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Updated April 12, 2012

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Surnames we are searching, and included in this Website are:


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GEDCOM Trees (viewing trees requires 4.0 or later)

  • Jutta, Heidi, and Thomas Gauger Family Tree (9 KB)
    Hasso Gauger and Irma (Dobrunz)Gauger family Tree
  • Charles Kohutek Family Tree (157 KB)
    John Kohutek and Anna Kudija are the parents of Charles Kohutek. Pancrac Joseph Klima and Maria Walla are the parents of Magdalena Klima. Magdalena married Charles Kohutek in Milwaukee, WI in 1910. They were all born in Czechoslovakia.

Family Photos

  • Ruth Kaehler , about 1930 (17 KB)
    Ruth Kaehler on her Confirmation Day. She was 15 years old when this photo was taken. After she married Harvey Lang, she gave birth to 5 children. Ruth was the mother of Gary Lang.
  • Jerome Lemberger, in Grade School, about 1934 (4 KB)
    Jerome Lemberger is the son of Ferdinand Lemberger and Elsie Holtman.
  • Eugene, George, Clara, and Edward Lemberger ,1923 (190 KB)
    The Lemberger Children . Lucy and Joe Lemberger's children, taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 1923.
  • Verna Lemberger and her father Ferdinand (59 KB)
    Verna Lemberger and her father Ferdinand Lemberger in about 1925., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Anna Kohutek and Mary Kohutek ,1913 (132 KB)
    Anna Kohutek, and her little sister Mary Kohutek. Anna died from a scalding accident about 1 year after this photo was taken, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Harvey (Lemberger) Lang (3 KB)
    Harvey(Lemberger) Lang, in Grade School in about 1927. Harvey was the son of Ferdinand and Elsie(Holtman) Lemberger, and was the father of Gary Lang.
  • George Lemberger, The Boxer ,18 yrs. old , 1932 (98 KB)
    George Lemberger, son of Lucy (Melk) and Joseph Lemberger, boxed at the Milwaukee Boxing Arena, in Milwaukee Wisconsin.George was very athletic, and played Ice Hockey, and Water Polo as well.
  • Josef Lemberger in Military Uniform ,abt.1871 (264 KB)
    Josef Lemberger ,husband of Teckla(Vogel) Lemberger,in his Military Uniform in Germany ,about 1871.Photo courtesy of Therese (Waldman) Vogel, Granddaughter of Josef and Teckla Lemberger. Josef served in two wars, one probably was the Astro Prussan War of 1866 e.g., the Seven Weeks War, and the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1871.According to oral tradition, Josef's life was saved by a Prayer Book, he had in his breast pocket over his heart, when a bullet struck him in the chest.
  • Clara "Dolly" Lemberger ,1934 (54 KB)
    Clara "Dolly" Lemberger, daughter of Lucy(Melk) and Joseph Lemberger, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1934.
  • Josef and Teckla Lemberger family,abt.1888 (77 KB)
    Top from left: Katie, Charles, Joseph, and Max.Bottom from left: Josephine, baby Teckla, Teckla, Ferdinand, Josef, and Mary. Photo taken in Milwaukee, WI. about 1888
  • Mary Kohutek Graduation Photo ,1931 (41 KB)
    Mary Kohutek, daughter of Charles and Magdalena (Klima) Kohutek. Mary graduated from North Division High School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ,with Honorable Merits for her outstanding Secretarial Skills.
  • Joseph Lemberger 1868-1940 (60 KB)
    Joseph Lemberger was the son of Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger and Josef Lemberger. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, and died at the age of 71, in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Josef Lemberger and Sons ,about 1895 (34 KB)
    Joseph Lemberger is seated.His sons from left:Ferdinand, Charles,Joseph,and Max. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ,about 1895.
  • Teckla Lemberger and Daughters ,about 1895 (37 KB)
    Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger and her daughters, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, about 1895
  • Anne Esayian and Edward Lemberger Wedding 3,2,1946 (91 KB)
    Anne Esayian and Edward Lemberger were married in So. Milwaukee, Wisconsin ,March, 2, 1946.
  • Josef Lemberger and Sons about 1895 (20 KB)
    Josef Lemberger is seated . His sons ,from left: Ferdinand, Charles, Joseph, and Max. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Skip's Letter to Gabriella Of Germany , PAGE 1 OF4 (62 KB)
    George "Skip" Melk's Letter to Gabriella . Skip is the Great Grandson of Johann "Philipp" Melk ,and Lucia(Bilz)Melk. This Letter is contuined on PAGE 2.
