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Descendants of Francis Burton

Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS3 BURTON, SR. (RICHARD2, FRANCIS1) was born Abt. 1634 in England, and died Abt. 1685 in Henrico Co. , Va.. He married SUSANNAH HATCHER Abt. 1663 in Henrico Co., Va, daughter of WILLIAM SR. and MARY WARD. She was born Abt. 1646 in Henrico Co. , Va., and died Aft. 1699 in Henrico Co. , Va..

Notes for T
He owned Cobbs Plantation, thus called "Thomas of Cobbs".
Source: "A History of a Colonial Land Patent" 1639-1864 Ancestral Home of Thomas Burton from 1656-1685
In 1656, Robert Cobbs sold the same 350 acres to Michael Masters in turn surrendered the 350 acres to Thomas & John Burton. (Will & Deed Books, Henrico Co., Va. / transcript)
p 265 At Court at Fort Henry Jan 15, 1656
Present : Col. Abraham Wood, Mr Wm. Baugh. Mr Wm Walthall and me George Worsham, Commissioners
I John, Knight, etc. grant to Ambrose Cobbs. 350 acres on Appomattox River in Henrico, Co. bounded on south by the main river, west by land of Mr John Baugh, north by the main woods Signed : Thos Brerton
"extracted from the records of Bristol Parrish by Nich. Dison. C. Cur."
Recorded 1 Feb. 1683 at request of Thomas Burton.

Thomas Burton is our Colonial ancestor in Virginia. From the evidence it appears that the John Burton referred to above is the brother of Thomas Burton. However, in the sequence of deeds to follow, John does not appear as a grantor. Thus in May, 1656 Thomas Burton became the owner of "Cobbs". Subsequently he was known as Thomas Burton of Cobbs. John Burton settled 8-10 miles to the north on land patents north of the James River and his decendants form a long family of Burtons throughout the south somewhat parallel to our own. John Burton's plantation was called "Longfield".
By the time Thomas Burton became established at "Cobbs", the Colonial government was functioning and the tobacco trade flourished. Increasingly, however, the colonist began to resist English taxation and repression and by 1776 Bacon's Rebellion and the Mecklenburg Declaration evidenced the Revolutionary War to follow.
"Cobbs" was located in an area strategic to both sides in the revolution. In 1781 both Lafayette and Cornwallis passed through or within a few miles of Cobbs, prior to the siege and surrender of British forces at Yorktown.
From 1636 to 1865, "Cobbs" was in the very center of Colonial expansion and the formation of our nation. Indian massacres, revolution, Constitutional government, the War of 1812, and the War between the States all occured at sites near or within the confines of the Estate. Within 25 miles lay the Jamestown Colony, Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Richmond. The owners and occupants of this remarkable Estate were a cross section of pioneers, adventurers, merchants, planters, statesmen, hunters and war heroes; and not the least of these was our forefather, THOMAS BURTON, OF " COBBS".

In a will recorded 1 Feb, 1685, Thomas Burton leaves 100 acres each to his sons, Thomas, John, Abraham and Issac. Note that the original 350 acres has become 400 acres. We do not know if 50 acres were acquired after 1656 or if the descriptions were general in nature.
In 1735, Issac Burton sold his 100 acres to Hohn Bolling, son of John Bolling of Cobbs, and thus the last Burton in our family line left "Cobbs".
John Bolling purchased "Cobbs" in Nov, 1704 from John Burton, the land consisting of 300 acres. The descendants of John Bolling were distinguished and active in Military, Commerce and the Political development of Virginia. John Bolling was born in 1676 and died in 1709. He was the great grandson of Rolfe & Pocahontas and carried on a lively trade with the Indians. He was buried at Cobbs and his marker was surrounded by a stone wall.
John Bolling was born in 1676 and died in 1709. In 1622 a band of Indians led by Chief Opechancanough led an uprising that massacred 347 colonist, one third of the settlers in Va. In addition to Jamestown to the south, Henricus, several miles to the north of "Cobbs" suffered a severe loss of life.
During the War of 1812, the French Navy controlled the Chesapeake Bay area. From Feb 1813 to July 1815, there were few land engagements near Cobbs, but the French did carry out limited foraging expeditions along the banks of the James and Appomattox Rivers. During one of these expeditions the Cobbs Estate was overun. The outbuildings and grain storage buildings were burned, but the Mansion and the family grave areas were spared.
The Burton decendants were moving west to Amelia County and Meckenburg as the Civil War neared. Almost all Burtons were slave holders and caught up in the turmoil of the growing conflict over states's rights and slavery and the call for secession from the Union.
"Ochre", first used as war paint by the indians, was mined at Cobbs. This was in trade by the subsequent owners of "Cobbs" until ca. 1900.

