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Descendants of Joseph Rodgers

Generation No. 3

      8. Needham Edward3 Rogers (Joseph2 Rodgers, Joseph1) was born September 3, 1796 in Christ Church Parish, Guysborough, Nova Scotia, and died March 18, 1871 in Cobb Co., GA. He married (1) Sarah Winslow Cook Bef. 1819 in NC, daughter of John Cook and Rebeckah McConnell. She was born 1792 in Rowan Co., NC, and died Bet. 1836 - 1840 in Newton Co., GA. He married (2) Susan Daniell about 1850 in Newton Co., GA, daughter of Stephen Daniell and Elizabeth Melton. She was born April 5, 1832 in Newton Co., GA, and died April 5, 1918 in Etowah Co., AL.

Notes for Needham Edward Rogers:
Needham E. Rodgers is found in the 1820 Federal Census in Iredell Co., NC (p. 229):
      1 male 16-25 (b. 1795-1804)
      2 females under 10 (b. 1811-1820)
      1 female 10-15 (1805-1810) Needham's sister?
      1 female 16-25 (b. 1795-1804)

This Needham is not the Needham of the 1810 Iredell Census. That Needham was born before 1784, this one was born after 1795. Nor could he be the son of Needham. That Needham did not have any sons born 1795-1800. On the other hand, Joseph Rogers of Iredell Co. had two sons born 1795-1800. This Needham is one of them.

The 1840 Federal Census for Newton Co., GA (p. 33) show Needham Rogers:
      2 males 15-19 (b. 1821-1825) David and John
      1 male 40-49 (b. 1791-1800) Needham
      2 females under 5 (b. 1836-1840)
      2 females 5-9 (b. 1831-1835)
      1 female 10-14 (b. 1826-1830) Louisa J. Rogers
      Needham's wife appears to be absent, probably deceased.

Marriage Notes for Needham Rogers and Sarah Cook:
Iredell County Tracks, "Power of Attorney, Gift and Miscellaneous Deeds in Iredell Co." (Vol. 13 No. 4, p. 9):

Book L, page 209 - Needham Rogers and wife Sarah (alias Sarah Cook) to James H. Houston. On waters of Beaver Dam Creek where Hugh Lawson formerly lived and willed to his son David Lawson and by him to his half sister Sarah Cook, now Rogers. 19 Feb 1823

      This would appear to be the Needham Rogers who was born 1796, since he is the only one listed in the 1820 Census in Iredell Co.

Iredell County Tracks, "Minutes of Court of Pleas" (Vol. 13 No. 2 p. 14):

August Term 1818 James Donelson and _______Rodgers, administrators of estate of John Cook.

Notes for Susan Daniell:
      After her husband, Needham, died, Susan went to live with her brother George in Etowah Co., AL. There, she was a member of Sardis Baptist Church (her brother, John William, was the first pastor of that church). She is buried at Sand Mountain, Etowah Co., AL.
Children of Needham Rogers and Sarah Cook are:
  31 i.   Mary4 Rodgers. She married Mercer Rhodes.
+ 32 ii.   Clementine Rodgers.
  33 iii.   Charlotte Rodgers. She married Mr. Smith.
  Notes for Charlotte Rodgers:
      Lived in Rome, GA.

  34 iv.   Hugh Rodgers. He married Miss Miller.
  Notes for Hugh Rodgers:
      Lived in Arkansas.

  35 v.   Jane Cooke Rodgers, born February 14, 1819; died November 9, 1894 in Conyers, Rockdale, GA. She married James Hunter Brooks November 6, 1845.
+ 36 vi.   David Lafayette Rodgers, born June 29, 1823 in Jasper Co., GA; died 1903 in GA.
+ 37 vii.   John Rodgers, born about 1824 in GA.
  38 viii.   Rebekah Ann Rodgers, born 1826. She married Moses Formby December 18, 1845; born 1821 in GA.
  39 ix.   Sarah Rodgers, born 1829. She married Mr. Martin.
+ 40 x.   Louisa J. Rodgers, born January 13, 1830; died January 25, 1907 in Mableton, Cobb, GA.
Children of Needham Rogers and Susan Daniell are:
  41 i.   Amarette4 Rogers.
  42 ii.   C. Melvina Rogers, born about 1850 in GA.
  43 iii.   Angeline M. Rogers, born about 1852 in GA.
  44 iv.   Dorithy M. Rogers, born about 1854 in GA.
+ 45 v.   Emma Rogers, born January 14, 1856 in Cobb Co., GA; died March 4, 1946 in Hubbard, TX.
  46 vi.   Mary Ann Rogers, born about 1857 in GA. She married Mat Brewer.
+ 47 vii.   Stephen L. Rogers, born January 19, 1859 in Cobb Co., GA; died November 17, 1937 in Hubbard, TX.
+ 48 viii.   Laura Abigail Rogers, born March 27, 1860 in Cobb Co., GA; died April 14, 1942 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL.

