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Descendants of Aaron B DeLong

3. Hezekiah3 DeLong (Aaron B2, Unknown1) was born June 5, 1792 in Millstream, New Brunswick, and died October 13, 1862. He married Elizabeth McCumber 1816 in Kings Co, NB, daughter of William McCumber and Deborah Potter.

Notes for Hezekiah DeLong:
1851 Census St Martins East shows the following: Volume 1 page 6     
Hezekiah age 61 Native- farmer
Elizabeth 65 Nova Scotia
Levi 16
Harriett 14

More About Hezekiah DeLong:
Census: 1851, farmer
Children of Hezekiah DeLong and Elizabeth McCumber are:
14. i.   HENRY4 DELONG, b. February 12, 1817.
15. ii.   AARON DELONG, b. November 11, 1819.
16. iii.   WILLIAM DELONG, b. October 17, 1821; d. December 12, 1894, McCumber Cemetery.
  iv.   LUCY DELONG, b. 1822.
  v.   MARY DELONG, b. February 17, 1824; m. GEORGE HOPEY.
  vi.   DAVID DELONG, b. July 11, 1826.
  vii.   ABIGAIL DELONG, b. September 17, 1828.
  viii.   SOLOMON DELONG, b. July 11, 1833, possible twin to Simon .
17. ix.   SIMON DELONG, b. August 19, 1830, Saint John,NB.
18. x.   LEVY DELONG, b. December 8, 1835; d. January 22, 1899, Saint John, New Brunswick.
  xi.   HARRIETT DELONG, b. February 26, 1836.
Census: 1851, showed as age 14

  xii.   EDWARD A DELONG, b. 1840.

4. Charles Gaiter3 DeLong (Aaron B2, Unknown1) was born March 18, 1795 in Kingston, New Brunswick, and died September 14, 1885. He married Cornelia Burton MacDonald July 10, 1817 in Sheffield, daughter of Benjamin MacDonald and Pamilla Chase.

Notes for Charles Gaiter DeLong:
1851 Census show he living in Sunbury Co, NB as a farmer. Vol 36 Page 18                                                1851 Census Parish of Sheffield Shows the following:
Charles- age 56- farmer born in Kingston, NB      1795                              Purmella 50 born in Sheffield,NB      1801
David      son 25 """""""""""""" 1826
Wellington " 18 """"""""""""""" 1833
Catherine dau 16 """""""""""""""" 1835
John son 14 """""""""""""""" 1837
Ester J daug 12 """""""""""""""" 1839      
Joshua son 9 """"""""""""""""" 1840
also a Rebecca Densimore Niece age 25 born 1826 and a Densimore(male) nephew born 1850-Unnamed

1861 Census Sheffield Parish, Sunbury Co, NB shows:
Joseph MacDonald m husband 24/26 native lumberman
Ester F wife 22     
Charles DeLong m lodger 63 farmer
Joshua DeLong m lodger 18
Daniel McBeth m head 36 Ireland     

1871 Census show he living in Little River, Sunbury Co, NB     

It appears Charles married a second time to Pamelia (Purmelia) Chase

More About Charles Gaiter DeLong:
Census: 1851, showed as 56 in 1851 census

Marriage Notes for Charles DeLong and Cornelia MacDonald:
Chales Delong was living in Sheffield at time of Marriage- Witness to marriage were
William P. Hunter and Thomas Ham- from Marriage Records Sunbury Co, NB 1766-1888             Volume V by Elizabeth Sewell
Children of Charles DeLong and Cornelia MacDonald are:
  i.   MARY ANN4 DELONG, b. July 1818, Sheffield, NB; m. JOHN CALVIN TAPLEY, October 30, 1834.
19. ii.   THOMAS DELONG, b. Abt. 1820, Sheffield, NB.
20. iii.   DAVID J DELONG, b. 1826, Sheffield, N.B.; d. Abt. 1870, Sheffield, NB.
21. iv.   HANNAH DELONG, b. 1823, Sheffield, NB; d. Fredericton, NB- bur Rural Cemetery.
  v.   ALTHELINDA DELONG, b. August 2, 1830, Sheffield, NB; d. 1911; m. DANIEL MCBETH, March 5, 18494,5.
  Notes for DANIEL MCBETH:
Canada, New Brunswick, Fredericton
1849 marriage
Athelinda Delong, married on 5th inst., in Sheffield, New
Brunswick, Daniel McBeth both of Fredericton Parish, by Rev. James
.....reported in the New Brunswick Reporter, March 9, 1849

  vi.   CHARLES WELLINGTON DELONG, b. 1833; m. ANN KATE PARKER, October 10, 18566.
Census: 1851, showed 18 in 1851 census

22. vii.   CATHERINE B DELONG, b. September 26, 1834, Sheffield, NB; d. 1915, Ripples, NB.
23. viii.   JOHN STRANGE DELONG, b. December 21, 1835, Little River, Saint John, NB; d. June 2, 1913, Island Falls,Maine.
24. ix.   ESTER J DELONG, b. 1838, Little River, Saint John, NB; d. January 22, 1913, Bridgewater, Maine,buried Corner Cemetery,Bridgewater.
25. x.   JOSHUA THOMAS DELONG, b. April 4, 1842, Ripples, New Brunswick; d. October 1, 1892.

5. John Nesbitt3 DeLong (Aaron B2, Unknown1) was born February 11, 1797 in Millstream, New Brunswick. He married Mary Ann Lunn September 21, 1819 in Sheffield,New Brunswick.

