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Ancestors of Andrea Kay Warner

      50. Moses RUTT, born Jan 27, 1810 in Lancaster Co, PA; died May 24, 1879 in Wayne Co, OH. He was the son of 100. Heinrich RUTT and 101. Elizabeth WEBER. He married 51. Mary (Polly) GISH.

      51. Mary (Polly) GISH, born ca 1807 in Lancaster Co, PA; died Dec 09, 1893 in Wayne Co, OH. She was the daughter of 102. Abraham GISH and 103. Anna LONGENECKER.

Notes for Moses RUTT:
Moses and Mary were Mennonite. The 1860 census lists Moses Rutt, farmer, living in Chester Twp, Wayne County, Ohio, owning real e state worth $8500 and personal property worth $1293. Harvey S. Rutt says Moses and Mary moved to Wayne County Ohio by wagon. They bought an 80-acre farm in Greene Township in 1837 for $1800, selling it in 1859 and buying a 167-acre farm in Chester Township.
When Moses died the farm was valued at $10,000 and his personal property at $500.

Moses was elected School Director for District 5 in 1864. In 1970, the Cass County MO history reported that in 1869 six of Moses Rutt's daughters and all but one son moved to Cass County, Missouri, near Garden City. However, when Moses will was probated four daughters --Anna Weaver, Elizabeth Greaser, Fanny Hough and Catherine Reitz -- were living in Cass County. The rest of the surviving children -- Henry G. Rutt, Moses Rutt, Marly Hartzler and Leah Shepp -- were still in Wayne County.

Moses signed his will in February 1869.

Obituary, Herald of Truth, July, 1879, p 137
In Wayne County, Ohio, MOSES RUTT, aged 69 years, 4 months and 14 days. Buried the 26th in Shaums burying ground. Services by P. Imhoff, C. Beery and C. Holdeman."

Lancaster PA Mennonite Library, Abraham Gish file card
Harvey Rutt, Genealogy of the Shaum & Holdeman Families, 1930, pp 34, 128
Cass County, MO Families, 1976, p 277
Wayne County Probate Court Death Records, Vol. 1, p 107
1860 Census, Chester Township, Wayne County OH, p 305
Ira M. Gish, Gish: Footprints in the Sands of Time, Loma Linda CA, 1970, p 271
Mrs. Edith Myers, The Rutt Genealogy, date unknown
Robert S. Ulle, genealogist, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society
Children of Moses RUTT and Mary GISH are:
  i.   Anna Rutt, born Oct 26, 1832 in Lancaster Co, PA; died Jun 25, 1898 in Cass Co MO; married David W. Weaver.
  ii.   Elizabeth Rutt, born Nov 19, 1833 in PA; died May 03, 1901 in Cass Co MO; married Isaac Greaser Aug 1856.
  iii.   Mary Rutt, born Apr 26, 1835 in PA; died Aug 11, 1919 in Garden City, MO; married Seth Hartzler.
  iv.   Henry G. Rutt, born Feb 18, 1837 in PA; died May 26, 1912; married Rebecca Shaum.
  v.   Abraham Rutt, born Feb 28, 1839; died May 16, 1862; married Sarah Winkler.
  vi.   Fanny Rutt, born Nov 04, 1840; died Oct 15, 1891; married Daniel Hough.
  25 vii.   Catherine RUTT, born Nov 06, 1842 in Lancaster Co, PA; died Jan 23, 1888 in Cass Co, MO; married Daniel R. REITZ Mar 01, 1868 in Wayne Co, OH.
  viii.   Leah Rutt, born Oct 04, 1844 in OH; died Jul 22, 1893; married Norman Shepp.
  ix.   Moses Rutt, born Oct 06, 1851 in OH; died May 10, 1930; married Flora Lehr.
  x.   John Rutt, born Aug 11, 1853; died Feb 05, 1937; married Lydia Harmon.

      52. Amos HOLDEMAN, born Jan 05, 1808 in Bucks Co, PA; died Dec 29, 1888 in Jasper Co, MO. He was the son of 104. Christian HOLDEMAN and 105. Christiana BUZZARD. He married 53. Anna (Nancy) YODER.

