Virginia Katherine Rogers"~ Missy
  • Cassie Ferguson and Jacob Grant Barrett Family (25 KB)
    Cassie b.1867 buried in Green Lawn Cemetery Los Angeles County, California. Died at 41 years of age. Jacob b 1867 is buried in Cleveland Cemetary in Klickitat County, Washington
  • Reynolds / Davis Bunch 2001 (42 KB)
    This photo was taken at Lake Chelan...our first Reynolds reunion since 1978...Jim Jr. Kristie, Samantha, Erin, father:Jim Sr. front is:Trista, Brandi, and Justin. Kristie and Jim Sr are 1/2 siblings! Both children of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr.
  • Grandfather Lloyd Limuel Barrett (22 KB)
    This is Kristie's grandfather on her mother's side. He was a school teacher. I have many fond memories of him taking us clamming on the Washingtion Beaches. He loved antiques and thrift shopping as well. I will always remember when he brought us a dog and we named him "Yo Yo".
  • Joe JrRiding for the the XL Ranch in Oklahoma 1914 (13 KB)
    "To Doris and Ione from your uncle Coleman" is what is written on the back of this picture. This is Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr 1892-1978 as he is about 21 years old. I am told that the XL is cattle ranch. Shortly after 1900, my (Kristie's) father moved with his parents and siblings to Oklahoma for a few years. They attempted farming in OK but failed then returned to Letcher Kentucky by 1920. You can find Joseph Sr. and Hortense Reynolds and kids on the Canadian, Pittsburg County Oklahoma 1910 census.
  • Jim Reynolds (Kristie's 1/2 brother!)on a pony (11 KB)
    This Kind of picture is typically taken by photographer who goes around the neighborhood and offers photos for payment. Bob and Jim both had their picture taken together (sometime in the 1930s?) ... this is the closeup of Jim from that photo. He says his brother Bob was mad at him because he didn't get to set on the pony for the photograph. Sounds like my kids!
  • Bob Reynolds (Kristie's 1/2 brother)b. 1918 (2 KB)
    this is a close up from a picture taken with his brother and father...he is the son of Joseph Coleman Reynolds and Mary Elizabeth (Carrithers)
  • Grandfather "Joe C. Reynolds 1927 Died 1928?" (32 KB)
    Handwriting on the back of this picture is of Darlene Dixie Marie Barrett...she says she went over these pictures with her husband Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. and he claims this is his father, ...James Warren Reynolds his grandson confirmed this in Sept. of 2000. He says his grandfather was buried near Aunt Amanda Stricklands' place in Washington. We found him in the Claquato Cemetery, Lewis County, WA. He died in 1930 not 1928. (Darlene thought he was buried near Aunt Margie Rogers' home in Kentucky but this is where we found his wife Hortense Friley Reynolds buried in Lexington Cemetery with Margie and George!)
  • gggrandma Cassie Anne Perlina Ferguson (1870-1912) (22 KB)
    This picture was copied for me by mother's family... thank you... it is of my great grandmother on my mother's father's side ~Kristie
  • Mary Mohle and Frederick Wilhelm Gerling family (29 KB)
    I assume the two younger boys are Frank John Gerling (b. 1887) and William Walter Gerling (b. abt 1891) as they are the only two boys younger than their sister Oma (middle). The men in back are Oma's brothers. Oma -my great grandma. Fred & Mary-her parents
  • Davis Parents who adopted Steve (22 KB)
    ED Davis b. September 24, 1917 in Tillamuck,Oregon and Hazel Davis b. in 1922 Gordon, Nebraska. After his mother died, Ed lived a tough life in a boarding school with his sisters. He married his wife Hazel (Davis)in Wenatchee, WA in 1942. Hazel was born to Lucion Earl Davis b. 1885 and Minnie Pearl (Frantz) b.1889. Hazel's maiden name Davis is of no relation to her husband. They adopted both of their son's: Steve b. 1965 and ED born 1960 and made their home in Chelan County, Washington.
