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Descendants of Robert Deeble

      1044. Phebe8 Jones (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4141,4142 was born 02 Nov 17884143, and died 07 May 1879 in Westbrook, Connecticut4143. She married Ezra Bushnell4144 07 Dec 1807 in Westbrook, Connecticut4145, son of Ezra Bushnell and Patience Lord. He was born 17794145, and died 30 Apr 18564145.

More About Phebe Jones:
Burial: Unknown, Westbrook Lower Cemetery4145

More About Ezra Bushnell and Phebe Jones:
Marriage: 07 Dec 1807, Westbrook, Connecticut4145
Children of Phebe Jones and Ezra Bushnell are:
  2028 i.   Ezra Lord9 Bushnell4146,4147, died Unknown.
  2029 ii.   John Champion Bushnell4148, born 08 May 18114149; died Unknown. He married Cornelia A. Post4149; died Unknown.
  2030 iii.   Elizabeth Bushnell4150, born 06 Aug 18154151; died Unknown. She married John Post4151; died Unknown.
  2031 iv.   Samuel Pierce Bushnell4152, born 18204153; died Unknown.
  More About Samuel Pierce Bushnell:
Fact 1: Aft. 1850, single4153

      1045. Sally8 Jones (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4154,4155 was born 14 Aug 1790 in Westbrook, Connecticut4156, and died 14 Feb 18544156. She married Jonathan Pratt4157,4158 27 Sep 18134158, son of Simeon Pratt and Margaret. He was born 03 Apr 17894158, and died 10 Aug 18284158.

More About Jonathan Pratt and Sally Jones:
Marriage: 27 Sep 18134158
Children of Sally Jones and Jonathan Pratt are:
  2032 i.   Josiah H.B.9 Pratt4159, born 23 Oct 18144160; died Unknown. He married Rachel C. Chipman4160; died Unknown.
  2033 ii.   Betsy J. Pratt4161, born 08 Apr 18174162; died Unknown. She married Justice K. Sage4162; died Unknown.
  2034 iii.   Hester M. Pratt4163, born 06 Sep 18204164; died Unknown.
  2035 iv.   Jonathan C. Pratt4165, born 23 Mar 18234166; died Unknown. He married Baldwin4166; died Unknown.
  2036 v.   Sally M. Pratt4167, born 25 Oct 18254168; died Unknown.

      1046. Benjamin Pierce8 Jones (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4169,4170 was born 29 Sep 1792 in Westbrook, Connecticut4171, and died 22 Feb 1889 in Clinton, Connecticut4171. He married Almira Kelsey4172,4173 18 Sep 1822 in Clinton, Connecticut, daughter of Samuel Kelsey and Julia Hull. She was born 28 Oct 1796, and died 06 Jun 1875.

Notes for Benjamin Pierce Jones:
"Captain & owner of clipper ship sailing to the West Indies. Private in War of 1812. Methodist, Republican, Farmer." - VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Dibble Family," "Your Ancestors", Volume 3, No. 11-12 Nov & Dec 1949: 92

More About Benjamin Jones and Almira Kelsey:
Marriage: 18 Sep 1822, Clinton, Connecticut
Children of Benjamin Jones and Almira Kelsey are:
  2037 i.   Benjamin Pierce9 Jones, Jr.4174, born 22 Jul 18234175; died Unknown. He married Anne M. Ritter4175; died Unknown.
  2038 ii.   Samuel Kelsey Jones4176, born 19 Feb 18254177; died Unknown. He married Phebe C. Bennett4177; died Unknown.
  2039 iii.   Josiah Henry Jones4178, born 29 Dec 18274179; died Unknown. He married (1) Sarah M. Hilliard4179; died Unknown. He married (2) Anna S. Ambler4179; died Unknown.
  2040 iv.   Charles Frederick Jones4180, born 22 Sep 18294181; died Unknown. He married (1) Mary A. Gladding4181; died Unknown. He married (2) Sarah M. Rockwell4181; died Unknown.
  2041 v.   Almira Louise Jones4182, born 15 Jan 18314183; died Unknown. She married Charles W. Williams4183; died Unknown.
  2042 vi.   Hettie C. Jones4184, born 15 Jan 18314185; died 22 Dec 19064185.
  2043 vii.   Julia Ann Jones4186, born 20 Oct 18334187; died Unknown. She married Sterry Bennett4187; died Unknown.

      1051. Phineas Edward8 Jones II (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4188,4189 was born 26 Jul 1803 in Westbrook, Connecticut4190, and died 03 Dec 1852 in Virginia; Died of cholera, on his own ship4190. He married Sarah Edwards4191. She was born 17 Mar 1799 in Middletown4192, and died 30 Jan 18864192.
Child of Phineas Jones and Sarah Edwards is:
  2044 i.   Edward W.9 Jones4193, born 06 Sep 18334194; died 01 Jan 18344194.

      1052. Beulah G.8 Jones (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4195,4196 was born 18 Sep 1805 in Westbrook, Connecticut4196, and died 24 Aug 1853 in Westbrook, Connecticut4196. She married Edward Stannard4197,4198 27 Oct 1824 in Killingsworth, Connecticut4199, son of Job Stannard and Sybil. He was born 18004199, and died 21 May 1854 in California4199.

