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Descendants of Robert Deeble

Generation No. 5

      78. Elizabeth5 Dibble (Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble) was born 08 May 1693 in Saybrook503, and died Feb 1720/21. She married John Hill 08 Oct 1716 in Guilford, Connecticut. He was born 18 Dec 1694 in Ea. Guilford, and died 16 Feb 1745/46.

More About John Hill and Elizabeth Dibble:
Marriage: 08 Oct 1716, Guilford, Connecticut
Children of Elizabeth Dibble and John Hill are:
  169 i.   Jonas6 Hill, born 18 Mar 1717/18; died 23 Oct 1736.
  170 ii.   Abraham Hill, born 22 Jan 1719/20; died 26 Apr 1720.

      79. Hannah5 Dibble (Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble) was born 28 Jan 1694/95504, and died Unknown. She married John Hill 10 Sep 1716, son of John Hill and Hannah Hiland. He was born 13 Jun 1695, and died 06 Sep 1756.

More About John Hill and Hannah Dibble:
Marriage: 10 Sep 1716
Children of Hannah Dibble and John Hill are:
  171 i.   John6 Hill, died Unknown.
  172 ii.   Hannah Hill, born 12 Oct 1717; died 06 Dec 1736.
  173 iii.   Elijah Hill, born 18 Feb 1721/22; died Unknown. He married Mary Huntley; died Unknown.
  174 iv.   Elizabeth Hill, born 20 Dec 1725; died Unknown.
  175 v.   Susannah Hill, born 29 Mar 1729; died Unknown.
  176 vi.   Mary Hill, born 01 Mar 1731/32; died Unknown.

      80. Martha5 Dibbel (Josiah4 Dibble, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble) was born 14 Nov 1696 in Saybrook505, and died Unknown. She married Ebenezer Hill 03 Jan 1715/16 in Goshen, Connecticut. He died Unknown.

More About Ebenezer Hill and Martha Dibbel:
Marriage: 03 Jan 1715/16, Goshen, Connecticut
Children of Martha Dibbel and Ebenezer Hill are:
  177 i.   Ebenezer6 Hill, Jr., born 24 Oct 1717; died Unknown. He married Elizabeth Baldwin; died Unknown.
  178 ii.   Asa Hill, born 22 Nov 1719; died Unknown. He married Elizabeth Richards; died Unknown.
  179 iii.   Martha Hill, born 17 Feb 1723/24; died Unknown. She married Ebenezer Grant; died Unknown.
  180 iv.   Titus Hill, born 22 Mar 1725/26; died Unknown. He married Mindwell Hall; died Unknown.
  181 v.   Linas Hill, born 22 Mar 1725/26; died Unknown. He married Keziah Hill; died Unknown.
  182 vi.   Luke Hill, born 04 Jan 1729/30; died 26 May 1740.
  183 vii.   Dan Hill, born 14 Jun 1734; died Unknown. He married Hannah Matthews; died Unknown.
  184 viii.   Huldah Hill, born 15 Nov 1736; died 06 Sep 1737.
  185 ix.   Huldah Hill, born 04 Jun 1742; died Unknown. She married Benjamin Reves; died Unknown.

      82. Josiah5 Dibble (Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)506 was born 31 Dec 1699 in Saybrook507, and died Abt. 1769 in when estate was pro. Guilford, Gt.. He married Ruth Whittlesey508 08 Apr 1723509, daughter of John Whittlesey and Hannah (Large). She was born 20 Dec 1699 in Saybrook510, and died Unknown.

Notes for Josiah Dibble:
" The Wittlesey Genealogy gives only one child Ruth born to this marriage, which I believe is due to the fact that she is the only child whose birth is recorded in Saybrook. An old bible of Capt. Ely Morgan's, preserved by Jessie Morgan Jones of Lyme, Conn., gives nine children of this marriage. another proof of the nine children of Ruth and Josiah is the Bible of Amasa Perkins of Meriden, Conn. preserved by his descendant Ivan McComb of Alliance, Ohio. This family near the Saybrook-Westbrook line for a short time lived in Wethersfield, Conn.

Many of this branch of the family spelled the name Dibbell.
Ruth or sister may have mar. John Shipman.
Elizabeth had sons James and Josiah."

VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Dibble Genealogy," "Your Ancestors", Extracted by E.H. Wagener: 291, 0-1-1-1-5.