  • John and Pauline Danko Wedding, ..... (44 KB)
    John Danko, and Pauline Kohutek were married in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Skip's Letter To Gabriella Of Germany PAGE 2 OF 4 (110 KB)
    This letter was sent to Gabriella on March 13, 2005 -Continued on Page 3.
  • Mr and Mrs Edward John Lemberger ,about 1947 (39 KB)
    Edward and Anne(Esayian)Lemberger, about 1947. South Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Skip's Letter To Gabriella Of Germany PAGE 3 OF 4 (97 KB)
    This page is continued on Page 4, the final page of this letter.
  • George Melk and Ruth Benzing Wedding ,1934 (126 KB)
    The Wedding photo of George Melk, son of Charles Melk and Anna (Dulau) Melk, and Georges bride Ruth Benzing, October 6, 1934.George and Ruth are the parents of George"Skip" Melk.
  • Skip's Letter to Gabriella Of Germany PAGE 4 OF 4. (51 KB)
    Skip enjoys the outdoors, and plans many wonderful adventures for his Grandchildren. Picture of George "Skip" Melk, enjoying the day, with his twin Granddaughters, Madison and Madeline Feyrer-Melk.
  • Roy and Margaret ( Melk) DeMoe 1931, and 1981 (45 KB)
    Roy DeMoe and Margaret Melk were married, August 29,1931 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin .They celebrated their 50th Anniversary on August 29, 1981, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Anne Marie Feyrer-Melk -Dr. Of The Year Award-2005 (20 KB)
    Anne Marie Feyrer-Melk is on the cover of this magazine and honored as one of the Top Ten Doctors of 2005. She is the daughter of George"Skip"Melk ,and Darlene Melk.
  • George Melk with his Model 1916 Kissel Truck- 1923 (49 KB)
    George Melk, son of Charles and Anna (Dulau) Melk, entered his hand made 1916 Kissel Truck into the WI. State Fair in 1923, and won the first place prize and $5.00. George was 16 years old.
  • Skip Carrying Darla Over The Threshold - 1962 (36 KB)
    George "Skip" Melk carrying Darlene "Darla" (Ebertowski) Melk ,over the threshold , December 1, 1962, Wisconsin
  • Johann "Philipp " Melk ,French Prussian War ,1871 (10 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" Melk in French Prussian War Uniform in 1871. Johann "Philipp" served as a Fusilier.
  • Philip Melk and 1916 Kissel Truck (34 KB)
    Charles Melks son Philip and the familys new 1916 Kissel Truck. Philip is in front of the barn at the familys farm in Milwaukee, WI.
  • Margaret Melk , 1932 (29 KB)
    Margaret Melk was the daughter of Philip and Josephine (Kolbe) Melk.
  • Johnna Natasha Johnson July 2005 (57 KB)
    Johnna ,about 1 month old.
  • Florence Melk and Elmer Kemmerling Wedding ,1932 (46 KB)
    from left, George Melk, Ermagard, Florence, Elmer,Joyce, Ruth Benzimg,and Elmers brother.
  • A New Sister For Armand ! (57 KB)
    Armand, Johnna, and Tim Johnson. July, 2005
  • Joseph Louis "George" Lemberger 1934 (109 KB)
    Joseph Louis "George" Lemberger in the back yard of the house on 18th Street. Milwaukee, WI.
  • Johann "Philipp" and Lucia Melks house , 1919 (44 KB)
    House on Chambers Street. Family gathering. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The shed on the left is where Henry built the first Harley Davidson Motorcycle, assisted by his father Johann " Philipp" Melk.
  • Melk, Lemberger, and Ward Families (129 KB)
    From Left: Charles Melk, Henry Melk, Walter Ward, Joseph Lemberger, holding his grandson Tom Ward, Clara (Lemberger) Ward, and Clara and Walters eldest son Bill Ward standing in front .Picture may have been taken at the Melk Farm,- 15 acres of land at 15th and Atkinson , Wisconsin
  • The Johann "Philipp" Melk Family 1890 (32 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" and Lucia Melk and family taken in Milwaukee, WI. in 1890.Back from left:Sons,Philip, Charles, and Henry.Front from left: Lucia, Lucy, Johann "Philipp" Melk.
