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Descendants of Thomas Sr. Willis

Generation No. 4

5. HENRY R.4 WILLIS (JACOB WISEMAN3, THOMAS JR.2, THOMAS SR.1) was born Abt. 1810 in North Carolina. He married NANCY PINGLETON February 22, 1843 in Gallatin Co. IL (book 1, page 223).

Notes for H
1st or original land office Grants by U.S. Gov. in Gallatin Co. IL, 1814-1876

Henry Willis      1833      Equality Township

Gallatin Co. IL Newspaper Abstracts, by Rebecca Shewmake:

Death - Clifford, six year old son of Henry R. Willis of Massoc Co. died after a days illness with spinal meningitis recently.

Children of H
  i.   WILLIAM5 WILLIS, b. Abt. 1835.
  ii.   MARY E. WILLIS, b. Abt. 1837.
  iii.   JACOB WILLIS, b. Abt. 1838.
  iv.   JAMES WILLIS, b. Abt. 1840.
  v.   CLIFFORD WILLIS, d. September 23, 1904, Massoc Co. IL.

6. LITTLETON WILLIAMSON4 WILLIS (JACOB WISEMAN3, THOMAS JR.2, THOMAS SR.1) was born Abt. 1813 in Logan Co, KY, and died December 17, 1879 in Massoc Co, IL. He married (1) RACHEL ANN EVANS August 11, 1836 in Gallatin Co, IL. (book 1, page 79), daughter of WILLIAM EVANS. He married (2) MARY BACCUS July 17, 1852 in Massac Co., IL. He married (3) MALINDA A. BRYAN August 24, 1869 in Massac Co., IL.

Notes for L
Massoc County IL Records:

Bankrupcy #335, march 13, 1868. A warrant in bankruptcy was issued against the estate of Littleton D. Willis of Brooklyn, IL

Joppa Cemetery
Willis, Jacob W. May 2, 1855 - Jan 10, 1912

Pell Cemetery, E. Brooklyn Precinct
Willis, Henry R. 1893 - 1968

Gallatin Co. IL
A John Crenshaw ran a store in Cypressville, IL. (later called Junction) The town burned to the ground, and after it was rebuilt, it was called Junction. John Crenshaw moved to (evidently bought) the Old Slave House in Gallatin Co. IL shortly before the town burned - obviously, as the old ledger from the store was found when the Old Slave House roof was being repaired years later. The ledger was dated from 1840-41 and had the following names that pertain to our family:

Littleton Williamson Willis
Archibald Willis
Children of L
  i.   HARRIETT A.5 WILLIS, b. 1838.
  ii.   MARTHA WILLIS, b. 1840.
  iii.   MARY A. WILLIS, b. 1845.
  iv.   NANCY WILLIS, b. 1848.
  v.   GEORGE WILLIS, b. 1850; m. MARY STUCKER.
  vi.   P.5 WILLIS, b. 1855.
  vii.   JANE WILLIS, b. 1857.
  viii.   SARAH WILLIS, b. 1858.
  ix.   SYLVESTER WILLIS, b. 1850.
  x.   CINTHANN WILLIS, b. 1862.
  xi.   JOHN WILLIS, b. 1865.

7. JACOB WISEMAN JR.4 WILLIS (JACOB WISEMAN3, THOMAS JR.2, THOMAS SR.1) was born Abt. 1814 in North Carolina, and died Unknown. He married (1) LUCINDA MCGEHEE, daughter of WILLIAM MCGEHEE and CATHERINE MCGEHEE. He married (2) ELIZABETH KIRK December 25, 1845 in Gallatin Co, IL. (book 1, page 278).

Notes for J
Some of the info on this Jacob Wiseman Willis is from Timothy M. Thompson of Belleville, IL who is a descendant of this line.
Children of J
  i.   WILLIAM5 WILLIS, b. 1835, IL; d. 1883; m. ANN ELIZA.
  ii.   THOMAS WILLIS, b. 1838, IL.
9. iii.   CATHERINE J. WILLIS, b. February 26, 1841, Gallatin Co, IL.; d. May 31, 1888, Carmi, White Co. IL.
  iv.   MARIAH (HANNAH) WILLIS, b. 1843, Missouri.
  v.   JACOB ROBERT WILLIS, b. September 13, 1852, Gallatin Co, IL.; d. September 26, 1889, Gallatin Co, IL. , Shawneetown; m. ALEMEDA WISEHEART, September 28, 1876, Gallatin Co, IL (book C, page 164).
We are assuming this is the wife of this particular Jacob Willis, because of the dates. The following was in the Gallatin County IL Newspaper Abstracts, Vol IV, Fri. Nov. 22, 1878. (by Shewmake, Shirley Cummins)
"The wife of Jacob Willis, dau. of John Wiseheart, died last evening at 7 pm."

