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Descendants of Covey

242. MATTHEW8 COVEY (MATTHEW7, WILLIAM6, MATTHEW GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM G.2, COVEY1) was born Abt. 1805 in Maury Co., Tn.. He married (2) ANNE ROBERTS March 30, 1825 in Maury Co., Tn..
Children of M
  i.   Walter9 Covey, b. 1837.
  ii.   Unis Covey, b. 1838.
  iii.   Matthew9 Covey, b. Abt. 1827, Maury Co., Tn.; d. 1848, Pueblo, Mexico.
  More About Matthew Covey:
Burial: 1848, Maury Co., Tn.

243. SARA8 PIPER (REBECCA7 COVEY, WILLIAM6, MATTHEW GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM G.2, COVEY1) was born Abt. 1798 in McMinn Co., Tn., and died in McMinn Co., Tn.. She married TAPLEY GREGORY Abt. 1818 in McMinn Co., Tn.. He was born November 15, 1793 in Guilford Co., NC, and died January 17, 1858 in McMinn Co., Tn..

More About S
Burial: McMinn Co., Tn.

More About T
Burial: January 19, 1858, McMinn Co., Tn.
Children of S
641. i.   James Jathan9 Gregory, b. October 08, 1817, McMinn Co., Tn.; d. September 15, 1885, Murray Co., Ga..
  ii.   Tapley Gregory, b. 1819, McMinn Co., Tn..
642. iii.   James Gregory, b. October 23, 1824, McMinn Co., Tn.; d. June 04, 1908, McMinn Co., Tn..
643. iv.   Elizabeth Gregory, b. July 18, 1822, McMinn Co., Tn.; d. August 07, 1895, Troup, Smith Co., Tx..
  v.   Benjamin Gregory, b. March 23, 1831, McMinn Co., Tn.; d. May 20, 1892, McMinn Co., Tn.; m. Mary Wilson, January 07, 1856, McMinn Co., Tn..
  More About Benjamin Gregory:
Burial: May 22, 1892, McMinn Co., Tn.

644. vi.   John Gregory, b. February 10, 1818, Smith Co., Tn.; d. October 08, 1861, Roger Creek, McMinn Co., Tn..
  vii.   Martha Gregory, b. 1812, McMinn Co., Tn..
  viii.   Marinda Gregory, b. 1811, McMinn Co., Tn..
  ix.   Sara Gregory, b. 1813, McMinn Co., Tn..
645. x.   Mary Gregory, b. 1841, NC; d. Abt. 1885, Cache Lawrence Co., Ark...
646. xi.   Merrinda Maranda Mivinda Gregory, b. 1826, McMinn Co., Tn..

244. RUSSELL8 PIPER (REBECCA7 COVEY, WILLIAM6, MATTHEW GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM G.2, COVEY1) was born April 20, 1809 in McMinn Co., Tn., and died April 22, 1888 in McMinn Co., Tn.. He married ANN PARKER GHOLSON.

More About R
Burial: April 24, 1888, McMinn Co., Tn.
Children of R
647. i.   Rebecca J.9 Piper, b. February 26, 1838, McMinn Co., Tn..
648. ii.   William Faulkner Piper, b. September 06, 1839, McMinn Co., Tn..
  iii.   Sara Ann Piper, b. July 15, 1841; d. May 16, 1867; m. William Davis825, February 06, 1866; b. Abt. 1845826,827.
649. iv.   James A. Piper, b. November 07, 1843.
  v.   Mary D. Piper, b. October 17, 1846; d. February 28, 1890; m. Guss Ellis, December 17, 1863.
  vi.   Elviria Elizabeth Piper, b. May 26, 1849; m. J.J. Walters, May 10, 1870.
650. vii.   John Covey Piper, b. December 15, 1851.
651. viii.   Daniell Belle Piper, b. August 22, 1854.
  ix.   Theodoria Piper, b. January 23, 1856; d. November 16, 1891.
  More About Theodoria Piper:
Burial: November 18, 1891

652. x.   Alice M. Piper, b. July 18, 1860; d. December 15, 1903.