  • Mary Lemberger ,Milwaukee, WI., Winter of 1935 (650 KB)
    Mary(Kohutek)Lemberger, Downtown ,Milwauukee, Wisconsin
  • Charles Melk and brother Philip Melk, about 1950 (17 KB)
    Charles Melk and his brother Philip, sons of Lucia (Bilz) and Johann "Philipp" Melk of Germany. The family immegrated to New York in 1882. Philip was born in 1883 ,in Silver Creek ,New York.
  • The Lemberger Family , About 1927 (140 KB)
    The Lemberger Family ,Picture taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • MY STORY , by George"Skip" Melk - PAGE 1 (93 KB)
    This is page 1, of 6 pages written by George"Skip" Melk.
  • Edward John Lemberger Jr. (54 KB)
    Edward John Lemberger Jr., is the son of Edward John Lemberger Sr., and Anne(Esayian)Lemberger
  • MY STORY, by George"Skip" Melk - PAGE 2 (134 KB)
    This is page 2 ,of 6 pages written by George"Skip" Melk.
  • Marriage Cert. of :Joseph Lemberger and Lucy Melk (199 KB)
    This certificate shows Josephs' mother was Josephine Meindl, and his father Charles Lemberger. Lucy Melks father was- Johann Philipp Melk,(not Chas. Melk) and her mother was, Lucia (Bilz) Melk. Religious Marriage Ceremony was performed at St. Boniface Church, on Clarke Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • MY STORY , by George "Skip" Melk -PAGE 3 (130 KB)
    This is page 3 ,of 6 pages written by George"Skip" Melk.
  • Genealogy Chart made for Max Lemberger in Germany (230 KB)
    This chart was made for Max Lemberger, son of Josef Lemberger and Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger. The chart was made in Germany, the birthplace of Max and his parents. They were born in Lam, Bavaria, Germany.
  • MY STORY ,by George "Skip" Melk. -PAGE 4 (115 KB)
    This is page 4,of 6 pages written by George "Skip" Melk.
  • Cousins meet at Reunion in Germantown WI. 2006 (77 KB)
    Melk Reunion in Germantown WI. Coordinators From left: George Melk, Carole(DeMoe), Nancy(Lemberger) and Jim Koegel. Our First Reunion was held at the Beautiful Country Inn, Germantown WI. from August 11, through August 14, 2006.
  • MY STORY , by George "Skip" Melk. -PAGE 5 (129 KB)
    This is the page 5, of 6 pages written by George "Skip" Melk.
  • Lemberger Family Group Picture (43 KB)
    The Lemberger Family Group Picture was taken at the Family Reunion in Germantown, Wisconsin August 11, through August 14, 2006.
  • MY STORY , by George "Skip" Melk.-PAGE 6 (145 KB)
    This is page 6 , and the last page of "My Story" written by George "Skip" Melk.
  • George, Edna, Mary Mac Elroy, Bill Mac Elroy 1961 (49 KB)
    From Left: George Dion, his wife Edna(Bishop) Dion, his mother:Mary (McGowan)(Dion), Mac Elroy, Georges half brother; Bill Mac Elroy. Picture taken at the Bart Avenue residence. Hawthorne.
  • Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger ,about 1920 (37 KB)
    Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger was the daughter of Josef Vogel, and Anna Pritzl. Teckla was born March 12, 1842 in Germany, and died Jan. 26, 1922, in Milwaukee, WI. The picture shows her pushing a baby buggy full of clean, pressed laundry that she did, and delivered to neighbors. Teckla was the wife of Josef Lemberger born Oct. 18, 1844 in Germany ,and died in Milwaukee, WI. Jan. 25, 1907.
  • Melk Group Family Picture (91 KB)
    The Melk Group Family Picture, taken at the Melk Family Reunion in Germantown, Wisconsin. The Reunion was August 11, 2006, through August 14, 2006.
  • Robert "Bob" Dion, and Nikki Dion 1961 (8 KB)
    Bob Dion , and Nikki (Simonson) Dion in the backyard of the Bart Ave. residence .It was Easter Sunday 1961.
  • Philipp Melk , Milwaukee Wisconsin (42 KB)
    Philipp Melk, husbamd of Lucia(Bilz) Melk, father of Mary (Melk) Cork, Charles Melk, Henry Melk, Philip Melk, and Lucy( Melk) Lemberger Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Blanche(Boyer) Dion 1963 (19 KB)
    Blanche( Boyer) Dion was the daughter of Ennis and Leonard Boyer.Picture taken in 1963.
