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Ancestors of Rosellen Laughlin

Generation No. 6

      32. Henry Laughlin?, born Bef. 1759; died Abt. 1810 in Madison County, Kentucky. He married 33. Margaret.

      33. Margaret, born Bef. 1765 in Unknown; died Bef. December 19, 1827 in Boon County, Missouri.

More About Henry Laughlin?:
Moved: Abt. 1817, Howard County, Missouri

  Notes for Margaret:

Bartels, Boon County Missouri Estate Files 1991, 2:File 74:
19 December 1827, John Laughlin files administration. Chas. Laughlin and Amos Barnes security. Heirs re: Sarah Henderson wife of John Henderson; Charles Laughlin; John Laughlin; Polly Walkup wife of Robert Walkup; William Douglas, Lyntha, Garland and Samuel Laughlin children of Henry Laughlin who was one of the legal heirs of Margaret residing in Illinois. All others reside in Boon County Missouri. (Elizabeth Douglass is marked out as is Alexander, Lucinda Smith, Jane Daly, Alexander, Sally Blaes?? of Henry County, no state listed)..(we see where Jane Douglass married Michael Daily 30 December 1823).

Inventory taken first time May 1828.
1828, John Laughlin makes an inventory of his wife's possessions that have come into his hands, her wearing apparel excepted //2 spotted cow and calf/ . . .sale held 9 January 1828; purchasers William Jones, Micheal Woods, John Henderson, Alexander Douglass, John Laughlin, John B. Jones, Michael Daly, John Stockton, James Wood; 1828, Charles Laughlin to appear in court and answer charges that he embezzled or concealed a gray horse belonging to the estate. 1829, summons for John Laughlin, he not found in Boon County; 1830 John Laughlin hires counsil; 1832 John Laughlin summons to appear in court to settle accounts.
Children of Henry Laughlin? and Margaret are:
  i.   Isabella Laughlin, born Abt. 1779 in Unknown; died Bef. 1818 in Missouri Territory; married William Henry Douglass November 15, 1799 in Madison County, Kentucky; born Abt. 1775 in Unknown.
  ii.   John Laughlin, born Bef. 1793.
  iii.   Sarah Laughlin, born Bef. 1795; married John Henderson in Madison County, Kentucky.
  16 iv.   Charles Laughlin, born Bef. 1800 in Kentucky?; died in Brown County, Missouri; married Rosanna Whiteside in Kentucky or Missouri.
  v.   Polly Laughlin, born Bef. 1800; married Robert Walkup
  vi.   Henry Laughlin, born Bef. 1803.

      34. Thomas S. Whiteside He was the son of 68. William Whiteside.
Child of Thomas S. Whiteside is:
  17 i.   Rosanna Whiteside, born Abt. 1777 in Rutherford, North Carolina; died 1829 in Brown County, Missouri; married Charles Laughlin in Kentucky or Missouri.

      48. Thomas Anderson, born 1753; died 1835. He married 49. Rebecca McClure February 02, 1784.

      49. Rebecca McClure She was the daughter of 98. John McClure and 99. Mary Malcolm.
Child of Thomas Anderson and Rebecca McClure is:
  24 i.   Joseph Anderson, born May 08, 1791; died May 29, 1879; married Martha Dunlap Henderson February 24, 1814.

      52. Willam Omskirt Bowler, born February 13, 1756. He married 53. Jane Lang.

      53. Jane Lang, born March 20, 1759. She was the daughter of 106. William Lang and 107. Elizabeth Rand.

More About Willam Omskirt Bowler:
Veteran: American Revolutionary War
Child of Willam Bowler and Jane Lang is:
  26 i.   James Hervey Bowler, born February 08, 1792; died February 24, 1857; married Phebe Henderson February 20, 1816.

      56. Patrick Henry McElyea, born 1749; died 1840. He was the son of 112. Laughlin McElyea and 113. Mary Power. He married 57. Hanna.

      57. Hanna

More About Patrick Henry McElyea:
Veteran: American Revolutionary War
Child of Patrick McElyea and Hanna is:
  28 i.   John McElyea, born April 12, 1776; died May 07, 1843; married Sarah Boone 1794.

      58. Hezekiah Boone, born May 22, 1735; died 1823. He was the son of 116. George Boone IV and 117. Deborah Howell. He married 59. ? Freelove.

      59. ? Freelove
Child of Hezekiah Boone and ? Freelove is:
  29 i.   Sarah Boone, born 1774; died October 21, 1855; married John McElyea 1794.

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