      53. Anna (Nancy) YODER, born Nov 22, 1812 in PA; died Sep 20, 1882 in Wayne Co, OH. She was the daughter of 106. John Sell YODER and 107. Anna KAUFFMAN.

Notes for Amos HOLDEMAN:
Amos was a farmer in Chester Twp, Wayne Co OH. According to the 1860 census, he owned real estate worth $6000, personal property worth $2466; in 1870 real estate worth $7800 and personal property worth $1300. He carried mail on foot from the post office in New Pittsburgh. Rutt describes him as industrious, austere, brusque, punctilious, honest; says "few men possessed good health to such an extraordinary degree as he. His physical frame, while not large in stature was a model of muscular perfection." He describes Nancy as a woman of "great strength of mind, extreme force of character, fervent Christian impulses." In 1883, when son John moved his church to Jasper Co MO, Amos "was taken along." John had a vision while a young man, decided the Mennonite Church was too worldly and so started his own church, known as the Johnny Holdeman Church or the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite.

Edwin L. Weaver, HOLDEMAN DESCENDANTS, 1937, pp 81-106
Wayne Co OH Probate Court, Vol. 1, p 134 #10
Yoder Newsletter family files
1860 census, Chester Twp, Wayne Co OH, p 138
1870 census, Chester Twp, Wayne Co OH, p 68
Children of Amos HOLDEMAN and Anna YODER are:
  i.   Elizabeth Holdeman, born Mar 15, 1830 in Wayne Co OH; died Mar 20, 1895 in Elkhart, IN; married Henry Shaum Mar 25, 1847 in Wayne Co OH.
  ii.   John Holdeman, born Jan 31, 1832 in Wayne Co OH; died Mar 10, 1900 in McPherson, KS; married Elizabeth Ritter Jun 1852 in Wayne Co OH.
  iii.   Susannah Holdeman, born Dec 22, 1834 in Wayne Co OH; died Jul 02, 1914 in Jasper Co MO; married Frank Seidner Mar 31, 1853.
  iv.   Christian Holdeman, born Jan 13, 1840 in Wayne Co OH; died Mar 12, 1912 in Jasper Co MO; married Susanna Martin.
  26 v.   Alpheus HOLDEMAN, born Jul 21, 1842 in Wayne Co, OH; died Sep 26, 1899 in Jasper Co, MO; married (1) Martha Haynes Apr 28, 1864 in Wayne Co, OH; married (2) Elizabeth BUERGE Jun 10, 1879 in Wayne Co, OH.
  vi.   Nancy Holdeman, born Oct 10, 1844 in Wayne Co, OH; died Mar 12, 1867 in Wayne Co, OH; married Daniel R. REITZ Jun 07, 1866 in Wayne Co, OH.
  Notes for Daniel R. REITZ:
Daniel left home early. In the 1860 census, a 20-year-old Daniel Wrights was living in the home of Daniel Dunkleberger in Little Mahonoy Township. (He was raised in Upper Mahonoy Twp.) His occupation was shoemaker. He was in Wayne County, Ohio by 1862, when he joined Company F, Ohio Volunteer Infantry in Wooster on October 1. His enlistment papers identify him as farm laborer and describe him as 5'9" tall, with light complexion, sandy hair and eyes that were variously described as blue and gray. He fought in the battle of Chickasaw Bluffs, which he described in his application for an invalid pension on June 17, 1910:

"...I am afflicted by the results of sun stoke received in said service as follows. Headache nervousness, and trembling, suffocating spells when in a close room, pain in left breast sometimes passing over to the right breast, dizziness, rush of blood to the head and other feelings which I cannot describe. The above symptoms come on me when exposed to hot sun, confined in a close room or when my system gets in the least out of order & I am growing worse all the time. The above results of sunstroke is the principal and most serious disability I have. My injury in the bowls is a pain which I contracted across the lower part of the abdomen from over exertion and staining while closely pursued by rebels at the time our company was cut to pieces and most of them captured at Chickasaw Bluffs. It was aggravated by exposure afterwards and continued to get worse until I was sent to hospital at Milligan's Bend about April 1863. It is not hernia or at least an ordinary hernia but simply a severe pain which seizes me when I take cold in the region of the abdomen and disables me entirely for the time being....