8. DANIEL MULLIGAN SR4 WILLIS (JACOB WISEMAN3, THOMAS JR.2, THOMAS SR.1) was born August 8, 1826 in Butler Co. Kentucky, and died November 2, 1893 in Gallatin Co, IL, Crawford Cem.(book 7, page 182). He married (1) ESSIE?. He married (2) MARTHA J. EVANS May 26, 1844 in Gallatin Co, IL. (book 1, page 246), daughter of WILLIAM EVANS.

Notes for D
Daniel Mulligan Willis Sr. was born in Butler Co, Ky. (according to Civil War records) His parents, Jacob and Mary had moved to Ky from N.C. and owned land in Muhlenburg, Logan and Butler Counties. They resided there for about 10 years and then moved across the Ohio River into Gallatin Co. IL, Gold Hill township.

In Gallatin Co. IL , Daniel married Martha Ann Evans May 26, 1844, (Gal. Co. Mar. bk 1, p. 246) and they began a family of their own. They lived in a large 2 story brick house just west of Ridgway, that still stands.(1997) He was a farmer and Grain Mill Operator. When Daniel was 36 years old, he enlisted in the WAR OF THE REBELLION - we now know it as the "Civil War". Information at enlistment is as follows:

                  CIVIL WAR
Daniel Mulligan Willis B. Butler Co. KY, enlisted August 12, 1862. Assigned to duty as a private in Company K - 131 Inf. for 3 years - from Gallatin Co. ILL. Mustered in on November 13, 1862.

Transferred to Co. B and served til 1865 as 1st Lieutenant.

Description at enlistment:
Age - 36 years
Height - 6 feet
Hair - dark
Eyes - black
Complexion - dark
Occupation - farmer
Transfered from private to 1st Lt. Served under Capt. Fredrick Sollars, who was a long time store operator at New Market.

Among others mustered in with Daniel on November 11, 1962, were: George W. and McDonald Rollman, Geo. W., Wm. J., Wm. C., John Wesley and Jacob H. Hise, Daniel and his cousin Robert J. Miner-or, all in 131st Inf. - Wm Rollman was in the 14th IL Cav. Soloman Hardin into Co. B. 1st IL Cav on 7-9-1861. (info obtained from Nellie Willis, Eldorado, IL - her source unknown at this time)

                  THE WILLIS SCHOOL
Daniel and Martha Willis were large land owners and donated land for the building of a school which was named "The Willis School" in their honor. The Willis School was located at the west end of the Ridgway Spur on Route 1 in North Fork Township. It was built in the late 1800's and dismantled by 1948.

The two story brick house that "Uncle Dan and Ain't Marthie" lived in is still standing, as of 1997. It is located west of Ridgeway across Hyway 1 and is visable from the hyway on the other side of a large crop field. The house is in remarkable good shape considering that it was built in 1850, and has had much neglect. I has been rented out for some years... present owner not known. They lived next door to John Crawford, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister.
                  *Probate Records*
Probate Record Book D, 1871 - 75
May 1, 1871
Guardian Bond
Daniel M. Willis, guardianship report of Francis Saul, Thomas Saul, and John J. Saul, minor children of James Saul, a late soldier in the U. S. Army. Explains proof of expense in raising children to receive pension.

Probate Record Book E, 1875-77
June 3, 1877
Daniel M. Willis, guardian of William B. Yarber. Also, comes Amanda Clark, late widow of Britton Yarber, deceased. Ruled in favor of defendant Daniel M. Willis to recover from plantiff Amanda Clark the sum of $432.53.

Probate Record Book E, 1875-77
Feb 1, 1877
Daniel M. Willis, guardian of Missourie E. Gaines, v.s. Thomas J. Tate. Plaintiff D.M. Willis receives judgement of $161.37.