  • Philipp Melk & Daughter Mary ,& Granddaughters (46 KB)
    Philipp Melk and his Daughter Mary(Melk)Cork, and Granddaughters.
  • Marco, Antonio, Larios 1984 (14 KB)
    Marco Larios was born in 1956, and passed away in 2003. He was a wonderful, generous fun loving person, and loved by all who knew him.
  • Charkes Melk & his Daughter Ermagarde, & children (60 KB)
    Charles Melk holding Granddaughter Joyce age 5, and Ermagarde holding her son Jim age 2, 1932.
  • Charles, Mary and Philip Melk abt. 1950 (26 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" and Lucias children. Charles , the oldest son, born in Germany, Mary , step daughter to Lucia, also born in Germany, and Philip youngest son born in Silver Creek, New York.
  • Cathy (Gerber) Romeis and Her family, about 1953 (45 KB)
    The child on far left is Mary Catherine"Cathy" Gerber.To her left wearing a hat and black dress is likely one of the Mosbacher sisters.To her left on the couch is Josephine E. Mosbacher(she never married).To her left on couch is likely Ralph Kuhn and his 2nd wife Veronica (Pickarski) Kuhn. Seated on edge of couch to the left of Veronica is Marie (Lauer) Demper, who was the daughter of Emma (Mosbacher) Lauer. To her left the man standing in the black shirt is William J. Lauer, and next to him standing is Emma (Mosbacher) Laurer. Next to Emma standing in black dress is Cathy's Mom Eileen Marion (Jackson) Gerber. Seated on the left on the floor is Mary Ann (Kuhn) Olson ,and to her left the women in the blue ,and black and white dresses are both Mosbacher sisters: Florence and Eleanore.
  • Mary (Melk ) Cork , and Her Bicycle ,1938 (37 KB)
    Mary(Melk)Cork getting ready to go for a ride on her bicycle. She was 65 years old on this photo.
  • William DeMoe Green Bay Packers 1921 (90 KB)
    Cousin Carole DeMoe's Great Great Uncle William DeMoe played for the Green Bay Packers in 1921. He is in the front row, second from left wearing a helmet. Curly Lambeau , who organized the Acme Packer Team, starting in about 1919, is the last man in the front right. Lambeau Field was named in honor of Curly Lambeau.
  • Alice ,Mary , Pearl, Cork ,Fritz Matter abt. 1923 (51 KB)
    Alice Cork, Mary(Melk) Cork and Pearl (Cork) Matter ,and her husband Fritz Matter , pic taken Philipps WI(.correction writing on pic: Pearls husband, was Fritz Matter.
  • Bob and Mary (Melk) Cork Family in 1905 (34 KB)
    Mary(Melk)Cork and her husband Bob Cork in 1905 with 9 of their children. They eventually had a total of 15 children together. Mary (Melk) Cork was the daughter of Philipp Melk and Maria (Kuhl) Melk . Mary's birth mother Maria (Kuhl) Melk passed away during child birth, and Lucia (Bilz) Melk became the second wife of Philipp Melk and mother of Mary Melk. Plilipp and Lucia went on to have five more children : Charles, Henry , Philip Jr. ,and Lucy Melk . Lucy was a twin , but the other twin daughter only lived a few days.
  • Lucille, Vernon and Pearl Cork 1905 (10 KB)
    Lucille, 6, Vernon 4, and Pearl Cork 2 .Children of Mary Melk,Cork and Robert Cork
  • Joseph Jr. Lemberger and Sons , about 1910 (136 KB)
    Joseph Jr. Lemberger was 42 in 1910, and his sons Joseph was 20, Charles was 17, and Ferdinand 14 .
  • Eleanor Hoefler and Vernon Cork 1936 (13 KB)
    Eleanor Hoefler and Vernon Cork were married in Milwaukee Wisconsin on January 30, 1936. Note: Eleanor Hoefler was the niece of Theresa Hoefler, and Theresa married Henry Melk in 1904.