Notes for S
Reading in the Burton-Allen/Hatcher Anthology:

There are descendants of Anne Burton who married 1693, Bartholomew Stovall of Henrico County, Va. who have been admitted to the Colonial Dames of the XV11 Century through the line of Allen as shown by Worh Ray. The ascent is as follows: Anne Burton, dau of Thomas Burton who married Susannah, dau of Valentine Allen and Mary Page. (?) The ever frustrating thing about Ray is that he so often fails to give dates or any kind of references, but because it is published, it has been accepted without question to the fact. There are others who claim Susannah was a Hatcher. (as in this file) They are as convinced as those who say she was Allen.
Dr. Philip Burton of Fort Myers, Fl who has done a great deal of research on the Burton family and it was his opinion that Susannah probably was a Hatcher, but that neither he nor any careful genealogist known to him could give a satisfactory and final answer to the question.
In 1951, it was shown that Susannah Hatcher, born 1650, dau of Edward Hatcher and Mary Ward, who was the dau of Seth Ward. No proven facts to this. so, Hatcher or Allen? Stands as Hatcher until farther proven incorrect!
Children of T
5. i.   JOHN4 BURTON, SR., b. 1666, Henrico Co. , Va.; d. 1754, Chesterfield Co. , Va..
6. ii.   ANNE BURTON, b. Bet. 1671 - 1975; d. Unknown.
  iii.   THOMAS JR BURTON, b. Abt. 1664; d. Bef. May 16, 1692; m. ELIZABETH BUCHANAN; d. Unknown.
  iv.   ISSAC BURTON, b. 1667; d. 1736.
7. v.   ABRAHAM BURTON, b. 1669; d. 1736.

4. JOHN3 BURTON (RICHARD2, FRANCIS1) was born Abt. 1632 in England, and died Unknown in Henrico Co. , Va.. He married UNKNOWN. She died Unknown.

Notes for J
John Burton and Thomas Burton were the two immigrant brother who came to Charles City County, Va circa 1652. John Burton of "Longfield" and Thomas Burton of "Cobbs".

The following Burton landowners are listed in the 1780 Land Book of Mecklenburg, Va: Abraham Burton, 285 acres; Benjamin Burton, 100 acres; Hutchins Burton, 115 acres; Captain John Burton, 687acres; John Burton, 727 acres; Josiah Burton, 150 acres; Captain Peter Burton, 407 1/2 acres; Robert Burton, 500 acres; and Thomas Burton, 385 acres; All of them were the gr-grandchildren of the two immigrant brothers.
Children of J
  i.   JOHN4 BURTON, d. Unknown; m. MARY ?; d. Unknown.
8. ii.   ROBERT BURTON, b. 1655, Prob Henrico Co., Va; d. Bet. 1723 - 1727, His plantation-Longfield.
  iii.   BENJAMIN BURTON, d. Unknown.

  iv.   WILLIAM BURTON, b. 1656; d. 1751; m. (1) MARY RISBY; d. Unknown; m. (2) MARY PARKER; d. Unknown; m. (3) ELIZABETH COCKE HARWOOD; d. Unknown.
  v.   MARY BURTON, d. Unknown; m. (1) JOHN DAVIS, Bef. 1671; d. Unknown; m. (2) WILIAM GLOVER, 1685; d. Unknown.
  vi.   RACHEL BURTON, d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM HATCHER, 1682; d. Unknown.
  Notes for RACHEL BURTON:
Had 3 children by 1679     

  vii.   ANNE BURTON, d. Unknown; m. WILLIAM HOLDEN, 1682; d. Unknown.

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