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Descendants of John Gentry

Generation No. 6

7. SAMUAL6 GENTRY (NICOLAS5, SAMUEL SR4, SAMUEL3, SIMON2, JOHN1)20,21 was born Abt. 1688 in New Kent Co. VA, and died Abt. 1789 in Pearson County, North Carolina. He married ANN ALLEN 1717 in New Kent Co., Virginia. She was born 1681 in Pamunkey Neck, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia, and died Aft. 1747 in VA.

Notes for S
University of Virginia, Digital Library;

Gentry, Samuel 22 Feb 1724 Hanover County
196a. On both sides of Beach Creek adjoining William Harris and the Land of Alves.

Patents 12, p. 145

Gentry, Nicholas-23 Decr 1736, Hanover Co., 400a. On both sides Dirty Swamp

Samuel and his wife, Ann, were living in Halifax County, Virginia in the 1730s, listed as living in Louisa County, Virgfinia in 1740s and in Lunnenburg County, Virginia in 1756 through 1761.
Samuel was living with his son Allen, in Casewell County, North Carolina in 1770, and is believed to have died abt 1789 in Person County, North Carolina

On July 30, 1742, about a year prior to the two gifts of land from Richard Brooks to his two Gentry son's-in-law (David Gentry and Nicholas Gentry), Samuel Gentry patented 700 acres on both sides of Dirty Swamp. The patent notes that 108 acres of the tract was "formerly granted unto one Richard Brooks by patent dated 7 Aug 1731, and by him sold unto said Samuel Gentry in 1750." Samuel grants 88 acres to his son-in-law, French Haggard, RIN 2438

According to Denny's research, Samuel lived in Hanover County (later Louisa), Virginia from 1723 until the 1750's when he began divesting himself of his lands in Louisa and moved to Lununburg CXounty, Virginia. It is believed that Samuel is the only son of Nicholas to move to Lunenburg County.
Children of S
12. i.   ALLEN A.7 GENTRY, b. 1722, Hanover County, Virginia; d. 1802, Halifax Co.,, Virginia.
13. ii.   DAVID GENTRY, b. 1718, New Kent, Hanover Co., Virginia; d. 1760, Johnston Co., North Carolina.
14. iii.   NICHOLAS GENTRY, b. 1720, New Kent, HanoverCo., Virginia; d. 1797, Surry Co., North Carolina.
  iv.   ANN GENTRY, b. Abt. 1723, New Kent Co. VA; d. Unknown; m. FRENCH HAGGARD, 1755, Fredricksville Parish, Louisa Co., Virginia; b. 1734, Prince William County Virginia; d. Unknown.
15. v.   JOSEPH G GENTRY, b. December 28, 1725, Hanover County, Virginia; d. May 1813, Surry Co., North Carolina.
16. vi.   RICHARD GENTRY, b. Abt. 1730, Hanover Co., Virginia; d. Abt. 1811, Surry Co., N orth Carolina.
  vii.   SIMON GENTRY, b. 1733, Hanover County, Virginia; d. 1792, Cumberland County, Virginia.
  viii.   SAMUEL JR. GENTRY, b. 1735, Hanover County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1800, Surry Co. N.C..
  Notes for SAMUEL JR. GENTRY:
Samuel was a cartwright. He built carts and wagons for the army from 1776 to 1781 Samuel Jr

  ix.   WILLIAM GENTRY, b. Abt. 1734, Charlettesville, Louisa County, Virginia; d. 1774, Surry County, North Carolina.

8. ELIZABETH6 GENTRY (NICOLAS5, SAMUEL SR4, SAMUEL3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born August 29, 1687 in St. Peter"s Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia, and died 1775 in Alabama. She married JAMES HAGGARD 1707 in Pamunkey River,St. Peter's Parish, New Kent,Stafford Co., Va, son of ANTHONY HOGARD and ELEANOR. He was born 1680 in Overwharton, Stafford, Virginia, and died Abt. 1779 in Fredricksville, Louisa Co., Virginia.

Notes for E
Baptised August 29, 1687, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia
(info fm Mack & Alice Dickey, Witchita, Kansas)

The Gentry's, the Haggard's and the Randolph's belonged to the Baptist faith whose evangelical teachings contrasted sharply with the sedate ritual of the Established (Anglican) Church. The Baptist for many years had been legally recognized in Virginia as a dissenting denomination, but they still had to pay taxes to support the Established Church. In the late 1760's, the Baptist preachers began a crusade from their pulpits for religious equality. Although there was still a large number of Planters in the Tidewater and Piedmont areas of Virginia who sincerely supported their Anglican Church, the mood in the colonies was changing. Religious as well as political freedom was welling to the surface.
Coming to the aid of the Baptist preachers, who had been arrested and jailed for speaking out, was the great orator Patrick Henry ( 1736-1799 ) who defended many of the preachers Additional support came in 1776 from Thomas Jefferson ( 1743-1836 ), a neighbor of the Gentry's and the Hagggard's, who presented legislation exempting the dissenters from paying the tax. Thomas Jefferson years later listed his statutes for religious freedom among his greatest accomplishments. Nathaniel Haggard was a signer of a petition for religious freedom submitted to the government at Williamsburg in November 1776..
Children of E
  i.   JAMES7 HAGGARD, b. 1709; d. Unknown.
  ii.   RICHARD HAGGARD, b. 1711; d. Unknown.
  iii.   WILLIAM HAGGARD, b. 1712; d. Unknown.
  iv.   JOHN HAGGARD, b. 1714; d. Unknown.
  v.   MARY HAGGARD, b. 1715; d. Unknown.
  vi.   FRANK FRENCH HAGGARD, b. 1716; d. Unknown.