  • Ermagard Lucy (Melk) Fehring about 1980 (314 KB)
    Ermagard Lucy (Melk) Fehring was very active in orginations in her town. Her nephew is George "Skip" Melk. Picture taken in Wisconsin in abt. 1980
  • The New Harley Davidson Factory w/ Henry Melk 1907 (57 KB)
    On the far right is Arthur Davidson, 3rd from right is Henry Melk, 5th is William Davidson, and 7th is Walter Davidson. Henry Melk was the Original Inventer of the first Harley Davidson Motorcycle ,and when he ended his partnership with his good friends;William S. Harley and Arthur, Walter,and William A.Davidson, he continued his work with the company as William Davidsons Assistant, for the rest of his life. Note: The very first Harley Davidson Motorcycle was built in the shed at the home of Henry's parents; Johann "Philipp" and Lucia (Bilz) Melk , by their son Henry Melk, with expert mechanical advise from his German born father Johann "Philipp" Melk, and with the use of Johann "Philipps" lathe and tools.The shed and home was located at 1251 Chambers Street , Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Florence Krusky, and Tom Cork ,1950 (41 KB)
    Florence Krusky, and Tom Cork , son of Mary Melk and Robert Cork. Tom and Florence were Jeannie Corks parents.Picture taken at their farm in Douseman Wisconsin
  • Ermagard Lucy (Melk) Fehring Feb. 28, 1980 (313 KB)
    Ermagard Lucy(Melk)Fehring was the daughter of Charles Melk and Anna(Dulau)Melk
  • Rose Melk about 1920 (24 KB)
    Henry and Theresa Hoefler, Melk's daughter
  • Ermagard Lucy(Melk) Fehring about 1980 (185 KB)
    Ermagard Lucy(Melk)Fehring Menomonee Falls,Wisconsin about 1980.
  • Rose Melk and Adolph Koegel ,1929 (8 KB)
    Rose (Melk) Koegel, daughter of Henry and Theresa (Hoefler )Melk
  • Madeline Feyrer-Melk - First Place Winner! 4-24-09 (41 KB)
    Madeline Feyrer-Melk and her horse Mohawk, representing the Rio Verde 4H, won First Place in the Junior Team Penning Competition, Maricopa County 4H Finals on April 24, 2009. Team Penning involves three team members attempting to cut out 3 specific cows from a small herd and push them into a small pen in under 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • Viola Melk ,1916 (11 KB)
    Viola Melk , daughter of Henry and Theresa (Hoefler) Melk.
  • Madison Feyrer -Melk and Her Horse Tiago 4-24-09 (31 KB)
    Madison Feyrer-Melk, is the twin daughter of Steve and Anne Marie Feyrer-Melk. The twins grandparents are George and Darlene Melk. Madison's twin sister is Madeline Feyrer-Melk also in this competition with her horse Mohawk. Madison rode her horse Tiago in the Maricopa County 4H Finals on April 24, 2009, and placed third and fifth in the Mixed Division Team Penning competition. Team Penning involves three team members attempting to cut out 3 specific cows from a small herd and push them into a small pen in under 1 minute and 30 seconds. Madison and Tiago represented the Rio Verde 4H.
  • June and John Crnkovich, 2000 (44 KB)
    June(Yan,Hill), and John Crnkovich,attending a school program for their grandson , in June of 2000.
  • Lillian (Lemberger) and Al Grossman, about 1938 (46 KB)
    Lillian Katherine (Lemberger) Grossman-1905-1949,and her husband :Al Grossman-1904-1977. Picture taken in Wisconsin in about 1938. Lillian was the daughter of Ferdinand Lemberger and Elsie (Holtman) Lemberger. Ferdinand's parents were Josef Lemberger and Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger of Lam, Bavaria, Germany.
  • Mary (Melk) Cork and Bob Cork and family in 1905 (34 KB)
    Mary (Melk) Cork and her husband Bob Cork and their children in 1905, probably taken in Philipps Wisconsin. Bob and Mary (Melk) Cork had a total of 15 children.
  • John Danko & Pauline Kohutek's Family Information (23 KB)
    John Joseph Danko and Pauline Kohutek, in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Easter of 1943. They were married five months later :) Pauline was born Oct.8, 1917, and passed away June 26, 1997, Milwaukee, WI. She was the daughter of Charles Kohutek, and Lena (Klima) Kohutek. Pauline is burried next to her husband John Danko ,at Holy Cross Cemetary , Milwaukee. John was born August 30, 1920, passed away December 8, 2005 They are survived by their four sons, daughter in laws, and grandchildren. John was a wonderful singer and sang on the radio in his younger days, and Pauline a professional tap dancer before starting her family.