      15. Bryan3 Rodgers (Bryan2, Joseph1) was born July 13, 1806 in Guysborough Co., NS, and died 1850. He married Mary Ann Peebles about 1840. She was born March 26, 1817 in Melford, Guysborough Co., NS, and died 1913.
Children of Bryan Rodgers and Mary Peebles are:
  49 i.   Bryan4 Rodgers, born 1837; died 1919. He married Annie Stalker.
  50 ii.   Harriet Jane Rodgers, born 1842; died 1939. She married John Murray in Melford, Guysborough, NS.
  51 iii.   William Rodgers, born 1845. He married Frances.
  Marriage Notes for William Rodgers and Frances:
      This family probably settled in Goucester, MA.

  52 iv.   Charlotte Elizabeth Rodgers, born 1847.

      28. Ezekiel3 Rodgers (Needham2, Joseph1) was born September 11, 1801 in Nova Scotia, and died November 12, 1883 in New Castle, Henry, IN. He married Eleanor Hinshaw September 11, 1823 in NC. She was born December 7, 1799 in Surry Co., NC, and died July 16, 1885 in New Castle, Henry, IN.
Children of Ezekiel Rodgers and Eleanor Hinshaw are:
  53 i.   William A.4 Rodgers, born April 30, 1824 in Surry Co., NC; died April 28, 1865 in Baton Rouge, LA. He married Rachel Draper April 19, 1846 in Henry Co., IN.
  54 ii.   Edward M. Rodgers, born October 26, 1825 in Surry Co., NC. He married Lavina J. Dyson November 22, 1849 in Henry Co., IN.
  55 iii.   Harriett Rodgers, born June 21, 1827 in Surry Co., NC; died October 16, 1862 in New Castle, Henry, IN. She married John Scott Conner November 2, 1848 in Henry Co., IN.
  56 iv.   Elizabeth Rodgers, born April 21, 1829 in Surry Co., NC. She married Zephaniah Leonard.
+ 57 v.   Lucinda Rodgers, born May 29, 1831 in Wayne Co., IN; died April 9, 1883 in New Castle, Henry, IN.
  58 vi.   Joseph B. Rodgers, born March 15, 1833 in Henry Co., IN; died March 12, 1863 in Cadiz, Henry, IN. He married Phoebe Ann Hunt December 8, 1853 in Harrison Twp., Henry Co., IN.
  59 vii.   Catherine Rodgers, born November 26, 1834 in Henry Co., IN. She married Moses Bowers April 2, 1863.
  60 viii.   Mary Rodgers, born June 4, 1837 in Henry Co., IN; died April 26, 1888 in New Castle, Henry, IN.
  61 ix.   George W. Rodgers, born February 23, 1839 in Henry Co., IN; died February 9, 1864.
  62 x.   Lydia Rodgers, born May 30, 1841 in Henry Co., IN.
  63 xi.   John C. Rodgers, born February 20, 1844 in Henry Co., IN. He married Almira about 1869.

      30. Needham3 Rodgers (Needham2, Joseph1) was born March 1813 in NY, and died January 7, 1872 in Cherryville, KS. He married Elizabeth C. Raper April 1, 1835 in Wayne Co., IN. She was born September 22, 1817 in Perquimans Co., NC, and died July 9, 1901 in Walnut Grove, Knox Co., IL.
Child of Needham Rodgers and Elizabeth Raper is:
  64 i.   Eddie C.4 Rogers, born December 24, 1856; died June 27, 1877.

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