"I cannot furnish the evidence of any family physician of my physical condition at and prior to my enlistment in said service, for the reason that I had no physician. I was living in Wayne Co Ohio in the country working on a farm as a laborer, my parents living in Pennsylvania. I was young, very stout and healthy, was never sick enough to require a physician and therefore do not know any physician who knows anything about my physical condition at that time.

"I cannot furnish medical evidence of my physical condition at date of discharge and from that time to the present, for the reason that when I first came home...I applied to a doctor in Wooster Ohio who is now dead for treatment and he told me he could do nothing for me, I think his name was Baker but am not certain. Other physicians have told me the same thing, but one physician Dr. Markham formerly of Pleasant Hill, Mo. claimed he could cure me with electricity and gave me treatment with that off and on for about six months commencing about June 1876 but he left for parts unknown and I cannot now find his whereabouts & his treatment did me no good."

Back in Ohio after the war, Daniel married Nancy Holdeman, who died nine months later, I would guess in childbirth. A year later he married Catherine Rutt, who was also from a Mennonite family and whose father was a prosperous farmer. Within a few months he bought a flax oil mill for $750 - surely with the help of Moses Rutt, Catherine's father - added five acres and sold it to Alpheus Holdeman for $1350 a year later. (Alpheus not only was Nancy's brother, but 20 years later, in Jasper Co, MO, Alpheus' daughter Melinda would marry Daniel's son John.)

In 1869, Daniel and Catherine, along with most of Catherine's brothers and sisters, moved to Cass Co. MO. A warranty deed dated Sept. 1, 1869 shows that Daniel bought 90 acres just west of Garden City. He paid $1008 for the land and later bought land between Garden City and Creighton. Daniel reported on his pension application that he lived in Cass County until 1892, moving to Henry County before he settled in Jasper County in 1895. Moses Rutt's estate papers list include a $448.34 debt owed by Catherine and Daniel; they had borrowed $200 on April 1, 1883, and another $100 on April 16, 1887. In each case they had promised to pay H.G. Rutt, "trustee for Mary Rutt." Catherine died before the estate was settled.

Although Daniel farmed in Cass County, his career in later life was somewhat spotty. Grandson William Andrew "Buck" Reitz, a man blessed with a near-photographic memory, said Daniel wasn't good for much. He operated a chili parlor, owned a few rent houses (which rented for $6 a month) and sold animal hides. Items he listed in a small account book which somehow survived refer to cows, wolves, deer, coon and rat [muskrat?] His fur profits in 1904 were $185.23.

One page lists prices -- shoes, $2, overalls, $1, boiler (?) $1, kettle $ .65, shoes $3 and shoes $1.50. (Why so many shoes?) Other pages contain grocery lists, usually including chilley peppers and chilley meat.

There were five wives - he named four of them in an affidavit when his fifth wife applied for half of his Civil War pension -- she said he had deserted her after just a few months of marriage. He left on November 2, Catherine Rutt's birthday.

Daniel died from heart failure when he was 80. He is buried in the G.A.R. Cemetery in Miami, OK.
Catherine, who died when her children were still young, is buried in the Clearfork Cemetery in Garden City, MO, along with three of her children, Mary Ann Reitz, Elizabeth Reitz Clelhouse and the infant son. The cemetery is near the Sycamore Grove Mennonite Church, where Catherine and her brothers and sisters attended church.

1850 census, Northumberland Co, PA, Upper Mahanoy Twp, p 506, line 14
1860 census, Northumberland Co PA, p 298, DANIEL WRIGHTS, M age 20, shoemaker
1880 census, Cass Co, MO, Sherman Twp
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Civil War pension papers, #202165
Oklahoma death certificate #584867, 1920
CASS CO MO FAMILIES, 1976, p 277
brother Philip baptized Sept. 13, 1830, Himmel Church Baptismal records
correspondence w/Forrest Fickle, Clinton, MO