More About Josiah Dibble and Ruth Whittlesey:
Marriage: 08 Apr 1723511
Children of Josiah Dibble and Ruth Whittlesey are:
  186 i.   Ruth6 Dibble512, born 09 Jan 1723/24512; died Abt. 1731.
+ 187 ii.   Josiah Dibbell, born 21 Mar 1725/26 in Saybrook, Connecticut; died 14 Apr 1800 in Saybrook, Connecticut.
+ 188 iii.   David Dibbell, born 22 Feb 1728/29 in Saybrook, Connecticut; died 01 Nov 1811 in Killingworth, Connecticut.
  189 iv.   Hannah Dibble513, born 31 Jan 1729/30513; died Unknown.
  190 v.   Ruth Dibble514, born 03 Jun 1731514; died Unknown.
  191 vi.   Elizabeth Dibble515, born 17 Mar 1732/33516; died Unknown.
  192 vii.   Phebe Dibble517, born 17 Mar 1732/33518; died Unknown.
+ 193 viii.   John Dibble, born 12 Mar 1735/36 in Saybrook, Connecticut; died 01 Jun 1823 in Sommers, Connecticut.
  194 ix.   Phebe Dibble519, born 28 Feb 1737/38520; died Unknown.
+ 195 x.   Jonas Dibble, born 10 Feb 1740/41; died Dead.

      83. John5 Dibell (Josiah4 Dibble, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)521,522 was born 15 Dec 1702 in Saybrook523, and died 07 Apr 1756 in Goshen, Connecticut. He married Lydia Hill524 14 Apr 1725 in Wallingford525, daughter of Luke Hill and Hannah Butler. She was born 25 Feb 1699/00 in Simsbury, Connecticut525, and died Unknown.

More About John Dibell and Lydia Hill:
Marriage: 14 Apr 1725, Wallingford525
Children of John Dibell and Lydia Hill are:
+ 196 i.   John6 Dibell, Jr., born 26 Jul 1725; died Unknown.
  197 ii.   Reuben Dibell526, born 06 Mar 1726/27527; died Unknown.
+ 198 iii.   Captain Charles Dibble, born Abt. 1729; died 06 Sep 1787 in Lenox, Massacusetts.
  199 iv.   Lydia Dibell528, born 19 May 1731529; died Unknown. She married Elijah Birge529 12 Sep 1751 in Litchfield, Connecticut529; died Unknown.
  More About Elijah Birge and Lydia Dibell:
Marriage: 12 Sep 1751, Litchfield, Connecticut529

  200 v.   Joel Dibble530, born Abt. 1733531; died Unknown.
  Notes for Joel Dibble:
"Goshen land records 4-382 place him in East Hocsick, Bershire Co., Mass. in 1767 when he sells his father's land. He was later captured by Indians.
His brothers John, Josiah and Charles are called of Stratford in 1763 when they sell land of John and Lydia deceased." - VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Dibble Genealogy", pg 464, 0-1-1-1-6-7

  201 vi.   Susannah Dibell532, born 30 Mar 1735533; died Unknown.
  202 vii.   Josiah Dibell534, born 03 Mar 1736/37 in Wallingford, Connecticut535; died Unknown. He married Sibil Plumb535 18 Mar 1756 in Goshen, Connecticut535; died Unknown.
  Notes for Josiah Dibell:
"Josiah was 20 years old when his father died and Capt. Pettibone was appointed his guardian." - VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Dibble Genealogy", 0-1-1-1-6-5

  More About Josiah Dibell and Sibil Plumb:
Marriage: 18 Mar 1756, Goshen, Connecticut535

+ 203 viii.   Israel Dibble, born 1739; died Unknown.
  204 ix.   Rachel Dibell536, born 1740; died Unknown.
  205 x.   Mary Dibell537, born 1746; died Unknown.

      84. Thomas5 Dibell (Thomas4 Dibbell, Israel3 Dibble, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)538 died 15 Oct 1755 in East Haddam, Connecticut539. He married Rebecca Booge540 14 Sep 1734 in East Hampton, L.I.541. She died Unknown.

Notes for Thomas Dibell:
"This Thomas I believe to be correctly placed, for a 1707 land deed in Southold, L.I. mentions Thomas Dibell, cooper, of Seabrook, Conn. this Thomas had a son Martin bpt. in Westbrook, Conn. Another land record calls Thomas Sr. brother of Josiah." - VanBuren Lamb Jr., "Dibble Genealogy", pg. 292, 0-1-1-2-1     

More About Thomas Dibell and Rebecca Booge:
Marriage: 14 Sep 1734, East Hampton, L.I.541
Children of Thomas Dibell and Rebecca Booge are:
+ 206 i.   George6 Dibble, born 10 Jun 1735 in East Haddam, Connecticut; died Unknown.
  207 ii.   Isaiah Dibell542, born 16 Jul 1737; died Unknown.
  208 iii.   Eunice Dibble543, born 17 May 1740543; died Unknown. She married Zacheas Spencer544 09 May 1762 in East Haddam, Connecticut544; died Unknown.
  More About Zacheas Spencer and Eunice Dibble:
Marriage: 09 May 1762, East Haddam, Connecticut544

  209 iv.   Martin Dibell545, born 25 Feb 1740/41546; died 03 Nov 1741 in East Haddam.
  210 v.   Martin Dibell547, born 04 Sep 1742548; died 03 Nov 1760 in East Haddam.

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