  • Etta Mae, Mary Hilda, and baby Kristie 1968 (18 KB)
    Mary's sister next to Mary (Huot) Berrett who is holding Baby Kristie Reynolds in 1968
  • Mary Reynolds Wright (42 KB)
    Mary Reynolds daughter of Joseph and Manerva Reynolds married Joel Wright son of Devil John Wesley Wright and Ellen Sanders. This must be Ellen the older woman here with Mary and Joel. and I am told this is Rosa ? Harmon in the back? Need help to identify
  • mystery photo solved? Caroline Gerling Lawrence (12 KB)
    mystery photo from Rachel Visser Lotts labled as "Papa's sister Carrie St Paul Minn" a similiar photo (J. Scott) lists her as "Fred Gerling's sister Caroline Lawerence who lived in St Paul Minn"
  • SECO Store in 2003 , Letcher County, KY (64 KB)
    This is located on the Reynolds/Wright land and is presently owned by the Looney family as a winery and cute Bed and Breakfast. It was originally the main store for the SECO photo 2003 by Kristie Davis and Jim Reynolds
  • Noah Milburn Reynolds Headstone SECO, KY and me! (67 KB)
    Photographed in the SECO cemetery up Boss Hill Road by Kristie Davis and Jim Reynolds. Didn't find his wife Mary Chaney (Stone) Reynolds' headstone. It is a small cemetery but couldn't find it. Help anybody know where Mary Reynolds could be?
  • William Henry Reynolds Seco Headstone (110 KB)
    He is the son of Noah Milburn Reynolds and Mary Chaney Stone Reynolds and the husband of Frances Matilda (Baker) Reynolds. Member of 39th Kentucky Infantry. Buried in Seco. He was the brother of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr and Stephen Nathanial Reynolds
  • 1870 census Noah and Mary Reynolds with youngest (67 KB)
    Noah b. 1808 and Mary Chaney (Stone) Reynolds with their younger children John Christopher , Noah Milburn, Harvey George and Martha. Martha I am told died as a child but the other's went on to have families.
  • full 1900 Millstone Letcher Co. KY Reynolds census (138 KB)
    Our grandfather Joseph Coleman Reynolds with his wife Hortense and my father Coleman. Note the dates are incorrect. Living next door is Joseph's first wife Manerva and his son Morgan T Reynolds. William Cody Reynolds is listed with his mother and he is 9
  • Reynolds Census 1900 with Jonas Powers Millstone K (47 KB)
    Look! Jonas Powers age 80 is living with Manerva Reynolds. I believe this is the husband of Sarah Ann Reynolds Powers...Grandpa Joseph's oldest sister.
  • Michael Leroy Cartwright (Steve's natural Father) (5 KB)
    Thank you Stuart Cartwright for this picture of your uncle. This is Steve's natural father whom we never had the pleasure of meeting.
  • Kristie Lana (Reynolds) in! (28 KB)
    holding a Raggedy Ann doll in front of house in East Wenatchee, Douglas County, WA on corner of 19 th Street and Sunset Hiway at age 5 ~Kristie Lana Reynolds (b. 1968) dau of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr.(b.1892 KY) Grand daughter of Hortense Lee (Friley) and Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. (b. 1847 VA) great grand daughter of Mary Chaney (Stone) and Noah Milburn Reynolds (b. 1808 VA.)
  • Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. in Navy Uniform w Son (38 KB)
    Markings on naval uniform show that he is a radioman. Since he transfered to S2c before July 1921 we can estimate the date of this picture...probably baby Jim Reynolds who was born in 1920. The baby looks a little more like Bob. Robert Arthur Reynolds was b. 1918 child of Mary Elizabeth Carrithers. Joe's wife and children lived in Chehalis, Lewis County, Washtington during this time period. His training was in Seattle, WA.
  • Joe Jr. and 2nd wife, Moose hunt,Fairbanks, Alaska (32 KB)
    "Reynolds hogs a moose near Fairbanks, Alaska September 1943 1200#..... antlers 5'6"...The liver is in the bow of the boat and the carcas behind Joseph's 2nd wife Loyis E. Finke. #806 edible cuts of meat ..."
  • Mary Elizabeth (Carrithers) Reynolds (Joe's wife1) (33 KB)
    This photograph was identified by her son James Warren Reynolds as his mother. The photo was taken sometime in the late 1920s.
  • "Mary with son Jim" Reynolds early 1920s (20 KB)
    This photo was identified by the little boy in the photo. James Warren Reynolds b. 1920 and his mother Mary E. (Carrithers)Reynolds. The kids grew up in Chehalis, Washington. Jim has never been to Kentucky.