  More About Daniel R. REITZ:
Cause of Death: heart failure

  vii.   Mary Holdeman, born Dec 07, 1849 in Wayne Co OH; died Mar 04, 1927 in Longdale OK; married James Fike 1868 in Wayne Co OH.
  viii.   Sarah Holdeman, born Sep 13, 1852 in Wayne Co OH; died Mar 10, 1923 in Jasper Co MO; married Daniel Swinehart Mar 12, 1871 in Wayne Co OH.
  ix.   Henry Holdeman, born Dec 28, 1854 in Wayne Co OH; died Nov 08, 1929 in Meade, KS; married (1) Caroline (Faud) Oswalt; married (2) Sarah E. Darcas Mar 07, 1878 in Wayne Co OH.

      54. Jacob BUERGE, born Dec 19, 1830 in Waterloo Co, Ontario; died Feb 12, 1913 in Jasper Co, MO. He was the son of 108. Jacob BUERGE and 109. Elizabeth GRIEZER. He married 55. Barbara KURTZ Mar 14, 1854 in Waterloo Co, Ontario.

      55. Barbara KURTZ, born Mar 26, 1834 in Waterloo Co, Ontario; died Apr 04, 1920 in Jasper Co, MO. She was the daughter of 110. Michael KURTZ and 111. Mary MILLER.

Notes for Jacob BUERGE:
Jacob and Barbara seem to have moved back and forth between the U.S. and Canada, at various times living in Wayne County, OH; Waterloo Co, Ontario; Reed City, MI, and Jasper Co, MO. Although Barbara's obituary says she was born in Wayne Co, OH, the 1850 census reports she was born in Canada. Jacob was naturalized as a U.S. citizen in Jasper Co MO on Oct. 20, 1892.

newspaper clippings, papers unknown, Feb. 12, 1913

Well Known and Had Resided
in Jasper County Many Years

Jacob Buerge died at his home in Jasper last Wednesday afternoon after an illness of heart disease and dropsy of many months duration.
Mr. Buerge was well known and highly respected, being an honorable man and upright in his dealings with his fellowmen. He came to Jasper County many years ago and bought a farm of the late Dr. Ballard southeast of town. He moved to Jasper several years later.
Mr. Buerge was of German parentage and was born in Canada in 1831. His wife was Miss Barbara Kurtz of Wooster, Ohio, whom he married in young manhood. His wife and eight children survive him and are as follows: Mrs. Jacob Buerge, Jasper; D.M. Buerge and Mrs. Charles Hedge, Carthage; D.K. Buerge and Mrs. Fred Merrell, Jasper. A.A. Buerge, Avilla; J.J. Buerge, Miami, Okla.; M.M. Buerge, Baney, Kans., Mrs. Elizabeth Holdeman, Webb City.
The funeral services were held at the M.E. Church, Jasper, last Friday. Rev. Mr. Shank, a Mennonite minister from Orenego , preached the sermon to a large congregation of friends and relatives. Internment was made in the Jasper Cemetery.
Jacob Buerge came from a long-lived family. The following are surviving brothers and sisters and their ages: Mrs. Katherine Buzzard, 87; Mrs. Melinda Buzzard, 85; Christian Buerge, 84; John Buerge, 81; Daniel Buerge, 78; Mrs. Fannie Peters, 74.

Well Known Jasper Man has Son and
Daughter Living Here
Jacob Buergey, one of the old time residents of the county, died yesterday at 4 o'clock at his home in Jasper. His ailment was dropsy and heart trouble and he had been ill for the past six months. He was born in Canada 82 years ago and was married to Miss Barbara Kurtz, of Wooster, O.
The deceased is survived by his wife and eight children, all the children being present at the time of his death.
The children are ....