9. NICHOLAS II6 GENTRY (NICOLAS5, SAMUEL SR4, SAMUEL3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born May 30, 1697 in St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia, and died February 20, 1779 in Abemarle Co., Virginia. He married (1) JANE BENAJAR. She died Unknown. He married (2) ELIZABETH STRINGER. She died Unknown. He married (3) MARY BROOKS, daughter of RICHARD BROOKS and ELIZABETH. She was born 1700 in Abermarle County, Virginia, and died 1797 in Abermarle County, Virginia.

Notes for N
Nicholas II Christened at St. Petersberg Parish, New Kent County, Virginia

The original home of the Gentry family was in the west end of New Kent county on Totopotony Creek. In 1720 New Kent was cut in tow and made Hanover and Loucia Counties.

Nicholas II owned land and was a farmer/ slave owner.

Notes for J
Jane (Jean Brown/Braxton)Benajar

Notes for M
Mary (Jane Martin)Brooks

Notes on Mary (Jane Martin) Brooks:
Some have Janes last name as Brown and some have it as Austill

Children of N
17. i.   ROBERT7 GENTRY, b. 1730, Hanover County,Virginia; d. 1818, Danridge, Jefferson Co., Tennessee.
18. ii.   BENAJAH GENTRY, b. 1733, Hanover County,Virginia; d. 1830, Abemarle Co., Virginia.
  iii.   NATHAN GENTRY, b. 1741, Hanover County,Virginia; d. January 03, 1831, Abemarle Co., Virginia; m. MARIANNA BLACK; d. Unknown.
19. iv.   MARTIN GENTRY, b. September 11, 1747, Hanover County,Virginia; d. April 22, 1827, Richmond, Madison Co., Kentucky.
  v.   ELIZABETH7 GENTRY22, b. October 14, 1731, Hanover County,Virginia; d. July 28, 1820, Westchester, Clark Co., Kentucky; m. NATHANIEL HAGGARD23, 1747, Albemarle County Virginia; b. November 21, 1723, Albermarle Virginia; d. August 21, 1805, Boonesboro County, Kentucky.
Of the ten children Elizabeth Gentry and Nathaniel Haggard had, Henry, Marin and James were Baptist preachers and their sisters, Elizbeth and Mary married Baptist preachers. Bartlet and David were twins, they were farmers as were John and Nathaniel 2nd. Jane, the other sister, married David Gentry II, her cousin.

Nathaniels house, hewn from cherry and ash logs, was still standing and in good repair in 1949, but was burned in 1979 by vandals. The house that Nathaniel built is pictured on the cover of the Kentucky Historical Society periodical, Vol 6, No. 3 of Jan 1971.
Nathaniel made his last will and testament on July 17, 1800 and this will was probated on August 25, 1806. It is recorded in Will book #2,p.200, Clark Co., KY.

Nathaniel's second wife was his first cousin. Nathaniel and Mary Hazelrigg has at least one child, possibly two. Martin, second son of maybe Mary's along with Henry H.
Nathaniel and Elizabeth had eight other children.

Nathaniel was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
The D A R Roster states that Nataniel (Nathan) Haggard was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence by citizens of Albermarle County Virginia, April 21, 1779. The original is at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond Virginia, placed there the year Thomas Jefferson became Governor of Virginia. (this may be fact, but it also may refer to the document drafted by Thomas Jefferson which protested the persecution of religious freedom in the colonies.)

Wood's History of Albermarle County, Virginia, page 365 states that Nathaniel Haggard was buried in a lot on Boonesboro Pike, two miles from Winchester and seven miles from Boonesborough Kentucky.
History of Albermarle County, Virginia by Edgar Wood shows the names of Nathaniel Haggard I and his son Martin were signers of the Virginia Declaration of Independance.

Burial: Unknown, Haggard Farm Cemetary, Clark County, Kentucky

20. vi.   MOSES7 GENTRY, b. 1722, Abermarle County, Virginia; d. 1808, Richmond, Madison Co., Kentucky.
21. vii.   DAVID GENTRY, b. 1724, Hanover County,Virginia; d. 1812, Richmond, Madison Co., Kentucky.
22. viii.   NICHOLAS III GENTRY, b. 1726, Louisa County, Virginia; d. December 13, 1787.
  ix.   MARY GENTRY, b. 1728; d. 1822; m. UNKNOWN HINSON; d. Unknown.

10. JAMES6 GENTRY (NICOLAS5, SAMUEL SR4, SAMUEL3, SIMON2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1706 in New Kent Co., Virginia, and died 1765 in Virginia.
Child of J
  i.   GEORGE7 GENTRY, b. 1732, Hanover, Virginia; d. November 05, 1810, Albermarle Virginia; m. ELIZABETH STRINGER; d. Unknown.

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