245. LEVIN HUDSON8 COE (MARGARET7 COVEY, WILLIAM6, MATTHEW GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM G.2, COVEY1) was born 1806 in Maury Co., Tn., and died 1850 in Shelby Co., Tn.. He married MARIA J. LINDSEY.

Notes for L
Levin was bornand raised near Somerville, Fayette Co., Tn. on his father's plantation.
He spent alot of his youth in Memphis, Shelby Co., Tn., where his father was killed when he was about six yeras old. When the war between the states broke out, he enlisted as a private with Company L, 154th Senior regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, Confedrate Army, 7 Mar 1862 in Memphis. According to the family, he served under General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He ledft the army in May of that year due to illness, and later was discharged because of disability. He returned to the plantation, which was two and half miles southwest of Wesley Camp, near Somerville, Tn.

Supposely there's a story about Levin and the Union Army, goes something like this; keep in mind only a story, no proof.........

When Col Adolph Engelmann of the Fortythird Illinos Infantry, Union Army, raided through the area in May 1863, he descended on the Coe plantation. The Union army had beeninformed that Col. J.J. Neely of the Confederate Army were camped on the plantation. Levin wass on his way to Memphis, for whatever reason, but had gotten word and returned his home. When engelmann approached the main house on May 27, Levin greeted him , protesting that he was faithful to the union, and presenting papers of affirmation from Union Generals Denve and Lawler and a Col Hurst. Engelmann backed off , but later, after hearing information from a slave that Col. Neely was in the area, Returned to the plantation and carried out the search, without finding anything. All the guns and horses were confiscated, the powder that was found was blown up.

Levin went on to become a very wealthly cotton merchant in Memphis, where he died of yellow fever 13 Sep 1878, buried at Shiloh Cemetery, ten miles noth of Somerville, Tn.

He married his first wife, Tela Mebane 30 Jun 1866 Fayette Co., Tn. wass married a second time to Lucy Stainback, 20 Dec 1866 aslo, in Fayette Co., Tn. Have no idea what happen to Tela, but Lucy died in 1867, they had a daughter. He married a third time to Pamela Ann Clarke 1870 Fayette Co., Tn. she was born 24 Nov 1848 Memphis, Tn. Her father was E.C. Clark of Memphis, Tn. She died 11 Jan 1932 in Memphis and is buried at the Elmwood Cemetery.

More About L
Burial: 1850, Shelby Co., Tn.
Children of L
  i.   Alice E.9 Coe, b. 1835, Fayette Co., Tn..
  ii.   Sara Coe, b. 1838, Fayette Co., Tn.; m. (1) Frank Johnson, December 30, 1873, Fayette Co., Tn.; m. (2) Lee Biggs, December 23, 1874, Fayette Co., Tn..
  iii.   Elizabeth Coe, b. 1839, Fayette Co., Tn..
  iv.   Ellena Coe, b. 1840, Fayette Co., Tn..
  v.   Cora Coe, b. 1846, Fayette Co., Tn..
  vi.   Julia Coe, b. 1847, Shelby Co., Tn..
  vii.   Jesse Coe, b. 1849, Shelby Co., Tn..
653. viii.   Levin Hudson Coe, Jr., b. August 25, 1844, Fayette Co., Tn.; d. September 13, 1878, Shiloh Cem. Somerville, Tn..

Child of W
654. i.   George Washington9 Covey, b. 1823, Maury Co., Tn.; d. 1899, Obion Co., Tn..

247. JOHN HARRISON8 COVEY, SR. (WILLIAM7, WILLIAM6, MATTHEW GEORGE5, WILLIAM4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM G.2, COVEY1) was born Abt. 1818 in Maury Co. Tn., and died Abt. 1883 in Sevier Co., Ark.. He married (1) SALINE. He married (2) MARY A.E..