Notes for John Nesbitt DeLong:
Was living in Sheffield at time of marriage. Witness Hicks Seamans and John Darling.                  Fr Sunbury Co Marriages 1766-1888. John moved to Carleton Co and male line died out
(Fr Bill Tufts0
From Wayne DeLong-( Maine) shows John Nesbitt DeLong(a farmer)      and Mary Ann Lunn had 2 children: (1) James William DeLong (born 1824)- I shows as son of John (Loyalist)      and (2)Charles H DeLong (b about 1823-New Brunswick occupation- Engineer) d Mar 26,1904 Littleton,Maine
Possible birth date of John Nesbitt Delong is November 11,1797(from W Delong(Maine)

Marriage Notes for John DeLong and Mary Lunn:
witness to wedding Hicks Seaman and John Darling- from Sunbury Co Marriages 1766-1888 Vol 1
by Elizabeth Sewell 1987
Children of John DeLong and Mary Lunn are:
  i.   THOMAS LUNN4 DELONG, b. 1829; d. December 30, 1861, bur at Lower Wicklow Cemetery; m. ELIZA ANN BURKE, July 20, 1850, Wakefield, NB7.
1851 Census for Parish of Wicklow show Thomas Delong- age 22 as a farmer
Eliza age 21- wife

26. ii.   JAMES WILLIAM DELONG, b. 1824, Fredericton,NB; d. August 31, 1910, South Gardiner, Maine.
  iii.   CHARLES H DELONG, b. Abt. 1823; d. March 26, 1904, Littleton, Maine.

6. Aaron Jr3 DeLong (Aaron B2, Unknown1) was born June 22, 1799 in Millstream, New Brunswick, and died April 8, 1896 in Fredericton, NB- bur Sunnybrook Cem. in unmarked grave. He married Sarah Ann Berry February 9, 1830 in Kings Co, NB, daughter of Jacob Berry and Bridget Floyd.

Notes for Aaron Jr DeLong:
Aaron lived most of his life in St Martins East(Delong Hill & Bayview). Her parents Jacob and       Bridgett Floyd were from St Martins as well. He was living in Kingston, NB at time of marriage.

1851 Census for St John County shows the following at St Martins East: Vol 1 Page 6
Aaron DeLong 47 Native farmer
Sarah 40 ""
Jacob son 20 seaman mariner
David S " 18 -farmer
Lydia 16
Sarah 11
Joseph 9
Edward 7

From May 27,1869 Visitor
Died St. Martins, St John, 31st April, Sarah w/o Aaron DeLong age 62- left husband, six children.

The following info is on the Berry House-
Annie Berry married Aaron Delong and their son Jacob lived here is
1783. It was built by H. Bradshaw and the Bradshaw shipyard was located
here. The Delong's built ships here- property is now partly owned by the Henderson's.

The Delong house was located at 19 Salmon River Rd. James bought this house at the "Creek" in 1881      It is the first house after you come across the covered bridge- the house and one barn still exist today.
Prior to James Delong moving here, the house was derelict. The large barn was
used as a community horse stable, free of charge, until James's cow was let
loose in the village to make room for a horse in her stead. It is said that
horses used to be brought into the house to get water from a tap which came
from a gravity fed spring. Rachel Delong married Captain Harold Walter.
Nancy (Wasson/Geldart) Sears recalls her grandparents telling of the great
fire in 1900. It was time when they were left on their own as their parents
both went to fight the fire. Flames could be seen from the house and they
were very frightened. Annie Delong inherited it from her father and Annie,
Rachael, Walter and Harold lived here until their deaths this time
Rachel's daughter inherited from her Aunt Annie. Rachel's daughter was Elouise Wasson/Geldart. Upon her death the house was sold to Judy Ashfield who would become the third family to own it. At one time a
blacksmith shop was here at this site. Nancy Sears still resides on part of James Delong's property overlooking the bay. At one time cattle used to roam in the fields here.
Margaret inherited part of the old Berry property from her mother.
Part of that came from an article in the book "Looking Back At St. Martins"
published by The St. Martins Community Access Centre.

Annie Delong was a well known teacher in the village. The library at the
St. Martins School is in Memorial to Annie Delong.

Notes for Sarah Ann Berry:
Info on Sarah's death from Vital records from New Brunswick Newspapers ,states she died at age 62 - left 6 kids- I show 7 ???

Marriage Notes for Aaron DeLong and Sarah Berry:
Verified thru Saint John County Marriages:
this date may be marriage bond issue date not actual wedding-
Children of Aaron DeLong and Sarah Berry are:
27. i.   JACOB BERRY4 DELONG, b. June 11, 1830; d. March 6, 1903.
28. ii.   DAVID J DELONG, b. 1833; d. January 28, 1891, St Martins, NB-bur St Martins Comm. Cmetery.
  iii.   LYDIA DELONG, b. Abt. 1837; d. 1864.
  Notes for LYDIA DELONG:
NB Vital Stat Vol 22 No 1503 shows the following : This appears same person??
died 16 January 1864 a Miss Lydia DeLong age 26 - reported July 15,1864 RI

29. iv.   SARAH ANN DELONG, b. November 23, 1839, St Martins East, NB; d. December 10, 1911.
30. v.   JOSEPH E DELONG, b. 1842.
  vi.   CATHERINE B DELONG, b. 1851.
31. vii.   EDWARD A. DELONG, b. 1843; d. 1898, St Martins- bur Berry Burial Ground, St Martins.

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