  • Charles and Lena Kohutek and granddaughters -1946. (750 KB)
    Charles Alex Kohutek was born in Czechoslovakia and came to the US with his father John Kohutek, (b.abt. 1864 )to sell their produce in America. Charles mother, Anna Kudija(b. abt. 1864) did not go with them but awaitd their return. Charles did not go back home as he met ,and fell in love with Magdalena Klima, and they were married in Milwaukee 1910. They had 4 daughters: Anna- abt. 1912 ,died in a scalding accident, 2. Mary -1914-1991- 3. Rose, and 4. Pauline 1917-1997. Charles was a shoemaker and carpenter also a machine operator retireing from the Harley Davidson Co. Lena was a cook for a Royal family living in a castle on the Danube River in Vienna Austria. She had a vision of her father at the foot of her bed and went home on the train the next day and her father had died during the night.
  • Charles Alex Kohutek 1889-1958 (661 KB)
    Charles Alex Khutek was born in 1889 in Czechoslovakia, and passed away on Valentines Day, February 14, 1958.His parents were John Kohutek, and Anna Kudija, both from Czechoslovakia. Charles married Magdalena Klima and they had three girls; Mary, Rose, and Pauline Kohutek, they were born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Tillie( Stoiber) and her husbamd Edgar Oswald 2006 (53 KB)
    Ottilie " Tillie" was born 2-17-1915, and passed away on 5-8-2009. Her husband Edgar Oswald was born in 1912, and passed away on 9-8-2010. They were a wonderful loving couple, and they are sorrowfully missed....
  • The Gauger Family (374 KB)
    Hasso Georg Arnold Gauger is the cousin of Theodore and Helen Lemberger's son Theodore Jr. Lemberger. Theodore Jr. "Theo" visited his cousin Hasso Gauger and his family in Stuttgart, Germany in 1952. Theodore Jr. was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin on October 30th, 1924, and died in Wisconsin in February of 1981.
  • Henry Melks Wedding Party ,1904 (16 KB)
    Henry Melks Wedding.June 8, 1904. His Brother Philip is in the back ,Left.His Sister Lucy is in the front ,right.Lucy was 19 yrs. old, and Philip was 21.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter -PAGE 1 (63 KB)
    This is the first page of Lucy(Melk) Lemberger's last letter to her grandchildren.It was written on June 08 , 1952, and she died of Cancer on December 5th 1952.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter- PAGE 2 (64 KB)
    Lucy was the surviving twin daughter of Lucia(Bilz) Melk and Johann "Philipp" Melk.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter -PAGE 3 (64 KB)
    Lucy (Melk) Lemberger was born in Silver Creek, New York, on September 24, 1885. Her mother Lucia had the same birth date and was also born on a September 24.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter -PAGE 4 (64 KB)
    Lucy Melk Married Joseph Lemberger on May 16, 1911, Milwaukee WI.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter-PAGE 5 (61 KB)
    Lucy and Joe Lemberger had 4 children: Eugene, George, Clara, and Edward Lemberger.
  • Grandma Lucy's Last Letter- PAGE 6 (52 KB)
    This is the last page of "Grandma Lucy's Last Letter" It was written on June 8, 1952, and she died December 5, 1952.
  • Charles Melks Gas Light Bills 1912 (91 KB)
    Charles Melks Gas Light Bills from the Milwaukee Gas Light Co. Milwaukee Wisconsin 1912
  • Four ,Charles Melk Documents 1915-1936 (47 KB)
    Charles Melk, was the son of Johann "Philipp" and Lucia (Bilz) Melk.Pictured are four of Charles Melks documents.
  • Teckla (Vogel) Lemberger and Josef Lemberger 1867 (50 KB)
    Teckla was born 3-12-1842,Germany ,Died 1-26-1922 Mil.WI. Josef was born 10-1,1844,Germany ,Died 1-25-1907 Mil.WI. Buried together at: Calvary Cemetery Block:14 Row:328 ,Milwaukee, WI.
  • Josephine (Meindl) Lemberger ,Milwaukee, WI. 1885 (58 KB)
    Josephine died 5-5-1910 at age 45.She was married to Charles Lemberger,he died 9-16-1945 at 81. They are both buried at Holy Cross Cemetery Milwaukee, WI. Block:1 Section L Lot:20-s Graves:2 and 6
  • Johann "Philipp" Melk, Germany -about 1873 (63 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" Melk ,born in Wixhausen Germany ,June 8, 1848 .Married Lucia Bilz Nov. 9, 1873 Germany
  • Lucia Bilz, Germany - about 1873 (48 KB)
    Lucia Bilz, born September 24, 1844 Oberbessenbach,Germany. Daughter of Karoline Ruppert, and Frank Bilz.Lucia spoke the Platt Deutsch dialect.