Probate Record Book F, 1877-80
Daniel M. Willis, vs Davis dispute of administration of an estate involving minor children.

Probate Record Book H, 1884-1887
Oct. 30, 1885
Daniel M. Willis, receives judgement of $10.58 from estate of the late Joseph A. Lame.

                  Death and Cemt. Records
Daniel M. Willis, born 8 Aug 1826 - died 2 Nov 1893, age 67 yr, 2 mo. 24 da.

                  Settlement of Estate
Daniel Mulligan Willis estate, Jacob Willis, son, Administrator
Mar. 1896 final notice settlement on within named Jacob Willis, H. Pool Willis, D. Mull. Willis Jr., N. Elizabeth Wood, Mary M. Drone, and Ella Donaldson. Also Charles R. Willis (a grandson, the child of son, Thomas, desc. being educated near Chicago. See notes on Charles R. Willis.)
Administrator's Sale at home of D. M. Willis - December 13th, 1893 between 10:00 in the forenoon and 5:00 in the afternoon of said day. Among items of sale were: One horse, one buggy, watch, and household goods. (have copy of a list of everything sold and who bought the items on file) Personal estate estimated to be worth $8,000.


More About D
Occupation: Farmer, Grain Mill operator
Residence: Butler & Muhlenburg Co. KY, and Ridgway, IL

Notes for M
Gallatin Co. IL Death and Cemt. Records:
Crawford Cemetary

Martha J., wife of D. M. Willis
Born 13, Nov. 1826 - died 12 Sep 1875, age 49 yrs. 9 mo. 29 da.
Member of the Cumberland Presbterian Church for 25 years.

More About M
Personality/Intrst: Known as "Aint" Martha
Residence: Farm, west of Ridgeway, across hyway 1
Ethnicity/Relig.: Cumberland Presbterian Church for 25 yrs
Children of D
  i.   NANCY ELIZABETH5 WILLIS, b. Abt. 1845, Gallatin Co., IL; d. July 17, 1919, Monroe, LA, age 74; m. SIDNEY WOOD, January 24, 1860, Gallatin Co., IL.
10. ii.   MARY MADALINE WILLIS, b. August 4, 1847, Gallatin Co. IL; d. August 31, 1926, Gallatin Co, IL, Crawford Cem at Ridgway.
  iii.   JOHN WILLIS, b. Abt. 1848.
11. iv.   WILLIAM THOMAS WILLIS, b. Abt. 1850, Gallatin Co. IL; d. September 15, 1894, Gallatin Co, IL., Ridgway.
12. v.   MARTHA ELEANOR WILLIS, b. Abt. 1853, IL.
  vi.   JAMES? WILLIS, b. Abt. 1857.
  vii.   HENRY POOLE WILLIS, b. December 7, 1858, Gallatin Co. IL; d. June 6, 1920, Elmwood Cemt. Gallatin Co., IL; m. (1) HATTIE R.RUSS, September 18, 1879, Illinois; m. (2) MAGGIE MCEVOY, 1890, Gallatin Co. IL (no children).
Gallatin Co. IL Death record states:

Henry Pool Willis born Dec 7, 1858. died June 6, 1920 of tuberculosis. born IL (father Daniel Willis from KY) (mother Martha Evans born IL) Informant Maggie Willis. Buried at Glenwood Cemt. 61 yrs, 5 mo, 29 da.
wife Maggie Willis 1868-1936

Fact 4: He owned a store in Junction, IL
Fact 5: They were known as "Aint Maggie and Uncle Poole
Occupation: Merchant
Residence: Junction, Equality, IL
Cause of Death: Tuberculosis

  Notes for MAGGIE MCEVOY:
Maggie, wife of Henry Poole Willis, left all in her will to brothers and sisters (as their were no children): Lucy McEvoy, administrator.....

Mamie Krebs, Sallie De Lap, Lucy McEvoy, Robert McEvoy, Violet Jackson, and Phil S. McEvoy.

13. viii.   DANIEL MULLIGAN JR WILLIS, b. November 1, 1861, Galatin, Co, Ridgeway, Illinois; d. May 2, 1926, Saline, Co, Harrisburg, Illinois.
14. ix.   JACOB WILLIS, b. February 23, 1866, Gallatin Co, IL.; d. Victoria, MO. ?.

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