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Descendants of William Deaver

Generation No. 2

      2. Hugh E.3 Dever (William2 Deaver, Gilbert1) was born Abt. 1728 in , Ann Arundel Co., Maryland9, and died 1774 in North River, Augusta co, Va10. He married Agnes Blain Abt. 175211. She was born Abt. 173111,12, and died Apr 1790 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia13.

Notes for Hugh E. Dever:
Hugh E. Devier (Diver , Dever ) lived and owned land on North River near Spring Creek before 1749. He is listed in Crozier's "Virginia Colonial Militia" as Hugh Diver, a member of Augusta co. militia in 1758.
On March 12, 1749 he bought 120 acres on Beaver creek. He also owned other acreage..
Settlers in the area before 1736 could claim land by either "taking up land" or "tomahawk right"; that is claim land by cutting his initials in the bark of trees around the boundy of his tract. He then had to settle on the tract. Another method was to build a cabin on a tract of land and raise a crop of grain , of any size, and this would secure 400 acres.
Another method, a settler under "corn rights" could obtain title to a 100 acres of adjoining, unclaimed land for every acre planted to corn.

Then in 1756, the Beverly patent was granted by His Excellency Governor Gooch for the British King George II . From this Hugh E. Devier bought a patent from the Colonial government for 20 shillings for 200 acres.
From "Life Under Four Flags" page 58 ;
A copy of the patent issued to Hugh E. Dever by the Colonial government in 1756, for "It reads as follows:"
Upon payment of 20 shillings by Hugh E. Devier to the Receiver General of George ll in Colony of Virginia, 200 acres lying in Augusta County and bounded as follows: Begins at a pine, corner to Silas Hart's land and runs thence S. 10 degrees East 140 poles to three pines and north 80 degrees West 40 poles to two pines on a line of Daniel Smith's land, thence with said line 280 poles to the beginning, called the Elks Draft tract- are to be granted him- to be held of our Manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent, England, in free and common soccage and not in capetsan by Knights' service, yielding and paying to us our heirs and successors for every fifty acres of land and so proportionately for a lesser or greater quantity than fifty acres the fee rent of one shilling yearly, to be paid upon the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, and also cultivating and improving three acres, part of every fifty acres of the tract above mentioned within three years after date of these presents.. Should said Hugh E. Devier allow the quit rents to fall in arrears or should he fail to improve said lands, said tract reverts to George ll and/or his successors.
Given at Williamsburg under seal of our Colony, August 16, 1756, in the 30th year of our reign.

After 1736 title to all land included in the "Beverly Patent " had to be secured from William Beverly or his agents at the current selling price of ten shillings per acre or more.
Hugh E. and his descendants claimed, traded and bought land that eventually extended west and slightly north from Mossy creek to Briery Branch, including Patterson Spring at the head of Spring Creek; all on the south side of the North River just 2 miles west of Bridgewater, Virginia. This was in excess of 3000 acres with two or more farmsteads.

Hugh E. had two brothers- James and John Devier. Source by Ethel (Deaver) Gray , St. Simons Island, Ga.

Hugh was a soldier in the French and Indian War, according to Mark Wiekhorst and Suzanne Grider/ Devier. He was a farmer.

Owners of the old Devier Plantation Home near Spring Creek;
Hugh E. Devier, Sr. b. 1728 abt 1749- 1774
Hugh E. Devier, Jr. b. 1758 abt 1783- 1815
Hugh Devier, 2nd b. 1801 abt 1819- 1863
House burned abt 1863

Hugh and his family are buried on the original family farm (now -1995- owned by the Jorden family). See notes under Hugh E. Devier, Jr.
Land actions: 1748, 1749, 1750, 1751, 1753, 1756, 1765, 1765, 1769, 1770, 1773.
In Chalkley's vol.1 pg 71... Talks about Charles Dever.. maybe brother. of Hugh?
" " 1 pg 173... Order book XV pg 150 17 Aug 1773 Cornelius Fitzwater - a slave of Hugh Dever. And on pg 174, 18 Aug 1773, Robert Dowling- runaway servant of Hugh Dever. And pg 176 , 17 Nov 1773, Cornelius Fitzpatrick, a runaway slave of Hugh Dever, Sr.

(Augusta co. Will Book and Dever and Related Families by Linder pub McClain Printer - p66)
Hugh's Will dated 12 Mar 1774 and probated in Rockingham 27 Apr 1778.
Names wife, Agnes; son James Dever 1 pound current money; son, John Dever- 200 acres of land that joins his plantation and Thomas Reeds; Son, Hugh Dever - 26 acres of land whereon he has now inproved and 126 acres of land on the north side of Spring Creek; son, William -the land I now dwell on being three surveys- one of 200 acres- one of 115 acres and one of 25 acres; These three sons to maintain their mother; dau, Margaret Dever; and Granddaughter, Margaret Dever. Son, William to be executor. Signed in presence of James Bell, William Bell and John Bell.