  • Charles and Anna (Dulau) Melk ,Wedding 11,23,1897 (153 KB)
    Charles Melk and Anna Dulau were married at St. Boniface Church,Milwaukee, WI. Nov. 23, 1897
  • Henry and Theresa (Hoefler) Melk June 8, 1904 (40 KB)
    Henry and Theresa (Hoefler)Melk were married at St. Boniface Church, Milwaukee, WI. June 8, 1904
  • Old German Letter dated 1821 (77 KB)
    This letter was found in an old Prayer book belonging to Charles Melk. His grandson George"Skip" Melk found the letter , and had it translated into English.The letter was written in the old German Script called "Kurrent", AKA Platt Deutsch dialect.
  • Philip and Josephine (Kolbe)Melk June 7, 1906 (66 KB)
    Philip and Josephine were married at St. Boniface Church, Milwaukee, WI. June 7, 1906
  • English Translation of German Letter dated 1821 (62 KB)
    This is the English translation of the letter written in old German Script called "Kurrent", A.K.A. Platt Deutsch, dialect.
  • Philipp and Lucia Melks Property ,Philips,WI. 1888 (21 KB)
    The location of the house was next to the dead tree, left side. There are still some logs in the rubble. This picture was taken a few years ago, by George "Skip" Melk, Great Grandson of Johann "Philipp" and Lucia (Bilz) Melk.
  • Dora and Unc at Skip and Darlas Wedding 1962 (46 KB)
    Seated in the back :Dora (Lunz) Heideman) Melk and , Philip "Unc"Melk, at George"Skip" Melk and Darlene"Darla" (Ebertowski) Wedding December 1, 1962, Wisconsin.
  • Edward John Lemberger ,Sr...... abt. 1939 (12 KB)
    Edward John Lemberger in his WWII Uniform. He was abt. 18 years old .He was also the youngest of three sons of Joseph, Ferdinand ,Lemberger and Lucy (Melk) Lemberger.
  • Tillie Stoiber's Letter PAGE 1 (80 KB)
    Tillie Stoiber Oswald's letter to Helen and Max Lemberger.Tillie Stoiber , daughter of Katie Lemberger. Katie was the daughter of Teckla and Josef Lemberger.
  • Tillie Stoiber's Letter PAGE 2 (67 KB)
    Tillie Stoiber's letter to Helen and Max Lemberger.Tillie Stoiber Oswald , daughter of Katie Lemberger. Katie was the daughter of Teckla and Josef Lemberger.
  • Letter to Skip about the First Harley Davidson (103 KB)
    Ermagard Lucy Melk,Grandaughter of Johann "Philipp" and Lucia (Bilz) Melk, daughter of Charles Melk, and Niece to Henry Melk.This is a letter to her nephew Skip Melk, about the origin of the first Harley Davidson.note: The first Harley Davidson was invented and built by Henry Melk assisted by his father Johann "Philipp" Melk, in the shed at his home in Milwaukee, WI. Johann "Philipp" allowed his son Henry, and the Harley and Davidson brothers to use his tools ,lathe,and shed for their business.Henry opted out of the business after a time, and was paid an acceptable amount of money,probably mostly stock, and then he became the assistant to William Davidson for the Harley Davidson Company, for the rest of his life. Henry died in 1940, but had enough stock left to leave to his wife, children, and eventually even the grandchildren received stock for Henry's accomplishments.
  • Charles Lemberger and Sons, Wisconsin 1909 (84 KB)
    Front row from left:Charles Lemberger sitting next to his son: Joseph Ferdinand Lemberger,Back row from left: Louis, Edward, and Ted Lemberger.
  • Charles and Magdalena (Klima) Kohutek 4-23-1910 (219 KB)
    Charles Alex Kohutek and Magdalena Klima were married in Milwaukee Wisconsin on April 23, 1910
  • Mr and Mrs Ted Lemberger , 1911 (41 KB)
    Ted Lemberger, son of Charles Lemberger and Josephine (Meindl) Lemberger ,Wisconsin 1911
  • Louis Lemberger and Minnie (Gill) Lemberger ,1911 (47 KB)
    Louis Lemberger and Minnie Gill were married around 1912 in Wisconsin. This picture might have been taken at Louis' brother, Ted Lemberger's Wedding in 1911.
