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Descendants of Jacob Derry

Generation No. 2

      2. Jacob2 Derry (Jacob1) was born 1760 in Oberhoffen, Germany, and died 26 Sep 1813 in Loudoun, VA, USA. He married Mary Old Moll, daughter of Johannes Moll and Anna Mull. She was born 1760, and died May 1843.

Notes for Mary Old Moll:
Matriarch of the S.W. Pennsylvania line of Derrys. She was a native of Loudoun County, Virginia, and was called the fortune teller of the Revolution. the Derry home place was located halfway up Derry Hill off to the left in the field. Derry Hill is located 3 miles South of Haydentown . The home place was a stone house on the back road behind Charlie Gates this being the road in the valley east of the main road. In A.F. Hills book, The White Rocks, she is the witch who forewarns Polly Williams that her fiancay will murder her, casting her off the white rocks in the mountains near Fairchance. It has been said that she was a very small person who rocked herself in a cradle with length-wise rockers. Another says that she is a large woman, heavy and hunched over, completely bald. Said to have had a great hairy mole on her upper lip with two long canine teeth in her upper jaw that protruded down, giving her a walrus like appearance. She was widely known throughout SW Pennsylvania as a healer, using herbs and roots. She has been called the Witch of the little world. In the 1850's she was said to be residing in the mountains of Somerset County, PA. She was a renown practitioner of both Pow-Wowing and the Heshen-Hammer. Both were various types of Occultism that originated hundreds of years ago in Germany. She is said to have owned on Erdspiegel, some type of crystal all by which she could foretell the future. In the 1820's she is reputed to have lived with another witch near Rubles Mill, PA, named Hannah Clark, who apparently was her apprentice. PowWowing includes some charms and incantations dating from the Middle Ages plus elements borrowed from the Jewish Qabala and Christian Bible. Pow wowing generally focuses on healing minor health problems, the protection of livestock, success in love, and the casting or removing of hexes. For over 200 years, pow wowers have considered themselves to be stauch Christioans endowed with supernatural powers to both heal and harm. Pow wowing magic was originally described in two books. The first book, Long Lost Friend, was written in 1820 by John George Hohman. The second book is the anonymous Seventh Book of Noses, also called the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Pow wowing tools include common items such as spools of red and black thread, a ball of red yarn, several lengths of red and black ribbons, small hand made ceramic bowls, a seam ripper, a creek stone (divinity stone) and a container of holy water. Red and white are the basic colors used in pow wow
Children of Jacob Derry and Mary Moll are:
+ 3 i.   Baltzer3 Derry, born 1740 in Rosedale, PA, USA; died 1808 in Loudoun, VA, usa.
+ 4 ii.   Peter Derry, born 1740 in Rocky Hill, MD, USA; died 26 Sep 1813 in Loudoun, VA, USA.
+ 5 iii.   Bazil Derry, born Apr 1786 in Bedford, PA, USA; died 20 May 1879 in Fayette, PA, USA.
+ 6 iv.   Jacob Derry, born 07 Mar 1795 in PA, USA; died 02 Nov 1877 in Lagrange, Lewis, MO, USA; Adopted child.
+ 7 v.   Jeremiah Derry, born 1802 in VA, USA; died 1877 in IN, USA.
  8 vi.   Rhoda Derry, born 17 Mar 1804 in Fayette, PA, USA; died 06 May 1875 in Connersville, IN, USA. She married Jacob Isenhour.
+ 9 vii.   Mary Derry, born 1811; died 1852.

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