Billie Iris Hollingshead claims she is the g. Neice of this Hugh.
source: FHC film# 447800
Filed under "Date of Endowment" - 12 Mar 1951 (Temple-Logan)

(from Hist. of Rockingham county, Va by Wayland - 1912)
page 76 - On 23 August 1779, the Rockingham court fined H. Dever and John Dever "according to law" for breach of the Sabbath.
page 99 - April 24, 1782, James Devier and Hugh Devier were allowed payment on accounts "for services, supplies furnished, etc., during the Revolution.

Augusta Co., VA court records 1745-1800 p18;
(Andrew) Culter vs. Garton- Will of Hugh Dever of Augusta (County), dated 12 March 1774. Probated in Rockingham (County), 27th April 1778. Wife, Agnes; sons, James, John, Hugh, William; daughters, Margaret; granddaughter, Margaret Dever

More About Hugh E. Dever:
Burial: Dever Plantation cem. (now on Jorden farm) at Bridge water, Rockingham co., Va.14
Occ./Profession: Farmer

Notes for Agnes Blain:
Chalkley Vol. 2 pg 6;
District circuit court executions Sept 1794;
states that the "Will of Agnes Diver of Rockingham, 20 Feb. 1786 ; probated in Rockingham co., 28 June 1790. Wife of Hugh Diver, Sr.; granddaughters Nancy and Peggy Divier, daughters of James and Betty Divier; names daughter- Margaret Garton (or Garten), Deceased. Andrew Cutler was named Administrator.

More About Agnes Blain:
Burial: Dever Plantation cem. (now on Jorden farm) at Bridge water, Rockingham co., Va.
Documentation: Abstracted Will from Chalkley ;Chronicles
Occ./Profession: Farme wife

Marriage Notes for Hugh Dever and Agnes Blain:
Ancestral file at the FHC shows that the marriage was before 1742.
Children of Hugh Dever and Agnes Blain are:
+ 7 i.   James E.4 Dever, born Abt. 1754 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia; died Abt. 1802 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia.
+ 8 ii.   William Ewing Dever, born Abt. 1756 in North River, Augusta co., Va; died 30 Aug 1824 in , Christian co, Ky.
+ 9 iii.   Hugh E. Dever, Jr., born Abt. 1758 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia; died Abt. 1815 in Dever Plantation, Rockingham co, VA.
+ 10 iv.   John Dever, born Abt. 1760 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia; died Abt. 1815 in , Rockingham co. , Virginia.
+ 11 v.   Margaret Dever, born Abt. 1762 in North River, Augusta co, Virginia; died Abt. 1789.

      4. Charles3 Dever (William2 Deaver, Gilbert1) was born Abt. 1733 in , Rockingham co, Virginia15. He married Jane.

Notes for Charles Dever:
Family History Center -IGI
Film # 447800 - Ordinance # 312 Logan
Filed under Date of Endowment - 12 Mar 1951 Logan

(From History of Rockingham Co., VA by Wayland)
(page 54) Charles and Hugh Diver are included in the list of "persons named in the schedule as having furnished supplies to the troops."

Augusta County Deed Book 2, p 339 28 Nov 1749
Hugh Dever to Charles Dever. Sold 119 acres -5 shillings- to Charles Dever - located on Beaver Creek of North River, Corner of Daniel Smith and John Davis.

Land Grant...26 Jul 1748... 400 acres between Daniel Henderson's Mill and Robert Patterson.

Deed Book 2 13 Sep 1755... Purchased 134 acres for 15 shillings at head waters of Smith Creek.

Deed Book p 227- 20 Nov 1759... sold land to John Dever...47 pounds...119 acres on Norh River, Shanando, a branch of the Shenandoah River...Corner of James Ramsey, Corner of John Davis, opposite mouth of Bear Creek.

Deed Book p 368; Sep 1761... Charles Deaver to Robert Shanklin.

(from Hist. of Augusta Co.m VA) by Peyton 1953;
p 58- 8 Dec 1756... Charles Dever was tried for cursing God and our Sovereign, Lord GeorgeII, King, etc. He was acquitted.
p 63 Will Book 3 p 30 ..30 Jun 1758...George Mouse's estate settlement by Michael Mallow. Allowed 19 May 1761...Sold to Charles Deaver.
p 145 Will Book 2, p462 ... 11 Aug 1775...Sale of Vendue of Elizabeth Harmantrout's estate at the house of Philip Harmantrout... sold to Charles Deaver.

More About Charles Dever:
Lived at...: Rockingham co., VA; Russell co., VA; Lee co., VA16
Child of Charles Dever and Jane is:
  12 i.   Charles4 Dever17.

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