Notes for J
I have no idea if I even have John Harrison in the right family. All I'm really going on is that he was in Maury and Hardin Co., Tn. And taking the information from different family members and coming up with the following. According to all the census there was atotal of 14 children. So far I have only been able to find two marriages.

All I know is that Harrison and Nelson Covey were always found living in the same area. But then, there is a Jesse Covey that is also found in the area, at one point. Jesse, supposely comes in through Samuel Covey (1761-1840). I'm not even sure about all that. Things in that family points to Jesse and his known brother, Aben being part of the Coveys from Maury Co., Tn. But so far, I haven't been able to find a Covey connection between the two families. I know that people say, and for now I have it listed that the connection goes back to 1615, James and William Covey, being brothers and William being our ancestor. And the only other connection is through Sara Edwards Covey, who married Levin Lewis Covey. Her aunt married a Campbell and down through the years married into the Thompson family that married grt-gr-son, John Henry Dean Covey, of Samuel Covey.

At any rate, here's what I have:

1850 Marshall Co., Ms. census
Covey, Harrison 32 Tn.
Sarine 32 Tn.
Mary A.E. 16 Tn.
James D. 12 Ms
William Monroe 7 Ms.
Renna 7 Ms.
P. Jane 3 Ms.

1860 Sevier Co., Ark. census
Covey, Harrison 41 Tn.
M.A. 26 Tn.
P.J. 14 Tn.
F.M. 10 Ms.
N.C. 3 Ms.
M.A. 4 mths Ark.

1870 Sevier Co., Ark. census
Covey, Harrison 51 Tn.
Mary A.E. 37 Tn. listed as wife
Penny Jane 22 Ms. married son of Nelson Covey
Nancy C. 3 Ark.
John 7 Ark
James M. 5 Ark.
Lewis H. 1 Ark.
Frances M. 18 Ms.
Mary A.E. 11 Ark.
Hazel 83 Va. should be mother or mother in law?????????
Anderson, Martha 25 Tn.
Wyatt, Mary 37 Tn.

The Martha and Mary listed in the 1870 census should be daughters??????????

1880 Sevier Co., Ark. census
Covey, Harrison 61 Tn.
Elizabeth 47 wife
Nancy C. 20
Mary 18
Harrison, Jr. 17
James M. 14
Louis H. 11
Alis 8
Elner 5
Larrew 1
Have checked over and over on the above, thought at one time that some were gr-children but all seem to be Harrison's children. Possible, a third wife.

More About J
Burial: Abt. 1883, Sevier Co., Ark.
Children of J
  i.   Mary Elizabeth9 Covey, b. 1833, Maury Co., Tn.; m. Wyatt, Sevier Co., Ark..
655. ii.   Perneice Jane Covey, b. 1846, Tueplo, Ms..
  iii.   James David Covey, b. 1838, Tupelo, Ms..
  iv.   William Monroe Covey, b. 1842, Marshall Co., Ms..
  v.   Renna Covey, b. 1842, Marshall Co., Ms..
Children of JOHN COVEY and MARY A.E. are:
656. vi.   Sara "Larrew"9 Covey, b. 1879, Sevier Co., Ark..
657. vii.   Mary Ann Elizabeth Covey, b. February 18, 1860, Sevier Co., Ark.; d. 1925, Red Oak, Okla..
  viii.   Nancy C. Covey, b. 1867, Sevier Co., Ark..
  ix.   John Harrison Covey, Jr., b. 1863, Sevier Co., Ark..
  x.   Harrison Lewis Covey, b. 1869, Sevier Co., Ark..
  xi.   Mary A.E. Covey, b. 1852, Marshall Co., Ms.; m. F.L. Smith, June 09, 1873, Sevier Co., Ark..
  xii.   Avis Covey, b. 1872, Sevier Co., Ark..
  xiii.   Elner Covey, b. 1875, Sevier Co., Ark..
  xiv.   Larrew Covey, b. 1879, Sevier Co., Ark..

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