Notes for Edward Stannard:
"He appears in 1850 Census of Westbrook, Conn. with wife & 6 ch. Sea Capt." - VanBuren Lamb, Jr., "Dibble Family," "Your Ancestors", Volume 3, No. 11-12 Nov & Dec 1949: 93

More About Edward Stannard and Beulah Jones:
Marriage: 27 Oct 1824, Killingsworth, Connecticut4199
Children of Beulah Jones and Edward Stannard are:
  2045 i.   Francis May9 Stannard4200, born 18274201; died Unknown.
  2046 ii.   Sibbel Elizabeth Stannard4202, born 18284203; died Unknown. She married David Benjamin Wheeler4203 09 Sep 1851 in West Haven, Connecticut4203; died Unknown.
  More About David Wheeler and Sibbel Stannard:
Marriage: 09 Sep 1851, West Haven, Connecticut4203

  2047 iii.   Edward Lord Stannard4204, born 18304205; died 13 May 1858 in Westbrook, Connecticut4205.
  2048 iv.   Job Edward Stannard4206, born 1830; died Unknown.
  2049 v.   Abel Henry Stannard4207, born 18344208; died Unknown.
  2050 vi.   Ely Josiah Stannard4209, born 18384210; died 20 Dec 1860 in Westbrook, Connecticut4210.
  2051 vii.   Lydia Stannard4211, born 18414212; died Unknown.

      1053. Frederick William8 Jones (Phebe7 Dibble, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4213,4214 was born 17 Jun 18094214, and died 02 Aug 1849 in At Sea4214. He married (1) Mary C. Welman4215 14 Aug 18374216. She died Unknown. He married (2) Sarah M. Slaughter4217 05 Mar 1845. She died Unknown.

More About Mary C. Welman:
Residence: of Baltimore4218

More About Frederick Jones and Mary Welman:
Marriage: 14 Aug 18374218

More About Frederick Jones and Sarah Slaughter:
Marriage: 05 Mar 1845
Child of Frederick Jones and Mary Welman is:
  2052 i.   Frederick9 Jones4219, died Unknown.
  More About Frederick Jones:
Residence: to Albany, Ore. & had 1 dau.4220

      1055. Collis8 Dibble (Samuel7 Dibbels, Josiah6 Dibbell, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4221,4222,4223 was born 22 Jul 1796 in Wallingford, Connecticut4224,4225,4226, and died 18754226. He married Edna Harkness Bingham4227,4228, daughter of David Bingham and Hannah Chandler. She was born 18034228, and died Unknown.

More About Collis Dibble:
Residence: 1817, to Marietta, Washington, Co., Ohio4229
Children of Collis Dibble and Edna Bingham are:
  2053 i.   Josiah9 Dibble4230, died Unknown.
  2054 ii.   David Dibble4231, died Unknown.
  2055 iii.   Vesta E. Dibble4232, died Unknown. She married William Williams4233; died Unknown.
  2056 iv.   Sarah Dibble4234, died Unknown. She married Abraham M. Roach4235; died Unknown.
+ 2057 v.   Charlotte Dibble, born 1832; died 1873.

      1059. Eben8 Redfield (Phebe7 Dibbell, David6, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4236,4237 was born 04 Jun 1801, and died Unknown. He married Sarah Gray4237. She died Unknown.
Child of Eben Redfield and Sarah Gray is:
+ 2058 i.   James Henry9 Redfield, died Unknown.

      1061. Samuel Redfield8 Dibbell (David7, David6, Josiah5 Dibble, Josiah4, Israel3, Thomas2 Deble, Robert1 Deeble)4238,4239 was born 23 Dec 1793 in Killingsworth, Connecticut4240, and died 21 Oct 1867 in Clinton, Connecticut4240. He married (1) Polly Hull4241,4242 20 Jan 1819 in Killingsworth, Connecticut4242, daughter of Oliver Hull and Martha Buell. She was born 03 Sep 17954242, and died 26 Feb 18264242. He married (2) Anna West4242 04 Feb 1828 in Killingsworth, Connecticut4242. She was born 17954242, and died 23 Sep 18554242. He married (3) Mary A. Green4242 16 Jan 1855 in Clinton, Connecticut4242. She was born 1796 in New Haven, Connecticut4242, and died 01 Feb 1881 in New Haven, Connecticut4242.

More About Samuel Redfield Dibbell:
Military service: Served in War of 18124242

More About Samuel Dibbell and Polly Hull:
Marriage: 20 Jan 1819, Killingsworth, Connecticut4242

More About Anna West:
Fact 1: widow West4243

More About Samuel Dibbell and Anna West:
Marriage: 04 Feb 1828, Killingsworth, Connecticut4244

More About Samuel Dibbell and Mary Green:
Marriage: 16 Jan 1855, Clinton, Connecticut4244
Children of Samuel Dibbell and Polly Hull are:
  2059 i.   Charles9 Dibbell4245, born 24 Feb 18204246; died Unknown. He married Caroline Stannard4246; died Unknown.
  2060 ii.   George Dibbell4247, born 01 Nov 18234248; died 17 Aug 18264248.

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