  • George Stoiber, Louis Lemberger, 1911 (48 KB)
    George Stoiber, and Louis Lemberger ,and Minnie Gill around 1911 Wisconsin ,Possibly the Wedding Party of Louis' brother Ted Lemberger.
  • Charles and Theresa (Huber) Lemberger ,1911 (51 KB)
    Charles Lemberger and 3rd wife Theresa( Huber) Lemberger around 1911 Wisconsin
  • Joseph and Lucy (Melk) Lemberger May 16, 1911 (210 KB)
    Lucy (Melk) and Joseph Ferdinand Lemberger were married May 16, 1911 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, on Clarke Street,Milwaukee, Wisconsin .
  • Sister - In - Laws, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ,1911 (181 KB)
    From left: Theresa (Hoefler) Melk, Anna (Dulau)Melk, and Lucy (Melk) Lemberger
  • Mary , and Rose Kohutek ,1916 (123 KB)
    Mary Kohutek was about 3 years old ,and Rose about 1, when this picture was taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 1916.
  • Johann Adam Melk Death Certificate 1854 (68 KB)
    Johann Adam Melk was the father of Johann "Philipp" Melk who was only 6 years old at the time of his fathers death. Document and translation contributed by Jim Koegel, Great Grandson of Johann "Philipp" Melk. Translation: In the Christian year 1854, on the 8th Of October, at 5 o'clock in the morning, died the local bricklayer Johann Adam Melck, old-26 years less 20 days, and on the 10th of October, in the morning at 10 o'clock, he was solemnly put to earth, according to Christian customs in the presence of the two local citizens: Adam Reuther, Johann Jakob Schmidt ,who together with me, undersigned Parish Priest, signed the present transcript. (signatures): Adam Reuther, Johann Jakob Schmidt, L.S. Munch , Parish Priest
  • Joseph and Lucy Lemberger Family Before 1921 (136 KB)
    Back row from left: Joseph Lemberger, Lucy (Melk) Lemberger, Eugene Lemberger, . Front from left: George Lemberger ,and Clara Lemberger .
  • J.Philipp Melk Birth cert. microfilm June 8, 1848 (74 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" Melk Birth Certificate on microfilm from Germany .Contributed by Jim Koegel.
  • Philipp Melk Marriage to Maria Kuhl June 16,1872 (45 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" Melk and Maria Kuhl marriage cert, on microfilm from Germany. Contributed by Jim Koegel
  • Philipp and Lucia Melk Marriage cert. Nov. 9, 1873 (66 KB)
    Johann "Philipp" and Lucia (Bilz) Melk marriage cert. microfilm from Germany. contributed by Jim Koegel
  • Theresa (Hoefler) Melk and her son Edward 1945 (30 KB)
    Theresa ( Hoefler) Melk, and her son Edward in front of 2757 N.53rd Street in the fall of 1945.
  • Elsie Holtman ,Ferdinand Lemberger Wedding 1904 (46 KB)
    Elsie Holtman(1882-1966), married Ferdinand Lemberger (1882-1929),in 1904.Ferdinand was the son of Josef Lemberger, and Teckla (Vogel)Lemberger. Photo contributed by Gary Lang, Grandson of Elsie and Ferdinand Lemberger.
  • Ferdinand Lemberger ,about 1900 (16 KB)
    Ferdinand Lemberger was the son of Teckla(Vogel) and Josef Lemberger, and the Grandfather of Gary Lang.
  • Ferdinand Lemberger at Work ,about 1910, Mil. WI. (26 KB)
    Ferdinand Lemberger is 5th from the left and Tillie Stoibers brother is 2nd from the left. Picture taken in a machine shop in Milwaukee, WI., about 1910.Ferdinand was a Machinest.
  • Elsie Holtman ,1900 (54 KB)
    Elsie Holtman was 18 years old on this photo. She was the Grandmother of Gary Lang.
  • Ruth (Kaehler) Lang and Harvey Lang (20 KB)
    Ruth( Kaehler) Lang and Harvey Lang were the parents of Harvey Frank Lang, Ross Norman Lang, Kathleen Ruth Lang, Gary Bruce Lang, and Kenneth Paul Lang.

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