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Descendants of Richard Slawson

Generation No. 2

      2. George2 Slawson (Richard1)5,6,7,8 was born Bef. 1617 in Southwark, Surrey, England9,10, and died 17 Feb 1695 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut11,12,13. He married (1) Mrs. George Slauson13,14 1640 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. She was born Abt. 1619 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts15,16. He married (2) Mary Williams17 16 Dec 1680 in Fairfiled, CT17. She died Abt. Dec 169717.

Notes for George Slawson:
From the introduction of "SLASON-SLAUSON-SLAWSON-SLOSSON" by George Slawson:
The original spelling of the name (after being Anglicized), and before it came to this country, was SLAWSON. When George SLAWSON came to America, it was so spelled in Lynn, Mass., and in Sandwich, Mass., and it was not until his arrival in Stamford in 1642 that the first variation occurred. In Stamford, the town clerk entered the name (and quite possible so at its owner's instigation, as he was an educated man) as SLASON. Thereafter, for over a hundred years, the town clerks of Stamford so spelled the name with a fine disregard for whatever method the possessor of the name might prefer. George, himself, signed his name on several documents--witnesses to treaties with the Indians, and various legal documents--and his signature is known with both spellings, although the SLAWSON spelling is predominant. In the course of time, the spelling of the town clerks of Stamford was quite widely accepted, but as it gave too easy rise to improper pronunciation, the majority of the family inserted either a U or a W in the middle to force correct pronunciation. Today, SLASON is the least common of the 4 methods of spelling of the name. The SLAUSON spelling came also from another source besides the one outlined above. It is a peculiarity of handwriting that the letters "WS" are difficult to form, and that of "US" are not. Purely as a convenience and aid to easier manipulation, many members of the family changed from SLAWSON to SLAUSON, and on several occasions both methods are in use by children of one family. The SLOSSON method of spelling received a comparatively late start in America, being unknown prior to 1739. During this year a group of families moved from Norwalk, Conn., to form a new settlement at Kent, Conn.; among them being the family of Nathaniel SLASON. On their arrival at Kent, one of their number was elected town clerk, and his first entry showed the families of Nathaniel SLOSSON, all of whose descendants still use this particular spelling. By about 1800, the various methods of spelling the name had become pretty well fixed in the various channels, and, except for occasional changes from SLAWSON to SLAUSON, few individuals varied the routine in vogue for their particular branches of the family.
Richard SLAWSON's name on the records in England was spelled SLAWSON, but there is nothing that he wrote it so-or even know how to write. There is however, ample evidence to prove that this spelling continued to exist in England, and later migrations to America have been made by individuals using this spelling. However, from the spellings used on tombstones, it would seem that the SLAWSON spelling was an Anglicized version of SLOSSON, which according to the author, was known as early as the twelfth century. There seems to be little doubt that this spelling was in use considerably earlier than 1600, and no evidence to prove it had not been completely abandoned in favor of SLAWSON by that date. In 1739 this spelling was again put into use, this time in America-- and it is in active use here today, but is apparently unknown in England.
Apparently neither George nor Thomas were too well equipped with funds, and being unable to afford passage, they shipped on as sailors. Upon reaching America they went ashore and stayed out of sight until the ship sailed without them. This was not an unusual occurrence, as the ships' records show they frequently left America with only a portion of their crews. It would also explain why the names were not on the passenger list.

Emigrated to America in 1636, probably arriving on the ship "Jonas". Moved out of Lynn, Massachusetts in 1637, with a group of other persons to Sandwich, Massachusetts. Married there 1640, mother of all his children name unknown. Moved to Stamford, Conn. in 1642. remarried and died in Stamford. Records in Stamford spell his name SLASON, he spelled it both ways with SLAWSON being more frequent.[Slosson 11-20-00 Greene.FTW]

George Slawson emigrated to America, probably on the ship JONAS which landed in
1636. The JONAS, John Crowther - master, was chartered for a voyage to
Charleston (MA) and Boston Towne, but is is not known when she arrived or wether
she brought passengers. George moved out of Lynn, MA in 1637 with a group of
other persons to Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod. The name of his first wife (mother
of all his children), whom he married at Sandwich, CA 1640, is unknown. They
moved to Stamford, CT, in 1642 and settled there. Marriage No. 2 on 16 Dec 1680
at Fairfield, CT to Mary Williams (Jennings), the widow of Joshua Jennings.
There were no children by his second marriage. He died 17 FEB 1694/5 at
Stamford, and she died in March 1697. Prior to his arrival in Stamford, his
name was infallibly spelled SLAWSON, but the Stamford records usually refer to
him as SLASON. According to his own writing, he used both spellings, apparently
without much discrimination, although SLAWSON is the one he used most
Authors of local histories pertaining to the New England colonies agree that
George and Thomas (2) Slawson were in Lynn, MA in 1637, and that their names
were included in the list of those who went from Lynn, Duxbury and Plymouth to
form the new colony at Sandwich. Unfortunately, the early records of Sandwich
are very meager, due largely to a fire which destroyed most of them.
See notes under Eleazer.

More About George Slawson:
Fact: Admitted a Freeman18
Occupation: May 1657, Judge of Stamford, Conn.19,20
Religion: Puritan (congregationalist)
Children of George Slawson and Mrs. Slauson are:
+ 4 i.   John3 Slawson, born 14 May 1641 in Sandwich, Massachusetts; died 16 Oct 1706 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
+ 5 ii.   Eleazer Slason, born 09 Feb 1643 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; died May 1698 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.
+ 6 iii.   Hannah Slawson, born Bet. 1645 - 1646 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; died Bet. 27 Jan 1729 - 1730 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

      3. Thomas2 Slawson (Richard1)21,22 was born Abt. 1620 in Southwark, Surrey, England22,23, and died Bef. 165524,25.

Notes for Thomas Slawson:
[Slosson 11-20-00 Greene.FTW]

Emigrated to America with his brother, probably on the ship JONAS in 1637. Was
in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod in 1638. Moved to Stamford, Fairfield County, CT in
either 1641 or 1642. Apparently he did not like Stamford, and returned to
Plymouth County, MA, where he married, though the name of his wife is unknown.
Child of Thomas Slawson is:
+ 7 i.   Josiah3 Slawson, born Abt. 1648 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Mass.; died Abt. 1683 in Bedford, Westchester County, New York.

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