newspaper clipping, paper unknown, 4-4-1920
Mrs. Jacob Buergey 86 Dead
End Comes Today at Home of Daughter [?, Mrs. John Zeiset
Mrs. Barbara Buerge, a well known resident of Carthage and vicinity, died at 5:45 this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Zeiset, 914 Grant street, at the age of 86. She had been an invalid for two years. Death was caused by a complication of ailments due to old age.
Mrs. Buergey had resided in the eastern district of Jasper county since 1885, living part of this time in Carthage and on farms east of Jasper and near Avilla. She has made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Zeiset, for the last six years. Her husband, Jacob Buerge, died February 12, 1913 at Jasper. He was 82 years old.
Before her marriage Mrs. Buerge was Miss Barbara Kurtz. She was born in Wayne County, Ohio, March 26, 1834. Immediate after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Buerge went to Canada, where they resided 14 years, then returned to Michigan, coming to Missouri from that state in 1881. For four years the family resided in Cass County then moved to Jasper County, first locating east of Jasper.
Ten children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Buerge. Two died in infancy. One son, D.K. Buerge died six years ago. The children surviving are: Mrs. John Zeiset of Carthage; D.M. Buerge of East Dudlong street; Mrs. C.F. Merrell of Jasper; M.M Buerge, Caney, Kans; A.A. Buerge, Avilla; J.J. Buerge, of North Garrison Avenue; Mrs. C.F. Hedge, of 716 East Third Street.
Two brothers, Henry and David Kurtz, both of Astabula, Ohio, also survive; also 32 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren.
Mrs. Buerge had been a member of the Mennonite church since childhood and was a devoted, staunch Christian. It was said of her that she never made a friend but that she kept them.
Funeral services will be conducted from the Methodist Episcopal church at Jasper at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon. A short service will be held at the home here at 12:30 o'clock. Rev. Andrew Shanks of Oronogo will have charge. Burial will be in Jasper Masonic cemetery.

Josephine B. Anderson, San Diego, CA who credited "Ira James Buergey - by visits & correspondence over several years early 1960s:
Beverly Gibson, Springfield, MO
David J. Kurtz, Pleasant Hill MI
U.S. Census Reed City, Osceola, MI 1880
U.S. Census Green Twp, Wayne Co OH 1850
US Census McDonald Twp, Carthage, Jasper Co MO 1900
Mo Census Marion Twp, Jasper Co 1910
Death certificate (Jacob Buerge) MO #5639
Information & documents from Henrietta Hedge, May 1987
Buerge family Bible (German)
Gravestones, Mitchell Cemetery near Jasper, MO

More About Jacob BUERGE:
Cause of Death: heart

More About Barbara KURTZ:
Cause of Death: heart
Children of Jacob BUERGE and Barbara KURTZ are:
  i.   Daniel Kurtz Buerge, born Feb 07, 1855 in Wayne Co, OH; died Jun 30, 1914; married Emma Stiths Jun 04, 1890 in Carthage, MO.
  27 ii.   Elizabeth BUERGE, born Oct 26, 1856 in Waterloo Co, Ontario; died Sep 28, 1926 in Springfield, MO; married Alpheus HOLDEMAN Jun 10, 1879 in Wayne Co, OH.
  iii.   David M. Buerge, born Jul 20, 1858 in Waterloo, ONT; died Jul 11, 1930 in Carthage, MO; married Mary Margaaret Bowers Jan 14, 1881 in Carthage, MO.
  iv.   Mary Buerge, born Apr 03, 1860 in Waterloo, ONT; died Sep 09, 1955 in Jasper, MO; married C. Fred Merrill.
  v.   Christian Buerge, born Nov 29, 1862 in Waterloo, ONT; died Oct 09, 1863 in Waterloo, ONT.
  vi.   Moses M. Buerge, born Feb 18, 1866 in Waterloo, ONT; died Dec 26, 1929 in Sunnyside, ?; married Stella Florence Cantrell Nov 26, 1884.
  vii.   Amos A. Buerge, born May 12, 1869 in Reed City, MI; died May 08, 1923 in Avilla, MO; married Ivy May Lawson Aug 31, 1895.
  viii.   Jonathan Jacob Buerge, born May 01, 1871 in Reed City, MI; died May 22, 1952 in Miami, OK; married Emma Barton.
  ix.   Henry Buerge, born Jul 13, 1873 in Reed City, MI; died Aug 19, 1873 in Reed City, MI.
  x.   Melinda Rebecca Buerge, born Apr 12, 1875 in Reed City, MI; died Dec 24, 1951 in Carthage, MO; married Charles F. Hedge Apr 12, 1895.

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