  • Bob Reynolds (15 KB)
    Bob is Kristie's 1/2 brother b. 1918. He joined the military and became a doctor. He and his brother did not stay in contact with eachother. I do not know his family but made email contact with relative to his wife's cousin's family for info on his children. Hoping to find them someday!
  • Reynolds Powers 1900 census (46 KB)
    Look! Jonas Powers age 80 is living with Manerva Reynolds. I believe this is the husband of Sarah Ann Reynolds Powers...Grandpa Joseph's oldest sister.
  • Grand Island Nebraska, Bob Reynolds Joe's 1st son (33 KB)
    "Taken in Grand Island Neb. waiting for a tire to come from chicago. Blew out the tube we had batched in Aurora. Note the "tread" on the left front tire." (Bob is carrying the Coca Cola?)
  • George Rogers Restaurant founded 1923 George (righ (30 KB)
    The door didn't have a lock on it until he had been in business for fifteen years and one Christmas Eve he had a carpenter nail the door shut so he could come home. Then he put locks on so he could close at midnight and come home.
  • "Well Dressed College Guy" Bob Reynolds 1940s (19 KB)
    "This picture was taken last year in a chemical lab at school. It shows what the well dressed college man is wearing : cords and a sweat shirt" written by Bob Reynolds on the back
  • 1910 Letcher KY Mary C and Joel Wright with Willia (77 KB)
    Billy lives with his sister Mary and Brother in Law Joel Wright. William Cody Reynolds and Mary C are the children of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr and his first wife Manerva (Morgan)
  • Bob b. 1918 son of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. (7 KB)
    This is the eldest son of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr. (1892-1978) and grandson of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr (d.1930). I was told Bob passed away around 1995. He is Kristie, Sage, and Ruth's 1/2 brother.
  • 1920 Wise County VA Census Billy Reynolds (49 KB)
    William Cody Reynolds and his wife Clara Jane (Whitaker) Reynolds with children. Billy is listed as a farmer at this time in 1920.
  • C. Frank Barrett as a baby with Unknown girl (39 KB)
    This photo taken about 1935 when my grandfather LLoyd L Barrett was a teacher for Hanie School in Washington state. We don't know who this girl is.
  • Charles Frank Barrett baby 1935ish with mystery gi (36 KB)
    This is a darling girl pushing my uncle Charles Frank Barrett in a carriage. Baby Frank is the son of Lloyd L Barrett and Mary Hilda (Huot.) He is the grandson Lincoln and Oma (Gerling) Huot, Jacob Grant Barrett and Cassie Ann Perlina (Fergusson) Barrett
  • Moving the Barn in Randle, WA (34 KB)
    This old barn was moved by Jim and Amanda Strickland with the help from Amanda's brother Joseph Coleman Reynolds Jr.. I think this photo was taken before 1950.
  • Baby Steve Davis...look at that pot belly (26 KB)
    This picture was found in Grandma Pearl Davis' wallet. Steve in front of a rose bush...
  • Strickland home probably in Randle, WA (45 KB)
    This is the home of Jim and Amanda Strickland and I think it is located in Randle WA. They lived in Toledo Wa in 1926, Fairanks AK 1935, and moved to Chehalis Wa in 1930s, eventually living at Mary's Corner. I am not sure when they lived in Randle WA.
  • Steve.... where he should be every weekend... (33 KB)
    Hunting in secret location ...we wonder if there are pheasants in Kentucky?
  • "Amanda's boy in Randle Washington" (20 KB)
    Photo Identified by his cousin James Reynolds as Jim Strickland the son of Amanda and Floyd Strickland. The dog's name: Juneau. I think this photo was taken in the mid 1950s. If the picture is newer then it would be her granson also named Jim Strickland.
  • Oma Gerling my great grandmother (46 KB)
    Daughter of Fred Gerling and Mary Mohle.
  • Kristie age 31 (26 KB)
    ...we were camping in the San Juan Islands
  • Younger Portrait of Joseph Coleman Reynolds Sr. (7 KB)
    this photo came from his great grandchild Missy Rogers (KY) I'm so excited to find her this holiday season...the best gift ever is family. Joseph is the s/o Noah Milburn & M Chaney (Stone) Reynolds. He lived in Russell County,Virginia; Letcher County, Kentucky, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, and Lewis County, Washington.

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